392. The Election 2020


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Check it out at still believe dot. co thanks. everyone. And i hope you enjoyed this episode of the working experience. Though working experience unflattering ninety three north is almost at a standstill yet. So rough out there this morning. Snow in sleep them. It's no service on n. Clear the closing door is to be a few minutes. Traffic should make make sure either report. Sat presentation harry charlotte to see his team. Meeting at ten and worked makes the dream work here moving and after the meeting. We'll have a breakout session. Where am i. Hot box is discussed that everybody welcome to this very special edition of the working experience. Podcast mattie k. And john it's special because it's election while it was election day now we will allow action month may been very. I mean they keep calling. It's weird like sometimes as late as sunday. I saw I saw joe biden the projected winner and then other places i see president elect joe biden. And i know there's a lot of lawsuits going on and things like that. But i think he's pretty much the president right well. It's always a good day when it ends up in the courts. That's where that's where. I thrive a lawyer up in a head into the court system. Yup oh he's so he is look. Obviously trump hasn't conceded and trump has every right. You know the president's been set to look into this to make sure that it was a fair count- there's there's there's no issue there like look now him spouting fraud and voter fraud and stuff. He should just shut up like full stop. You should shut up and let the lawyers go in within the states and make sure that everything was done to the book and obviously you know with the mail in and you know the turn out. They're going to be some discrepancies right. But you know like a dead person voting or someone double submission. Whatever it is but i don't think it's going to amount to enough to swing the election. I think that what republicans in the far-right are saying right now is that it was fraud. It was like flat out voted for there. They were saying that a month before the election there already but you know what like i don't i'm i'm an independent. The democrats did the same thing when trump beat hillary. Like whatever who. Whatever but lena what let the courts decide from court rod a month before the election. I mean trump's been saying this for the last two months there's gonna be fraud. There's gonna if i lose is he was paving the way he's not ever be saying any of this if he had won. I mean we're clear on that. Trump is such a fraud. I mean this guy owes so much money to so many people. I mean for him to call someone. A cheater is like adolf hitler calling someone. Anti-semites i mean like this. That's a rough statement rear on fraud lying cheating bilking people. You know your right. He has the right to contest and other the right to contest it all be figured out within the court system if even if it has to go to the supreme court system. But if you know if everything looks copacetic broad. He's gonna go like he can't everyone's like all you just stay in the office. No he cannot stay in the office. It will be forcibly removed from the office if day. I want joe biden to forcibly removed. Him i wanted mano a mano. You know what. I'm san trump's younger. But he's pathetically out of shape. I think biden would do i quick jab to the gut and then the right to the chin and raghav wearing wearing the aviators right day. Pull up in his corvette jump out. Plus trump is wreaking havoc. He just fired the defense secretary. Oh he's oh he's going to burn the place down. It's like when your home gets foreclosed on and you pour cement in the toilets. Yeah i mean he's he's gonna go nuclear. But here's the thing narcissists right like i was listening to absolutely ego he would. Here's the our country vulnerable by firing the secretary of defense at this time. He doesn't care he does not care one whip well. Here's the thing the not so much wins or loses presidential the actual what everybody should be concerned about right now as the senate what's going on the senate but the thought that fifty percent of america twenty percent thirty percent whatever that number is thinks that the elections or raped and that their vote doesn't matter because one party will create ballots or gain. The system is very very bad. Precedent that is you think about that. That's the foundations of our democracy as like. Oh it's voter fraud. People have always. I mean first of all. There's been voter fraud. Since there have been elections. I mean lyndon johnson just ragged about the senate elections. I mean they they would go around pay for votes. I mean john. F. kennedy pretty much bought Those at kentucky or are one of the southern states. There's no way he was going to win that election that stay. That's gonna happen in georgia with the senate. They're going to the republican and the democrats are going to go down there with hundreds of millions of dollars that into the system. But here's the thing. There's a lot of pay for votes in have free luncheons and vote. Vote with a free subway sandwich off like a free a free donut however voter fraud. Where ballots are fictitiously. Made up that is. That's a totally different thing. Yeah yeah but that's been going on forever. I mean people used to graveyards and they'd right down to tombstones