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this country was still great. When I came to the throne all happened on my watch is the place is falling apart any foreign apart if say it? has this the thing about monarchy Lee paper over the cracks. Hello I'm Edith Bowman and this is the first official companion podcast of the NETFLIX CDs. The crown with with the crowd returning for season three on November seventeenth. The cities will follow the show episode by episode diving deep into the stories taking you behind the scenes and speaking speaking with many of the talented people involved including show creator. Peter Morgan with regards to the characters. Everything they do is minuted. We've got caught circulars. We know where they were on at any given time on any given day and and then to that you then add things like what. What was their age? What is it like to be married or what is is it like to have a son or what does it lie tough adults? What is it like to be envious? They are no different to us and yet they're nothing like us. We have all made sacrifices and suppressed who we are. It's he's not a choice. It is a duty subscribe now and listen to the first episode on the eighteenth of November.

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