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Podcast one dot com. Production. He started in a small town in Texas. Worked as an off to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, we're gonna take care of business tonight, and that's the bottom line. Now, he's dominating the world of on demand, audio and he's doing it for the work in, man. This is a bad good outlook spew the bullshit off my brain. This is Steve Austin on the league. All right, Steve Austin show, I am currently I don't vacation recharge batteries. But just because I am recharging batteries. We still got business to take care of in the meantime, we'll be playing. Some of the most requested Steve Austin show classics that have been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it. What's good everybody? It's producer Sean, with a classic episode of the Steve Austin show, and we are starting where it all began at episode. Number one, that's right episode number one of the Steve Austin show, the Phantom Menace, aka what the I'm doing here, original air date. April fifth two thousand thirteen. This is the Genesis of Michael mcgillicuddy and the Steve Austin show, the very first episode ever other, Steve Austin show here podcast, one in it's glory, six years, strong has been going, thanks to you. The fans myself and Steve and. Nobody associated with Steve Austin show, very much appreciate your continued, support of this podcast and on the show is pretty short. It's only about twenty minutes or so. But Steve lays out what did you be doing on the podcast is kinda give me an overview of what he expects the show to be as it goes along. And it's evolved here and there over the years, but it's kinda stay the same as its gone along, and it will keep bringing you some fine content when Steve returns next week, Tuesday, June eighteenth. I don't know what he has planned. He hasn't exactly told me. So we are all in for treats next Tuesday when Steve gets back, Steve also touches on a few future projects that he's planning to do at that time, a lot of stuff that you can still check out today, or you have probably enjoyed as a came along back of spoil anything, and Steve tells very famous podcast story in the sense that this story pretty much has been repeated on the podcast, many times, I've producing this show for about two and a half years so far. And I've heard this story. Plenty of times. And Steve even knows that he tells a story a lot, but it's, it's a very present bestowed, this is the very first time he's ever told this story on the podcast. This is the moment where the story gets told. So I'm not going to spoil it for you. But you'll know what I'm talking about, when you hear it, this date, c Vaas history. Let's do it will more time today, June thirteenth and Steve Austin history, we start off nineteen Ninety-two with Lafayette, Louisiana and W, W Nikita, call off and Brian film, and defeat. Dose, WBZ champion Steve Austin and aren't Anderson and then in nineteen Ninety-three in Atlanta Georgia at center stage during a WW made event airing. So this is when the show aired WCW and NWEA tag team, champion, Steve Austin, and Brian pelmet, the Hollywood blonds defeat, a teary Travis, and Keith Hart and TV's watch match. And then we go to the WF in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and Salt Lake City, Utah. Steve Austin, defeated, Duke, the dumpster, Josi a former guest on this podcast. Then in nineteen Ninety-seven in Montreal. Quebec Canada, we. Have WF world champion the undertaker with Paul Barron. His corner defeating of f European champion Davey. Boy, Smith substituting for Steve Austin in this case after the match Owen Hart, and Brian Pilkington, double teamed, undertaker until Steve Austin came to the ring and cleared the ring out of the Hart foundation, the moments later, still go. See vase and hit undertaker with stunners. Well, because the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in Albuquerque, New Mexico, f- world, champion, Steve Austin, defeated mankind in one thousand nine hundred nine in Cleveland Ohio, Steve Austin, defeated world champion, the entertainer via d q when Paul bear, interfered, pretty much the same result as Tuesday's show. And then finally, in two thousand eleven kind of glad we're ending the Steve Austin history series on this note because it's something a little bit different. But Steve Austin in Long Island York in two thousand eleven he was the guest GM of Monday night raw, and he was in the ring cutting, it up with the MS and Alburto del Rio. Oh, he chased Michael Cole to the crowd on his ATV knocked over the podium. He poured a bunch of beer on the GM laptop, and something that I remember which I think it's funny because who he is talking to Steve Austin offered Singapore, a beer to which the punk decline. So that is your day. Steve Osset history for June thirteenth, just want to thank everybody myself I am producer, Sean. And I am glad that I haven't able to spend some time with you folks to tell you the Steve awesome history and kinda go through these classic episodes with you together. If you wanna find me somewhere, I'll be on Twitter and Instagram at angry hero, Sean, SHA WFAN, is how you spell Sean. So thanks again. Folks coming right up after the break, we've got the very first episode of the Steve Austin show. It'd be terrible, it take care of help when it's your knee injury. Bad back or something worse. Guys using more comfortable rub. Some dirt on it that CNN doctor the same is true for wreck down his function. 