182: Wild Stories On Jim's Friendship with the 1980's Oilers, Ones Steve Hasn't Even Heard Before


Steve Warne project sports at letter. Everybody welcome to the program. It's a podcast it's Ottawa's number one. Sports podcast Steve Worn Law with Jim. Jerome this showboats sports and whatever we come at it from an Ottawa Canadian perspective of something sends Fan. Jimmy's and oiler fan. Particularly the one thousand nine hundred dollars were assisted on the play by Jim. Kaye Ford rb Computing Puting and all Insurance Ontario. You can only get two assists. Technically on a goal James get three assists right. There are website. He Steve W PROJECT DOT com. And that's that's Jim Jerome Chuckling away. Jimmy Steve Stevie good. We got to tell everyone. Steve Yes all right. All right we did with. We're are- starting here. Today we did a solid fifteen okay without without hit the recording button. That's you not me. That's something I would do anyway. We're we're off and running you bring up the eighties oiler Stephen and you know I think back to to some of those days days and and I hope people don't get tired of me talking about the others but they were great times. Don't don't blame me. Steve for being lucky ended up here. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty five new. Imagine when I got off the plane working for Molson who was the main sponsor of the oilers and You know the guy. Here's the company Cars Steve. Here's here's a expense account imagine. Imagine me being let loose with this. This sort of stuff steve. When I got off arrived at down at twenty three years old company car season tickets to the oilers expense ans- account and we need you to do it your way sort of help us to increase beer sales in the city? Okay AH so. Why didn't any of the other Molson guys like the older guys guys in their thirties? Forties and fifties want the account that you had. Because you're you know you talked about but everything that you've got and not only that you're hanging with all the oilers I guess you're the same age that was probably the bigger in but the must have been a bunch of guys that were a little jealous of you was was an well. Well what happened is I. Didn't I interviewed for the job. I flew out here and you know I was my parents. My Hi Dad was like super super happy. You know that that they were going to interview me. And I'm sure I'm sure I find out later because my dad was a friend of Hartland Hartland Molson Senator Rolston that he probably made a full goal. And a I like to think Steve. I got it on my own merit but I had no merit okay. I had nothing. I had nothing to offer. Steve and I lied on the on the application that had a degree which I didn't I went to school for four was riding four full years. Steve Two credits. I went there every day every day for four. Wait you only two credits in four years. Yes yes I did wow did oh yeah. Every day shot pool snooker back in those days. I don't know if you remember Carlton. The Uni any center there were big twelve foot tables snooker tables so you're talking early eighties right I I. I think I graduated high school. Yeah I know I did. I did that and then and then when I went to apply to Carlton. It's probably much tougher to get now. I know it is for kids and I went to see the registrar Because they didn't have the Mark Steve. My average coming out of high school would have been probably probably stretching it if I say sixty percent steve when I when I was the school right and and probably a bunch of remarks and can you look at it again just so I can get out of high school. Can you remark that exam. See if you can boosted is it up to fifty five so shit like that and I went to see the register. I'm not lying. I went to see the guy and try and say I'd like to get in. You know I need aid I need a break and and this is what the guy said. Do you have the money it was. It was seven seven hundred bucks a year Steve to go to school. Why Yeah I mean? You got a kid in college. So Do I two kids in college. Yeah mine's on the road to so it ain't cheap cheap it ain't cheap and anyway so that's so I got in there so I drove a van in the summers for Molson special special events. Then they hired they hired quote Unquote University students and so off I went and then they have this new job of campus rep that they started and I was the rap Carlton so what happened when I applied villa job. My Dad said here's listen. Here's what you're going to do. They're gonNA ask you a bunch of questions Russians and you're not going to know the answer that was. My Dad was pretty realistic. He already knew you wouldn't know he. It was the same guy dropped me off at Carlton. The first with my books and briefcase and I said thanks a lot. I'm going to be a lawyer. You Know My dad was a lawyer. Write a judge a politician and he he stopped the car and he shook my hand and gave me a hug and he said you're not going to be a lawyer cool. No you're not don't waste your time. Okay you're not. I've been to law school anyway. So he said you're just GonNa answer answer the question with I don't know I remember the humane repeat it. I don't know but I'll find out I'll come in early. Stay late and answer on my phone recalls. So he said that's how you're gonNA answer all those questions that you don't know and anyway I went to the went to the interview. President of Molson's for Birdie came at me sat down smoke the pipe those days inside and said but What what what are you thinking? You're going to do to help us with the university. We want to increase increase. All the beer sales right at. You probably get thrown in jail for that now saying we want