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Walk into the podcast number nine eighty four. If you're going to be in brea, California at the end of February the twenty second and twenty third I'll be at the Bray improv and then March through June various dates at the American comedy company in San Diego, helium and Portland. Stand up live in Phoenix levity live Levin. Oxnard zanies Nashville and wiseguys in Salt Lake City, Google that stuff. It's going to be on the new website real soon. I promise they keep promising. It's gonna happen. I sweaty is. Let's go to the cork board though and talk about what you are doing out there in the ten t community few have thing that you've made or something you want to promote for yourself or someone close to you you or you don't even have to know the person, you know, how it works just send it to events at ten T dot com. The first one is Shanna who writes, I lost my closest friend Erica to mental illness and early January of this year. Unfortunately, she left behind two beautiful children, one of whom is Jacob a very loving boy who has special needs Jacob is non verbal and autistic requires a variety of therapies and specialized treatments. Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover everything he needs right now. Not to mention that as he grows older, he'll need additional support to get the long term care that he will need erica's friends family. Have started a gofundme to create a trust for Jacobs care if anyone would like to help Jacob you can find out more at. The link that was sent is tiny dot CC slash four. Jacob f r and then J aka OB, tiny dot c slash four. Jacob losing Eric has been very difficult for all of us. Please help make a very bad situation a tiny bit better by hoping Jacob get the support. He needs to thrive now as he grows older. I'm really sorry to hear that Shanna and thank you for sharing. And and I hope that this is able to amplify that signal and help out you and Jacob as well also Dom rights I wanted to share my brother's YouTube show, we can't cook a weekly show where two people with zero cooking baking experience attempt to create famous dishes without recipes. I mean, how could that go wrong? My brother, Matthew, Provenzano and co-star Andrew nor I'm gonna say Venar, but it could be von ori- have worked super hard on this over the past six months and all of season one is on YouTube. Job for your viewing enjoyment. So go watch we can't cook on YouTube. Thank you so much dumb. This episode is danika mckellar who is very very very legitimately close friend of mine, and she's the best danika. First of all, let's just talk about changing young lives through math. And then also transitive ly- the parents lives to who maybe didn't wanna have to figure out how to teach math to their kids or held them out with their math homework. She has a ton of math books. Available for children of all ages. If you go to mckellar, math dot com, M little C capital. K E L L A R, math dot com. Mckellar math dot com. Her latest book is called do not open. This math book, and is available now on Amazon and anywhere books are sold support this support which he is doing she is a math genius. And she is go. To help you and and your kids out, and if you're a fan of the hallmark movies. She just had a new one over the holidays Christmas grand valley. So I don't know if that's still syllable, you should watch it just support everything. She does. I just think the world of thinking danika for hanging out and catching up, and and then letting us record it stick around. There is a very special. You know, I think at the end I'd been calling it ending word salad. And I got a I got a message on read it for Reddit user Colt. Smith with a why who just wrote three words word salad wrap? WR AP works on a lot of levels. So I think maybe it could be word salad wrap that to be confused with word salad wrap. Just our AP which would have been in a bad eighties movie. Someone would rapped about salad and words, and maybe I can justify through nostalgia doing that at some point. But not today. So stick around for. I guess the newly named word salad rap or just salad rap. I don't know. I really should figure this out before making use it threw me figuring it out. So here's the ten podcasts. Number nine eighty four with the wonderful, stupendous. And brilliant Denic mckellar. Initiating entity protocol. I mean, Dan, Kelly your pillar productivity because you were just saying about how you around the city because you just work in the back of the car while you're driving, and how do you do that? Without getting horribly motion. Sick. Thank goodness knock on wood right now. I just it's so true. I take it for granted. But I'm working on two books right now. And one of them needs all these approval notes in for some sketches on the book that comes out this year, which they don't like me revealing the titles. I'm not sure why it's a little kid math book. I. The three year olds are gonna tell each other and route. Exactly, yes, exactly. So it's it's it's fun. And I need to squeeze it all in 'cause I'm a very involved mom too. I home school my son. I share custody with his dad and so fifty percent of the time I have them, and we have so much fun. And we do all sorts of things that aren't like quote productive. And then one of the days. I don't have them. That's it. I'm gonna productivity machine. Just get it all done. We are productive teaching your son had to be progressive. Of course. Yes, we homes I home school him. And so we're going and field trips and we're doing math lessons, which okay? So I've been writing math books for like twelve years now. And my first book was called math doesn't suck is for ages nine to eleven I remember this because it's been maybe six years since you were on the podcast, although we talk pretty regularly. Yes. So personally, I feel dumb that you've not been on like there's no excuse that it's been this long juvenile on. But I feel like well, we talk all the time. We just don't record those conversations. It's too. Shoe? Well, we could we could just go to lunch every conversation. That'd be some. There's good to have some stuff. That's just your own just for friends. I'm just going to say that I believe in God. Crazy in our social media obsessed world, you mean, there's stuff that can just exist in the in the world without being broadcast. Anyway. Right. So math doesn't suck my first book and ages nine eleven and my son's eight. But of course, he's a little bit in math. Because of me, of course. And we're using that book now, so I'm teaching him out of my first book, and it's so cool. It's just like so crazy and fun. And he has of course, no perspective that most moms don't have their math books that they're teaching kids, method course. But it's it's just so great. And we have a great time. And he's doing so. Well, we're we're adding and subtracting fractions. He's finding common denominators. Now. We've done all that stuff and everything you're glazing glazing. No, I'm not gonna I'm just thinking, my brain just went to this weird place of like, okay. So when he's like sixteen or seventeen is his homecoming dance like literally just coming home and dancing with someone in your living room. You know, what they have? There's so much stuff. First of all he does sports. There's tons of leagues and things we don't have to be associated with mckellar Mustangs. Now, what does the great thing? It'd be killer math is sending that Los Angeles. And a lot of cities. There's so there is such a big home schooling community to so many people don't want to do the normal thing. It's so true. And I don't know if I think it's a widespread thing across the country, but it's a huge community here in LA. There are actually homecoming dances for home schooling. Kids, we go to a place for home schooling classes on just on Fridays. He takes who's taking chests for awhile and robotics. Now, these taking what does he taking now he's in physiology and game design, so but like board games, I had designed board games. And it's just it's like like a community college. We get to decide pick and choose your own courses because at home, we're doing math, and we're doing English and grammar and and science experiments, we just built a circuit the other day from this kit that you can get online. Everything's online. You have all the resources that your fingertips if you want to home school your Joe us from like when we were kids, and it's like you had to go to fuck radio shack. I'll be a circuit. Can't like, oh, look this this wet potato is a battery. Now, you could just get anything you want to line, and you still get any still gets to go to a home schooling. Dan, I need to do that potato thing. This is cool though. I like that old school stuff. I liked like they get down to the nuts and bolts really happening. It doesn't have to be complicated or new agey in VR. It's just this is here's a battery. And here are some wired you hook them up, and here's a circuit. And he that's why the lights going on. And let's make a little switch, and that's we're closing a circuit and the light goes on. And I I just love that. I mean, listen. Here. Here's a million times before, but it's it's kind of about the decision to home school. And also, you know, I think it's incredible that you're so engaged with with him and his development, and it's like a lot of people don't or either can't because they they don't work from home, I know enforcement, so oddly enough, my divorce has made this easier because I have that deliniation. Here's here the days that it's me and my kid and hear the days, I'm on my own. And so I it's easier for me, I think to organize my time that way because I know what I'm doing on these days the day that I've Drako. What's your Mondays? Tuesdays and Fridays never weekend. We're doing stuff, you know. We're going out. We're we're going skiing. We're having adventures we're going to field trips. We're going to museums were were learning math at home. You know, we're we're playing baseball in the back. We just do stuff. Did you have to get accredited in some way to home school? How does that were like so how does he? So what kind of a diploma does he get like, what's the process? And I mean, I guess I could make up a diploma. They're not really like legal documents. I don't think I I don't really know to be honest. But what I do know is that at least in the state of California. And I think it's different state to state. You don't have to have any credentials at all. In fact, you can have a farm and had your kid working on your farm and give them no education whatsoever. And that's not illegal. So for better for a worse that is the situation wherein when you decide to home school you have to though you had to report it. So you report it with the state, you file an affidavit, and you can either file an affidavit as a charter school a public treasure school or private charter school, if you're public that means you're taking money from the state, and then they