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Score More Podcast #13: With the 28th pick the Los Angeles Chargers select...


Ooh. Rivers give the scroll angling lift. Ten. Should if it ruled a fumble. One hundred twelve career. Touchdown catches. That's the most by NFL tied all time. Hope. I would hope that would have figured it out. Just like the football. This is score more with Garrett system. We are back can the school more podcast. I am Garrett sixty we are at score more pot on Twitter. Thanks listening in guys. And I know it's been a while. But is the first offseason podcast for the score more podcast, and it is because I am doing a mock draft. Make sure you go follow at score. More pot will do some more stuff as a season ramps up and going into the season as well. But today, I'm covering the explanation mock draft, I was selected to make the pick for the chargers at twenty eight. So what I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna go through every writer from each corresponding blog made a pick for their team. So twenty seven picks for me to head of the chargers, I'm gonna go over all of them kind of talk about my thinking as the picks were coming up. And then where I went at twenty eight. So let's go ahead and get into it. This is the espionage mock draft and here is how it started at one the cardinals to Tyler Murray the quarterback. No surprise there. San Francisco forty Niners took Nick both of the edge rusher in the jets follow that up with drafting another edge rusher. Josh Allen at four the raiders picked Quinton Williams the interior defensive lineman at an Alabama. This is a pick. I would not like for division rival for the raiders on drafting. I'm hoping it's between two players that I think are being wildly overrated. Especially in the top five. It's Josh Allen. Who jets took it three? And it's Rashawn Gerry. I'm hoping one of those two picks go to the raiders at four the guys. I don't want the raiders to pick. There's about two. Well, let's call it three guys. I don't want the raiders to take Murray. I don't want the raiders take Bosa and definitely don't want them to take the guy. They just took quitting Williams at four. Those four guys are difference makers probably the three best players in this draft of their position. I love all three of them. I would not like to see them in the charge division. But in this mock draft. Him Williams went four to the raiders at five the buccaneers selected Ed Oliver on draft day. I'm hoping teams over think Oliver a little bit. Whether the think he's off ball linebacker or an edge rusher. I think is not earlier defense lime in and I think he would be perfect for the charges at twenty eight doughty slips that far. But we might see some team start to question where he fits in their system. And maybe he falls he doesn't in this draft. He goes five to the buccaneers and number six Devon white goes to the giants the linebacker at seven the Jaguars skit the next quarterback on the board Dwayne Haskins. So the Jags get their quarterback at eight. The lions picked Brian burns the edge rusher at Florida state and the bills take the first tight enough the board they selected TJ Hopkinson at w-we at ten another division rival. The Denver Broncos pig. Drew lock which personally I love this pick because lock is a project. And I know they've got flacco and lock it. Probably learn from year or two sitting behind learning the system and getting some NFL experience. I'm not sure he's a starter right away. He'll definitely be in the competition. Go into camp in Broncos camp. But I love taken a second third round player in the first round. And in the top ten so I'm happy about that pick not so much about quitting Williams going number for the raiders but half on away. Would you lock? That's fine. And you know, he's great at picking his quarterback. So this'll be another good one under the regime, so lock goes tend to the Broncos at eleven. This isn't any bangles take the other. Devon, Devon Bush the linebacker at Michigan. So the top line bekker's order off the board before the Packers. Pick a twelve at twelve. The Packers ended up going with Montas sweat the edge player at Mississippi State number thirteen the dolphins take the first tackle off the board. It went all the way to thirteen picks and not a single offense of tackle. In fact, not a single offense of Lyman was selected. In the first twelve picks it stops here at thirteen. John Taylor ghost the dolphins. And the first office tackle is gone. My number one tackle my favorite tackle this class at fourteen. Wouldn't you know, it another tack who goes off the board? Joan Williams goes to the falcons the Alabama tackle so back to back tackles, and they're starting to fall off the board here. I was hoping some would fall we'll see if any of the other tackles last at fifteen it's clo- and pharaoh the edge at Clemson. So another edge rusher goes to the Redskins at fifteen sixteen the Panthers make it three in the last four picks our offense