LCB Ep. 259 - Top 10 Favorite Cereals, Is HBO Max Worth The Price? and Reviewing The Wrong Missy and The Lovebirds


I'm not I'm I'm not dumb. Net around fifty and beyond me can get me out of this massive. Finish off your sh might pay. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe Fuck Yourself. Shoot your kid. One Dot Day of what we've got here is saying yes. Just well we're going. We don't need roads. You're welcome to lights bar. Club is so two fifty nine Jeff. Ken Jetro Bonds Fun. Weird show for you today. We are going to be reviewing to Netflix's movies to two thousand twenty movies about that too. One very rare for us. Yeah we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA do the lovebirds. The sort of foul up to the big sick sort of follow up to the basic a CA- males in it yes. Michael Schober Stupor was technically the follow up to big sick and then the wrong missy. I'm just not going to say anything about that movie. I kinda you know I'm GonNa do we get into the wrong missy? I hi everybody all aboard as a wanted to get my netflix open. In than just kinda go see him by seeing just so I remember it. Because I'm absolutely fine with that. I we will spend more time on the wrong missy for for multiple the love birds as as a solo review. I don't think would've worked. I don't think that terrible. We'll get into both them. And then we talked last time people were like we need cereal. Rankings WE ACTUALLY DID CEREAL. In one of our first twenty episodes. We never really like. I don't know it was kind of a half asked one. We're GONNA go to. Yeah we'RE GONNA do top ten serials. Boroughs tying it in to are fictional basketball debates. We're going to plug the fuck out of that. So yeah what's what's going on over the method before we get into our reviews. What's what's any anything new we watch and we are going to talk. Hbo. Max that's a new thing abandoning any new shows in the last four days. You've picked up or any any movies Avatar. Troch gives the update. Actually I haven't progressed much time the last couple days. I've been I've been. I watched a screener of a movie. Guys gave me the other night not like gave me but like we legally watch a screener And so yeah. I watched that. We'll talk about only can legally talk about it new thing I watched. Hbo Max we'RE GONNA wait. That's the new thing I dabbled and I was very I. I'm streaming service. Guy Has logged on folks I love a new streaming I love diving in and seeing bad a good streaming service correct. This is not qube. It has its problems but it ain't be is. I talked to someone today. We're doing pot about this and and we're talking about qube alongside like Disney plus. Hbo Max Apple TV plus Netflix. And halfway through my fucking like jokes on us even talking quickly like they belong in this discussion. They don't belong in any there on the level of of TIKTOK and instagram. Tv and you could argue that those are above it Qube. So it's like as like damn like like if anything hyping up more than they should be but that's enough about quitting for now but otherwise. No no no no new shows what am I. Oh I'm stays for us this weekend on Net flicks. I'll dive into space force. Yeah I'm excited for that. What content added stuff their stuff coming out consistently coming out? But it stuff. I WANNA watch which is not always the case. I was really excited by altered. Carbon back in February. Just never didn't do it for me now. Apple bought the. What do you call it? That Scorsese Leo Movie Right. Just a couple of hours ago. They last hours. Yeah yeah that's GonNa be good else. What else is on C- continue watching pets. I tried core and first season is good and then just after that everything if you like they they make ing into a deadbeat dad. And there's a there's a new Jeffrey Epstein. Yeah THE PROBLEM WITH WATCHING. Those are not GonNa go deep enough for me very very been down that rabbit hole in terms of trying to find out as much as I can. Nothing is disappointing. As getting into a doc doc on a topic you like like imagine if the OJ dock. It just covered the stuff you know. There's nothing more disappointing. When you finish it Theranos if you knew stuff up there notes. That doc was wasn't all that good except listening to her talk. Because she's so fascinating that doc like if you knew about their nose like you watch that you're like okay. Whatever like that's a rehash. What about the Michael Jordan doc? Narrated by Elizabeth homes love that. What's it called? Muck was unstoppable in the fourth quarter but Michael's close tuning of Dennis Rodman's antics really played in. But that's actually that's how I felt about Maybe fifty percent of the Michael Jordan documentary was that it just wasn't telling me any new information. It's like Michael. Jordan was a star in the eighties. Came into the League and became a star. And I'm like Yep Yep I'll you gotta shoe deal. We never heard about those Ben and Jerry shoes came out. Everybody was flipping out over. Yeah you did not go after them. I believe Nah I There's absolutely no chance if I can never hit on generally shoes on sneakers. There's no way even putting in a row legit mad like wild like this is the most sought after shoe the out of all the shoes. You do not have a chance to get this ugly as shoe fucking clowns shoe people wanted this clowns you. They wanted to sell clowns here. But a bunch of people wanting to sell fucking clowns you. That was the Internet this week. I was on like Nike. Talk and people were like just really wanted this. You I have a special connection to Ben and Jerry but you like Jimmy Fallon Piney by now and then stabbed item. Ben Other sneaker sneaker culture is really interesting and I think there's a lot of fascinating history to it and I think there's a Lotta history that's been co opted by big brands and quote Unquote high-priced resellers Shit. But the one thing. I will absolutely demolished as any sort of collaboration with a major brand to me. That is just the Lamest of lame like a skateboard few collaborating with Ben and Jerry skateboarding issue collaborating with seven eleven. You Remember Katie. Had that nerve thing. It's just like people get excited about that. Because like two products I knew it wants a man tyree data BEC- Kyri did like a donut. One I think crispy cream once. I know the Brown did thirty pebbles. Somebody had a super soaker one that it actually really cool like. It's not that they're not cool. It's just that when you talk about shouldn't be the reason you buy it. Will you talk about like I have a special connection to sneakers? I understand that like I. You know the first pair bawled mile money was a pair of Jordan. Eleven's back in ninety six and so yeah like I do. It makes me feel nostalgic. It makes me feel good when you're like I have a special connection to Ben and Jerry's vis-a-vis I need these sneakers. I'm just like what's your you. Are YOU JERRY GRANDSON? Like the ice cream or you did you use your life saved by a Jerry Garcia a pint Jerry Jerry hype maxes the Classic Bibi will no love anyway. I mean she's fun but it's it's funny 'cause I used to wear dunks back in two hundred sixty hundred seven. Just go to journeys by free compared dunks and now people dunks are back in baby. It's all cyclical it. Calling me old now kids. Just wait till I tell you I used to wear that shit rolls supposed to be six feet apart attorneys on and so long miss them do. Have you been to a Tilles? No what's that I can't. I can't. I've never been into a Tilles. It's like a pack on on steroids. The new generation of Pakistan's. They're just if you're an old absolutely overwhelming. You feel like you'll set off an alarm in the F. B. is going to his core you out the second you crossed the threshold Tilles. You said it's called Tilles. Yeah it's it's like a scanner for Tilles signature restaurant. That's right Jennifer Tilly. The celebrity that could get people to come to a restaurant emphasis on one word in that sentence sexy voice. No one's deny if you've never been to a Tilles you ever seen it Tilles. This is actually coming on on on eleven. Am of twenty-eight Thursday this POB drops you guys are coming onto Trivia and writing Trivia. Few is very hard trail because and PFC knows you will notice that like there's some there's questions. I can't right for you because they're so obvious that I know you know them at their layoffs and Mike you talking about. Tilles is a good example because I have some people me with questions and I'm like are any a lot of the is like brands and retail and restaurants. And like these are all these are nothing these are. These are hundred dollars on millionaire question for trill. So I've challenge ahead of me. There's GonNa be a couple of YOU'RE GONNA know and I'm GonNa have to accept the fact that some tribute is in your wheelhouse man. That's fine you know or go to Tilles stop it Charlotte. Recently out closed rest in peace. All the girls are used to wear Charlotte Russe High School and college now. Now all the. I don't know what the girls were. It'd be weird if I knew if I knew kids Wednesdays that'd be that'd be weird the Ember Crombie age died with I think my generation never coming Fitch Logan Abercrombie with music. Look at look up at Jeffries. The former CEO of Abercrombie. Like oh I know you tell me I. I forget which newspaper did a feature on him but they're just talk mean sixty something year old man who basically I don't know I don't WanNa speculate but tried to obviously younger because of the brand new presenting They always thought was cool is when I'm not. I'm not sure if it's number. American EAGLE LIKE THEIR EMPLOYEES. Where like earpieces and it looked like secret service or something never laughed packing them. Like damn is voices but I retailed it. We did it and I. I like that too bummer. But then a McMahon. I don't want that fucking thing in my you're listening to a bunch of bullshit retail conversations prevention but look so cool I Yet I worked retail. I worked for express for men for some No A male female. Yeah was at the I don't know if it's still there but if you're in Carmel if you go to Klay Terrace Thursday express or wasn't expressed there don't know how well they're doing these days but yeah dude. I I I did well man. I like Enjoyed a commission. Now no I don't think he don't remember getting Commissioned but Yeah I like. I enjoyed it. Man is like what two thousand five like Williams like high school before you like Old College before it freshman and Sophomore Year college like some people get internships but the only really smart kids do it. It was like my freshman or sophomore year. I just wasn't smart enough to get internships. I worked a retail job Got Experience learn more about that one than than any know what the best part about it was worked with a lot of women in nothing happened between a respectful professional. Gentlemen respectful King. You couldn't fit any the officer. Straight both blubbering over. If I tried to put on anything from their MUFFIN. Top out within button all the way down. I don't know I don't know man you'd be surprised halfway up the fucking zippered. I'm spilling over enough to open up fucking bakery into a one amax baby Speaking of clothing this is where he got to get your clothes because it will fit you well and it looks great. And that's Mac Weldon macworld and they try to make all your basics smartly designed in shopping for them very convenient not a pain in the ASS. Look you're not going anywhere for the most part of any the country to buys you in any way. So why not do Mac? Wellman a sweat short and sweatpants. That's all I gotta say. 