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Austin, I'm out of that extravaganza and on down the road to a new and different endeavor. Currently I make movies. I host reality television. I hunt deer I drink beer. Do whatever the fuck. I won't win. I want and other great idea about a year ago to do a podcast. And I got a mold around I was kicking his idea around in my head. Yeah. It'd be name good idea. Give me something to do and kick a. Out, you know, some ideas floating around in my head because, man, I got a lotta shit floating around in my head and being somewhat of a loner. I don't talk about love this stuff. So no, I got some I'm gonna get off my damn head on a weekly basis in the form of this podcast. So here we are. And what is the Steve Austin show? Well, I'll tell you what to Steve Austin show is going to be kind of the bottom line of the straight facts of current issues at hand news at hand current events. Yet, that's going on shit that affects you shit that affects me stuff like that, I'm gonna cover everything under the sun. I come from the world of pro wrestling's obviously, is not going to be the brunt of the show. But certainly, because I come from that world. We're gonna talk a little bit about professional wrestling. Well, also talk about mixed martial arts, some big UFC fan, foul sport pretty intensely. We'll talk about beer. We'll talk about cars. We'll talk about hunting fishing. We'll talk about lifting weights. We're talking about life in general at times. I'm going to drop a number on you. And I'm gonna drop at number on your right now. The number is three two, three, six to eight six to three now you're not gonna use that phone number right now but on future editions of this broadcast. I wanna tell you to call that number when you call in, we're gonna talk if you've got a problem will solve that problem. We'll talk about it. We'll kick it around a little bit. If you need some advice, hey, I spent a long time on the dam road. I'm at the age at, at the things that I've done in my life. I've got a different perspective on a lot of different things. Now, I don't have a PHD in nothing but I do have a lot of damn experiences from learning the hard way. So chances are I might have been in a spot. You are I've gotten a, a lot of comments on my Twitter account and through the Email that are put up for this podcast of people saying, hey, thanks to me. Thanks to you, Steve. I was able to get through a rough patch, and I was going through. And I'm flattered that I could've helped anybody back in the day. So now you've got a direct line to talk to me talk about what you've got going on. And sometimes we're going to open his phone lines ups, just to shoot the shit. This show is anything and everything that I wanted to be, I'm not going to sit here and say, we're going to do fifteen minutes news, and they, we're going to do fifteen minutes of that, and then we're going to do two minutes of that us bullshit. I don't wanna just jump off and put this show when a box. I kind of want to live and breathe each week as it is, as it comes out as the way my brain works, and I'm not gonna just say God, damn at this, a set protocol that we're gonna follow each week that ain't gonna happen with me because that's not the way I work. So without the way let me bring you up to speed with a little bit of the stuff that I've got going on right now in my life. Currently, I've got a DVD which came out couple of months ago from anchor bay called the package. Now starting this movie with dolph Lundgren at a damn good time making this movie up play a guy who collects things debts for a guy. I'm basically a debt collector lot of bullshit goes down. And I kill a lot of people in fuck. Some people up in spite seines that movie came out on anchor bay and it's, it's directed DVD cover something about direct DVD right now, people always ask me, why don't you just do direct to DVD movies? But I'm making the same movies. John, Wayne and George Clooney made and Brad Pitt mine. Just don't go theater. They go straight to the goddamn, WalMart. Say goodbye to some up, saving you a good peace