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Hello, everyone and welcome to slash on daily for timber. Twenty eighth two thousand eighteen on today's episode. We're gonna talk about the latest film and TV news is last shown editor chief Peter Saretta joining me to spike Aslan writers. Why turn buoy hey everyone in Chris Vangelis STA alot guys. It's it's Friday. And when will this week be over. That seems like a long one humor hours left. Yeah, there's all this, you know, stuff that's going on in politics and our own Jacob hall is out, you know, cover tastic Festus week. So we've been kind of in Abend traveling. So we've been, you know, short staffed and there's been, I feel more news this week than there was in the previous three weeks combined. Like literally I was putting together this podcast end. In the last thirty minutes, three stories broke, which completely changed our plan for this podcast. So you know, we should get to those stories, get to the big breaking stories. And let's start that off with Star Wars because he can't give any bigger than Star Wars. And the big news is that Kathleen Kennedy is returning as look as film president, Chris, would we know? Yes. So after solo Star Wars story didn't do that. Well, at the box office, there were rumors swirling all over the internet specifically on YouTube where literally anyone can report on anything. If they have a camera claiming that Kathleen Kennedy was out, I actually had someone at me on Twitter literally saying, I know for a fact, Kathleen Kennedy has already been fired, and you'll see, I swear to God. You have a same youtuber said that what dark Phoenix wasn't even going to be released. I think yes, the more of the story is people on YouTube are wrong, but so yeah. In light of all these rumors news just broke that Kathleen Kennedy has reappeared deal to be Lucas film president for at least three more years. So for three more years, Kathleen Kennedy will still be running all things Star Wars, and Indiana Jones and other Lucasfilm properties. I think you know, there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there that hated last June. I, you know that are you know, declaring, you know, the reason why solo bombed was because of them. You know, they think that, you know she hasn't handled this well, obviously, was usury shoots for not just solo but rogue one. But you know, I've liked the output so far and I'm I'm a fan of Kathleen Kennedy. What she's doing HT would you have save us? I'm so happy that this story broke and just through all the detractors wrong, I'm I'm not happy just for that sense, but it was a big factor. I think Kevin Kennedy is get her job and she shepherded so many great films over the years. And yes, Star Wars had had had some very public troubles, but I think that's because such big property and she still has a bigger success too. Failure ratio. So I'm happy that she signed on for more years at Lucasfilm, and I hope that now that she is set for the next three years, she will encourage more diversity behind the scenes and hopefully pick more female directors and crew for the films which she's often been criticized for. The the big problem here. And I know we've talked about this in the past is that you know she kind of tried to hire a bunch of upping common, some new talent to direct these Star Wars films, and that kind of, I think, bid her in the behind quite a bit. And you know, I, I wanna see her hire female Star Wars director, but it's hard to do that in less you're going for the, you know, the two female directors that you know have done, huge movies. So I do hope that she finds a balance of finding, you know, up and coming talents and pushes, you know the diversity in the way she has been, you know, without falling prey to, you know, the problems that Lucasfilm has been having in the past Chris. Are you happy about this news? I am. I am thrilled especially after this week which is just been a living hell. In many ways. The fact that finally finally winey baby men. Are not getting their way in one way is just very exciting to me. And you know, not just because that but Kathleen Kennedy, I know everyone look. I don't think I'll be able to understand how filmmaking works like a lot of you will think, producers don't actually do anything, but a producers do a lot, and Kathleen Kennedy has been volved in so many move like ET and all the Indiana Jones. People act like, you know, she doesn't do anything. She's had a hand in so many like classic movies, you know, yes, solo didn't work out, but you know, to throw her out completely because of that is is silly. So I'm glad this is happening. Yeah, and inches that for three more years, which I think like, you know, if she had signed a deal to come on for another year and finish a, you know, episode, nine e- you know, that might have not been as big of a thing as this. I think this shows that Bob idir you know, loves what she's doing in, wants her back for more the the other big news story that just. Hits is that we found FOX's releasing a new dead pool film at the end of this year. This just like dropped on top of us, but. I guess the story does. It gets a little bit less interesting from there. Yes. So are lazy Friday afternoon was shattered when Twentieth Century Fox on the scheduled a quote untitled deadpool movie unquote to open on December twenty first twenty eighteen and after we were all reeling from this news, it was revealed that this was actually a PG thirteen release of deadpool two. So this is a release. It's coming seven months after deadpool two, I hit theaters in may and it's now coming out December just in time for the family holidays, which is when exactly you wanna take your family out to see dead full too. I, I wonder, you know, we know that Disney is acquiring FOX. Do you think is it too early that this could be a Disney decision to do the like? It sounds very