Best Of Channel 85 Week 15 - Dave Vents To Chicago, Willie Responds To Dave's EPC & KB's Goblin Journal


All. Sports will be relocating to Manhattan. We WanNA. Take it to the world, but we're trying to take the site and cranked. They've conquered. What An. Boris tool takes over the Sirius Xm airways. What. Real the things club the SCUMBAG, you, cue. To the shelters some the Dick. Tra- I hear. I believe we're funnier smarter better prettier than everybody else. Who stealing our stick on the Internet by the comment? For the common man. Emergency press conference time so like two days ago, I did another mercy press conference basically on cancellation culture and I ranted and raved because some twitter account had dug up three videos that were like four to five years old. With very questionable jokes jokes that clearly have made today would be like. How could you fucking say that this racist city to say it now? Nobody really brought any attention to five years ago and I viewed it the people who dug this up. They send it to. Everybody fucking hates me. Hey, sparce, so they reach. We didn't get it going and I really viewed it as pure barstool haters I didn't look at is like Oh this is about a specific issue is more about how much they fucking. fucking hate me and it's the same thing they've been doing for two decades porn through. Everything I've ever written, said done to try to bring me down and I wasn't GonNa Apologize Because I knew I was trying to be funny. I wasn't trying to offend. The intent is just to make people laugh so busy like fuck you all right knocking to apologize. Here's what's happened. unbeknownst to me and I didn't plan on doing. I alienated a lot of the people who worked for me. Now and one of the great things that parcel has done over the years more minorities more women. We have a bunch of African American employees now and all their followers like fucking. You work this guy this I won't even admit he did anything wrong. Races asshole. t today wrote. An article is like our black employs should not have to. or speak for Dave or defend why they work here and they're absolutely right, so I did a very poor job in that first video making it clear who I believed, I was responding to which is just pure barstool. Haters anything we do say whatever they're gonNA. fucking hate charter. Cancel US and I have no patience with those people and I still say to those people fuck you. I don't care what people don't know me. Think about me. I care very much about people who do know me and work at Barstool and if they're bringing up concerns and issues I'll always fucking listen. In they have been bringing up the issues, you omit this fucking wrong now. Some of the issues like. I still was obviously trying to be funny, and like wallowing Gilly will be like. Yes, you can say a white person can say the n word when singing like a pop song. But Willy and tyler absolutely fucking not and guess what I'm listening to. What everybody in the room is saying is one of the great developments of Barcelo. Unlike when I started I have enough dissenting voices. Now Ryan Listen. And listening to these guys I want to have their fucking back and we'll learn. I WANNA. Be fucking better. I'll never fucking do that again. I wasn't trust me. I wasn't GonNa do it again before talking to them. But. I didn't realize how much it affected them me doing that ramp because it hung up them out to dry a little bit, and that's not what I want to do. I won't have everybody's back. Who Works for me all right I? Honestly my heart of hearts, things parcel is the best place to work doesn't matter what color skin you are male female like this. What other place! I sent an email three days ago. and. It's like hey. If you disagree with me, you can say. Right whatever you want, you'll never be held fucking account I want you to use the platform. I built to help fuck in. Say whatever you want to say. Get your message across. What other place actually does that from the top down? We do, but it's not enough. I have to have their backs into like yeah. I'm listening and I WANNA. Get better and I want the next fucking. Hilarious african-american. Be a yeah. I WANNA go to fucking Barzel because they let you. You Fuck fucking sling it. Do your thing in that trying to be funny in the trying to get bet, and that's what we're fucking trying to do. So I should've had their back from the beginning Yup I wish fucking say that Shit I'm sorry I said it I'm sorry to offend people just trying to be fucking funny. I can't apologize for my existence, but I can be better and I'm going to be better for those guys and maybe a better with jokes. But better when Shit hits, the fan, be like hey, guys. What do you think you would like I want? Everyone's because I'm fucking white guy. Maybe sometimes in my bowl. Things like Oh, I don't I. Don't get your perspective. Will now as a grown I can get their perspective. So. To all the guys who worked for me. I want you to know. I have you back and I. Want this to be a place that you fucking can be proud of and if you're not second. We'll get there. Move fucking. Get there because. That's who I fucking am. And that's what Barstool sports should fucking big. And there you go, that's L Pez report Story all stemmed from a video that came out and there's the name of a guest sites called re resist program right so they came up with this viral video of debuts in multiple times and talking. About cabinet in a derogatory manner whatever to that goes out. That happens then Monday me and Dave. Talk. We have an honest conversation. It wasn't Dave like screaming at me or saying. No, no, no, he listened, he did, he did listen, and we chopped it up and he defended what he was saying. He has willy. This is four years ago. This seems out of context. Obviously, this is somebody coming up the barstool coming after me, the Castro culture who hates me. Yada Yada Yada House like Dave I. Get all that. But. They're still has to be a tone. You said you have to set the mind and we talked and student. We went on about it. And he goes I. Hear You Willie. I'm listening, but I'm just not apologize. It's now something I'm doing. You. Know it's it's not towards you toward the Canseco. And I was upset because I told Dave when we first started that conversation I was like man I'm offended by this and I told him why I was like because every time. I wear a Boston shirt in. Put Your name next Barstool. Things like this. Come out and then people in my community back. They look at me like hey. How are you working for the door? You'd desperate for check and I've been called since then and continue to get called Koon Tom All the derogatory stuff you can come up with. So then me and brandon. We have a podcast. Go to podcasts and we're dressing We felt like we had to get a get it out, so we decided to use the platform that Dave. Erica has allowed us to do so what that set? As we're going on. I, call up. Shanley Letham Tyler. Liz And I was like man I know everybody has something to say about this, but as a united front I think we'd be a minority Bar Sam and we have a great discussion. We get into we unraveling. And afterwards We didn't have a name for the title. The title me and Brandon was like man. This has to be something to gain Dave's attention. Just kidding, because listen to. Four hundred dollars. We're not a big PODCAST. We only have eight episodes. We've we've cracked? We've cracked the top two hundred a couple times, but we're. We're babies. We're not. We're not as big as others out there. So we picked inward, right, barstool. And I stand on the premise, so let me so two things happen I have to Josh Desire I have to apologize to Liz. I have to tyler and I apologize to Sean Letham interim because they weren't. They were unaware of the title before the interview and I didn't give them the to say. Hey, this is what we're going to name it. Do you. Are you still not give option? So from the bottom of my heart I apologize because I. Do own apology with that with that said we picked the word. Because I knew was going to be decisive there was gonna be ugly. You'll be via or not going to be discussing our news going to be everything it intended to be and it was. It was a fucking new. People came from my head people. I mean as much as I drove through the coastal brandon and so dilemmas and trail and everybody that was a part of it, and it's not fair to them because they weren't aware of it. But I was and so was brandon. And we stood by because we had we had our goal was not to. Throw rocks and we. We didn't want to throw. We don't want to the Rock and throw it at Barstool. If change is going to happen, it has to happen within and we had to let him know. We had to force Dave understand that starts with him. was just like when you Steve Barstool. You see dave. There has to be the there has to be. A stigma has to be a race with supporting Barstool, because just like people are dragging. I about anybody, said Dave Bendini on all that bullshit essay, egotistic narcissistic bullshit, because when it comes down to when you every man, every man should know when you know you're wrong. You feel like you're offended. Somebody and I get. There's a million people. It's going to be offended by everything. But if you realize you offend somebody and they're telling you are explaining it, and that's called growth, and so I support David Net. And with with moving forward. NYPD felt like it was a reach. A lot of people fell. He's extremely out of balance, extremely inappropriate Willie. You did the worst possible here. But then result. Is Dave growing from an Dave apologizing? And I knew the word I want to tell you story law so I have One of my frat brothers. Name is Ron I. Won't say his last name Arte. Respect for him so Ryan grew up in deep South and one day. I'm in the Frat House. I'm letting go to work recklessly. Saying just talking like if I was talking to anybody and I can remember is in in his seventies, Ronald, guy me, and he had like a little bit of a deficit like it like his face was coming down. I was like what's your. Happened? He was scenarios I I'm just watching. US This word and I kiss. This is just this is a you know. There's just a lot for me to take in, and I was just nothing by discount speaking wildly peos will let me tell you stewart. Went on to tell me story because he went to school in exhibited down in New Orleans and he went on to tell me how. He had a talk one of his best friends off a tree from from a mob lynching. And how the whole time in the process! While he's fighting his mom to save his best friend, how this modest yelling out in die in were die this ripping it out, and how is it took him like they almost killed him in the process, but he's able to save his friend's life. And he also, he also went on to say like man my generation. This word never to be used in inning setting. Any way possible. And so. I've always stomach it. I've only because I. realized that I was recklessly as I was saying I was also disappointed. Ron because he had fought someone. She's an activist. He had did so many. Many things to kind of propel our people. And so during this whole process, a lot of people's like well. The messages loss. Once you got once you once. You do the name out there. And my theory I'm late. Listen if you don't change the dial when this do rap songs if you don't change of you, don't lead the conversation when there's a million people in room, saying it. The you should've gave the initially gave the discussion try. And because that's what it was, and a lot of people saying well, you're doubling down. Dislike dislike Dave I'm not. I'm not doubling down I'm trying to bring you where that if you're going to listen to Barstool and the stigma that comes with glistening and this is this really bothered me about? Dave I was like there's people dave. Who wants you to say the word? Who Know you can get away with. Who feel like because who you are and what you represent you saying you're untouchable. And how's? That can't that can't go has to be a level of accountability. No check is worth my dignity or my soul. And so I went into it, and it's been an a couple of days, and and yesterday Dave was You know he has listened. You've got people coming for me for something you did. This is your pie. People coming for me because it's something you did. Now I've had people come for me for something you said. So who bears responsibility I was like I'm not here. I'm not here to drag you through the coals I'm not here to drag Dave to any tolls like a game of thrones fucking wasn't name Sir. She had to get name. Shea, I'm not I'm not trying to do this what I'm trying to tell us that everybody that works here. There has to be a line, but you can have content. You could be funny I'm not I get? Dave wants to slinging fucking. Let's do it, but there has to be in line. And so, that's what I and that's. That was my intentions and. been lost along long short. But I also WanNa feel like just like. I'm proud to tell. My son played enough. Nfl I wanNA tell myself proud work barstool. and. That's what that's what I want to get accomplished and Dave said at the end his. Presser he's like. Hey, we want to fucking get there and I WANNA help Dave. Get there and I want to get there as a people and I want people to look. Nat, some Friday preservative, rich white boy, all that bullshit, everybody. That barstools for everybody and I feel like. If I was going to stand here, continue to to work with you who I consider. My brother will I love who we talk and we talk honestly and openly about a lot things well, then just like. I. Know you see me? Large Barshop has to see us in here. They have to see me to have to seize. The trail. They have to see everybody because just like I know fact, largely notice because the castle cultures. Files to sit up here and sling, a million say wild things about Jews or whatever, and and say well. It was content. They will be coming from my ass and I told Davis Day there's nothing they would come from are so good. You protect me even if you wanted to. They would they will. You gotta get the Fuck Outta here with that. And so this is where we wanna again I apologize to lives, trill and Zaire Ebola because they weren't aware of. It was me and I'll stand on my outstanding my manhood and take it on the chin. Change has to happen and it starts from the top, and I don't want people to look at Boston. I don't want people to look at Dave and that light, but I had to show Dave. This is real that word that dislike his base and his fan. His people turn on him. Oh my phone's been blowing up for the last six days. People have been disgusted women upset. But then there are those in which wild about it. Those who you think would have you back turn. Those who I would never expect to have my back been the first one to call me. And so there's no appease everybody because everybody has something to say somebody's offended I think some people take a back seat to it like I I don't know. There's some places where. Some I, put my place to say anything right Well, you do have great I mean. Everybody's opinion. Against Me Yeah we have the. We have the luxury of being able to talk about it for two hours five days a week. Yes, right, so so that's that's always good. So for people at home will have questions about it. Let's say the Dave who is a big ego. Your Davis Big Ego Guide is so to get a sorry out of him I got one out of him once when he thought that I. I was here for more than a year at the dunkin' awards. Remember that off the biggest newcomer, so he gave me the award. The next day I was like. Oh my God, he just admit he's I realized that on a public persona of a guy like that public apologies probably damages at at least in his mind. What if it was like one of those things? Where right away he's like? Listen I can't I can't. I can't. He's sorry, but well I'm