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The Witcher - Season 1


Welcome to Baltimore television the officially unofficial place for all of TV. Today we are talking about the witcher. The series on Netflix. Today I'm joined in by man. This is a podcast place. Hey Ron I'm Alexis Aaron Alexis Before we started talking about the show I I think maybe we should all talk about our own experience experience with the show. The games the books Alexis wanted to tell us I her in a move. That will shock. Absolutely nobody I have read all the books multiple times and I have played not all the games actually just which are three Which is the best game Mhm Ever Sorta here yes. I haven't read any books or play the game. I watched Erin play the game a bit. Though I haven't haven't I didn't know anything about the witcher except for what I've kind of like seen on video game sites and memes and whatnot and I thought that Henry Cavill or bill the kind of goofy and the witcher poster and I since watts all the witcher and I played. I'm like I don't know twenty percent three which or three and I plan to read the books made impression on me. Yeah absolutely you described it as being trashy fun like true blood and Banshee. Yeah said like three three episodes in I said I tweeted. That is kind of trashy good trashy fund in the vein of like True blood or Banshee or some of those kind of action oriented sexy deep but still has surprisingly good backbone of characters acting like I think the shows all over the place in some respects but like the central characters are all very interesting. Good I think the world building is fascinating. And Henry. I Henry Cavill or Seville. I've been waiting to see him in something that I really loved for a long time because I wanted to love the superman. Such a beefy classically. Good looking dude and kind of wasted. Zack Snyder kind of depression infests. But he's just I. I also tweeted like if if the Gerald Gerald Gerald and the video games the book is not like Henry Cavill. I didn't see the books and the source material characterization wrong seems like necessarily material did get the characterization wrong absolutely you are not going to enjoy the books as much as you like the show. If you like the show really I will say I know. The author came out and said that he thinks that Henry cavill is now the cannon guarant- which you know he's not wrong but I don't know because it seems like it's consistent with the what what I played in the video game where it's kind of like a little tongue in cheek and he's just utterly unflappable like he's like his affect does not change whether he's going to get in bed with sorceress or or go into battle facing almost certain death and there's something kind of fun about a character who just doesn't give a fuck seen so much shit he's basically yeah. Yeah Alexis with all of the expectations. What did you think of the show? I loved it. Yeah yeah absolutely. It's my favorite thing of the things that that I watched to talk with you about so it wasn't like the tanks so that's a problem right now. It's so so it took all the things that I didn't like about the books and made them better. which is why I really like it? So there's eight bucks. Yeah does this. How does that time timeline go the books way ahead of the video games video game have anything to do with the books? Yeah I'm not exactly sure about the first two games because I haven't played that in Oregon. I didn't really do a lot of research about them. But the third game takes place after the books and the show or at least this first season of the show follows the first two books which are actually a collections of short stories. The aren't novels in the traditional sense. Kind of the way I yeah but it did. Yeah kind of suited like I felt like there's definitely a narrative throwing but part of the fun was just Kinda like the monster of the episode also feels very much like the video game like finding about a monster studying its weaknesses preparing your potions and your gear and then going going kicking his ass a monster of the week kind of vibe to it but there was also this through line through storyline binge culture ruined amounts of his Mazar the our the warriors monster the minute right you guys WanNa talk about all of the episodes together with me saying this is a bit of a spoiler warning. Yeah we're about to this this a we we all like to do. We want to talk about I before we get into spoilers. I thought maybe we should say because I don't I WANNA I don't want the uncorked people thinking that this is like game of thrones season. One through five. Oh yeah it. Is You have to prepared for certain amount of kind of trashy. There's also some things things. I'm not sure that they do in the video. Gamer two books. I don't know how hit me as far as lake blending some modern stylings and phrases point community for says that she she's been living off the grid. There's a kind of pop rock rendition of this ballot. Almost everything that gestured jet skier Says the Bard. Yeah as very very modern way of speaking. I would describe it as kind of a Knight's tale meets a Monster Ritter Eastern Europe. Ask bugging me but I might. Maybe this is just a show style like breaking bad. Throw a Gopro on like shovel or trunk and be like. Oh it's trunk Cam. It's Meth Cam. It's yeah and so and that kind of odd cinematic flourish became its signature trademark or one of its signature trademark. So maybe this kind of like you know not taking the these thousands to 'cause there's a lot of that too there's a lot of fakey shapes Steak Spear in the park kind of dialogue but then they also have these modern so I don't know maybe they're going for like you said tonight style kind of I think absolutely suits the source material. Because it is it's it's very cheeky cheeky tongue in cheek if you'd even say time so that's the only thing