The Last Dance 1&2 Reaction; Landmark Sports Agent Evaluation


Monday night edition of the pot. Got a nice little reprieve from our woes watching the last dance last night. That was fun. And we're gonNA talk about that. Then we gotta do another agent report Brandon Rosenthal Landmark Sports. It used to be a with raw pull inca there and Jim Tanner from tandem. So so their clients. James Harden Morgan Williams thaddeus young to tenor got. Joe Moran this year hundred dollar but he healed. Let's get started though. Danny you were not really a basketball fan during the George Bull Zahra. By contrast I grew up in the Chicago land area during the nineteen nineties. I was a high school basketball player during that time I graduated from High School in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. I Still River where I was in my basement. Jordan hits the shot over Brian Russell and I jumped up and hit my head on the ceiling. Kosovo excited by way too low ceilings but anyway What did you think of course some of your big revelations from watching the first episode? I hadn't obviously picked up a lot from this team. Just by virtue of the business. We're in and all that but yeah. I didn't really become a big basketball fan for a little while. After this. I mean I would really like Oh four. Zero five was where I started sets a full. You know it's a pretty significant stretch after this team. I thought some of it was just you know in thinking about what our job is and how we would have reacted to some of the things at the moment and and for me the big one and we'll talk about the way they've talked about. Jerry Krause a lot more probably a little bit but just the sheer insanity of having the defending champions and the general manager announces that this will be their coaches last year. And it's not retiring or anything just saying he's going to be gone when you're star player the best part in the world arguably the greatest player of all time said he is my coach. Like I'm basically. He's my only coach that all. I didn't know that had happened. And that blew my mind. Well Tim Floyd to radio interviews today and he said that Jerry. Krause very awkwardly started approaching him back when he was the coach at University of New Orleans before even went to I would say in the late eighties across was Kinda buttering him up. Defame Ass- fishing trips. That Tim Floyd and Jerry. Krause would go on together. That was cross cover for meeting with void idea. They're fishing buddies. In fact cross had never been fishing. Heard that floyd liked to fish and had floyd like teach him to fish so that they had that as a cover for hanging out and getting to know each other of course employed took over the Bulls after the ninety nine lockout they had this bullshit fiction about how like Tim Floyd being hired and he was the coach in waiting and Phil Jackson could still be coach if you want to do which was contrary to what they said at the start of the of the ninety seven ninety eight season and then floyd today in this radio interview. He said that he met in secret with Jerry. Reinsdorf in Seattle in Nineteen ninety-six. They just want seventy two ten won the championship Phil Jackson. The coach of the year and Cross wanted to move on projecting said that he just couldn't deal with working anymore and so Jerry Reinsdorf told Floyd to tell cross basically like no. We're not we're not going to do that. You should try it a lot better but I I mean really. I think there's a lot to unpack your crossing across his just a an amazing figur- in a lot of ways. And if you've never read it I am church the sales through the roof now the Jordan rules and then the follow up the second coming but some of the stuff from Jordan robot cross. It is absolutely just remarkable. I got that book for Christmas in a of nine hundred ninety one which is about the Bulls Gypsies Jews and one of the greatest sports small time. Bye Bye Sam Smith but Yeah I mean I drove down here for a while but I mean that's just a lot of people were saying that would never happen today. Do you agree with that? I think the announcement that the coach was going to be gone after that season. That wouldn't without being like retirement or something like that you know if let's say Gregg Popovich or something just basically said he's he's done then. You could have goodbye to her for coach like that. In Jackson was legendary even in even in that stage of his career. He started his first job as a as a head. Coach was I believe. Was what the Bulls but the Albany patrol yes other. Yeah exactly and not to disparage the of course but hey and so that part of it was was something. I don't think what would happen now to a coach of his stature to basically say that and then with with also with with Jordan's public comments before that I mean in the dock they talk about the ninety seven finals but I believe they're better stuff as well and also his relationship with Phil which was of course very well known in more well known to cross everybody else so I think that that was something but then the other part and again there are ten thousand ten. We'll talk a little bit about the. Where are you going to transition? Something else got a few more thoughts on the Jackson. Cross thing no it relates but we can. We can talk about it and then we'll go to the park. It's about cross Yes so I think certainly cross was just such a Weirdo. He was he would do all this like crazy cloak and dagger stuff a lot of that detailed detailed in the Jordan rules but like a couple of examples that come to mind for me was he went to Dan. Marley out of central Michigan in the nineteen eighty-eight draft and basically like tried to promise him for like a third rod pick wanted him to shut his workouts on and Becca time. If you went to a small school Scottie. Pippen blew up in the nineteen eighty-seven combine when they were played. Five on five hundred. Most of the players play in