"Distant Relatives: Special Edition Ghana"


The y'All heard the intro was a little bit different this Sunday afternoon. Of Sunday evening a we are of course A. Special treat for this very special edition of the run the Jews bid cast podcast series. This is episode sixty four. I'm your host King Jews on Julian Smart Rumble. Hailing out of Atlanta. Georgia. But my very special guest in cousin is hailing all the way in west Africa in a Krog Donna you are in for a treat of those that are of course here in the US, are you will be hearing straight from someone who has all the way across the globe in West Africa in Accra Ghana to be exact on this is again a distance relatives a special edition. With my very special guests of a WHO is a cousin in not just a guest of mine. She's GonNa be drop in a heavy jewels on when it comes to life abroad living abroad in the family values of that she holds a sacred to her and being in. West Africa, and so we are here with none other than my special guest. In cousin, a Tony Isadora smart of who is an attorney she's a legal professional she's influence or in most importantly she's a mom in a a we are going to be diving in a to her story living abroad and also in being all the way in West Africa, and so Tony, can you introduce yourself to those that are tuning in this evening? Show. Good evening to the end, and though you are technically a distant cousin, you few very close tonight and as we see now, welcome home speaking of bullets eleven thirty at night and we say Hian Ghana Akaba which is tree for welcome. I am a I'm a lawyer and an accountant and mother of two boys, one age twelve and another age full. And originally hailed from the republic. Of Trinidad into Beagle. Left. There at age eighteen and I studied in Canada and England, and then I lived in the French Caribbean for seven years in Australia for a few years and NAM in Ghana. Absolutely. So Ya hearing upper my cousins mouth as she's a woman that has traveled abroad, and also a has lived by way of Trinidad and Tobago on. So she's of Chinese descent. So shout out to all the West Caribbeans in West in West indies of that are representing on the live this evening or that we'll be watching the replay a we are in for a treat she's actually literally are tuning in from across. Ghana. Right. Before midnight I told my cousin had to have her own the arts, TJ. Bid Cast podcast series a she was a graces enough to allow. US to receive her right before midnight in Accra Ghana against us not in states y'all. So we are in for a treat and so Tony tell them a little bit about your your background I know you said, of course, you were born in Trinidad but tell them a little bit about how how you got into of being in a in an attorney and accountant or even even mom tell us about your story a little bit. Okay well. I come from a long line of legal professionals on both sides of my family. My GRANDFA is doors smarts was solicitor general, and then went into private practice upon retirements. My Father Anthony is not was a attorney general my maternal grandfather Joseph Rafael Thomas was also a solicitor in private practice. Who handed over all give off of the practice to the spot side of the family when he might reach to. Canada. My great grandfather, my mother's side On my grandmother's side maternal grandmother's side. He was a judge in colonial -ties. Sued. George Campbell deed. He actually think wrapped up his career or near wrapped up his career I'm not quite sure but I know he was the chief justice of the Gold Coast which was what Ghana was cooled. Before independence so you know. I'm coming home in more ways than one. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, and So, law sort of comes naturally to the family. The about ten of us that are lawyers serve that are live today. From the smart side from the other side this one cousin I think yet, he's a lawyer in La. And So. I always wanted to read law and I wanted to do it at the London school economic semi got acceptance out of high school. But my parents had I've two brothers and you know they had two other children to educate and at that point in time at won a scholarship. To this Canadian University and is very rare for candidate to give scholarships. It was just that the town this university is in is is twinned with port-of-spain, which is the capital of Trinidad's to commemorate the twentieth anniversary, the twenty, the offered a scholarship to one student I applied. I was very good at accounting and finance and decided to pursue it at this university which had a which is well-known fits accounting program. And so I that I and then reapplied the Alyce to read law and the afterwards, and then I got closer to the BAH in. England and then admitted to practice in Madden Tobago so they. Love it I love it that that's a tremendous journeys shutout onto all those tuning in debt practice of the legal profession you heard from my cousins mouth Tony. She along with a good amount of our family members do again practice a law or in some form of a white collar profession in. So we definitely have to represent in regards to education, which we're going to dive right into 'cause I know you and I are we are very much. So firm believers when it comes to not just having a traditional education but even having a global education so that you can have a global mindset. A global perspective talk a little bit about the difference between the education system in across on where you are in Ghana to be specific of verses of being either in TNT or even in some of other places that you've resided him. Okay, well, I'm I'm speaking from my limited experience or. Just knew that of not generalizing with respect to all of across. Because I spent about seven years of sue in French Caribbean. My sons have spent most of their lives educated in the French system. When I moved to Ghana I, put my eldest son because he plays for instruments into Ghana International School, which is a school that Kofi Annan attended were. Simply because I told the school on their music program seemed far more developed than that of the local Bala leading French International School so I'm. France has these international schools world. and. So it's very easy to educate a child. If you travel in the French system if a system