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Hour 4: 2/19/19


The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Cried passion and patron tree of college. Football leaves Keer. The Paul finebaum show. Our four podcast. Well, just an absolutely fascinating conversation there with large Anderson saying things like Alabama was burned out by the time. The national championship game arrived saving was angry with his coaches didn't think they were doing a very good job game really was closer than the twenty eight point margin to better to get some commentary on that. Then I'm in. Good afternoon. Vaulting? Take mccall. Thank you enough. Notice this week you gotten a lot of older callers in they all come me and talking about all these great things in the past. And one thing they've all done with exception. Maybe one or two they bring their resumes to the table. They do you know. I was there. I was there when when netball wind up in the air, and then he hit by airplane, and I called for touched him. I was there. I was laying guests go both with the bear little winner. Eight nothing, but a win Gino Pala love these scholars. But anyway, you know, and then I hear some Auburn conversation with best gussie gay. Do we gotta get lane? Kiffin gotta get lane. Kiffin kind of get remarks with this schedule Paul who's gonna come in and do any better job than Gus go to do this year. Nobody. The we are the Auburn Tigers. And this the way it is. Let's talk about LARs is book. I I love LARs when he comes on. And he always grading and not say he's going to sell a bunch of in books. Wouldn't you agree? I would agree the because Bama fans combat it, but you know, why? Because it was closer than it appeared. It was real close, and they go by the hell out of that book that will be a number one seller around the country. By the time that book comes out Alabama will have won the game. Absolutely in buffets. Got friends on Facebook and Twitter and check national champion to that. Mark. They will get a copy. Book comes Alabama of won the game. And that would be how many national championships for bam nineteen nineteen. I mean, it'll take if they both hands in foot- and a half in two kennel them. You gotta take socks off. Bam fans. It's that close. But you know, I you gotta love it. I mean, this is this is great stuff. This this game came down to four or five place. But when I look at the Buckeye, they all went against Bama. The the first quarter was pretty close fourteen thirteen. Yeah. But then Clemson just ate him alive. It was thirty two three for the second and third quarter in and got off of them. And it was nothing nothing. Now, what was close about twenty eight points and what five plays will cease talking about in Alabama. Now them guys aren't ready to play it Alabama. And Nick, you gotta live the ways. Man. I'm an eye, man. They were burned out the they played a lie. They played they played a long season Clemson din long season and then crimson didn't play six games. Now Clinton play any games in his first game here. Yeah. Yeah. Little clemson. They couldn't get anybody. The expert only with the pattern thing. I can't think of his name, right? Mr Mayer seven. Yeah. You need to bring him on and see what he thinks about Nick Sabin Hayes, go fix. She's going to go cut. Somebody. Can you imagine that these go fix it by Cussing somebody? Is is that the Paul? Why didn't you think stuff like that? Why didn't we go because somebody with a fixed a whole bunch stuff later my car with cranked is day, if I cussed I didn't know better or damage will have good day. Thank you very much, man. A lot of anger there. Worm is up next in Huntsville, Alabama, worm? Hey, Paul, man. Thanks, taking my call, man. He's hard to fall. He's awesome. Alabama got Burda clips game over and got burnt out. You know at the Washington game last C c c worm Auburn beat Purdue. And they think they think that gave them a national championship. They got faster too. By the way, they did get faster. Hey, powerless. I I I'll take McCaw. Thank you. If I if I'm not mistaken. I think you said it's getting to the show. This was about you know, whatever you wanna talk about little different water. Sure. And fog, I'd tell you. I'm not trying to be, you know, I'm not anyway, I've been listening to you for going thirty years. Oh my goodness. Yeah. And and I really, you know, tall come to talk. Every Trump no matter if I'm in Portland, Oregon or in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, turn you on when to o'clock central comes on full thank. And and I in you know, it's just part of my day. You're just part of my favorite, and and and Paul my daddy's tell me, you know, before passage Janis never get Bubby race. You don't other words. Never forget we come from empower last year that way. So it's obvious in the same space that you come from good stock and I'm being nosy, but we'll ask anyway. Kind of managing. What was