that I can think NCA- thought the casting was really well done it was really good Maybe we could talk about that. That's a sport. There's some people that are upset about some skin and hair color. Show stupid I look forward today where we don't even talk about that shit anymore but I do think that there are some people that had some complaints about the CG and some of the costuming steaming and sets. I kinda saw especially in the early goings but this probably cost an arm and leg to make anyway. And it's kind of lag video game franchise translation. It's your Polish folklore book series. Maybe we don't open the the net flicks money floodgates for it. Yeah I kind of wonder if that's maybe one of the complaints that people are having about it. Not being enough. Like game of thrones is because they don't have that ridiculous. costuming budgets thrones like I remember when we went back back. Jim and I watched season one. Where Jesus Christ thrones in season one specially when you see some of the pilot original pilot footage spliced in there wolf but The only comparison game you can make is that it's a period piece. Fancy fancy right but there are two completely different. A lot of political there is an option for for such a sword and sandals. Kind of Swish Swish easy adaptation. There's a lot of politics and like different factions. And all my God that's other complaint. I think this is just my complaint against Fancy Wheel Barrow Theory names where it's like if I get to the third name that has improbable amount of consonants and Dia Credit Marks. I just like I can't keep any of these characters strip so like size new. ooh barreled theory. I know Gerald Univer I know Siri and there is a queen calamity. Yeah Salon Tro. I think these are these fantasy names though. These are just names but in Poland. Stand that right okay but still. There's still a bunch of I. I can't eat I. I have a hard time putting all the names and especially like the faction names like there's the guardians and the Tamari INS and I. I don't know who the bad guys were. Good guys were the logo to look at the whole bad guys and when I saw that on my yes. That's that's I think it's a black sun. Blacks exon yes chocolate. starfish I I knew. The Empire is rolled into town but other than that as little loss. But it didn't it didn't matter it didn't matter he just kind of like. Let it wash over you. Yeah everyone's beautiful even the ugly people. Yeah the hunchback. I was like I remember. Burger like in episode three. Be like. Yeah I actually could use a sex scene with her and then I got one. Yeah so spoil site spoilers there are we going to use views. This as a springboard into super spoilers yes I think now it would be the time. I think we've made our pitch for this show We haven't watched it. I'm not sure what you're waiting waiting for. It does seem like the biggest brat hit from net flicks. Since I can't maybe stranger things like this is the one that people are talking about. I mean there's this is the one that kind like breaks that mold of people being done talking about a binge show within two days. Yeah came out on Christmas. Came and win New Year's came and went and still those people I mean. We're talking about it. Yeah I mean it helps that it's very memorable on the Internet just like Baby Yoga. I mean it's fun. It's a fun show and we don't get to have a lot of fun shows that are also written well right And that is what this is losing their damn minds about it. So spoilers lers yes Their time line of this The show is kind of all over the place but once you get to the end I think thing it makes sense why they told the stories in the order that they did but the for the fourth episode really threw me for a loop. I spent the first three quarters of it going. What the fuck is going on right watching the right episode and might have been the problem? Is that the actress of ETA. Looked a lot like serious here. The end like almost the same age so I thought for a second clancy and her husband are still alive. Universe is this GonNa do that kind of time. Yeah Gerald and and in our Essentially ageless it. Seems like but like a lot of the human character thought they could have helped me out a little bit by aging them. And they they do. In retrospect but I I was when I realized that they had done this like three time. Line interwoven about like I mean they do drop hints. If you're paying attention they talk about like the teenage Queen Episode One Rent Free Says Queen clancy just want her first battle something or another and then in the fourth episode she says I just want this battle right and I thought there is a couple of clues of but like if you were. If you're just up to your eyeballs or wheelbarrows like I was I was a little little left behind and I was thinking I was thank God that it wasn't podcasting this because I know there'd be a lot of hue and cry about this time line stuff and does it. Work does because because people would have like you know citizen feedback and first episode but like Yo time timelines. Yeah One of things where. I'm glad I didn't do any. I'm reading or had to think about it too hard because it might have annoyed me but as it was like Oh okay they did that it it kind of worked it worked. Yeah Why why do you think they did it? That way Because you said you you kind of saw what they were going for because at the end they needed for Garrelt and Siri to be together. I think They need to introduce who Siri was before then otherwise it would be meaningless right exactly. And that's a lot of backstory to explain so the best way to do is just to show it happening to a three or so. Were there actually three cycles. I the way I understand. It is like we start like Gerald Bard fucking around is like this middle period and like the origin of Yuna for is like four. We see garrelt right. Ebony dinners ten year ten to twelve year. Jump to