all the kids drink her. There's a there's a fraternity system here all the houses and I don't know but I'll find out I'll come in early. Stay late no answer on my phone calls right and the guy was like. That's the best answer I've ever heard. I think you're you're good. You're good to goal okay. First Question Steve. You're good to go of. When can we wait when I think we'll start next month and off I went Steve? Thank you dad thank you dad. Thank you dad when I when I when I was fine. I didn't know what the job was. No and I. I knew that I didn't know what the title was. I assumed it was a sales guy right back. In those days you had four or five sales guys for the big beer companies service Labatt Molson carly and each guy had a territory and and it was make calls and you call all the bars and stuff people would remember but that from back in the day. I don't know if it's like that anymore. The businesses changed completely. But those were the old days where our Brian Kilrea brother. Jack was Molson Rep when I got hired. They're Great Guy Jack. Jack's dead now but he used to. He called me the germ instead sort of Jerusalem on your. That's nice during during the summer job anyway. When I went out there I thought it was a sales job I just assumed and so they had four or five sales guys but they also have two guys who are called sales promotion guys which was a much better gig no calls? You looked after events that the breeze sponsor Sir and and teams and so when I got there I had the guy's like here's your I saw five guys stuffed into one little corner room with the little portable dividers and he said here's your office here and I have my own office tape taped twenty-three I said of course I do right and he said you're you're gonNA look after the university and you're going to look after Rodeo which who sponsor out here and the coach dinner and cfl stuff and the oilers. Well they just threw in the oilers at the end there when they're listing off the things you can look after this is going to work with you here and but you're the their age you're young young and and we want to make sure we're represented while you know back in that day. They were the big sponsor of the team Muslim sponsored. All the Canadian teams right. So well Anyway I didn't I this puck and greet and next thing I'm down there handing out shit from the oilers and and meeting. All the guys is not not the guys. Mark Messy Wayne Gretzky. Paul coffey just grab fear and I had season tickets right by the bench. The answer was just unbelievable. I think the dose Steve Back. Then if I'm not mistaken in one thousand nine hundred eighty five I think I was. I think my salary is is like forty two grand or something but anyway those were when when you talk about the eighties oilers and the Shit I used to do. Man Oh my God remember. This is all in one night. Steve this is a typical night. So Mark Messier Clothing Company at one time it's called messy manufacturing or something like that and they made these Jean jackets with with leather on them. There was sort of high caller. Jean jackets real real eighty stuff. Almost seventy stuff you know. I like to good high collar. Jean Jacket back in the eighty S. Yeah we had these. They went a step further and they were flashy colored patches on and stuff like that and he had a fashion show at a at a bar one night so we all pile in there at a big four door Pontiac Friesian and we got snapped. Everyone got snap and and Kevin Law and I went went outside. I don't know probably. He didn't smoke but I did. Or something anyway went outside and I was showing my new clubs. Okay we're hammered and he's those are nice. Let's hit a couple okay so this would be. This'll be this would be the equivalent of and it'll be down the market. Okay somewhere with your car parked and he gets up on the roof of my car and I hand them a five. Aren't Steve and a real golf ball. That he he balances on the hard courts and and and wings. A couple Steve off the roof of the car. Okay and I said do another one again. So anyway he gets up there and he. You know when you're over the ball Stephen Golfing you sort of flexing your knees a little bit and and setting yourself self before you're GonNa hit the shot right. Well he gives it one bounce up and down to set his feet bank and caves the roof into the car. Back in the car we went we started punching it from inside to get the roof back in shape. And so don't worry about that. We'll get that fixed. And then at the end of the night Kevin took coughing went home and Messa centimeters. Kevin where to go and Kevin got teased as being a bit of a teetotaler back in those days I run home and fuck that. Let's go get them right. And let's do that okay. Two in the morning and we all pile in my car mezza sitting on the passenger side front. There's a chicken between us and there's a few couple people in the back and we're driving even down the freeway and he's saying what you're going to slow let me drive so I go to pull over. He goes no no. I'll drive. Just move your feet and your hands ends. And he takes his left leg. Okay puts it over the over. The girls sitting in between and his left hand and so now he's bombing down the freeway Steve. That's how he's driving my car. He's got his left foot on the accelerator and that sounds safe safe and I'm grabbing cassette tapes. Okay and just holding the tape and I'm giving giving everyone wanted to. He's actually just grab the tape. Okay you know pull it out a little bit. Everyone opened the windows. It'll be like a wedding and throw the cassette out the window but hang onto the tape. Okay so this is how we were driving down