sorry. You're right and I'm asking this question. Thirty thousand feet one intimate might as well get intimate with sure. We talked he. He said he was listened. I'm I'm my middle fingers up at the cancer culture, not you now. It's like Okay I. Get that, but you're still turn your back on us, and he uses like well I just. Can't you know he's like? I'M NOT GONNA. Say sorry for the second SAR. He's like I'm not that sorry does do anything right and I was just like okay an then he. said this on a podcast. Listen the based Puteh follow me that support me helped me write your check. I'm beginning. You have a big following. Now's. Nobody's following the matter when it comes to this topic in particular and I. Did it and I understand days? Might Dave's are Catherine? He's his show. This is his ship. I'm extremely thankful, being here and even with me, saying that people are like Oh. Will you just doing damage control? No I'm just being honest and being a man especially famous, because like everybody feels like this is unhealthy place. There's some people that feel like this isn't. This is a perfect place to be a mixed bag. And so I will in your heart that he's a racist. Do I feel in? My heart is racist. I think at this point. No I don't think days are racist, but I do think he has to be. He asked to understand tone more than anybody. He has to understand line more than anybody. And if we keep correcting that, we keep coming to have to run to that defense, then it's it's easy how people can feel how he's racist, but and then I think that's a very important. Nuance. Right like I've worked for some of the most despicable people you can imagine the. That He. David Long. On an on adds something I just. A lot of people I mean life. Life is complicated man. A lot of people want life to be black and white. It's not as easy as that. There's a lot of factors a lot of push and pull factors that go into one decision going. One decision that can make so a lot of things will, and that's. Why would someone like Dave people that are commenting only get to see the things that he puts out they they don't know the man himself behind, and all that and I'm not here calling someone this. At I'm just saying you know there's there's a lot of a lot of things that go into life it's it's not easy. It's not easy making a decision and just wanted to add that. And I know that day was instrumental in getting you in the country and stuff. So there's this tremendous amount that you. You see what I mean when we're talking factors push pull factors. There's a lot a lot, but I mean so people that's. Not a racist thing, right? You know like that's not something that a racist person necessarily does like I'm just putting trying to put stuff in columns. So they could go back to it like I've worked with people. That Avin hurt my culture. But. I've still stayed with them and I've known that they were fundamentally bad I think that if you thought that he was fundamentally bed, that'd be chance that you wouldn't be here anymore I think there's some belief that he's not I. think There's a part of me who feels like I can't. I can't expect everybody to understand the black spirits but if you turn your ear off, and you turn your mind off, and I'm knocking on the door, and you ignore it for the sake of China, defend a kick your fucking ass culture like my attitude, like well if you WanNa, fuck the cancer closer. Let me get my gun, too. Because I want to ignore I want to raise. Raise the stigma. That black black folks in minorities can't work here, so allow me to help you with that, but I can't i. can't I couldn't walk in here every day and feel like well, my word or who would I represent? It just didn't matter because the the bottom line is that it's all about the dollar. That's not healthy. What are we gonNA do when they come for us. You see that came from me this morning. No out of prison. But like like now it's one of those things where hey listen. We've had a lot of airtime. We've got a lot of airtime and people know that when you're trying to talk for two hours a day. Put Listen I. Know when I working outdoors again. You say stuff. Sure I say stop. We spoke set, and you say stuff that you regret and you write stuff as a blogger. You regret your record stuff that you regret. So when they do find it like people point to a joke. I made about Mexicans couple of years ago when it splash them with waters. I was driving down the block. And people bring that up all the time, so I said Yeah. That was tasteless apologised. For it, but is that enough like I can't erase stuff? I don't know what we said like. If someone came in and been like large, remember this. Italian joke you made, but this is some point. If you, if Sean Lethal calls, your appointees now fucked up largely yesterday. Listen Sean will mean you. I Apologize, but out there I can't see well. Those are the WHO had to go out and support Barstool to. You know what I mean like I have to go out and bring people to. Barstool here's to bill. Bill content. Get money for the content. Build a company up well if I'm if I'm going into my if I'm going to the Bronx and Ebony talked I'm going into the Bronx and I'm going to his name WHO's Baio checkout suits, the wave and everybody's like all right well. Who's who's what's going on I point point night and videos and coming out like. You. So, it's a disconnect, and that's what I'm trying to bring him like when they come for us, though like when they do and they will you know like the next shoe to drop these because they're going through the support of US everything, anyone here is said over the past fifteen years. Is it going to be enough to just say listen before this shit starts. We've said something in different environments that we wouldn't say today for anyone. Take offence to it. We probably apologize then we apologize now. Let's move on. Is that enough because I? Know I'm going to have to say that at some point I. Know I'm GonNa. Have to say, but but we should say this whole time. But we will, but we're not saying we're not saying we're not to say it. Because of cancer culture ended Canseco's cancer. You with you whether you do something right or not, but if we're down and we're trying to. We're trying to be a united front if I offended you I'm GonNa. Buy Dog my bed, and that's all the matters right and then you. You're rebuttal shouldn't be like well. I just got a because. There's people who follow Dave that love the fact that he said in. We're got away with it. And he did on his platform, and then he and then it was just done with, and that he was no rocks thrown at them, and there's for us that do care about the word like me and trail and Brandon, who just like man? That's that's not it and valley. He admitted to all of us. It was a bad joke that didn't win. It happened years ago and here I'm trying to make the right now and he and at first. I don't consider Dave's apology. A Win like I'm not taking it in. My. Thing is like let's if Dave serious about it and he wants. Let's take action. That's the win. Win is when we start moving towards progressing the winners and we used to start when we start seeing more people like me as When the streets we walk around represent a representative embarrassing. That's the win I'm not I'm happy Dave analysis, but like I said as much apology, I saw a man who grew so there's positively at the end of it. I took from it. And I'm not trying to. And I'm not trying to sit here and listen dislike Dave. Drag I'm getting dragged to rain is getting dragged, Brennan we. I had somebody had to call Sol's take. Brandon's phone on his head because we're emotional about it, because our blackest mirrors, Israeli we wanted to be real here in Barstool, and we shouldn't be overlooked or the shadow because we don't. We're not up in the rankings as a KFC, your big cat. Guys that shouldn't happen. No It so. So moving forward. We waited till the end of the show not to not give it enough time, but that's when most people start to listen. especially in the show like this like what's what's the conclusion here like the Dave and you're good. Ryan Dave. Dave I have more conversations about me. Him and Erica come up with a plan. Come up what it looks like logistically. UNLESS, continue to build and grow was far as building out content higher representations, everything on and on and on so the conversation has ended but I'm I'm on I'm on I'm on the fence of saying like listen I. Believe Bars in Boston because exist for everybody and to everybody who wants to put the stigma next to it. I'm here the recent. Bottom line. I mean you know the I applaud that I think that Dave shown a little bit growth and Erica had mentioned something in an email that she'd sent out. What do we go from here? And she'd mentioned some of the steps taken with a couple of different agencies and whatnot. I think that's. That's incremental. Right I mean you can you can. You can measure that as being a positive so it throughout all this kind of Shit, I know. Trolls can get to you. CHOSE LISTEN I've been to work I just turn it off and you don't do it I. Don't turn it off. I just turn off I. Step Away and watch it. I'll watch it I digest it and use it as fuel because that's that's just how I'm bill. You can't. If we're going to be in this game, you got to be in the game. and. That's how away from. lot of Shit. We covered today we had to and this and I'm glad to be back huge brother Yeah. It's going to be good, so we're We're GONNA be here all Goddamn week unless they fire us like. They could take. The fuck out so that could definitely happen and. I'll just be Mubarak in. Please still do that, I'll be there. I'm not putting out a card, but Yeah, we can talk about this as much you want. We did a lot of talk about what it's going on race relations. You know throughout the quarantine. We're GONNA. Continue to do that, so like I, said my apology to the guys to the minority report. But me and Brandon, I think we felt like we may decision. Some people may hate it and not agree with it, but It's about our whole person. Purpose was for change most so. There you go. All right so barstool four players teamed up with Owens to create the perfect transfusion mix, and it is absolutely delicious. The foreplay guys been promoting it Frankie Rigs Trent. They did that Oscar Award winning acting in that commercial and you know what the drink is even better than the commercial. It's delicious. It's a perfect transfusion. Mix delivers a crisp refreshing flavour combination of real juice and Ginger Ale. It is a golf course. Classic made even better. I'm not even a Golfer and I'm drinking. 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I can confirm that Nixon because I saw both here key play a Song Koby while we wait for them. Any Song. Any random song. May How are they late? Yeah they we go. Three months. We're back in studio. Radio, Early and they just decided not to show up to the show. All right so they have joined us. Thank you for being on time it. Three months to to be here had a choreographed walk down the hallway. Like the bash brothers row the insane. We're back. The whole crew is back. Caleb Roan Myself. Brandon Nick KB Stephen Shay's not so it's not the whole crew Kobe's in his absence Maybe wally pipped situation. We are back Welcome back. Boys good to see everyone. The last week has been a little crazy. I think we're GONNA. Probably address off the top a little bit, so let's just dive into. It KB. Do you WANNA gainer right into it? Yeah, do you want to actually have a you? WanNa talk about on a log prepared. The tweets that you deleted this past week. I. Also ahead of that curve, we all saw them so yeah, which against Albania? Anyway, What was the one about being bored? Oh You tweeted Alvin. Wavering awake board like an extreme water. I was awake suits. You guys were late Rone Brandon Kelvin. I all talked about it like. Should we address the tweets KB has. I feel like they're making a joke about it. Yeah, I don't know. It doesn't seem like a joke, so you WanNa talk about okay. Go ahead and back to square one. I don't know how to act or talk on live radio. Never been off for so long. Yeah, so all right so we are back, but seriously about the tweets you deleted. The ones from twenty fifteen saying that gives lane maxwell was thickest. I did say that any pictures with her. I wish. EMT. Those people take so many fucking pictures. It's insane. How many pictures those pedophile take? Picture Yeah like our picture of the extra endorphins. You gotta be their worst. Lucky to not be on. Yeah, all right so for real though this past week was crazy. Everyone saw going on. I, don't I don't really want to go into like I've I've done this talk in my head about a million times in the past week and what I keep coming back to his. If I sit here and try to explain every situation, someone will take. A, moment and be like well. This is him trying to explain away. It's not worth it. There's winning this. Comedy is moving very fast. Five years ago is a long time ago. I know people don't think it is i. think that watching those videos was cringe-worthy I said that in the blog I personally am trying to do better, and I'm like I know people say. Oh, don't apologize cats. Culture I'm not apologizing to cancel culture. I'm apologizing to people who listen to me and support me. Who are you know? minorities people anyone who sees that and they're like damn. He let us down and my co workers, and that was the people I care about and I think there's a disingenuous bad faith argument that goes online where people. Are trying to cancel Barstool for no other reason than you just have like a head on the wall. They don't actually want to have a discussion. They don't want to actually have progress. They don't actually want to see any change. They just WANNA. Say Bad guys gone so I. Don't and people saying well Dave is a racist I think. Dave is a narcissist I. think he thinks about himself. I do not think he's racist. I think he's said things in the past that are like Ooh, that's bad. But I also know Dave well enough that he t in talking to him this past week. He did have some contrition and was like we gotta do better, so that's kind of it i. don't really know unless you guys have anything else you want to add. I think people know in deep down. I am a person that cares a lot probably too much. Sometimes, what other people think and I have not really changed in the last ten years of doing this and I have. A moral foundation that I keep going with that. If you disagree with that, then you'll never like me, but if you know me as a person, you know all my content. You know like what I've been trying to do and that. I don't ever want to hurt someone. Intentionally? I'm trying to make people laugh if it ever comes across trying to. Damage someone that's never my intention, and that I'll fix so that's it. Anything else. Anything else kind of awkward start. I feel like they had to at least get that out to get that there and it'd be stupid to not talk about it like it would be disingenuous to like. A show and not talk about everything that's been going on because I think we owe it to. The people that are listening are like. What do you guys think about what's been happening out? Really think fair to like hold people responsible for what other people do at a company, but at the same time we are all the same company and I think that we just have to like look forward. Have a good planted just like get better. Think about the little things that maybe we're going to do to make this better and like just grow as human be and I'm not going to expo- I'm not going to defend. The clips we saw last week. That were like I, said cringe-worthy, but I will say overall. We've been doing this very long time. We've been taped every single day for last ten years. Our job is to try to make people laugh. Comedy pushes the limit