the the modern time where he meets the Syrian. The Woods right well you Z.. Dooney the hedgehog night come to the dinner or the feast or whatever so he collects on his law of surprise reward which is pathetic Peta so they have to have time to get together and make a baby so I don't know how much time they were together before. They had Siri in at like six weeks because she was already pregnant. Oh yeah that that was why so Gerald kind of joking or God you got me up. Apathy scare all. Yeah yeah it was like a lob surprised thinking it was going to be nothing like maybe get a dog out of it or something. I ended up being a fucking baby a baby so we learned that she was this Kamov apprise. I don't it's just a thing. Yeah it's just the thing yet to accept because I I don't know basis does it okay and and Apparently died on Nove has realized basis but apparently the way it works is like it's kind of like almost kind of like a legally binding. Don't worry about it with a quote that like if the set of conditions that you have received something a gift or something that you didn't know about it belongs to the person I was thinking like. Okay that's that's interesting but I think in ancient times like so if you love surprise how it goes is that you've done a favor for someone and and that just means that any anything that they get in the future any like. It's something they already have to have at not know about that. So most of the time it just fizzles. It's like a surprise. Well I haven't gotten anything. I didn't know anything about it so but like I was thinking about in in terms of kind of like medieval periods. Nine Times out of ten probably fizzles but that one time out of ten ninety nine out of one hundred has got to be hit right. Always like there's no lotteries back then corner kid. Yeah it's either going to be a bumper upper crop or yeah So it's like managed to get most of the time I think it's understood that the law surprise is it's kind of like you know you don't get anything But boy when you do get a princess. I Miss The Times when you know people were material real goods. That could be right right. Oh those times. Those times haven't gone away so garold got himself a baby that he's not going to marry I don't I don't think no dooney chose to marry his surprise. Baby do we ever find out why he you need a curse put on him hedgehog. Oh yeah they don't say it in the show notes but they they also don't say and this is from the book that he is only hedgehog during the day full man at night. Who maybe she didn't fuck? Oh that's because you're you're right when when you say she's already pregnant online. Got It on with monster. Man I mean prickly sure yeah sucker I it's like It's like a day wolf like your head on my dead just regular dude. That's good MM-HMM I guess maybe we should talk about for storyline and a little bit Able to celebrate in the room. I think that that was my favorite part part like I really enjoyed her Trying to figure out who's who is a good person trying to like you know tugging pull and tug on her soul news. The bad person seemed like no one was really good or bad. They were just trying to like play the game of sorcerers to their own ends and right. There's there's just like Gerald said there's no there's no lesser evil I feel like well for one. If we'RE GONNA go for and talk about how she looks. She looks really good with the purple contacts in a way that they should have done in. Game of thrones instantly. Made me think of all the like. Oh It's impossible to act through contacts and Oh. CGI is would look really bizarre. And I'm like the whole time is watching that. I I remember those interviews echoing. My ears like Well I don't know maybe backlands technology's really advanced in the last eight nine years but yeah girls were a little jarring supposed to be like in the game. He's got fought cat is yeah yeah. He's yeah he's supposed to have cat is so it's I think you're supposed to like see that guy be like he's he's a fucking mutant kill people are so terrible to impart Avoi- But Yeah I. I was kind of fluctuating on whether or not like this teacher. Tessa devries I think it is too scientists Asya devised various university. Yeah I think we had this conversation multiple times while you're watching the show. So but she's teaching her as a valuable skill against her. will she did by her. For four units and money. Whatever that is and that time time for piglets were on sucked piglets? Fancy way too much money. It's way too much I I. Jennifer has is really unique ability of being unwanted and Put upon by everyone she meets including bring your own family. But it's still very confident you know. She travels to meet this. Oh I don't know what his name is. The guy in the cave that she meets that she keeps coming back to yeah to carry on a sexual relationship. While she's still and the hunchback. Yeah in her pre made uh-huh before she gets remade. Yeah history is a strength. Yeah but that's like. Yeah it's like I gave up trying to figure out good versus bad Edwin leg because I thought the woman wizard was the good one and then she turned all of the students except for Univer in that like are the battery that powers the wizard fortress. I love it. Do they know none of the know. Until are they still sentient fish. When they're down there do they live forever over the books? Okay I was looking at the map. Got Nothing you know. There's someone that tweeted. It's like I love how they had dedicated indicated. You'll brooms. There's there's there's like a there's like a you'll rake here's earache. Start raking the EELS. Like in the EELS. Not Wriggle their way into the bond. Can that just kind of give him a nudge. If you touch them yeah he's not dignified enough freshly transform just Just roll the yield down the side got. I saw what happened. He tried to catch lightning in a bottle. You try to catch you try