that at that time Ed. So marley was like. I think I'm going to go to the combat any tribunal picky end up being a first round pick is really good player for while he definitely cross had an eye for talent. That much is pretty clear. I mean Pippen Horace Grant. I mean that's one of the Horace Grant. Criminally underrated historically One of the Any traded up to get pippen as well. I mean that was that was outstanding. Did a great job with that Has Been designed that now even more famous contract I mean. We'll we'll get to that. Don't worry don't worry we'll get to. There's there's some more context from that still. That was missing from the show but to me I think it ultimately gets back to yes. Cross had a massive ego the fact that he couldn't secure and just didn't get it that like. Oh yeah you know like we just one seventy two games? The idea that I would be trying to fire my coach instead of work with him. Like it's so it's so utterly selfish. Almost like yeah. I didn't like working with this guy so a firearm. Even though we just one seventy two games even though it's GonNa Piss off the grace period of time who by the way also really dislike cross going back to that that nineteen ninety-six of return from injury. Those detailed but Jerry Reinsdorf also like totally enabled. And that's and that's exactly what I wanted to go is I? Part of me is uncomfortable with it because I think part of the reason it is being told us ways because Jerry Krause has passed away he died march twenty seventeen although I thought I thought of that too and the that he died but there were many many contemporary reports about the same time. Oh Oh yeah absolutely I think. Part of what's what has happened in the first two and I can't say that this will happen. Moving on is I mean. People know that like on the long run of this show. I I try to use term management to talk and the important relationship between a general manager and owner and yes. It's possible you could argue. And they're absolutely is an argument. Credible one that crosses ability to identify talent made him worth keeping. But when you think about how a lot of this. This animosity was in the modern era. If the general manager is is a part of this much strife and you have the greatest player of all time. And you have one of the most respected coaches of all time wanted to highest profile as well then normally the the way this resolves is the the owner tells the journal Major. Get Your Act together. Or you're the one who's going to be gone and so both Reinsdorf and crausser in the hall of fame which is also interesting but REINSDORF. Also we have this other wealth of stuff like oh one of the other ancillary parts of the Bulls. Like of this break-up is they were going to get a lot more expensive. And we've seen REINSDORF be you know. Have all these flaws as an owner in the time after that? So I think that at least to this point. It's kind of gone under. It's been under discussed the like the financial element of this part of the story. When you consider everything else in the interpersonal with so much more interesting and you can get better quotes on it and all that. But it's another part of this that I think is important. Oh yeah definitely we. And I'm sure we'll talk more about the actual break-up of the dynasty when that part of the documentary comes out But yeah I mean I can't remember another GM who has ever at odds with their star player like this and this is the greatest player of all time. And you Eaton's book which have him on probably next week to talk about that About the warriors. Get into this. We see all the free agent. Recruitment shorter contracts as well. There really weren't shack was really the first huge free agent. Who is who is a superstar change teams of his own volition? He really started this era. Where Obama we gotTA keep these superstars? Happy I don't think anyone ever thought that Jordan would just leaving and go somewhere else but clearly is totally different environment now and no. Gm would ever ask like act like this and the idea that he could possibly be. Backed up by management was totally insane. Now the one thing that krause gets should onto much four is the organization's when championship. This is a alluded to in the story. That he was misquoted on that but he also could have just managed it and apologize well and and that's the Utah you brought up. Lethem's book I've been reading. Thank you to the top as well which gets do another different general manager type of relationship and and the challenges of like that I mean. It's a great example. Lethem's book gets into this too of how the general manager drop is really hard and how there are a lot of different elements identifying talent making trades making calls but another element is not only managing the personalities of the people involved which pros obviously had major problems with but also just maintaining relationships within the organization and with the press. And that's a pretty amazing part. It's like yeah it was. I think it was easy to jump on him but also like I mean he as you said. He didn't do a lot to clear it other than saying he was misquoted. By me basically if you're GM they're even then especially if you're the bulls like there. There will be a microphone for you if you wanted like talk about it and get. Get your full intent on the page or your. I WANNA talk about. Pippen's situation era in the second. Run after this. You all know that I have long said helixsleep is the best mattress that I've ever experienced. I have to travel a lot for work. I stay in pretty decent hotels sometimes and it's just not as good as he looks leapt. The reason is because helixsleep is made for me I. I found them back in twenty fifteen. My wife and I tried a one-size-fits-all Mattress Company and we had to return it. It did not work. I developed some back pain so she won't try this. WanNa make sense right. It's actually made for us. And she was right. It was awesome and now own to helixsleep mattresses and gifted a third to my in laws G. Q. 