of tackles, they take Andre Dillard at a Washington state ag-, I would love to Twenty-eight, but he's gone Taylor Williams, Dillard all gone before. Twenty even comes up on the board and seventeen the giant second pick is gone Gerry. He is the defensive end at of Michigan and we move onto eighteen where the. Vikings take the fourth best tackle in this draft. My third Cody Ford goes to the Vikings the guard slash tackle is gone. And so the four the consensus top four, which is Joan Williams John Taylor, Andre Dillard, and Cody Ford, no matter how you stack them. They're all gone. So not looking good for your boy here at twenty eight so far in offense of lineman and nineteen. We got a first interior offensive linemen off the board. It is geared bradberry at NC state. He goes to titans in nineteen at twenty. The first corner is gone is Byron Murphy, probably the only corner I'd consider at twenty eight. He is gone. I'm not sure I'd go corner anyway, but Murphy ghost the Steelers twenty at twenty one. We got our first real surprise here. Some guys went a little bit higher. Someone a little bit lower note. No real surprises. But this is probably the biggest price so far at twenty one the Seattle Seahawks elect, Jerry. Very Tillery a popular name on charters Twitter. A lot of guys mocking Tillery to the chargers at twenty eight a one of the better interior defensive linemen still left on the board is now gone at twenty one. He in fact goes before Christian Wilkins, he's still on the board. I'm hoping he falls hear Jerry Tillery, not even in the conversation more. He goes twenty one to Seattle at twenty two the first wide receivers gone. It's de que Metcalf at ole miss he goes to the ravens at twenty three. The other corner goes out the board, greedy Williams that LSU he is gone at twenty four the raiders make their second selection, and they pick Noah Fant the in out of Iowa so far Quinton Williams Noah fan for the raiders. And that's pretty good two men hall there. I like those two twenty five sucks. The eagles picked Christian Wilkins, the one guy. I was hoping would fall does not an I am stuck and I'm in a bad spot here. And they're still two more picks before mine at twenty eight. So at twenty six another defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons gone goes to the colts. So my top four defensive tackles are gone Quinton Williams gone at all over gone Jeffrey Simmons, gone, Christian Wilkins, gone, Jerry, Tillery, gone. That's top five. That's my top five interior defensive linemen on my big board gone before twenty eight and there's one more picked to go before. I am on the clock at twenty seven the raiders third. Pick isn't a seer Adderley the safety at a Delaware. A lot of another chargers fan favourite, very good safety. The raiders are gonna win round one here because that's a great. All. Noah fan and Quin Williams. I know Mike may acted make these picks. In fact, I don't even know the writers name that made these picks for the raiders block. But what a hall if they made that Andrade. So that means I am on the clock. And I wanna talk to you about my thinking, I'm going to go with some of the position groups that aren't that big of a need. And once I wipe off early and talk about who it really comes down to who on picking at twenty eight. So quarterback is definitely not a big need at twenty eight charges. Got tyrod Taylor. They've got Philip rivers, and if you wanna developmental project it is not in this class. Let alone the first round the next best quarterback. Because if you remember the top three win customers, gone twain Haskins has gone and drew lock also got picked. So you're looking at a duo of will Greer and my nightmare scenario here. Daniel Jones at Duke, I'm crossing both moth list, I'm not taking a quarterback in the first round. So no quarterback here then running back. I'm not up for drafting running back in the first round, regardless. But there hasn't been taken so far coming up to twenty eight. So if you're fan of Joshua Jacobs or you like, David Montgomery, Daryl Henderson, even miles Sanders. Everybody's on the board here. So whatever your favorite running back is can be selected here. But I'm not picking any of them charters or four deep Melvin Gordon. Austin actor Justin Jackson who they drafted last year. And of course, the drafted free agent. Newsome who was the star in preseason. That's four running backs deep. Not a big need. I'm not taking a running back in the first round wide receiver is a need the chargers lost Taira Williams and free agency right now, it is going to be a competition for the wide receiver three spot behind Mike Williams and Keenan Allen between Travis Benjamin who they just gave a quote unquote extension to for wide receiver three Dylan Cantrell who they drafted last year, our tavis, Scott and Jeremy Davis, they're all going to be fighting for that wide receiver three spot in camp charge. Could go either receiver here, but not that big of a need. And I think there are some good