your dad? Like see has. I know you mothers more woman. Yeah. It was a fantastic man to raise the kinda man that you are today. You know, I've always thought I if if a child could try to analyze their parents, which is an easy. I was as close to a perfect mix as you could get my father was was was very bright. But kind. Gentle man who had a great sense of humor. My mother was the spark plug and the family the one with a lot of drive, and and and and volatility, and I think he put this together. And somehow you got me. You know, he he died when I was fifteen so I knew him primarily as as a young kid. He he did every he's both my parents are from New York. My dad before he even graduated high school went to went to World War Two and came back, and that wasn't easy to go back to high school and makes it make something of himself. But he did. And my mother inspired him. All just often. Just like my wife has often inspired me to do whatever I'm doing. And and yeah, he. I won't wax too much. But losing losing a father fifteen is is a moment in your life that you never completely get over. I it's it's it's it's that line of demarcation that you grow up and. Become a man overnight. And and and I had to deal with a lot of things at that age that I wasn't really prepared for. But thankfully, my mother was very strong and help me help guide me through a dark tunnel that somehow I was able to see light at the other end. Where I must say. They won wonderful job of raising a man. And I I don't know if you have Simmons Knox. I don't get into your business. You don't talk a lot about Unser hit. They done just to spend a job that. Well, they well, listen, I mean, they were unique. And and. And I I was I'll tell you a funny story once I was talking to I was. Number years ago. I was I was interested in writing a book, and I talked to a friend who had been a very successful writer, and he said, he said, you know, you really. He said, you really just don't have a great life to write a successful book about you know, you you you had to loving parents who did everything for you. If they didn't beat you with a tire iron. And a friend of mine Rick Bragg, who I don't know if you know, Rick. He he he's at Alabama now, but he wrote a great book about his mother many years ago. And it was it was the best selling book because it was I think as his mother his father was a drawn because mother had a hard time. And I just and the guy the guy made a great point to me. I I really have a pretty yeah, I'm not I'm not making light of losing your dad at an early age. But until then my life was was really great. I thought my childhood couldn't have been any any better. So there goes there goes the best selling book about my childhood. When I was when I was locked in a basement for for six weeks for or beaten because I didn't because I missed a tip in at the end of a basketball game. But but anyway, hey, thank you very much. I really do. Appreciate the call. And hope I didn't bore everyone with my my life history there, but we are coming back with much much more. Sean farnum will join us to give us a preview of tonight's big SEC basketball game. It's like got somebody looks like he's got taco man next to him. He's a Nacho. Of course, you're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. We walk into that big night of college basketball about to commence all over the place games. In Knoxville, Missouri later were Kentucky hits the road. Sean farnum joining us right now from Knoxville where Tennessee takes on van umbrella team that took them to the wire took them to overtime couple of weeks ago in Nashville, Sean, thanks so much for. Being with us really interested in how the Tennessee team the fan base and everyone else is taking losing at Kentucky. And where they currently are as they get ready for tonight and the rest of the season good evening to you. I, you know, Paul I think this was a team that was losing its edge to be honest with you that first game that they were number one in the country. They played this Vanderbilt team, and they got a good leader early in that game. And then watched to go away against Texas AM, they built out a huge lead in that game and allowed AM to have life. And it was a two point game with ten minutes left to go before they reactivated and Jordan bone dominant down the stretch and won by seventeen. So now they've had that edge knocked off. And they've got that chip on their shoulder. Once again, I think it's going to be very important and watch how this team shows up tonight. I'll tell you if shoot around is any indication of how this Tennessee team is reacting. They're reacting in a very positive fashion for Rick Barnes, Sean, listen, you're you know, what it's like when you're. Number one in the country, and you lose, and you you don't look good. You're down about twenty four people start picking holes and saying, okay, you knew this was going to happen eventually, but as