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I don't know how many times especially when I was young. And you always remember the details better For when you're young oddly. Enough but when he signed a rookie deal. It was something like you know a six year deal out of the nineteen eighty-seven draft for under a million dollars a year and so he was very unhappy about his contract in nineteen ninety one and he signs the extension the three year. I'm sorry the seven year eighteen million dollar extension and I'm not sure whether that number included the number of the two years that were remaining on his original contract at that time but this is detail the Jordan rules that pippen. He has a back surgery during his rookie year. He saw obviously very affected by the paralysis. older brother and his father and so he was just very very focused on security. He was very very risk. Averse and so- reinsdorf said in the documentary that he said. Hey Scotty like don't sign this. And of course REINSDORF was also very adamantly against renegotiating any of these contracts and. I'm sure part of why he wasn't too interested in renegotiating pippen's contract was that Jordan's contract. This is his third contract with the Bulls or third and fourth contracts. That will the first one was kind of similar to Pippen's than they renegotiate that one for about three billion a year in the late eighties and that was like you know eight years. Twenty six million or something like that and because you didn't have any limits on the length the country's Magic Johnson famously Twenty five million dollar twenty five year contract with the Lakers in the early eighties and the pre salary cap. I think but nonetheless there wasn't any limitations on the length of contracts until the ninety nine. Cpa that the owners fought tooth and nail to get a in that lockout so then. Jordan is a free agent in the summer of Nineteen ninety-six by the way right through our continued to pay him while he was playing baseball which was apply. Smart move And then Jordan gets a one year thirty million dollar deal for ninety six ninety seven and it gets another one year thirty three million dollar deal from for ninety seven ninety eight and so the fact that he had to pay Jordan. That about Rodman was on a similar boat. He had a nine million dollar contract when year. Nine million in ninety six ninety seven and then four point five billion the year after that either because he was coming off a kind of a weird play offs and season. The adult is specially didn't have necessarily other options either. So that's part of why I didn't WanNa go shoot him. He didn't want to create a this precedent of renegotiating. A contract It was a great contract and now of course there the ability to renegotiate a Lotta these contracts under the current. Cba is lessened. We've seen very briefly renegotiations. You have to have salary caps. Facebook didn't have that I don't know whether Pippen wanted extension I I. I'm not sure what the renegotiation rules were exactly before that ninety nine. Cba so that some of the context here an auto it. What did what did you any thoughts on Pippin. I I've a few more but Did you know about all that soft before this? I knew a little bit of it and I knew that he had missed part of that season I did. I didn't know the and obviously their their their stuff that predates that predates this in terms of leaving the bench and all that type of stuff. But I didn't know that he deliberately delayed his surgery that which another one of those if that happened now especially with the team like. I don't know that that was even quite public knowledge. The like I was going to have my summer mean 'cause like now sometimes it becomes a big thing when a player like starts the season shape and uses the season to get in shape drawn. Talked about that one. So because of how long the playoff run but the idea of taking your summer and then having surgery is is again. That's what will shek did that in Where he had the famous line that he got hurt on company. Time to US going to Rehab on company time That was eight cameras. Those oh two or three. That might have been the O. Two three season of which shack with those two but it also reminds me a little bit of what Kyrie Irving was threatening to when he wanted out of Cleveland. Yeah the when the famous you're basically like I have an elective surgery. I'm GonNa take it miss that whole season. Yeah and and supposedly. It didn't seem like it was the greatest negotiate. Scotty maybe this was omitted from the discussion the documentary but it doesn't seem like he was like. Hey extend me or I'm going to wait until September to get this surgery or or early October to get this surgery and I. It seemed like it was just aren't mad so I'm going to do this. It didn't seem like it. Was that good a calculation also. A lot of people were shitting on Pippen's agent. Jimmy Sexton is a very successful football agent now but supposedly sexton encouraged him not to take the deal in the summer of nineteen ninety one and that that appropriately ties in with something we've talked about. We'll talk about on. This show ended other ones that it part of part of what agents tapped it you know they have to deal with the clients they have and so if players more risk averse they can advise but they can't force them to do anything. Yeah and I think cross to some degree might have had the right idea as far as you know. Pippen wasn't worth the next contract that he got probably a but it will get into the actual break-up in that nineteen ninety eight ninety nine nine period. The lockout had something to do with it as well of course but the last thing that stuck out to me and I I assume this is never gonNA get discussed. It's very easy for everyone to praise. Just like Oh man. Mj was just the most