system you subscribe to, but I put his into, it's called I. On he was there for a year and it is very, very similar to that of Trinidad into Beagle. Being a former British colony as well. So there's one took home six their exams at the end of home five it's it's very similar. There's a house system that uniforms. Yes. So it was great for me because it was as close as he could get to attending Trinidadian unto balloon school with Tobago. Having lived in Australia just before in Sydney. Just before moving to Ghana. What I really appreciated about this he was he was no longer minority was no longer a minority of color at the school in fact, he was part of the majority. And? So. That was really important. So I didn't have to educate him about who who fan was or even. Jesse James. comple- rights, and Axel still have to educate the history of. Our history. That's what ticket on Hiti, our history that's ticket to the Caribbean. But relax fears. A whole I didn't have to educate him on what was brilliant when we moved here not-so-brilliant was it was year last year cooking undyed. Not to attend his funeral. And what my son was able to witness was dropping off at the state funeral and then heading to school and ended up being in Koo Finance. House. You. Will. So there it's very similar but there are some significant differences that I think are cultural and especially with the proximity of Ghana. On the UK being much closer than the UPN Caribbean Malaga underprivileged Ghanaian still send their children to school in the UK to Boarding Schools? You see an exodus said about thirteen between thirteen and fifty. Of Children leaving to be educated in England whereas in Trinidad due to the shed distant some other cultural differences you don't see that anymore that used to happen in my parents generation and then a few in my generation but generally. Children in Trinidad educated, they have anti up primary school and high school education in Trinidad Unwell when you live on a small island if you have. To study abroad there's only one way to go on that's off of it. That's where many would leave for for two she education. While for those that are just in you are in for a treat on. This is a very special guests and also a cousin of Mine Tony Isadora Smart. she has hailing all the way out of West Africa currently right now, we wanna say almost midnight if not already midnight 'cause you can tell us what time it is over there in the second but she's in across Ghana Ya in West Africa, sharing the Jews of wisdom which you all on the Sunday evening on. This is episode sixty, four distant relatives in the special edition hailing out of Ghana West Africa we're going to give some quick shoutouts caused before we pick back off with. Shout out to a Justin Nets tuning in a shot to be w a raven, we appreciate Johnson Shoutout to a Harlem zone lyric Yolanda Chen's shots, shots, anesthesia Kara Dion shot APP to d w DWI shots, agenda Tabitha, and shout out to Germany for tuning in early off, we appreciate jaw hanging with us on this Sunday Evening is already to be a new Dan in Ghana with my cousin Tony Isadora smart who is here? To show you all why it's important to have family values and also why it's court to travel abroad in especially going to of the motherland West Africa in. So because I know you were speaking directly about a boarding school knows that have been us us born in also US bread but may not a know what boarding schools are and just give them a quick analysis of what boarding schools are in what some of the different traditional schools versus nontraditional schools are. Lab, pointing schools schools where the students board in that they sleep their You know whether they would ask there for the weekend go home on weekends of there for the entire term depends on the individual's situation. Whereas a regular school, the student just attended as a student educated by my cousin he's letting y'all know there is a difference in the US. Be Able to see a lot of boarding schools unless you're going you're going put away from your family sending you off to a a nontraditional boarding school but but. Those those are some things that you wanna be able to know before you go abroad with your family and. Tell them are even in Ghana and then we'll. We'll circle back going to Trinidad like are there international schools that that are basically taught multiple languages a versus just being taught? In, of course, the the native native tongues in in a row or tell us just for those that have not gone to west Africa or or may want to travel air like what are some of the languages and things on separate what the classification of schools are. Okay. So in Ghana, be the like the rest of Africa except the Ethiopia which was nice. They speak their national languages European language actually think maybe Rwanda's has done away with the French. I don't want to A. See that as a fact. As the official language but there are many different tribes that make up Ghana and so a forte African language about forty two African languages spoken. Languages spoken within Ghana. But the one that is used most often is is is a language called tree. It's pronounced tree, but it Spelt T. W. I. However, in Ghana, they're educated in English and the the other languages a spoken languages did not formally educated in them off in A. Row Put Mon- like see one would creole in some countries. Within a cry you can visit Swiss. German. School doesn't International French school. There's is Lincoln, which is an American International School. and. Then they're all of these other prestigious Ghanaian private schools is a secular. Country over but comprised of Christian, and Muslims with I think about seventy percent Christian and thirty percent So So the schools on church-based know whereas in Trinidad, a lot of the prestigious schools sort of hybrid, it's a church B.'s government based. Aspect to to the good ones. Yeah, not necessarily the good ones to the to the hard core academic schools because. Trade schools have schools to you know your your yeah traits, very good schools to so therein lies the difference there many international schools here. Ya. So that's that's something that even myself I'm getting educated about jock only recently traveled to motherland