you look at Tennessee, and and I realize it was one game. But did that game show the rest of the country, especially future into opponents something to keep their eyes on or was it just a bad night for Tennessee? I think it's a combination. I think it a little bit show them that hey, you can be physical with the team and be aggressive against his team. And maybe frustrate them a little bit and Kentucky was extremely physical with this Tennessee team the other thing in which it showed us. Hey, if you haven't that shooting night. Yeah, you're gonna lose and the numbers support the fact that this has been a very good shooting team in particular when you look at Jordan Bowden, Jordan, bone and l'amante Turner from beyond the arc in conference play there around forty five percent head into that Kentucky game eight SEC play from three combined as a group. Well, when you should twenty eight percent from beyond the arc that is a massive drop almost twenty. Percentage points. There was a lot of Michopoulos that this Tennessee team has been accustomed to making that they failed to do. So in Rupp arena, and you credit Kentucky. They were more aggressive. They were more physical the the officials let the game go that way. And they were able to capitalize on it. But I think it's more of an aberration than it is an indication of what this Tennessee team is this is still the same Tennessee team. And I listen to the comments from Jay Bilas. And I don't disagree. If if Duke is shooting the ball, really really, well, they're they're difficult to be the problem is over the course of the season. They haven't shot the ball. Well, they are who they are. And they also team that defensively has had some lapses. They lot North Carolina State to score forty points against him in the first half of that game. They trailed by twenty three to Louisville in owed, by the way, Gonzaga knocked off the blue devils over in Maui. This Tennessee team knocked off Gonzaga when Gonzaga was playing some of its best basketball of the year. So I think that there is a collection of teams that are in that discussion Tennessee has not changed or slipped or fallen out of that thought process of for me. At least the being a final four quality team. I agree with you. It doesn't mean they're going to get there. But certainly as we head towards March they have to be considered a favorite to get to Minnesota. Let me move on to a couple of other contenders for the final four and for the crown. I Kentucky they're on the road tonight. I think they I think everyone would agree. They've played pretty fabulously since losing to Alabama vol teams six weeks ago, your segment of them right now other than great. Well, here's here's the key thing for me for Kentucky. You wanna know when John Calipari team is at their best. It's it's when they defended they lock in at the defensive into floor take away the LSU game, which was again a game where they had slippage at that end in particular with dribble, penetration. And then get into the paint their numbers over that ten game winning streak were comparable to the twenty fifteen team and the twenty twelve team obviously, twenty fifteen is Jay Bilas was just about one thirty eight and one the twenty twelve team went on to win the national champ. Chip. So when Kentucky defense at that kind of level and they brought that back out on Saturday, and they played with great emotion in great energy together at the defensive end of the floor. They have a chance to be one of the best teams in the country, and you go back to opening night and the champions classic. I don't know of anybody would have seen the maturation of this group from a team that got absolutely decimated by the Duke blue devils. So now being a team where we think hey, they might be able to give Duke the best game the NCWA tournament. But that's what John Calipari team has done Quanta Green Left. It opened up some minutes for some other guys to really step forward and take an assertive nature and PJ Washington has played like an SEC player of the year over the last eight games the other team in the equation. Of course, LSU they went through up last week and one they take on Tennessee this weekend, your thoughts on them. I think the most underrated team in the SEC that we don't talk about enough at the national level. They're the team that right now is actually on top of the standings. And to me when you look at LSU, and you think about trauma waters. This was a guy earlier this year. They had the number five or critic class came in Paul, and my kids always say, this are you try hard. And it's something young kids are saying, I don't even know what it really means. But what it means is this? You're trying too hard to do the right thing. You're trying too hard to impress people. You're trying too hard to be better than what you should be Trump waters was that in the early portion this season, which is why they lost a Florida state. They