competitive guy ever. He was just unbelievable. That work ethic drove him. Let's praise all that. Yeah you don't agree me. I'm not sure you'd ever all these reports are anecdotal like who literally works the hardest. You know if you spend four hours doing stuff. That's not as efficient as someone who's doing it for two and a half hours. Who's working harder rightly that's the you'll never get an objective understanding of. Who's working the hardest whether he literally was the hardest working. I mean it seems like he. He came in he had that discussion with Roy Williams whereas I want to be the greatest player ever at UNC. And he's like while you're GonNa have to actually work so you know. It doesn't seem like he just naturally was working so incredibly hard a right in the beginning but part of the reason that having Matt crazy mentality worked was because he actually was good enough for it to be to get positive returns for right like that. Approach actually worked for him. He didn't really get humbled right like he. It actually was true that if he worked absolutely as hard as he can he could be the grace of all time whereas a lot of people really work hard. But you know if you only have the talent to be a role player ultimately. You're going to have a little bit different of mentality because you just you're not actually winning like you're gonNA suffer some cognitive dissonance at some point where you really have to accept what your role is accept that. Maybe you're not the best that can actually help your game and help your team. If you go to. That Jordan never had to actually confront that. It seemed like that's a great point and I I was struck by the so those above night quote that was included in the that was included in the dock and then somebody posted the F- The longer version of it which I thought was really telling and basically talked about how he thought you know. Michael Jordan was the most physically gifted player that he'd seen and then also the combination of being a competitor and all the things that he was special at and it was that combination. And that there's there's a parallel there with like coby and with Lebron that you have to have that foundation of being one of the greatest athletes in the history of the game plus the work ethic to reach that level because everybody else just the the ceiling just isn't and plus you also just had the type of body where you just didn't really get hurt. Never got hurt other than that one broken foot and then when he had knee tendinitis in his days in Washington when he's thirty nine and forty and also I mean that work ethic really lent itself to the to the later stages of his career to because when he became not the same athlete that he was that he had all these other all these other elements to his game and and I only got into it a little bit i. I'm not spending as much time on twitter right now of for various reasons. One being that there isn't the same type of news to catch up on sports but like a dip my toe in the whole like kind of the difference in shots and all that type stuff and I think what what is. I think that there's a fair point. About how like the League is just so fundamentally different now than it was then and the rules are different and something. I brought up as well as the selection. Like what what GM's are valuing and players is different that has a lot of spillover effects you if it's more important than a player shoots. Players shooter often worst defense. And so thus your defense is is devalued comparatively and all those things fit together but it is it is remarkable when you think about just how different the sport is you know that. I observed that the dishonest the the last dance regular season they led the League ineffective field. Goal percentage. I think was fifty. Two point one percent that would have been twenty third this year and that's not to say old. The League sucked. Everyone was bad or anything like that. It's just it was a very different world and it is. It is striking. I mean to watch. I mean you could see some of his mid range artistry in that extended clip. They did which was great of that. Celtics game in the in the In the playoffs and it is. It's funny as somebody who didn't grow up watching the sport to see that and be like. Oh yeah that's that's it's it's so dramatically separate from what we see now. Yeah this is something. We'll get back to when they do the bull jazz series. I think the the final score that game was eighty eight eighty seven the game six nine hundred ninety eight. You'll take a guess at how many possessions that game had to say I'm going to say one or two. Oh no no. It's where you lessons today. Seventy two possession. Oh my God oh yeah. I should've guessed that because there wasn't as the transition was so different. Yeah and zooming down before but part of the reason you mentioned more offensive players adding changing the zone. Rules is probably the biggest thing that the NBA could do because number one you used to be able to just go at these guys want to win. There was so much ice. Oh game that you couldn't have guys on the floor. Who would just get beat up and ice? Oh who couldn't guard there man one on one so number one with that zone difference did was it meant that. If you guys who couldn't shoot you didn't have to guard that guy anymore and number two. Is that if you had a guy who shoot but wasn't able to guardsman one. You give much more help to that guy as well so yeah on both ends it meant meant that offensive players were more important and so you didn't have just these as it really devolved into bully ball in the late nineties early two thousands and you know every team needed. Just have these musclebound six guys to guard the other teams of scores and same thing in the post. There is so much about just. If you can't guard your position one on one. You can't play now. That's not nearly as much the case anymore. I think it leads