sometimes, and sometimes or Mrs, and that's just kinda how it goes, so if you WANNA go comb through every single thing that's been said and take it. To today's standards with no context. Of course you can find something. Be Like Holy Shit. These guys suck I. Think People Who Know Me people who've been following me for a really long time. No, that's not my intention, and that's kind of where I've left it where it's like I'm not going to try to get in fights on twitter and explain away if people. Hate us to continue to hate us and I think that's bad faith. Because if you actually want change, you would have a dialogue and a conversation about it and try to get change instead of just being like fuck. These guys they're out. That's it. If you WANNA call in I, we will take calls about anything eight three eight five stool. If you have a question about anything, we will obviously do that. How? Let's go around the room those. How was everyone's three month break well? I actually should start rolling. Don't you think it's a little weird that no one has brought us and. Say, thank you for keeping the AC alive. Just keeping show. Data for half the lower half a brandon, his shiny knees. Do you think there's? A missed by you guys to not be like hey. Ronin, big cat thanks for doing two hours radio every day. Can I ask three months? Can I just say that I suggested to? Came through with. With the blank hardiness tardiness. We're glossing over something pretty important. What oh your new shirt debris walkers rainwater Rudolf et brand new shirt. We've taken up witchcraft or I asked you guys to bring in a box. Of A GIF for Ronin big cat since they carried the show, and I did half of it, and that is for them to use their own guys brought was a doll with my face on it and pin sticking out. What what type of doll? With mule hair, that's a creepy fucking Voodoo doll, dude, wise it, and that's a really creepy one. Well we were I was GONNA go to a metaphysical boutique in Yonkers at the last minute, but said Nick suspiciously was adamant about making it himself really. Is that your hair? Leftover mule hair from. That's how you make doodle shoplifted. Italian cream blouse from targets. What have you guys been doing? Italian questions Italian cream color general great job. Guys keeping US afloat. You did well. I've been bettering myself. I just finished taking a masterclass in. Pick up artistry Oh from Dream Yeah Mystery! He's he's the guy sounds like is never going to get laid. Yeah, he's got the. Here pick me US up. Well, the thing is I. It's more geared towards women. But I know okay so pigtails women. down. And turn around. All Right Pixel. It's okay, so I would do is the one thing also women haven't called look at. The back of his heads and Pick up the back of chaos, classes been preparing me for this. is also women. Off Hot woman. Sniff his hair. Here with carry Mace, and they feel protected, and that should be my job, so what I do is when I came. Across from the bar. And before I even say anything to I look right at her mace and I say give me that. because she won't be needing. You're going to protect. The like. Is that Mace bottle bothering? You give me that there's some there's some models. Now that you can just gang, they'll come right off the. Highly specific models! I did the research. Yes, yes, so. Yeah, so I've been I can't wait to open back up. I'm going to be getting a lot of pussies. What about you? What are you getting, I don't know three months in West Virginia. We did a lot of cemetery game. Yes, I bought the inventory. What's you're about every sleazy on space? Dust at the marathon gas station, okay? On space does it's like disgusting? High Percent Ip. anthropomorphic hop on the bottle. No one in West Virginia has ever bought one but me. You've also gained a ton of weight against. They can probably hear that in your voice. Gum Chewing Gum mercilessly icy that come in there unless you just have a rogue tooth in your mouth, but I'm about to lose the weight because I, I walk hard and fast. Access to your your angry. That's absolutely is like a yeah like GTE. What drugs have you been taken in? West Virginia on Jenkins non. What what's Janko? That's fermented human feces. Nice. Coming back with a bunch of words. We look I've doubled up. He learned all new words Caleb. You We're talking briefly before the show, but. Your Golf career. On A. Temporary pause right now. because I've been getting a lot of injuries in I'm still injured right now. About a lot of overuse, injuries had tendinitis I've had some flare ups, and at one point I thought I had arthritis because. What happened. Was I thought I had arthritis because I hurt my toe, wha, sleeping, and so I woke up the next morning I, typed it on whether the like I had an injury on my toe while sleep. Everything say was arthritis, and so then I. was like well must have arthritis, and I started feeling in my fingers. I was like Oh, I do have arthritis right? But then I realized I got my diagnosis and I know you actually. got turf toe while you were sleeping. Wow, but then I still felt the thing in my fingers so I have arthritis as well, and I just got lucky on diagnosing it maybe turf fingers. Now I think it's like when you go into you go into the doctor. t about something else and they do. You have cancer. But it's. Just identical. Yeah, so I have anyways I just been. I'm still dreams. Alive was going through going through it right now. You've got injured in your sleep. Look, I'm not kidding. I literally got turf. While he was sleeping. He Got Turkey. Stomach issue we don't have any scares with vomiting. No, no scares. Okay so it's going to the rest of your body. Yeah I! I think it's just because I haven't been around. Anybody have been like. Just lonely alone. That's bad for your health. Yeah, yeah, absolutely being alone and I think that ostracising people is bad for people's brains to. Kick people out of society. If we canceled people too hard, we're going to have some bad misfits, some social lepers, but say why that you got turf toe when you were sleeping. Oh, so I was I went out for the weekend and I came home. My mom had done my bed because I haven't. I wasn't like rotating the laundry on my bed, and so my mom did my bed like at a whole. You know, go to a hotel talking real tight. Really Yeah, so she talked so tight I took. I took Melatonin right before like fifteen minutes four, and went to bed, and so when I got in bed, just passed out, and I woke up and I don't know what time it was. It was the middle of the night in my my toes were back. At, the foot of my bed because. She's so tight and I woke up and I I literally have I thought it was a cramp or something and then, but it wasn't. I gave myself turf toe. Do you think your mom might be getting paid off by like certain PGA golfers that are worried about taking? The progress you've been making I. Hope Not Dude, but that would be worse. CASE SCENARIO, yeah. The intimate portrayal. Getting paid. Are you giving me some suggestions how I could retire I'm not at that point yet. I thought it would be funny. If you had like a big retirement announcement, you could always come back. Breath far just. Coming back from retirement I'm actually going to meet my coaches afternoon Oh. Really Yeah, my New, York coaches and No. I can't do anything right now, but you. You've been reading the golf. BOOKS OF MARINA BUNCH OF GOLF books which have and then I'm GonNa go this afternoon and there's these guys who are GonNa. Take under of their wing. One of them's GonNa make sure I don't get injured. He's going to be my physical coach. Okay and other one's GonNa be my swing coach mental coach. Did you get the bag that we sent? Not you're GONNA have to. We have to reroute it to hear Oh. Yeah, we send it to. Your arrives I think you guys got my dress. Confirmation to the UBS. Backup to me perfect I, don't want you guys to pay two times shipping okay. We could do that. No, don't worry about I'll give my mom. And then brandon half of you. Because half of you is on the AC. Right, but I I was. I was in Seattle City last week I don't care about. The other half in the last three months the half that you wouldn't I gain I okay, so here's the thing. I'm now wearing a normal shirt because. I can't wear. My graphic t-shirts is elected over the last couple of months because I've gained too much weight, Eddie's and too many titty show. Yeah, they're too small so I have about three weeks I need to go without my t shirts. What you should do is. About twenty pounds. You should wear t shirts with normal size. people on them in. The face stretches out over the titty. You could just say like some kind of ninety s where they had big heads and everything remember when I got under to sixty, and it was a big deal. Deal Ever No. I'm trying to seventy four to seventy four. Four that's. Accident. heavyweight class in college wrestling. Really you'RE A. College wrestler. People? Let's say that. No. Tallin college wrestling is like six foot even for any way class Dainty Little Dudes I. Do know what you're saying with the shirt, so that's a very relatable thing like i. if I went through all my shirts, I could tell you what we I have to be. You lost or gained weight or you just constantly. Yeah or You gain lost about every time I look at it. Looks vastly different over. Here, we take! Take off he's got to. Sell your waterway. You still got some pounds. Ought Damn that hurts. Naked. How do I look now? Good good? Water came back to the good thing about being called a racist online for an entire week. 'cause you don't really have an appetite. Yeah no called you a racist 'cause he deleted. Everything also shutout Kaby knickers having my back then line. Show. Good because like when you're when you're deep in a ditch like you look to your left and right scene which friends are going to? Be Heading tweeted in for my nothing. I have no grounds to backups an accusation like that he didn't know. Why you've never been racist in front of me, but I never really see what makes sense racist. I think. It all. Is that you guys being racist and all that last week was it took a wait? Let's preface everything by saying that it took away from my heroine. Stand to get the Mississippi flagging. Relations to me because that happened true job grandstand, but I did that. They could end up making. I wanted so I got it. She wanted to change the full confederate. I gotTA check. Why are we pussyfooting around? Soon as I did it the next day, you guys went viral for something else. Took that away. The real tragedy you know. Why don't you say something to be like? Hey, look at me. I'm saying something now. Why don't you what I disavow? I'm saying something now little late, yeah! It was ridiculous how it all turned into a clip from five years ago, then turned into like Dave, said this like two days ago because the Internet just doesn't about anything like that, it's just a clip and then Yup. This is what we're saying. Hey, Kobe's the phone lines working I've no cost. Maybe no one knows how. Obese nobody's listening house. The agent who? He's he's going to get married the. House engagement is such a loaded question like he's still going to do this go. Back through. A long ways. Yeah, the divorce rate is skyrocketing right now. Imagine the Fiat, the engagement divorce rate is as well. You into Magin if Kobe well now this is bad to say, but if he just didn't go through the wedding and he just called himself divorcee of fiance. Let's push back two years just to be safe and he didn't bring it up until Katie said something right now. You just outed him as a divorce. Say Face it and we out of the closet. Bad, we don't. Four calls close out the software and then reopened I. Don't know what the fuck that means Gonzo. Like it. Kobe Kobe walking trim though Kobe look. He's the Jack of all of us. We hit us with the Honk Brandon go back and. You look thinner except for. You Got Fatter. Your legs skinnier somehow. Like a water tower. Shining these right here. I prayed. Really bad habits are going to keep. No I didn't make any habits over quarantine. I didn't already have I just. Did it more often I just ate. More drank more slept. More more did everything else. That's good for you less Brandon I. Don't know if you guys have seen this, but he's got the greatest hack going in terms of. People being like dude, you even sleep. He stays up till three Am and then sleeps to like noon, but at three am. Everyone's like to do you even sleep like years always working I think. That's an automated tweet. Schedule the we lost. Kareem always marvel at. It's so smart of you. 'cause like people were like dude. You just grind. To Sleep till, noon? What are you doing for your heart? Though brain is doing anything good for your heart, I don't think so really. We're getting to that age although I haven't been eating Bacon so. I've taken a couple of months off the Bacon I. Don't believe who's eating your baking now i. Still want. Regardless this. Was the first morning and my wife has made me Bacon in a long time. I didn't even eat it I. Just walked out. And walked out. Let's. WHAT THE MAKE! I wanted the becker, but eat the bet. She probably thinks something's wrong I. Thought the Bacon was not the problem. It was like when we get chick-fil-a and you have seven sandwiches. No, you buy too much and I have to eat it true. Out By the way I don't know if you guys know this Ronin I have officially brought on a wrestler to our management company. You brought on me and I brought on a wrestler. Winning, I, wrestling Martinsburg, West, Virginia me in big trouble in Bishop, making our debut Brandon Brandon. No and remorseless real, but his name's terrible, but he was not terrible it. Rains managing a wrestler, so then Ronin I-, strong-armed him, and we now are managing brandon. All five place damages five chick-fil-a sandwiches. To the other day. Okay, they'll get you the ones on now. I can't watch him. Lock o'clock, going to tell you I can't fuck with the clock to tell you. something. It's twelve. Said, yes, I mentally budgeted myself to eat at two o'clock so I'm like. Why can't eat them? Intermittent fasting no I this morning, but I'm just saying I. my mind I'm eating at two o'clock I'm with you. I'm with you on that Brandon strong but I think they K. B is is threatened by bringing another wrestler in the midst again. You're doing what you're talking about. entertainment Rosenthal Jaffa Tall. Pounds Yeah Hey. Whip your ass, He would cut you down like a tree. You think I I would blog about the only reason. He wasn't a college wrestlers because he didn't go to call. Toll Branding watery. That is be great if you were Pasco. Boss who Tall Brandon Walker and you just come in and you start tripping over yourself as your entrance. You can't get underneath the ropes again. Every single time you're like to tolerate and Walker all it takes a little wrestler, and just take you out of your hands. Club feeder you want. How's your returns and saw Never Mind Mississippi? It was really good like the Prodigal. CMEC coach Leach. On the AC. Coach Lee Person Yes hopefully this weekend. Are you going back. I gotta go get my dog. That's right should have a rescue. Ship Bird. Why is a recipe for disaster? You have a track record. Yeah I. One dog died the mighty ducks for killing Donna. Impending, doom, you are known as the Dog Kill I. I've gotten pictures of her. Beautiful puppies have grown up into magnificent beasts today. Wait so the person who you're getting. The dog from was able to actually keep the mother live this time I. Don't know about their mother now. Okay, I, don't know, but I am going. It's in. Tennessee and I'm going against this weekend and driving it back up. I don't know why I got it in Tennessee. Why are you going to Mississippi? Fly Into Mississippi. Okay, do a couple of things. Drive up Tennessee and come to those