you your kid has to do regular testing and everything if you do private which is what I opted for because I like my privacy because he also have to give them all sorts of data is like huge data mining. Then you don't take money from the state, and you're saving the state mining this cool, that's pretty much it who's wonder if like everything that we learned it's kids like most of your adulthood is basically going back into on learning. Not only just like the stuff they taught us in history. Or, you know, but also ju just the things that were insecure about are the are things that when we were kid that, you know, if we we're upset about something, for example. Yeah. Right. I mean, this is huge. I remember being bullied as a kid, but you need it wasn't look at hot topic. And there's no support for you went home and cried to your parents. And then they try to make you feel better. But now there's like a whole it's like it's got a label. Now, we get to grow up and get bullied on. We'll get you. So true nobody I mean, there's so much. There's so much more social awareness, and there's so many improvements in general. Like some sort of an app where you could just like sort of like task grab it like, you know, bully pulpit where you just can summon a bully to your home school kid like, well, he's kinda learn you know, how to like how to handle bullies how to fight back. How to not take anything personally? So just like some dip shit kid just shows up and just like your shirts dumb. You know? It's like, okay. Well know how you gonna do. Since hilarious. Great. Yeah. That was going at because I remember being both schooling employee bullied in school. And I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else. But it also there are parts of it that gave me some skills and some armory learning how to kinda. But then other parts of it, you know, just crushed my self esteem, but you don't like, no right leg, especially in anything as a parent. How much do you want your kid to suffer through it? How much is great. Of course. Of course, you're not supposed to do everything for your kid because then they grow up not knowing how to do anything for themselves. But like there's that balance that you're constantly looking for of how much do I want my child to have to suffer this feeling of loss for whatever it is? And how much do I want to save them from it? I think there's I think the acceptable amount of adversity is probably is probably what I call HGTV adversity. Which is just like you watch those shows and things go wrong the home renovation shows. But it's never any. It's like an old works out in the end. It's like, well, here's the thing. So okay. So he lost a little toy a little like a hot chili pepper toys thing. It was actually plans for zombies of the pepper. So we just like the whole room. Yes. Yes. So we use obsessive plans for zombies appear is back, and he had all these toys, and we were playing with them, you know, at the beach, and I'm like, look, you know, be careful because we could lose them. He's like fine. So because often buries them, and he'll and we never found the pepper. We never found the pepper toy. And he was devastated. But then after a few days who's kind of okay about it? And I I just thought okay. I'm not gonna work 'cause you have to order a whole set. I was like, okay. You know, I think he's okay. But you always remembered that less not bearing a little guy in the sand. Now on the other side of things recently, you hoops and yoyo he looks like all these old school. Things hopes hoops knew it was a hallmark cards instead of care years ago. Oh my God. They're hilarious. Go look up hoops in. Yo they have the funniest cutest e cards, and this is like twenty years ago now, but Drake really likes them. And there's a little character named piddles as little blue stuffed bear, so cute. He loves this thing. And he's like this tough cute little Kip. Yeltsin has really soft heart, and you can tell by how much she loves piddles. So we piddles disappeared one day and couldn't find him. And I don't know maybe like the dog got him or something. I'm not sure, and we always talk about being responsible and putting things away in in not losing stuff. But after about a month of looking I got him another one, I ordered. You gotta remember do you like I found it known. I told them I told him. So so again in parenting, there are no there's no rule book. You don't know. But I just try to judge a case by case. And you know, when you lose something where you're being responsible unusual. Learn the lesson or maybe maybe you don't wanna learn the lesson too harshly. We'll give it some time. Then. Listen from losing the red pepper from plans versus ambi- gotta plan more sunflowers to get more fun. And these just got to wait until the melon launcher pops up. Right. That's that's what you learn from that. Yes. That's what you learn from that. And you learn that vegetables can kill somebody's is the other thing that you learn. Play that game. It's so great. And those like that was one of the. Between that and like angry. There's there was like a handful of games that when the mobile game revolution. Really? I started popping like the female like telephone mobile game. Those are the ones I mean. Now, there's millions and millions of things, but but I I gave so many hours to plants zombies or like. There was another one that was. It was another tower defense game. But those fucking tower defense games are crazy. Does he play a lot? Do you? Let him play a lot of you know, what he's really into super. Mario maker. Oh, yeah. So he's got the wheel and he loves making these levels. And he's because he's creating so so usually it's one hour a day video games. And that's it around Christmas time two hours a day because come on it's Christmas and his home school. So he has to feel the difference between school and non school. Right. But but with Mario maker, I let him I let him have two hours a day because he's creating you know, he's building something. And he's testing it out to me that feels like it's not just video games. Video games are bad. But I don't want to judge just doing. Yeah. I want him. I want him to to not be looking at a screen all the time. But if he is looking at screen may screen, maybe he's creating something and building something and testing it out like it's a very scientific kind of thing to do, you know, really building learning. So we just because I didn't I danced around a little bit. What what was the decision to home school? Oh, gosh. I mean, his dad, and I decided that when he was in preschool because we had him at one preschool. So first of all in LA like sending your kid to the right pre. Schools to get into the right kindergarten. It starts then. It's ridiculous. So is already angry. I can't believe I'm consider wasting my time on but a good friend of mine. She's like, oh my gosh. Name the name of the school. I'll call the blanket of length school has Zoli one more day to enroll for preschool. And I and I told them about Drako, and they're they're interested in his application. I'm like, oh my God. And suddenly, I got panicking. Okay. She's look you don't have to go. But you should just apply. Like, all right. We apply and then he got in. And then my ego joked like, oh, he got into playing preschool. This is pretty awesome. Everybody sends their kids to preschool. Okay. So we got in and we start going, and it's fine. It's like a, mommy and me thing. I don't know why paying so much money to like go with my. Get a couple of hours a few days a week. But whatever, and then they have the next step up like after a year of that. That's where you drop them off. So he's three years old or something at this point. Okay. So young the Jimmy. I don't I never left the house until I was like five, you know, you didn't go to school of any kind of you're like five at least for me. I guess I'm dating myself. But anyway, he's three years old. And now the drop off version, and you know, I'm ready wondering what I, but I'm so I'm sucked in I ready. It was that easy to suck me into the whole process and he's miserable. She hates being dropped off there. And I said we'll. I picked him up after like the fourth in there like saying, no, no. He loves it, you leave and he stopped crying these starts playing so komax hasman Mike, Mike, go spot. I have I have grown meeting. Egon spy on him is see what's going on over there. And he goes back, and you said we'll Jake like sitting in a corner kind of playing with a toy by himself. He wasn't crying. But he wasn't doing. I'm like, this is horrible. What are we doing? So I picked him up from school at the end of the day and healty me panicked. He goes, no. I she goes. I don't I don't wanna have to paint anymore. I'm like, okay. What do we do at noon because many helix panicle to face, and I happen to catch and they review miracles? I like it there. It'd Blanco Bank school creepy. Mike. What did you say? I like it there at blinky lights school. Did they ask you to say that? Yes, he's rush. Crying in my vantage. Forget this those creeping horrible. I'm like, okay. That's it. Forget that enrollment another preschool that was like at someone's house, super low key. This is not a place, you send your kids this just just hang out and play, and he was so bored. It's like I teach him this. What's going on? So I started doing it. And my ex-husband was totally supportive. He was like, yeah. Let's definitely do this. My ex is an amazing Pano player and composer and can do anything on a computer and visual effects and graphics and everything obviously, I love math. I write math books, and we just like, you know, we got this. We got this. We both have flexible job. He's a composer. I'm an actress in a writer were home in those must've. We're doing some superintendent job in which case the other one has kin it works out. So well, does he ever is there ever any? Thing that you land upon that. He asked about where you go. I don't know this or do you just I don't know something I just go to the internet. I don't know. Let's find out. I remember one time we news pretty on. You said, mommy, because we're looking at a book of animals, and he really he really fixated upon these these little baby, snakes, snakes, they were hatching on vacation. He goes home. It can we see snakes hashing. But. Yeah. In about ten seconds. We can watch snakes hatching for makes watches. Click. Click click, and he was obsessed with this video to snake farm in your garage. That was going. Maintained his interest for long. We don't species a friend of a good friend of mine sent his kid to blankety blanks. Not that I don't know if it was that one, but to another blanketing a blotted he blast school and same thing real real insane to get in real competitive, and they get in. And he goes, it's fucking crazy. Because like every time they have an event they ask us to donate money already really expenses. Yes. I didn't even bring up that part. And they make you work they labor. He'll you. It's a