lost to Oklahoma state and some of the national buzz that was around this preseason top twenty five team when away. Well, now, it's back because he's just playing basketball and other guys are having a relate to him, and it's opened up the floor. Their efficiency has been great. They've got a ton of athletes a ton of length. I think LSU has been a very strong team. Also, he's alum who I thought they would be I think at their best version the probably in a lead eighteen maybe a Sweet Sixteen team, but still going to be a great run for. We'll wait. And the fact that he's got this program on this kind of trajectory already is really impressive. Sean farnum in Knoxville, Sean, so complicated. Trying to figure out what happened three or four weeks from now. But but. If you look at the entire field of basketball, which you do pretty much every night for for ESPN. Where does it all shape out right now? And I we don't know the match up in the moment. We don't know the seatings that where is this Tennessee team in relation to do. 'cause Bilas tried to compare and contrast Kentucky. And and how does it how does it shape out right now? According to you, I I think we're gonna learn a lot here on March second on the rematch that will take place in this building between Tennessee and Kentucky how this team response. We'll see a little bit on Saturday as well as they take on LSU on ESPN. So I think right now what we look at is right now Kentucky's edge up on Tennessee because that head to head and the way they've been playing the efficiency in which we've seen defensively how well they've been bought bought in. But I don't write off this team the emotional leadership in the experience of Tennessee. When you look at Admiral Scofield grant Williams, Jordan bone. These are guys that have been through it. I think one of the best things. Rick Mars told us today shoot around Paul was that coming after that loss. They watched the film and Rick said, okay? So guys, what are we gonna do? Now and George bolt. Look tips a coach I cannot wait to get back in practice. And that's the mentality that this team has had since Saturday. So great to see how they responded I and they do need to respond, and again, I would go Kentucky Tennessee, and then probably LSU with with the gap between those top teams. And we're LSU is at now that doesn't mean that LSU can't win even on Saturday against this Tennessee team. But I think that the well roundedness and the experience factor in particular here. The obviously saw the impact of Travis of what he has met to Kentucky. I think those teams have separate themselves, and we'll be the top two seeds as we moved to Nashville near less than a month. And then selection Sunday after that there's a chance that both these teams could get number one. I think it's much more likely that we're gonna see a one and a two seat come out of the SEC this year, which gives both teams a legitimate chance to make a run all the way to Minneapolis. You're the first person I believe it'd be as last season with ending Sean predicting what would happen this year with as perhaps as many as eight SEC. School has been a little confusing after the top three, but tell us what what happened then next because Auburn was a top ten team early on their struggling a lot of other schools are trying to find their way back in this in this field as well. Well, get sixteen for ranked not that long ago out of the SEC. And now we've seen them kind of beat each other up and they fallen out of the top twenty five it doesn't mean they're not good teams. They just need to go play somebody else in conference play. You're going to take losses. You're gonna take lumps concern right now. Obviously with the Nick Weatherspoon situation how that will play out for Mississippi State. They need him cues been great, obviously, Lamar Peter's they've got size underneath this is the type of team that in an NCWA term it setting. I can win multiple games for Ben Howland. But Nick Weatherspoon needs to be part of that auburn's one of those teams that's an 'nigma if they're shooting the ball really really, well, they can beat and play with anybody in the country. We saw what they did to Washington early this year when they beat the team is right now dominating the Pac twelve by twenty two points at home. But then we've also seen this team really struggle away from home. It was nice to see them. Get a victory against Vanderbilt on the road this weekend. They're now two and five away from the jungle in the jungles a great environment. And it's electric in Tennessee has got to end their season there before they go to the tournament. But you've got to be able to prove that you can win away from home. If you wanna be elite that's grant Williams, by the way. He's good. I don't know if you know, he's got great hair. Look at my mate with the hair. He's got great hair. I mean, it's phenomenal. We're having a great time here at