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I level you place an order for any amount and the you never pay for shipping again second level once you purchase two hundred dollars for the products or more from Ecuador now. We continue receive free shipping. But you start saving twenty percent every order for the next year and also great you access new products for their released to anyone as well as free gifts added the future or It's it's fantastic. GotTa go online. Macwoods Dot Com for twenty percent of your first visit Mac Woven and a C. K. W. E. L. D. O. N. DOT COM enter Promo codes lights macwoods dot com. Enter Promo Code. Lights are out. Started out with Hbo Max if you're Max launch today it's another. Hbo Service but it's kind of their big one. This has everything it has much this. It's Warner Brothers streaming platform but they're using the HBO name because why not right like if you're meaning socially equality right saying that one his poop but if you're a turn and you pair with like a thing of fruit you're gonNA call yourself whatever that fruit like you get a call yourself. A Better version has always been second place right. Yeah when I think about Warner Brothers. I'm like there the Second Place Disney. They even attach themselves to the second place team port so it was a good name because their first place but they do. It reminds me of a brain. You're talking about this recently with the movie doing this. Maybe call duty or something like that but like even with Joanie for example like just making your own movie and attaching a brand that he knows people like to it just to make sure that you get more is on it. We're just smart. Yeah Yeah and the thing with almost got to show. He does well. We'll talk with the angels thing was. Hbo Max it is a little confusing. The names I believe. You have a cable subscription. Hbo You already signed up for you. GotTa Log on your cable provider. You can sign up for it on your own if you. Hbo Now you get it as well in HBO Go. I don't think there's any crossover there H. Hbo Now you have the HBO services a lot of things on here the DC universe t C. M. Cartoon Network Adult Swim Sesame Workshop Studio Ghibli crunchy roll collections. Now not all a crunchy roll looney tunes. They have some original things. Originals are not all. Hbo Friends The Entire Warner movie up up until yesterday they did not have Harry Potter. You know it's it's war thing all there you go all the sudden. They had Harry Potter this morning so they must have got it overnight dinner of the Dark Knight yet the Dark Knight. What's the what's not on there yet? The Dark Knight is on on their not on there. Yet prints Watchman's not on the ultimate cut watchmen as well. Superman returns. Batman begins while Superman. They're moving over dizzy. Plus dealt with this as well with infinity ward for example with with Netflix's Previous contracts But they're going to have a lot of future original things as well. We Know Justice League. Snyder cut green lantern series. Justice League dark series held by J.J. Abrams easily behind. That will do producer as of right now. They have love life with Kendrick in an Elmo late night talk show. That's really all they world. We we get a good looking. They will have originals. They just don't have them yet. Which is a bit of in two thousand? Elmo did did something unfortunate on the. He's on the notes APP they have flight attendant with Kinley. Cocoa raised by wolves by from with Ridley Scott Gossip girl things. Tokyo vice from ansel ELGORT. They they spent about three point. Five billion h percent of three point five billion on content So that's GONNA be up to now their content as well as Hbo Max. Stuff fifteen bucks a month. It's very expensive everything else but the IP's again include Big Bang theory All the ones I mentioned. I think they're also doing movies. That are not warner brothers. Which is a very cool thing that they've done. They're they're doing movies. That are outside of the Warner Brothers. Realm which is great and like that because they're trying to make this platform that's really based on Ip right now expanded to other other territories Oneday drawback and then I'll let you guys have comments trail. I know the comment. You made priority for them actually. It's funny I watching. Abc On above. Me and thor. The dark rose honors and a Disney plus at the bottom and seen that awhile for obvious reasons they said a priority was getting Harry Potter stuff yesterday and they had it this morning roku would fire stick. They do not have yet Hbo Now was on Roku. And this is. Hbo Now converted basically but they haven't struck a deal on this. Because I know each side wants to give her thoughts on HBO. Max I like the layout. I like what I've seen so far. I'm glad I bought. I think the I mean honestly the big sell from me. I'm sure it's been other places. But it's nice to have a consolidation of classic movie somewhere on a streaming service or feel like the movie Selections Been Not so classic right feel like classic movies on Netflix. Maybe something from the eighties whereas here Casablancas on it like they did not see. 'em Has a lot of Leeson their section of the catalog so I think that's really cool because there are a lot of classic. I'm just looking at lake some of the movie. Deliverance may maybe not the same breath as Casa Blanca. But that's still a seminal movie and film making history so I think that's neat but yeah the the the the only tick mark you're saying is I the TV. I have up in the kids. Playroom here is a Roku TV. And there's all the episodes of Sesame Street on this thing and I would love to just be able to put it on the. Tv STARTS FROM SESAME STREET. But I can't do it yet. Doesn't support Roku whatever legal you think you can cast it over probably right to recruiters recruit out of sport casting. No I I could cast it over if I could find my cast. The dangles foot a I will add this to some of the stuff is collections. Like for example like I was like Oh fuck. I'm going to go back and Rewatch Tim and Eric Awesome show. It's not there yet. So Dawson collectively. They have robot chicken which I may through all the old robot chickens but so then we're not full like I don't know if you WANNA watch space ghost's comes to coast nope that's on there. I mean a lot of people have water respect for that show. I have a lot of respect for just. It's never done it for me. I've never found it funny. I think the good thing about it right now is like what you're saying. Joe And you're getting a lot of these movies that he might not find anywhere else because they don't think put enough emphasis on original programming ahead of time. So right now. They're behind the curve and making up for that by buying movies that people like and that's a good grace period for a lot of streaming platforms before they start making all this see most of which probably is going to end up sucking ass. Yeah and I think would the I'm in the market for this. For something like Disney. I subscribe to Disney for my kid in for the mandatory. So be I won't more original content for them but the film backlog in terms of what you can get on Disney's great for my kids not much interesting stuff there but the fact that I can go and watch two thousand one. Space Odyssey is. I'm laying in bed whereas like before citizen Kane if I want to just I mean I haven't seen citizen Kane that's a that's a ground but monroe's broadcast it's a ground groundbreaking movie in in stuff like that. So I think this is overall a very very good thing. There's there's a lot of good stuff on here that makes these classics more accessible to everybody. Who at least subscribes to Hbo Max in the lack of original programming? I think there's so much stuff that just hasn't been on the internet or hasn't been on the Internet in a way that is easy access before that that can make up for for now so I'm pretty a horse. Yeah I yeah you know Rick Moranis the Miranda we will. We will review movies off. Hbo Max Probably will give a weaker so let people sign up but there are so many things on here. Tropics under is on here. I've really wanted to do tropic on for throwback so we will do movies off because this is a treasure trove of new stuff for us to sit through which people sending Alien Citizen Kane people want us to do really really all we will do really huge miss on them not making on the Looney Tunes Cartoon Logo Dot. Making a big jug as though if they really wanted to strike. That mean died out six months ago fifteen months ago. They should should have done that right true. I I think. I think I get this with my subscriber anyway but I still fucking paid for it so whatever I like. I like what I see here. I love the movie library. It's never bothered me too much. I'm a big renter. I move on Youtube on because they're cheap through. A lot of them are four K. But you know what which this forgotten forecast right. Now which is kind of a bummer But a lot of what? I don't know a lot of HBO. Max Has I'm I'm I'm bought in it. I like it and like movies. I'd get the get the Ghibli movies in here still not a great streaming platform to go for comedies and I do believe universal with mb with with peacock is going to have a really good selection of shows or movie comedies of universal comedies. Like the I love you. Man is in the role model World Bachelor. They're gonNA land. This one has do day. Eight legged freaks. Oh my God the Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas Baby. No but he had. No one really has like the go-to appetite era stuff. But they will. They will so like we see here too. I wake like streaming services. I can't wait to be conscripted into one of the streaming service armies of the future to fight the streaming wars along is everybody society. Fraction is off to support a HBO. Max Disney or whatever entertainment company. We decide to pledge allegiance to they needed to give us money man then give us as much as Disney pays advertise for more content way more valuable than money dude. Prometheus Libya's ten bucks an hour talk about it that one week so yeah and that was it. The campaign ended. We went back to shitting on them. I mean the interface is okay Max. It's it's I mean. I was founded in. The same thing is having with it already already had with. Hbo Go which is like everything. Takes a while to load on chrome which is already like obviously but bogs down your computer. Not Singer runs obviously watching computer. But that always frustrates me. I wish it was little more. Fluid fucking three dots. The three doffing. Where you're like is thank moon gets exactly. Oh wait to go back and rewatch the a stand up comedy specials for for like a T- Amy Schumer Ones. Those lists that no. I'm just kidding good obviously the HBO Catalog Stand Up. Comedy specials been something. We had access to a lot of fantastic. Were killing them softly Is the one I can think about the old Godzilla who going our Chapelle Godzilla. Fight Jewelry the one thing I do want to add though is again. I said I was talking about this earlier with someone and I I kind of for the first time with a apple. Tv is the example. I kind of made like something clicked in my head and like I the things. Why should work is that you have Disney plus Hbo Max? They're investing a lot of money in their own properties. Even like the the Green Lantern Chosen. Be A shitload of money. Disney plus on properties they can Disney plus can lean back a little easier than everyone else because no one's GonNa Stop Liking Star Wars or marvel. That's just not going away anytime soon. So they can have that gap between Mando and everything else apple. Tv Did something interesting to me. They bet on creators they bet on actors and actresses and directors and producers J.J. Abrams left the project. May they've been on the Spielberg's and Aniston's in the corrales because they felt like look? What do people do the sit on Netflix? And they watch the office in France until they're fucking eyes bleed out. It's like we got We have Rachel Green. We have Michael Scott in a show. Baby let's go. The problem was they wasn't Michael. Scott Rachel Green. It was the Weird Matt. Lauer like like based on a true story Matt Lauer Show Carell playing himself and I think that they did that with a lot of people. Like we got Jason Momoa. But it's like yeah. But he's not game of thrones and he's not alkyl man. I don't even know if it will drug. He's not the guy like they had a bunch of people we recognize they marketed that as their thing but they were doing not the thing that people like them doing. I must say at all. They could ever do their roles. But when that's how you market it and you market to a mass audience like I just. I don't know that's why I think it's a big reason why didn't work it's it's it was a mindset. I feel like it's an older mindset where During nineties to me were so much is based around the star in your right. Things have shifted to where we think about like the Michael Shire's You know what he's done for. Nbc just in terms of his projects. It's like now now your name that you want like attached to whatever platform you're distributing is like Shonda rhimes or somebody who's been shown to produce hit after hit after hit regardless the stars are. Is that person the Tyler Perry or whatever they'll bring the right people into the project they just that's the creative engine behind what you need rather than the other way round getting recognizable faces. That's in the nineties so we've got another action movie. Just throw Van Damme in some people will show up fucking their the older marketed. Marketing heads kind of you'd must like the L. Spaghetti scene were just like oh well if I put sear but the thing I like in Spaghetti a thing I like it will definitely taste good just like if I combine Steve Carell and rare. Mike Michael Scott and Rachel. Green Ebou deftly. Turn out good but like when you don't have that substance substance behind it and like anything besides read. That's work within. You're just never going to have an audience that I think buys into it and like longterm people off the bat for sure like I'm saying I don't like I don't think that's off the bat move. I think net flicks if space forces. Good that's