to touch a bare ass wizard. You'll you're going to get vaporized. Ah How strong you are but I think You know she in the end comes around and works together with two CYA. I don't know I don't know she's like a does seem like they BA- they banded together to fight the the empire. Yeah the whole people but it doesn't definitely seems like she's her like she. It's all about unifier. Yeah like her. She wants to acquire power and gotta be untouchable and and have her own You Know C. C.'s. I liked the energy. She brought in relationship with Gerald. Actually everybody she. She does a great job I think they did a great job rewriting. They're not rewriting but kind of explaining the character better than their summer. They're trying to Bein. The genie and Gerald Zayek. What do you want? And she's like every Yes yes somebody yeah. She's the best feminists character because she's just really takes. Yeah she's just wants absolute power. She's still so charismatic. Pay I mean team. But he's definitely got some crazy. Warlock charisma charisma going. He's always cackle. And having a good time. Yeah getting thrown down a reactor shafter electrocuting and we know talks now so Albertine as a monster man him hedgehog each other some bro Dab for that you know pull pulling down the trim with this. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah the so yeah so in that scene with the Jin. gilts binds his fate to hers. It's so still find a way to man it up and I think that's the reason why they keep running back into each other over the years so I is that going to be like like A Big Hook in future story because I feel like they're making a lot of Hay with uniform assuming that Gerald did some kind of Gerald's game binding fates her whatever it is. She doesn't like and yet they very intentionally did not show us what he said what his actual wish was. Ah So it's like I'm wondering if he wished something kind of benign and he's doing that brooding guy going to correct you with correct information or something thing I know the answer and I'm not telling you I want you to know that I know. Is it kind of mystery. Intentional mystery or Khanal doing some reading about it and they're saying like no. This happens in the games the books and the show nobody really knows exactly wins of the sources purses so seems like. It's an important thing that I would show up and all of those places but also that it had to be something thing that saved her life because it didn't kill her and I guess Jen can't kill its master. Their fates were bound together. Then the Gen would have no a choice but to just leave. That's what I understood because I saw some people discussing it and it seemed like the. Maybe it's still a mystery. You said you know the answer but like you know when you're dealing doing wishes with genie. There's a strong monkey's paw potentials. You have to be careful phrasing. And he the moment he kind of came up with that to save her and him from the Jin. Yeah but now. They're like stuck together any talking about how much he hated. Yes cures voice right before he lost his his. He's almost killed her. Yeah right Broke his windpipe or something. We I guess I think that's something that universe struggles with is that She doesn't know if her feelings for garrels are real or if they're just as a Jin's wish and her whole thing is about having her own agency home control every aspect of our own life having that be a question mark. I can absolutely understand why she her took off in reality. Her feelings for Gerald are just a complex series of electrical brain so Lake Waco. morpheus gets in there and really blows on all right. Yeah so she's she's on those mad quest to get a baby no matter what the cost is and who even knows if she wants a baby or she'd make a good mother yes she can't have it. I wonder if that's what it was like. th-the everything because nothing about universe presentation made me think that she would want or need to be a mother. She says in one of the later one of the last episodes that she just wants the choice back. She doesn't have the choice and she's pissed off about that. Yes it falls under everything and she wants it. So I'm on that I feel like the Mejia's the wizards witches whatever never we call them sorcerers. Yeah they have to be. There are only employment to be in servitude of some kingdoms to I thinks the other way around like their masters exactly and the kingdoms only served the kind of further. They're weird in suitable in this. What we see that very first scene where you gopher has done her? Transformation comes into the room that meeting with all the you know kings and dignitaries and stuff and also the witches and the sources. That's then picking who they're gonNA fuck with for the next twenty years basically and they won the one girl that got sent to the butthole empire. She was kind of like Mandy paying be OUGHTA strong willed and they wanted Jennifer to go there so she can kind of bring that kingdom the heel and she decided to go to sunshine the Good Kingdom. She went back to her a home where she came from. Is that what I don't know why she would want to. I don't know eight eight earn or something like that. I just the kingdom that she goes. I didn't understand why she wanted so strongly to go there. I was what was. Is there an answer to that. Like why did she care about which keenum she got assigned to she so the dude who was really guard at the time was very Hansie. That's God of like almost okay anyway in in I L F G E mail broncos Pole Polish people living in Delft Guard. It's perfectly fine town. Yeah I think it might be loosely analogous to Germany. I'm not sure though. Oh ruler or no no no no Russia sorry No Germany is. Is that so like y'all kind of analogous the eastern European sleep Chinese laker like Centra I'm pretty sure as Poland. Oh Oh so don't quote me on that that's not something I double