depth going into round three and four so entity too early four for wide receiver, but for those that are available Nikial, Harry's their Markey's Hollywood Browns. They're keen Butler Kelvin harm and even AJ Brown. So there's a lot of wide receivers two left. I'm not going to go wide receiver here. Either tight end is definitely a need. They lost in Tokyo gates. We know that Virgil green is not the tied into that. We had all hoped during the season. It was very apparent that. He is just a blocking tight end, and that's fine. But that's more of a role for Tynan three. So getting tied into would be good in this draft. But with Irv Smith and j Sternberg or on the board. I'm not going either if TJ Hopkinson or no fans available. They're definitely ended discussion, and they might be the best player on the board of that point. In fact, I've done nother mock where I was kind of goofy. Around on Twitter, and I ended up taking Noah fan in the first round. But they both went. So both awoke tight ends are off the board. Here. I'm not going earth myth or Jay stern burger. This is way too. Rich for first round pick interior offense of lineman is a need. They definitely need a guard Fini struggle Michael Scofield struggled penalty was very good. Obviously pro bowler was really good start off the year kind of fall towards the end of the year. But interior office of isn't that big of a need? Chris Lindstrom is my favorite interior offense of Lyman here. I know a lot of people like Eric McCoy too. But guard isn't that big of a need as tackle is? So I'm just gonna go ahead and say good players, but I'm not gonna go interior linemen. They drafted Scott question. Very last year. Of course, they got forced lamp who should be in the mix and competition camp. So I'm not going guard. Here linebacker is a need. Definitely. They have Kaiser white. They signed Thomas Davis. They resigned Enzo Perriman. You wanna get some more death? They've also got Adrian Phillips who they resigned who will play that, you know, linebacker safety role in nickel and dime. Linebackers big need. But both Devon's are off the board. Devon, white Devon Bush at that point. I'm going to wait on a linebacker. Maybe not even need linebacker really until three. But MAC Wilson's there. Blake Cashman of Oshawa Joseph. I'm not a fan of any of those guys in round one. So I am passing on linebacker corner. Could be a need. They've got Casey Hayward on one side. You've got does king. Obviously manning the slot corner on the outside in the cornerback to you've got Trevor Williams who signed his tender. You've got Michael Davis. Who was the starter last year you've got to potential starters? At least fringe starters who could win that job as CB two. I'm not sure you really need to reach for cornerback by remember fee would be really nice, but he's gone. He's no longer on the board. You've got de'andre Baker Amani or wary a- rocky sin who I am not a fan of the firm. Round. He's been mocked to the chargers would not like that. Because I don't think he's a first round corner. I've got a lot of guys graded ahead of him. He's more of a late third round pick for me. Rocky's in is. And obviously not a very big need. So picking a corner in the first round would really put the chargers behind the eight ball if they did that on draft day. I'm not drafting a corner here. So I'm leaving that group alone in round one edge, isn't really that. Big of an issue Joey Bosa on one side Melvin Ingram on the other. You've got Chen and Awo sue who's going to be playing that auto position while column annual retired. So that's his spot. He also rushes the passer on third downs. You brought back Isaac Rochelle. So they're kind of four deep on the edge not really worth taking a guy here. Jalen, Ferguson is here. Zack who's one of my sleepers. I like a lot is still here. Chase win Avik. None of those guys. I'm taking the first round either. So I'm going to leave edge a loan, and that brings me to to more position groups. And I think this is where you're going to need to start looking. In fact, it's actually three skews me offense tackle safety interior defense of linemen. Now. Those are obviously the chargers three biggest needs. Now. I was hoping there be a better player one of these positions in a perfect world. Some of those guys would have fallen they got picked earlier. But this is where I sit right now. So let's look at the interior defensive linemen because I don't think I'm going to go defensive tackle here. Dextra lawrence. Obviously the player that's been mocked the chargers. Not a first round player to me. And also on the board is Charles Amena who drain on Jones, Ronel ran Kaelin Saunders. A no those guys were the first round pick Dexter Lawrence's in the conversation. Now this conversation is quick for me because he is a two down run stuffer. And that's pretty much it. And I think you have to be elite, and this is just going, by my opinion. And I think what time to Alaska would do as well. And what is? Mentioned in press