Disney. I think like cynically it's on it. Hospitable because the deal is based essentially sentenced stone, but it's also seems to be in line with a series of other release date pushbacks that they just implemented, which is elite, battle angel and dark Phoenix. So a legal battle angel was originally set to open on that December twenty first twenty eighteen slot, but has now been pushed back to February fourteenth and dark. Phoenix settlement to run then is now opening in the summer on June. Seventh, this is crazy because the first trailer for dark Phoenix just came out this week in, you'd think you'd think they made the decision to to to move this film that they would have waited on on, you know, the marketing train. What do you think? I wonder if it's because there was better reception than they anticipated for the trailer. And it gave them a little faith in the film, and they decided to push it to a summer slot is what I'm optimistic. Here. I mean, June is like a strong slot and it's a, it's basically a summer opening for this movie which has had several delays in lots of production issues. So maybe it means that this movie will be good on the other side of the coin. That'll leader the Robert Rodriguez directed movie with the story by James Cameron. What do you think of this? Well, what do you? Why do you think they this is push back from this year total next year, right? Yeah. This doesn't look good for Lita battle angel because December is, you know, big family, big holiday like slot, and they push it essentially to the dead zone of February. So it seems like they're kind of bearing this film and I don't really blame them just from what I've seen in the trailers at least does look good and I, as you know, I'm big anime fan. I never watched battle angel, but they took some weird steps with this film I buy. You know, digitally altering everyone Alitas is at least to make her look have anime is which is just the complete a wrong sort of choice to make for an anime adaptation. I dunno, it's very strange, creative choice. Maybe it'll work in the film, but I don't think that this is FOX's putting a lot of faith in this film. I just have not interested in the movie at all. I mean, it may be has a better chance of being good than Denham put that saying much venom fan who wrote in today. We're to to venom fans in in one of them admitted that it looked like. But they were going to see it. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm not trying. I'm making fun of her or listeners. We love you guys. Let's move onto the other news that just hit in the last forty, five minutes and that is that they're making a Sesame Street movie with some interesting creatives earth this up for the site would we know. Yeah. So Sesame Street movie has been in some sage development or another since at least two thousand twelve, but nothing's really gotten off the ground, but now Portland Lia coat, co-creator, Jonathan crystal has been hired to direct a Sesame Street movie, so it seems like they're finally moving forward with this and it'll finally get off the ground and Shawn Levy is one of the producers, believe it or not. So yeah, it looks like that's happening at water brothers, one brothers now own Sesame Street because HBO bought it from PBS and HBO is owned by one or brothers. So there you have it the more, you know. Do you have any idea what the take on this story is I'm assuming nuts. It just says it's going to be a musical. There's no plot or anything listed yet. So apart, he wonders if they're going to take the approach of the two thousand eleven Muppets movie or sort of like reboot, and but I really don't know. I know as a kid, I was a huge fan of the movie follow that bird which I think came out in like. The ABC's maybe I eighty five eighty five and I think it might have been a home video release. I'm not even sure, but it wasn't a great film and it was really big. Bird had gone on the run, and everybody was out trying to find him or is big bird a guy or girl. I, I guess we all guy guy. Okay. Yeah, but they don't have any genders according to the crater Burton Ernie who says they're just best buds are either of you fans of Portland area. I seen a couple of sketches but not a big fan. I was a fatal like the first two seasons, but I felt like a kind of like ran out of steam. If a while, does the involvement in Jonathan the co-creator that show? Does that have you any interest at all in watching a family friendly? You know, just me street movie. I don't not really. I mean, I really liked that Muppets movie, but the Muppets have always been more like adult dr-. I mean, you know, obviously there for kids, but adults can enjoy it too. But Sesame Street is really geared towards younger audiences. So I don't know. I think maybe they could play on the nostalgia of that. You know, Jesus eagle, the Muppets movie. I feel like you're probably right. It's probably going to be geared towards very little children and probably not, you know, have that. Dual quadrant appeal, but I'm curious what the next story is Toy Story four will. I is being compared to of all movies, avengers and Finnity war itchy. Tell us about it. Yes. So Toy Story, four, which is the film set to follow twice or three the and which is kind of seen as the perfect cathartic capper to a great trilogy full, supposedly make you cry your pants off again. So longtime franchise star. Tim Allen has said that he couldn't even watch the entirety of Toy Story four just because he got so emotional. He said, in a quote, it is so emotional. It's so funny. It's so big, the idea they came up with, I'm startled I couldn't even get through the last seen so he doesn't get into the plot details of it, but Toy Story, four will supposedly follow Woody and buzz as they embark on a quest to find what is romantic love and trust in the first film Bo peep. And this is saying something that this film will