to much better looking basketball Last thing I want to talk about here actually. Let's take another break. I so the last thing I wanted to talk about was just thinking about Michael Jordan. The owner with all these quotas just absolutely completely insane competitiveness than how the point is to win every game. But he couldn't deal with sitting out at the end of the season in Nineteen eighty-six 'cause there's a thought that they are taking and trying to make the playoffs at thirty and fifty two. Yeah because sixteen to twenty three made it Yeah Yeah that. That was a teams Completely waxed in that first. Round of even in five game series they end worth during the Bulls. You know they got swept again. The next year by the Celtics to Jordan have nearly the same series and people the Celtics were like. Yeah we Kinda came up with Jordan rules for that series before the Pistons did but in any event I was just thinking about like thinking about seven and fifty nine in the hill. Eleven twelve season four than Bob. Cats and like Michael. A clearly has not owned the team with that. Same Level of competitiveness maybe as local competitors is to make as much money as he reasonably could but he lives in Florida like Jackie. Well everybody goes like skiing with his family's largely absentee owner for whatever reason both in terms of the monetary investment and in terms of just caring about the team in carrying about winning. He obviously doesn't care much about the Hornets winning as he cared about winning himself and some of that might be just that he's deliberately decreased the visceral experience of it. You know like when you're player. Maybe maybe he was just like you know. It's not GonNa work for me to win and I just I. I can't be around this every day or I'm going to go and say yeah. I think that's entirely possible but I'll be interested to see if they even mention the Charlotte bobcats and Hornets in In this documentary or if they mentioned the wizards at all in this documentary yup also. Mj Like had the absolute best style of anybody. Back that means seeing all the ninety s clothes and stuff with a pretty remarkable but he definitely had the best style just about anyone back then and That hasn't last as it turned him do agent evaluation to Brandon Rosenthal of landmarks Sports Diana Day also involved there and once again What I will say here is the public information about some of this stuff when players were with what agent is scant at times we tried to piece it together. Great help from our director of basketball research. Bendel on some of this stuff scouring the publicly available information on this. But if you happen to know that this is incorrectly so many we haven't gotten any corrections yet thankfully other than that one that we had to make about Jason But also worth noting here Danny that this isn't business school How do we do the grading on these evaluations a C? Average and averages totally fine especially in certain situations there might not be as much upside for an agent. Remember the word Ito. We're talking about the contracts that they negotiated where where if they were able to get a player drafted high relative to their talent level or their production. You know any of that type of stuff and and and so and you know what for another one of those for example if and unambiguous Max guy? Getting that Max. Contract isn't as amazing job by the Asia. Now if there's work that has to get into getting to the right location or something else that will we will note those specific considerations as we did extensively enrich. Paul's if you WANNA go back and listen to that but most of the time were agents like Christopher hypothetical is we're pretending that a member of our family or close circle was considering who to go to for an agent a lot of times. Those aren't going to be Max. Players there are only a small group. And so it's how do they do finding getting maximizing money and situation for their clients? Who were mostly you know middle class? Nba players because that's how most of it is middle class in minimum. Yeah we put a little more emphasis too on second contract not necessarily rookie contract since there isn't much headroom there to improve things. Brian Bowen is a with landmark sports but eased a two way. Don't have enough information with the the Pacers of Hollywood performance has been there either way. I don't think he was like supposed to be drafted highly or or anything like that. So who give him just A not applicable. They're not really enough information for a grade Dante exum was drafted fifth overall. Pretty good job. In retrospect getting him signed there because you'll remember his story he had a really Nice two thousand thirteen hoop summit and then he just goes and plays Australian High School basketball. There's some talk that he might enroll maybe Indiana in college. They decided not to do that for him. And in fact he was drafted fifth. That was a great idea. Obviously excellent has really struggled with injuries and ended up signing a three year. Thirty three million dollar deal as a restricted free agent and then was traded to Cleveland. As a I would think a negative value contract. This season as the jazz finally gave up on the fifth overall. Pick from twenty fourteen. I thought they did a pretty good job in getting that three year. Thirty THREE MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT FROM UTAH. Especially since I was in the summer of two thousand eighteen I agree it was. It was a tough market for a lot of players. Restricted guys always have additional thing because teams don't want to tie up their money so that makes re signing with their current team much more palatable option to when he clearly didn't have any type of offer out there like that. I would assume so and river. Xm You had such a star-crossed rookie scale those for years. With where he had showed slashes at times but then also battled injuries