scam. Because they basically use your kids as leverage, they're like, you know. I mean, if you care about your kids future, you'll donate more money. And then they have renovated kitchen. You're like. Wow. That's nice. I'm not kidding. I'm not getting Jimmy principle. Be driving a Maserati. I feel weird about this. It was super expensive. You had to go to this gala every year, there's really expensive to buy replica gets on top of the gala tickets the and then you had to work for the school. But it kind of have you over a barrel kind. It's your kid because you're going to want the best thing crater kid. And then I realized the best thing for my kid is me and his dad and all the sports and activities. Martial arts and stuff, we have involved in in these extra classes with other home school kids. He has a rich interesting life. When we go skiing, we go on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and there's no one on the slopes, so many good things about it. I highly recommend it. But I mean, look, I realized that I write math books, and so for me, I know a lot of parents are afraid of the math thing. And for me, I've got that covered. But I still I still highly recommend it. And I realized if drink wants to learn Japanese or something we just talked about a little bit. We're learning Spanish, by the way, right now, the two of us together, very fun. We went out, and and so I'll higher Japanese tutor. I'm already going to be saving so much money. Oh, yeah. Of course, everybody puts their kids in tutoring after school. Anyway, if you you know, because this public school in or you could use dueling go, you could use stone. Yes. He knows that too. I use both for Italian and I've been digging around with. Yeah. Yeah. I use use dueling go for a talian and Rosetta because they both are differently both. They're both different and dueling. Go is more dueling go occasionally, we'll throw graphic stuff at you. But Rosetta is very picture oriented, and so they just both have slightly different. And then and then like a couple times a month. I actually have a conversational tutor come in because you can learn all you can from an app, right? But then when someone starts talking to you and your brain provides, it's a whole different muscle. Right. Hold on. There's also they're also I guess like cartoons are shows you can watch because I've been looking into it where like easy Spanish, but we some show there's like maybe for preschools school or whatever in Spanish, and then you can watch that and start to or the podcast. Like, there's literally no reason you wanna learn anything. Right. You cannot learn. But I I was screwing around a little bit with Japanese onto a lingo. And and it just because I thought like if I was going to learn two languages at the same time, a romance language and Sunday ticket an Asian language. They're so different that there's no way to confuse them. Right. But Japanese is you're learning several alphabets, and it's it's. I wanna learn it so bad. But I also like, okay. Do you really do need to be able to read it or do you want to just be able to speak Japanese? I should learn to read I feel like I should learn at least some rudimentary to understand the character system understand the different character sets, I dated a Japanese guy longtime ago man learned a little bit Japanese. I'm like when we went to Japan for our honeymoon. And I love the language so much because it it's very it makes sense to me, you know, like, our languages, so colloquial Japanese does not seem to be very colloquial at all it just it has a distinct set of rules, and it follows them how make sense it makes sense. It makes sense all she went. So if there's a question anymore mathematical somehow, yes, there are certain their little there's a phrase that you put a thing as a question in the subject goes here, and this is the verb. And this is this, and this taxonomy is like it really makes sense. So it's really just kind of about learning the vocab. Yeah. Jerry. And I love it. I really love it. And it's also your you don't really speak Japanese with a lot of intonation. I think really much of an attendant intonation at all and Italian and is a solid nation. An English is so much intonation, and there's cultural intonation, there's dialect, and there's an so, you know, it's I mean English is not your English is a dramatic language, but it's a dramatic language. It's really English is Germanic language that has about fifty four percent of its roots in Latin which is a romancing. So, but it like, I would think English is probably the hardest language to learn because every there's so many dialects, and we make up rules constantly, and you know, because we're American, you know, like, we all kind of have our own version of language, and we invent colloquialisms and their slang. And and it just it's like, how do you Sperling? Like, we're learning Spanish there's only one way to pronounce each vowel in span. Which is incredible. Because we have so many different pronunciations for any number. We've got dip thongs. We've got all sorts of crazy stuff going on. And you can't tell from looking at a word how to pronounce it. Off though, I know the so how but I I took Latin for four years in high school, and it is I mean, it's technically a deadline guage. But it also it's life is in the fact that again so much of our root system is based in Latin and once you understand Latin not only can you learn, you know, the other four romance languages pretty easily or at least easier, but it really teaches you like you learn English, but you don't really underst-. You just don't really learn why we say things and so learning foundational language like Lenten sort of teaches you like the subjunctive K like what is subjunctive and what's imperfect and what's plu perfect. I mean, I learned that in French. Oh, yeah. The printing French I'd same thing all the different contributions and realizing, and I remember my French teacher telling me that French is difficult to learn. But it's always the same that live level of difficulty. Whereas English is very easy in very beginning. And then it gets super hard like tomorrow, I will have had three days of shopping. About the pronunciation. Okay. The difficult thing about French is that you hardly pronounce any of the letters. You're looking at was all was all is I say bird. That's oh, I s e a X anywhere was oh what a lot of extra letters. Don't look like the way they sound than has an old bit of Muniz stand up about French Reuss like know someone's trying to speak French lick middle school. Whatever would happen. He spoke French, right, boom. I'll never forget my French teacher had a sore throat one day. She could not talk squeaking because everything comes from the back of. It's a cooling. It's a few. But it's you know. But but yeah, learning which is teaches you so much about that you're on language. It's like you cannot understand the meaning of lightness without dark, whatever like you need the opposite. You need the comparison. I feel dumb for not learning which is way better quote. The quote is a blind person will never know the meaning of darkness, right? Okay. But I feel dumb for nut learning Spanish and living in Los Angeles. Yours Spanish would be very I would love this full. Yes. I would love to be able to speak Spanish, and I love I love the language. But for some reason, you know, my mom's family is a talian. And I I took a talion in college. You know, like Spanish we so much more useful. Right. But, but I guess just because of my ancestry like Italian you feel I feel. To learn a Tony that's very similar to Spanish. So that'd be. I I learned French in school drako's dad is a Taliban and knows a little Italian and his parents speak Italian his parents actually have dual citizenship in Italy. Now, they like petition for it. And they got it. So he was pushing for Drake Italian. I was thinking should be French. And then it was like, you know, what I'm saying teaching Spanish, nobody can stop me. And. The headmaster my own school. You know, when he's with me on the days of me. He's gonna learn Spanish, and you can do like the big alphabet letters all across the walls of your house. We used to or YouTube, and I do have the multiplication shot up and fractions up. Yeah. Absolutely. When he was when he was like two and three we had the alphabet. Oh, it's so fun to see I always liked school. So I like having that probably will y okay. Speaking of me, reading math books. I brought you latest want. And this book is it says do not open this map book. So am I supposed to if you dare? No, it's. Yeah. Brooklyn for six to eight year olds. And if you've ever been around a six to eight year old or remember being sixty eight year old you'd like to do stuff, you're told not to do. So that's why it's called do not open. This math book, and it's super fun, Mr. malice in there is a great little character. Mister, mouse's your frayed of math, the one telling you not to open the book, and there's yeah there comic strips cartoons. Mr. mouse, go to be a dick about it. Weren't you? Were you not set schooled working on wonder years? He both. I actually went to Harvard Westlake. Oh, you do. Yeah. The planet back and forth and banged worth. Yeah. No. But, but I, you know, I love look I've been an entertainer and actress my whole life. I love entertainment. I love math. I love making math entertaining, as you know. And so this is the latest this is for this is teaching addition and subtraction an earlier in the podcast. We were talking about how education is different now. One of the ways in which is different is this common core math. And if you've heard about it, but they do everything is all all different confusing. If you learn the math that we learned. Yes. I actually have a thing in the back of his book called the new math. Translation guide for grownups because I've had so many parents tell me that they don't understand their six year olds math homework. They're like houses possible. I was worried about middle school. But here I am in my six and seven year old are coming home. And I don't even understand the vocabulary Thome we're so new math. Yes. I mean, it's from the sickest Dallas the old new. It was the old breath. It's. Finan? I mean, he's brilliant. And it's really funny. And so there's a new new math math. And it's a similar similar ideas that they want kids to understand how things work more than just how just one memory. Yeah. So it's not as well. It's not just about memorizing versus understanding. It's about breaking stuff down and looking at the nuts and bolts of it and understanding that look, for example, we say, caring, right? If you're adding a couple of digit numbers, right? We're not. I mean, you're regrouping technically, you're taking the ones and adding them to the tens column or whatever. And that's you know, that's your e grouping them. So there's a little more intuitive kind of having. Right. Change barring drunk. You're not gonna go back, right? Regrouping? I