and it's teams out right and that's like here's the thing like your with that stuff is like. There's there's ineptitude right. So there's the government's just scr- screwing the process up just because it's such a massive task. Even though i think we spent like fifteen billion dollars on it. And i think people know that people will just be like. Oh that just that just happens right. There's no way they're gonna get it one hundred percent right 'cause they get it ninety five percent ninety eight percent but if a specific party is found to actually be creating votes like out of thin air. That is that is bad. Oh yeah yeah. But i don't think i don't think that has been no reporting from republican or a democratic watchers they have democrats watching republicans a nonpartisan. And there's been no evidence whatsoever of widespread voter fraud right. And that's that's my point that's like would believe trump. If he said it was a you know right now. It was nighttime out. They just believe anything. The guy says My friend jim mckinney wrote a great piece on medium about denial azam like people like trump give people certain people a comfortable place to go like there is no climate change. I'm not doing anything wrong. I don't have to change anything about myself. And and that's it you know and it's listening to the strong man. Yes tell you that. Don't worry i'm going to solve all your problems. And that's also to on on the democrat side on the biden inside out there spewing. A look i don't think biden's going to save me from anything and i don't think trump's gonna save me from anything no but i think there's more an idea that on the trump side which is always why i whenever the people on the trump side called people like me. Sheep or wishy-washy look like i'm not following this buffoon who has no credibility who tells outright lies you are i mean i have joe biden. I don't agree with joe biden on everything. He you know he was an architect of that. Get tough on crime thing in the nineties. That was a disgrace. I mean i think that was a disgrace and he. He admitted he was wrong. So i don't just you know. Obama had a lot of issues obama deported more illegals than george w bush and some of obama's policies. You'd be horrified. Yeah but obama was was a statesman like he was probably one of the best presidents in terms of a representation of who and what we are as a country as a statesman. Mentally competent wanted the best. Yeah and you know. I don't agree with him on everything but these people trump i mean. They're they just believe any. I mean as hardcore base has thirty percent. I mean they to me are sheep like they laugh at all is jokes. All is stupid corny. You know poking fun at people's names and things like that. Are you going to the march on saturday going to. What are you going to the march on saturday. Which march in dc there is like. There's a big going to be a big turnout. I don't know if it's at the white house or at the lincoln men or whatever it is of trump's supporters for us to support him not to concede. I was surprised. You haven't bought a dozen tickets to that. These are the people who claim to be patriots right and they don't believe in the democratic process. This is what kills me like. You claim to be an american. You wave the flag and all that. But you don't you show up at a state house with guns in your hand to do what to shoot it. Who i i. Don't i don't understand this like. Are you corona virus. Here's what's going to happen. Trump's gonna lose. I mean when you look at the the numbers. I mean some of the races. Look some like i said before. Some of the states very close within like a couple thousand tens of thousands of vote has every right to go and recount tests. Whatever he wants to do yes but some of the some of the states are like fifty thousand sixty thousand seven again. There's be enough discrepancy. Biden's going to get over that to seventy and he's gonna win the presidency. Once they clear this out in the courts. I think this is what there's a larger problem for me with the electoral college. That in several of the last elections while the mom with trump the bone with and gore. The popular vote has to win. The electoral college is such a relic. And it doesn't make any sense to me. I understand the underpinnings of it. Each state should get their two votes or their number. But i i can't you cannot have a president who did not win the popular. Vote that that is very destabilizing for democracy. And i i just. It baffles me that they still allow that to happen. I don't i don't i i don't i think that and i also understand. Why the electoral college is there. I think they need to not just dismiss the electoral college in have the popular. Vote win no matter what i think. The system needs to be revamped. Like like an also too. It's like i can bank on my phone right. Yeah i why. Can't i vote on my phone with some sort of like biometric like this is definitely not like without a question of a doubt and i just i just vote. Why am i understand. There's you can get you can hack blah blah blah all that stuff but i think with today's technology and blockchain. You could make it foolproof where you know you're alive one person one vote and then you can vote on that day you know. You're whatever it is november. Was it november. second third. i forget what it was. You vote on that day and then it's counted immediately instead. The