Tennessee. But I think that's pretty much how this whole thing. Shakes down Paul that there's going to be great depth. But the top of this conference is stronger than where it was a season ago last year, they got eight teams in. But there really wasn't a team that can win a national championship this year. You have multiple teams that can win a title Tennessee being one of them. Great heavy on Jolla talking very soon. We will be watching coming up at the top of the hour. Thank you, very very much. No worth always great talking to you. Sean farnum absolutely fantastic commentary there from Knoxville that games on ESPN a number of games taking heading off to. Night on both here and ESPN. We'll take a short break back with much more as we begin to wind things down on this Tuesday night. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. We are back. Glad you're here on a Tuesday night. Let's continue with more phone calls Lewis's in South Carolina. Hello, louis. How are you? I'm fine. I'll opium doing. Well. We are. Thank you very much. I'm trying to be brief I've been watching show that two years. And I tell you Friday, I just turned seventy two and I've got a sweet beautiful wise. She's sixty years old. I hope she don't get mad with meat for telling you that. She's young la-. She happened to hear you say earlier passing through the TV because she doesn't watch a lot. But she heard you say, you weren't a winner. He hadn't won anything. So she wanted me to tell you that you are women that two years ago when I started watching your show that. You got me out of her hair for about four hours every afternoon, and you won her heart. So when the night when you lay your head on the in O'neil fill you know, you are win. Louis. Thank you very much and thank her for giving me an award quick question. Yes. Coaches at jumped ship. He's assistant coaches like bendable now he's from Atkin what two two and a half million. Yes. But year, they have buyouts assistant coaches. I don't think assistance. Some may. It's not. I don't think it's a standard practice that that assistance have buyouts. But it's it's it's possible that some do maybe the higher price you look at saving lives into coaches. He's lost. That makes this job. Why is hard? He's got a recruit and recruit KOTA. Now. You're right. That's that's a real Scott to be real hard for him to do that. And he let he does eventually catch up though. And you know, we've asked him a number of times over the years about losing coaches, and it's never seem to faze him. But this year it did. And as LARs said and others have speculated may very well of cost costume in preparation. I mean, you can't blame the game on on that. But if you have if you have a negative mindset going into a game, I it's very likely going to hurt. But he's gotta spend time with Cruden. Kosher listen, but you know, what one thing else about saving before you throw a benefit for him. He also has a a room full of analysts that very few others do. So he's got people like Butch Jones and Aries got a he's got other coaches in there that are doing a lot of work that are aiding him and those assistant. So he's got quite an operation. It's not this is not a mom and pop hardware store. Yeah, we'll follow. You know, my wife and my son graduated from the university of South Carolina. So I'm I have to be a closet Clemson fan. But you still have to give saving a lot of credit because he has to double up with Cruden coaches and players, no doubt. Listen lewis. Always great to hear you. I'm glad I could play a small part in making your wife's life better. Thank you so much. Thank you. I don't know if I've ever helped anyone at the next person's house, but squirrel is next. Will you provide a lot of service these these older guys in their seventies? I'm just getting to realize this fall. You know, the penalties four hours every day. And I mean, that's reliable. And thank you very much. I mean, I'm serious, man. I'm brown. And it's a great show today. You know, I was really been feeling down about getting that asp net national championship game until ordered. Lars. It wasn't that bad is as all come after. Now, by the way, it's entirely possible that it could be overturned based on that conversation. We're still hoping we're always ready to roll that that trophy background to the walmarts in Alabama. We have to you know, but enjoy the also the the older gentlemen, telling the story about the bear Bryant, you know, it all up story. Then he he mentioned the gold watch. Have you ever heard that story where it was a cigarette lighter? I thought it was a cigarette lighter. I mean, I know always heard that story the cigarette lighter goal of watch. And that was a different version for me. And you know, we had the the older guy come on a few days ago and gave the USC Alabama story about how supposedly that prompted bear Bryant the integration. But you know, what's better than here in these old