and the jazz succeeded without him. And then you know some of his best times were as kind of a second unit guard and so to get ten ten million eleven million a year depending for we're going guaranteed money or or You know the incentives was. I thought that was was solid for them. That was something David Locke and I disagreed on going back back in time. And even Goya's recently is when they when they were figuring out what to do when they acquired by calmly and just kind of who was definite on basically who is definite on the jazz's books and all that and then they eventually moved in Cleveland. Yeah and I didn't hate it too badly for the jazz but I thought that they definitely overpaid to some degree. This is a good job of selling accents potentially really had developed a very limited way as a ball handler and shooter and so this was sold on potential. He was still young twenty two years old when this was signed but he has not continued about had another injury hit year last year. And so I give a minus for that one and a sin thing a a minus for the job getting him drafted fifth. So it's all work there. Now we go to Eric. Gordon Gordon's first. Fru full unrestricted. Free Agent Contract was twenty sixteen member. He was pretty enthusiastic about leaving New Orleans. Something he'd been trying to do for years after getting traded there in the famous Chris Paul deal and he signed a four year. Fifty three million dollar deal with the Houston Rockets. Twenty sixteen and instead of becoming a free agent. Which would have been he would have become a free agent at the end of this now hiatus season he signed an extension adding. I believe it is so it added four years. Seventy six million dollars but three of the last year that is fully non-guaranteed. Actually talking about this talking about the centerpiece with the athletic right now so we can talk about both the two thousand sixteen contract in the twenty thousand nine extension. Yeah the two thousand sixteen contract actually gave that a deep loss Now Gordon was not the player in New Orleans later became especially defensively but was one of the the. Nba's best shoes US coming off kind of a rough year. That hold New Orleans team was in two thousand thirteen but he stayed healthy for a couple years. You've been so injury. Hit with his knees during that he will say he. He played forty five games. Before you sign this contract so that he had been healthy before that but then he had a broken hand is what. It wasn't something that we freaked out about like the earlier. Injuries like when he was the first couple of years in New Orleans but he did miss time. I mean I was critical of the contract for Houston. I was wrong about that. One of the few twenty sixteen hundreds. I was wrong about because of the injury risk. And no in fact he was able to to stay healthy out before that but considering how good he was and how much less money he got than a lot of players who weren't nearly as good as him I think that's one of the few where he the agent I think underperformed a little bit in two thousand sixteen now he may have had more money elsewhere too. And you just wanted to go to Houston. That could have been part of it and certainly you've sent him to a place where he would have a great chance to succeed. I think that was the that may have been part of it too. editor deeply. That's like that's below average but not catastrophic relates. Let's remember that But then I would go with an eight minus for the extension that he signed. That doesn't even kick in until this summer. So He's GonNa be thirty one at that point pays him for three more years. Maximum possible extension that. He could have signed aside from that nine guarantee in the last year. Yeah and I think that was Gordon Thirty. One years old dealing with his injury history but also just the way that player players can age and then signing that extension than having you know partially to battle things but not the greatest year with Houston. I don't think he would have gotten something particularly close to this as a free agent especially twenty twenty considering the twenty twenty market is so horrendous and leveraging Houston is not the easiest thing to do in the world. This isn't Dante exum with the jazz couple years ago. So I think that it worked out really well for for Gordon and obviously for landmark to to negotiate that deal and it's worth noting of course that they have James Harden as well. That many cynics would say that that plays into things a little bit Also if you're going to say how much guaranteed would he get a on this year's free market? I mean two years at the mid level exception maybe like twenty million guaranteed basically. I think he'd be looking at something like that. I agree especially especially considering how young most of the teams that have cap. Space are like they wouldn't be particularly inspired at this structure and then a lot of the contending teams don't have a ton of flexibility either. Yeah James Harden. It's unclear whether he is still with landmark right now. According to Ben's research apparently on business matters he is now represented by his mother That per- Houston Business Journal. As of preteen hasn't had to negotiate a new contract but really a pretty good job has been done used with rob Pelinka before Pelinka left in two thousand. Seventeen to take the Lakers job. There is a renegotiation and extension. And I don't know how much of this you say. Rosenthal gets credit for what Pelinka did come up with Andrei Guatemala as well but recall that harden getting out of okay see was great for his wallet he didn't sign the accession in. Okay see and then got the full Max in Houston. Yeah there was a non guarantee on the end of that but that's true but it was but it was a trigger. Yeah yeah there are some like games played thing we're at triggered right yeah And then renegotiated and extended with some of Houston's extra cap