the white mud freeway. Okay into Kevin's neighborhood and family area that we lived beautiful home and ram the car right up on the front lawn. Steve Drive it right through a flower bed onto the front lawn and park it right at the front door. Four okay on the steps of the front door. This car and and mark is hammering the Horn and Pfizer flicking on all over the neighbor to in the morning. And and Kevin's Kevin's door opened out his main door and he couldn't open it because my car there anyway. That's all one night stevie. That's all in one night. Yeah did he want to kill all of you just you know. Oh Yeah I get to hear stern the car off the front lawn. And who's WHO's this random woman in this story so many questions questions here. I don't know I don't know who was right. You know so. Obviously someone Steve that would be completely and utterly overwhelmed and attracted acted to me. y'All yeah you'd be in their dazzling them and not not the not the millionaire orders. I don't know I remember getting pulled over by the cops coming from among the oiler game then it was northlands coliseum before Rogers place burning downtown and Greg was following me and he had a he had a big big Mercedes eighties and I got pulled over by the cops and going to get an imperative. I guess and COP comes up to the window. Roller down you know I. Don't you made an incorrect left hand. Turn something back there and I'm not Jesus. Okay sorry and trying to hold my head back right not to breathe on them and all of a sudden I look career view. Mirror grits up gets out of the car and Comes after game and comes up to the COP and goes. Hey how you doing. This is my buddy. Is there a problem and the guy looks goes. Hey Wayne Oh my God great game tonight no not a problem off. If you go boys off you yeah. Those were the days D.. Those were the days so so. If you were to like rank like the top five oilers that you were tight with back. Then who would they be. Well aw wait. I've been friends for a long time. So and and mark and Kevin would would be the the main guys. Grad grits is always kinda busier than other guy. I so traveling a lot and stuff like that. But but in the summers he wasn't he was busy doing other stuff. But we're very well. Yeah like my first. This date with my wife was his wedding right. That's his wedding. Everyone knew that and Kevin were. We hung out all day and all night in the offseason. These guys weren't Stanley cups to St. Were dragging the cup around the city and I told that story. We can't Kevin's from from the shoot Quebec in. He had a big charity golf tournament. There we went down there with the COP and bring it into bars ars and me taken the cup. You gotTa Day with the Cup. Yeah I brought it into sows in the front seat of my car and I said I've been not not do that. Because people can see it so I laid it down across the back seat and I brought it into work in what happened the Gal if the white gloves loves this within twenty four seven that Philip Richard Guy no white glove guy there no white glove guy there so we played and everyone loves playing golf Particularly mess so we play golf. You know I was. I was playing hooky back then from work and we play golf every day. And then we'd go to. We'd go downtown. You tip to eat and go to the barn and do what you do you know. I can't even imagine how just hanging with those guys you know you don't the town but to going around with the Stanley Cup with those guys. That's just like Oh yeah I think that commercial where those guys there is about five guys. They're all in their mid twenties these and they're at one bar after the next going champion champion and they're like hoisting this big cup and then they show them at the end of the night. After the best night of their lives lives. They go back to the hotel. And it's actually it's just A. It's just a flower vase that they've used and they stick the flowers back in. You actually had something real. You had the the the holy grail of Canadian Sports with you. That's nuts yeah. And I I live with master. Actually both with with Kevin's place for for awhile. Live at Mark's place for a while and because I always bouncing around between roommates in apartments and I've got where I fucking live. So they were they were. They were crazy ass days craze. Ms Was Hilarious. You know I would. I was staying at his house and I got engaged. Way Back then Steve. I got engaged and this all remember this forever and I was kind of excited about it but I thought this is not diet and I shouldn't be doing this and ultimate ultimately we broke it off but I remember the day announced television. We got engaged. I was at this place. Came as what's up Jimmy and I said hey mess I got engaged and he said to write you matter he goes. What are you stupid? ooh Piss you're not doing that. What was his problem not letting him? I'm not letting you know. And that's not that way broke it off because it was just never gonNA work. PROBABLY DIDN'T WANT TO LOSE HIS PARTY PAL too. That's right. I've always said you're the great ice breaker I mean I. I've always. He's been married in the time that I've known you but I always said that if I were a single guy you'd be a great guy to be riding shotgun. The Gustav my maverick best opener ever. We traveled around. He was he was super generous. Guy He would he do anything for anybody and Wayne was like that too so it was Kevin Wayne gave away every Cari. Sorry ever won a bunch right. The car was the go-to prize. Rate for all star. MVP teaching winner. And you know most in cupper whatever all kinds of shit that he won and he gave all that stuff away and we'd go to a bar with mess and he'd look around and You know okay. Let's get right here. Let's go or berry tease instead of goose loonies and all the people that have been to these places but there was tons of bars that we went to and we'd be in there like ten minutes you know and he's got going get because we you know we ought to be a right away when he going because let me get the bill and the bill I get. I remember seeing the bill told the girl getting get the bill over here. 