what people like fair. Not The Steve. Carell historic girls a really good actor he's done really great roles in dramas but Steve. Carell the people who they're like when they're trying to make their money they're going to that demo. That's watching the office right now. So netflix's makes a great spending a SHITLOAD OF MONEY TO STEVE. Carell on a show. That's like the office and then you have that trust. Then you throw him in the drum I I think the play off the bat was just. It was talk play from apnea. There's no substance behind it. Like a hollow thing I and they thought that as long as they grip people in there in that first season they can just do whatever they want and like work on for a second season. Who cares like we have right now? We have you know Steve Crow and Jennifer Aniston. Both saying yes to come and do a show for us. You'll give a shit what it is. We're getting these two people in the show. It doesn't matter because people are going to watch it. Said Yeah and I think people can emulate how prestige. Tv looks and feels that be. The whole show had very prestige. Tv's corpse type feel to it without any actual life in it So that's what they're going for. They're they're like okay like what is a show on. Hbo Look and feel and sound like and it's kind of like this. It's like we take somebody who's in a comedy show put him in here in its serious subject matters all this stuff but I don't know maybe you didn't have the right people producing it And again I think that's the way it is because feel like the conversations that people like to have around their content. These days are mean a lot of it's about the content itself. Go back to. Like game of thrones like why the discussion was around. Dnd Even before people started hating him real hard core is like. Are they going to wrap it up with the process? How many seasons? I love like whatever like even stuff like with is. Nobody's nobody's really like they talk about us as a podcast like it'll be a little bit. Maybe it'll be on our read it. Nobody really wants to talk about like what we talked about like. You know if you guys don't wear the right thing to the Dunkin awards like it's behind the scenes stuff that like you kind of feel like you're part of That I think people like being brought to the table with and I think when you get a content creator that you can follow from place to place you kind of feel like since you're a fan of them. You're somewhat invested in the process to in that part of it. Yeah exactly Nolan Right. Yep Yep Mascot discussion whilst then it's it's it's interesting looking back on I know we talked with stream platforms all the time. I'm just fascinated by this. Whole Movement is is kind of insane and no one and no one really like I I. It's funny like they're trying to win. No one's GONNA win. Were like we're all gonna use all of them. It's like comes down to. Who's going to have the most I guess? But knowing who be like the go-to like there's going to people are GonNa be on multiple one now. It's GONNA people been calling it since day one because like the court cutting was gonNA lead to this inevitability refracting of this. You know delivery mechanism so now you get to a point to where you wanna watch all these things you're paying as much as A OF PEOPLE FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO SMART Way Disney's not that much who has a package or whatever But we talk about all the time on the streaming I think the interesting part of this whole streaming discussion right now is it means a lot. It means I think dominance means something different now post covid nineteen did PRE COVID. Nineteen with what we seem like movie distribution in everything and kind of what? Maybe they're going to do with some smaller named movies coming up the Studio Warner Brothers. Do they use a release that they have? Did they put it on? Hbo Max Rather Than Putting It on demand try to drive people there their subscription service or do they just make more money selling it for twenty dollars. I I don't know what to do but it certainly would be certainly be a nice little like ace ace in the hole to foot like a movie that was going to go to theaters but maybe wouldn't make financial sense next year to do it only services which. Disney's doing right. Yeah so it's not like a new thought that I would be to see like Disney can afford to do it. So who knows Yup Yup Von Now move off the stream platforms We're supposed to launch a bunch of Americans into space to it. Didn't happen yet. Got The laid. What are we going to watch Tom? Cruise into space at some point. He is going to be doing a movie working alongside you on. Moss's bakes space x program Trying to do moving space and the direct is going to be. Doug Lyman. Who did lived. I Repeat Ak Edge of Tomorrow Aka edger tomorrow I repeat has under names direct Mr Smith Jumper Bourne. Identity the The Wall came out two years ago. With America's we did best wall for the Oscars as well as American made And he's an extra cast walking a book. Tom and Daisy Ridley out A and apparently lived. I repeat again however he's doing the space movie with Tom Cruise. I'm excited for Tom Cruise space. But I'm worried though the craziest stunt yet in space you're worried why you're worried about safety or are you worried about the movie. I'm worried about Tom. Cruise Api Tom Cruise safety like the elements. And I just want. Maybe it's because I just watched the Martian you don't WanNa see Tom. Cruise burn up on reentry. In every single SPACEX clip. We Watch is always and this is not fair to spacex but the same time every single space you ever see on the news just the rockets exploding on the launch pad which is like they wanna see thought. They landed Iraqi like thing to see the videos. You'll see circulating all the rockets exploding which is like a better in the fucking tesla truck. Exactly when everybody else over objectively Larry. Two thousand fourteen right through that ball at that window and it just broke was just objectively very funny. Oh boy yeah if it was anyone other than Tom Cruise doing this. I'd be disappointed. It'd be like why Tom Cruise it makes sense. I think Agree with you. I think that the big thing here with Lyman is that a key. Obviously has a really good taste for sci-fi right like I think especially when look at tomorrow just like I think he curated vibrancy will but like. I don't even know how you get a director at how they're going to film so they're gonNA shoot him into space with like one camera managed relying directions back and forth from Earth. Are they going to send Doug Lyman up into space with? I don't know functionally how this is GonNa work. But I think he's a good choice. You just need to make sure you get the right type of cinematographer of the right to have all this shit to make sure it works correctly because if this is going to be huge investment right not only just further whatever studios at behind it. But also like spacex and NASA are both involved in it. They're GONNA WANNA make sure. This is good. I'm sure they're GONNA have unfortunate. Maybe like hopefully not too much of a creative hand in it because this is going to like I think have a big impact in the future. Unlike public opinion as far space like IOS and especially private spaceflight like this movie bomb could be propaganda. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of is like this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity especially for us as audience members to see Cruz. Do something like this. Just hope. It doesn't turn into a fucking camel. Run by Nissan SPACEX or like something. That just ends up being a flop. Because it's it really is. You don't get an opportunity like this every now and really. I don't know Manson. That's a good point. I just I don't know what's like when it comes to space. I don't know what's actually propaganda. What's not 'cause NASA RULED? Going to space was really cool. Nasa logo sick died. I love that kid. I'd like to get back to that. I think that was neat but Now that it's like there's always been intertwined with companies. You always had contractors and stuff. Now it's spacex obviously very publicly facing maybe not in terms of the corporate structure but is in terms of their leadership. I don't know much about it but Yeah it's it's going to be is definitely going to be an event. It's going to be one of those things where there's GonNa be a lot of obviously documentary type materials around the production of a to. They'll probably be a lot more interest. themselves exactly for like three other guys space that were the crew and they fucking just sat around all the time and they sent crawlspace with him for from your five on five. What we'll get another look at crew Lizard Air? About Ken Guy. Henry Cavill what is it? I'm a book dotcom reporting the Henry Cavill back as Superman. Oh wait offer the cut just in general in multiple DC movies. Oh Shit that's awesome. It's fun yeah. But he's a good superman. Yeah just stick with the good thing. GotTa gotTa get sewer mail. I don't have to do the whole cycle of getting mad about whoever plays Superman again. We've been through figured out. He's fine somebody confident to to direct it towards a little more chipper of character. I think yeah exactly. Get Your Smile. Due the mustache again rid mustache thing when that was a big problem for us As a society. Let's let's Talk. Avatar to a to do what's going on I mean is is Jimmy. Got this figured out yet. What how did camera knocking to hand in the Tom? Cruise Space Movie. How did he not get involved? Does he think Tom? Cruise and Cameron get along. No one thing where I think. That'd be the only problem. But how did he not weasels way on board? I I don't know but I think it's one of those things where like Tom Cruise. Just a thomason off the dream all right. So here's a Jon Landau didn't interview ours. Ian is about him returning to New Zealand thing. This is what he said about This is the story of the Soli family and well one does to keep their family together. Jake solely in theory have family in this. Its movie they're forced to leave their home. They go out and explore different regions of Pandora including spending quite a bit of time on the water around the water in the water. Why people turned entertainment today? More so than ever think it's to escape to escape the world ran to get the other pressures they have in their lives group that I think with Avatar. We have an opportunity to allow people to escape to a incredible world. Incredible characters that they will follow in much. The same way as Peter Jackson's able to do with Florida. The rings okay. So that's what we're looking forward to doing. I don't I don't hate the COP. I mean they have a long way to go to have the sentiment of Lord of the Rings I the Big One look. I'm looking forward. Just based on the fact that been so fucking long. I just can't wait to see what they can see why it took so long. If we get another movie that tells us how important family is. It's a win for us. That's one lesson we haven't learned to with movies the importance of family from James Cameron. He is never mentioned it before. Yes not once didn't really get into it. Yes or no Avatar. It's weird because it's been ten years right. It was two thousand. Ten was the two two thousand nine thousand two dozen two thousand nine to fuck now. It's nine nine nine nine two. Yeah part of me says that if they really wanted to make things they missed the window but the other part of me is like I don't WanNa doubt James Cameron but I'm just thinking like if this was something they could have filmed back to back and released two or three and like you know the year stretches and got it when people are still bought in and I think it would be like. It'd be like ver- you know people. Who are maybe twelve thirteen at the time like Ken? Jag A bigger thing for them. Maybe now is just like James Cameron's Boondoggle and I hate to say that because obviously one of the greatest filmmakers of all time but he does get a little too focused on some things and maybe replicate the waters one of them. So I don't know what to think because I feel like you'll be a very competent action movie. The other part of me is like who who who's GonNa care he's GonNa remember it will say nobody will but I just wonder what the reaction Avatar to would be for movie that was once the highest grossing movie of All Time I mean. I don't I don't know what he really expect from it because like I don't WanNa say I'm not excited for because it's like you said shows like one of the best will make his role time. I don't think Avatar. The original movie is nearly as good. Obviously to to deserve being second-highest move time but at the same time it's stuffy like an enjoyable movie to watch. It was fun funny film. It was a tech demo to by the way yes and that's the way it felt about it as a tech Demo and three D technology in the movies and