things. A couple of things I gotta make coach each. To go back to Anthony's get get another five pounds on that frame. Food stuff rebinding. That frame could take another twenty pounds I. Do have a frame for a lot of way. Yes, you absolutely do. How is the general populations response to you coming back prison? What what? Like, the average person like seeing brandon, Walker comeback better or worse than Starkville, it was great all college kids love me and West Point. They don't give a fuck. Tango and back to Portland Maine. Stephen King's an author of books Brandon. Books are kindles with words. into. Your good trip though I had a great trip to Mississippi and I had a great trip to New Jersey last week I. had to vacations in two weeks three weeks and everyone recognize you in Seattle I'm curious about your trip to see. Those are my stomping. Rose and see. How can we play Brandon's voicemail that he left me? I tweeted it. We play that it was such a great. I don't know if I was A. voicemail that was fantastic wine ice cream place, and I looked down, and my phone was forty five seconds into a conversation, but big gap I thought he called me. Strawberry milkshake and a banana split that day. Was Delicious. Did you you on the alcohol this week? No no, not at odds with the family. Shame Oh. That's why you're going. BACK DOWN TO MISSISSIPPI. To some alcohol a couple days alcohol, I don't do a lot of alcohol, but yeah. Probably we'll do little alcohol. You've been on alcohol tranquil. Yeah! bigtime thought you could be on. The alcohol trained I got my stomach surgery and I can. Party I. Don't get, but you can't vomit. Kamat so. Much party. One of those situations. How'd you govern? How do you got? I call. Hello Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. That lasts. Just looked at my phone is like why Brandon. Leave me voice. Shot! Like yesteryear. But, how do you make sure you don't drink too much? How do you know? What, I'M GONNA throw up or like. How do you know why have medicine had to carry with me at all times and I just feel like I'm gonNA throw by the medicines. I stopped. DRINK EPI pen. It's called Zo Franson. Wait. Could anyone take that? Yeah, so like if I'd tickets killer shot boom. Yeah I think I think so, but then you can't drink after that. No, you could. You don't mess with. Yes. Kind of like this idea though we should all do that, we should all. I told me about this has been around the whole time. Yeah, take the morning after two. If you're really drunk and then morning after Queasy, it makes you feel. Knock queasy immediately and I'll think it has any side effects. It probably does, but I don't. They didn't tell me about. We should do that as a competition I think we should. How much can we? We drink a cup of I. wanted to Puke. Everyone takes o Fran and I have unlimited. They're like the rest of your life. You can get as many refills as you want. It doesn't matter like I could take ten of them today. Go Get a new prescription tomorrow and then the next day. Get a new one. That's like that's like having the worst. Superpower like I can get any pill. Ever Free Prescriptions I'm GONNA have the Anti Up. I would rather have that than adderall I. Feel Your talked rigs is going to spike your truly with EPA CAC in your. Your Golf careers done. was their new drink that they're making he's GonNa transgender. EPA Cat. Guys Yes for tasted. What did you think about Brian de Shambo from A to Umbro? He's fantastic. You light his, so the cameraman thing you see what happened to the cameraman Oh he he got. Hit a bad shot the cameraman. Did his job and videotaped him and followed him, and then he just flipped out and was like get up, get away from Dude, and said afterwards that he doesn't think the camera should like. Follow you after a bad shock could be bad for your brand. said bad for the brand. That's like. That's actually why people like watch golf as to watch people, meltdown or watch anything he watchdogs. Reality Television. Anybody succeeded any. Yeah, it's off socks. That's the only. Stipulation, that's why sports are so good, because twenty, nine of the teams are losers at the end of the year What do you mean stipulation I don't know what's your which comments or name by the way? would. You Bucks grunk now sure. What is he saying? What's GRUNK or sixty nine, a fucking thorn in my side. He's a Dick. How do you? How do you see them I? It's hard now pinpoint meteorologist Eboni. Yeah, the I rare especially the people who've been around when not lately heating for. Since the beginning, poop stinks, and there's booby stinks now to. Copycat. Excited to be lsu Yeah Hell Yeah. Way Bitcoin had some great names Rhone. You got three names on the two little. John the block. That's my quarterback's name. It'll John. Camp Sandwich. What are you going to do without your your top your lead adviser? Oh! There's a coaching staff change. You want to be part of the offensive staff non too busy. Okay all right. I think I'll be okay. I'm out. Yeah, I think. Billy's ready. So what has billy's contributions? Mostly just annoying me, yeah! Pretty much annoying. I didn't wear deodorant. One game not sucked. He smelled so bad airing it out is. Way More interesting more also one day we came in, and he brought his puppy, and then he went into the part of my take studio, and left his puppy in his puppy shit and pissed everywhere at Geoff Diehl had cleaned up No spider cleaned shefty low claim that he flew nothing's yeah, so I told billy that he owes spider three favors doesn't matter how big or small and spider can ask whenever he wants. It was a cute puppy, but the third was so gigantic turn. It was a big old turn. It was like a full foot long wrapped around and. It's the classic. There are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners that would that would be the case here. and the dog pissed like three separate times. He was only forty five minutes. Good hydration, DUDE! You should think about it. I hope. I got a I got a dehydration migraines just the other day. Really Yeah. Like gravy. Unhealthy. Easily and I don't know why. Did, you have any heat stroke problems. Did you did? What happened or Sunday I was just hilarious concept. The man from Mississippi can't deal with the heat. I know it's bad, but I I've I've googled it finally and I. my Doctor Mississippi. Told me some things. Some water tablets Mississippi doc water. Off. Prescription Gatorade. I I I'm GonNa work on it. Yeah, what happened? I took the kids out on a big day and we were at the beach three hours, son directly on my head, and then we went speedboat writing and it was. It was rough and we've got back. The hotel is just I couldn't I couldn't cool off and I ended up vomiting everywhere. migraine. It's not funny is for me. My entire life funny. Come on. That's funny to squeeze the Piazza Your Dick. Like a tube of toothpaste. The. Wrong way like. Starts coming out of his mouth. I didn't realize you. Did your Damsel in distress. Vacation. For vomiting. And not drinking. Had A great time in Seattle. There's this one day that I passed out in front of my kids and started puking everywhere. You go on. It was eighty degrees. View until they went to bed I saved, but Dad moved one show the weakness. Weakness Imagine being in their shoes washing that pathetic spectacle. Rocking. Yearning, Seeing the Sun Up Sky Been Like Dad. Maybe we shouldn't. The son's back again. Here's what speedboat is there and see how. It wasn't it was an ocean city? Would okay wages rent it or you're? Just one of these go out in the ocean, a lot of seats in there one of those things but Tommy had never been on one. And he said I WanNa going to speedboat dad, so we did it and. Tommy's birthday soon. What are we getting? Bring in Guys Miss Tommy, Walker. Zo France so. He can help you. Don't have bear. Tommy. Walker Day was awesome. He had held day just started fake punching Shit Ruins apartment. It was exactly how you expected it. What was his game that he invented? Oh yeah, what was. Came slapped. Brock. Dare. SLAPPER DARE DASH had to dis right Goldie. Chime in his slapper. Dare I wasn't slap dare. It was what do you? Have to call him and ask him Aiono. 'cause he was thrown stuff at us if we got something wrong. Maybe that wasn't part of the game. Greg game strong game. What was it I don't know now. It's bothering me. Dang it there or Tail Dare Airedale that Dad or dad had. Damn and dare. A. I'm welcome back texting. The water. Like denounce fixing told we'll be back appointed August. That'll be happening. Know exactly which day, but it will be back in August. As sports trickles back into our lives. Yes, I spent last week with my kids. Tommy Walker I'm about to reach out to him to find out if it was. Dasher dare. No. Dip Dip. Dodgers there, it was done. Through something at. Dodger debts right and we're all. We're sitting down, so dodging wasn't really an option, so we were in the apartment to. Just ahead here. That's solely how we interact with throwing me catching them, yeah! Some of them might have a nine year old. I love. What was that noise? The minor you mentioned? Actually, Tommy Long I was not balancing, he's. There's bags. She's bad parents. Where'd you get that shirt? Kaby you order that online shopping? I'm afraid to shop inside of store. Pre Corona viruses well. That's not a corona virus thing. Had you know pre because I hate when they approach you and ask you, you just run out the door tria. It's terrible. Why would you know that you can just say like I? I know. When they catch you looking at a specific item, they try to elicit open ended conversation than I sweat in ended up buying something I don't want. To Stop the conversation just like I'm good target. Do and he bought a basketball. Weep. It's still in the box. Disheartening target even have sales. People like that pressure. Can I help you find anything. No, we're good. She was flirting with me. She was like. Chest shows a basketball. I was wearing my view disruptors. Good Basketball Shoe Shit I let's do a couple of calls. Let's see what we got ooh Okay Brendan in Pennsylvania had Brennan. Going on, guys I I say. Did Mike Leach assert his dominance over link. Kevin Brandon in that video of him, Mike Lee. PULLING DOWN LINK To that sort of dominance, sorts absolutely made him as bitch. Yeah, you're percent, totally bitch. That's already happened. Cool Mike Leach in Lane Kevin used to be the cool one you got. About it. was like in the cool when he was, he was a cool might lead snapped his mask. Now you little bit stuff he he's. Yeah Lane Kiffin as and I had to delete any memes is a train. Has Lost. Any recruiters live on the edge. Chelsea lost any recruit. He's. I don't know I. Don't keep up with other teams. That's such a lie. It's s using live all the time I. don't keep up with old MRS doing. You're on the forum after their name next. Oh, yeah, aren't they? The land sharks no miss why I'm just getting rid of that name what? What he wanted to be called. Yeah. It's offensive I don't know if. I'm GONNA, say. Ole Miss. That's true. Yeah, What do you want it to be new miss? Future Miss Shepherds After Bird Lange's MRS fields after your dog, your pet. I can't name it ship bird. Should. Be Alive for very long. It doesn't matter if you don't you even. It will be even funnier in the pet cemetery when ship bird. July fourteenth to September sixth. This one lives like twenty years to run the average out to ten years, not going to happen it could. Talk last week whenever the other racist stuff was happening. We should have put out. A. Follow I forget what it's called, but it's whenever you put out your own story. That's more remarkable and be like we have a guy that works at bar so from Mississippi. WHO's not a racist? OJ Been Race. Man, I'm having about the flag. I am two. Things. Mississippi, who can't be in the sun and kills dogs, but he doesn't like. Have you designed submission for it yet. I've not I'm sure that you'll be working on. Future. Hasn't actually I have a powerpoint. Funny You bring that up. What should we name the Redskins? Great Question. That's all you asking the right guy. This is your alley I don't know I, think I want a team name. That doesn't end an s I like that I. Mean I think the team. That's good I do. As, little high when I came up with that one. Made me laugh, really good teeth, yeah! Teeth that is funny. To. Kick him out about. That's Washington teeth. Coral without s right. Yeah I I have a tooth. I haven't thought about anything. Think about ever ever. It's great. all right, let's do. Elias in Syracuse, Elias. Hey how's it going? What's up, man? so I'm finally happy that somebody deactivated. Danny boy canes twitter account, because whoever the fuck who was running. It really needs to dine old. Because the men contracted swine flu and was attacked by. He's a real dow was the real Danny Boy Kane. I won't take this slender. You guys probably don't even know or care, but Danny? Boy came deactivated his twitter finally. What was the reason he said? said he just was sick with WHO's sick with the twitter which I actually don't blame them, but the best part, the most Danny boy, cain part of it was, he announced four days beforehand that he was going to deactivate his twitter at midnight on Sunday, so it's a bit like gave everyone a chance to say goodbye. You have any other tweets throughout the week. Yeah, he was treated like normal. You Miami recruits and everything think thoughts are going now. He has a notebook he. He sent me the new. Website he was on his called MIND DOT COM mind I'll tell you actually might not be able to be deactivated his twitter. Yeah it's. It's sad to see. Legend Go, yeah, MINE'S DOT COM. Mimes minds mind. It's probably one of those websites like feel to the speech, and then quickly just all the Nazis online there. Yeah, he's tweet. He's tweeting from their tweeting from. Whatever? Minds the Methadone of tweeting. He's like he's picking it up like it's. We need someone to make Danny Boy Cain aggregate. And yet on good good morning. Today is the beginning of a new era. May twitter account that just publishes his mind's Yeah Right. What's the equivalent of re tweet on mind? looks like they are actually a re tweets and remind yes. Reminders? Yeah mind! Wow, this is a wild website. He get paid to be on their. Oh, here! We go also who is Danny Board Game? Cowboy. Am I WANNA ask. pull up the video so daybreak Kane is is essentially. Everything I love about the Internet he is a mess. He's a diehard Miami Hurricanes Fan who is deepen the message boards on. Miami hurricane does the breaking news about recruits and all that stuff. Brandon, you can speak to like how crazy those worlds are and fucking worst. And then he was probably like years ago, released a video because there were some people in the message board, namely big POPPA, Kane Hokkien EAC and Sebastian Ninety one who were claiming the Danny boy, Cain had died. From swine flu and had been attacked by a bear, so we did a press conference where he addressed all the rumors, and it's maybe my favorite video like if you had to take one video from the Internet to a deserted island, I think it would be this. Message. Message for Guy I. Former here, good morning. For the last two years I have patents have been going to a hell of a nightmare canes time, and the retains sight it seems. Regarding my supported debt. Let me address matters right now this issue I want to address. Number One. As you can plainly see I am very much alive and well. Attacked by a bear. Will I want to address it right now. At, no point at no point was ever attacked by. Let alone encounter one. Now if I ever encountered a bear, believe me. I would I would hide tailored either so fast. You know I like called Louis. Okay so. For people that keeps keep really believing just by. Being like heard you died. Depressed back to the