make you cry as much even more than Toy Story. Three because every Pixar film makes you cry, but toys. Laura? Three, I think was quite a tear Jerker. Like, do you think that we're gonna lose either buzzer, or would you like, do you think they could do that to us? Like I feel that's being hinted towards us like I would hate it. I, I, I mean, I have owned, come played feelings about killing off character just for some sort of shocking emotional reaction, a my big cry and towards her through soccer Feis or something. I mean, I guess, but that's that's the kind of emotional manipulation that take that tilted a little too far. In my opinion, I might pine Toy Story three was the end when you know you see Andy playing toy Toy Story, three rd. Sorry for movie that came out like seven years ago. Yeah, but he was playing with his toys for one last time and you know it was like it was something that was more than just loss. It was something that I think that Pixar films really get to really well which is more than just and like they get. They do that too, but they do something a little more than just like sat death or sat. I'd like that kind of sad reaction. So we'll see, Chris, are you ready to ugly cry over twice? Very four. I guess I'm a little skeptical this because I thought twi- Sary's three was such a perfectly ending to entire like it just seems like a cash grab at this point. Like we're doing Toy Story again, like I'd rather Pixar would do more regional stock like they keep doing sequels and I get that. But I want more. I don't know. Like for so many years I was so excited for like, oh, a new original Pixar film and have them just keep doing Sam, then you got the good dinosaur. So yeah, that's true. So I don't know. You know, you're right. The Toy Story. Three was such great book end to the franchise, and I feel like I'm not sure I need another story and also I'm kind of I'm not sure how they're going to promote this movie. You know, John Lasseter was very involved in that franchise. And you know, he's obviously not at Pixar anymore, and there's, you know, a complicated failing around all that in this movie for kids. I don't know. It's going to be interesting to see. I'm really wondering what the take is because I think so far, all we know is that it's a love story of some kind which from what I heard was inspired by Don Lasseter in the his, his wife, which I'm sure they will not play up at all in the Marquette. Having you say that just made me very uncomfortable, so they're probably going to that's not going to be in the press release. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Let's move on to our next story and that is that's Seth Rogan. We'll be pickled for a hundred years in his new movie. What is this film? Chris? Put, it's going. I forgot to open the stories. I was going to wing it because I, I remember what it was because it was so silly. So this is based on a short story from the New Yorker and the film involves Seth. Rogan plays a pickle maker in the. Sorry. Chris left this money. Let me preface this. I'm going to give you a little insider baseball. So yesterday of Orion report or not gonna name because I want to call anyone out. But he took to Twitter and he wrote incoming as a huge story was coming. And when we see that you know in in the slash home slash all gather around, we're all were wondering we all going to end our battle stations. We're like, all right, what's what's this big story are going to be is it? Is it Star Wars marvel? What's it going to be? And the story is literally this a movie about Seth Rogan playing a pickle maker. And when I saw I just my blood boil, it was like, really, this is the incoming. All right. So the story. Seth Rogan, please a pickle maker who falls any of pickles. And gets Brind for a hundred years. And then he wakes up and he meets his great grandson also played by Seth Rogan. So that's the movie. Seth Rogan gets pickled for one hundred years and then it meets his own great grandson. So there you have it. Hollywood has done it again. Wait. So. Is this like that Mel Gibson movie, but like the comedy version of it where he got furs in. Oh forever. Young. Maybe, but he didn't like meet his own. Great. You didn't play like his own great grandson. So we were pickles involved. What is what is the New Yorker story that's fun this like we're just called this, it's called out. So if you want to read it, Google sell out New Yorker. I Google New Yorker pickle story, and that's how I found it. So weird each day will you see Seth Rogan as a giant pickle on the big screen? And just, okay. I'm wondering we'll, he literally turn into a giant pickle. Will this be some sort of surrealist commentary on society or is he just like a green man? And then they're kind of like a like a metaphor for for we'd here or something. I don't know. I don't know. I mean, like I, honestly, when I first heard about this movie, I didn't read the details. I thought this was maybe a sequel to sausage party, which made sense to me, but now this makes less sense to me, but it sets against meeting lasts now just based on the premise of the movie. Maybe it'll be a great laugh when we watch it. So I don't know. Maybe I'll get on d on Blu Ray or something. I just can't even imagine the marketing like the poster. Can you imagine the poster, like Seth Rogan as a giant pickle, or like just like with the white background out, this is seems so ridiculous to me, but you know, not as ridiculous as making a movie about the x. men character gambit in making it a romantic comedy, right? HD. Yes. But also I will defend the romantic comedy while it right now. It has sort of strange of flagbearer for the CPA hero movie. So according to Simon Kimber, who is the x. men producer and the director of the upcoming dark Phoenix gambit, which is starring Channing Tatum who has been kinda rocking that weird floppy hair since like twenty sixteen will be a romantic comedy, or we'll have something akin to a quote romantic or sex, comedy beieve, and he chalks this up to when you look at. He's a hustler and a womanizer, and we just felt there was an attitude swagger to him that lent itself to the romantic comedy a. But then again, he also goes on to describe house, not really romantic comedy, like how Logan wasn't really a western because like you know, everyone thinks that Remigia comedies a dirty word, but he says, it's just the vibe and that gambit has a romantic or sex, comedy vibe to it. Okay. Gee, I know you are a big fan of romantic comedies and I, I actually have a soft spot for the, you know, the classic remit comedies like, you know, eighties nineties and stuff like that. But. Gambit, really? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I am itching for a superhero movie that will kind of cross that divide because we've seen superhero movies that have bent John res- with the heist movie the spy thriller the the western like with Logan. So I'm waiting for that romantic comedy. I don't know. Gambit is the one that I want to be the remit comedy. And I also think that the the having belief romantically be a hustler throw. A womanizer is just like a a tired trope from rom com that we don't need. So we'll see. I wonder woman did have some good rom come elements which made it so endearing to me. But yeah, I'm just maybe I'm just desperate for Marin common guys. I don't believe that you actually sold them this idea. I wish so against it and I was like our, no, you're right. Maybe like hitch where he is a player and he's throwing his okay. Now, now your love it. Now, now you can see it's a bad idea. Chris, Garretson a bad. I actually like decide, I, I like the idea of doing different things with superhero movies, not just doing the same crap over and over again. Like that's what made Logan, so cool. That was doing something there. So I'm not against this idea. I mean, gambit is a stupid character. So anything they do will make him better. So I'm not against it. Okay. Let's move on to our last story. And that is, you know, in Star Wars, the last June, I podium Arain kind of a disobeyed all his superiors. He took control of the resistance ship and didn't even kill people. I guess he pointing kill anybody, but he there was some some blaster fire going on there. So we all the Sumed right that put him around would be court martialed in episode. Nine because you know, you can't do that in. Military and get away with it. So. So Chris, was he court martialed? No, the opposite. He got a promotion in the marvel comic series. Star Wars PO Dammar in he is now a commander. He's now commander Dammar, and you know he in, you know, you could read the story. I slash dot confident boils down to. He's about to go on a mission and laya tells him calls it commander Dammar into this isn't a comic book. Great. The mortal Kombat series. I said, Star Wars, Kodama and it's issue number thirty one, and it makes sense just because the resistance is very depleted. I mean, yeah. Mandalay there was like ten people left. So I think it makes sense that rather than go through the active losing even more people, they've decided to, you know, promote them. And so now I guess by the time we see episode, you know the next door film Odom it's going to be a commander, so he's failing upward. Yeah, I was being facetious. I don't think anybody of any one of us actually expected him to be court martialed or to be demoted. But I do know that the resistance is a very small group at this point. But I don't. I don't get it h t Iran like for like thinking, I know he's a hero and I know we should be rooting for him. But I feel like. He should have been knocked down a step or two after. Yeah, I actually agree with you Peter. I think that's it's strange that he got no punishment just for for blatantly disrespecting orders. And I while disrespecting orders us like firing blasters at like it was insane an actual coup. Yeah, I, I mean, this will be sort of a time jump afterwards too. So maybe there will be punishment that takes place and we just don't see it happens off screen, but my feeling is that, yeah, they're kind of the numbers of depleted and they have really no choice, but to put him back as commander, I guess we'll find out if the address addresses at all when Star Wars of nine whenever it, whatever that is going to be called comes out next year, late late next year. That brings us to the end of today's slash from daily HT. You're not going to be here next week. You're going to be on a trip that we cannot talk about. You'll be far far away actually, that's that makes it sound like I was saying that you were going to set as Star Wars. That's definitely not happening. It's DJ will never allow any presence that I just met. You're going on an international trip? Yes. I can't say where I'm going actual. Okay. So I'm going to New Zealand. I'm not coming back until Thursday, but yes. So this'll be last, you see of me. You can find me every day though at slash film dot com. And I'm on Twitter at h TRAN Bui. We're excited to hear about your adventures at least the ones you can talk about when you come back on the water cooler, Chris, where can people find more your work on line? I'm at slams dot com and I'm on Twitter at sea, angels, four thirteen. You can find me at slash home on all social media. You can find all the stories we've talked about today on slash home dot com and lengthen the show notes. You can subscribe to slash on daily on itunes, Google play, overcast, Spotify, all the popular podcast apps, please feel free to send us your feedback questions, comments, concerns to Peter at Sasha dot com. And if you can take a minute, goad, who are itunes page, write us a very positive review, spread the word, tell your friends it. We'll see you on Monday.

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