everyone is resistant to change as a my. And I do believe in my own humble opinion that common core has gone a little far, I think it's a little much. I think it's a real burden on teachers because it's so different. So suddenly, but but you know parents too because they wanna be able to help their kid. It's some hot button topic that we stumbled upon actually, but that's why I wrote this book that's why I wrote do not open this map book, it's for kids, and parents and teachers and I get the best tweet. Somebody just tweeted me the other day saying that their tutors a seven year old and suddenly he's like turn this corner because of this book, so that's always that's just makes me feel really good. And you know, and I when I was writing this book, I'm testing on all the little fun things on Drako. And and I've got my little test subject the most important question. I think people listening need to know is is your son slithering. Ser funny. Okay. So drako's named Africa the constellation Drako, which means dragon from Aniko draconian. Sure that's true and Mike his dad had the named Drako before Harry Potter came out. So when Mike and our first dating he said, hey, so. Just sounded like to name him Drako. And I'm thinking we've been like on three dates. And then surely after surely afterwards, Harry Potter came out and. Thing. And surely after I got pregnant, and I was like, okay. No your nose like eight years later when I get so. And then and then at some point I was like, okay. Drako's the bad guy, and Harry Potter. We can't name if we have a boy we can't name Drake owns like. No, no, no. It's a passing phase. It's not gonna. No one's gonna know. The name Jacob timing. Born. We lower by the time he's old enough. And of course, he is a huge Harry Potter fan himself. It's a coolest name, but it is a cool. And you know, what else he identified was Darth Vader as a small child. So I think he's going to be fine. He's definitely always. Yes. He always wanted to play Darth Vader. He didn't want to be. So that's and he first song. He learned to play the piano is the imperial March. You're basically training your child to be an evil genius. I think maybe. All the tools. He needs to be the best evil genius. By job is is a grouping instead of bar winning. Exactly exactly the best anymore genius villain that you possibly can. Can you? Remember that movie parenthood? Of course, one of the best movie. I love movies Martin when his in his nightmare dream when he has sons up there shooting everyone. He's like he's at the top of the clock tower new. He's shooting down people before this is happening in the country. Okay. And he goes nine shot. Katie goes, it's important being cruising. Parents. Because he's he's having these horrible. He's having these really horrible anxieties about like this nine year old is like strategy on your nine year olds having emotional problems. He had emotional problems. They're doing everything. They can. I'm sure a lot of parents feel like I don't know what else to do. You know, can't you know, you can't control everything as a parent. And I'm sure that's like the the skill that you have to learn is to be able to let go but still support your kid, but not micromanage them. And you know, I know, and I swear I think the answer truly is simple and age old and just love your kid just listened to your kid and love your kid. And this is so far this is working out for me. When throwing a tantrum and everything. Yeah, you can yell. You can yell back. Yeah. And I've done that for sure or you can also be like, okay. Let's sit down for a second. Tell me what's going on. And just listen. And you know, what that's actually way more powerful than you think I want to any works when we have kids I kind of want to just like talk to him like. People because I feel because I have a friend who has a kid in this kid's fair like eight or nine years old and this kid for whatever reason just loves the wall loves it loves the show this game show up. Just fucking loves it every time I see him. He's like, hey, maybe he winter more episodes of the wall. And so, you know, like rather than say like, oh, hey, buddy. So you just go on here. That's coming out sometime this year, and I'll tell him about it like your dad should come. If we take more calm, and I'll kind of explain how it's so. Yeah. It's the ball drops down the thing. And it goes kind of explain it to them. But not in a not in a differential way. Not an not an condescending way. If I because when I was a kid, I didn't like I could tell when adults were doing and fucking pissed me off talking like that. You don't look I'm not a cat right to me. Like a person is the key just like just like socializing your kids like they're people or or does is it important to kind of have a delineation of like your kid. I'm an adults. That's out this works yet. No, no, okay. Yes. I mean, this is a huge big discussion. And I cannot. When your kid is very small. There's like this. They have the lizard part of the brain MacDill is at the MacDill. No, I think that but whatever it is. It's from ROY sorry rate book called the the whole brainchild. And they talk about the upstairs and downstairs brain and the downstairs brain is the lizard and the lizard brain. And that's the the emotional reactive part of the brain not the part that can really reason until your child is four years old. There really is only the downstairs of brain. You can't expect you to talk to your three old like a person is probably a waste time. Stop reading clause. Honey, that's what they do. They're lizard. Yeah. Stay sunning himself on the rock. It'll be fine. Fine. Right. So anyway, yes, it's kids are great. They don't have the ability to reason with you. So you can try to like you can pull your hair trying to reason with them. And it just doesn't really work. But around the as you four then you can start talking like a person, and you can start you can start saying, look if you do this. Here's the consequence. And if you do that there's the consequence which do you want to make a big like buzz-phrase for parents is let's make a different choice. Honey. Find into Larry's. But it's true. And it does work, and it's very non-confrontational non judgmental way to show the kid that they have power nice to talk about this is this to my son all the time, and I still do drink. A you have power right now, you can choose right now when this person talks to you can either blow them off, and you can shoot and that will make them feel upset or you can choose tilt them in the eye and say, thank you, whatever it was and you will make that person's day. That's how much charm you have an image power you have. And likewise right now, you have the power to get a few more minutes and video game time. If you're super polite, and you've finished your breakfast, or whatever it is. I'm going to give you five extra or you can lose ten minutes if you mess around like this is your choice. This is the power that you have sort of phrase it in in the way of of empowering them to to learn empathy and just till like, well, there's that Jim, but whatever the lushness whether it's for their own selfish desires for having more video game time because that's a great bartering toll. It's so great doing. Yeah. If somebody can partner with oh my gosh. My mom used to use that for me to know video games. If you don't do this great. And I don't know if it's if it's a cheat or not cheat code, but it, but it's great. And then or for something that's more meaningful. Like, hey, this is the person that this is a this is your great aunts. And she loves she thinks that the sun rises with you. So why don't you take a moment? And really explain him to you know, the right now, you can make her feel so good in her heart right now just by going on giving her hug or or giving her a high five we're just saying, hi, how are you? That's how you can make her feel the power that you have I stole member. When because you know, Drako because drako's Dadan are not together. And he was about usable. He was almost two years old when we split somewhere around the age of four is when it hit Drako that I was sad when he left, and I made I made some reference to it. It's like, but I can't sleep. I'm gonna miss you. And he goes, wait. Mommy. Are you sad when I leave, and he's is filled with tears. And I was like oh my gosh. Yes. But I'm okay. And it's okay to be sad. Sometimes it's like and just sort of realizing that that they don't realize the impact that they have. So these are all very grown up things. But. But again, you could just be teaching him how to manipulate other humans as he becomes a villi interesting about that is that having. That's actually really funny that you say that because that Christie from time to time. I I still believe I still believe that he's a good person. And that would knowledge is power. And I think he's gonna use the power wisely. But I talked to him about that to save parent. You can choose to use it for for good or evil. Yeah. You could end up to ten years now tenure challenge. How's he ended up being Ben solo? You know, like, you don't know or he could he could be a he could be a, Luke. It's just it's so hard. It's so hard to tell. But I think kids they're just inherently really opportunistic because that's survival. If you love them, and you show them good values, and you show and your good example. I think you're going to have great kid. Now, you were thinking about having kids like soon Asia's this. Why this is I mean, I don't know. Just extra interesting soon ish. But but yeah, I mean at some point it's rate. It's so great. I love it. I just asked me later when his old the no, okay. Because you're a guy you can get away with it. You can and your gold. Anyway. I mean, he's nice of you to say, but. This old this old love it. You know what? Honestly, I think that being because I was thirty five when I hit Drako I think that being an older parent like they called it a mature pregnancy is stop saying that. I was thirty four when I got to turn thirty five if you're pregnant when you're thirty five you're you're considered at mature pregnancy as like I was three or four when I got pregnant again that you're gonna have him when you're thirty five. But but. Technicality seems to your intimate. Sure pregnancy the suit we're gonna have to do with like, oh my gosh. You guys. Sure, you're not sixty. No senior citizen pregnant. Yeah. Nobody. But, but I think it's great having have any kid after you've had like kind of a full life already once established you have the lessons to offer. Here's something that I think we've completely lost in this society. I think at one point when we all live together. More multi generational, the grandparents are the ones I think who raise the kids, and I should do more looking into this. But I think is true. I think the parents are exhausted. They're having their kids through the grandparents know, everything they teach him. The parents watched the grandparents raise the kids, and then when their