was executed. Probably one of the better three D. movies and average organs specifically made for that in Kevin Brady Technology alive and movies for the next like eight years down. Yes then all the other movies did it like post. Production is like Alvin and the chipmunks chip in Three D. Fucking Make Alvin flying the camera three days figured out Jeff by the way that done on cavaliers from the rap. I any anything that right. Yeah we we gotTA GET AVATAR ROB. Worth what before. No the other Guy Superman. He's back on combat and get some coffee pursue the first guy fucking cameo every time. It's so frustrating. Once that we'll fuck wants a cameo from him yes it is you forget their sawyers. Your birthday barely friend hates your guts because he spent two hundred bucks for me to say. I'm just excited that Disneyworld's openings. We can finally go to Disneyworld. Go to Avatar land and get all of their awesome items including the Pandora's Pandora Sunrise going on Delta drink. The floating rocks stake a lot of names. I think the Weirdo names. Can you get the Pandora's Sunrise Teramoto? Please never miss a chance to get a nice Terry Mona. Before I go to bed you can get the The the steamed POW steamed Pandora pods it. Happy with those are those are those just bows bows their ballots. Okay yeah their spouse Cheeseburger bows basically what Like that cheeseburger. Maybe it's good when you execute it. Bid Saying cheeseburger. Bow It. It did something visceral to my stomach. I had a What do you call it? A X amount goes a restaurant. He made beacon. She's egg rolls. It was amazing. I cannot describe to you how delicious thing sounds good. I'm Derrick with behavioral Penn Penn State. We place called Ernie's cheese steaks amazing stakes like authentic as sticks and they do cheese steak egg In there fucking fantastic. They would probably be a lot of people who argue with you there. That place doesn't real cheese steaks because I think the there's there's people who argue that any doesn't do real cheese steaks yeah but but that Pennsylvania place you. A lot of people like that place. It's still argue with it now. Real they don't they don't use the CRISCO Now I'm just mad. At the time I had a MAC and cheese cows zone from zones at Suny Cortlandt Sorry Hamid Co zone in a ham and cheese co zone is as bad as you imagine it is in your head. I eight right now. It's gross DP Joe. Popular College Campus Penetration. Though I I actually talked to someone the other day about this I can't. I can't remember what that tasted like. I know it's just a cal zone but college like just pop off the line cal zone places just like I think every zone tasted the same. One friend can eat with his mouth. Friend can't samples. Dp Dough Fra Save. Save these jokes fictional debates mean. Come on we gotta take down this cows together which don't touch each other okay last two things Edgar Wright's last night in Soho is kind of like psychological horror film. Come Out on April twenty twenty one no more than a trailer but I tweeted at a mask. Apparently said patients. So that's soon an ad true either your pumped about this girl. The Dragon Tattoo getting a TV show reboot at Amazon a right a Lisbeth slander as get back. Elizabeth slander. They're cool name. I like I like the guy she liked the Rooney Mara. One wasn't heard who is the other one. It was Yeah you're right. Clarify daughter of John Mara energy giants. Also like a granddaughter of the other. What was the breeze? Family sister-in-law Joaquin Phoenix. Oh Yeah Right. We weren't. Isn't she married to Joaquin? Phoenix anything. Clay which Bruno Mars married to working in the K. K. Mart. Yeah one of them as house of cards rudy houses. You mean iron man to measure be imagined being in Kate like that's a cool name I guess and it was like. Oh here's your here's your baby sister. Her name's Rooney US fucking bad ass. My name is Rudy. Kate faulk Kate folk all right. That's been news. Do you WanNa talk about movies? Let's do it yes Beloved birds on Netflix. We'll talk about this when I I think we're talking about this one. The least director Michael Showalter who is absolutely hilarious. Let me say that right off the bat before we talk about this this movie. That's pretty bland. Hilarious meant what? How American summer. Then he came back for right on American summary for the funniest character. Difference in between that show He directed the big sick We did a fantastic job. In that the love birds was supposed to be indeed irs got moved to Net flicks synopsis. For the lovebirds is as follows on the brink of breaking up. A couple gets unintentionally embroiled in a bizarre murder mystery as the closer clearing their names in solving the case they need to figure out how they and the relationship can survive. The Night Starts Isa Ray Kumail Nangiani Anna camp. A couple of people you may or may not recognize all sparks also in House. The guards long everything man every time. I turn on. Hbo Show. I'm just like Oh there's also works. Yeah we've got sixty seven percent around tomatoes from the critics audience. Gave it a fifty three I I I think. That's probably the appropriate range right. This movie is it's not. It's not bad it's disappointing. No because of that everybody was involved. Yes it's disappointing that this would you would think would kind of the follow up to the big sick. Just not in the same ballpark as as big sick whatsoever. I do want to defend emily. V Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani in that. I think they were instrumental. Even though show Walter Directing the fact that the big sick was written by the two people who went through it. They were able to make that what it was. So this is a follow up but it's not like a follow up you know it's their right the movie it's a paint numbers off more effort. Yeah it's it's like it's a romantic comedy type thing with like funnier than our traditional romantic comedy in a little more edge but still like lacking anything that made like that makes anything like insecure or the big sick or anything like wet hot American summer that like people who have been involved this before which made that special that makes sense. Yeah it's IT'S A it's a script that did not deserve either of those actresses did not deserve Easter at did not deserve Camille Nanjiani. Like I think this is probably the best version of this movie like the best. It could have possibly been in their just their bones were there to make this movie any better than it came out being. And that's that's fine ended up giving it a fifty five. That's wrong with that. I gave it to sixty. I give it a sixty. It was. It was enjoyable but it was also it. What's a movie I feel like we reviewed a movie like it in a sense of stuff just keeps happening? You know what? I'm saying like any traditional again. That's what I felt like Carolyn. Coomer was there. There were some scenes which were were just went on a little too. I think the fight in their apartment. It was just like all right. I was like I get past the comic point. It's not it's not funny anymore. It's them arguing. We get the character development. Let's let's move ahead write. I just it. It wasn't boring. I wanted to know what happened. I was intrigued little bit along the way but nothing memorable there wasn't really many moments that made me laugh out loud a lot of the and here's the other thing too. It's always tough when you watch a movie and you can tell the moments that are supposed to be the big laugh. And they just aren't like like the interrogating of the kids before they get murdered by the guy that was supposed to be a big laugh. That whole scene just wasn't funny giving that just adjusted day and the other thing is I know for a fact. I laughed out loud one or two times. I can't remember it. I think that kind of says it all. I don't remember what it was movie. And that's I don't mean to say that like all the jokes up of all of this movie will be entirely white for my memory in like two weeks time. I remember anything from it like I remember that Camille Array renewed. And that's it the yeah it it was entertaining and expecting it to be something more maybe just Of A fragment of the wishes in my mind because I love insecure I think. Insecure is brilliant. Television show big sick. You know where we feel about that movie and it just WanNa You have all the right parts together but it doesn't come together in you know. We did the The some of it is obviously less than the you know. The individuals added up. Well you run the risk of that You you run the risk of that because when you say it is the follow up to the big sick. You've you've put that in people's head. The desire part of the marketing. Yeah it was. It was kind of it was described market what was described as the follow up to the big sick. So you have set that expectation and that's that's not next. That's not On Cooler is that's like marketer. That's more at all not at all. But like but but that's why I think if not bad but I can very much. Sam Letdown because expectations were a little raise and I try my best to not raise expectations for movies. Said that before. It's like have as as middle the rock stations if possible but you kinda get a little more amped about it at least so excitement level at least for me. I was excited for movie. And it just didn't didn't. I'm trying to think what I even like laugh harder. I thought the Eyes Wide Shut Party was a little funny origins. Yeah I thought the guy. It's super market itself as a big stick fall per. No no they didn't. It came out like what six months? You're probably the basic file because he's got the same director and COO. Yeah Camille. That's why I think it was called well and it also it also is like a as much as you can. I wouldn't call big sick romantic comedy but I think it'd probably be described itself. Good Story Drama Rates Story. I think this is more traditional comedy. The lovebirds that is and I think that a big more I. It's I don't think he should try and pick it into any John Student Amazing Story. I WANNA love like break-up movies like I know I know it ends conveniently you know it. Never no point in the movie. Do you think they're actually going to break up? But like I just I don't like it just depresses me. Like the the break-up with Jennifer Aniston what's jump was a jump Fargo several journey ear. I I just thought I don't know I don't know I just don't have much to say about this. There's not there's not much to say it's a small perfectly. It's an enjoyable movie. That's really not that great but it's not bad. It's a mediocre movie. That is probably good for a date night but it doesn't What the potential of this was because the idea just Roy. Isn't that great to begin with? And that don't think they give anybody much to do in this movie Let me let me. Just say something about this story. Not a fucking chance at note. That was the murderer guy. Driving that car. What are you have a mask on? While he was driving they noticed when he turned around five minutes into the car. Get the fuck Outta here. Susan small four door so he was in the front with a limo with the window up. Ruined the movie for me I get. I think by suspension of disbelief was pretty pretty high for this on. I think I think I made it up a noted up a little harder than you did. Jeff Jeff from cinemas here. Don't you think they would've noticed him? Meanwhile I was just sitting there. Like gotTa can't wait to watch the other MRI that's going to be the What do you call it? What does that everything wrong? Within this account this movie in twenty minutes. That's going to be the number one early bird. But they're clearly breaking into the lovebirds but they're clearly humans ninety minutes later. It seems I was wrong all right. Let's they reconcile their differences. Let's pull up on Netflix. I I just don't have much more stable at the birds to focused on. This is from the the other MRI pull the other MRI up. That what I call it the other day no I just called it the other MRI because ultimately that's let's the end that's the end of the IT re hold on. I gotTA turned down fifty eight fifty eight out of a hundred average for the love birds. If you need something to watch watch it otherwise you can skip. It's it's just at an all just doesn't I can't fuck I just I just watched it. I can't remember things the wrong missing. We're going to break this movie down from beginning. Let me let me say off the Bat. This movie is fucking terrible awful. This movie is very bad. This is this is the worst movie I have watched since we started this podcast. This is the worst moving. This is for me worse than Holmes and Watson rideshare. I don't talk about rideshare. I don't talk about rideshare. Can't compare. Yeah I talked to as Happy Madison. This is happy this is happy Madison. This is David Spade in it and this this happy Madison gives Sandler's friends of vacation in Hawaii. Movie was a fucking zero out of one