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You can either just drive off with your check or drive off in a car, and that car can be newer used, and you can get it through truecar when you're ready for a better way to sell or trade in your car. Check out truecar through cash offer not available in all areas recorded live at guerrilla one studios with Adam Corolla in board certified physician and addiction medicine special. List, Dr drew Pinski. You're listening to the Ataman Dr drew show gay ground at dictate pet that Bob, my. As is door, treasured bed, and expansion around. Hey, about what's going on? I have loose. Gaskets. Don't. Yeah. Staffer said a long time ago strangely the reflux and all that stuff that so many people. Dairy, calm really like Jimmy's always had the my Lanta and all that kind of stuff and the TOMS and this, and that, but riddle me this Dr drew. Yep. I've never done that antacid or the heartburn or the whatever and I it's so funny because I just watch all those commercials. Or like I love pizza at my acid reflex. Doesn't I love mexica off? Spicy Mexican pizza, greasy doesn't there's no everything's exactly the same. You sure you're actually alive. Ooh for you, who you talking to know. But if you said to me, you can eat the spiciest tied cuisine, or you can have a bowl of plano, meal, a little Honey, in it and all put your head in a paint can shaker, and then an hour from now all ask you what you ate. I wouldn't know when I did that show hot ones where the do the Scoville scale and the have hot sauce. It goes up to I dunno. Two million on the Scoville scale, I think, I think I'm getting this, right? Carol check it. But I mean tobacco. Basco on the Scoville, which is just a BTU. It's British thermal units. But I mean is it's a unit of measurement for hotness and food or saw the Hobo scale. That's it is. It's like that. I, I think Tabasco is like thirty six thirty seven hundred. I did two million and it didn't affect me at all. I've when I was driving home. I didn't know what I'd done like you wouldn't know of my mouth burning about what hands went out roof now difference. Zero sat there a and I don't eat hot food. I'm not I'm not particularly I built up a tolerance. You know, growing up in the Philippines or whatever. I just I don't eat hot food, but a put the two million on the Scoville scale on a wing the wing and I was driving home. The hood of had an ice tea an hour earlier the same difference and on, on the bathroom. Same no different. DJ called- tapped out at he got up to the third one? He started getting swirly like like, like he was gonna someone's going to happen to them, right. Well DJ scare lesson. My favorite. I'll tell you, I, I wanna thank our sponsor on the show, truecar dot com. I love it. When people are on point. You know what I mean? Like really on point. But on brand point like that. Yeah. Like, if I see a fat guy, eating a piece of Hickam, like, but if I see him holding a bucket of chicken or something. Yeah. Yeah. And DJ Calland is you do you. Yeah, he's a talentless blowhard and when he went on the show. He couldn't handle the hot sauce, which is fine. But he's because he's a colossal blowhard. He started turning it on the host. Like, what would you do to mind or ever show you that hair annoyed? It was every panicky he got. No, he, he, he wanted a certain point, the host said you don't trust me. You wanna eat mine, and not yours. And he's like, yeah. Okay. And rates across Mark Ivy Scott to. He's obviously colossally stupid, but. And by the way, you go, how do you know he's he doesn't do anything, and he goes out on stage. But anyway, oh, God, go God. Now we're taping this and advance. But max Pat we got. We got a tape SNL this weekend because he's got to be up there doing a whole lot of point I the co host or whatever he's the musical app, musical act, where you tuned into our culture. I thought maybe finale to the big finale musical act. Whoa atoms. Should be so proud. He's not gonna do anything he's not going to surprise you. He's not gonna sing. He's not gonna play an instrument. It's not gonna do anything he's gonna point at the ceiling, and then pointed people to play their instruments. I have no idea why why people enjoy that. Or here's what I'm saying. Drew. Whether it's Yoko Ono, or DJ Khallid. Why do people not see what I see which is abundantly evident which is they're not doing anything, right? How why is that? I get it when you're. I get it when you're. Many truths can be learned from the Partridge family. Many trees, many truce, Gary. There's an episode. Sorry. Navient? I was looking at talent, but I got it. There's an episode of the Partridge family many years ago. Keith partridge. Yes. Recently departed have Cassidy, Keith Partridge was the love of the beautiful blonde girl, but she couldn't really sing. And Keith was so smitten with their looks that he couldn't really hear her bad voice coming through because I look at her as she seems like an angel, you know, at a certain point it got to the end, and it was like she's gonna have to go up on stage and sing in