'cause I never any money and mess had lots and nine hundred dollars. Wow I'm go. We've been here ten minutes. Oh yeah he'd get everyone a drink. So you're you're talking. You know back in the day Steve Beers were three bucks or something like that. You know we have three hundred people there by a drink. This is fantastic anyway. All right some great memories there there and we could go on but we should get To some matters of the day if you will and we've got through that little bit of stuff to talk about today and I WanNa talk about our great sponsors. 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We'll get to that in a second but it got me to thinking that if you could bring back one defunct pro sports team which one would it be first of all first of all Steve. You're not sad that that's the last game quick. That means shit. We don't care. I mean it'll still be pretty much the same. When they're the Vegas Raiders? The Las Vegas Raider settle at probably. Won't change much wear the same uniforms. But I don't know do something about it kind of I'm not sad about it. I'll admit but I was a little sad well you it's funny you bring this up. Because the other day I read about the Winnipeg jets and and their history you know because because they were they came in the league it was the. What back then Could you imagine when people got teams you know back in the seventies right There was the breakout. The breakout league and Winnipeg was one of the teams Edmonton was another one. Hartford played in that are you talking exclusively about are you talking about. What moved into the NHL generally what teams moved into the NHL. So you we looked at up and it was it was Edmonton Winnipeg was there. I know Hartford was one There's another though. Maybe maybe Calgary I duNno know Atlanta China at Atlanta the Atlanta flames know that they were originally called Nolato Atlanta's always been Atlanta flames were always in NHL team and then they moved around. Nineteen eighty two calgary right okay. So they came in as an expansion team in the jail and seventy nine or something or eighty i. I don't know not the flames. The Atlanta flames came in in nineteen seventy two and by nineteen eighty. There the Calgary flames. They had no affiliation whatsoever with With the W. Ha and I got the other team for you. It is The Quebec nordiques right. The Atlanta Atlanta flames. Steve came into the NHL in Nineteen seventy-two. Thanks so I doubt that no not a chance. Yup from nineteen seventy two to nineteen eighty the Atlanta flames played in the NHL. And then they became the Calgary flames by nineteen eighty. Wow Wow I I I never knew that. Anyway so Winnipeg had the team for a while until ninety s ninety six that team when you talk about. We talked about last week where teams are having trouble selling out. You know. The oilers don't sell out anymore first time in a long time and and they've got still about six thousand more fans per game than the sensor getting so far this year right so what the jets did one of the one of the is this friend of mine who was very much involved in the back in those days and he he. I was reading a bunch of posts that he put about this exact thing. You're talking about. What how what this meant to us when the team arrived and what it meant one of the lost them again when they left again and when the jets came into the league they had this idea of saying and we gotta show how classy our fans are? Okay that's GonNa do we're GonNa do this promotion and they they. They set out to to see if everyone it came to. The game would wear formal attire Tuxedos and long dresses. Okay and everyone said told the guy you're out of your mind ain't okay. That's the dumbest idea ever. No one's going to do that. No radio station bought into it and the end of running with this thing himself. He got hooked into a Tuxedo. Tuxedo rental company and You know they could rent the Tux for like twenty bucks for the night and long gowns and shit like that and the place got got swamped swarmed with people to show that they were classy. And I think what Winnipeg you know. They've they've been on both sides of a now having team not having a team and then getting it back again. I'm and I. I've been around long enough that I was here for the first year. The Ottawa senators covering the team. And they're getting absolutely freight trained on a nightly basis. In that I season they were terrible but through it all there was always that notion of well. At least we have a team and I heard that that's now long gone and it probably should never be long gone right now. They're dead last in attendance and all the NHL and by a significant margin by the way and the team. You know the team is still at the bottom of the standings although playing much better much more entertaining on a nightly basis look forward to seeing the Games and Aw Right now. They've got a team to watch. It's interesting you would remember. They just to give you an idea of what it means to people You know there's always everyone who remembers where they were. When Canada played Russia in seventy two and guys are aging remember sitting on the floor with the lethal? TV stands. That was up