hundred this movie. I almost deanna. This will be an I. Don't I give myself three movies a year? Where if I'm watching it and I'm like I can't do this. I turn it off him knocking to rank it. I haven't done that be started the pods and whatever it's like it's my job now. I this movie I I actually on. I watch fast forwarded to the end and like I need to get this over that I had to go back and watch reviewing this. This movie from the Gecko is just annoy. It's like sitting down in a netflix intern. Walks into your apartment screams in your fucking ear for the entirety of the movie all while still finding a way to beep painfully boring. This movie is a a zero. There's one redeeming quality about this movie. That's bobby we. He was funny. Open three lines for the to the AD. I've laughed at by the way. And when the wrong missy comes back to the hotel or whatever he says Oh fuck and he runs away. I did on. We laugh big Bassett. I like Bobby Lee and I will almost always laugh at Bobby. Lee shows up on camera. That was in. This movie is so obnoxious and annoying. You know what here's an ends by saying? Let you guys go. We'LL TALK. We'll bring it down. We talked about this with What was that called Fucking dinner for schmucks character for me. Taste me out of the. Because he's not a real person that's not a real guy like there's nothing believe about that we actually. We just talked to John Appetite. And I'm not saying gave a review of dinner for Schmucks wrongness. We talked about comedy and drama. We got really under the with him on that he talked about like a comedy show served the purpose of being a movie that can work without the comedic elements that he worked from forty year old. Virgin you can take for version Barry Series. The Guy with a problem. You Ain't life problem. It just happens to be funny. Nothing about this movie works without the fucking Shea slapstick jokes and that's why without the humor of for example dinner for schmucks. Movie really doesn't work because secret characters. Not a human being. He's he's just like so unbelievably bizarre. Kate McKinnon character ghostbusters. Same thing just not real. The wrong missy is not a in this movie. What like what is that. Like the opening scene in the restaurant with her going into the men's bathroom or screening across the restaurant the fund the hand job on the airplane. And that's the other thing. I'm okay with ripping his movie apart because we very rarely audience with at least agewise is humorous directed at our age demographic or like heavyweights. You kind of have to go on a curve. It's not intended for us at this age. This this fucking thing. I was so mad watching this movie. Data here's the weird thought. I had a maybe. It's not that weird but when it ended I was like man Chris. Farley was brilliant. And here's why the I like David Spade. I like David Spade in in you know his. Snl Personas in you know the the the clips would do on. Their thirty is funny is his own acerbic comedy. But the problem with him in a movie is he's he's the straight man and in order to be a good straight man. You need somebody you just. Don't totally hate as the non straight man right. And that's where I thought Chris Farley was able to walk that fine line of you. Think something like Tommy boy and you think something like black sheep with David Spade. Is He that kid characters were still human? Even though they were ridiculous like you would you? Could you could say like. Nobody's really liked this but I could see somebody being like this. I could see somebody being Tommy Callaghan. I can see somebody being this much of a fuck. You could not see anybody. Being Lauren. Lap GETS miss. You know because it just would i? It was a It was like just oh horrible. Kristen WIG character from two thousand seven. Something like that in bridesmaids. You could see that ridiculous you can see character. You're to spend time with Tommy boy ridiculous but you're like I said Yeah I could see Tommy boy. I'm trying to think Chris remains a Mick lovin absurd character or even Christmas character role models ridiculous. But like you could see it. It's it's rooted thing with her here. It's rooted in like a basic level of humanity where the character like Most of McCarthy's character in a bridesmaids was was tough. But you kind of realize like okay like you know. She's she's been single like she. She lives on all this stuff like that. And then she has like a she has a moment humanity at the end where you realize. He's a real character. But but the the problem with this movie is they went from having the character. Be a clown to trying to get us to like her in the span of a scene whereas something like bridesmaid's Melissa McCarthy Characters Likable throughout the whole movie even though she was ridiculous like it. That's what I don't get about a deficit dumbest part about the other. Mri are the wrong missy. Which I will give a five out of one hundred Just because I thought that the the the Sherlock and Watson was was way worse shocking. Wants IT MAHOMES OF WHATEVER IS I. Don't I don't get the point. I I know who this movies for movies for. Like thirty five year. Old Guys who are going to become dad's like Tim. The toolman tailor on home improvement It is for people who find the setup comedy of Getting beat up by someone. Someone's husband funny. The start seeing which I feel is a trope that just needs to be retired. So you start the mood. I see Roman reigns though I like him getting more neck again. Yeah look I know nothing gets Roman reigns but just having David spade walk in and find a woman in thanks Melissa or whatever. Her turnaround be pregnant. Like that's a joke. That's not really a joke. Like the Dade meant for that to be a joke with her being pregnant. Not a joke like okay. I'll go well you know. And then all of a sudden getting threatened by a large dude. That's like very basic caveman. Comedy like level of Lego Snowman. Large Dude if that guy doesn't play cards right he's going to get ass kicked all got. It wasn't funny. It was just it was bullshit bullshit level humor in it it. It made me cringe. Gave me cringe tangles there? Then Jack the The other joke which will get our the jokes will get the jokes after all right so you ought to start over saying I gave it a five as well trill because mostly because I agree with you not as bad as I think I gave. Money from wasn't a four three. I forget but it's there's two or three moments that made me laugh and it was all a physical comedy. It was like the Lauren. Luck is character or MRI falling off the cliff in smashing off that any laugh. I don't feel ashamed about that. But everything else in this movie. It's like you said it's this weird base level caveman comedy. That appeals to this this group of people that I think They yearn for the old. Happy Madison. Sorta days of comedy were like you know you could see Adam. Sandler screen do something slapstick and physical humor oriented and iren laugh at it in the year for and there's nothing wrong with that at the same time. There's just there's no substances especially when you do like you said before which is my main point in this whole movie when you take a guy like David spade and you make him the straight man and you don't let him be the asshole like he's the good guy nothing a kid no personality and was just a vessel for this movie till like gives you overboard. Lauren luckiest which I don't think was a good choice. Because first of all I knew nothing gets her like obviously. She's taking direction throughout this movie to be the character. She's being but like when you have him he needs somebody to bounce off of like that's like the role. Obviously when you're when you're doing happy medicine movie and you have these guys who love David Spade. They WANNA see him bouncing off a lovable. Oaf THEY WANNA see him being an asshole being smart ass against that sort of character when you have him being the nothing character and her being overboard. Obnoxious like again. Not Real character no basis in reality so fucking overboard like there's nothing to it. There is very very very frustrating to watch especially just because there's nobody in relatable it's like I if felt like to me watching it and is when I said in our group I said it felt like seventy eight the some fucking sick animal eight foot forgetting Sarah Marshall and shit it out and then that was this movie and like that that that's what I came to the end of this but still two or three three laps. Outta me and that's enough to get to a five and to me. She should have died when she fell off. That cliff maybe laugh. Though I mean of looked was absurd zone with me wrong. I understand why I think at that. I love good physical humor. But that's not meant you don't fall down in hot rod tumbles down the mountain voice but that movies built on it is not real like it's it's it's stupid in pain and it is the top on purpose. It's essentially in line with a parody. This movie tries to be humanizing in real and teach a lesson so like to see that in. His movie doesn't the process of how that happened. Does it work? There's no less than because MRI sucks like you know some of these movies. I guess you can kind of see like ee. Wasn't fucking show how he didn't he didn't run away because she was like uglier something. You run away because she was fucking asshole. She was away she. She basically sexually assaulted him on a plane But yet I mean you sound like Happy Madison. I think that's a fair comparison for the later era And I I don't know how to describe it because I do think back to the original happy Madison films of Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore in. I do think there was brilliance. To those movies I think there is a a ludicrous brilliance to punching Bob Barker Golf course and there's very funny things now the age the best no but like these movies just have this base level of humor you know based off of like either getting beaten up in physically intimidated or being threatened with violence or being sexually something weird done to you. Example of that in it wasn't a joke is when she's like. Oh you haven't met Sheila. He's like who Sheila and she pulls out a big knife pulls a night. That's not a joke. He will support knife. We're emotionally say to offset rather ill every relevant. But the fact that he said crocodile he said Crocodile Dundee Weird. I picked up. I don't know if the twos at what are you crocodile Dundee and Dundee as A. What the fuck are you talking about? You know movies are so like the opening scene rolls through and sorry to interrupt. Jeff end up on humanizing annual more time. Because I want to get to what you're saying the movie Zach Atkins the hangover absurd character has humanizing moments. Happy Gilmore another great example. But guess what? Here's the thing like He. He gets humid right. He has a love interest. Like there's enough. Air Or key has like the absence of the movie where he does come down from being happy. Gilmore like crazy hockey guy right and you can connect at least a little bit there to make it. Believable in the movies again built on inserting. But this one. Louise NOT ABSURD. The one character is this was was fucking shockingly that let's go ahead no go. Why don't we go through like you said so that? Cnn's opening scene. It will meet the meets Melissa Right. And then it cuts to him at the office with Nick Schwarzen- who they said. We need a guy to play the creepiest. Fuck guy you work with. That somehow is in all these movies that makes sexually inappropriate jokes or weird things weird comments at the office. And he's like shirt. So that happens we get a little bit of characterization behind David spades character and find out that He you know he was cooked. Basically we're doing with the guy who was cooked by his ex fiance and that's about as much as we get out of David spade in that there's GonNa be some stuff in Hawaii so he was. Why or why it right. Yeah Yeah So. He goes to the airport in he. He meets This universe's version of a manic pixie dream girl which is essentially like a very normal girl. Bro Who who is cool? Yeah like Oh. You're reading a book. He has also reading this David Paterson novel I got or now. I'm already Alex Cross Bookstore. Wow intellectual giant you You know and this is supposed to this. This is what I'll say is. This is subverted expectations of movie. I thought that this Melissa the the right Melissa for right now but yet the wrong Melissa later down the movie. I thought that this Melissa was supposed to be the one because she was set up to be that like Happy Madison Perfect female character which is set everything right. She's completely normal super. Chill and all that stuff And so he gets her digits and he ends up They end up looking up in a hotel and so he wasn't going to Hawaii by that time. But anyway In my missing anything there. So nothing nothing funded long story short. Nothing funny has happened in