kids had kids they helped to raise them because they knew what they were doing because they watch someone else do it. And now we're on our own. And so we're on our own a lot of people in our twenties doing this. Once you're in your thirties and forties, then you know, stuff, they at least know something. And I think it makes so much more sense to be apparent at this age. Even though it's not how used to be done. I think they had. There was a distinct advantage of having grandparents around who by the way, the grand. Parents were forty you know, what I mean? So that's what you had see benefits to both see benefits with having kids young. So that by the time, you're in your forties. It's out of the way the kids are out of the house. Yep. Mcbain you get to start living your life. Then word like you. And I had already had full careers that we did. That's true when we're full of energy and I'll go kill on hour. We're going to go back and have a career and kids give you energy. We do guess I mean, I they drain all of your energy. And then they give you energy. Here's it's like, you never realize you could do so much and feel so good on. So little sleep foot that way we'll. I mean, it's like I think you're a good role model for Drako because you do. I mean anyone who is in the business. Obviously acting you can't control each like you do the best. You can you get parts or you don't you just you can't control that? But what you do have control over is you can write books and. Yeah. And create stuff, and you can inspire people and you can educate people. And and so it's it really is kind of the best of both worlds dot com. Yes. Because you you do that. And you you try to enlighten people. And then you also get to go have fun and shoot these hallmark movies. Yeah. I love it. I really love it. I love I love the duality. I feel so grateful to be able to write these math books. And I now have that eight eight books out I think on mckellar math dot com like ages zero to sixteen because the movies. Do you get you've celebrated a lifetime of Christmases Christmases and weddings? At a very young age. I guess I'm done. Well, I have to finish raising Drako. Yeah. I know it's been really really great. And but I love acting, but I do feel like I was sort of put on this planet to to help with math because I genuinely love math so much, and I genuinely love making it fun for them. And so to get to put that out in the world. Oh, okay. So Dolly Parton, I'm not sure if you know about this, she's known not just for certain things, but she's also has this wonderful organization called imagination library, and a lot of people don't know what they only think of rigid performer, but she has this charity that over the last twenty three years has given away books to kids underprivileged kids age zero to five over one hundred million copies of books. So she has a program where if you are a low income, I'm just curious be read to them. You're you're you just read to them. This is all that reading to your kids and helping them learn how to read all about learning how to read. Yeah. Yeah. That we're in peace. So so so anyway, it's just amazing what they've done. So these kids you can if you live in an area that has it is imagination library dot com. You go to the website, you can enroll and when your child is between the ages of zero to five they get a book every month until they turned five and to help them one hundred and my very my youngest books called good night numbers. Yes. A play on goodnight moon. But it's showing numbers in real in the real world was like four legs on a CAD five points star six size to a block. So it's not like a regular counting gonna actually shows math in real life and very proud of it and imagination Lavery. It shows it for one of their twenty eight teen books. So like two hundred and fifty thousand kids got sent a copy of all my. Yeah. And they do they do like a low low quality. But like a lower quality printing of it. And it's really super inexpensive. We basically don't make any money on it. But I could care less this. This is why I'm doing this. So they just renewed it for twenty nine hundred thousand. Again. So now, it's going to be an half a million little kids hands by the end of the year. And I mean, I just find that just so beautiful and you've change people's lives and changing people's lives foundational, that's really troubling helping them to learn how to read and count and understand that numbers are part of their world. Because to me that super important a lot of kids think ole Mathisen separate subject, like, no, no, no. It's part of it's part of your world, and it's relevant. And so teaching them from the youngest age to get that is just makes me so happy and I just found out yesterday. They just emailed to say, hey, my publisher was so excited because twenty nine hundred and they're doing it again. And they usually do that or not. But I just I'm just thrilled. A few years trickle start figuring out how to sneak subliminal messages into your. That he can become the unquestioned ruler of mankind's. Unlike ten years ten to fifteen years seventeen years check in later for that. What does he into like what have you noticed that? He's like is he into into super? Mario maker right now. That's he's all about Super Mario maker. And we and okay. Do you have fused speeds are okay fused speeds. It's it's an art project is an arts and crafts thing. So there's a picture a plastic plate with little nubs on it in a grid pattern, and you can take little beads and stick them on top of the nubs to make a pattern. Then once you've done with that. You put partial paper over it any iron it, and you've created some little toy for yourself two-dimensional toy. So because for Mario brothers, especially the original is eight bit. Basically we've been able to make characters the okay exactly like these super. Mario brothers characters. New original game. That's enough diversion of light bright. It's yes, it is. But it's permanent because you can earn it. And you have it. So we have a huge bag full these things we've made over the last several months, he loves it. So we love fews bees. And he loves Super Mario maker, and he loves martial arts, and baseball and basketball, and he's just a little dynamo. He's like a little has Manian devil. He will run around the house, and I just came from sports like free plays for us for an hour. And you had so much energy still how what is happening, and they'll just he'll wear his Super Mario brothers robe. And I had this funny picture of him where he like he just took off the top of the road, and he just flexed his muscles. They randomly. I mean, he has me like rolling on the floor fun. You know, he said to use those muscles to keep the Griffin doors down. I know because they pop off every once in a while you gotta keep going to keep those Griffin doors in their place. I've realized that I am. That I'm of a certain financial status now where there's no reason why I could not just have a light bright wall in my house. Just a wall. You should. I mean, this house is just the most fun house ever. You've got everything they like bright wall. He should do. Because all you really need is like you just need a light box. And then you need the black paper. Right. And just the little the little holes. Like if you just had all the holes. Then every so often you could just like whip the paper off rip it off put in a new piece of paper. And then just put the little pegs it again and light it up. You could do all sorts of eight bit. Why are you doing this evening? I'm sure someone will do it for NC, right, Johnny. Yeah. Signs. There's a science museum in Winnipeg. Whatever I saw these movies for hallmark in Canada and Drake on my mom come out and visit. And so I always find on the weekends. We we do some cool thing. There's always a science museum somewhere and one of them. I think it was going to peg had a light bright wall. So it's been it's been done before it can be done again. I mean, there's no there's no. Shortage of creative ways that you can engage people truly kids you can order anything. I mean, it's did you when you were growing up. Did you have one of those fucked up chemistry's kits? Did you? A makeup chemistry kits record like make my own makeup. This is called fresh and fancy, and it was what I wanted for. I wanted this. I think I know I was five or six years old. And I wanted it for Christmas Christmas so badly so badly that every day was like, mommy data. Really what if I don't get? What if I don't get fresh and fancy, and they seem so confident that I would I was like, but what if Santa doesn't see my letter of doing no, no you'll get in the cabin. I know how could I possibly know? And then I got it. I've never I mean, I was like it was gooky mess, but I was in hog heaven. I was just thinking about how I had a chemistry. I feel like I talked about this with someone recently. But I had a chemistry said as a kid. I mean, like volcanoes erupt and stuff like that. There was legitimate caustic deadly chemicals that came in there. And it basically it was just like, good luck. You know, there was like a skull and crossbones on it. And I was like, okay. Well, don't drink this thirteen and above. Here we go eight year old. You're exactly exactly exactly. Like, I burn my fingers a couple times. And I learned I learned what not to do, thankfully. I just I didn't eat mutate or anything that I'm aware of. Okay. Speaking of that. So young Justice is the cartoon series that I did for year. Why did it for two years back in two thousand ten is all about mutant since? So we came back for season three after how many years has it been? I mean, like eight years we were on Cartoon Network. I play miss Martian on it also known as Megan Morse or Mcgann, and we were on for two years on Cartoon Network one of the highest rated series they had, but we didn't sell toys and the canceled us. The fans went crazy. They want it back. They'll finally net. Netflix picked it up. I I want to say three years ago and people binged it so much the neck looks went to Warner Brothers and said, you know, what why don't we do a third season? And was like, wow, this really has done. Well, not. Okay. We'll keep it. Thanks. And so on DC streaming service. They took it away from the flicks. That's been photo. You don't look engine. And it's dropping this month. This is January fourth ten at fourth eleventh eighteenth fifth and then that's the first half of season. Three in the second half of the season three drops in June. And it's really exciting to see the fan response. They actually crashed the service the server on the. The first day by driven so lucky his mom's a math whiz, and a superhero I hear I know miss Martian got it people. Do forget that a lot of children's cartoons were crafted to sell toys. I mean, I remember working on Colombian show for a couple of years. And they were like, yeah. I don't think WalMart if I remember correctly. If I remember this is I'm pulling from memory, this was a