going to Liberia in March. But a my cousin told me is a door smart is in Accra Ghana of those that have not traveled abroad or have not touched foot in Africa. You're in for a treat on hearing directly from my cousins mouth of what is happening on the ground floor. In across in so 'cause talk a little bit about the culture like how was the culture shock when you actually I, know you travel a lot of book before you even resided in in moved to Ghana but like talk about like, were there any a culture shocks that you had to go through the first time that you came to GonNa talk about like that I experience? Okay while I have always wanted to live in. Ghana. Actually. This is a desire that I believe expressed some twelve years ago. And I guess I finally made it here. You know I can't explain why and I didn't even know at the time that McGraw Grandfather was chief justice while. Also, didn't know at the time that I might great grandfather I think he's your great grandfather. San Smart left West Africa from my calculation sometime after. Abolition. Down to Trinidad. I. Think through South America. So this story goes some actually trying to find him and I I. Think I'm going to send you a full to Imke. Don't have that I just got one today over and. At one point in time there was a possibility he may have been gone yet, but now I I think he's from Syria. Left Sierra. Leone. Our Name Smart is in fact African. It's not named that was given to us. As a slave owner, you know designating US naming us off to him it is in fact the name of a free. African. But yes, there would be some European influence there. While I'm. Still GonNA is shockingly very much very similar to Trinidad Sushi. On my experience, it's it's a population of twenty, five Mil across has about two million people. And Trinidad is a population of one point, five, mill, Trinidad and Tobago. But Ghana Ghana's ruling class and SORTA. Seems smaller than that Trinidad? But the a lot of similarities in that there is a Syrian-lebanese community here like Internet Bagel. some scandal actually with respect to that community arose when Anthony Bodine think a few episodes before he died came to. Trinidad. And that's actually something you should refer. You should if you have the time you should look at. Where you know the Syrian and Lebanese community comprises comprises about one percent of the population. They said, they made very derogatory comments about the rest of the population because they they came. The excelled in business a trick on it's very similar here. The difference here is that the stern Lebanese have presumed that French here the Lebanese because Ghana this surrounded by French Africa. on the cody. and. Then to go on the other side Banana, then you get to Nigeria right on. So. The combination of Lebanese. muslim-christian whereas in turn onto Beagle it's just Christian mainly. Christian. Lebanese. Syrian. People. So there's that similarity. There's a similarity in terms of the food, this similarity in terms of the music. So for example, I went to listen to some drummers the other day. And they were saved went to Martinique for example, because of Slavery Watt Three people play on three different drums at one point in time for one piece of music one man was playing all three beats on that one drum while frost the middle passage that lasted some six or seven hundred years. And that is what is called the Sean said well in. The, which is a a drumming music at Christmas time in Martinique. So when you come here at the similarities are just tremendous with they also differences. Yeah. Thought, let's talk about when it comes to not. Even, well, before before we even dominant that leads listless talk about 'cause you we were, of course, the ring about this how are the US citizens? That are of course, not from any other international countries like. In. Ghana. Is it true that don't necessarily need to have any passport besides a US a US identification card to get into Ghana rumors through tell us tell us what's going on over there. Not. Very stable stabilized. Economy government. It's in its Fourth Republic military rule is lost in nine hundred and that's something sitting president but west about and others boast about. And when you land in the airport. The airports in Africa much nicer than a lot of the airports in the US to be honest while much much. You have to have your yellow fever caught on you have to have your passport on you. What has to have these in the US, requires a visa to come tournament and to not require visa to come to Ghana. Do, require visa, and then when you walk through, you know you walk through a thermometer sort of bodies which takes your temperature check to see if you're ill or any of that. So it's it's it's very organized and developed in that sense it is not a free for all. But yes, in a we, there are some me because this year marks the return your way. Through where they see the diaspora, which would be us. Dice for on Caribbean I guess Brazilian Diaspora have the right to return to. Ghana. Being descendants of Africans who to we during slavery. They. Call it four hundred years of courses more than four hundred years. But they counting the four hundred. Yes. When they first long sleep through slanted in Virginia thing. Matt's that point that they measure the time and so what this president is doing, which I think is absolutely fantastic. Another presidents another the previous president has done it when he issued thirty two. Koets is that they giving dice for the chance to apply for? Ghanaian citizenship. which would be phenomenal but it allows you to travel throughout echo asks right which is The West African States is likely Coupla to carry calm the EU but west Africa. Allows you to travel that without any visas or any issues, but for example, just the other day I drove to toggle with. Google. And she did not have who documents in order and she was given a lot of a lot of trouble and is actually unfortunately I. Think it's due to trump. Actually a lot of hostility towards Americans now in Iraq. Not. Calm you're not harmed you're not harmed but. You know it's not necessarily the strongest Pasco to have. You know. Everything is safe. Everything is safe. It's it's not issue because gone you have a great relationship. You