the span of time. He is simply. Just talk to nick. Schwartzman's character WHO's made a lot of jokes around reading his emails. Which I think is supposed to be funny but it's not really funny because I feel like companies do that to begin with so he's like Oh yeah. I read your emails. The jokes all. What CRABBIE's renew Dude probably are essentially on your work. Email fuck admitted all So David Spade is about the bus. That nut off innocent they. He gets into a little text message in an airport supply causing. Let's let's be clear about that if you open a door. You're not supposed to open getting shot to death like and especially to airport or that's where they were right no fucking way. Yes something like that so then it gets a text message from Melissa right so he thinks it's airport Melissa and the first thing that Kinda lets him know that this should be wrong but he goes along with it when he gets text message. That says I wanna see that Dick Which complies with than he. He he takes him Dick Pic. Which goes back to nick. Schwartzman's character who has seen his Dick PIC investment now commenting on them. Just just to kind of get this back together. That's the joke. And then we need the villain of the movie which is a woman Career is David spades on the plane when this gets into the worst seen the movie. He's talked is it the from loss. That's that's the that's the joke but I don't know if it's a funny joke because my reaction was I went. Oh It's a good joke. I didn't actually laugh. Okay it's a reference. It's cool reference. I guess So if you haven't gets in the worst scene he thinks he's going to Hawaii with the right Melissa. The Bad Melissa shows up the the bad MRI shows up. She's being absolutely obnoxious. Like not going back to just saying weird things axe or knife out holder knife out gets a knife. Confiscated buries her head in Roses. David SPADE IT turns out. Okay so this is. Kinda weird is about to kill herself at the David Spade character. Text her So I don't know I don't think that was a very sensitive representation of that particular subject matter but I do think that was their attempt to at least the humanize it but at the time. It's almost like that was played for laughs which I didn't really like. Were accused literally about to jump. She gets taxed. And then you know better. Angie shows up on the trip along story short like he wakes up. It's dark a. She's staring at him and she's a straight up cranking his hog off. She called. It was called the Jergens Jerky or the nickname for it. She Burke Fest gives him a wink just smiling atom like an. I think actually like the way she's acting. This is pretty funny but the weirdest started about is he's just getting a railroad Asia and then turbulence happens in the nuts. He just he just throw some ropes under the blanket so fear everyone go everyone around him not busted nut everyone is privy to the fact that he just got an jobs. It's completely weird. Scene The lady behind him says she's going to hell the character from loss handsome magazine to wipe up his baby batter. Which like. Please don't hand me a fucking Glossy magazine Wipe Talk. With what's Gloucester? Do Miss Just GonNa be. What's that going to make it worse? It's GonNa rub imagine like the feeling of a rubbing on your Dick. No thank you sir. And also they said he was drinking off for forty minutes. She's so so the pretty much the next twenty minutes of the movie is more characterization on MRI showing you how awful she is. She says shows up to the MIC. Sir At the Hawaii Hotel which by the way is his ex fiancee in contrast to stop. You do not skip her doing that. Thing in the Bathtub Your door hell star thing. What that was. That was the first moment for me. I was already mad. Like maybe it'll turn. Maybe when she gets there she's GonNa start to normal out. The Hell Star thing was just I? We're with Improv. With that written in the script writer. Like okay you're GONNA use character cold hell star and you're gonNA put rose petals over your your use your hairs and mustache and you're gonNA act like Satan and everybody's just like sitting on the crew like this is going to be funny as well. That was one of the. Are they laughing onset right now? Like there's no way there's no way they definitely like wrote in like have have Lauren. Loved do a bit and then like they didn't like qualified. I think what does improvident said? Who Cares we'll figure it out. And they did not figure it out before this shot and they'd say hell star the moustachioed girl that has rose petals so good right. So the next twenty minutes they go to links to characterize Missy a little more she shows up at this. Mixer is just acts like a complete buffoon embarrasses David Spade jumps off a cliff Then he he. He has sex with her right where they have sex. But it's basically just like him passing out phasing. Yeah which was something that they thought was a lot. Funnier in concept excution. 'cause they mentioned the whole fuck facing thing twenty times Anyway okay then. Here's an here's the next part it's worth mentioning is wouldn't be Happy Madison movie. If you're buoyed enroll through our code talk about Rob Schneider and another one is classic Rob Schneider characters whose verse States dudes except. He's just like they didn't try to like Paint his skin a different color. This time that was literally the only difference between this and that character boat. Captain done you know us on the boat helping out. David Straits boss AKA dollar store. Craig t Nelson Dollar store coach. So yeah you know missy makes it on the boat. This more physical comedy with her falling into the water This was kind of the central set piece to movie. I thought was the shark tank. Seen wasn't very funny but we did get a good bar. Which by the way I fully expected missy to have shit seen clothes but I figured she'd have diarrhea something into a pool at some point like that would be like her time to shine but she she barks into the water in the shark attack and then good barfoot good-looking bar forgiven that it's around this point in the movie that. I don't think we yet have come to. I don't know missy hasn't turned yet. It will get to the scene word missy. Kinda turns is when she shows up in. Does the hypnotherapy therapy on his boss like not a. Lotta time passes. But essentially what was the shadow? Puppet thing to really weird. I think that was going to be funny. Funny by brain logged out on that. I'm getting in this. I know I can't do anymore but I would. It will say that happened. And then she. She hypnotizing his boss to waken by thinking. He's his grandma devastates characters his grandma and then at about starting again before the by the way she did the Second House Star in the pool with Craig Nelson so after this big shadow public thing about one. Oh three forty five. You can kinda see it in a way. She's acting she's kind of normal personnel. She has become a normal person within one scene of the movie. She's having a normal conversation with her. She's talking about her tough childhood and all that like she's acting relatively normal and is this point movie where I'm like wait David Spades GonNa Fall in love with this MRI so I will give five points of the movie. Were subverting my expectations here. But they changed her character like that like she actually credit to Lauren laptops for this because she actually became somewhat charming. Do that's when she said the title of the movie as good for Already called Salkin said his famous line from family guy when they see the name of the movie and the movie. It's great is what you don't like me David. Spade what would you bring the wrong missy? As the title of the movie. I just remember what you about the shadow puppet because I described through it was the big screen where they made things bodies which is like a single fucking America's got talent skill man group but weird and then they had his rival did a new kids on the block. Get it just so so then then missy talked his ex fiancee to have a three way. But David Spades Moore sexually interested in just dog Fiance leaves his rivals. There some stuff happens honestly. It's all bullshit this point he realizes When the the good MRI shows up that he's in love with bad missy in the D. chases after her we return to the city where they lived he does the whole date swap confusion at the bar. Oh by the way David spades acting ridiculous like now. He's now the awful character traits of the wrong missy. Have of transmogrify on David. Spade himself and done This is really stupid. There's there's not much shared. I hate it. I hate this movie. Fucking pisses me off. We can definitively say that she was actually the right missy. Also who was the day? The actress who was the date at the end of the movie who was with the wrong missy is of course which is the allies that to me is the ultimate happy. Madison joke. Exactly that's only joke from a grownups. Two thousand dollars where somebody you know that. That was funny. But it's just like I did when used right it can be. Funny Bill. Here's some like Vanilla. Ice Isn't isn't famous enough for that joke to work and I disagree because I think this is self aware. I don't think they're doing this reference to see people still Nova. No I think this was the final. Fuck you where it's like. Yeah this movie sucked and you know what here's Vanilla ice in? You're going to think that we're doing this seriously. But no you just watch this one and a half hour movie that we could go. Have our friends vacation in Hawaii Dickhead? So the the ultimate thesis on this is going back to the brilliance of Chris Farley which I think what the straight man. You're not supposed to root for the straight man always. You're supposed to be within both camps. But with Chris Farley you always rooted for his bumbling idiot more than you rooted for David Spade Stray. You kinda hated a straight man act because like why are you so high my? You're just a little poor but when you have a character that's obnoxious missy and this one you hate both of them you think. Both of them are miserable and you just have a bad time. That's how I felt about this movies. I like David Spade. But he's he. He is tied from his acerbic clips. He doesn't have much to bring to the table. And if you don't have the right person for him to be happy with it just doesn't work. We're good quips. Like what's his best joke in the whole damn thing it's like him saying Oh you want anything else for your bath toaster. That's the best joke seeking the best like retort. You can give him. The guy's post like you said famously. Acerbic LIKE SMARTEST CHARACTERS. Doesn't socks just show like I've watched it a few times? Like I like the way he banters with other celebs. I think he did he. People should David spade a lot. I think they're my age but I I. There's there's a lot to like about David Spade. In my opinion I liked this movie. Just not one of those. Things got an ice trip to Hawaii though he was on the show with Patrick. Warren what was it called the Roseman? Rosement US funny net spin city right. Yeah that's right it's been city. Yeah replace a voice You know that's the only the character actor I know from that show now. I don't I don't remember this. This was nothing we we covered the beginning to. It's just it's not real. There's nothing she's not a real enough character and it's not her fault. I will say that a amassing Lauren. Luck as his fault but the character. Ways Israelis just. It's not believable. It's so it's too absurd to fit the premise. We this is not hot rod right like if that was a type of movie. Maybe it does work. She sticks out so much and none of it is believable. There is no ability to suspend disbelief. Here it is so the second she shows up that fucking cock apart and acts. Like a douchebag. You're like you're done gone. It's not absurdist. It's it's like it's secretly around. A guy is based around a fucking guy that wants to like do a giant stunt to save is GRANDPA Stepdad's heart from feeling like that's always going to be an absurd movie. This movie supposed to be about like a mix of people have actually done in the past. I've done two billion times. I understand it in and you get into this absurdist comedy. He just doesn't fit right. Look at this. This grounded its ground like. He's so grounded character. Reality the only other ridiculous characters that Knicks swords purves would that be? The boss is kind of ridiculous. Care about the guy with the fucked up. Is the other happy Madison. The level of her of of the wrong no no but A. I know what you're saying. I just the thing is like I'm on your side. Throw other Weirdos in here like rob. Schneider does not like the active perfect execution side characters. So yes that's true. You're right like it. The perfect execution of like a character that relationship where you feel bad for someone is Chandler in Janice as been watching a bunch of friends because Janet