356: Will Chatbots Be Everywhere?


Welcome to crack the customer code where your hosts Jeanie and Adam unlocked the secrets to keeping your customers. Happy and coming back for more, Adam how do I know you're not a robot? That is a good question. I'm not sure you could ask my wife, but she might actually report that I am. We should certain discussions. I don't know genie. I think you're going to just have to live with the uncertainty, man. That's a really creepy answer. But the thing is it's getting it's getting more difficult, isn't it to distinguish between these really smart Botts? We have and the way that they can now have some natural, language processing and artificial intelligence. And all of these things you Judy. I appreciate that. You could've called me a dumb Bod. At least you called me. A smart bought? That's okay. With that. But it feels like it feels like they're popping up all these chat bots in different places. And we've talked a little bit about them in places like the hospitality industry and how they're really serving a need there. But now they're talking about popping up in other places. And so, you know, I thought we could talk about that. Where will we see them? Are they going to be everywhere? And should they be? So the answer is yes and context sensitive. I don't. Yeah. They are going to be everywhere. The only question is how long and at what scale right. It's just a question of time. I think for many industries, they are going to basically, be everywhere. And for one reason they'll be on your phone, right? They'll meet in so many different things that everybody uses. I mean when you don't have to download an app. I mean, they're all these different ways to use them. So you can go through traditional messaging like Facebook private messaging or even taxed or these different things that they can they can provide you with this kind of expertise in this experience without much work on your end as the customer, right or they'll be part of the existing app early and Amazon you probably won't you'd probably leave the Amazon app. That'll just boom, boom. Boom, right right there. Whatever I'm just making that one up. But yeah, they're gonna I mean it's going to it's just going to be seamless in seventy. Cases. And it'll it'll start with the companies that have the resources and have the ability to deploy it, of course. But I, yeah, we'll see what we always see which is the third party vendors when which they're already doing it. I mean, you, and I go to these conferences, we see them. The vendors are out there. Doing these created the software creating these Botts that anyone can use right license. Right. You don't have to be at the scale of Amazon or Google or Facebook to do it. Right. And that speed of scales happening pretty quickly. And I was thinking because one of the things we were talking about was this article that really discussed at chat bots and restaurants and kind of the potential there and how instead of like a crowded bar if you're waiting for table or something what about using a bat to order what you're going to have when you sit down. And then the back can actually tell you like these wines would go great with that. And it's kind of removing a lot of the obstacles now. Now at the same time, the baht may not be able to handle if you said something like I have a very specific Allert food allergy to this kind of, you know, not or something that might be a little too much for the baht, but standard ordering that could really work. Well in restaurants, once I started thinking about that. I was like think about where the pain of either going in or calling right now like we you know, millennials and jen's e they hate calling people. So they're not going to who. So I was thinking of my own, you know, urban life here in Chicago. And how now when you park at a what would have been a parking meter you actually use an app, and you say this is gosh I had about this weekend. I was so annoying because I was not in a town where I lived. So I didn't have the app at here. You are xactly you're reading my. Mind. That's exactly what I was going to say was that if you have the app, and it's something you use every day. It's great. But if you're in a situation where you don't want to download the app, you don't want to do all this. But you still wanna know like how can I extend my parking there. If if you're tied up, and you can't get back to the machine or something. So that just occurred to me as like that might be a great way to use chat bots in the future. Because of exactly what you just brought up if you are not living in the municipality new out the town. That that you know has that app. It's a giant pain one hundred percent. I mean, you know, we talked about sort of the timing of this. Right. The timing is going to be based on one resources and to efficacy, right? How good is the baht? What can it replays? What can it be used for? And obviously, we know that there's going to be a cap certainly in any foreseeable future as to the types of interactions that have bought can handle, right? It's going to have to be the more wrote stuff the more sort of if you put in a you get be type answers, you can't be like could you explain to me the reasons for the decline of the Roman empire? And I would like light mushrooms place. I right to know what to do. It's gonna freak out. Not that your server would know how to answer that. But still they would at least know the question wasn't relevant. Right. Right. So I mean, there's going to be some sort of weird stuff as it shakes out. But I think we're going to so I met. Somebody this weekend. This was the night before my parking, my parking fun. And I met the first person that I've met directly who said, yes, they're testing robots to take over what I do. Wow. I mean, really said I'm hoping the test fails. Oh my gosh. Yeah. It was really interesting. I mean scary for that person. Obviously. But yeah, then literally not will say what she did get too personal. But yeah for what she does there literally. It's a big company. There's a lot of them throughout the country. And there are testing a robot to save that