action. You ain't gotta go spend fifteen dollars on a ticket. Four dollars on a box of popcorn six dollars on a coat to sit your ass. And the theater, you can watch my shit in the comfort of your own home. It don't get no better than that. Does it anyway? The baggage out on DVD with myself and dolph Lundgren through anchor bay coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm heading over to Mexico where we're gonna fail season three of redneck island redneck island is my bus pass hits show on CMT television channel three twenty seven on direct TV and limited you little bit about redneck island, if you don't know about it. What I do is hand pick fourteen the finest rednecks. I can find put them on an island. I divide 'em up into two teams and put them in the challenges to compete against each other. The losing team will come to my house, and we're gonna vote somebody off the island and send them home, therefore eliminating their chances to win a hundred thousand dollars a hundred thousand dollars folks is a lot of money. I don't give she had who you are a lot of money. So these rednecks come into my island, and I'm putting them through mental and physical challenges to bring out the God, dang best. Of them to win one hundred thousand dollars. I have a blast doing this show is hard to stay in shape because once we go to Mexico. I have a steady diet of tequila tequila is good in the right doses. I know all about that. And beauty about redneck out on this, you know, for my career in pro wrestling love times you had to be in shape, and all these bitches going to the gym running on a treadmill. So they got a six backward ads shit Yoenis six back. I need is one in a cooler. So I can be fat enough motherfucker on this show as long as I can do, what I gotta do to put these rednecks through the paces. I love it. It works for me. I'll drop the weight at a later date. When I got to get all gussied up to take my shirt off in a movie. I've got that kind of skill and dedication anyway, redneck island is right around the corner. So actually, I'm on a little bit of a mini dot for that only drinking five or six beers a night versus ten or twelve, but that's another story for another day. I've also struck up a new deal with. See him t I like being in business with these folks. It's I love country music. I love metal music as well. But this right up my colleagues a great demo for me. The name of this show is going to be Steve all since broken skull challenge. And I'm not gonna give out too many too much information right here. Just sitting here talking about it on the podcast. I've got more stuff to come on, and I'll bring you up to speed on that as we develop that. But if you think you're tough son of a bitch, come on down to the broken skull ranch challenge that I'm about to put on. And we'll see what you made up man women redneck city slicker, no matter what you are, if you think you tough come through the bronchoscope, challenge, and more. Details to follow up on that as that comes closer. Guess what? I've got another big announcement. I actually had a part in a damn big ass movie. And Adam Sandler movie called grownups to shit route with us. It was coming straight to your house did a DVD I'm gonna make you go to the theater to watch his son of. Mitch anyway, I got a call from Adam sandlers people, a few months ago, and it was right after I had an ACL piece, you put my left knee, and they offered me. You know this bar was actually it was before my surgery. And said, well, I mean that kind of coincides about a month after I get the ACL PCL put my leg and I don't know if I'll be able to do the move. You're not. And I'll tell you what man, Adam Sandler being a standup guy that he is stood up for me and said, we won't Steve this part and really had my back on that. So anyway, thank you very much to atom is probably one of the nicest, funniest people, I've met in this damn town and wouldn't add the surgery done about a month after that I was fixing the ship off to Boston to go do grownups, too. And I wasn't even know my crutches yet. I wasn't even supposed to walk so three days before I leave for Boston. Start feminist movie I had to teach myself to walk in the alley behind my house. So goddamn. It wasn't a pretty sight. But I made it through the movie and had a bust as spite seen on top of that. So I'm not going to give away too much of the movie. I just will say it is one of the funniest damn strips I have ever read, and it was laugh out. Loud funny, and you when you think well what is laugh out loud funny? I mean, how many times you really just sit there by yourself and laugh out loud? Normally you do it when there's other people around because, you know, you kinda share in the laughter. This son of a bitch was laugh out loud funny, just breathing by my damn self. So it jumps off