about six feet. You know the little and the big big box. TV sitting on there right so you watch you know. I don't think they were called They didn't have video back then. I don't know how we watch shit but But but you know Gordie Wilson maybe even Gary Aachen Dean Brown and these guys is he probably yourself you can throw in there who remember exactly the day that they announced the Ottawa. Say It was in Florida. I think and that the announced the Ottawa no senators are I've been granted franchise. Oh Yeah he's a sports director in Smiths Falls Ontario and just to finish my thought about how the future looks good in terms of the way they're building the roster and the direction they're going all the prospects they have You know this this concept of they that they had in ninety two of at least we have have a team even though things are going very well. We're GONNA keep supporting this thing right now. It's like I'm hoping that it gets to a stage that with this current ownership that Fans will start heading back to the rink because if you gene Melnik decides for the next twenty years these going to continue to be the owner of this franchise dozen people are still going to say like they are this year. Obviously that they're not going to the gains then. I'm not sure I'd take it for granted. Yeah I mean when we talk talk about this topic it's great. It's great you just talk about this whole story the jets and what. What does it mean to people when when they do get a professional sports team in the city and more so what does it mean when those teams leave when it happens and and it can be you know it can be a devastating thing for businesses for for staff often and fans alike so when we talk about it that way part of me Steve Goes Okay? You know what the the fact you do have a team and really really. What business do you have questioning ownership really really what you know that you're pissed off with a trade or something or because he said something that offended you in the media and stuff like that you know the the other side is you gotta pipe down? You got had a pipe down man. You're not running. This team is very complicated. It's very tough to make money running an NHL team with the salaries the way they are. Now Oh and and you know we've mentioned the other day that you can't make money. Ask the authors. How are they make money? You know he says you don't you you don't make any money. The reason they buy them is because the franchise fees keep keep soaring right so you get a guy who goes you know. Look it over the five five year period here the franchise went from you. Know whatever eighty million what what is it now Steve to buy hockey team. Oh it's over six hundred million. Yeah so that's why the guys that's why you know the business guy doesn't I still think he'd make money. I don't think there's any question you're making money just based on knowing knowing what I know of the TV deal that they signed With the local radio rights and then the gates the attendance You know there's they're making they're bringing in more than the whatever it is eighty million dollars that they have to pay the players and they're obviously expenditures beyond that but the payroll is the biggest Cost once you pay the expansion fee everything the the annual cost of your players. That your biggest expenditure. I still think there's way more coming in even on a bad team Than than is going out now not this year with the sense I think they are probably losing money but I think in most NHL rinks. They're probably coming away In good shape yeah I. I don't know I'm only going on what it was told the other night from upper management guy in the oilers you know the teams like teams like we talked to the Red Sox and the Yankees in these iconic pro sports sports teams who have their own. TV deal fact. They've got their own station because they're on TV station. You know so but smaller markets. You know it's it's tough to make money. All you gotTa do again is look at this Winnipeg story. Phoenix was till the League stepped in there that that team wasn't GonNa last and now they're playing great but You know who who are we as a fan and you know to say well your team Shitty. You'd never do you know it's like return Ronna Isis team here that we can win. I'm not doing all this stuff on purpose to Piss you off fan so big part of me this morning says Yes yes shut up man about ownership. They're the guys who stepped up. You know that will be an augmentation with a good chunk of our listeners. You gotta shut up about Eugene. Melnyk they do they do those Steve. You're lucky got a team in the in in this day and age Steve where it's tough to fill seats. It's tough to get people there regardless regardless of whether you're teams good or bad right so let's get back to the poll. It's a wind it all the way back to that again. We're talking about the raiders leaving Oakland and so if you could bring back one defunct pro sports team which one would it be for me to be the expos pretty simple one and there's a few people who in Royan. Oh Yes when Quebec nordiques to be in my mix as well because I love the battle of Vermont. The Battle Battle of Quebec Mike Murphy being facetious. He wants the the. Ottawa loggers back. which was a roller hockey team? Popped up in the nineties J. J. C. Rights J. J. C.. In the six one three writes the California Golden Seals and they must wear the original Younis those gold skates or something or whites gates Camera Matt from Tolkien Steve. Where what? What's I'm assuming it was? San Francisco was where they played. I think Oakland Kings the kings were around weren't they the kings