statistics are immediate. Maybe in twenty years but with all the stuff about hacking and all that that that's never gonna fly the optics. I mean people would just yell voter fraud. I mean is so easy to convince people. You know like logging. And i and i agree with that because look what they're doing with the mail and whether malin i mean that but they still think -nology i'm not saying it should go all on cell phone. I'm saying that that it should replace the mail. Like yeah like it'd be in person voting still we we and that's my preferred method. Like you go. You vote boom. You're very satisfying about that about. Here's the thing it's like when i go to vote. I don't know if it's the same in massachusetts. I just give my name and address. They don't ask me for an. id see. i've always found that peculiar. And i understand that. This is very partisan issue but i just sort of assumed everybody had some form of id and that you are who you say you are and yeah i well that that's kind of another issue. We could get into it. But but i think what's going to happen just going back is biden's gonna win. Trump is going to spew all these conspiracy theories voter floor ford. And then he's going to parlay that into a media empire. Yes the likes of that. Will dwarf cnn fox. It'll be so successful for trump. Who's that who's that pundit not rush limbaugh but the other guy you know who. I'm talking about our blue dogs or not lou dobbs. He stuck. He was at a network and then he laughed and started his own. Glenn beck glenn beck. It will be on those kind of a reformed fox a whole right. It'll be a hundred x glenn beck I will make hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars off as well. Trump's oh i mean. I think trump is becoming increasingly irrelevant. I don't know his i. I don't i i'm not say disagree with that. I start something i yes. I agree with that how successful it's going to be hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars will be his most successful thing today because we're all used to trump news which is crack cocaine every single day. You know what we saw. Which over to biden. It's going to be like going from virtual reality to a library. Nineteen forty five. And i'm not even i'm not even around a good sign which is a good thing for the republic for the democracy for the united states of america but trump is going to parlay this into. I'm telling if he's not working with the network right now or station. he's going to start something from scratch. Mass he's going to have a core of anywhere from i'd say ten million to fifty million people an audience right out of the gate. Yeah astro. that's true. Well a couple of other issues to tackle one is the general services administration the head of that and i don't know what her name is but she's refusing to sign the letter that releases Several million dollars. You know as far as the federal government goes. It's rather a drop in the bucket but It it's basically a formality which allows them access to classified information it. It frees up money for them to start hiring people getting offices together and things like that they are or she the gsa they call it. She's refusing to sign that letter. So that trump that biden can get off awesome again completely salvo. There's there's going to be what it's the What are they going to hand off. The transition is right where one administration basically fills in the new administration right. Yup not only. Is that not going to happen. But they're going to be roadblocks. Oh well this is what this literally. They're just going to the day they had to leave. It's like the chair is going to be spinning no samantha. The toilet is exactly and you know who suffers the american people. This is what trump doesn't care like. He does not care. And that's when i look at his supporters like do you not see how he's hurting you. You still support him. Like when george. W bush transitioned over to obama that the mortgage crisis adjusts hit like they formed a joint committee. Republicans and democrats to deal with this. Because you know people needed the help like the the bailouts needed to happen and trump. No way is he going to do that again. He's not gonna hit because his ego will allow him to not. I mean he could do it he just he just won't do it. It's an extreme comparison. But when hitler realized they were losing germany he. I mean he could have stopped the bombing. He could've you know settled peace and stopped thousands of more germs from getting killed now because he blamed you. See i. i have to the the comparisons with hitler and trump. i can't. I can't even get on those. Did trump denounce white supremacy. No did he can't. I'm sorry. I can't try to kidnap a governor of the state. No trump is austrian. Says is a narcissistic egotistical sociopathic. Yes i'd say sociopath but he is. He is not hitler. no he's not hitler. But i'm but he is willing to wreck things you know like if he would do a. Ps he's willing to stay in the he'll outrageous stuff. No but i mean he's also willing to fire the defense secretary leaving us vulnerable leaving the united states vulnerable because other countries who menas no good. This is is a sore. Loser doesn't care. I mean need does like i mean that's the thing i was like. He if if the writing's on the wall he has to concede like he has to consult an don't think he will ever officially concede this. Oh i don't