guys have a massive embassy here. You know. I'm actually the US I think is the only the only way you can trust middle passage since slavery I mean there's no flights carribean I don't think they're flights to South America. That's the only we you can actually crossing the passage since slavery. So. s important for Y'all to know again, this is not this is not he said, she said stuff this is coming directly from someone my cousins be exact who is literally on the ground in Accra Ghana in. So she's going to be telling US how she is raising her family in Accra Ghana and also some things that you may or may not know about what is happening with the government, the culture, and specifically what you need to know in order to travel to west Africa. And so 'cause talk loot let's talk more family. Now before we go back onto a lot of similarities between Caribbean culture or even South American culture in West African culture how how is it raising your to your two children in Ghana How how are they treated? What are some of the Aha moments when it comes to being raised around people that of course, look just like them but literally are in a different foreign country on than what a of course we're traditionally raised them. Okay. So when you arrive people here that you're Trinidadian into. Their first response is welcome hold cousin. Right. I mean obviously concede that I am not a white woman. But in Africa they call me a Boonie they referred to me. White. Described as a white woman. So this is the first time in my life. I've ever been described as a white woman. My oldest son Phoenix typically presents as a hassle of Aboriginal. Look him because his father is up east Indian descent extreme value into union father sent my second son his father is French. So even though he he's the image of me. He is like tradition. Of A of me. And so we are we are fine. No Caribbean. People sort of universal donors were like salt when everything quick people are not necessarily intimidated by US and so on and so forth and win a minority Tim's Diet for the Americans are majority so were treated beautifully. But my son is called Indian. and. Then my other son white. You know my my my l.. The Sun is was once tooled by people at GS, for example, at gone into national school that. When he says, you know while I'm African and he says, they said, no, you're not African to set your mother's wipes. Well So that was that was a bit of a shock to me. That was that was interesting but you know other than that. It's it's pure love. It's you know they very, very welcoming to carry them people. Young in even when it comes to that 'cause 'cause, of course, you novel only into Liberia I told you in when it comes to all the skin tones. That is interesting that they still annot knowing that you are of African descent still because of your lighter complexion referred to you as as white like How does skin complexions from of the people that you see on a regular basis on a more darker like bluish tone or are they of a lighter complexion was the skin varieties on that? You See Donna? covid not duck has in a bluish against like the Senegalese or the Sudanese. But you can get very duck dance But You know you can. You can literally look here and you can see. Who was transported as slaves, which tribes and who wasn't room you can look you can look at the teachers and say, yes, this person looks Caribbean Oh, you could. You can look and say this time. Whatever the I'm These people will not transported slaves. It's very, very obvious to you when you come here while. Though, for example, I was in a club wants and there was a guy sitting he was the bathroom attendance and I looked at him and I said I'm so sorry I need to ask which tribe you're from because you look. To, Nevada Union to the Boone while any says, you know I'm away right there up from the Volta region sort of the middle and north of gone around the League, the rivers which would have been really important to transportation. I've noticed that the alien, for example, look. Caribbean. You know. Wow, still that's that's really really interesting. As a huge point right there 'cause was goes into the incident next point of nossiter tuning in a really quick. We're on episode sixty, four of the art lee-jay, a bid cast podcast series on this special. Sunday edition titled Distant Relatives Are Hailing out of Ghana across Ghana to be exactly my very special guests in cousin. Is. DOOR SMART. Who is a raising her two boys in Ghana currently right now and so 'cause transportation Let's let's dive into that because folks. Here, in the states that there are a lot of times told a lot of a lot of misinformation comes bird halbe transportation is Ghana or even in West Africa period like Howard. Howard erodes what type of cars are allowed to locals driving a talk to us about transportation. Okay. So you know you're Africa which is developing a lot of the countries in Africa most developing countries. So there's a huge disparity between the haves and the have-nots. Transportation isn't developed in a we for example, that I feel safe putting my son on a bus to go to school. So my son We came from Sydney at ten. He was sitting on a bus run off way to school in an income had I have to physically dry him walking to school. They got little. Sort of Maxi, taxi to the buses caught trues that transport people around. There is a trine system attract system that they're attempting to revitalize I think some trains run between a couple of points. The Ruins? Not Great at all not greater to their heavily policed. which makes one feels safe but all that's really happening is that the police a stopping you and if they stop you on some some minor issue, the just looking for a couple of dollars here. And literally, that's all it is is essentially police on the streets begging for money. But you're not going to be harmed in any way that's just how it is. You know and Yeah Yeah Yeah. So you know. It's a little bit of putting in the beginning then you sort of get used to the culture and he just realized that these please check. So not a big deal. In terms of 'cause will is a lot of this wealth. You know they discovered oil in Ghana in two thousand seven. You their new oil country So they still developing that industry but besides