are around. They came into the League and sixty seven at the very same dime the California Golden Seals. I think became. They were the Oakland seals feels to start. And then they. When Charley came out of the scene that he can the California golden seals because findlay was a bit of a flamboyant sort but I think they were always in Oakland? I'm I'm I'm not sure about that though Few good sends writes a my youth included road trips to see the expos playing a Jerry Park and then the bill. I remember a bus trip where the boss died and we had no wait for one to come in from Kingston. Let's see here Bruce. Camp Rights. Lots of good choices. I'll give you one from each of the big four Quebec nordiques Seattle Supersonics San San Diego chargers and the Montreal Expos and Danielle with the expos as well so thanks to everybody for their feedback. The Pole yes is brought to you by computing from computers to business networks and everything in between rb competing solves tech related issues in record time now for the holidays check out the AMD horizon nine thirty nine fifty x the world's most powerful sixteen core desktop processors now at our beacon Pudi two three five Menton Place Place Suite one zero six and bell scores so on the hockey front. The Ilya Kovalchuk era in L. A.. Such as it was is now over. Koba Chuck has left the Kings. And he's now been placed on unconditional waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract and I get him being a little on the skittish side he hasn't played for the Kings since November the ninth. That's a long haul for a guy as a two time. Fifty goal score in the League. He's thirty six years of age and and he's reportedly being shopped around despite his no movement clause so in the process of doing this imagine the concept of walking away from almost ten million billion dollars. I'm putting that in Canadian terms by the way that's including what's left on this year's deal and what he's going to get next year and only has to do is just not not walkaway go. It'll go down to the minors if you have to. And just a play the Stroh and so looks like it's contract is going to be terminated. He'll become a U. F. A. and I can't imagine getting a lot of interest out there. Maybe he'll end back in the K.. H. L. got paddled that soukous till I think playing in the K. H. L. at least was as of last year but that's not an easy thing to do to walk off into the sunset leaving ten million on the table. Y Y I guess he thinks he can make it somewhere else but no one so. They whipped him on waivers right. They did they put yup again. They put him on waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract because he's a sick of waiting around to play hasn't played since November ninth. The question I would say I would have would be. Is that guy that that guy cost himself a shot at being the hockey hall of fame to go away and play in the K.. H. L. for five years I wonder if he'd like a do over on that one because clearly he we always had the NHL Dr Burning of maids thirty to thirty five. He went back to the AHL after being appointed game guy throughout his NHL career Play with the the Atlanta thrashers New Jersey devils and goes off to the cage L.. Walks away and so he goes to the key H.. L. Rips it up there but to me the AHL is pretty much the same value as the American hockey league really and Dow since he got back he's he's played in eighty one games. He's at forty three points a minus. He's thirty six so I if he had it to do over again he probably hangs out in the NHL for for those five years and he probably does go to the hockey hall of fame. Yeah Cova check. Here's some for you your shitty okay. You're no good anymore right. YEAH IF YOU'RE NOT CRACKING THE LA like kings lineup. That's a bad team. The Cage L.. Steve must be a royal royal. Royal Pain in the ASS to Daniel. Yeah that's why the senators I think partially stayed away from Russians for the better part of fifteen years like they're just you always have that as a Russian player. Well you know. If you're gonNA give me what I want whether it's ice time or money just go play Gel fine because they may very very good money over there so I it's always a a worry when you draft a Russian because they're very comfortable in the continental league. Yeah Craig mctavish right went over there. Yup announced he went over to local MOTIF. Latif of course is more renowned for the terrible plane crash team but he he he went over there. Obviously it was a money thing. And he's a great guy and I saw him the other day and he's back now he got he got fired about. Oh four five six games in he got let go and the setup was unbelievable he treated him like a king. He was in a brand new building. A brand new apartment that was sort of they had these condos attached to the rink and stuff like that and it was it was fantastic. But he said the ownership and it's like that with a lot of teams teams are completely impatient and totally unrealistic wins and losses right and he said I got so tired of the owner calling hauling me all day long and all night long but what are we going to do you lost today you know. So what what were we craig said it was just. He was breathless with with trying to appease this guy you gotTa Relax Mandy and so he ended up. You know the guys that if you if you lose another game or two. We're going to let you go. I would wonder how you even function properly with the language barrier that would exist in in most of your roster. You're GONNA have some MHM North Americans and they're going to some English speaking players in there for sure but I think at least half of every roster there's just