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Welcome giants fans. You are listening to the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue radio part of the SP nation family of podcasts. I'm your host for today. Ed Valentine today's show will feature an interview with former New York giant Brandon London who will be here to discuss some of the controversy in the conference championship games. He'll also talk about his new television job and the two thousand and seven giants run to the Super Bowl a team that Brandon was part of before we get to that just a couple of notes regarding the New York Giants. I wanted to wish. Good luck to former giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo who is reportedly the leading candidate for the defensive coordinator job with the Kansas City. Chiefs spags is a good coach better person. And we hope. That that he gets that job. He deserves to be back in the NFL. If that is something that he would like to do so fingers crossed for spags that he ends up with that job. Second of all just wanted to remind folks that we know the senior bowl is going on this week. We've had plenty of coverage at big blue view dot com. We've had a podcast here with Jason Evans discussing Duke quarterback. Daniel Jones just wanted to encourage you to check out all of our coverage at big blue view dot com. All of our draft profiles, everything that we continue to do as the build up to the draft continues. And we get you ready to find out what the giants will do when their turn comes up in the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. Okay. Without any further delay. Let's play the interview that I did with Brandon London. Okay. Giants fans I'm joined now by former New York giant, Brandon London. Who is also the co host of daily blast live and part of giants TV random. How are you today? Man. I'm great thanks for having me on can't wait to talk some some some football. Hey, you know, I thought about getting you on the other day I saw on on daily blast live you. You kinda went off on the on what happened Sunday with the the officiating in the saints Rams game. Just tell folks what you said. And we'll talk about that quickly. Well, you know, I was I was upset, you know, because anytime as a player, you know, you think about the long journey that you have throughout the OT as drought workouts. You know, your way family, you're working your buys off. You're trying to make a team China form an identity of its then you go through an entire football season. Where you go through the ups and downs injuries. Bad play sometimes bad coaching that sort of thing and you get to the play offs. You're hot you're playing good football. You know, a lot of players when your team are are making plays. And at the end of the game the game taken away from him by the referees. And I know it's unfortunate. I know we talk human error. I know we, you know, we say that the Rams. Two things got the ball back 'cause she scored in overtime or whatever. But had pets interference call being called. Saints would be able to down the ball three times kicked field. Go the couple of seconds left, and they'd be headed to the Super Bowl in Sean Payton at all yet was an apology from the NFL. And at that time where you looking at had they gone to the Super Bowl in one. You you're winning over two hundred thousand dollars for winning the Super Bowl. You don't want an apology at that situation. So I propose that the NFL starts doing to see Phil does and you're able to challenge certain play, sir penalty. If you think that there's a pass interference on on a plate, you can challenge that if you think that it was a pet a pass interference was called. And you don't think that it was a pessimist would be able to challenge that now in this case in the Phil would be able to jump in because it was under two minutes, and claw the keys all the cameras and technology that the NF. Dell has going on then they should be able to put something in place to where someone can phone in and say, hey that a PI call it needed to be called right there in the saints. Got the ball. You know, it's interesting because I do think that pass interference in some way, shape or form has got to become a review -able play in the NFL, just you know, without without going too far into this. 'cause I do want to hit a couple of other topics with you today. Are you on the bandwagon? That says everything should be review -able or do. We just need to to expand it to to pass interference in certain penalties. I'll I would say certain penalties. And I would say for the sake of the game is it would have to be blatant. I mean, if you think about it there's holding on every play call on every play, you know, there's PI on every play because db are taught that if a received push they pull, you know. So that receiver doesn't gain any sort of unfair leverage. But I think that's something blatant calls. That are missed like the roughing passer against hump Brady. And that in that chiefs, drives I think those should be some things that are that are review -able because those are big plays a fifteen yard penalty is a big play. You know? So you should be able to look at those in either tack on the penalty or take one off. So Brandon I really want to talk to you a little bit about the giants. And at big blue view throughout the off season. We've been running a series called a date to remember which looks at some of the greater moment. Some of the greater games in giants history. And today happens to be an anniversary of a game on that the two thousand and seven giants were involved in. And that's the team where you spent the year on the practice squad for the two thousand seven giants, correct? Yep. So what I wanted to ask you, you know, we're talking obviously about the NFC championship game against the forty Niners. And we're talking about that season in particular. What do you remember about that game? And you know, more more expansively about that season in particular or two thousand seven championship game was at Green Bay. In the in the frigid cold. I remember those guys went on on. I think that that the forty Niners game was was another year. I think those two thousand eleven season for the forty Niners game but back in no seven if refer talking the championship game. What actively remember is that Corey Webster interception because it was like a post corner round corner out by Donald driver. And like you said be on the practice squad that year I had to be the opposing team's number one receiver. I