that, they would welcome the Golden. Cocoa and other industries and So you know the Africans love their Mercedes. There's lots of that happening luxury caused the they fly first-class they fly you know they fly business class. So. It's one extreme or the or the other basically. You know in terms of transportation iten here. I walk out on the streets. Uber is fantastic. It's cheap. It's safe. This uber this bolt on. There's another one by begins with T. I can't remember the name of it but we have he of them here working and you can get them in minutes such really really easy to get around across, and then you can hire drivers and you can rent 'cause. So getting around is easy. It just is a very, it's it's dependent on your budget. If you WANNA rent a con you WANNA. Have a driver. It's a specific budget. If you WANNA go around the crop very cheap very safe. Very affordable. Wow that's that's good to know because there are a lot of people because you know I'm sure you've heard debt that pink that because they're in Africa that they're they're not a developing nation that has access to some of the luxuries that we do in the Caribbean and and also here in the states I'm located at and so for those that didn't know there is over a in Ghana you heard it from my cousins mouth it's very easy and also very. Easy to navigate on top of that, and so there is a public transportation that you could definitely touch base with when you do go to a craw. So 'cause talk talk about when it comes to the foods what are some of your favorite food dishes in also what similar dishes are dare in Ghana that we make of course, Trinidadian Culture on that you found similar on that they just say different name for this what they call it in Ghana versus Trinidad. Okay so As you realized Julian is sort of shoot straight from the HIP. I love my GonNa people who as here. But the food. It's not fine cuisine. It's heavy oil. It's carbohydrates with a sign of carbohydrates in the set of carbohydrates and carbohydrates for dessert you're not. But You know in the Caribbean, we have something called Callum. Which is From. Leafy. Vegetables leafy plant right on. They have it here. It's called Clinton grade, but it's cooked cooked differently. So in in my whom I I prepared callum using briefs and taste exactly the scene. On the streets you can get roast corn, which is very similar to Trinidad except they rules would cook an. Grandma that there's rules planting can't but you don't get for example I've not seen it in in Trinidad in parts of the Caribbean that I've lived in. Just fantastic the rapid to newspaper on exhibit with you know. With the with peanuts. There's something called Foo-, which is like a heavy combination of like a massive Soto gelatinous dumpling, which is made out of you pounding in cassava on plant in something else and you you you eat it with something called a light soup. So you break off a piece, each your hands, you actually eating soup with your hands, which is an art form in itself. But. What happens here not can be tasty. But what happens here is that they add spice like you wouldn't believe and it's not eastern spice is just it's just heat. Heat and you don't have the ability to you don't have the ability to. Adjust, it ought to ask yourself not decide. It's just heat. They also have something in west Africa Call Julia, fries, which is very similar to ought to what we prepared. I called. Pal. So that is very, very similar, but I'm not a fan of the food and Ghana but I'm a huge fan of food in French. L. Be in a former British call need do much for Ghana in the food department. Yes yes. I is though. A shoutout to date like Tony said, they got they're going to have your mouth blazing with the spices Ogundare, but which is always going to be a toss up between who has the best food in West Africa just like my cousin said so. Even. So even with that Tony like talk about like how easy is it to travel? Can you travel like into Nigeria into a someone other neighboring countries even going as far as Liberia Sierra Leone from where you are in Ghana like how easy is it to travel? Can you travel only be a plane? Can you do train like what are what are some of the different ways to get above the countries neighboring countries specific? So, training is complete the question or grow across. That you can drive. Still, for example, I drove to the other D to buy school books for my my son because he attended French school. And the French use a very specific type of exercise books which you can't find in Ghana on Amish one shop that was selling it. Clues zone dropped to a, which is a three hour drive. Up which is fine I flew to Senegal Agassi driving to Senegal is is not a good idea. They are various African airlines that you can use. So I flew to sending which is fantastic. Just, off the coast of Ghana, there is Portuguese Wilma Portuguese a colony of an island caller, the cooper violence call dot to I think so too many. Principe. Island's a completely malaria free. Stunning like you're in the Caribbean. Lots of light in terms of ease of crossing Boorda's. Having a traumatic past. Very strong coach in Africa. So when when we when I go to Nigeria I can get a Nigerian vs up, but there's no fee woo. Ryan's you can get visas on arrival in various countries, which you're GONNA pay a pretty penny more for visas on arrival. It's not like an Egypt where you live at a visa for rival is twenty five or whatever it is. Maybe that's cheap since last have been chipped run. But. So, there's not difference than all sued bureaucracy depending on who you all when you arrive, you could spend hours in Nigeria but not Nigeria is like. Nigeria is like how can I describe it? Nigeria for example, is a supposed to turn to be Google of of West Africa on Ghana's solution. I. Saw Two years that analogy? The turnout passport is strong hair but when I flew into. When I flew into Senegal I, use my French passports. However when I drove Trinidad when it sorry draft tool I, use my truly passport who has did my research the French still required a visa. Get into, and that's an indication of how diploma colony on the corner. Of Their relationship. So I just use my training Pasco is like s welcomes be bienvenue. You know whereas Senegalese new visa. That's required for