matter. Is that was nowhere hack and there was not even an encounter. Over bear number two by me, okay? Now. There's another issue. I want to address the swine flu issue. There are people out that really think I died of the swing. The fact of the matter is I never had the swine flu not once. Now why? Okay. No Point and let me address very clearly. No Point was I ever diagnosed with the swine flu not once. But yet for this rumor to keep going, and and for me to have to keep addressing it. It's total garbage and it's not true. There was no swine flu on me. I am perfectly helping Miam- alive and well I think there's. Now. Going around. Dining bore Louise Rivera. Personally I hope they I take this. Photo going around and rip off report yesterday I'll give you the link for that. Use alias Danny Rivera. Now! Yes, there are a lot of Dan Danny Daniel Ribeiro's out there. Okay but I can tell you a couple of points one. I hope they catch the son of a bitch because this guy has not paid his child support. He, has not paid his child support. For pulses case time to. To to sink Edwards. minute. Let me taking. Six minutes long. Is just people. It's like Detroit. It's like the trolls in my twitch chat being if I did a press conference being like I like my sound is on stop saying my sounds, not on which I guess I kind of do so. I am no different than anybody and I. Just Love Him. He's just he gets. Everyone pumped up at the end of the people who are are people messing with him or do they really think dollar messing with? Any Internet like forum. One person says something, and then if you react, it's identical to the twitch stream. They're responding to his posts in saying you're dead. Yeah, like this isn't real. Danny boy, Kate. He died from a baritone. If there's ever a rumor that attacked by a bear owning up to that, yeah, what a mistake instance! Do, you have the last minute and for people to believe that guys like the ninety one. Every bit popper and Else. On case on the really think I was attacked by a pair. And at the flying and thank all of this. That doesn't pay child support. It absolute garbage and it's rubbish and it's not true. And I'm sick and tired of IT Jeremy One of my bell canes. Heart sick and tired of me having regressive crap for two years. The is going to stop immediately. Sick of it and my fellow canes orth well. This shit's going to stop the I'm addressing it I'm addressing right now. For the last time. It's. True and total garbage so get worse immediately i. he still talking about yeah, he's like he wants two hundred dollars. He actually is like very in tune with like Miami and follows everything, and then he'd just block people who said like Oh. You got attack by bear, but he came on the Yak. Like three weeks ago, to talk about the recruits and how Miami's looking and Just said we're losing a great guy on twitter. He thinks that Michigan State game is the key this year up? It is there might not be fans so upset at set sad night to see Danny boy came. I guess. It's one of those you know better. Burn out than fade away. JOIN MINES DOT com. Yeah, my join minds might have to make a minds account. Yeah, actually you should get a good handle before they're all gone. Just don't troll, please, we need. Then you ask. For Big Proper Cane Hokkien EAC Nick ninety-one. Boxing bulldog Brandon. A suit. To come more calls Chris in New York go ahead. Can you hear me Yep? right right so I just wanted to calm. I know that bar. Or not coming off like that at all, except for kb with those tweets but Anyway I WANNA speak on basically when when Dave came out with that I rant about with the protest and whatnot. And then he had Josh Tweet Adam. Say Your comments pretty much missed the mark and double that he came back and apologize for that now he comes through with this What is tweet and whatnot going at Brandon? Attain Brandon Hey. You've been here for a cup of coffee comes carrying weight well newsflash. All your black employees have been there for a cup of coffee. So how does he say that? There's going to be changed Barstool, but then when it's. been haven't been here long enough to talk to me the way you happen, I wanNA know where the change is going to be and how you plan on taking that action for it. Yes thanks Chris so I do think that Dave absolutely cares deeply what tyler and Willie guys who've been here for a little bit longer i. think the Brandon thing I dave. Doing it publicly. Get how people are like. Wow, dude, just contrary to everything you said on Thursdays. Video saying. Have you guys back? I understand where day was coming from. Though because Brandon Neuman calling moods irreplaceable was maybe the most ludicrous thing I've ever seen and I like Dave should have done it on twitter, but you merged quitting after he's been here for like six months and. You? Know like being like it was just a ridiculous like you need to have a contract, so he made it seem a lot bigger than what it was, and then saying it's irreplaceable and I think Dave is getting to the point where he's reaching a tipping point where yeah, there's some bad videos. Yeah there's some things that I wish I could take back as well, but to insinuate that like the entire culture. A BARSTOOL is rotten to its core especially from someone who maybe has been here for like three months in there. I don't know how long. Nine months and path of it's been the pandemic. That's probably why they've got pissed off and I understand why he's like. Why is everyone saying that everything needs to change? When that's not the case I? He probably shouldn't have done it online but I also think that if nate had tweeted that, he probably would have gone after eight to native been like Moody's irreplaceable, you would have been like the fucking ridiculous thing to say so I kinda get where Dave's coming. From. Maybe the avenue. He used not the best, but. Like you can't call someone irreplaceable. WHO's barely been here? And it was here for like a second and who is like? He wasn't I, think he? I think he actually started doing content in like March. He never contract and then he made. It seem like it. Was this big like you know I'm walking away from Barstool. Didn't have a contract I. Don't have anything like personally against Mooch. I mentored him I felt a little betrayed that he like. Did it the fashion where he basically said if you. If you stay parcel, you promote racism. I think that's unfair. So I had a problem with that message part of the message, but he's got he's got to do. I don't hold it against them. I just don't think he was irreplaceable. Only anyone's ear replaceable one thing I'll say about the mood situation is I think that he's in a position where he has to answer to people who don't necessarily know Dave and they see like probably black people and they're like what's up with your boy like. Why is he saying stuff like that and from his point of view, I. I could see how uncomfortable situation because I'm in the same situation. I'm coming from a battle rap world where people don't really know Dave. They see a variety article in there like what's up with this and like he is in a delicate situation where he has to answer for that, and so he felt like he had to do what he had to do, but one thing I will say that he and I had had conversations about like ways to make the ways to make barstool like a more inclusive place and ways to make barstool like better. This is like things that we sat down and talked about and it's like. There was like there was room for that, and it seems like disappointing that like you can't just follow through on those kinds of right right so you know like I said I'm not GonNa wish ill will on mood. I just think that the way he framed it. Was Unfair to pretty much everyone who works here, but that is what it is, and that's the beauty of the Internet. You can do whatever you want free. Will you know he? He probably will go on and be successful whatever he does, but yeah irreplaceable again anyway I replace, but like I i. Am you know eight? I'm replaceable. Everyone's played irreplaceable. Everyone is replaceable like that's unfortunately, it's actually the old tyler tweet like they're just going to keep the world just GonNa. Keep going on without you like. Yeah, that's what's going to happen. Let's not like pretend that we're you know bigger than we are. In our day to day existence, the world is going to keep on spinning all right. That was our one of the AC our to after this break. We'll be back right after this. Episode is brought to you by our friends. At Hawthorn, look, you've heard US talk about Hawthorne for a while now and that's for good reason that's because it's just awesome. My entire shower caddy thing and like my closet is just filled with hawthorn products I got their shampoo conditioner body wash body, sprayed yoder and face lotion products. I wasn't even I wasn't using a face lotion. Three months ago on Hawthorne scented now I'm using it everything they have. It smells great personalized premium plotting ingredients. 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The microphone full House. Packed House feels good feels great. Did everyone bring their? Goblin Journal get forgot mine. I got to dude. What sounds so? Is this a reference. To My Goblin Journal. Why does he have it? Have the same journal. Deal this from my house. So good on Goblin journal Dave, the only one who brought in Goblin Journal Maccabee you have Golf Journal to. What I'm trying to think what's in there? Well let's find out. Started on a very monumental. Yeah, that's the. Only thing I know September tenth two thousand one. Today's going to be a great. Here journal The sun is Shining. It's easy to get on an airplane. Never lived through any. Events. Without the. Journal. Teacher. Was Ugly. My sister has practice for the school play. She is going to be a Danson Unicorn I thought this was funny because she's very shy, her name is. That redacted redacted. I mean this is just a full full Goblin. A peruse in my favorite part about the Goblin. Journalists that you created fake wrestling brackets. How old were you when you made this I did that incessantly and you? Every piece also would lose in the second round. How old were you when you made this Goblin Journal? Two thousand one so eight. Is there a quote on that page as well February nineteenth, two thousand and three ten am. Quote Life is short for people who believe life is long for people who don't. Buy cursive Kyle Bauer McCormack. That's pretty I, said it. Life. We gotta find the part that really creeped me out Katie and I i. mean look at Your Goblin. I'm not trying to. I would never criticize another man's Goblin journals. Put, the priests part. Priests Part. In the. For Life what does it say smart. Oh, my God these are. This is incredible. Dear Journal today. I have a baseball game I play shortstop or S, s normal boy. Practice I got a home run in two singles. We one nine seven. I got a home. Run A double. Then Shelton Cameron. WHO's that? Sounds like two separate people? They gotta find the fucking. It's called. Never say never. It's done in green. I'm read front to back, did you? Did you do a bunch of what we're all like the numbers? Where there was like it seemed like there was a tournament of like brackets, but like there was always an odd number of. Of Team, so someone's always gotta buy to the finals or something like that, or were you doing in addition or something like that or what? What was that I, wasn't I stuck to the sixteen or thirty two man traditionally never say no to a homemade Brownie. Okay, so it's never say never. A bird has a nest. We have a home. What about you well? This is how any holes how old. Nine Seven eight nine, yeah. Rules for life. Sing in the shower. Never say no to a homemade browning. GET HELP get ready for local festival. Watch two cartoons day. Smile when a priest looks at you. M. Grooming you? Say. A false smile when a priest looks at you. Gaba Journal. I will say though that the the ink on this is conspicuously not faded, so I don't know if B and Nick I'm just conditioned to be a little bit suspicious of anything. That's too good to be true. That comes across your desk. You know how sacred a Goblin journalist. This isn't something you fake. It would be the ultimate. Sacrosanct Act fake a Goblin Journal, Kale. What are you? What are you? What have you found? Lausanne creeped out by me. Don't make. Alley. June? Nine Class Looking at me, stop. Go to confession every day I, would you? Through the screen. Here you smiling. Kale doesn't look real or no. I think this is real. It's got some weight to it. Listen to the trump from April twenty, seventh, two, thousand and two. I just got up from sleeping over at Shelton's house when I got home I passed baseball with Derrick. Derrick left I watched Billy Madison. With Brandon and Dylan Mangino. Drops. They're gonNA live two years old. They were the older boys. Gather sticks from the tree. Well! Standard stuff go on there. That was cut down. And then. More with Derek. Then, I went to a baseball game. We played shortstop second. And either. They didn't keep track of the score, but I pitched really good. I struck out corey. That easily actually. Shot them out. Wait now, this seems. And now seems fazed. The fact that nick was the one who is like offering it up so willingly to us like hey got. Cut Goblin Journal. It's an incredibly if it's a fake, it's an incredible. Harmless. Passages invisible ink. Journal The first page has a vampire story unless we're want to save that for a journal Brandon? Do you WanNa? Take a look at it and try and test the veracity of this journal. Your name dropped in this and he did say Brandon was one of the older boys. You were twenty two at a time older, not altar boys. Handwriting kind of change to. PART OF GROWTH! Here's an N. word. Is. Come to the. Journal. The page. Fuck Yeah All right so. That was a good start. The show you WANNA I mean. It's Goblin Journal. Let's just refer couple hours. See what? See what sticks. You WanNa talk about tiktok drama. Store. Not GonNa. Talk about the vampire store you talk about the story. You. Yeah I'm just going to go back to my desk and delete my eight thousand word blog no I. Don't think she'll eat it I think this is a great record of can read the Vampire Story. You wrote a blog about it or when you call kb the lost blogs, okay? Brandon! So He. This is not vampire store. He has a record of when he was hacky sacking. told, you about this eighty six. Yeah, with bare feet, and he wrote down how many times he hacky. BASSAC It does that looks like some advanced math? Though how many did it come out to? His average was twenty nine barefoot. He he did it five times. He got to one, hundred, forty, seven total, and his high was thirty two. Hockey. Town fair funds, but he also has socks there. He did one their eight and one was sox and his average was. Oh you were better, bare feet than sake. I had like a showed like foot were. girth easier than it was long. But once you put shoes on, you went up to forty one. Not Really. forty-one hacks half. Sack, of the sack. You gotta just put this into. Some kind of data like a chart that people can digest easily because I feel like it's too hard to understand the so. Did you make up the names of the wrestling tournament? Guys, or were they friends of yours? I think they're all made of Derek. Vinci. He's completely fake. You have such an interesting brain. Aaron Felix fake? John Actually started. This nick told us about this because. Kevin, WHO's a new new guy? Here introduced himself to nick and we're like. Hey, wait till you talked to Kyle. Here's some tips on like how to talk to them. Like what we would do is like. Don't make eye contact. and. Maybe just keep it to like Tiktok like irony, poisoning and and dragon journals, and yeah, and and we're world's capital. Express, you think. You've