the screen. I think it's the best. God damn movie Adams done a long time. And I love that guy in one, other late breaking development that I have gone on in my life. Right now, end-july we're gonna start one of two movies with anchor bay. These are going to be produced through broken school ranch productions. I got hands on creative control from start to finish going to act in the sum bitch. I'll have a hand in all of the fight scenes help people get fucked up killed maimed and all that fancy shit that goes on in a movie. And I haven't had that before some looking forward to it. And we're gonna make some good shit happened on a dime. And think these going to be my crowning achievements. As an actor in this endeavor. Now, I'm not gonna say Marlon Brando is going to be up there in heaven with a tear in his eye watching my performance. But if you like, action movies ship, these move is going to be right up your alley. Basically, that's what I got going on right now. I am Steve Austin, this is Steve Austin show. We're gonna be talking about everything under the sun. Like I said, Karen issue stuff that's going on sports football. It's not football season right now. And I'm sad that it's not football season right now because it's the greatest sport known to mankind. Thankfully, we have channel twelve on direct TV. You'd think got got name contract with direct TV but I love to watch the combine stuff watching all these rookies come out of college, who's going to pick them up all the strategy behind the draft and Baltimore as you know released a shitload of play. It'll be interesting to see, you know, they signed Joe flacco, see if those guys can make it back even to the playoff pitcher. But anyway, big football fan. And we'll be talking about all that stuff, make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the eighteen news minute, y'all knew Toyota four asks, what if what is your ride was refined rugged at the same time? Introducing the all new raft four hybrid. Two hundred eight combined horsepower and standard all wheel drive naked. The most powerful wrath four plus with its head turning style and breakaway speed. It's bound to change the way you think of hybrid, y'all. Knew rat for hybrid so iota. Let's go. Places horsepower ratings achieved new required premium unleaded gasoline with octane rating of ninety one hundred premium fuel is not used performance with Greece pitcher to crab band. Check out twenty two hours, American nightmare on podcast. One was a case nightmares are made of family held hostage for twenty four hours and murdered inside their own home. WTO P amage the. Advocated trail of evidence that police say led to finding their killer and why they say medicine brutal crime. Download the twenty two hours at American nightmare on apple podcasts podcast. One like which near your friends leave a rating and review. Steve all on. I sent out a tweet from Twitter account. My Twitter account is Steve Allston be SR Mark that down and follow me if you would anyway, I said out a tweet saying, if you had any questions or subjects you'd like for me to cover on my first show that I'd probably go to the list of answer few those. So I figured right now since it gave you the four one on the format of the show, which is nothing is just a fucking show that we're going to run through, and protocol, and the stuff that we're gonna talk about which we have because I'm so dedicated to my fans my fans put me where I'm at I want to answer questions for him. So without any further ado. Let's go to some of the questions which you guys tweeted to me question one, and they say, do you really think Nick de has to retire? Well, hell, I don't know if he's going to retire or not. I enjoy watching the kid fight at the age it. He is. I think he's still got a lot left in his tank and. GSP took him to the task pretty well. You have C one fifty eight. Pretty much had his game plan figured out, one of the things that disappointed me about that. Fight was towards the end of the fight while it was in the fight when GSP won the fight GSP gets on a microphone, and he says, well, you know, I want to thank you know, Nick DS for, you know, talking good game and going into this to this fight and promoting the fight. He did that French accent there. That's pretty tricky. I think it shows my range as an actor, anyway, I love GSP's when the classiest guys in the sport. And I'm a big fan but man from a storyline perspective. Man. I that pay per view hook line and sinker because of the promos because of the animosity because you told me that it was personal, you killed it for me. Man, I mean I get it. You guys are trying to put on his show. But don't smart me up. That much know let me believe that you guys really hate each other a little bit. So maybe I wanna see another fire. Out of you. So kind of get