the French. So I just use my French passport. So I'm I'M SORTA LUCKY In that sense but relatively speaking, it's fairly difficult to get around because the ruled system within the continent just not developed. It's not good. Three countries like South Sudan or whatever to get another place. It's obviously not safe but KINA foucault. Had issues. WHO. Had, a war recently variously, but I mean, it's all fine. ACTUALLY WANNA spend new year's including for mom. And And Relatives Begins Difficult, but it's very difficult also to travel around the Caribbean. You know it's expensive. It's a small planes. This new boats system. You know it's it's it's. You know but. I would say it's it's safe to get around with need to have the money to fly up the Myrtle. Invest, in as good right there because to because that that I know I know is is is is winding down to the last the last two questions that we have for you. But we did have one from one of our our audience members Delta when it's no Tony what is the currency? Rate in. Ghana compared to US dollar. So how does the gun Yan currency hold up to US dollar? History here the gun, an currencies cola CD. Emoji of the word is I think from a CD, which is an account I think in a candidate which is one of the tribe. For the cowry shells, which is what the gun guardians treated with lewellen Ghana transition from the pound chilly. Long Komiya Kumo who was the president that led Ghana into independence along. With he was pan-africanist, etc.. used in that name that's why it's called the CD. Monsieur the has dropped significantly. I think early this yet was about four point seven CD to one US dollar. It's about. Five point the banks would five point six, five, point, seven up five point I did. So this CD is dropping with respect to the US dollar. Route. Local, that's good. That's a good answer. So hopefully, she answered your question DPW 'cause. I I, know I know I you definitely are are winding down for getting ready for the new day. But if if folks are looking to travel to Ghana a give them like your top five bucket list of places that they have to travel that you approve of. especially if they're coming from the US, they have not gone to Trinidad and Tobago. They've not gone to the Caribbean before but this is their first time stopping directly will the land like what are some places that you would mention they have to attend? Okay Well. It depends what you want. If you're if you're a surfer, tell you to go to cook retail and details beach I think everybody needs to go. For example to the to the slave castle. It's the big ones keep coasts now Nino on you know it's really Those those are a must see for anyone. There are a couple in crab because Ghana had forty of these reports is a tremendous amount of sleep treat out of Ghana. And So that would be important if you're a foodie that lots of. Lovely international restaurants here in Ghana on. There's one in particular which I quite like because. I think it's GONNA is finally starting to. Promote their own food in a in a new way. There's a restaurant fact fish which. Will. Gone Guinea fowl in in a in a beautiful. Presentation is also another restaurant Kooky House, which does the original. Guinea. Follow with Yap fries, which is delicious Obam. There is the the center which I think is the largest art center in West Africa which I think is a must a must visit. There's also a fantastic little it's called son trade bead shop. It's in a place in Erie corn asylum down where you can get treat a beats. At the beads and you can shrink together means you can do to design your own leads. There if you're looking for beautiful beaches, you have to drive out a to accent loon who soi which are in the western region. You can head to keep coast than drive and uncle passed there. In terms of the north while Coomassie is really central. Central part of Ghanaian life and I think that's going to when I heard I haven't been to yet but had some guests here and that the museum there is with with Ca. Absolutely absolutely and then just as the final follow up to that 'cause like people When I came back from Liberia states, they were shocked at how clean and clear some of the beaches were in Liberia and I know urine Ghana next to Nigeria a lot of ause beaches are very well known especially for those that travel to Africa. So can you just give a glimpse into what the beaches look like I know we have beautiful beaches in Trinidad but compared to Trinidad like what are the beaches like in Ghana You know it's all Atlantic Ocean. So there's no see. You get some sheltered stuff depending on on the geography of to be right. Still anessa strong swimmer you have to be careful. The beaches are not mocked with flags. Most of them are not MAPRA flags and to be quite honest I I can't go to a beach in across 'cause they are absolutely filthy I have to drive out of acros. Even so the not particularly clean but I need each grew up on the north coast several of the character of Trinidad. So you know don't. It's difficult but you you can't be too harsh on. I think on on some of the African nations with respect to the beaches in particular the West Africans because. Generally, the population not Zuma's and to be quite honest I feel that the Africans hair have turned their back on the waters because it was a place that they disappeared. And I think pain is it stays in the DNA. And unless things are dressed in suit in. There's you know there's more recognition of what actually happened and things memorialize it. When you go to Berlin, we would stuff everywhere but. It's not like that. So I understand that. A sitting degree but I think I think now maybe waking up to two because it will will the speaking up to the environmental crisis so they they they have to wake up at the beaches. On. Not Great. But you you have to drive out across great beaches in central. Syria on different speeches Oh. Togo as well and I don't know about banning. But definitely Syria unsanitary cafe, etc.. Absolutely. So y'all heard it. I. Heard it I this evening on. No I just wanted to have her on for a quick a quick our segment because again, it is already a new day in Ghana with my cousin Tony Isadora smart she is hailing. Progress on those that just were tuning in a she is again a part of my