would put the jersey on you know, Richard Z that you know, were Dallas where the eighty one te'o. So that we had to be a Donald tribe or and we were working on that route because that was a staple and Green Bay's offense. So first time I ran out Rao, I'll believe it was on a to the Wednesday practice things Corey Webster called it on the sideline he jumped it. He knew formation. He jumped it. I feel made the catch. And I'll always remember. This cut this. He not like clap to say, stop this hands. He goes gang. I got a baked play. So then the Friday, we, you know, we ran into game we get different formations. We did different scenarios. And we ran it again. And I think broke on it. And he he he batted it down. And he was still set with himself that he didn't pick it because he knew what grew study through watching film to formation. He knew what to look for. So I believe they ran that same play earlier in the game. I believe this is the first or second quarter, but I believe because of pressure Brett farve was a neighbor throw the ball fast for two fourth quarter Iran that exact same place. Same route Corey Webster jump. It. Made the interception now all remember make out back, and we had the meeting for Tom Kaufman was prepping us for Super Bowl week and telling us how we're going to get on heart practices in first week because second week when you get out there. There to Zona at that time, which was hosting the secret bowl you everything's going to go. So Fash I'm going to be able to practice hard. You not gonna be able to get in as much film in federal times. So we had that meeting. He poured Webster walked up to me gave me a high five gave me like a hug, and was I be and I want you to know you got me ready for that play. You got me ready for this game. Now always remember that to this day that interception. Put us. So I can't believe I messed that up. I've been looking at the two thousand eleven story that we post day, but I've been reading so many of these lately and thinking about so many of the good memories. But but the takeaway from that is you're sitting here taking credit for that pick. I'm you know, I'm not going to take all credit. I kept my cool ten to fifteen percent. Honestly, you know, I I really feel as though it. He'll people can you people make fun of at times, you know, when when I say this, but I'll on feel like I was one of the most important players on that team. Because if you look at the wide receivers that we had to go up against and in the playoffs. Joy Galloway Terrel Owens, Donald driver, Greg Jennings. And and Randy moss. You could see the Daily Post op forget were whatever post you see them. They ran article on me when they said, I was any moss because I had how I had to get the BB's ready for guys like Mandy balls, and that sort of thing. So, you know, I don't necessarily take credit because I wasn't out there on the field with them, you know, but in terms of preparation work, but often get the guys ready to roll Wilson. Sam bad dog, Madison. The are w co. Orders Kevin Dockery, you can ask. Anyway, those guys about when they saw me lineup against them. You know me being scouting. They knew they were going to take a playoff. They knew they weren't gonna get easy because I was hungry. And I knew I had a job to do to prep those guys and also get myself ready. Just game ready case up to that. So you know, I I like to say that you know, I played a big part in in getting the team rights with goal. It is an example of some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. And the fact that that football is about more than you know, one or two guys it's about more than the quarterback. It's about more than the star offense. If player it's about everyone, you know who's involved in a given team. Oh, most definitely you can keep them Gordon further. Like you look at the giants facility in there. All the time in the cafeteria everyone in that organization kind of eat together. You know, the players are down there the marketing team down there. Giants cheapie with Bob Papa and Carl banks and all those guys they're older and another -nother area the cafeteria, and it just goes to show you and what fans really have to understand sometimes that everyone in that building in that facility has one goal in mind. And that's the do whatever they have to do to win the Super Bowl. So if you're on the PR staff, you're getting players ready for all types of interviews in prepping them to what they think that the New York media is gonna throw at them when it comes to marketing, they're doing all types of sponsorships with bud old deals, and Pepsi, and that sort of thing so everyone has a job to do in terms of making organization, look great making everything run smoothly. But in when you're. Working hard like that. Then that's how teams went Super Bowl because it just makes it that much easier for players. You know, Brandon? Let's talk about the current giants quickly. You were around enough in two thousand seventeen you you saw you know, how things kind of deteriorated this past season. The giants won only five games. You know, no one is happy with a five win season. But when you look at the giants where they are now versus where they were maybe at the end of two thousand seventeen. Do you feel like this team? This franchise is pointed back in a direction, you know, that that could take them back toward toward being contending a contending football team. Absolutely, absolutely. Because back in two thousand seventeen you know, when I was flying in because I was with you know morning show. And I wouldn't there every day. Like I was during the two thousand sixteen season. But like you said I was around enough. And when we went on that losing streak on when winning three games, you can see the morale was down in the entire building the entire building. It was like you're walking on eggshells the entire time. And you know, the in the locker room with the guys, and I have the jobs do with in terms of doing how well do, you know segments or no you're giants segments like playful type of segments with the guys that are going to err on the Jumbotron and life stadium. Noah wanted to do that. No one wanted to do anything playful. No one wanted to do anything in terms of having any sort of fun because losing was fun. And then you heard the grumblings Melanie from the players, but fans fast. Four or rewind last year around the same time. The morale was up. The morale was high guys new or guys felt like they could beat the bears guys felt like they were going