check it out. You're quoted uh-huh so yeah The I'm not sure. So you said that the kingdom she was supposed to serve the king she was supposed to serve verve. NPR whatever he was Super Hansie was witches and she just was not interested. I guess that's where I got confused about. Where the power really? They're very or they were more strict. Yeah before before. Yeah I I love the scene of her escaping this assassin Dow chasing her and the woman who can chase for the show though she goes through a couple of them and decides just leave the woman behind the one point. It's funny I think she went to because we we've seen her eat flowers for power right so she lands on this big flowery Hill I think maybe she was before she came back. She wasn't just straight abandoning her. Yeah she was trying to choose upper magic beans pretty clear ungrateful wind anywhere. Yeah the whole issue so I forget like as she was saving her life. She's like you're just a useless witch or like okay. Well I'll I'll take the then. How did the baby? Oh because they materialize realize the middle of an ocean drowned. No I think he got shot. I was holding her as she was going through the portal and the thing or the guy threw a blade through her and it hit the baby. Oh yeah okay I thought maybe it is brown babies not great. Yeah yeah yeah they suck it swimming not crying. Yeah Yeah So yeah I think that's where we kind of leave her. Let's talk about Siri Tent. Syria felt like for a few of the opening or the beginning episodes before we really knew what was going on felt like kind of spinning in our wheels. Oh yeah a lot of like. Oh we can't tell her we should Taylor. We can't tell her. No one tells her one in like when they went to the Elf women and the forest sprites or whatever they try the dryades they're not allows but they I felt like win the Shape shifter came to get Siri like I kept on waiting for the mother superior of the druids to your dry adds to be like we've got. This test is called drinking the water in the fucking water dude like she's kind of letting we'll have to leave it up to the fates elect trump donald water like why didn't teach. Maybe that was our destiny to have gone that way. I'll know it seemed like she was really. Oh this is on the edge of a knife blade kind of thing and like you treat. The water is another thing that was written for the the show. That's not in the books. They just needed to get Syria out of the forest because it seemed like she would be because like I felt like the women were like gearing up for like well. You know like we're very powerful powerful. But I don't know if we can resist all nipple guard and if the Knicks Guards in the book it's actually Garrelt who gets her out of the L. Away from the dryades hooked together to too soon in the narrative of the he meets her once. Uh in the in the in the book. And he gives her back to his The Herb Sorcerer Guy Scouts yes I did like that scene of her playing with the kids in the street and call back to looking around the corner knowing. It's her but leaving anyway. That was fun because because I was with it I was in a I wou I was sitting at the time line enough to be like I know this was the beginning of. Yeah Yeah and then in the very end they they do this staying where she goes out of the house and runs away and then girl pulls Evan the cart and you're like Just mentioned other then he gets up and runs into the forest. But I felt kind of silly to me. In retrospect go to craigslist and the disconnect. This whole miss connection thing that they have it in us to the whole series like they're together for a long time. Now there's a chunk of that common Golden Golden. You Escape Princess Road up on a Hay Cart saw dr into the woods. If you felt a connection if you felt your what you're looking at the email me so yeah Calamity I when I was really watching some of these episodes glancy mentions in the very first first one that the wild hunt is years beyond the curve. And we've been playing the wild hunt Vami mix. I'm in the midst of a while. Yeah so I'm really really interested to see how that DOC plays out and I'm familiar with the Wild Hunt Lor because I'm big into the Dresden files and he Butcher Jim Butcher the author He likes to like pull the lesser known mythology to flesh out his world. And there's been featured the wild hunt and there's a lot of like Like I supposed was the Bobby Yoga John Through his work. That's a very like Eastern European witch legend. Yeah there was this like horned I don't know what kind of monster it was that I recognize seeing the movie. The ritual They came out. I've yeah so it's the wild hunt is different than in folklore in the series is it. I don't know if it's a spoiler for me to say okay for you. And that's the thing it's like. Yeah if you if you read too much. Grim Grim grins brothers fairytales it could be as possible soil for the witcher. Yeah well it. Yeah it's different Brent. They call it the wild hunt. But it's not what's the purpose of the wild on the beings that comprise the wild hunt are not the same as in folklore. Gotcha do they just choose to every once in a while down in hunt people which is powerful people. They feel a presence in their of an exceptionally strong elder. The person like Syria and then come and chase her and so what is the purpose of it. Is that a spoiler to say. Possibly so serious special because she's A quarter a wait no universe a quarter L.. Yeah and Series Half Elf. No she's it's way more complicated in the night. Our that is a blood thing heritage thing for sure. Yeah that's the Queen Mother had to because she's talking about like get skipped then strike twice in the same. Bloodline could be hedgehog powers. That makes her scream that way. No Yeah but just a night. Sonic juice get the chaos Emerald Jenner the hand the only then those those ancient Polish folklore about the chaos emeralds