no English right Wayne Gretzky always have had her voice go go over there and he loves you know. He loved Russia But he said it's a different lifestyle and lots of guys get there and so I shouldn't have done this first of all like you talked about the way Craig had to have a translator. Go with them everywhere right for all these meetings with the ownership You the food. The weather the travel the accommodations. It's just not like the greatest place in the world to play hockey which is North America and a lot of guys come back you a Lotta guys or guys who may be had a choice Regret it when when they get there. There's an article yesterday that which which was Kinda interesting ran? Dawn okay with Anaheim what are they called. CD Angels Angels. Yep while they're the Los Angeles Angels Now oh he was going to go to the dodgers or he's looking at the dodgers to go there. He signed the story yesterday was he. Signed a two hundred and forty five million dollars deal with it. Seems seems like it's the two fifty to three hundred million dollar deal week Steve with everyone signing and when they asked him about it he I I was nervous about the Hollywood lifestyle right. And that's the way it is and that's the that's the scene with the team is living this Hollywood lifestyle and he said I got no interest in it right. The dodgers play in West Hollywood and meanwhile the angels playing more family friendly Orange County. Yeah it's Disney Disney Disney land in Anaheim. But anyway anyway. That was interesting. You don't often hear guys say that you know that I'm not going to that. I would imagine guys who might have an option to go to vegas if they have a young family. Mike Pass Man Right. I can't imagine raising children in Vegas when they walk out the door in the morning. Steve and they've got to go by seven slot machine before take the school. You know what I mean. I'm sure they have suburbs. Yeah I I guess they do but but I I would hate raising a kid there when he turns eighteen right and and does what every other eighteen months they wanNA party and and you know hit the bars and stuff like that. You mentioned in Vegas Anyway that I said No. I'm not going there. I don't WanNa live in that city because of that reason nothing to do with the team nothing to do with who else is on the team management. Anything like that. I'd have a hard time given that guy a ton of money. Anyway you know. I think he's having had him in fantasy baseball. And how injury prone he's been out lately. He's been pretty healthy but Certainly throughout his career. He's been a guy that's missed a lot of time due to injuries because I always seem to have them in the fantasy baseball. Just saying it's always coming back to me and my fantasy stuff comeback with final thoughts here in just a second. I thought I would remind you that we have great sponsors like GM Ford the Ford Year End. Event is on right now at Jim K.. Ford don't Miss Out on the twenty nine teens. They're loaded with driving technology style in comfort. Everything you need to tackle. Every seasonal adventure asked about great rebates on select new two thousand nine hundred ninety one fifty edge escape Eko sport and ranger models during the Ford year end event at Jim Kaye. Ford you will drive in Orleans or Jim. Kaye Ford Dot Com Eighty Evan. Insurance guy if you don't you should. I'm not talking about a big insurance company. I'm talking about a local team who won't keep you on hold for hours. That is all insurance Ontario real people. Great rates solid advice visit all ends dot C.. Tech six one three eight six zero six zero zero. Oh eight all insurance Ontario. Your modern boutique broker Guinea interest in this whole topgun phenomenon. The doing another one and social media was going Berserk this afternoon with the latest trailer. For Top gun maverick. This thing came out in nineteen eighty six and and I thought at the time it was great. I really did but I don't know that. What are we at now? Like this is going on Thirties thirty three years later. I'm not sure that I'm that pumped about seeing the sequel that so many people are in the Kosei the the trailers cool and everything. But I don't I'm not sure that's coming from where we atop gun guy back in the eighty S. Well sure I saw it right. Kelly mcgillis right. Yeah let me get. I loved her. She might be khanate she might be Canadian too by the way The whole deal Steve Right now. Is everyone sick of these. Little millennial pukes when we were when we were recording. The shore. Thought we were at the we talked about how these these kids are so entitled They're they're freaking out and protesting. Oh testing and I saw. I don't know a a talk. One of these academic guys was giving out of university in a bunch of kids who are in there screaming at him that you know you. You don't know what you're talking about. It's very difficult These are the toughest times ever for children to grow up to be a teenager and to be a young twenty year old right and you're killing US Greta Greta Tune Berg thornburgh whatever. Yeah okay her. WHO's this sixteen year old client climate activists? And you know this was going on and on about how what what you're doing about it and it looks like nothing and our generation is going to suffer. How dare you how dare right? It's the worst times ever and the guy says. Do you think you have a tougher than your great grandparents. Your grandparents did and full-on Steve Full on John. ZSA WAGGING MIC. Drop the earth. Here you know Sorta like let's let's put things in reality here for your kids. Well this they have these. You'd say have enough perspective to know that the answer