heard fresh. Are you now a truth? Yeah? FRESH INK OF CRIME LAB. Sometimes I mean marker fades over the years. Magic Marker that is candidates integrity like that since o-on. Nineteen years of Magic Marker, and it doesn't Fade it all. I may counterfeits before. Interesting. What kind of counterfeit? Bills! Believe what you want. I know the truth. We know you do this goblins. Goddamn Goblin, Journal. I love it. It's fascinating Brandon's go. Brand is just like leafing through it. Just he's. He's trying to find any or the Copyright of the Journal Two Thousand and I saw thousand. So that's that stands works works out. In. Did he write anything after September? Eleventh happened Oh yeah, most most of what I'm saying like Right Act. There was a severe tonal shift what we had to look for. was scared I mean at that age. You really don't know what cultural references whatsoever either way. Either saying like this happened. Like this, this big thing happened in my life. Like the fucking reds won a game or would. You would put cultural references in their right. TIMESTAMPS like. If I was faking it I would do a nine eleven pack passage with my left hand and just like. Period. Never. GonNa WanNa title that Lebron James. Doesn't have. Lacks the clutch gene. Already okay, yeah, can you tell us about the TIKTOK stuff? I'm going to blog about it. It's I. Don't know I just. That tweet that notes statement respectable. I loved it. Yeah, we'll have read it. Let's read. You read it you. Who's WHO's it from? Is You know so? There's tiktok drama going on I. Don't really understand any of it I just know. People cheated. On, people kissed people. And then also going on at the same time, parallel is that tiktok realized that if the? All by dog coined DOJ coin DOJ corn. I missed that no one's ever said it. Only type. Doggy, coin you actually. This is the part that you should get in on his this. Get get rich quick with alternate coins. Okay. does coin is like twenty point Oh. Oh, twenty-three cents K. and there's like eight hundred million tiktok users, and they're like every tiktok user buys one. Dollar and we'll all be rich. This genius, right pump and dump. The Short it right before it gets there and fuck everybody off right. shorted it point zero to five. I just try to make myself a fraction of a cent, but everybody's in. That is connected to. Those are the same thing they just happened at the same time. It's like one of those big moments in history. Right which makes you say okay if you want to get really woke. Are the TIKTOK. Cheating and kissing each other to cover up. The does coin pumping, and is this stool team six, or is this the larger Tiktok community that is kissing each other? These are the biggest of. The perennial playoff. Game, this is like Charlie. Yes all right, so let's go go ahead. Is Charlie Charlie. Charlie's girl. Are So. This is from a guy named little haughty. whose a nineteen year old boys like the top star! Nissan since all, my drama has to be put on the Internet for the world to judge me. Let's lay out everyone else's. Dome Paragraph Break Anthony. Anthony got with Cynthia a week after we broke up on tour. Jaden Alvin Anthony Cynthia. I remember that. Jaden actively tried to hook up with Dixie at our house on the fourth of July in front of me while she was dating Griffin. As like two days ago, Griffin cheated on Dixie with Taylor's ex. kaylynn embraces xl. Changed dixies name, ex girlfriend L.. Josh cheated endless amounts of times on meds and Nessa for the past few months. Keough cheated on a Livia. Keough when will it stop the only person who has a right to be upset with me? Charlie and I'm sorry. I heard her. We broke up and I messed up by kissing. Nestle I am not sorry to Josh. We are not boys and we haven't been boys since he lied Charlie Sang had an SD six months ago trying to get her to stop seeing me I'm not going to let these hypocrites try and ruin my life without their lives being on the Internet to. Bucking second. Part if you can't trust Huddy, who can you trust right? You would think NASA. RASA. Charlie seems like the only one who's came out unscathed, right? That's why she's the Queen. She does every time, right. She just needs to get rid of Hoodie I mean he's obviously toxic. How does over was trending damn. What happened with the fifteen names in that single? Single stage draw. Draw graphic like a peppy Sylvia. Great. You should draw graphic com. Oh! Make you see what happened there, oh. The Jose Canseco of TIKTOK. Under the. as the now I understand. Everyone's yeah, big time, rat huddy! How many of the names ended in alien? The, names are ridiculous. was there a Dawson? In a Mattie my thing. They all individually made their own statements, and they were all clearly written by. Either a parental guidance figure, or how old are these manager? How old are these people they're. They range in age from sixteen to twenty one. That's weird. The twenty one dollars should that should not be the guy. Right yeah. Either be all over eighteen hundred. Like. We should have to tick talks. Wow! Yeah, I like that. Yeah, two separate talks twenty one year olds segregate some. Equal. Title I'm thinking about what I closed my eyes and see the twenty one year olds and I he. I don't like his what he's doing. How, old man! He's got blonde hair. He's got six pack. He's he the angle of his videos. You would think he sh- tall, but he's actually five seven. Long so smart. One. Diamond Stud earing. He's GonNa have his. He's probably. GonNa have his Tong Pearson. I don't think it's a diamond I. Think is a dangle. It's GonNa. Go egg-laying. Barry Bonds Yeah. I think that that's right now. Very BANZHAF for Hawkeye's. Yeah he's. He's definitely told people he's like eighteen. Like that doesn't make sense man, you've been like you were a vine star when you were sixteen. That was eight years ago. No Sense. All right, so you're in this world hockey. No actually. Sadly or not, sadly at all, not, would you have kissed NASA? At his age or whatever her ages. tried. Aggressively, so you would have done. More. She were older than you and she were coming onto. You try aggressively accepted. Even if she had a boyfriend, the Thing, that's just one single house. That's what I was GonNa, say all together their legal address co payments are on your. Because the parents would have to be driving them to other people's houses. They don't have their license where to be cheating. They're all in La Right. I think so yeah. Does this and I also saw today that Tiktok is under threat of getting like banned by the United States. was like a tendency that Chinese information. At the TIKTOK is definitely GonNa take us all down. Right Yo guys can I say something about Tiktok Real? No, yes, please I was. It in Asheville, during quarantine I, was looking up stuff for golf. In all of a sudden, my whole Tiktok, not talk at all, and then my tiktok suddenly became all golf stuff. Long, on my computer. Claim that they're listening to what we're doing on my computer I was looking up golf stuff and then suddenly my Tiktok feed on my phone. Was Golf all already ban by the military. I think the US military so is that why kb knows all about these sixteen year old girls? That's TIKTOK. curated feed makes a Lotta. Sense TV. Show your feet if you're if you have nothing to hide. Feature if You. Can't lie. Honestly will. Show your feed. What kind of stuff is coming across their DADS this shortstops vampires? Do the rest. Wrestling plays on there. I was saddened. That's that's like Internet. One point zero when people didn't realize how Google ads sense worked, I remember back in the day. There would be people who like comment in the comment section like barstools like stoop to the level of. Advertising like tiny Dick Pills to us and everyone's like That's your Google search. There was that off sweet spot where the I was so far advanced from everyone's brain and understanding what happened that they couldn't figure out that if they search something, it will just keep popping up. So. I miss those days. We're TIKTOK soon. Yeah, sneaking into our brains, but that is I think. No it's it's absolutely someone. showed it that it's like basically just a spying well, that's why the whole thing's coolest is. You can use music and it's like well. How can you use music on this bouquets? Scrambling Oh China yeah. That we use are like are housed in the United States, so they're subject to the US laws, or whatever like. This isn't subject to US right. I mean they're spying on you for your benefit and giving you more videos offer. which for you is a good thing, but you know? That's probably how they got Jews Lane Maxwell Dude. That's probably how they brought her down. She was just couldn't stop talking in New Hampshire and the GEO locator. Centralized just leave. We looking aspirated. Of Check Chop Shins checking my email notes. I'll check my lunch options of one sell tacos. Nice. I better not even like it. The steak was just subpar like. We should explain this because brandon over well. He's been doing it before break, but he's obsessed with saying Lomo. Sell. Tottenham I'm obsessed with eighty hilltop, which he like sounds very very fans. It's Peruvian it's called. Lonzo just a beef on top of French fries well has some peppers and onions in there to that's it. Go fries with. National Foods of Peru. Luma Soto. They probably have delicious. South American beef. They probably have incredible cows fucking. Kind of south, American meet. They're using here. Trash bringing it in there wasn't poor. trashed. Zia is trash. Trash quality. Trash I only one. Keeping it of I'm saying that the quality of the steak was not good and you say. It's not. It's not a dinner stake. I don't want to waste my steak or lunch. I'm not having to stakes day. It's not a state is staying. It is strength. It's not. By, but that doesn't make it not stake just because it's cut into strips when you eat like a Chili's affiliate cheese steak sandwich. Do you consider that steak? Yeah, CHEESE STEAK! Right, but you don't you walk unless saying I'm getting a steak. You won't skip like seven or eight days for getting rid by because you've had a philly cheese steak. I'm just saying I. Don't want to in a day. It's just not good meat. We should all get around. Him will be the jar. Vary. This is my thing. It's got US around Brandon. No, you bought me lunch. You will buy a nickel lynch. My mind six people lunch. Because I won't have any okay good five. and Kobe wants them sick. Everybody in this room only I'm in. No, I don't think. We're good and these guys. They'll leave right after the show anyway, so it doesn't matter. No I'll I'll stay now. Eat US four count. You would call me at the crack of dawn. Just be like! Hey. I need I need you to write all the jokes for this morning show. We're building Malaysia. Yeah, the relationship! How how many jokes did you actually rape Brandon most for the? When when he comes on the show, he does his jokes. He doesn't write any jokes for me I don't. Want me to yeah. I wanted to, but he won't do it. Would you would? Understand. You said that now twice today that you're building a relationship with nick. That's a very weird thing to say out loud. Doesn't that just happen? It's been. Like a formula have you can send it to said relationship. He knows picture. Gets or he takes me a picture of his face everyday's. Cry For help your like Britney. Spears were that yellow shirt and let us not that it's crazy crazy every day he sends me this. That's a pretty cool picture. He looks cool aviators. Let's see pictures my dad's. Oh every day going through. When you take a good picture, you might as well send it. That's my chin. What do you do with the picture? So you send it to me. You got a bunch of pictures and your phone. No I had to make room because today I put a bunch of pictures of college logos on my phone so I can study on the train and she. Is that how you did it, too. Yeah, we'll just like the bulldog cat and bird species. Yeah, because they're hard to discern the panthers. Today. We had SI EDWARDSVILLE was, good. Dave wrestling. What a great use your time! It was for a show I help, but just sitting there. Do you ever like an hour you like? Why am I doing this while I was I just get the answer. I'm on train anyway. What are you? Are you? Look Straight ahead or I study my college logo? That's why I did on the train. Listen anything. Today because. I can't study and listen to. It makes sense I. Agree with that but I. Do you usually listen to the yes I have headphones pocket. I always see people who are just standing on the subway and no headphones of the weirdest people. Why drive in my my right in everyday is outcast. Am I right out. Every day is some sort of country music exact same songs on our casts every day pretty much, yeah? You seem like a one song kind of. fucking hit seven and seven castles in a row usually gets me here. And just play those same seven. Yep goes from Miss Jackson too so fresh so clean. Okay now it's weird, but I do like you know when you have like a mix. Yeah, and then you start hearing the next song as the previous song is ending, you can break that now. Here one song you're ready for the. Or like as you're passing a certain point on your ride, you probably like this is the part so fresh and so clean where they go like this. Is that why you do it to kind of give yourself you know where you are by how long in the song you know I do it. Because Al-Kass is perfect. Group and the perfect sound to give me into my day. Are you in the same mood every day? I'm in the mood for different music. Sometimes I'm in the mood. At nine thirty in the morning every day now my nighttime ride, my change, but nine thirty in the morning. I'm in the mood pretty much every day. How would you describe it? Not Melancholy but just I wait till I get here to set my mood for the day so I'm kind of in neutral neutral. That's how I would describe it staying neutral young, basically meditating on the way here pretty much. Shut your brain off. don't even think about it today I had to study. Though yeah, we should just do it. The only music episode not talking on maybe like a Colby Verse Caleb Oxygen Match. I wish you guys have been here for Friday vies with Rico. He played level seven different times different remixes. Remix any also twenty minutes into the show is like you ever hear a song, and it makes you think of like a moment in your life and we're like. We're doing right now. Yeah, it was fantastic. He forgot he put levels into so many songs. He forgot some of the songs he had put levels into. Himself, mixing. He's doing himself clarity. Call me maybe in two minutes in I was like where where's levels and he's like Oh crap, and then like five seconds later levels. He's like oh I did put it in here. I told him you guys should exchange notes though. You! Here's my number, does he? He's GonNa. Abuse that. He does. He'll be using that. Absolutely. He just likes to flex that. He has people's numbers. Remember when the time he texted like it was like seventeen people on message. Yes, Thanksgiving Christmas Tax Christmas Texan the no one Texas back literally just to prove I felt bad about that. No one takes him on the side. There's an outrageous thing to tech. Seventeen people are like loosely related, and it wasn't like happy Christmas. It was like America's and say it was like it was like a personal thing. It's like. You've been so great to me. And it wasn't. There was like four or five numbers I didn't have in that. Chain like I would never respond to a chain that don't have the number except. Coolmax clinic which you give him a cost. I forgot about cool Nick Yeah I do, too. Now, he was cool dude. He was so funny so all don't know he was. Pretty cool. Isn't. It's no I know what you're doing. Don't pretend that you like cool neck because we like cool