olds. Yeah study about that I thought the fight scenes in this show are really well done. Maybe this Specifically this rent-free and Garrelt don't fight scene in the very beginning this choreography for sure. Yes I mean. It was like those people. Were actually doing the work. They didn't rely on like shaky cam or really along takes. Yeah you can actually see what was happening. I was watching it. I thought yeah I thought it was. You know really dynamic and interest I in at a May Gerald look like a big bad ass. The swords actually looked heavy. Change business like people who are being inflicted with these very believable nonfatal wounds loons like when he brings the sword down on her and cut into her shoulder and she gets a little stab in Yeah I really liked to fight between Was it a boxing with the the the Strega so strict that's right. I really where he had to seal in New Zealand himself in a coffin as like they said like the way way that thing was all set up and then he realizes I'm out to fight this fucking thing all night long. Oh my God. I thought that was great and it was really good blending of like the set and the blue screen and the C.. Jacka positing just like really wears a little bit shakey. I fight with the spider thing. He went against I thought it was just rock rock-solid in that fight and his that's the best I think you're right the fight. Between Geraldine who rent-free R-enfield is the best like human fight but the MA best bouncer. It was the strict you said. String stor STREGA. So I did see on twitter. The Guy who played He's a pretty prolific What do you call it stunt choreographer action choreographer The Guy who played the king on game of thrones. Oh the guy who did choreography for a lot. A lot of these scenes in the show but specifically the streaker been working on a Jon snow versus night king fight years and he just had that whole notebook so always like episode one. I mean it is incredible them do like the choreography and the stunt work through the blue boxes and things really really cool. Ah Find Him on twitter. If you're interested in that behind the scenes stuff but the so I want to talk about renfrew. They she was really important in the first episode She knew about garrels destiny with Syria because those were her dying words he took her off of her and forged it to a soared. I don't know if you noticed that he forged it onto like the handle of his sword. no I did not notice that or I didn't for writer remember for it. Look like it's very happy it's like yeah. We'll look at the faces. Yeah that's the broach. Okay I just I guess I'm confused about what her importance was. was she the first one and make them aware that he had this destiny with Siri. She was a monster of the week. She was the monster. Yeah I was. Yeah because there was a lot of There's a lot of like struggle border trying to convince him to kill her and it's like who's the good person here who's lying You know there was a good. There's a concept of good and bad because that's the thing that the guy was reading the lore of playing the game the witcher three than if the full no hard and it seems like they're very imperialistic but but in contrast to the rest of these kingdoms that oppress the dwarfing elvis populations and kind of drive them out of their own lands It seems seems like that empire is much more. high-minded allows the first of all they don't they don't work for a major major work for them. God Damn it. And to their leg day they allow you know the elephant warps full rights as citizens and they hold very influential positions. So it's kind of like all the only reason I think Gerald and Jennifer. I don't like to empires because they probably are kind of like more controlling on the magical side but it seems like a common person it might not be bad to live in the empire that like something. I'm supposed to yeah. Nobody is purely good or bad and the rulers and the people that they are ruling very different. Yeah just like just kind of like how it is like in the real world I I liked that. There is a lot of moral ambiguity beauty in the series. It's one of the things that I always liked about it. So is Siri. The person that struggle bore was trying to kill so when he had him kill rent-free was she the one that was born under the eclipse. No No rim free and the ones stegosaurus Guy. It's kind of like old grudge. Honestly Kashdan what that the beef was there. There it was just he got this thing in his head. Because he's a sorcerer so he knows everything everything so we got this thing in his head that these girls who were born under the eclipse. We're GONNA be like Super Evil and tear apart the world so he started just killing them as babies that got away she. She was his last thing. You'll him to like it was because she knew new right yeah She knew what had happened. So why didn't you just roll into his domain. Kill him like she. CanNot she not do that. Shit acting himself he was hiding for a long time But he's more powerful than her right not imagine so like I said like a weird stalemate have and he he still thinks that she's Oh simple special all but she's not at all. She must be at least a little bit because Felton prophecy when she dies. Yes yes some kind of magic B witched like I got the idea that like those men of the because that's that's the other thing is I thought was kind of weird like all the guys talking mad shit Gerald every time you walked into every fucking town. She's like don't fucking sword Lord strapped zero strapped to your back. And you're talking shit to this guy with yellow fucking is and magic power. He's got is as big around as your fucking can waste like what that's kind of like in the video game all the time people talking shit to me. Yeah it's fucking witcher propaganda. Anti witcher Propaganda Art Baganda man unless you actively want me to kill a monster. You just going to be like literally