family clan, my smart clan we did get a shot out through Tony One of my friends Dion Lewis US said, shot out to you in new amazing things all the way out there in Ghana he basically said that our family is incredible in your living up to our last name. So shout out to dion, given you a out Tony but nevertheless 'cause we always allow you as the special guest to leave a final jewel. Of Wisdom when it comes to you being not just a mother but also being an Ernie of being an accountant of being a wife of when people are basically afraid to travel let alone travel to west. Africa what would you give as a word of wisdom for that person that maim hearing are from you being there right now in in they are are trying to get over the hump of that fear like what would you tell them of why it's important to travel let alone travel to west Africa. Well Festival Africa is just absolutely stunning. So rich enriching I think every person planet as they tried to make it to the Eiffel. Tower. The Statue of Liberty needs to come to Africa you know Because this is Matt originated from for those of us that a diet of foreign descent. Also, they are those who are descendants from the slave owners is well, it's important to come here. It's important to come here and the diocese morons. It's important to come here to find yourself. Because you'll be shocked when you come here. I mean, it's not called the motherland for no reason and you know I'm not I'm not only an attorney mccown him sue. You'll teacher and the word of advice that I have for everyone is to try to live as a theoretically as you can, and it's not difficult because we all have fair. You know we know which paralyzes but into these D- given the future of the planets with the climate on on what's happening I think I think you need to step out there you need to come to. Africa. And you'll enjoy be saved come to Ghana for show. Yes, you heard it again from Tony's mouth Kuyani to go to west Africa. as as 'cause, you already know when to start my exploration in Africa in Ghana but God had another plan in store for me which is what I just recently went to Liberia but will be across hopefully sometime next year or either that or Sierra Leone an and so for those that are looking as you heard, my cousins say to really go back to the root of your identity no matter whether you're black White Hispanic whatever the case. Is stats are out there. The history is out there all of us originated from the motherland, which was not even called Africa was the opium of those that do study in the aspirin. So shoutout to my cousin Tony Isadora smart of being again, my special guests for episode sixty four Amok Final Jewel just as simple as that need to travel to Africa y'all you the music on that I was playing at the beginning on Okaz. To dive into that, we will bring you back for another addition to talk about the music of similarities between The music in the Caribbean versus in West Africa and in talk a little bit more about the government because they need to hear just like you and I talked about on DM Facebook Messenger. What's happening on the streets in Ghana with politics? And so this has been episode sixty, four Tony, how can they reach out? You 'cause they have any follow up questions they WANNA know how it is raising a two two young kings in in West Africa and also even about your travel explorations if they need some inspiration Canadian reach out to you all social media, how can I touch base with you? Well I'm actually. Twenty five of social media. Tend to use it for the for the family to see children grow. But I guess if I'm happy to help I, guess if they have any questions Julian they can directed to you. You know you can feed them to me and also you know. There's a guestroom half you absolutely absolutely. Yeah and you gotTa keep me posted with respect to Sierra. Leone because up starts investigation about our John Stevens snot which I think will take us to see early on. So maybe we can hook them up to now. You. Know how we smart always global. So we gotta connect you. After came from Liberia I gotta go to Africa once once or twice a year minimum because of be over there for sure a soon in again we appreciate you coming on especially staying up with us for those that don't know Ghana in in certain parts of West Africa at least six hours ahead in. So literally my cousin stayed up to make sure she was able to. You all and myself in what is happening in Acros, and so we do appreciate because in a definitely say a quick prayer over you really quick to let you get ready for. Some rest in, we will allow you to enjoy the rest of the beginning of your week. Thank you. Again. A Father God I just want to thank you for my cousin Tony Coming on and of being able to share her expertise in her experience of raising her children in a in a international territory being able to embrace of the culture on that is in west African culture in just a being open book to show others a why they need to travel back to Africa we thank you for her talents and her gifts that. You've used a through her father God. We thank you for the wisdom and knowledge and even the the education that she's brought four from this interview to show again myself in others of what is happening on the ground floor in West. Africa. We pray that you will bless her children, breasts, our family blessed our family father God abroad wherever they are because you know how big we are father guy but we always are. We always are valuing the importance of education, and so we just thank you for allowing Tony to educate those empower those that were listening a. we pray that you will continue to guide her in her mission that you have her on. We love you father and we thank you in Jesus name operate a man. I got no-go being touched we we appreciate you staying up with us. We're GONNA have to bring you back soon. My mom she just told you a tony et she's so proud of you. Blessings always joe catch the replay from the beginning so happy. Thank you guys will be in touch and you enjoy the rest of your week in. Thank you so much again. Love you. That I. I do a quick wrap up. You heard from my cousin. She again stayed up with us just to be able to let y'all know and get a low glimpse of behind the camera get a little glimpse behind what