long time ago. But if I remember correctly, I heard some conversation about like, well, WalMart suck going to carry the toys. So the future of the shows look good. And it's like, oh, yeah. That's right. These are just commercials for toys. He has kids cartoons are commercials for toys. It's really a toy business. They mean like with a streaming service since you pay for the streaming service. That is the best business toys and young Justice. I mean, it started off as kind of like more for younger kids, and it's grown up with the fans. They're like, Harry Potter speaking of Drako, it's more mature. Now, it's not for kids. I mean, they do stuff in the streaming service that you don't really do on TV people's faces get blown off and. Space get blown off. It's really dark stuff. Like this children's hospital and the bad guys are stealing kids Mitchell just hospital, and they're like, the doctors, I guess are your your your sister didn't didn't make it and really they're taking them into labs and change them into these meta humans like giving them superpowers and remember deadpool. Yes. Same kind of thing. It's just it's and it deals with human trafficking issues. And but it's really well done in creepy and cool and miss Martian in the first season was like this green skin cute little alien who who fashioned yourself after a cheerleader. She's a shape Shifter. So she can look, however, she wants, and then she's gotten more mature over over this seasons. And now, she's like this bad ass, cool grey skinned alien, really more for true form and she's leading the team, and it's just a really well-made show. So for like for grownups bucks for mastic. It's really cool. Yeah. It's really great. It's I'm thrilled about it. And I'm just we started recording the episodes of beginning of two thousand seventeen and. We weren't allowed to say anything about it. And I so I took pictures of I, hey, you know, in the recording studio like, yeah. Yeah. Sorry. You can't post that. Okay. No. Posting two years two years. It's been and it's to the point where I almost like a we shot, the twenty six episodes or whatever. And I was like almost over at my gosh. I mean, this is ever going to come out. Companies that like what are they going to happen? If someone says we're doing Justice what now. What? Comecon, but they didn't want announce my character because my character has such a different look season with this grey skin things. She's the leader of the team. So I wasn't allowed to say anything. So finally said fun dog about it. Yes. And it's a really great job. But again, not for kids, not the hallmark audience. I do that caveat because I've got so many, followers and fans who are either fans of the wonder years hallmark movies are math books. And so the the demographic is a little more innocent things, and you had a lot of things. So I love is mature mature pregnancy. Sure. Show. When mature thirty five so. Pretty five is so mature. I mean, it was like one hundred years ago thirty five well. Well, rewind in this down by thirty nine. But now, you know, it's like we live longer thirty five's not that old totally. We're not old never not all I just turned forty four. But I think that forty four here's the new twenty to go with let's do that. I love how. Positively. I wouldn't be twenty two. If you paid me again. No, we wouldn't want to go back and be like and like basically regress all of your wisdom, some eight. Oh, it was. So. And he hit delete delete delete to get back there. I would enjoy having the sort of the wolverine healing capabilities of the twenty two year old by I realized I'll never ski again the rest of my life because I skied a lot as I lived in Denver for most of high school in skied a lot in high school. We'd go to Vail or beaver creek, or you know, just different places in Denver outside of Denver. And. You know, you'd fall, and you still think about it and you get back up. Now, I realize like my knee gets fucked up. If I just if I just drive to mung. You know? It's like, oh, my knees. All tight I can't imagine just falling down and being like, well, there's seven months of my life gone for the next seven months. Like, just I missed the wolverine healing ability. So I so I take Drako skiing, and I I'm not far behind you, age wise. But I so we're done skiing for the day, and my knees do kind of bother me, you know, what I do. I kneel in the snow and so the ice of the snow like in Drake just plays. And they're just calling hang out there for a few registered, Christmas and Untung you feel so much better. We'll is is is is a miracle. It's not so much. It's not that the knee itself is fucked up. It's just all the muscles around it. Yes. So you gotta like because everything's connected on snow. I know you can have like if your back is tweaking on one side that can fuck up your knee, and the other side, everything overcompensating and stuff. So you gotta like all that. But I was going to say I love that you are so positive and social media. Oh, thank you. And I know that we've had this conversation. I didn't know when we've had this conversation before where it's important to you. Because you know, that there there's so much talk city in the world, and particularly social media can be a very toxic place. And you've it like I want. People who follow me to feel happy and supported into feel good. And I can't tell you how important I think that is because it's so easy to just think that the full scope of the world is just this toxic little bubble. And it's like guests there is that. But there's so much more. And it's so important to you know, we have to make efforts to put that in the world that we have to make efforts to seek out and consume that and like just sort of put that Sav on our brains as well, we live in a time where we have so much coming at us. So much information so many perspectives. I mean, we are inundated with information and opinions, and we have to make choices we have to be active in the choices that we make for what we are putting ourselves in front of because that will absolutely affect our mood and our our ability to be productive human being. I just went on a three week social media break at no social media for three weeks, and it's a good cleanser. And it's a good reminder that I don't have to go through my Twitter feed like see every single. A person who's complaining about politics. I mean, oh my gosh. I can't I may as just like people yelling and screaming at each other. It's in there. Then there yelling and screaming in your head. And whatever you were about to do just gets sidelined. It's the wait a minute. Wait. Let's be positive. Let's follow the people that make us feel good about themselves. And let's be person who when someone follows you knew make them feel about themselves to and show them. Not just not not just to make them feel good about themselves and what they're doing. But also to inspire them to be their best selves because that's what I want. What I want to follow. And really something when I was in Canada. I did a post, and I'm not going to go into the details because a little to private, but I wouldn't I did a post where I just took a picture myself. Like, oh, I'm look cute near mega right now. And took a picture like I wonder what that expression looks like what what should this message be? And I wrote, and I just was felt inspired nece. And you guys, you know, whatever the thing is getting you down. It's okay to it's really okay to forgive. And you know, you've got this. And then something happened in my I posted it in the morning that evening something happened, those kind of big in my life, and I needed to see that toast. And it was there for me. And it was stunning to me like how impactful was. And there are other people like during the day that were writing on my gosh, it really needed to hear this today. Thank you so much, and I became that person who needed to hear it, and it, and it was so impactful and so powerful to me. I was like oh my gosh. This is this is why I'm doing this. This is why just spit on your microphone. I I'm this is why this is having a public forum like this and having people follow me and trust me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, or whatever it's it's an honor. And I want to do good by that do right by that. I want to I want to fulfil that that beautiful really responsibility. I've been given and help people to live their best lives and to feel validated. In know, I'm a parent to one person. And I'm trying to do my best. I can with Drako and to give him lots of reasons to believe in himself and to to motivate him to seek out what he was put on this planet to do. And why and to show him and he has tools to drill store on the death star. He has tools to change his mood, for example. You know, I do every Monday do McCallum motivational Monday. And it's a live broadcast, and I do on periscope, which some people still do I go. We're just kind of on Twitter now and Facebook live Instagram live in it's usually some inspirational fun thing to motivate people to either best seltzer to have a good week. Whatever it is. And that is just so fun for me to to to to know that I, you know, whether I'm telling Drako, you've got choices in your life, or I'm having a discussion with all my awesome followers. We have choices in our lives to how are we going to react to this. You know, our I thought that we have and some of the stuff. I mean, I don't I don't think you remember when you got sober. If you did a or not, but I went to alanon many moons ago because of a boyfriend at the time who was a, and it was so there was so many great tools that I learned there that that I've applied my whole life. You know, whether it's one day to time, or it's it's, you know. Knowing what we have control over. Which isn't what we think it is. It's just us. And it's only just part of us. We don't have control over much down. That's really scary. It can be really scary. And it's also is liberating because especially in Alan is all about like, we're trying to control the people around us for having problems, and we end up losing yourselves completely. So the idea that we'd try to control other people that's not gonna work new and this then it plays the social media as well. It's a huge expenditure of energy and time and life force where if we just read your that to ourselves Michael Jackson the man in the mirror. You know, you wanna make a change start with yourself. And that message is right is like you so universal and important. I think deserves reminding deserved. So true, though, stick south, no wives. Real good. One of many new, right? I don't know if that was that was I think it is. It's pretty close. Yes. So anyway, this is what I tried to myself. How many after it's great because you get good at whatever you focus on and that can be negatively that can be positively. And even if you're positive ISM, and you have to ignore that. There are bad things going on in the world. But you just can't live in that negative can't live in. That's