Janice believable Janus has she just very annoying whereas like she didn't do all this crazy stuff to miss. It does at least I can feel sorry for channel with Mitzi. I would just be like just leave. Just leave dude a restraining order. Something I'm just at the cast list now on Wikipedia me left because it says Rob Vanilla Ice as Rob Van Winkle. They didn't save himself. His Renault Says Rob Van Winkle her. I still think it's funny. Names Van Winkle Right Smart Move Switching Vanilla ice man bobby Lee. Glad you got your vacation out of that though great guy. He's got to be some sort of financial arrangement between Resort Happy Madison productions. None illegal one but just like a discount on rooms. Like there's gotta be some sort of kickback for filming. They're not illegal. One just like a production credit our good friend John like this movie by the way at rolling it all. He said he said I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I told him I hated it. He said somehow worked for me. I just texted him. We landed on our wrong MESSI. Scores Zero five five and I said this is the most disappointed. I've heard Jill talk about a movie since Holmes and Watson and his reply was come on. What's what's the like about it. I would I conversation with fights. I guess I had a couple deep breaths during this movie. Because I'm like I. I don't know how to finish his movie. I don't know how many get through this. This is in so I would. Ex Wife of the ex-fiancee both even the point of that poor sour chock man because actress to it was supposed to get you to root for David Spades. Character feel bad cut. It only really like like they kind of touch on it right. It's like a little small spots where it's kind of inconsequential. And then she getting a three way and you know what that was the bootlegs Serra Marshall Portion of it. Exactly we're talking about it is worth that was supposed to make you feel bad for the guy whereas you felt bad for him but not like. I don't know not a good way. It's happy Madison eating and trying to BARF in your mouth. A Momma bird up even have the bar scene in this movie almost forgot it. Audience gives six average score for the wrong missy. A point of four four sounds today. This movie This fucking sue fucking happy. Madison takes a worker vacation. The movie it's fine. Hey they look power to them. They're buttering the bread. They know how to do that Muffin. Just s sucking Netflix. Some suited Netflix's just like God damn anymore. Those happy Madison movies. I can't get enough am sandwich just sitting there like for you want this one. This one is. Let's do that. Stand there box office game baby. Ideally created lovebirds night. Crawler WANNA fucking movie. We gotta do that whenever string platform. And then I did the wrong missy. After talks about a sandwich of movies shit. Jesus Christ all right The wrong missy. He had to go to the wrong missy. all right. Adam Sandler box office game pulp the filmography. Six through ten Adam sandlers number six through ten highest grossing movies because the top fiber very obvious. It's three hotel Transylvania movies and than grownups wanted to I. I would would've picked one the hotel Transylvania's view to be real all three of them. Yeah I like the wedding singer. ninety eight and. I don't know I just feel like the wedding singer. Made a lot of money. Got Guesses the wedding singer. Is your gas the wedding singer? I mean not even in the fucking ball parking Christ man you think too much money my bad you the what it just felt right man. Mending Click. I remember thinking longest longest yard on. Yeah I think you're right on that longest year I'll go is. This is the first that's seventeen not even close what a wedding singer was eighteen thousand nine hundred twenty twenty one to twenty four seventeen house longest. That's bullshit bullshit we've off. We've never gone over to start. That's bullshit clicks. I got click. Click man that's what I said before pretty saved you. Click save you. That's number six okay. You this is you got your playing something death. I like okay. People were like you wrinkle. Here's your wrinkle their on sudden-death for the entire five minute. Let's not do anything. Postwar pre nineties. Just yet okay. Let's see I can the film? Oh that's what they call strunk of for different states big Daddy Daddy. Happy Gilmore. I think fifty first dates make good money. Let's let's stay away from the ninety s for minute. Doing big daddy doing fifty first dates. I think fifty first days made me fine. It's over s eleven. You guys was terrible though I will say so. Big Daddy has numbers eleven big Daddy. Oh actually wait. I ate was big daddy. Sixers pixels. Click is seven. Eight is were stupid yet. You probably stupid longest yard long. I I had to shift the down but still I mean not what was nine pixels. Click Big Daddy. Just go with it. Why Vacation Movie Bona me and then you. I don't think you would have gotten ten. Gacek a crazy night. Punchdrunk love Joe Dirt Little Nick M.'s. Going to lowest now waterboy. Disney's bedtime stories I would not. That's tough this tough one. This was a tough one. We I mean now is that was easily my that was easily my worst one when I think we're just to cook on the gun. Yeah Yeah obviously not David spades. Character was on the plane. Exactly really well known work. Eight crazy nights is the lowest thirteen million twenty four million. I will say a most of his top twenty made a hundred million dollars or more though. He's never made a movie over five hundred thirty million dollars. GonNa make still and also makes good. Movies gyms on streaming shocking. I mean well all right. It's going to happen now. And then and then all right favorite cereals Dr Rattle off your through six zero quick. You can give a little know little word or two on each one. No no problems there is. It's not an easy list of put together. Ken Jack Myself Trill than the audience. Okay my number. Ten is apple. Jacks Great Milton dumb honey nut. Cheerios is my number nine. Similarly great milk when you're done also great crunch Number eight honey. Bunches of OATS specifically ECON BE CON- honey bunches of oats so so good My number seven cocoa puffs my number six recess bus. Look the two puffs big fan of both love their money budget votes. Almond you know. Pecan PECAN pecan okay. Cocoa puffs then Renmin Reece's skied using Jeff. How do you say do you say Pecan or began pecan? Pie The PECAN. That's what I do. What what he said he said Pecan Pie. No say the confines pecan. I'll say pecan singular but then Pecans if it's flow. Yeah I guess that was the poppy a section. We've ever recorded this pop podcast TEAKAMP PODCAST. Peekaboo apple. Jacks for you honey nut cheerios. I had a fucking TYPO fast. Okay honey nut cheerios okay. I saw a Napa Jackson on my top ten but they were bumped last-second number ten is installed play. Because it's not good anymore the recipe. It's ASS count Chocula. It's not good anymore. And then so now no. I don't even know what they're shaped like. Little way for the marshmallows waivers are so bad now raisin bran crunch at number nine raisin bran crunch delicious we talk about the other day and while a special K with berries number eight love a good good boss fetch game with berries and they really got the dried berries. The wizards the is good tube. Not Up then Pretty pebbles with marshmallows number seven. That's a mix tape classic near Kalyan. Tyler. Really put that one on the Dan's amazing delicious and then cinnamon toast crunch crunch at six. I'm a big CDC FAN. But it's not my top five. That's my tender six. I got special K with berries. Corn checks raising brand frosted cheerios and then Golden Crisp to the bear. Motherfucker gone you with the Golan Kruse Way. What's your cheers? You're sadden yeah okay. No No frosted. Cheerios sorry frosted. I like frosted cheerios or some different about the frost. They use frosted remember when they came out. It was like they were like Millennium Os or millennials. Super Two thousand states. They said it was like a decade thing tournament century. Whatever reason frostings near the is there? Is there any discrepancy between base cereal and upgrade zero than the honey nut or frosted? Cheerios in the regular. Cheerios yes they just that. I can't eat regular cheerios. Hate it no their trash and people trying to say like Oh put sugar on them. Put honey on them whenever like just by honey nut. Cheerios as good cheerios. Cheerios cheerios scenes. Like it's like a healthy source of reducing cholesterol. And you're like you said that in your box for fifteen years. I don't believe you I don't I don't I don't get of discussion on Sunday. Yes I don't understand it using material it's like seeing me enter night for the audience. Cocoa Pebbles number ten life cereal at number nine. It was a life taste right. Okay okay life isn't bad. It's definitely on top ten zero for me but I enjoyed life whenever my mom would bug. Kicks no no no the got? Kicks Kicks Cheerios? Kingston days against thing. Does it not just tasteless tasteless week? I think life cereals good though. Aren't they like as an like cinnamon cinnamon life off? All I get is a regular channel. Meuron eight not to bump off one on my list. Jeff I gotta get rid of special with berries and I gotta put the You know the little toasted Quaker squares. Oh cheating. You're talking. I know what you're talking about. But yes toasted. Quaker cereal toasted quaker square cereal very good. What's to quaker OATS toaster? Toasted quaker's cereal toasted quaker oats. I know what you're talking about. I can visualize in my head. I just don't know what it was called. Toast toasted OATMEAL OATMEAL squares squares. Quick Oh also you know what I'm talking about. That's a that's a great. That's a good fisting cereals fist. Yep Real and way out. The door knocked away a better way to say. It's dry fist number fist. Audience Cereal Cocoa Pebbles Lie frosted flakes at eight apple. Jacks at seven. And then captain crunch regular captain crunch at six. It makes me to thirsty. Kepting captain crunch cereal. Milk is elite. Cap'n crunch just hate having to bite into it. I hate the roofs shredding. I don't like that experience in like. There's just better sugary cereals. Sheldon Cooper is big cereal off and Jack. Number five fruity pebbles baby shadow to the mix tape gang pretty pebbles just fucking absolute class. You Beg your parents forever. Sometimes cereal and reason cereal. It's Dandy Scan Candy Dense. Pack it into a spoon fisting cereal though because it falls foster your knuckles and stuff. It's it's like when you know when you put spinach on hot like panels I just go straight down like giant fistful expansion to sing. It's like that with with pretty pellets. Throw two six zero troch. You remember the the the big cereal they sell big G. They came in cans. Feel like do Snack snack items. Good name. It was. It was just an large versions of of of cereal. And you would eat it dry senator. You and Mike Fruit loops loops. My numbers five fruit loops very good In regular milk but also dry as well through Howard a good dry cereal. The fruit loop cereal bar. I used to love that very very good number five. Condensed milk between them in the sandwich. They were delicious. They don't know what it was. I think I know what you're talking about. How much snack trill five five for? This guy is nice bullet. Honey nut cheerios. It's gluten free which is a plus but you get the perfect milk ratio in a bowl. Hunting cheerios you get where half of its crispy in half of it soggy. It's very good alike and it's also good fisting cereal us through the big fist. Apply Nut cheerios. In the kind of put the fist up to your mouth and just go moved fist. Ozone WanNa who was in the original frosted cheerios commercial. I remember it was right. Heart Gilbert Godfrey Wayne Knight and Bribe. Scheider says about right. All Star. Cast frosted Cheerios. No no expense was spared in nineteen ninety nine. Ninety six actually launched ninety nine. They made a big play on it. Millennials comes straight off. Judge Dredd ten years twenty five years of frosty cheerios. Audience honey bunches of oats and number five. I like that good commercial. Good wholesome commercial. Good Family Hanley town. Titletown centered around the production of one. Cereal I believe that VAT and Raisin Bran of the two best fake healthy cereals. There are Ken Jack. Four fours frosted curious to say on them. Frosted CHEERIOS my number. Four reese's puffs reese's puffs Reece's post your dessert cereal. That is my second favorite chocolate stereo. That's a hint. They've one more to come but RIA man reese's puffs and always a fantastic ratio. Yes rock with the peanut butter Trump number four fours cocoa puffs. Cocoa puffs is the best chocolate cereal. Full Stop just the best the balls real easy to eat cereal milk Great Cereal Milk a day is. There was an elusive. Cocoa puffs box that I