timers with these stories is is here you'd be bunkum at the end of the story. You know, I just am by the way. I could. I mean, there's some there's some that I feel more comfortable and confident about than others. But but I just basically remember running into somebody from Kentucky who said that just wasn't true. But. Always heard that was too to the story. I heard was the cigarette lighter. But but but speaking of other bigger than old-timers have you patch things up with your lapdog yet. You know, I think my statement to you the last time is still operating. Yeah. And listen, I'm not I'm not changing, and I know. I'm listening to you. You rate your point in your life where you don't need. What was that or any? Yeah. You don't need to placate some some old coot. Who who once was a great caller? So I've moved on blocked blocked on Twitter. Oh, yes. He did. That had the hurt that. I did. Because I can't now now that he's blocked me on Twitter. I'm unable to follow his misogynist racist. I follow him located in the sun him and my son follow each other their Twitter, buddy. I don't know gyms aware that or not, but. Yeah. Him and my son and every week or so I'll get the phone and read the latest dip threat. He's you know, the last thing I heard is they wanna throw me off the ship on the finebaum crews. Yeah. I did hear about that. They want to throw overboard how that doesn't like putting on Twitter attempted murder. I'm not going to be too worried. Like, I said he better than that up. If he's going to tell me overboard, that's all I got to say, but now joined the show hoping you guys patch things up thanks for taking my call criteria from fill is fill is up next in Florida. Hey, phil. I'll Paul how are ya ought young gratified that my sister got thirty yesterday and gave you a tutorial on Mary Todd Lincoln's brawl goodness. I do remember that. Yeah. No. I never knew very much about Mary. Todd lincoln. I should have paid more. I mean, I saw the movie Lincoln. But I I guess I didn't take notes. Well, like everybody from Lexington myself included. We're all nuts. At the end of the day. What let me say this about. You know, everybody pays attention to my namesake up in post tawny to see if we're going to have any more weeks of winter or whatnot. Let me say that squirrel appearing today popping his head up. I believe that I man is going to have six more months of eclipse before hall, but really disappears. Can I can I clear up the myth? But. Brian. You bet Billy read contemporary, viewers know, sure, I grew up reading Billy. Well, he's head of you. Billy kept the scorebook when I was playing little league baseball and used to hang out with Billy at the park and whatnot. And you know, he kinda graduated to the Lexington herald leader Louisville courier journal and on up to Sports Illustrated the deal pretty much between bear Bryant and Adolph Rupp is eight for up probably could have been and maybe should have been fired after that gambling point shaving scandal in the early fifties. And what happened is that recruiting was reduced to you cannot get more than five players from the Commonwealth of Kentucky either in football or basketball. Well for Adolf it. Didn't mean anything for bear Bryant admit everything because all of his players were from Ohio and Pennsylvania. So you know, bear took off, and and you know, the rest is history. But I just think it was you know, my dad was diversity of Kentucky when both of them are coating now. Often ask him. I said how did it feel what though those guys on campus? He said when they were both moving the ground shook. And I think. Lars Anderson is at the mayonnaise. Yes. Yes. I thought what he had to say. Today was great. If he's I it sounds like he's into his book. And I think it's going to be tremendously. Yeah. Yeah. I mean right now, he's he would have to be close to wrapping it up. They'll if it's coming out in late summer knowing knowing little bit about the book business not much. I thanks for the call. Appreciate it. We are heading to a break still another segment or two left on this Tuesday night. We're coming back with more to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. And we welcome. You back here on a Tuesday night here. And let's go to Swami next in Tennessee Swami. Hey, thanks for taking my appreciate. I'm gonna talk a little bit about the job cokes. Karma Davis is doing down at oh miss. Yes. You know, being from middle, Tennessee and everything we're not surprised at all at a success and everything. And when he was here he really had. He has a Murphy center Rockin, you know, and we got a new coast Nick mcdiarmid than. Well, he's not really he's kind of having the season lack Derek Mason had abandoned building. At one time. I think he lost thirteen games in a row, and you know, going on with the Murph center now, it's kind of like watch an episode of swamp. Apl the bunch of fans named show in the stands. They and