conferences to is. You have to be more than just a two down player and just a run stuffer. The reason they drafted Justin Jones last year in the third round is because he had the versatility to play anywhere from zero tech to the three tech maybe and kick out to five on certain packages. But also they thought he was very good run stuffer. But also had some past upside that all remains to be seen. I didn't see that. Well watching him, but that's why they picked him. And that's why they picked him in day to. So with a guy like decks Lawrence who offers no pass rushing upside right now and is a pretty good run offender. I'm not willing to go there. I was big fan of via last year in the first round. Because I thought he was elite run-defender and also had some pass rushing chops that who's just starting to scratch the surface with. So he was a guy that I was a fan of only because he was such a damn good run stuffer in college Dextra Lawrence is good. But he's not elite and he's not. Not worth first round pick in my opinion. So a two player you have to take off the field on passing downs isn't a guy I'm taking twenty eight. So I'm saying no on Xtra Lawrence and defensive tackles here in this mock draft. So then you move on to safety. The Sierra Adderley is gone. And what you have on the board is Chancey garner. Johnson my favorite safety and his class. Jonathan Abram Taylor apt or L savage want on hill. They're all there in my mind. Chauncey garner. Johnson is the player of this group to select if I had to pick one now garner Johnson played all of the field for Florida. He plays him free safety play some corner. Play some strong safety. He's versatile piece. He's very good zone. He's very good closing on ball carriers, and he can really cover some ground silent sideline. Now. The thing that I like about garner Johnson is he is like a captain on the field. He is getting guys imposition. Pre snap. And he is helping his teammates out having German James in chancy Gardner Johnson. As you want to punch safeties that alpha mentality. Those kind of leaders on the field would be instrumental on this defense for the chargers. And I would absolutely love Gardner Johnson. Specially because between years at Florida garner. Johnson. Just kidding kept getting better and better and better. He so good off, man. It'd be a major asset in nickel with his instincts. Just let him make plays. I love. Charlie garner Johnson. So comes down for me. Chauncey garner Johnson and the tackle out of Kansas state. Don't reisner now reisner was the big twelve offensive lineman of the year. He was a right tackle in the NFL. He will slide right into the chargers. Biggest weakness which is their right tackle he can compete with Sam Tevi right away. And look Sam tabby had his issues last year. They need to get better on the outside. Reisner has to -bility hasn't missed. The game strong upper body can anchor well in the right side the thing that I don't like is the lower half. I think he struggles in his past pro sets, and that's something. He's definitely going to have to work on at the next level. Now reisner also played on the interior. He could basically play all five spots on the office of line. You don't really wanna line them up as left tackle. He's more of a right tackle. But he's got the versatility to. That's obviously a thing that the chargers covet. He could play guard you could play tackle depending on what you want. He can give it to you. Now for me. It comes down to Cianci garner Johnson. Like, I mentioned and don't reisner reisner is the fifth best tackle this class in my opinion and Chauncey garner. Johnson is the best safety the seer Adderley went. But I've got Johnson garner. Johnson rated higher than zero early in this draft. This pick my surprise you. But I'm going with dolt reisner here at twice. Eight and I'm going to tell you why I'm taking reisner because I'm looking at how the boards falling right now. And I'm looking at the players vailable. And I'm saying if you pass on Dalton riser, you're in a heap. Trouble come round to. So if you pass raised her and say, you went garner Johnson risers going to be gone before you pick in the next round. Greg little be gone Yanni just will be gone Caleb. Mcgarry might be there. David Edwards could be there. But the fall off between don't riser and say mcgarry Edwards who could be there at the end to is a cliff now if you look at the safety group Chauncey garner Johnson should be gone before the chargers picking the second round. But they've got some kind of group of Jonathan Abram Taylor rap, Darnell savage, want Thornhill, Deontay Thomson. Amani Hooker will be there. But he's more of a strong, safety my opinion. But you've got Abram, rap savage, Thornhill and Thomson that's five. Potential safeties that could be there in the second round. And I'm happy with any of them. And I think the fall off between garner Johnson say deonte Thomson, isn't that much and is much more narrow than the difference between reisner and a guy like