kind of took some of the steam off the win for me and Luba disappointed. And I mean, you know, just listen to me man guys come from the world of pro wrestling, you know. And as a helper, brother out here, I want to believe this shit's real, don't tell me the vice fake Jesus Christ. Here's one from a pro wrestling fan. Steve Austin, Bs on Twitter, will you review Monday night row on your podcast today? I'm good question. Because I do come from the world of professional wrestling. It's a business that I know and I love and I think especially right now, it'd be a good time to cover it and follow some story lines as w heads into wrestlemainia resume twenty nine in their MetLife stadium in New Jersey, New York, so it's going to be the, the biggest show of all time and we're gonna we're gonna cover that going, and it's not going to be hardcore coverage. But I think, you know, from the world I come from it would I would be remiss not to cover the, the angles storylines and the outcomes coming out of that. See who makes like abandoned or they're going to go in the future for the now. Next year. It's always fun to watch the ride in the wrestlemainia in the ride out of wrestlemainia as they go in different directions. With the different superstars you can go into wrestlemainia with being a mid card, talent or even a first person on the car Dallat. And with a good performance really kind of parley your future for you. So we'll follow that. And see who they're pushing into pushes themselves word of advice to any of the young folks guys gals going into that wrestlemainia this time to prove yourself. This is the time to put every single thing on the line. This is time to listen to what they want you to do, but go out there and do what you gotta do. It's a place to get noticed and a place to make a statement for big things for your future. I did it. Lots of other cats have done it. Some people are scared to do it. This is Steve Austin, if you one of those cats don't be afraid to go do it. Here's an interesting question on human note Steve Allston Bs or how you fill in these days, medically speaking, that is. Well, I'll tell you what I get that. Question all the time. And you don't wanna feel pretty damn good. I had an ACO PCL put my left knee. That's coming along like a dandy. I filling wonderful, don't get me wrong. I don't have my forty inch vertical leap back yet. But, you know, if I can at least get back to thirty nine I'll be happy with the recovery. I had my left shoulder rebuilt last year. I got some bone chips. Mariah double life, get removed. But limited some folks when you get into the business of professional wrestling, you know, it ain't ballet, you know, you're not gonna feel like a million bucks when you get out of it. I know a lot of these guys that sign up, you know, didn't play ten fifteen years, NFL. They're not gonna feel you know fresh daisy after ten fifteen year career goes with the territory. So, you know there are some days when you get up and things move a little slow but by and large, you know, by getting out the stage that did I feel pretty damn good. And I have absolutely zero to complain about and nothing to bitch about. I'm a happy camper. I hunt, I fish I go do the things I wanna do. I'm still able to do that. So it is what it. It is. Let me tell you one more rest than story. This is a story. And this is there's any independent wrestlers out there, if there's any guys in the lower ranks are hill. If there's any guys in a WWE or TNA for that matter, if there's anybody out there for many of those federations that can learn something from this story, then it'll be worth telling this is a huge w story. I anyway, there were riding down the road and Tennessee. We're driving to a town. It was myself. It was doctor Tom Prichard. And again, named Brian Lee who was wrestling as primetime. Brian Lee, and I was wrestling stunning, Steve Austin and Tom Prichard was always wanted to smarter guys in the business that I you know, used to hang around with and man, Tom traveled many miles down the road, smart guy always thinking and I was wrestling and stunning Steve at the time. And you know we Rodney on road. And Tom says, you know he goes Steve, it was tell me about your gimmick. You're studying Steve. Right. I said, yeah. He said, what's so stunning? About stunning Steve, you know, because that is shitty red robe. I'd finance blonde hair that ended up having to shave off. You know, had okay. Physique, my boots looked like shit. You know, I mean I couldn't afford it because I was starving to death. But that's besides the point and Dover Brian Lee, and he goes, Brian, he goes, what's so prime-time about Brian Lee? Brian. Well, there was another really prime time about him. You know. So the, my point is, you know, he made me think about what is the next step while how do