Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani 8-16-20


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Tremendous turmoil right now with all these riots going on the West Wing press tries to of deny them. You get people like Nadal, like claiming nothing is going on import on people getting killed there they're in a stage in I'll. But the American people aren't you look at the polls now sixty seventy percent of very disturbed about it. The reality is that as a choice for the American people make trump off us the ability to defend our way of life and what the Democrats are allowing these cities is a direct assault on the American way of life to fund the police, get rid of private schools get. Get rid of the nuclear family basically like people out of Prison Min- crazy things that are going on that they've been wanting to do for some time writing about for some time. Now they feel they have license to do it because they have a presidential candidate who is mentally incompetent and now they have this woman Running with them, who's no even a bigger than he is she'll say anything do anything she was a terrible prosecutor prosecuted little people and we're past all the big people. I mean she's sort of a bully of a prosecutor. So this election is the most important I know we say it all the time but I think it's the most important of our lifetime we've got gotta get it right gotta get this country on a track of war and order in the right way, and it's only only trump that can really take our economy not just back to where it was the way above where it was well, probably help has been working very hard and you know. He's not perfect, but he's doing a pretty bizarre tournament is doing a pretty good. Job With. It trying to hate them then then it's good reason for Americans to vote the. Way I. I. Don't know any other way to say, I, think that's an excellent analysis because twenty thirty years of a president caving in to China both Republican and Democrat, and that's why China you know has these huge terrorist. We don't have any and we've destroyed entire industries. I mean you can look at Michigan and Wisconsin and Ohio and Pennsylvania millions of jobs lost to the Chinese their people never gonNA get back because people like Biden anybody was one of the worst. Of course, he also is compromised by the fact that his son is in business with the government of China. This Day remains in business with a Chinese own entity. And we don't know how much they've made because the never asked them Chinese. Government put about one point five, billion dollars into into a private equity fund with Biden. Son In the Private Equity Fund I, mean he's completely compromised and maybe that's why he says stupid things like China is no threat that could be the dumbest thing that's been settled you now. I understand the other day. He's the. New. Jersey. Governor announced that he's to send out mail in ballots and. Then, on Friday afternoon post office says doesn't have a problem handling all those mural dallas. A we heading for disaster. Yeah, we are where we're headed to election which they WANNA be able to say if they lose it that no matter how much he wins by that there all these other ballots, these mail ballot mailed in ballots that weren't returned the got lost probably want to do the election over it I mean this idea of. Hundred and twenty million people eighty million to whatever the number of votes that are GonNa vote voting by mail particularly in the big states, it's ridiculous. In many of these places you don't even have to verify have a signature invitation to just and Cheat Cheat Cheat The New York Times writes editorials think nobody treats. Me Well people are going to prison every week for Judy. They just don't cover it and the look at what happened that the was the just the little primary in New York eighty thousand votes can't be accounted for just one Carolyn Maloney election declared her the winner of the election, but you actually can't count the votes that made her the winter. The joke was in Broward County in the last election they had extra boxes of go. To See if they needed. Any Broward no cry. Broward County and Palm Beach County is well known because Florida can be just as corrupt as New York and new. Jersey of the Democrats they're hold back votes. There'd be no reason why you can't get devoted in as fast in broward and Palm Beach County as you can in Dade County, they'd kind of just as big maybe even more complex. With the Democrats are really control those two counties. So they hold a vote back to see if they can cheat put the vote in pretty quickly if it's a big Lancelot if you can't make like ten percent but if the two percent election for the last two were for fantasy and Scott data report their votes, the two and a half weeks because they were trying to see today that they come up with enough fraudulent ballots to change the change result, which occasionally they've been successful in doing I, mean it has this happened is really happens you've got to pose your is to it not to know that it happens. He. Big thing that has the known for anyways the indictment or. Were pleading guilty of Kevin is fine. Smith. An FBI Roya on doctoring. Yale is a CIA used to justify the twenty seventeen wiretap apart page I mean you can't make up Rudi. No, you can't I mean this this this was a wiretap that was being done to entrap trap or frame the president, the the future President United States that continued into the time that he was the president elect. And T to have a wiretap that have fraudulent information tells you all you need to know that there was a conspiracy to try to stop him from being president, and then it continued conspiracy to remove them from the presidency. Now hopefully, this guy gotta play because he's talking maybe he'll crack it open. Not As A. Major turning point in the. Investigation of the Helix. Attorney in the northeast there or are they just seem say? Makes Kim they hit me and and say, well, that's it I I have and I can't tell you for sure. John Because I've been very disappointed in some of these things like the cave not being prosecuted and call me but this seems more to me like there's this Durham I real act everything I hear about him is he's a straight down the middle but tough as nails prosecutor. Generally when you see a plea like this or follows after this cooperation, the Attorney General was pretty careful but I got the sense he was telling us don't expect the indictment today, but there's more to come. So I have a feeling that this is a guy who is cooperating and he's GonNa. Tell US exactly how they produce that fraudulent affidavit to get the to get the FIS of wire. On on Carter. Page. With, fraudulent we know falls we know Komi lied when he signed it, we know they never bothered to validate the skill dossier. So we already know a lot about just eat somebody to connect the dots, put these people in prison. Rudy Giuliani latest the mayor I look forward to listening hugh sell outdoor show at the. China Safa on WABC radio. Doing a great job. Then you go you hate Louie Barter. Loma. WHO's another one of my favorites because? She is one of my favorites also. On in. His usual. Thank you, John, and you're at one of my favorites. Stages. He strong cable like that.

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