never got And on the back of it you would cut out part of the box and would flip down and the cocoa puzzles. Roll down the track into your what. Wow I remember a mailed away for a captain crunch game once and it was the crunch berries. Something home fucking on a PC. And they're playing compaq my parents Compaq. It was so so bad. Never stopped playing. Who's those addiction from his Little Kid? It was Captain Crunch crunching adventure on the PC. When he people that know their reference you see adventure. Yes it was French links though. There's they're like the crunches yeah. They're reminding anthropomorphic. Crunches a sent a picture that chat? They are horrifying to look at poor. My God you got to customize your crunch laying in like you'd have to give it a WHO'd and guess what it'll eat cap'n crunch so US great Cabin crew doesn't WanNa be there right now you can tell us audience. Honey Nut cheerios number. Four Jen Jack. Number Number. Three number three. Excuse me cinnamon toast crunch. It's Eh think it's the best milk in the game when it comes to when you're with the cereal it is so fucking tasty so sugary so delicious in like I think when I eat. I can't eat one bowl cinnamon toast crunch too. I can't help myself. I just get endorphin rush. Going need the second bowl. Ctc's very digging. Hey it's not my top five a just a just misses the Mark Justice and now my chocolate serial number. Three of crave. Yeah Yeah. The chocolate crave is a Oh data. Data's a Polish off the box cereal every now and then that would be a really bad thing for you when I worked late nights at. Mlb my first job moved to hoboken. And I come back like three thirty in the morning. I have any hours because I have time to eat and I go down to the the day and I get a box of crave the regular wafers with the chocolate in the middle. And I'd be like two or three bowls of the entire box The whole fucking thing crave perfectly named doesn't it didn't have weird spelling to vs K. R. A. V. E. K. RAV. That's classy number. Three number three for this guy. It's good Ole Bull Cinnamon Toast Crunch Aka the premium tier in a continental breakfast. Yes you whenever you get continental breakfast with on the spinney things. Spinney cereal droppers cinnamon toast. Crunch I love that I think Simic Toast crunch has the best? It's been sitting in Best Milk Absorption Consistency texture. Whatever you WANNA call that I like. I don't think like when they're kind of soggy not overly soggy not a great fisting cereal though. Because you get the power all of your hands you gotta go wash your hands after film audience. Number three is a shocking. One is the bad cereal zero that I like is a kid did not age well cornflakes cookie crisp I did. I'd I would invite you to go have cookie crisp and as an adult itchy anymore. Good it's not good. It's I'm eating cookies at breakfast folk. You mom is just yes just and like a the problem is it's not like cookie chips. Ahoy WANNA maybe the same thing. You have the chips in the cookie. It's little chocolate flakes. Top stuffing work to Ken. Jack a number two is raisin bran crunch Raisin Bran crunch is absolutely unbelievable. Good people trying to think raising brands like an old lady cereal or something's not reason brands delicious. There's just as much sugar in that as there isn't like cinnamon toast crunch. It's such a great zero to me and also milk is not as great. But I just love that I love the crunch so much the consistency of raisin bran crunch is just amazing. Good man good. Pick fuck yawning marathon. Podcasts are now not really were under two hours Feels like number two for me. The controversial pick with all waiting for what is it expensive. It's the most expensive fucking zero you. Can I remember talking about this the other night or fix one side? Rice checks one side. Korn checks I eighty s. It's got the it's got a great pop on tongue with Humil- sugar in your critics. I doubt which is people do. We put berries. I just it's stays crunchy for a while and I love that. It's cold milk and Chris fix the way. It runs through those little like checkerboard. Yeah I love Christmas but boy it. Is there a Gerster in the city? I saw it for nine dollars and fifty cents as because they diffuse the corn. There are also tall. Is the tallest cereal box who sells is that Kellogg's dealers. At General Mills Deal Right Yeah Krispies have leaders of non. Make me question because I haven't bought at my local grocer stopped selling it fisher. Kellogg's Kellogg's so crisp number. I was thinking Chris to axe. But it's really Chris fix these Jersey motorcycle or good as hell. My Commercials Jersey. Mike's Day when I when I worked retail earlier there's Jersey Mike's next door to the Golf Smith in Austin and the Arboretum and they used to sell. They sold like like chopped up grilled chicken sandwiches. My God die for that. I went to Jersey. Mike's like out of Austin and I couldn't find it anywhere. Penn state those avid though. But I couldn't hots up. I love getting some Mike's way. Oh yeah the Michigan oil on. It never never went to Jersey. Mike's yet it. It's my favorite chain sandwich chain sandwich. Jason I'm in Jersey so amazing we'll try it. You can find it somewhere. It's me like my sandwich shop. You can have it if you want. Mike. I know Mike Okay. Good discount won't give it away. We need you. Mike's we forget about it. It's really bubbles as my number two like free puzzles. I don't buy them anymore. I rarely treat myself to fruity pebbles hijab. I don't know why just because I can't. I can't eat them out of the box that easily. It's hard to grab them with a fist drew. Yes we which your fist. The cereal yes. We Milk Military Milk I. It's a serial I anyone who puts that nobody milk I know but I'm just making sure the only ten people do that is when they forget they want attention. Yeah Yeah I think it is an attention thing but I I remember Blackie guys. Smashed that Fort Button. Not Enough food drink in before the ice. Was there anyway moment when you put the drink in the Cup? And you haven't done the ice in your like wow. I could dump out this water and refill it. After the Ice Oregon put the ice in with the machine and have it splash all over the floor to my roommate. Went to go fucking. She puts in the glass right into the ice tray. Now Mike Dude you watch bar rescue once. Like don't dip the glass right into the ice tray. You chip off the ice into the The the glass and the Ice Straight. And then someone's drinking ice a drinking glass you don't want that now now Number one number two. The audience frosted mini wheats. I love Russia but like sometimes too much very good but sometimes as to too much going on I like when you get the more with the whole bunch frosting on it. I'm sure that's not a you. Take your sugar L. Number One. Can Jack FROSTED FLAKES FROST FAKES FLAKES? Has the best milk. Frosted separate second-best locally toast crunch and it is such a great sir. It's just so tasting cereal in my opinion. Yes that's when he can fix like you're saying you know you're hungry but you don't WanNa make a whole meal. Just eat a fist of it. It's fine it's not a big deal. La Unlike the can soak it a little bit. And it's and it's not gonNA lose too much the crispiness to it and I love that. And it's another serial Simitis cruncher. I need to have two bowls again out myself. Sometimes you just gotTa Soak It. Yeah so a little bit see. Let's just jostle around a little bit. Hit sure everything stays heart. I mean yeah so cereal and was really good Can Get a note of feels. Like I'm GonNa conscientise me captain with my number one of captain crunch crunch berries. I can a dangerous serial. You could Polish off in a heartbeat. I do agree though. Makes you thirsty right makes your mouth? Yeah I don't understand it. It's weird man those things I think they got church very stay. You could let that sit in the milk for like ten minutes and that should get soggy but I I love crunch a while the clash of flavors so complex captain crunch crunch. Berries is delicious. My number one number one number one from as frosted flakes two of them I'm frosted flakes perfect perfect cereal. Tony The tiger have a wire cartoon? Where he's cooking up crack. Have you seen the frozen marshmallows? The frosted flakes with fat loops. I have the debts. Look I have an? I'm afraid man afraid what's going to happen to me if I go down that rope. Oh frosted flakes with lucky charms. On is that something like something out of the box. You know 'cause cal. General Mills Lucky charms and frosted flakes. Kellogg's lucky charms frosted flakes. I've seen in the store at the real thing. The frosted flakes fruit loops mash up. There's honey nut frosted flakes frosted flakes of marshmallows. The marshmallows are the best part of lucky charms and owned denies. I'm glad lucky. Charms didn't make any list right Places General Mills. Maybe I got that wrong. No it's it's I place. General Mohsen Profits Kellogg's but I and I know they had crossover. It's crazy air senator. They they had one is the name frosted flakes is that is that like trademarked in copy written. It's it's smart. It's their logo though. That's the frosted flakes logo on it tiger. This looks like this. Looks like they got away. The little their little cheeky got very chicken. And then you can do. The Spooky frosted flakes withdrew chocolate frosting flakes of marshmallows. And then they also had If you want to feel like a real athlete you could do frosted flakes with energy clusters that this is doing to Momma. Pumpkin spice frosted flakes. Now Fuck that you're going to crazy. It's got to stick with the regular ED although I might like to look at Charles One because again the lucky charms the regular serial ports fits to suck ass so bad there so gross. But maybe including frosted flakes. Now Oh Cocoa. Cocoa puffs very good cocoa puffs with marshmallows delicious. All right that's it. There's another fucking Sierra Gimmicky. Ciro that I forgot now mad gimmicky Ciro. I'm not going to get in time. We gotta we gotta go anything else. Now that's it. That was a good episode. I enjoyed watching that piece of shit movie. Eight that movie so much. It sucked sucked ass. What is in a bag of ASS Trish? And we'll be on the radio tomorrow or the Internet radio. Jeff Yeah Not really radio a live show and it's also it's growing show. I'm very excited about it on Youtube and BURCHELL SPORTS DOT COM afterwards. What's GonNa live as well Lebanon eastern you do in tribute with Kenji and Dr Good Friend? Danni up against the AFC and Brandon Randazzo. No idea who trebol since He's going to be incredibly angry. He will accuse you of cheating if you get it right because he's not going to see your face even assume that you're on googling easy if you win tomorrow he's going to be furious an IRA delvin that little. Just make just make lad typing sounds you should you? Should you do first question? All right established here the first question and I'm GonNa Tell You GonNa make loud typing and we should all that's all act like we don't hear it like let's let's tell you react. I WON'T REACT. You don't react you haven't got. We don't know what you're talking. What are you talking about Brennan? Maybe maybe not for my first appears okay. Maybe the second one. You're going to do really well. I actually had already edited questions. Like is one of the questions was Mike. Mike's way questions to take a cut from writing questions trill stop and even Kendrick on this show like the stuff that I use the stuff that I write for. The dozen is usually shit when we were big of truest shit that we talked and it should that. I know we've talked about before so I read a lot of it off top my head so it should they? Do you guys know when I've had to be really careful with writing for tomorrow? I'm not even done yet and would be up all my doing. 'cause I gotta I gotTa make sure I don't give you guys to me softball get accused of decline favorites other. We'RE GONNA wind chill to live Thursday night eight PM Eastern The fictional basketball dates do not miss that. I can't wait. Do not miss that thing. I've ever been involved in Caledonia. You're making your team. I believe tonight. I'm GonNa try to have done the night. Take your time with the good idea. I finished mine and Nixon and killed him so I could shape right now. Okay I have audibly laughed at basically every single team so far and the delivery on a couples GonNa make. I'm excited and we have a man. We have surprised. That's all that's it. I don't order if you had Sunday figured out. Probably we'll do a good movie. Maybe we met. Maybe we'll update field Matt's you might do. Hbo MATT'S WE'LL DO. We'll figure out the next therapy again. Hbo Max Sounds like a guy named Maxwell. Ut's then you have to pick something else lights. Camera Jackson For Kenji Control. I'm Jeff. We'll talk next week at the box office folks says.

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