spitting on me. I guess that's where my confusion was. You know as far as like who who has the power. The majors are the kingdom's because it seemed like they were all just kind of Suppressing themselves to to be around these people to be accepted by them from. I could just kill them all. Might be that thing of like you know like you're you're super powerful but you're also just a human so like if like all million people on the continent banded together against you. You'd be dead so like you gotta wear that power lightly. Yeah we saw an army take out. Yes covenant sources. I'm really I'm super curious to see 'cause we saw Jennifer his transformation into something more beautiful or or something more. I don't know how to describe it. ablest yes conventionally attractive something like that where it seems like Darrell underwent some sort of process. That made him the gave him a lot of these scars trial. The grass is not discussed so much but the the is the hair duck is mayor facial scarring was as part of like facial scar. He has a facial. I thought that's the one thing that like his body has served chewed up but they kept pretty face pretty. I'm thinking of Syria. I think serious scar serious scar as a result of the per day original. No all right has nothing nothing to do with it. He just fights a lot of monsters they have. I could say white hair isn't indicative of being a witch. We meet one other witcher has black. It just happened happen to be. He just happened here are guys says because he got like super potion or something like he got like more because he was stronger they gave him like an extra doses of treatment very war hammer halo kind of like let's duct a bunch of young kids and we're going to give them through brutal process. We're going to die but the ones that make it. Philosophy is factors into that a lot of the witcher. The Wichita there was yeah. They're always asking the law of so. So how's the witches. Get because I feel like that. The Lor is all the richer. Schools have been destroyed at this point. how did that happen. I like how. How do you take out a winter school? Oh my I guess it's the same way you take out. A enclave. Sources smooth mass mass manpower off stopped giving resources. Stop paying them Gotcha hard to hard to get your witch on if you don't know potions yeah true. We talked about jazz skier the asker. Yes riskier how do you say his name skier Yuckier. He's Dandelions in the books in the English translation books. Great they kept the Polish name for the show. I shake the Dan Align Polish town. Okay I I don't know I. This is the one thing. I'm not too sure. I hate this character. Everyone all all the foods like they're gone beserk about this. I mean long is so please. Oh you're worming ideas. The thing that Americanizes the show the most so a lot of people might not be so into that which I seems like the fan base is fully embraced. The bar ever felt like so. This has got a lot of like I true blood energy but as well it's got a lot of xena Hercules legendary journey. I feel like when Jasper shows up. It gets very Hercules you know. Oh it's like I. What was that brought? Sam Raimi's brother had a stupid character on. I think Hercules or maybe it was like it's like it's just like dislike comic relief off. The tagline character tagline comic relief character that Chiefly serves the get himself in jeopardy. Because you really can't hurt Gerald so like you can bet you can hurt in peril him and like I. I felt like that everything kind of got bogged down and he showed up. But I feel like that's a minority opinion when I was looking at the Internet. Like everybody's fucking on ironically loving this throw according to your which your business. Yeah when he he showed up at one time and then he left him behind at the end and the the first episode that he meets him then the very next episode. It's too however. Many ten twelve fifteen years later and they meet up again and he drags him to clancy's feast because he's got affection for the poor guy thing Gerald in the bathtub happens all the fucking time in the venue. I thought that was just kind of mean to you. Know Henry cavill body on this plane. Without Beth's he did man takes a lot about game. There's is a lot of video game based at bath based video game action. In wister he gets dirty is crawling through sewers and shit. I'm Mike Twenty percent of his game with Tub six times. Everyone's afraid of the witcher except when he gets in a bathtub and then there's just tons of women coming out to obey them like. I said that people aren't appropriately. Afraid of the witcher. Yeah I if I you know it's one thing to like Shire children away or like shut shudders when he comes in Blackhawk and Luby's at the winter just doesn't seem like it's good for your health. It's not a good idea but Yeah we got this Toss a coin your witcher song which is permit kermit stuck in my head. I hate it but I find myself singing it and bastardising it. It's really just toss various things that witcher's it means have been good weeks some very good. Yeah I do think it's funny because like I was I was reading this article like with the interview with Henry and he was talking about. HOW FOR OFFICE TUB SCENES A? He had like the hydrogen cell for three days. I gotta say what's the point of that. Well the thing is I associated like as I've heard the same thing from a Hugh Jackman when he's playing wolverine is like whenever I get like a shirt off overeating. I gotTA starve myself and dehydrate for like three days as I have vainly ripped on my. I've never actually seen Henry cavill like that. Bainian shredded ripped. He's like thick slabs of muscle built like like Russell Crowe and gladiator shoop definition. Just like that's a dude you don't WanNa fuck with because he just like solidly built. He looks like he's still like yeah. I didn't think he was exactly glee. Ripped