basically, you don't know, blah, blah, buck and poisons is just poison and then you carry it. And then that obviously there's a conservation of energy that energy is not created or destroyed it's transferred. So if you are feeling are, you know, and then you can come home, and it's like your family gets that rar, and maybe they have their own or they were feeling good. And then they're like are. And then they get into just like you're carrying why in power other people to put that on you and transfer their shitty. Like, it's gotta stop you. Gotta figure out how to make it stop. And we all have we all have that power. We can stop. And we can we can change the story. You know, we don't have to repeat the stories of our parents that we don't want to or people that you know, we get to make our own stories. We every single moment we get to make our own story. I mean, I think I think recognizing. That if you could of course, it's very hard. This is oversimplifying. But if you really if you could control your, you know, how you react to any situation. That is I think as powerful as if you could control the world because you always because you if you're able to learn from something and work through something. And you know, like, I said if you podcast ago with. With my friend. Ryan who was on? If if the obstacle becomes the way like if you could figure out how to figure out how to do that. Then that is a liberating. And that's the most empowering thing in the world because it meant it would mean that virtually anything that happened to you you could figure out how to navigate through. And I think that's the steps the secret to stuff not figuring out how to get people to you know, to like you or you know, to do what you want or give you this to give you that. It's like seeking validation from an external reference points like how do you how do you make that internal right? And that's what you're trying to show Drako. And so how like what's one tool that you just for people who are listening for themselves for their own kids? Like, what's an important tool that you've learned to do that with him? TD make his own internal reference point us as funny because at this age, he doesn't care what other people think. I haven't heard of that part yet. So he's he's like people are giving him shit in school. I was just not happening. Yeah. Know, it's really for me. It's a matter of showing him the power that he has and that's going to apply to to when he's feeling like other when he's wanting to gain approval from someone else right now, the only approval he's really seeking is for me as dad, so I'm not going to like, hey, in my opinion, doesn't matter. Right. Right. Right. Right. There. Quite there yet. But you're always there to support him. So you're not. The ways of the force. The raise the forest with the good side of the fours. Force. And then whatever he does with that is up to him. But, but you know, it's look it's about it's about realizing the power that we actually have and the power that we don't have that. We think we have when we when we want to have that we waste time trying to get the we'll never get. That's all that's really what it comes down. We've got power over ourselves, Drake. We've got power over how you react to situation. You don't have power over the external stuff you have power over what you do. And at some point that will apply to other people's opinions. You can't control their opinion of you either. You can do your thing. And if they're not if they're not Dana, then you're not meant to be interacting with them. It's look it's all in there somewhere. I don't know. I don't know what the answer is or how life really works. But there's something to that that we give so much power to especially people online that you don't know anything about, you know, actually, Drake. His dad says something interesting to Drako, and I don't think necessarily needs yet. But I found it really useful. You said when somebody. If somebody gives an opinion 'cause and Mike and I both do this. We say, look, we talk out loud about, you know, we share our thought processes when we're dealing with something and making a decision about something just to kind of show them what's going on Drako and somebody gives you an opinion about something. You have to ask yourself one. How do you know this person and to do actually value their opinion? Do you trust the stores? Yeah. And if if those answers are no not really then completely. You can completely disregard this. Well, enough to trust their opinion. You don't know if someone's shitting on you can take a look and say, well, it's interesting I'll take in consideration. Maybe that's as far as it can ever go. If someone's saying something horrible to you online. You don't know if they're typing with one hand while they have a banana peel on their head with a pilot dog shit in their left hand. Like, you have no idea where they are. They are with their circumstances. What it's like. And yet somehow we give everyone this equal amount of power over us. And you know, probably a lot of it has to do with the fact that sometimes people poke it insecurities that we already have like they've gotta be poking at something real, otherwise, it's just ridiculous, and you and you can laugh it off. But it's like they say it's easier to to believe the bad stuff from the good stuff. And why is that somebody says something really nice to you? And somebody says something mean to you. What are you gonna spend your day thinking about you're right? We're going to obsess over the thing that wasn't nice because because of insecurities I guess university to see what drako's jets you've purple. Head. You're like, okay. Well that. Doesn't that's not relevant to my life? Purples? Very nice color. I sure why not Billick whatever it is you if it's completely ridiculous. And it doesn't hit a nerve at all. It's not going to have an effect on you. You're exactly right. Yeah. I see. I see exactly what you mean. But it'll be interesting to finally my purple head analogy made some sense. So you're look at you're like if I go God happening. What Drake was generation does with social media? Yeah. Or what social media even looks like to to jen's e until they come up with a better name or whatever when Drako takes over mankind. Whatever he names us. Would it be? But but that like will they be as obsessed with social media will that always be thing if you manage or is that just a sliver of gen Xers and millennials and people are going to be obsessed with talking on the telephone once it hit you never gonna like turn back from it. It becomes a tool part of every life. But then there's other stuff to gonna be become obsessed with texting, but we can do much more than texting. Now, we can do FaceTime, whatever. But like we still do that. And that's my feeling is the social media is not going to go away. It's going to evolve at evolve, and it'll still be a big part of people's lives because that's just it connects people think anything that connects people is going to keep going, right? Yeah. I mean, I would imagine. Although as much as it connects, everyone, I also feel it's very isolating, but it's very isolating because of the way that we interface with it, you know, machines forces interface like machines were hunched over, you know, like they force us to constantly telling Jacob better bring your shopping based on your shoulder. God I had to correct I start correcting my posture like ten years ago, and it's still not great posture. Very important. Okay. There's something popped up on my phone two days. You'll feel better when you're yeah. And it said it was like a posture thing you put in your back, Mike. My phone's listening to me again like that happens. Right. If the back, and you put in your back, and you're supposed to I guess it beeps if you hunch over on, that's my guess because it says guaranteed to give you better posher next time, you're gonna open your phone. It's going to give you like you're going to be like buying purple head. Exactly exactly where it's going to start to settle your your rhyme. Oh, it already does. But even. Math education for you. I think I got this one. But here's the thing. Like, I just bought bought something a Christmas present from my husband on Neiman, Marcus. And I could ads for new markets for the same. I that. I got him all the time. I'm like, oh my God. I bought this ready. And I'm thinking you can I control like the ads the come up. I mean, if I were this kind of person, I would like just pretend to buy a male swimsuit. Right. And then just like Stacy like hot guys all the time. It was just thinking like this is ridiculous. How obnoxious these ads are I want to control what the ads actually are at the something kind of pleasant to look maybe I should look like a dream vacation, you know, Hawaii or something and just have nice images because it's been Barnes. You. Game the system a little to game the system a little bit, and you to sometimes you gotta buy things Amazon that you don't want to see you get better results results on things. You know, what I mean, this is like you go to the grocery store, and you come home and some asshole doesn't knock on your door five hours later. Like, hey, you want another head of lettuce like every fucking bought this? I know alone say you show, you show you what let us stop it. Right. I bought it. I don't need. Let us all the time. We got a coupon code for you. Okay. Thanks visiting late. Now, I'm going to bed relationship with Google. Stop bringing me stuff. I don't need this past come on. Just bring me things I want when I want them not all the time. So what's coming up next view working on a book? Now that you can't say what the title illegi ruin it for toddlers everywhere. But at least you're all those toddler message boards, the top read it would explode. So so my latest book is do not open. This math book that's for sixty eight year olds that came out a few months ago. I've got this new mystery book coming out in I think November. That I'm just working on. And I'll be continuing to work on Russia. Remover? Well, no, it's. History. Although I am working on mystery series. That isn't a mystery for homework, movies and mysteries. But up until two twenty s we're just seems a little premature to talk about it. But it's called the matchmaker mysteries. And it's going to be like a series of these movies that are mysteries play matchmaker. It's loosely based on millionaire matchmaker. She is an executive producer on it. We're still figuring out what my character's name is going to be. It's not gonna be Patty her name's Patty Stanger, but I'm going to be this. It's it's going to be so much probably solving murder mysteries. And the first the first episode will likely be that I've made this match, and then and then she is killed and he the guy is the prime suspect on like, no, no. I know this guy. I I did all my research. He's not the killer. And so I get involved romance. She wrote exactly exactly. So then at that point. That's