I father this character? How'd I even work on the character? How do I create the character? Hell at the time I was so fresh in the damn business, I was just trying to learn the mechanics, and I was a damn good mechanic. But I hadn't thought about the, the thing that was going to be the next thing to take me to the next level or to the highest level. So Tom Prichard and made me think about that. So there's catch today. And I watch all wrestling, you know, people know I come from WWE, but I watched the TNN show. I watched Monday night, real. I'm talking about anybody in those locker rooms, and I've seen many of them who could take his advice and I'm not gonna call out any name specifically because I'm not going to call anybody out. But there's a lot of cats out there in need to think about what you're gimmick is, is it ever going to be on a marquee? Is it worth being on a marquee? Will they put it on a t shirt, who would buy? Why it why would they buy it? Why would the company get behind it? Some of this shit, no one's ever going to tell you. So if you listen to this, you just heard it from me, and I'm not going to get carried away on a big wrestling rant. I covered a couple of wrestling stores because that is the world, I come from, we're going to start, narrowing the focus of this show we're going to pick a topic and asks you to call in the number three two, three, six to eight six to three when we have these conversations, I wanna cover everything under the sun, if I can help you get down the road and a better fashion. I will am I dear Abby. No. Am I Dr drew? No. Do I know? Everything under the sun. No Bhagat, dammit. I got a redneck way of thinking that we might be able to think of a good way to get you out of a jam or further down the road. Kick back. Relax with your new favorite streaming servers, Pluto. TV believe us. You're gonna dig it Pluto. 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It may just be the most warning thing. You do today. All right. I'm you on to go home. Cute. Little rabbit up of this week, make sure you check out podcast. One dot com. Subscribe to the Steve Austin show, so you don't miss any of these classic episodes, while I write off sunset. I do want to throw out a couple of plugs. I still got a beer. It's the bad ass broken skull, PA, the finest opera, and the United States of America. And that's the bottom line made by gun. No, Bruin company you could find Brooklyn school yet. Hopefully total lines living Kelly, if you aim Kelly, you probably so well, and if you're looking to get a bad ass at night, I forgot to four coal steel broke his skull knife. Cold still working men knife, Inna ma-ma-madonna store, Amazon dot com for slash shop force last evolves. And, or go to the coast deal, Nasr website, and check out all their bad ass knives, also one more shot to all my sponsors to make his show possible. That's ever bringing show to your free twice a week lease sport them, because they support us for more info. Got the podcast description to this episode for details. Both Samo social media Twitter Instagram at Steve Allston BS car folks be Maqsoud, but until my name is Steve Austin, I will get you down the road. Download new episodes of Steve Austin, unleashed every Thursday, podcast, one dot com. That's podcast own any dot com. Napa know. At Napa auto care centers. We'll get a seventy five dollars prepaid visa card when you spend two hundred fifty bucks on Napa brake parts which is caused to celebrate. Because normally the sound of screeching brakes means your Bank accounts about to take a hit, but getting seventy five bucks back makes that hint. Not so bad quality, parts installed by the pros. That's Napa know how. Participating Napa auto care centers. Exclusions apply. Offer ends six thirty nineteen. I'm Rita Foley with AP news minute. President Trump says it's okay to listen. He was asked what he do if a foreign power offered dirt on his twenty twenty opponents have information I think take it if I thought there was something wrong. I'd go maybe to the FBI if I thought there was something wrong. President talked exclusively to ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. Authorities in the Dominican Republic say the shooting of baseball legend. David Ortiz was targeted hit six people are in custody for others are on the loose. Even Ortiz's wife says the man known as big Papi is in guarded condition at a Boston hospital. I'm Ed Donahue. Authorities are not revealing a motive in the shooting. Police in Memphis say a man was shot dead after he ran. Police cars several times with his vehicle then got out of the vehicle with a weapon, a crowd gathered some people started throwing rocks and bricks say, police officers fired tear-gas breaking up the crowd. I'm Rita Foley. Way.

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