front of I think there were performing at an army barracks camp. Or something? Yeah. Kind of thing, and it was, like, no, everyone will know she's a horrible singer, but the but the soldiers were cheering so hard when they saw her, and her miniskirt right that around it out singing that I get. You sign off on that one. I understand what's going on. DJ Calland is an unattractive, overweight, man. So now we're left with the talent. See what I'm saying? Yeah. So what is going on now? I have similar thoughts about pit bull. But feel like that guy while doing a lot of pointing at the ceiling does a little more than nothing this so DJ house going to do nothing. And then he's just going to go hammer, another check and move on. And I don't get wire societies wired that way. Did he do something? Gary with this did he do something exceptional as discharge was the quality of his mixing something unusual. This there is. Do is disc jockey. There's nothing except what you ever talking to Stephen. Okay. Right. How he spent years, honing the stuff and but at certain points, Steve Aoki's hits a button and then grabs a giant cream pie and runs to the front of the audience and jumps up down and throws Pyatt people. That's a concert again. Thoroughly confused thoroughly. Look, I like I you can explain terrorism to me, and I will digest it more easily than I will DJ Cal. Is horrific is terrorism makes I can even actually. Yeah, I can go, not for me. But I still kind of understand what the motivation is. I have no idea. Why anyone even knows his name? So in a weird way, DJ Kelly is like a he's, he's a black hole to gravity. The thing that just develops because of the virtue of the exists of Cavite of gravity makes this glac whole thing, develop and he given culture is just anomalous thing that develops. Yeah. I don't get why we're show. Weak feeble minded or something. It feels like it feels like some sort of, of just having being what we are. And occasionally these these wrinkles will happen. I've also I've also the sided that. The most important attribute you could wish your kids to have would be personal momentum. And I know people that are marginally talented with a lot of personal momentum and they're wildly successful. And then there's people that are really talented with not, not good in a personal momentum of our meals. If I have a lot of difficulty is that what you call the engine? No. Now, engine is engine. Yeah. There little bit linked like the you think you're going to do this. So you tend to do it like the engine personal mental are. But, you know, those guys. But now I'm trying to get nail it. I think is it like a sales person that, you know, going to sell you something. And they've got this momentum with it except they're selling themselves. They believe it themselves. They totally believe okay. They're also the kind of people would say. Stuff that would sound credible to you. You'd be sitting around a big table and some of might be pitching like a comedy idea and they just go. That's not funny. And then we do something else, and then someone turned to them, and go, okay, what's your what do you got to go on a have anything? Sit down. Would never be shown barest. Right. They do that. Like routinely don't have a problem. You know, those guys aren't usually success more. Sounds like right. No, raise. Tarazi's. With entitlement entitlement is a little different this. Yeah. This is more. Donald Trump is. You want to hear my opinion and you're gonna love. Yeah. And we love it, and it's the best. And I'm the best. Yeah. So if you wanna be with the best is this one of the liabilities of self esteem. Oh, yeah. This is a little too much parental. Stroking whenever I see this. I always look at the relationship with mom, and the mom is always way over the top to involve start drilling down made this this. It's my I was thinking, when you mentioned I was thinking some people to have that kind of mom. Oh, yeah. Like if you ever had a roommate actually run kindergarten age like VR has. That's when it really goes, you've ever had that roommate with the mom, that was like, oh, you made a solid VM gonna case it and lucite I'll make a paperweight out of it. If you ever had one of those moms if you had one of those as roommates later on. Adult like they will cook beef stroganoff and destroy the kitchen that night and the following day, you say, to them, well, going to have couple people over so be nice if the kitchen was clean, and then they go, yeah. All right. And they watch more TV than some point you go. Well, I guess, I'll just clean the kitchen myself, and I go okay, and they'll just sit there and watch you go, where does this person come from? It's that Ma that's the mom, you didn't have that. Mom, drew. Hi that mom. So it's very counterintuitive but for people who did have that mom, it's like, yeah, why shouldn't you be clean and my dishes? My momma did the name of the episode. It's pretty funny. That's pretty funny Dora Dora Dora. Oh, yes, these guys probably they are deal with. That is hot chick must have been named Dora. Right. So it's like