mcgarry because you're talking about four very good tackles that went before I got to pick at number twenty eight all potential starters. I think reisner is the last of that group before you're talking about major project, even though risers the fifth Bex office of tackle. I think you gotta get ahead of the curve now and get your potential starter. Now before getting a the best safety, and then having to get a project that you know, may not even be better than Sam teddy in your one. And that's an issue because Sam teddy wasn't good last year. And the way I'm looking at it is I'm going with don't riser. I'm getting ahead of the curve. I'm grabbing my potential starting tackle the only one that's still left, and then I'm going to leave round two for safety or an interior defensive linemen. And i've. Got a chance to get some towns of guys like want Thornhill or Danny Thompson, Darnell savage. I'm happy with any of those guys. I think that's a great pick in the second round. If I can get one of those three and then in the interior defense of linemen the fall off between Dexter Lawrence and the next group like Renault, Ren, Kaelin Saunders tristen hill. Not that far off. I think what you're looking at is. If you go reisner here, you then pick the best of that three one Thornhill Deontay Thompson, Darnall savage, right? Let's let's pretend it's want on hill. So you've got reisner you've got Thornhill or the Thompson. And then you pick the next best interior defensive linemen with some pass rushing upside like, Renault ran or Kaelin Saunders tristen hill. And I think you've got a pretty good stacked filling your three biggest need in the first three picks you're going into day three going. Hey, maybe I can take a swing some of these luxury picks, maybe somebody falls again, and you can find. Your Kaiser white of this draft or your king of this draft. I think by setting yourself up by getting don't reisner at twenty eight. You're good going into day to go, and I'm gonna get whoever's heist on my board in the interior defensive linemen and safety. I'm going to get one of those and I'm going to be good because I got my potential starter and don't reisner at right tackle. And if things don't work out with reisner, he can always kick in a guard, which is going to be a need at some point. Because Michael Scofield, Dan Feeney are struggling mightily in the two thousand eighteen season. So at the very least, you filled if not right tackle another need inside. You've got some versatility. So that's my way of saying. I'm going don't reisner as much as I love. Cianci Gartner Johnson the need outweighed the best player available. So I went with reisner over Chauncey Gardner Johnson. And Dexter Lawrence was the probably the third guy you're talking about at that point. But that was kind of short conversation. So I went don't rise. Her at twenty eight Tomi who you would have picked actually want to know, I wanna hear your input because you know, I'm interested this kind of fell strange. And usually there's a guy there that I'm willing to take this time. It was just like, hey, I'm taking reisner because there's the next best starter. And I didn't want to deal with any of those tackles later on in the draft. I wanna take care of it early. And then pick up some value on safety and defense attack around two and three. So tell me who would you take it? Do you wanna take Greer in the first round do like Joshua Jacobs? Would you take in Dextra Lawrence would you've taken? Cianci garner Johnson. Do you like Mak Wilson a lot? I don't know of the guys that I list are still on the board. And I gave you the top two or three for each position group who do you like, and who would you have picked? I mean, obviously, don't risers the right answer. But you tend on getting no, but talk to me, why would you have gone somewhere else? Who would you have picked that point because the charges pick at the end of the round. And like I kind of said over on the other podcasts that I do. It's weird. But the further down you draft the worst players get. So you're not gonna find such good players as you have in the past because it drafted twenty eight. So let me know what you guys think in the comments. Okay. That does it for me. I am garrison. Don't forget the fall the podcast at score more pod. And let's just hope even though there's no games right now. The chargers score more on Sunday. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny week combined. We form the shutdown full. I keep telling you novel this set now focused is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about lawn care disasters regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trapped at a group, text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having huge contracts or coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village, it with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Like this one down. Forecast. It's not voltron unless it is.

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