and shredded like a bowl. A week you know. He's he's definitely a big sexy dude. But I I think you can just you don't have to dehydrate yourself next season. The he's talking about his workout routine. You said this was the best what he was doing for. This is the best thing. He's ever try news in the best shape of his life. I believe like he looks incredible. Look Hugh Jackman Right. Yeah that's probably healthier. But he's still like like I don't know maybe he's got a giant like three days fabrics Dole You spent three days in the Sanni comes out we spent so much time in the bat that he reabsorbed all the water. And you try to take and it just all the pay I think. That's that's all I've got for my notes. You guys have anything else you wanted to talk about. Maybe there's big battle at the end of the majors. I love this big battle at the end because again in the book is just it's Kinda mentioned in passing. What we he is going through this town and there's a monument that's been erected to all these which is in sorcerers who died and on that monument the names trysts and Jennifer are also? They're interesting. I thought I was excited because I like the whole time. I've been waiting to see like uniform uncorked because they keep tie like teasing how powerful well she is and whatnot so we she goes on pride rock and incinerates down has like fucking cool. I liked that brought it full circle to her catching the lightning in her own body. I thought that like it was impressive. Because like when you do shit like that it's like you are setting people's expectations. Thanks for everything to be bigger and more impressive for seasons to come on man. It gets hard like that's the same thing. Game of thrones kind found themselves in SUSAC. It's hard to like. Keep topping topping yourselves and topping ourselves. ANIME problem yeah. It's fucking dragon. Ball Z all over again. Yeah exactly and I'm like I hope they've I don't know I gave Dave. I'm wondering how like law. What kind of longevity will have like is this? This is going to be like a tight. Three Season Arc. Or is this GonNa be like as long as it keeps making money kind of thing or because it's just that three or four season I'm not as concerned wherever it's like. I hear this twelve books and three video games like I could see that being a long-term series the walking dead like when you have two hundred issues to draw from you know like the temptation to just make this go on and on and on and on until it Saux is pretty strong. Don't have a definite ending real. They end and serious still. She's like sixteen I think are they done though as he'd done riding them or is it London done writing them. He said he likes where he left. It drives kind of a big question mark ending which gets which I like a satisfactory actor ending but there is also room to extend if they want to. That's what they did with which are three. That's not in a book anywhere. which are three is not in the books looks at all? No the training of men spoiler series going to be trying to be a witch or the training of serious. A witcher is in the books but like post as far as the other like the stuff with the baron this to all of which three takes place after the books period interesting all right so clearly can extend the story if kitchens. Although at the end of one of the deal sees the last one he does Garrett kind of looks at the camera and says I think I'm done on. Yeah basically Oh man and the game ends. It's wonderful interesting. I've never gonNA play through two or three. I'm having a lot of fun with that and I A. I'm I got yeah I need. I need a new fantasy book series to read. Because they're not making any more song of ice and fire apparently and it Kinda crapped out with the warriors stuff is reading so I think I'm ready for something. Something something new. I don't know I don't know if you'll like it. The characters are very different judges. Much more flat and problematic Yeah skier is a fucking womanizer. And he's terrible. Oh in the book. that scene or the the episode where. They're hunting down the dragon. Everybody is so awful Jennifer to the point except for maybe garrelt out to the point that she ends up tied up with her tits hanging out as a sacrifice for the dragons is like that's the level of maybe not so great that the books books if you're cool with others there's also like two hundred worry so down with the fact that they're all a short stories to recombine like that's not when so great but I really liked that one Like a collection of short stories are kind of like that. Yeah the rest of them are a little bit more lanier. But I'm like I'm excited to check out the books. Yeah toss a coin. Toss coins bigger budget for next season. All right well thanks for joining us if you have any feedback Or recommendations for fantasy book series. You can send us. TV BALD DOT COM. Tell me all your witcher builds because there's was like literally a one hundred and forty million options I can do with this guy. Seven ability points burning a hole in my pocket and I'm I'm paralyzed with with decision paralysis. Yeah Yeah I would pick like the two or three of your the coolest sounding ones and just tear carry those all the way through their Gotcha. They're ending. I'm specializing alight. Light attacks and I stumbled across gourmet which completely guy I was talking about like. How do you heal like this stuff is just completely made the healing healing aspect? Not now no longer can cook. No I just like it. Ability does allows you like eating a food like restore your health right. Five seconds Gourmet makes it work for twenty twenty minutes. Yeah so you can really stretch out that that honeycomb water bottle of water perfect all right. That's that's it running on fumes here Until next time I'm sally I'm Alexis Toss a coin to your chair of Valley. 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