she's a she's barnstorming. Yeah. I'd like to introduce you a very vocal young singer was with us tonight. I hope you'll give a nice warm, welcome to miss Dora Kelly. Institution. This cave mastermind. Cohen for three minutes. TV sleeve here to me. Now you have to. With. Jay leno. Some rape and go on. Fail. The play music guy. Bring on how to be fair, these huge jazz bands. Right. Full orchestras do be exciting when the music would kick in. But that's what the Cala does. I know it's been brought up many times that episode. Yeah, so she couldn't sing, but who care wearing hot pants man? All right. Silcon pants. Ruben can Cade knew it. He was talking about when he booked or Shirley, Partridge, demaim, did not agree, but turned out ribbon was right, right. Cade was mastermind. All right. Where what is a what is Gary? What is Tabasco on the Scoville? Let me make sure I think when I looked it up. I got it here. Still actually, the flagship bread variety measures between twenty five hundred and five thousand he just Tabasco essentially. Yeah. D- did. But my when I said, thirty five thirty seven right, that's right. We're talking about. Okay. All right. Let's talk to Kyle thirty four Tampa Kyle. Hey, what's going on gentleman? It's going on man. Not much. I heard you talking before the show, drew about the errorist cards. Yeah. Yeah. If Gary can look this one up the Queen of hearts is one of the funniest looking mother fuckers in the entire world. The terrorist cards came up on this show. Yes. Some and I was like, I have not heard of it, and it's crazy Jordan harbor on. Yeah. Around there as long as you know that. Well, it's it, it, it struck me as strange that, that something that everybody had heard of. I did not that trouble me. And yes, it's weird. Got checked. But it's not like it's like something I can blame on being sixty. You know what I mean? That was from probably ten years ago, right? Fifteen I, I don't know. But it's in your wheelhouse, two thousand and three. Who here knew the terrorists trading card are terrorists plan, everybody everybody. Yeah. Weird. It bothers me. Good should. Yeah. Now magin working with that. Oh, stop it. How brutal that? Sorry. Cal the Queen of hearts. Yeah. He's a funny looking motherfuckers. I hope it looks like juice Newton. Maybe he looks like he looks like a really fat on new sane. Yeah. See, I've always said, you know what? Gary, here's an interesting piece of homework, the show, spades. But I think this is the gentleman. He's talking about other websites list him as a Queen of hearts, HAMAs Zubeidi. No, it's an interesting thing. I've always laughed about which is like, when you have some brutal dictator everybody in the war cabinet and all the generals and colonels, the have to grow the same mustache that guy grow or the same beard, not Hitler. They're like you're on your own. You're deliver that good luck with that. Like, that's the only it's kind of a weird cultural, then, because it's like you'll see Fidel cash, a lot of guys, they'll have the beard, the mustache. Like required. They didn't go along with Hitler on that once in a blue moon. It's a guy but there's a lot of dudes that have his mustache, right. All have Saddam's. Oh, yeah. All the aces and kings, not one missing. Look. Say what you will about eight off, but let's give the devils do he did not force all ten it's to conform. Faye from facial hair standpoint. Yes. Crazy. All right. Well, make note of that. I wanna see out of those fifty two cards, accommodate had the same mustache that. Dictator's per se in clued, any other sort of cartel leader anything never attractive man ever. Right. I guess so I guess you're right. I mean, never. I mean you can't even think of somebody like marginally tractive. But once you get to that kind of level, it's not like, you know, William bars model are something to that level. Even just by probabilities, there it leads me to be something in that you would think that the looks would be helpful to get that far long in society, and that it would factor in verses will plenty of the lieutenants can be normal canoes, or even attractive dues but top gun never top dog, never I wonder if those guys, I wonder if whatever the chemistry of your brain is or whatever makes that up like if you're getting laid in high school bell, tackling, I just don't think that were I think there's something to that was not thinking about overthrowing. Country, my buddy, buddy, Chris. Yeah. He was too busy getting laid. Right. And then there's like Manuel Noriega like Manuel Noriega, they just called him pineap- face. We got pizza face over here on this side of the cueyer on the other side. It's like pineapple face like he's he was pockmarked man Manuel Noriega that guy had a tough junior year in high school. So for the plane cards like twelve pictures missing just guys didn't have good pictures of there's one chick. And then there are two people two males that don't have mustaches chick, a big mustache or she wearing tight beard how she came in. She's, she's trimming no mustache for her. But then there's only two maybe three guys the pictures little grainy, but max three guys that don't have it. So everyone the more banana, the Republican Moore, the despot dictator the more you have to do the facial hair finding nice pockmark Manuel Noriega, because that guy couldn't have had great teen years. I don't know. Maybe it was captain of the swim team and had all the checks but I don't know don't guys face a little bit rough. They didn't have proactive back then. No not. No not. You don't have to dignify every comment with response. Kyle what was kind of? Breakout us into playing cards. Yeah. Yeah. I had those cards and every single one of them looks like they were just trying to copy Saddam Hussein. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know if that's a great. I don't know if that's a great move. Final God can find some older pineapple pictures to. But that guide has a tough teen years. Yeah, he didn't get asked to play spin the bottle, he's angry took over country. That's right. Sorry. Question. Go ahead. Yeah, I have a pain, like right behind my nipple. I can't feel a lump or anything like that. But it's been there for like two weeks. I was wondering if you know anything about that. What that might be any medication. You're taking not at all. And have you has it been irritated by anything rubbing against anything anything of that sort of trauma? Not irradiated, as like it gets when, when I wake up in the middle of the night, 'cause I'll feel like a lay on us, but it's not because I'm rolling on it. You know what I mean? I think you got cut have that look down. I mean men do get breast cancer and pain. It's that kind of thing can be early signed, I it's probably going to be nothing. But I kinda think you ought to look into it a little bit. So it's such an unusual symptom. Get a set of go get him or I or I don't know about that. I just I just get a doctor examine it. I I let me hit truecar sixty seconds. That's how long this commercial last. What else can you do in a minute, get an offer for your car? Go to truecar use your smartphone or computer enter your license plate number watch your car's details. Come popping on up answer, you questions you're getting accurate true cash offer from your local truecar certified deal, then bring your car, and they'll check it out and do it together. Ask questions, get answers no surprises. Then you can leave with a check, or you can drive out of there with a new car or used car and enjoy your new Rhine. So you want to home with the big fat check in your pocket. Go ahead. Or you want to drive home, in a used car previously owned, or you wanna new car when. You ready experience a better way to sell or trade in your car? Check out truecar today. He's your birthday today. Oh, I don't know. Is it? Yeah. Seventh. Yep. Have you there? Thanks, man. Anything any this is not a, a landmark birthday when is stuff coming up. Four years or so I, I don't know. I'm fifty five thirty five today. That's correct. Yeah. I did the math for more years. I don't I don't have a lot of. That I've found that I think it turns out that people around you don't really want to celebrate your birthday. But they my wife, then I was like, whatever you do new part. No big deal. Yeah. Thing. I know it's sponsored by he'll watch. I'll be when you do the same spiel to me. No done and done. Hold on what he making for dinner. That's how we doing, but I like it that way. And I suspect Lynette likes it that way, too. And if you find most people when you tell them luck don't get any gifts and don't do anything they go okay, like, yeah, unless thing the worry about, right? Like if somebody said to me, look, honestly, I don't wanna party. I don't wanna gifts. I wouldn't even think about what go out to dinner on the next Saturday closest here, birth good, but hurt thinking was Ono, people want to show up. They want to be a part of the, the they'll be upset if you don't. Well, that's an interesting thing because I, I never occurred to me. I have gotten the. Yeah. But what about people that want to celebrate here, whatever? And I'm like, I don't know let them open up, canopy, or at home, like feel the same way. But it's interesting drew is people without tons of personal momentum. Or steam are steam, we never look at it through that prism. No, I know I kind of feel bad that I don't. But then I can't, you know, I feel like I should be taking other people's feelings into. Okay. Let me do that for second. Okay. I can't imagine they'd wanted a party about me, so that's impossible. I can't do it. Good or bad. When I get the but imagine that must sound like coming from you, I go, what's that me coming for me? I'm just asking like anybody else. I don't have. Yeah. But you gotta understand coming from you. I'm like, what does that mean for me? It's request one way or the other shouldn't, I didn't wanna factor in who it's coming from. Yeah. Why is that even a thing? I've exact same sensibility exa-, and it's, it's like it's pretty rigid. It's hard to step out of it. Well, just out of it, because you become almost like a species that does something exactly make sense. Accurate feels like it's like I'm stork and you're asking me to run, you know, sprint or something like no astore kind of move slow and stand here. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's weird like you go people get pumped up our wanna know if your pumped up about your birthday and, you know, not not then they go come on. No not. It doesn't, by the way, they're doing the same thing to you that you're doing to them, which is they come from a good mom. And it makes sense to them. And they don't understand your version of life, you know. Right. So there it's actually, whatever it is, you're doing, they're doing as well on a positive side. But it's still there. They're sort of rigid is well, they think how could look like anything else conundrum neurobiology, the they call the feeling of what it's like what is it like to see red but is like to be a bat like to have helps teams like well, we we're in it feels feels like this. Well, I mean, I think it's what it feels like is. You kind of go through life and you go if it's my birthday, it's everyone's birthday, or it's no one's birthday like this kind of the thought it's also. Really? Why should other people be delegate to that to get more than trouble them? Come on. What there's a there's another. I mean so there's, there's kind of two sides of it one is. You have. You don't understand the birthday so donor stand this side. And then there's the other side, which is I go into the edit bay, the other shop and I go, hey, I don't wanna hear anymore, rock and roll generic rock and roll music played over the sound of my Porsche nine thirty five on here that engine saying, and then you leave. And then two days later, you get it, and it's got the music over it. And you're like I understand that party. I'm just saying. That's a little defensive though. It's like I could get angry. But then I get confused. But what I'm saying is either way. I'm just saying that. Yes. It's not. I, I'm saying, I don't wanna birthday party, but I'm saying I don't rock and roll over an engine thing. And, and then there's a lot of, but you have to understand what that must feel like coming for it shouldn't feel like anything, other than I don't wanna rock and roll music, over nine thirty five. Right. Because I would never think if somebody said anything to me, I wouldn't think anything other than that as well. Yeah, if you said. Hey, came home and the lights, Ron house, I wouldn't here. Oh, you're calling me stupid. I just hear the lights are on. Because I that's how I think, but I think there's an element drew of I don't feel that involved in a lot of things that are said to me or that I say, other people obviously, I don't either didn't miss the whole terrorist cards. Well, that's just a feeble. That's not. Well, that's for sure. I knew him very well. But when I'm when I'm saying is if I am, and you tell, no, you're this way, I told you once million years ago. Meanchey me went to the Thriftys or something. Nineteen ninety six and a half or ninety nineteen ninety seven or whatever love line was blowing up on MTV in Bubba blonde rain and some old guy friend of mine from a sketch group contemporary and he's like Adam burn, his name is I said what you have to burns. And then he said, what are you up there? And I said, oh, I'm working doing a show on MTV or something like that. Love line is like, okay, and then me and Jimmy left Jimmy's, like ACA, Ed believe me that guy saw on MTV. He you're on every night. He's twenty eight years old thirty years old. He knows he didn't want give everything's. Yeah. Yeah. Same improv troupe. And now he's not on TV and you are. And I said. Well, really I, I, I've just assume you didn't have cable. I could tell he knew. And I was like. I would never ever think it, I wouldn't think it because he said, what are you up to, and that's now we're done. 'cause total face value, and so that pari, but you had to know what he was feeling or thinking, or when he asked that he meant wine running by the mind, reading is a very treacherous territory of the in. I agree generally mind readings not a good idea. All right. Let's see coming back on Wednesday. So, yes, Gary, not tackle, bell material, my stand of special you guys can enjoy that chassis to us, and y and all the other Amazon nineteen and all that kind of stuff and live shows. Oh, coming up doing unprepared in Denver. Love denver. Denver comedy works south Jan June fourteenth fifteenth live shows ever AMC role that come through what he got go dot com. All the family positive. You know what who's also took the opium series? Awesome audio book. You'll enjoy something next for doctors say. Ooh. Yeah. Checkout, Kerri's podcast, offbeat, Rick Anderson, your Harrison until next role, doctors Mahala. This is Corolla digital. Flirt. Oh, TV, the leading free streaming television service watch over one hundred channels, and thousands of movies on demand, completely free. Pluto. TV never ask for credit card. You don't even need to sign up to watch for free political is easy. 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