space in the summer of two thousand sixteen that worked out great then he and I don't know how much is Aegis but remember that Russell Westbrook and James Harden Bour actually grandfathered in for designated veteran extensions in the twenty seventeen. Cpa I would assume that representation had something to do with that so and most of that was agreed to in late. Twenty sixteen of it may Pelinka was a part of that too and so that ended up being a four year. Two hundred twenty eight million dollar. But that can't be right that's five years anyway. It was a very good contractor. We might have the the number in there wrong with the two hundred and twenty eight million but So I I mean I think it's hard to say that anything has been done poorly with harden A situation where he had a lot of leverage but We have to say at least a B plus for both of those situation. Yeah and I think that's about the best grade you can give for an unambiguous Max Player. Getting Amax contract but I think the context is fair to to give it there and now we moved to a player who had a lot more ambiguity buddy. Healed healed was drafted of course sixth overall by the New Orleans. Pelicans in twenty sixty Johnson covering up his true age by. She deserves credit for that right. The people knew that he already was old. These people knew these twenty three already the modern Danielle Monte. Yeah I mean that. That is a fair point. Then of course he'll was included. In the was an important part of the demarcus cousins trade went to Sacramento and then Insana signed a in last summer in twenty nineteen signed a four year. Ninety four MILLION DOLLAR EXTENSION OFFICE ROOKIE SCALE CONTRACT. That will be declining salary. But it's still four years and ninety four million dollars for buddy hield so that's a pretty damn good job absolutely an. There's some differing reporting on. There goes between eighty six and ninety four. That's based on the inside of a good way to negotiate and get to an agreement with the team also a good way to win the press conference battle and hopefully to get your glad to agree to something Which I think was good and great job signing the essential now healed maybe could have had some suitors this summer as a restricted free agent. But also it's GonNa be twenty seven already so Maybe not as much of a fit for these young rebuilding teams that have cap space and eight. Good job taking the extension. Now you very easily could be like. Hey I'm a rising star one of the best three point shooters the NBA average. Twenty one game last year. I deserve the Max and say no. We're going to take this now realizing that it could be a little bit more fragile and it turns out it was. He was even started by the end of the year and year. I mean hard to imagine that he gets this type of contract this summer as well so good work on. What's more think about think about how much more strain there would have been on his relationship with the Kings if he were a pending restricted. Free Reagents coming off the bench. After the the eighteenth nineteen season he had as a point of reference. Not that it is the Albedo of anything but healed finished the era the portion of the season that has done now two hundred seventieth and and you know about that it's not great spots blow Carmelo Anthony. Who while a positive story? We talked about his defense on the defense team. Unprecedented story but a negative impact. Actually another Tucker. He had a positive impact relative to who he was. But that is true. That's also like a spectacular statement about who he was replacing on that on that trip. Anyway this is the buddy healed section. I thought they did a really good job for him in getting players to be risk averse. I don't know healed if healed was personally or or was not but to get them to handle that especially when he did not have the tools of somebody like jalen Brown Brandon Ingram to really have that year and also was shooting guard. Only player. Just doesn't have the same kind of value as a larger wing to get him to take the money. Then was I think a great move into negotiate money. That was acceptable in the summer was great untruth. Oh you didn't give that a great all. Be boss absurd. I put it in my sheet and then I forgot to say thanks for money so Igwe Dalla getting to the warriors with all those crazy sites trades is giving up two first round picks a lot of hard work there on the initial four year. Forty eight million dollar deal in the summer of twenty thirteen. That's not part of this. It's too old but worth discussing anyway. And then three years. Forty eight million fully guaranteed warriors. Were trying to offer more along the lines of a two year deal with the third year nine guaranteed he managed to get them out to with the number of machinations meeting with Houston in theory. And I thought was this was this was this the Sacramento leverages or had already been born Will the second leverages were definitely in the summer twenty thirteen? They offered him more in theory than the warriors did. There was talk that he might meet with the Kings. I remember it being more about getting a mid level exception offer from the rockets the summer of two thousand seventeen m member also that Kevin Durant actually took last so that Livingston and Igwe. Dala could return in the end. The bill wouldn't be as bad for the warriors. Wars had full bird rights on him but they clearly didn't WanNa pay him beyond the summer twenty nineteen and they ended up trading him to Memphis But to get the forty billion guaranteed over fifteen million a year. When the only other offers he coulda had were eight million a year that was impressive to leverage his way out of that And then the trade to Memphis. That couldn't have worked out any better. Either I mean that was fantastic. Did got to stay at home in the bay area. The whole season not putting more miles than his legs and then to get this trade to Miami where he signs La- an