think he will either. I will never say okay. You know but. I think he what he will do is i think he'll just leave right. The the phone will be off the hook i'll just and he's gonna start the medium pyre and then he's running in twenty twenty four. You may run in two thousand twenty four. He should do as he should his lasak. Open up a cana tuna and stick it in a lower drawer at walk out. I mean i. I honestly think that first of all there was no blue wave that swept over. Oh no this is shockingly classified in barely hold this off. I know so. That's one and the other thing is. If corona didn't exist cove nineteen never happened biden. Didn't stand a chance against trump probably not probably sailing into a second term. Well everybody thought clinton was going to crush them like this guy's a joke. Now he he. He was the key states where we're coated like look it was. It was the mishandling of covid that cost him. The election will. The democratic party has a lot. I mean. their house is in real disorder. I mean if they couldn't crush the sky not once but twice they are having major. It's going to be it doesn't it doesn't look good for twenty twenty four. Tom saying the thing is though. And i've heard more than one person opine on this who studies politics thomas e ricks being one of them. He's he's a historian and author having a republican senate having democratic president. You know the house being republican the senate being pretty club the democrats may still take the senate barely but you know he said. This is kind of the way things are supposed to work in a democracy and this is already her. Sorry to cut you off. But i liked this balance of power. There should be a democ- democratic branch republican senate. I mean the democrats still have the majority in the house but that might change in midterm. I'm ho- i'm hoping that the republicans keep keep the senate. I do not wanna see democrat across the board nor do i want to see republican across the board. You need checks and balances yes charge. Yes through and checks and balances are already in place. Look at the past four years with trout. So you have any kind of executive order as backed up by courts. Courts can nail it any kind of bills that the president's putting out the senate or the house can kill. I mean bear in progress. Progress progresses slow. But that's built into the system so you can't just get some maniac that goes in there but that being said i think a biden administration is going to be like. I said before it's going to be very boring. Very quiet growth. There's there's not. There's not going to be a lot of things like everything he's talking about. They may be able to get the corporate rate back up to like twenty eight percent from twenty one percent but the tax Personal taxes on people making over four hundred thousand. Not going to happen is a whole bunch of things that are just with a republican controlled. Senate not a chance in hell. No no The other great thing that. I thought this was a joke. I thought this was something. The onion put out. Rudy giuliani will. That's that's what news is coming to like. I'll see like an onion report. Because i follow it. Instagram and phasing. Yeah and i'll be. And i i don't know whether it's a joke or it's real so rudy giuliani. They were supposed to have a press conference at the four seasons and in an episode worthy of. Veep if you're familiar with that show a great show now now. The the stories are conflicting about whether it was planned that it was in philadelphia and apparently they were having a problem finding a kind of friendly place apparently they went to one spot and this dj started cranking up his music and kinda drown them out. I heard that anecdotally anyway where they ended up was outside the four seasons landscaping company in an industrial park. Outside philly. Next to a adult adult shop in adult. I don't know video. I love that word peop- just to peep show just you just taking it just peeping in. That's all keeping. I mean you know what is it. Sounds so innocent. I'm keeping keeping its subway or or the term peeping tom. You don't hear that anymore. Epping tom i think that's mostly online these days i don't know if anyone's going old school and creeping up to they still exists. That's when you you know. It's like when people talk about cyber stalking. I'm like there's no that is so wussy you wanna stock somebody you do it like we did in the old days you show up at their house. You show up in place of you point you. You put your boots on. Yeah you put boots to the road irt into it there. You go back you know. It's hard work. trust me. I know i've stocked. Several is hard work easy. It's not easy. No you've got to put the. I mean cyber stalking on their facebook page or instagram. Or whatever worc- anyway. So julia ended up there that man. That man has transformed from america's mayor into a hob goblin. He looks bizarre. He is bizarre. I loved the snl. Have you seen the snl skits on him. Where now. Maria the comedian. Katie something. She does giuliani larry. But he don't you almost don't have to parody him. He does it himself and also to like giuliani back in the day with new new york was a mess. He cleaned up new york. I mean look he had some you know. Stop and frisk get some questionable stuff but there were parts in new york where when the sun went down you couldn't go out like times square. Was he cleaned all of that