showed them showed them, you know. But I think we'll staying bombed though is just as first year, but you know, coach Davis is a lot like co-stars and Tennessee. I mean, they're they're kind of from the same cloth, though, they they don't look stars when they recruit people, and they just try to find people that fit their system, and you know, if you don't play defense and hustle, you're not going fit that type style. Listen, I think coach Davis is fantastic. Follow him pretty closely when he was at middle head that huge first round knockout in the NCW tournament, which I think helped put him on the map a little bit later than maybe he deserved. But he's a phenomenal job at all missed that was not an easy turn around. And I think all miss right now is one of the surprise teams in the SEC really great to have you on. Thank you BRUCE'S up next in South, Carolina, and Hebrews. Hey, thanks for taking my call tonight. Thank you, would you mind listening to a chicken joke. If I have to. Well, okay. Why did not the chicken cross the road because he was not interested in getting to the other side? No, all they saw the white line. And thought it was the go. That's pretty funny. I have to give guess they give you credit for that one. Well, from South Carolina, we have to make fun of him Gamecocks every now and then South Carolina Carolina. Humor is definitely interesting. Yes, it can be. Well, if you race, you're hilarious. But anyway, I remember when back in nineteen sixty three when Clemson would go every year over to Georgia Tech and get the crap beat out of them. But yet I got to go as a kid, and it was the best thing in my life at that time watching Georgia Tech and Clemson get together with Frank how being the coach and watching that game. It was just something it made impression upon me rushing ally. Original call all is I had the pleasure of lateness young lady. She was forty five years old and she had an offshore job. And saw her about it. And I congratulate her and we're getting off of her job. And she said, well, I did not get the job. They offered me to apply for the job. I'm one of them. They're interested in me. And then she said. If my credit score is okay. I might get hired Bruce not just lifted her. What did you say? She said if my Chris gore is high enough, they might just hire me. And then I was watching your show earlier, and we will talk about this that northern the fan base and all that stuff. And I was started started thinking about all the students that have student loans now hundreds of dollars to go to school. And they're all in their, you know, working out every day and going to these games, and these guys are making millions of dollars and they're in debt before they even get out of school. Big time did. Have y'all ever discussed this on your show at anytime about student debt, and whatever then I pastor. Well, it's it's a chemo waiting, and you heard I I don't know if you heard a report that there maze of people that away past ninety days on their columns. And you too good a job. You have to have a high credit score. But I got I salute your papers. I I really I mean, I'm well aware that debt is a is a serious issue in this country on I'm not making light of it. I would think it permeates every walk of life, including. College students. Yes. Well, I got I got a solution. Just like the chicken, you know, what what is that? We're short on time. What's the solution? Okay. Solution is the debt so going to be forgetting because they're frauds. Right. Omar is up next Omar go right ahead. Hall, Bob, I want to know you short on time. But I wanna get update on probably favorite all-time SEC basketball. Coach went Sanderson liked to know kind of win the last time you may talk to what he's up to. But I I'd like to ask yet. You remember I want to say this is the round like eighty five or eighty six another college. I think this is right before you got into radio where they thought they were going to pray. Yeah. Yeah. What you're talking about is is is an episode. I believe it was in the mid eighties. Her winches was longtime burning him maybe later than that wimp was on the program. What was former Alabama Kirch? And he thought he was off the air, and he mentioned another coach, and he's a and he said wimp. Jay win set. I'm not going to be on the on the show with that blankety blank. And it was a it was a word. You would never use. Their two words. You can choose from either one is equally bad and it got out over the air. I remember I did an article on it for the local paper. Yeah. I did see wimp at the Alabama sports hall of fame. This year. Had a nice conversation with him. He's I think he's doing radio in Tuscaloosa, and and looked very good podcast available on the app and the podcast. Thank you. For listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show weekdays on the SEC network. Getting at Easter.

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