neck. Yeah, well, you. You're raising. Thought. He was lame. Lame, Lame Nova now. This is cool regular Nick I've upgraded you. Thanks! Here's a regular Guy Hell. Yeah, yeah, let's take some calls and we have run. And I were doing this thing over quarantine, where we would not talk on the right in, and we would get people to give us ideas on periscope. We have some leftover. Yeah watched, so we'll do that. It was kind of like a pre show. It wasn't it wasn't a post show? We're not stepping on. The ideas were exclusively bad. No, sometimes when I watched sometimes, they were good. Would you. What did you think about eating door I did love that was interesting. That wants to eat eating like the tree in the door. We add some very different opinions. What what was what was your so and said five years? Yeah, to take down a tree yeah I, said fifty is calculated fifteen to twenty three years depending on how aggressive or conservative. You want to be with the Tree I. Could eat a door and a month. A door in a month you can eat a door in. The door lend it to size all it. Yes, you could eat blended. I understand that, but that's a lot of sawdust and you're forgetting about tooth damage. You could really hurt yourself. Yeah, well, it saw you're using it as a foul replacement and using it as shortening in. You're playing a cop in a milkshake drink. Or smoothie three a day. How many cups do you think are in? Yeah. SAWDUST does it gets bigger. It's like there's more volume. I was dusted down a see what happens if you eat a pound sawdust. Could easily do that. Let's do a sawdust. One day one day episode Sawdust. Rice crispy treats like you put it in a Sawdust Rice crispy. That's the traditional way that he's done. No, that'd be good. That'd be MEATLOAF Sawdust MEATLOAF. Delicious. Yeah I'll take a couple of calls this call just for some reason. Crack me up Zach go ahead Zach. Guys What's up. Okay I got a few questions. I wanted to spy. You guys think Garner Menchu is the new way vase of the NFL. Ranan. In what way because of the mustache? Just about the whole persona, really I think he can kind of probably crusher hundred seven beers on a cross country flight. The chicken before every game. Of course he's the chickens. Sold Yeah. Okay with that can be. It can be way box. That's fine. Also, for Kayla what are we bringing? Dixie tour back. I don't know not under that name probably. Yeah, actually not didn't even think about that. Do Win Bringing Daddy Dixie back probably never ever dis- daddy and the tour and the tour an might dixie chicks, and there's went to chicks. I was this. Call Me Daddy Daddy. Daddy back. Just. Call Me Daddy tour. I liked that so you just wanted. I, just read the thing. It said Zach wanted to ask Jaguars this upcoming season. It just cracked me up I. Don't know why, but even. Assume sports are going to be back and then also be like the Jaguars thoughts. I like it Zach. Yeah I like that. Just, like I, did dream must night that we were a week six of the NFL season, and so unexpected teams were high in the rankings. Sue tell the jets were like four and two. Oh Wow! I don't know why is dreaming about that. What a terrible sad life I have! That's my subconscious. Oh we got stand from Australia. Is this the same guy? Stan caused. I feel like there's only one I may but Anyway. I've got to say I've. Just been locked down for another six weeks so I'm just pulling up to us. About NBA and then I tell if you guys go any To so bit, so like! What do you think I should be betting on while on sitting in my house as You seem a little bit more down from the last time we talked to you last time. You are super high energy, maybe really fucked up. This is a bummer or no. I'm fucked up now, but it's different because I've just this. Was the loss not allowed legally to get fucked up my. Ashes you. Guys are thinking about what's like four. Just gone. Hi, it's true thirty I am. With the mates. I mean it was it was. Bittersweet I guess. Like like. You know I liked the idea. Though that you're GonNa, you know you're about to lockdown for six weeks because corona virus and you're like well one last night where we can go fucking crazy. I mean well the the worst part of it is literally every state in our country has this. Except for a timeout, you'd like eight six. Right what? We've go Oh, trying to think of Vegan use Marseille's victory. South Wales Western, Australia South Australia. Tasmania Queensland there the site then we have territories. ICT Northern Territory Seven. Northern Territory. That's where Crocodile Dundee was. Are you sure best. Yeah No, he's right which one's Melbourne. The. Were you leave him Melvin. What's the other big town? Kidney Sydney. Law Lady! We're Sydney Fuck Outta late you. Know, that's a singer. I think it's the. The place it's it's a shit hole, but. I knew to rapper. Named prime and purpose. There's fucking sue. They do yeah. This cool. You're fiscal woods by any chance, Bro, yeah, HILLTOP HOODS! Bro, they. That's all awkward. And Sixty yeah. I noticed I battle to. No No, no I'm lettuce. Probably why? Is, anyone. Who am I say something, push say say the word. Say. No, no racial slurs, not racist. It's not racist. I promise up in following the loss lake. Orion. Break you rake to. He ranked his favourite. See Words last last time. Cy Say because I'm not Australia. Dude is partner of. Rundown Brotherhood it. No, that's DVD had a dave thought he was bringing the seaward back. It was a big thing you said always saying about Gills I was offended. Jokes. Guy From It'd be like I was. His favorite counts and he was bit now the run. Up, just for the same thing. Can I play thing like I? Say run or is this your legend? But my dad told me to tell you to tell. Y forgot it. My Dad told me to tell you that my that said that your does. that. Yeah, it's like. It's not like A. Chris Okay it's Kisa said it to three sixty run. Martineau it, but it's pretty much. Data wrap up law in Australia history. It's not using that. Language I could allow the see we're. GonNa have Israel has never. Say. Never say that, right? He's quoting a moment history right well. You can't quote either. Now. This'll be like me. Dave say talk. Recording coatings not allowed anymore, but. No anyway I knew that, but if you guys have any NHL NBA, spoil bidding. I would really appreciate it. She's boys. I don't know when I'll go back 'cause I'm not usually up, but hey. I love stamp. Australian guy. And he made a good point for us that even things in battle rap. You can't say anymore. You know that was a different. It was a bygone era, but we cancel you for if we had I mean, I'm not trying to be. Wall. All of them. Not all the word, but say you know there's just things that like you would have said that you just don't. You wouldn't say anyone bygone era, so bygone era for sure and their ways. You could rationalize it then what you just simply cannot rationalize it in any way now. That's okay. Yeah, we've grown and I hope we will continue to grow. I don't WanNa. Go back in time here, but I. Really do think it's crazy that a row now. We're talking about the other day that. People will be like five years ago wasn't a long time ago. It was dude. We're going in hyper speed now. Six months ago was a long time ago. Culture is moving faster than technology. Oh fast, it's crazy. How about five years ago Metoo hadn't happened like think about how weird the world'll work. Think about Harvey Weinstein was walking around swing his pocket. Waxing Swizerland bills hosby like. Different world so I don't buy the like. Five years wasn't that long ago? It was a long time ago. Cultures Moving so fucking fast as a good thing, but I think you also have to recognize that it is like everything is different, and everyone has to act differently. People are calling for growth, and it's like I'm doing these. Though I'm not saying the saying the N. Word Five years ago, it was okay because it wasn't and I I still think he. Was Wrong but. Like other things it's crazy. How fast culture has moved? And I. It's like in when you look to the future. It's like in twenty one hundred. What what is going to be like? What will we have said like? Who will we have discriminated against like fucking robots or something like that? There could be all kinds of shit that we're doing now that you don't realize as bad K. Byu have the evil. Keys Goblin Journal writer years. I'm like whenever I go home and I looked through my Goblin Journal. I'm so embarrassed. I WanNa read, so let's let's go back into the internal real quick. Kb Say something like find the Journal. You're seething. Your mind was fucking dancing. Bro, why don't you just let it out kaby freer for your thoughts? People are purposely outing themselves apologizing making statements now they're feeling like a sense of superiority and. About it big time like I made a mistake and I owned up to an I learned, and I grow, and it's almost like they think that that has bought them the opportunity to shit on everybody. This guy I mean for example. Is this guy on twitter right now? I tweeted like good guy. Dave because Dave was talking about the P. loans which are fucked up when you see some of the people that have taken these loans like some of the. Get Tom Brady Bill. You don't like it's crazy. We didn't take a loan. Dave said that he would fund it out of his pocket. If we needed to pay payroll and I'm not looking for any sympathy, but I do think that the story of the fact that Barstool has created two hundred plus jobs last four years, and a dying industry sports, media or whatever you WANNA, call US comedy websites. Whatever you WANNA call us. Is Crazy doesn't talk about whatever I said like good Guy Dave, we've created two hundred plus jobs in this dude. I'm not going to say his name because I. Don't WanNa fucking. Start a war where everyone can. Then he's like all the worst he was like. Yeah, and you always said the N. Word few times I just looked at my dude fucking wanted me on his radio show like like in two thousand seventeen. That was after David Senator Times. So which one is it? Dude? Which one is it? Hypocritical left and right now people want it both ways. I honestly just think if you if you are talking all the time about how you are like an incredible person, and how everyone is bad, you are probably deep down a Douche back like you just don't have to say you know what I mean. It's. The people who talk about. Any, like you think that there's some people who did wrong things in their past and feel really bad about it for they're like. How do I sort this out in the world? Like how do I make my wrongs right for everybody? And then they try to over police everybody else's behavior because of that because it's like they feel this remorse or guilt or whatever you WANNA, call it, and like they they wind up right acting out of pocket, right? Right there, they're. They feel deep down that they did something like just realize that people aren't perfect. No one's fucking perfect. You want a an entire sports media of Mike Greenberg's. That's where we're going. That's a Kirkman hand quote, and I agree with him like eventually. They just want to erase all media until it's like Mike Greenberg sitting on sportscenter set for twenty four hours. Skipping like the most milk toast thing ever all right Marcus George came over Shelton came over. Parentheses of course best friend that feels like there were some doubts. Oh feels like you didn't want. What is your name? A handful. A handful we, we had two priests. Mets handful. Mets page. Yeah, New York. Mets Roberto Alomar, second base. Alfonzo third base move on First Base Jeremy, Brunettes What year was that? that. Sounds Oh to. Two. Oh Shit you listed. Now this, what is that NFL radium? I think it's Super Bowl MP's because it's Tom Brady. owner. Terrell Davis. John, elway! Yeah, he. He had a reasoning behind this page Louis. Ray Lewis Yeah these are super bowl MVP what. Then you just missed four super bowls? All the way back to Troy Aikman. bobsledding boxing skiing high so. What I don't know. I like this though now. My Dad Vampires Jerkin Shelton. You are the vampire story you read it. We'll know. He's got a knicks of blog coming about the vampire story those about the whole thing. It's about the whole thing, and there's GonNa be a lot of visual AIDS. So this is a stunning look into a serial killer. It is like someday this will be. I don't know. Where did they put this? Records. Museum I'm sure there's serial killer museum. I could imagine actually right now. Like the pages turning at the opening of Katie's netflix special about how he murdered like different people. What would the documentary? The goblin King or something along the lines right? Yeah, the Goblin Knight. WHO. Yeah. It's it's night with no K. 'cause you kill everyone at night. It's cool getting feminism for like one night. He killed them all one night. Dear Journal I have school today. I have gym class. That's my favorite thing in school I'm in third grade. Checks out. Wait a minute. Checks out. Why would you need to write that down I don't know the Journal. KNOWS GOES TO SCHOOL I've. It's crazy how? Nuts like the brain is like even just watching my son I'm Akitas on drugs all the time. Just looking at his hand. We were talking about Tommy. Walker dodger dot like dodger. Dare dare. Being a fucking kid is like just beyond the best drugs pasta. It's amazing. It's incredible. What I'd love to get in there within. In the playroom. With is watch you interact with okay settled down. That was his old career. Right, you would observe. What kind of Glean would coach the lease on Tiktok? The. That's more more wait time. What give them more way time way time like. Give them like do a five second pause after you do something. Say something. It gives them time to process in gives them a better chance to mimic you. Doesn't make me. A? Lot. House amendment you. Maybe clap where like I was doesn't want to this morning for I'm not joking thirty five minutes straight. He just handed me the TV remote, and I handed it back to. was. Thrilling to laugh when all fucking having a bomb. We're just handing it back to each other. and. Then a fake out like am I really going to hand it back and I would. He's like Holy Shit didn't think I was ever going to get this. Chris my morning. A lot of fun to. Say. It should be like a dance sequence when you're playing with your child. In which way what kind of you can come over and into a home visit to see? Would you like to do a home visit? Yes, okay, dude, over zoom at first know home. You have to be there tactile. Get your. Hands Brandon. What's your morning routine like because I need to prep? Trading places for forty eight hours when we just doing life swap. Lifelock, yes. Family know about this. No, I didn't know about it until just now. He brought it up with an idea. Yesterday did not agree to law forcing your hand. I, don't want my hand force I. Don't think you can handle my life. Damn, we'll see. I don't think you can handle how how does it go to lifelock? He he wants. He says he's going to have sex with my wife. Did say. To face, so you have sex with your wife? Because if you don't then, it's not fair. Occasionally occasionally, just don't go comes in spurts. No kidding. I yeah lifelock. We'll do it for, but you have to you have to. You can't just live nick's life lazily Willy Nilly. BLOG KB's jokes for it. Yeah, you have to make graphics and Shit like that. You have to do all the parts of his life. You can't just be like. Oh, now I have no responsibilities. Like rectangle room. How many troops swap how many workers have sex with your waist to completion the all things like that? How many work related blogs do you do over a forty eight hour span? Half. Third of blog. Yeah, one every ninety six hours right so I just put about two paragraphs out. Well, but it has to be a castle level. Yeah, yeah, you