to win against a forty Niners or whomever. It is that that that we had we had to play this year, and you can see in the way they played guys were competing. I think if you look at it we lost a lot of game by less than this. Ten this seven to ten points. You don't want a couple of plays away a couple of bed or early starts. You know, lethargic starts to I in terms of putting ourselves in the whole you look at the Philly game. We were going all we were throwing him running all over them in the first. And then we ended up losing that game in the second half. You didn't see that last year? You see you would see as I mean even see that two years ago. You would see his down. And then you would see guys kinda I mean, you'd kind of keep up not put in the effort, you know, and look at guys and people saying that bin that could do it boss the locker room, and you know, think with ally apple and all that stuff the got leaked out into the public. You could see that. But you didn't see that last year. So I feel as though at least this year we walked away knowing that we had a Follett rookie class last year. We have a running back of the future. The only questions I feel as though we're walking away with with all right outreach bringing guys to strengthen our defense op. There's the elevating question which has been there for quite some time. And then how do we strengthen off? It's a little bit more. But I mean, I you can see that in the fans, I believe, you know, the fans knew that guys were actually out there competing, and I think people are are cited about where we are. Now as opposed to where we were last year at this time. You know, Brandon? I know that you don't have a whole lot more time here today. But I did want to ask you, you know, you're a former player played in the NFL spent some time in the NFL. And now what you do with the giants. You know, icy you before games a lot of times, you're headed out to the parking lot to talk to fans, you're doing some of the things like you said that that that wind up on the Jumbotron, it's a vastly different experience for you. Just tell me a little bit about what that transition has been like for you. And and what that experience is like, I know you're up in the crowd during training camps as well. You know, what that experience is like for you, you know, getting out there and getting one on one with with giants fans. I mean, as it's a blessing man, it's an absolute blessing, and I'm humble because of it because if you think about it, you look at the last two gigs and all that out booked, you know, the the morning show or the. Talk show that on the nationally syndicated talk show that I'm on now caught daily blast live. And then the show last year that I spent a little time with called morning dose. Was was a was a morning. A morning talk show. I wouldn't have gotten those gigs. If it wasn't for my time with the New York Giants when I retired from the CFO role. I couldn't read teleprompter. Don Sperling who's the executive producer and head of giants. TV took a chance on me because they told me, and this is why people should always. Remember, there are people watching you at all times. They told me that was a pleasure pleasure to be around during my my practice squad time there at my time there, they say, I was always working hard. I always had sort of personality it even fast or what eighteen nineteen years later. And they brought me in for my first real gig. You know, and then you get the chance of being around the old Beckham junior being around ally who I used to sit next to in meetings in offense and meetings back through my rookie year. You get around to be around Zach Yossi who came in with as rookie in that. He's the blessing to be around football. And then you get a chance to go and hang out with feigns. When I go through the thing cake, you know, and I go and highlight one of the giants fans fame case, you get to hear the stories about how these people became giants fans how you know year about. People's grandparents being on their deathbed passing down memorabilia to keep it in the family. You hear about a willington marrow a handwriting letters to fans back in like the nineteen twenties. Nineteen thirties you hear about that stuff that you feel part of an organization, and I think I'm just the example of I'm the example of what they call once. The giant always giant. No, I wasn't micro stray ham nine the ring of honor. I'm not just talking about OC, human Europe. But I'm still I'm still on the Jumbotron, I'm still access on the field hanging out with your misdemeanor. Talking to him before the games mister Gettleman Columbia. Hey this London. Remember me from rookie year, though that sort of thing. So I look at it as a blessing because it sparked my career, and I look at it where you know, one day be able to look back on it. Give Don Sperling, a huge hug half him in my EMMY speech because he's the guy that got me started in this. Career. Hey, Brandon really appreciate your taking a few minutes. If I'm not if I'm not mistaken. It's at Brandon London. Tv on Twitter. Correct. Yes, sir. Also should media outlets. All right. And you're always welcome to to come here on big blue view radio and spend a few minutes with us. So hopefully, we'll be talking with you again, no problem. And I thank you for having me on on my actually headed and a little bit tour Landau for the cover the Pro Bowl practices. And also, you know fans if they want to get a behind the scenes look at Michael Thomas object row sauce, and those guys what they do behind the scenes at the Pro Bowl that make sure they follow my Instagram stories. And and I g so they can see that you had to tell me that when I'm looking out my window at a foot and a half, a snow. Didn't you? It's already out here in Denver. It's no last night as well. So I feel your pain brother. All right. We'll talk again soon. Brandon Bye-bye, thanks for having me. Alright giants fans are thanks to Brandon London for spending some time with us. Please remember to follow Brandon at Brandon London TV please remember to check out big blue view dot com. Follow us on Twitter at big blue view. Check us out on Instagram at big underscore, Blu dot com. Check us out on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to big blue view podcasts both mine and the twice weekly show that Chris Fleming, Dan, polluted due on all of your favorite podcast applications. All right. Thank you very much. We'll talk to you again soon. Bye. Bye.

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