extension for another fifteen million next year and a team option the year. After that I mean that's that's all outstanding work. How much of that it's entree. How much of that is. Actually his agent not really clear but in terms of just the pure result. You you gotTa do be very happy with that. I think you've got to go at the a solid B plus and then I would even go as high as an a minus on that sexy this most recent too of Miami and away to think about we did this with Erik. Gordon is well what would he have gotten as a free agent and dollar would have relied heavily on progress? We don't know where he would have ended up. You know maybe still ends up in Miami without this extension but it would have been hard to replicate even with the team option to get that to get fifteen million in guaranteed money. I think even that would have been challenging four dollars. Maybe maybe it could have gone over two years from from a team not weighing I think increases market value. Oh I completely agree. And so if getting that fifteen million locked in for one year on a competitive team is excellent. I mean that's that's really really good work less one here is Shabazz Napier. And he signed that rookie scale deal in two thousand. Fourteen dropped by the heat potentially to assuage Lebron James. Never seen anything in Miami never did anything. Orlando blossomed with the top fifty five protected. Pick deal in Portland as a backup point guard and I was surprised that he couldn't get any offer from Portland and who did not even make him a qualifying offer and then to get a two deal at the minimum as they with the second year. Non-guaranteed that to me was below the player's worth. I don't know if they just haven't done a good enough job of selling him clearly. I mean the the you know the nets move on from him. They had to include it in the deal to golden state. The warriors said didn't value him at all it seemed like and then he got moved again by the wolves to Washington. A LOT OF TEAMS DON'T VALUE THEM. And also maybe it's not fair to give a low grade for only getting the minimum. I thought he was a quality. Backup grabbed the U. Is Worth more but I was not able to get that forum I included. The League disagrees with me but I think that they should have could have done better. Done a better job of selling him. I mean Yeah Portland. All these teams really seemed to give up on also signing in. Brooklyn out no other offers they had but signing there when Brooklyn already had Spencer Dinwiddie and Deanza. Russell didn't seem like the smart. The ended up playing one. Did he miss time and did something but I mean again. I don't know what the landscape but it's hard to say that they did a good job for them. I've seen napier as a you know. Not The greatest backup point guard but a more solid one than the League has for years. Now I mean. I remember lampooning Portland for for what they did and Ochej bet on his ability to find new bench players. I worked out better in eighteen. Nineteen than it did in nineteen twenty but napier and then. He's done a solid job. On the wizards as well after he he ended up thereafter all the machinations around the trade deadline. And everything like that. And so yeah I would agree with you that whenever you know it. Definitely a part of it is that the League thinks less of napier than we do and that's worth acknowledging but at the same point I mean you can compare him to his current Team Dismiss. Who got two years and I think it was by twelve million dollars and while I understand. You're not getting ish with money. Being so far removed from that is strike. Yeah last one here is tyas Jones and this goes back to the the PALINKA DAYS. Us drought the twenty fourth overall. In two thousand fifteen that left to join. Kevin Bradbury beady. We talked about that on our last agent review. Those just a solid see for me. Getting drafted twenty four th in. Twenty fifteen so a we can Wrap this up a little bit longer on the last dance and I thought we would. So what we save. Jim Tanner for another time and anything that you WANNA talk about before. We go here. If people haven't listened to the PODCAST. Did we come Pelton? For Real Jim Radio. It was about his dynasty rankings. And the last dance so you can get a little bit more context for it now and then I have a bunch of pieces in the works for the athletic including A. I'm working on one on the rockets. You can look for that. I talked about it in the air. Gordon comes up of course In that in that as well so that should be out I would say probably be out Wednesday but you can keep an eye out for new course on twitter. Cova Daily News. We actually got a nice endorsement from nate. Silver on the POD over the weekends. Really appreciate you telling your friends by that that has its own feed search Cova Daily News. Or Nate Duncan. And your podcast player. You'll find it. I know you feel like you. Probably don't WanNA listen to it because you're sick of course up but that's actually who is four as the people who are sick stuff you listen to this. You get the real news. That's important or about a half hour period and then you don't have to scroll your time line. You have to worry that you're missing stuff. You have to watch Cable News God forbid and you can go about your day and hopefully get a little bit more well informed coverage today actually had in addition to the Usual News Roundup. Dr Carl Bergstrom. From University of Washington to talk about some of the bottlenecks that we've had in testing some of the misinformation. That's out there. How he thinks things are going to evolve over the next six months or so so that was a very very enlightening conversation from a real live expert. Not just telling you what the experts are saying. You actually hear five from the expert himself so thanks so much for listening and we'll talk to. Y'All tomorrow night till then.

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