can do it. Now, that's a little different chat bots specifically. But it's the same principle is finding those different types of transactions and interactions that can be really wrote. And I think there's almost no way. And that's why you would decide are they going to be ever. They answer was. Yes. Because I think there's no way that we don't head there. Ah? The scale and the efficiency of doing so especially as it improves. It's just going to be too great for any company to ignore. And but here's the thing. Like right now, I think we're seeing them in contact centers were seeing them in the hospitality industry were seeing them in these very specific kind of places, but they're getting better and better and that natural language processing is very very powerful. So that's what is happening like with the Alexis of the world and the Google home and things like that. I mean, it's impressive. What they can come up with. Right. So that's all going to continue. But the other thing that I would encourage folks to think about is that it's not just the one job or the one role of replacing. It's how does this fit in to the journey? And what does this mean what human controls? Do we need to put in? And for example, in that restaurant example that we talked about well, if everybody's ordering by the baht, and the body is telling them like your table will be ready in twenty minutes and forty minutes that could cause a huge problem in the kitchen, right or they could be like, well, we're out of everything. So you have to think about all of those pieces that go together to create the experience and not just that one specific task at hand or that one specific job to do it really is again, something we say all the time. It's about the entire journey. It's not just about that one thing. And so that's where I see. I bet we're going to take two steps forward. One step back two steps forward. One step back with that type of stuff as these things as the chat bots are rolled out in these different industries in these different places. Hudson first of all inevitable that somebody will go for the the margins. Not the extent of at the expense of experience. Right. It's going to happen. The margins are going to be too attractive, and they're just like offshoring to somewhere where offshoring is not good. Right, right. I mean, this is happened and many companies ended up bringing. Contact centers back on moving them to other countries that were better suited that not just the cheapest alternative, and I we're going to see that with this and one thing. So I when I was young I was taught basic programming. Anybody who knows computers on a home? Then makes me. But there was a very important role in computing. It's called garbage in garbage out. Right. And that's the thing with your restaurant example, right? Or human assets are only as good as the intelligence and the information they have the differences most of them, hopefully have the judgment to know. They don't have the right information, right? Or to know the information as off or to look around and not just spew back the information. They have right. They go. Oh, the wait is a computer here saying the weights fifteen minutes, the line is two blocks long. Right. Let me check on that with my manager. Right. Right. So there's gonna be a lot of that kind of stuff shaking, by the way. I have to throw this because this was hilarious. I mean, there's a million memes out bear this one was great. I saw the other day. It said just ask Siri SUV. I get it. Right. Surely surely is not going to rain today. She said it will. And don't call me Shirley that. I got this forgot to take my phone off airplane mode. Oh my gosh. That's hilarious. That's generally for for younger folks generational joke. Everyone in my generation or generation understands it. Yeah. Classic movie airplane. See it. It's worth it. But yeah, I mean, I think we're really looking it's going to be a brave new world. We've talked about this before it's you know, it's interesting that we're having this conversation today. It was just trending on linked in the fact that robots are doing the news now, I think we may have talked about this episode three or wall time ago. Right. But that's see that trend has continued bought are doing the news. Now are they reporting on, you know, the the latest intelligence gathering opperations in country X. No, right. What they're doing is. They're doing annual reports. Right. And all these things that are very wrote that take up and in theory, according to the journal, they're freeing up time for reporters to do the human work that instead of compiling these very wrote kind of. Okay, q four earnings were double right aunt. And that's our. The power of these tools is that it does free up the humans for what should be the human work. But we just have to make sure to your point that the margins don't win completely because then there are no humans left. Don't forget the humans. Dreaming. What are you? What are you always say about the robots taking over? I don't know say a lot of things become self aware for. Yes, we'll become self aware. Yes. So that's a that's a whole different discussion. Jeez. So I think we should wrap this up by saying future robot overlords yard. We're so grateful to. For all you do. Yes. We really appreciate you. And. And speaking of that, we appreciate you listeners for being here with us on crack the customer code if you haven't yet subscribed. Please go ahead and do so we love ratings and reviews as well. So keep those coming. We appreciate you spending your valuable time with us. I'm Jeannie Walters. You can learn more about my training workshop keynote writing all sorts of stuff at experience, investigators dot com know who else loves ratings and reviews the robots that decide who goes on the front page of items just saying it's about the buds. Now, I am Adam divorced, and I am not yet about but maybe one day you can learn more about me and her hus- for service, workshops and training at customers at stick dot com. Until next time to yourself and take care of your customers.

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