what oak saying, what folks are talking about you heard exactly a what is going on in across Ghana from my cousin Tony Isadora, smart you. You may not come from international family like myself in her of a best believe you can still gain family and friends from the art of travel you are not traveling or if you do not have a passport I, don't know what planet you're living on A. So must beauty and so much education that you can learn from just traveling itself. always say at best why eating a traditional Mexican food when you can go to Mexico a why eating Jamaican Trinidadian Bohemian food when you could go and travel in e doubt recklessly from the locals in particular country and most importantly if you are African American or even Caribbean and you do not have any a willingness or any urge to travel to Africa under you are. Missing a lot of your identity crisis that you are in of because I learned so much in just traveling is lobby area for two weeks than I have in my whole entire life in. So you are wanting to learn more about yourself. You need to travel indefinitely, make it a point to travel to west Africa and also Africa alone and so I'm your host, Julian smart ripple. This was this a quick special edition a for a distant relatives because no matter where. You are from especially if you are African descent or African American descent at all traces back to Africa in. So hopefully you all way to learn something tonight segment a mic drop some more of what Tony's Jews are that she dropped in the comments thread on the replay in. So make sure you catch the replay. If you missed any of tonight segment A, we'll be back up for this first week of October. So stay tuned. This was the last official session. For this month of September, on family values, you've heard from a ton of different speakers. parents people who are married single divorced a widowed. You've heard from all gambit all across the gambit of people that value their families and why they know it's important to have family values and so You've heard again from my family on two of my family members recently but if you are wanting to again be married if you are wanting to again start a family. Excuse me. You need to start thinking about what you What are things that are important to you, and what are some things that are going to be embedded in your family values in the core in the foundation of who your family is what are you known for our family? You heard from Tony uh-huh mouth in and you've heard from my mouth, a ton of time say we are all across the globe we're not literally in one pocket of the world Our family is global in. This is just one side. Of My family smart clan also have a distant of family side, which is the ripple clan on that I'm just getting more in touch with right now in. So you need to again know where you come from, you need to know in stay connected to your family because you are needing to have family values. If you have not got a memo this whole month on just reiterating net as we get ready to close out, September ball is officially here especially in the. US and so you need to be ready to transition and shift into a higher gear as we go into the end of twenty nineteen start thinking about where do you want to travel in two thousand, twenty start thinking about why do I not have a passport start thinking about what do I need Juanita of these are do I need shots? Do I need immunization on to go to these particular places start doing the research scar putting it into action because of you're. Not Talking about it. Then you're just literally listening to other people's stories instead of making your own stories in so or or even making your own memories, let alone stories and so shout out to those that do valued importance of travel in the importance of bringing your family along for the journey a shout out. So my mom's a bet smart. She always put it in my DNA from early to travel literally she's traveled abroad just like myself in. So it. Is it is important to a value who your parents are and what values they teach you from a young age because that's part of who I am today is a man and so a shoutout for those that have been tuning in this whole month, catch the replays if you missed any of the segments and then we'll be back next month of October coming up this week for lifestyle changes, we are going to kick it into a higher gear for those goals those. Dreams those aspirations at you still want to chicken into next level for twenty twenty a we're going to end this year off strong in, so you'll hear from a large group of entrepreneurs and also professionals in a how they have changed up their lifestyle for the better and so you won't want to miss any of October segments but until the next time again, a mic drop, the link for some events we have captaining here in Atlanta for those that are in the states. tune into some of our events we have coming up we have financial peace university classes starting on Wednesday up a knows that are looking to be debt free or to get more sound with their financial education You will want to click the link on that I will drop into comments thread. Uh, to make sure you are one step closer to being financially free in. Also, we have a part two of our picture-perfect Oto shoot of event that is happening this. Saturday October fifth coming up. If you missed this past Saturday a, you still have time to register for your head shots in. So if you are entrepreneur business professional a husband or wife or even apparent unt at want to just make sure you have the right face that you're putting out there for Your Business for your your holiday pictures up for your website. A won't want to miss our picture-perfect fall, photoshop. Event coming up October fifth and so just click the link in. The video comments, thread that I'll be putting on there in a second It's been a pleasure serving which you all this month of September y'all have a great rest of the week in also make it a great rest of the a year y'all two thousand nineteen is about to be over. So if you haven't started on two thousand twenty in thinking what you're doing already a you are behind in. So that's my final jewel kindle signing off y'all stay blessed they hydrated lease.

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