to that question is no I don't have stuff. Is My great grandparents right right point was you. You don't need to do anything you don't need to do anything anymore to find out something to do something you know he made the point about your foal all right you live in a time with. GPS was discovered here. You know when fiber optics came along and all of a sudden texts can go through the air. What's happening here? You know and and you could book anything you want. You can eat anything you want to get a ride anywhere you know. He's so he's in other words he was saying saying that. You might want to pop pipe down. About how tough things are right. You don't even need a laptop Steve. They're going to be defunct pretty soon. You know they're the people can do all this ship from their phone and you know that was this guy's point So it's our group our generation right. Who is who was saying? You know you so you get to do whatever you want. My when I grow up Steve had no choices here and you ate what was put down in front of you ate at the same time. You didn't get to go anywhere you know you have to do homework. At a certain time you went to bed at a certain time you traveled with the family. And and my Mike Kids I go. Where did it go sideways here that we're eating it? Three kids were eating at three different times and making three different meals. And you know it's just crazy crazy it's got into my point is so what's happening is there's A. There's there's US people right who are telling the younger people to shut up right. The you live in the best times ever right now. Best Times ever and So what do you do with us. People Steve Well L.. Loverboy supertramp sticks. They're bringing back all these bands for people like us and and I think by extension the Mo- The movie industry is looking at this sort of stuff to say. Let's give these people something that they're they're talking about back in the day man. This is how we did things and and and I'm sure that's what what they're trying to establish has always been huge through all generations. Not just is not a new phenomenon for sure. Anything to style It's always. It's funny how it's framed now though like you think about radio for example like nostalgia. Radio has always been big but eventually that that audience will start to die off and you'll always have to refresh with a newer generation but the oldies music. Now it's now now. It's framed as classic rock right. Oh they call it eighties nineties. Whatever things like that instead of calling it the oldies? You know listening to the oldies. Well nobody wants has to be affiliated with being old and if they can avoid the whole oldies things changed so yeah I mean always been huge and it certainly applies to movies here on one thousand nine hundred eighty six. Do you and me doesn't seem that like that long ago but it's a long time ago and But yeah they're going to do a bunch of stuff that similar Tom Tom. Cruise of course is back. Kelly mcgillis was not asked to apply because she is five years older than Tom Cruise. And well let's just say ladies in their in their fifties in Hollywood and sixties they don't necessarily get a fair shake so she's been the the love interest is not Jennifer Connelly. Do you know that actress. No she she. Yeah she's probably this year. Yeah for sure you'd notice here and you got val kilmer is going to be back. Last thing I saw I saw him in. He was really overweight and looked up. Well no not at all like the ice man. I remember from the original movie and Jon Hamm is going to be shoehorned in there as well so anyway the new trailer was out today. And everybody going crazy. Yeah but I I guess I'll see it but I don't I don't get the hype the hysteria around it. Well they're trying those Steve Right. They're trying to a bunch of this us to bring us back back into the entertainment world for example Steve. Tom Hanks is in a movie. Above above about Mister Rogers. Right right right. That's all over the all over the place right now with. I don't know if it's out yet or not said soon. Beautiful Day in the neighborhood hood and there's these other remakes that they're doing. I don't know if it's on Broadway or whether they're going to be netflix deals or whatever but they're doing like friends I think they're starting to talk about a reunion whether they've done it or not. Three's company one of the shows we grew up with. I think they're redoing. You want some all in the family. I think they're they're looking at doing stuff there right. So that's what's happening. Stevie I suppose you are correct correct everyone just go to me at the beginning Steve. Say We'd better find a jungle. Okay so we did a nice old walk down memory lane real serious nostalgia in that particular episode. What do you got going tonight? James Have you muted yourself yourself back. You're working. You're working in about in about an hour. I gotta do this dismantles rusty who's getting annoying with the pictures of sending US Shit. Yeah about where his life is that of mind. You know what I mean Steve. You're part of that. Now you're on that little loop loop bright grown a little text group. Meet Him in you. All I'm living vicariously through them. Because God knows enough it was the eighties. You'd probably be texting me hourly with You know whatever conquest you in the eighties. oilers are up to going to send you a picture of me on Wayne's plain the The obnoxious and with that we shall call it a day one hour right on the bone stevie right on the ball not too shabby op. We'll talk to you later. Good night everybody. We'll see

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