actually a good episode. Name gonna pitch that. So then then it goes on and she so she becomes known for being good at solving mysteries. And that's and may potentially her dad's going to be a retired cop. And so she image. It gets involved with a cop kind of maybe an moonlighting kind of way. Mobile this now because I'm going to tell you about it. She's going to be like fuck, I wanna watch that. We watched that for a year year and a half. Right. I know. I love how you've just carved out all these really great pads for yourself. And I think you're a phenomenal role model in such a great human being and drako's lucky to have you. And I really hope that because of our friendship when he builds a death star is on the on the guy that will be. I'll be yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Just put in a good word for me. You know, what you know? What actually bring them over here and having see the Tartus 'cause you've got kind of turned his situation. He loves the Tartus. Yeah. Please. You'll have me like look up. The sounds and we'll just listen to the target. It's gotta rules control like lights up. It sounds and south at some point. He's telling her mom wanted to meet him. My mom wanted me Drako. Yeah. A little love. Love loves happen. Here moves you and my mom's very maternal. And so she'll be like I babysit for your anything. Because you know, we don't like she's been she's dying Kidby. No kind of had like take it down on can't. You know? What though I think I think it's time nobody, but there's nothing what you don't want is. When you're in a sexy moment to think like, my mom really wants us to do you just like you don't like a kind of takes you out a little bit. When there's pressure from the family. You don't not you just don't try not to have kids did. Oh, my my wife has good advice like has advice that she gives her friends with like we were trying to get pregnant been trying to get pregnant and you act like medically there isn't anything wrong. It's just not happening. And she's like you just need to like stop stressing and just have sex with your partner. Like, don't exactly like just take all the stress away because that's hurting you. So just forget about like just forget about it. You know? And then she gets people just getting about people get, and then you know, like. Like a good percentage of time. They'll just get pregnant 'cause they're not stressed or thinking about it. So that's why we don't really like. That's why we're case. It'll happen. What's going to happen? When it's going to happen perfect. Yeah. But I'm, but I mean, like, I'm ready whenever she wants whenever she is ready. You know, as I recall when we went to dinner last she was saying that a newer there for this. She was saying that she's not going to tell you. That's what I mean. I'm not gonna tell you. What's going to happen at some? Well, okay. Well, I'm not crazy. I know. So the plan. So this was planned for the longest time. She was like one day, you're gonna come home, and I'm going to have a puppy in one hand and an announcement. And so like, a puppy, and and then she, and then she said, okay, I found out that it's probably better for us to get a dog after a kid is born. So that the dog doesn't get weird and competitive with the so now, I don't know if there's going to be a puppy. And so I don't know. I don't know when it's going to happen. But. Drives me crazy. When people are like are, you, you know, if she says like, hey, I haven't announcement like if she's working on a show. I haven't asked me really you pregnant. She was like stop pressure is like it'll happen when it's going to happen. I tell you guys you're in that you've been married for couple of years now. So people are busy. This is true and a half years. I mean, it's not crazy that we would. But you know, she just had some other things like she has some stuff she's working on this year. And then then we'll when it happens when we perfect timing. So and I and I'll be there for your paper New York child's ends up being an east in evil mastermind as well. I'll be have been there. I and I can help guide you through the problem. Really? Appreciate the. Yeah. Well, because Lydia is a house like this. He's he or she is going to have our is going to be a science scientists. Yes, we use a slither in for. Sure. Oh, yeah. For sure, and I'm raven claw. So who knows what's gonna happen? The kid can be evil or just be like a comedy nerd, I I don't know. So the hallmark movies and the math books and. Dot com. You can find all the books like big big slider button. And I'm very proud of because you can slide the by and it'll based on your kids age, they'll tell you the right book grew I was obsessed with this idea when I was creating to website, I'm like, okay. And there's going to be a big slider button. On the Snyder by people can click slide on it. And then can show seal the books because it's just like when the list is long enough like okay already. How are you gonna keep trying to grow people filter through that stuff? With a big flyer. Buds will you're brilliant dynamo. And I appreciate everything that you do for mankind in our culture and for kids in education. And you know, we gotta go dinner. We all have to get to dinner against fun. Now, we definitely will. Yeah. It's great. And Chris I just love. I'm glad to be here. And we'll do it again. I hope so not six years and your husband was on singled out. He was. My husband when he was in college. He dabbled in acting and modeling and his publicist, but he is he is in. They're like, hey, you should go on single that. And so he went on here. It had a girlfriend who is just doing it for publicity. Yes. You guys met many many years ago offer here doodo twenty two year olds or whatever it was. All right. Thank you so much for being here. Danika mckellar the end you've just listened to the Denic mckellar episode of the podcast. So I thought I thought this would be a nice special word salad wrap. A musical words. I would wrap which is we can't not end with Tom Lehrer. Genius Tom Lehrer? One of my huge influences in comedy, Tom Lehrer, brilliant, writer, performer, mathematician, musician, his piano, playing is unbelievable. And the man does not waste one word one breath in any of his comedy any of the songs and pretty much just quit performing after the sixties. Quit performing live. And he did a lot of the songs may electric company like the song, and he did did some of the grammer songs, but this song new math came from an American version of a British show called that was the week that was and this was in nineteen sixty four nineteen sixty five I'm fairly certain David Frost hosted both editions of the show. But it was just like a weekly political satire news kind of a comedy show. And Tom wrote a ton of stuff for he was kind of the resident. Musical guy on the show and this song. New math came out of that. I haven't on the album the remains of Tom layer, which is a multi disc collection of his work, which a highly recommend. And if you're just discovering Tom Lehrer right now. Good for you. I envy the journey as you go down the Tom Lehrer rabbit hole because it is wonderful. So here we go. Tom Lehrer word salad wrap. New math who have small children may have perhaps been put in the embarrassing position of being unable to do your child's arithmetic homework because of the current revolution in mathematics, teaching known as the new math. So as a public service here tonight, I thought I would offer brief lesson in the new math tonight. We're going to cover subtraction. This is the first room I've worked for a while didn't have a blackboard. So we will have to make do with more primitive visual aids. As they say in the ad is. Consider the following. Subtraction problem travel put up here. Three hundred and forty two minus one hundred and seventy three. Now, remember how we used to do that? Three from two is nine carry the one. And if you're under thirty five I went to a private school. You say seven from three is six, but if you're over thirty five and went to a public school you say eight from four six. Carry the ones we have one hundred and sixty nine but in the new approach has, you know, the important thing is to understand what you're doing rather than to get the right answer. Here's how they do it. Now, you can't take three from two to is less than three. So you look at the four in the tens place. Now, that's really four ten. So you make it three times regroup and you change attend to ten ones, and you have to the two and got twelve and you take away three that's nine as I player. Now instead of four in the tens place you've got three because you added one that is to say tend to the tube. But you can't take seven from three. So you look in the hundreds place from the three then use one to make ten ones. And you know, why four plus minus one plus ten is fourteen minus one addition is commuted right until you got thirteen tenths and you take away seven and that leaves five. Well, six actually. The idea is the important thing. Now, though back to the hundreds place you left with two when you take away one from to and that leaves everybody get one. Not bad for the first day. For math. Do you bit of good to read you math in social symbol zone? Very simple that only child can do. Now that actually is not the answer that I had in mind because the book that I got this problem out of wants you to do it in base eight. But don't panic. Base. Eight is just like base ten really if were missing two fingers. So we have a go at it. Hang on. You can't take three from two is less than three. So you look at the four and the aids place now that's really four eight. So you make it three eight three group and you change eight ones, and you had to get one to base eight which is ten based ten then you take away three seven okay now instead of four H place, you've got three 'cause he added one that is to say aid to the two, but you can't take seven from three. So you look at the sixty four's sixty four how did sixty four get into it. I hear you cry. Well, sixty four is eight square. Don't you see? I ask a silly question. You gotta silly answer from the three you then use one to make eight ones. Yeah. Those wants to the three and you get one free base. Eight on. In other words in bays ten you have eleven you take away seven and seven eleven is four now. Go back to the sixty four's you left with two when you take away one from to and that leaves. Now, let's not always see the same hands. One. That's right. Whoever got one can stay after the show and clean the erasers. New man, whom that hit won't do you? Good to read view math. It's so simple. So vary sample that only child can do. Come back tomorrow night. We're going to do fractions. I've often thought I'd like to write a mathematics textbook Sunday. Because I have a title that. I know will sell a million copies. I'm gonna call it tropic of calculus. I tend gaining complete and enjoy overrated. Oh.

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