up. Yes and the crime. Rate dropped precipitously precipitously and. I never have liked him. I didn't like him when he was mayor. I found a lot of his tactics to be. He's a very vindictive nasty person but you know people like me tend to overlook like somebody who just wants to be able to get home from work at night and be safe. You know like they're not thinking. I agree with all of his policies just like with all politicians. I mean like. I don't. I don't agree with biden on a number of things but as a human being not like i like bite it. Like biden is a standup guy. Now i have questions about his his mental fortitude and some of his policies but in comparison of human being a human being him verse trump biden Without a doubt am i. Do i want to sit down with hillary clinton in necessarily have lunch. I don't know i don't know the woman. I think it would be very interesting. I don't know how much i would no. I can't like her. Hiller the thing is she knows as does biden how to do that job like they know how government works. They know how to deal with other countries. They know the you know. I don't want to necessarily sit down with my accountant. Have a beer. I want him or her to know how to do taxes and handle my money whereas with trump will heats burger king. Just like i do. i mean it was. it was a popularity contest with trump. And it always has been. I mean like you go back to kennedy and nixon. People who watched the debate which was the first televised debate. They went with kennedy because he had the wonderful hair. He looked great. Beautiful man yeah and he was And he was banging maryland monroe. Yes and again that can't be Verging brother to do the same. There were some weird stories. You gotta listen. He was he was gallivanting around. He was making his way around people who listen to it on the radio felt that nixon won. I mean nixon was a very smart man. He was actually. I mean he would be a liberal these days he would never ever the in the republican party but Oh yeah nixon nixon's squarely be a liberal. Yeah but it is. Photogenic at mitt romney. Mitt romney looks like a frigging movie star. You know i mean. I think he's kind of schill then. Of course you have chris christie whose. I don't see dave pills monologue on the last snl chris christie though he was talking about the corona virus. He's like chris. Christie has everything. The corona virus loves diabetes. He's like the corona virus is like young. I loved how the beaches in new jersey were. Shut down for some reason. I don't think he'll virus. Yeah he was on the beach there. He is a politician like in a snapshot like a close all the beaches and then his fat ass quotas on this tiny chair clueless. We even better. He's he's just a off he's like i don't care. Yeah i'm going to close the beaches down so out my family. I don't wanna be bothered with all these rabble beach like what are you talking about. Yeah he was he was great. I remember there was one time he was trying to be sincere. He knelt down in front of this little girl at one of his and it was the creepiest painful. It was a ted cruz moment with his daughters painful whose daughter obviously particularly like at all the thing too is to understand though about trump trump has made a lotta enemies. Ted cruz despises dial. He does he is. Ted cruz is not someone you wanna have as your enemy. John bainer described ted cruz as the devil incarnate and for john bainer to say that about a fellow. Republican is quite something. Yeah you don't don't want him as an enemy. Sorry let's Let's wrap this bad boy up so my prediction you know. This is wednesday november eleventh. I'm saying biden while wh that that's really coming out you you don't even have to look at the associated press. You don't have to look at any kind of news out. i've already called it. Love how the working experience calls the election Was it november third. The third call an eight days later recalling it. Yeah absolutely and you're probably going to be listening to this. A couple of days completely pointless and i predict a trump dumps cement down. I predict he steals paintings off the wall. Anything off he's gonna steal. He's going to spray. Paint the front of the white hat while he's in a lot of debt so he's probably trying to figure out what's messed up. Get that three fb. He's going to just disappear to. Panama scored like leave the country. He said that he said if i lose this election i will probably have to leave the country and i thought that's the most intelligent thing you've said in four years. I think he owns. He owes like nine hundred million dollars. I mean he's going to have to. He's going to disappear. Just sell some real estate. He'll be fine. We'll just go to the russian mob again and borrow of course all right everybody. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more. Thanks all right thanks everyone. Thank you everyone for listening to this episode of the working experience we'd like to thank our sponsors one circle media and the still believe app. The only app that delivers video proof of the tooth fairy and santa by simply taking picture. Download the app at still believe dot. Co today in a major kids and if you work for a studio network startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media that will build engage in entertain. Your audience reach out to me at john. 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