can't just put two of your paragraphs how you gotta put to Nick Paragraphs. The in jokes in. Dripping with everything. You have also portray KB's trust, clearly something that they do go to your house. That's what we're. It's a life swamp. Talking to him do this by the way this government even realized what a cocaine nail on this Goblin. All the nails look at that. You're doing cocaine. Jackson! Remarkable shape as well I. that's not really a comment about the rubber. The very high quality notebook us from the Scholastic Book Fair Really Fucking Love that thing. Kids were waltzing around with them all the time. I used to hide in the Book Fair. When it came while I would spend, the afternoon wouldn't back class. In the book. I've ever met billy. Let's do this thing? Live Billy, billy, talking to Mike. Don't do that can. You can't shake hands anymore. Katie I would like US each billy how to wrestle. No I would hate them what? He can rescue wrestled. There's a difference between wrestling in tussle. Stance is a tall guy sucked at wrestling yesterday. I feel your dismissed very much. Door really hard. Yeah, that's that's that's billy. Young Child. He is. Based he's a strong base as opposed to plan. He's. Really existed probably. Yes e- essentially me. What what? Parading him around. What oh? Wow, you're feeds, but he's he's. He's from in the past I know he was your inter. Disconnected! Nick is I am so he replaced you. Want. Them Yeah. Wrestled for the SPA. I told you he hated me. I said No. You don't a big cat, you I replied to one of your instagram stories, and you just hard. It ooh that so do you hate him? That's on the U K B Shit. I actually got me there. It's hard evidence. That's socks we'll. How deep was your reply? K? How many characters? It was a sincere response I think it was only one word in. It was yeah, it was intimate Bach. That was the word. You want you want to get intimate questions and he? Never, heart, just don't just to just ignore heart after like sometimes you can heart yeah. I think you can hard. Sometimes. It's just an easy way to not have to use words. You people. I hardly lobby. Brandon Walker doesn't even follow me on Instagram or follow anybody on instagram. I don't disagree with. Me No I. Don't go on instagram unless I'm posting on Instagram you follow me follow. We who? Sends me a message occasionally. No, he doesn't. Messages on Instagram each other. What what? They're they're Bros? Burrows did. What do you think pros do? Hang out in razzle. Grab, ASS suicidal. Fall neck expert. Rectified it almost instantly. Are we ever going to get some rain, review, remember. Oh. Yeah about that. Yes, he's lying. I follow him. He just did it. Right there on the top, there's the notification we gotTA. Talk about that Louis we're GONNA. We'll talk about it next hour, but we have to talk about the brain and Walker video for ever GonNa see any parts of it. Oh the movie. The movie Oh yeah yeah. Gather. Cayo Jeff and myself. What's I guess we're talking about what's. When are we gonNA get another piece? We are finishing up a action sequence a lot of blood. There's a Tgi Shit. But. There's also a sex scene mid. Oh with guns. Let's. lifelock plant. Based on. Reality random walkers be holes going to hurt again Pencil Stanford for Brandon's hole. But it also means be whole. Is What he told me. You. Do say behold a lot. All the time like way too much. Saying, be hole. Yep, he's holding his behold sprint high step into the bathroom. It's like Utah Jazz. Fan Video and Gordon. Hayward left and he was like. because. Mormons don't swear. He's like have fun being Lebron's be word. News Burning Gordon Hayward. Roast. Roast in his ass. Be Whole Brain Walker. So. Everyone knows you have a bleach. astle also were okay I don't have a belief dasell it's. That's naturally. Yeah, what? Is Bleaching an asshole something people do yeah porn star. On bridesmaids. Then they talk about bleaching. Hassle on there. That's the only movie reference I've ever seen to holy movie reference Cabrini Wa- you see you seem like a guy who like all you know about the like females what you learned to bridesmaids. And Oceans A. Fair Fair all right. We gotta take a break. We come back we'll do. We'll do some calls. We have the last wall, so maybe do some more Goblin. Journal it's Golvin Journal Day. It's not good I checked it for content. No, it's good. It's really good back right after this. Party. You're looking for the perfect drink to enjoy your next virtual happy hour. Maybe right now we're in backyard, barbecues and stuff. You want to have something different. You want off the people something new. How about some screwball with with a warm and welcoming aroma and a deliciously smooth Palette screwball peanut butter whiskey is not your average flavored liquor. It's made by a husband wife duo with American whiskey and. And peanut butter forever. 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It is Tuesday. July seventh is Eddie we have white socks Dave. We have car. We have chief and I also believe we are joined by Dave on the phone. Dave, can you hear me? I can't. Dave. How's it going, so you fired off tweet this morning. That said I may move to Chicago and just turned barstool Chicago Barstool Milton. obviously caught us off guard or wondering. What was the inspiration? Do we do something wrong? No that was a weird compliment. You guys. I. That's how I took it the entire time, but then I think it was. Like look the compliment being the small group again interact with you guys Wanna one. Say things without you know worring about how you're gonNA. Take it and things like that and you know can sling it like the old days so that's how I meant it. You could send someone home from fresh off a flight to New York and not worry about it. Yeah I mean I. Never you know in the Milton days again. We grew that place person by person and I had personal relationships with every single person. I'm not saying. Everybody liked me, but I never had to worry about what whether you know? Something I said was going to be used against me in a way that you know it'd be picked on by people who don't know me as part of that's part of growing I, you know I don't know that I'll ever moved to Chicago as part of growing pains, obviously a big company with a lot of people I barely know like have said two words to who feel like they know me apparently pretty well so a smaller. A smaller group would help. But, that's that's the pain. That's the pains of any company that bigger. Now I mean if if it's not realistic that happen for the long-term released. Gets you out here for like a week. Can we do that? Well, you know I'm in talk. It obviously for July, Look listen gambling's coming to Chicago. So I could reasonably like having an excuse to do it I. Some people replied that Chicago's not what I think like White Sox, David cry, and like he like people get bent out of shape. So I don't know, maybe I haven't been listening closely. Why W-, why did why were they saying that? You like boycott, show or something because you're mad. I don't know what you're talking to think so. Not that I remember said that. Like I. I didn't think that obviously Dave or else I think you're pretty good at. Paying a punching bag. Okay? No, you don't have to move to Chicago, but what about A to bad with white sox Dave and then you just have obviously unlimited privilege. Could just be somebody. I just need like. Hank! Or Gas. Somebody can just yell at like right now. I'm just here. And I sit and I. Do and I get mad in madder and madder madder. So you know that's I mean pocket like Dan you this morning. Dan He's like. Did anything set you off because I sent out a bunch of like. Not really sort of, but not really. It's just an accumulation of things. Not that I just WanNa go them obviously. I WANNA go on record that I've I've I've been like blogging for you for like the better part of seven years now and I read some of those tweets and I was very I'm like uncomfortable to talk to you right now. On radio I can't imagine somebody would fucking like after seven years I would never disrespect you like that. Dave I just want you to know that. This affect me like what? Calling on twitter! Oh! Yeah well. Yeah, I mean. That sucked it a lot of its. You know brand new, and we're GONNA say his name. He's been here for fucking five seconds right? Mooch wasn't even fucking hired as a douchebag. and to have like articles, being written about to fucking guys who haven't been here for a longer than a cup of coffee, talking about my character and fucking just being assholes like the fact of the matter is in. This'll probably blown out like I'm not gonNA. Say Not even fucking. Say it because it's not worth. Live radio. have you been able to kind of clear the air with Brandon at all or I mean? No No. I mean. Why would I like? You Know I. Don't owe him anything. He doesn't owe me anything, but he's fine talking about loudly, saying pretty fucking like. You Re tweet a guy who has a fucking. Laundry list of sexist racist homophobic tweet. Who says he's quitting for his own personal gains. Go Stars on fucking channel after big can build them up. And this dude has said to my face mood who I call the DOUCHEBAG. The second I met him by the way I'm like you're a fucking. Douche bag. The only reason you here is because the caller daddy's demanding. You'd be higher literally said that's a fucking face. WHO said to my face? I use people my entire life. That's all I. do this fucking guys said that to me. To have him quit. He didn't even have a fucking contracts. I don't know if accounts is quitting. He's been here for fucking two seconds. and. Then have another guy who's been here for two seconds do yep. WanNa fucking loss will never recover that like what world we? And then when I call them on it like I call, anybody responds with the N. Word which I've just been told for Fuck in. A month straight I can't even like ever Bro. Like I I'm trying to better in that regard. Clearly I I won't quote a Thong anymore, but then to have them throw that back. This guy's been here for fucking two seconds. A Cock sucker. That's I feel that none of US disagree out here. I mean we're on an island here, so we kinda get the like. Secondhand scoops our knowledge boy. I think. Only live signed him because I don't. I do WANNA make barstool place. Where like everyone is welcome? In the reason we're hiring. You, know. Brandon Neuman Is because we WANNA diversify like no offensive. He's white. He's not fucking hired. Not Millions fucking years. That's what I was GONNA to say. Before because we got nine, KAZILLION PEOPLE WANNA work here. Who are why? In my view, which is just my view, not anybody's view more talented. And we don't hire them because we're trying to diversify. And then he turns around and says I'm basically fucking racist like before any of this started. Look at our hiring pattern where clearly trying to diversify. And people know me the part like I'm not racist I know not raises I a guy who's been here for fucking two seconds teaming up with another guy who's been here for one second. What talked to a combined five second? Saying Shit and I brought on myself obviously with five years ago more so probably, my apology video which I have been clearer. But for the first time within your walls, nobody having my back. And ironically, happily still collecting paychecks like what the fuck. Were you, were you? Moved to Chicago. Where you're. Like Austin most of your employees that we didn't. Situation, but I mean. You Know Dan obviously at my back to the mood shit, but it's like you know a couple of people privately. But! It's like I'm not racist so I and again. I guess I'm not racist. So you know I guess nobody is open. We walking around and saying that I honestly believe my body works speaks for itself. But. You know there's been. fucking arrows, and off me getting dragged, and it's like Jesus Christ. Well it's not even at their new. It seems like they're new to Barstool in general like it's not like they've been reading for ten years. It's like they kind of just landed on. Milton they don't they don't even say Milton them. They don't even know what you're talking about so. It's just based on. We're trying to get better into verse and capture new audience up different tone, but like when when brand newman says. GonNa Change Purcell I you know. We're going to be better at diversifying and get to be being more inclusive to more audiences and finding more ways to reach you know everybody, but we're clearly like doing I didn't brand new here to fucking change me. You've been here for two fucking seconds, and for most of those seconds the office has been closed has on the million dollars with a game. Guy Said much to you, have you have you talked to them? Yeah I talked to them and they do their own thing, but they basically like. One hundred percent on your side Dave like everybody feels differently about it, but if we even thought for a second like we know racist people, and we know you get the vibe. Whatever like the second we met with you spoke a lot. You're just not, but we've known that we'd never come here. Like Barnes Book and they have that podcast we talk to them. This is after my apology. And he's like I want to come here because I appreciated your response like I'm sick of fucking fake people and fake responses and I spoke with million dollars worth of game, and they had nothing, but like good things that you may not like them, but you know you're staying. You're on us. So, that's the thing. There's people on different sides of fences. I'm fine with that. Everybody's entitled their opinion. I don't censor. But when I see articles. And I knew it was coming like the New York Daily News like employees within Barstool. Are saying I'm racist and quitting racist in their writing articles based on fucking mood and fucking Brandon Newman. I'm still paying Newman's I. Get I'm not racist. It's like. But this is Pandora's box. So it's frustrating. And I'm not saying me and brand. Newman can't patch up their relationship. But I mean he's pretty much made it clear. He thinks races right I mean. Yeah that thing on Saturday would say was me didn't leave much. Wiggle Room for himself there. So. It's very frustrating and we live in an era. Even on this call. We have to be so fucking careful and what you say. Because who knows quipped used whatever I'm not apologize I. IT making excuses for anything that we send the path like out there. But like I, don't WanNa just give more ammo because who the AMMO fucking hurts. It hurts brand newman. It hurts hiring more people. Like it's counterproductive to what our goals you be which do hire more like talented people of Color Women everything. Go roots articles. How the PUCK and it I talked to tyler long time I thought we had a good conversation. The Willie I thought went. Good didn't go good. Ground Down. Like coming off the hills, it's called daddy onto this. It's just like it's just dealing with people and and Shit every single. Time me to whatever. The first time is different. Is Our own internal people. Are Coming out me which that's obviously a difference between the first video and the second one, but the people were coming at me been here for one fucking second. so that's what bothers you the most fun. Yeah the internal. Yeah, that that drives me fucking crazy and you can't really say anything, but I mean I'm not point like I. Haven't seen anybody who works parcel sports. NOPE, none just flat out. Be Like Dave. Born is not racist. Maybe I missed it. And just like the thing. That's all fact. Guys like mood is kind of coming in because you said you've never contract. It is Kinda maybe back door yet. Mood is a cock sucker. No that was different I what I said to him. Is? He I knew I listen. I've been good right already. I knew he was a huge bag if I told him that. For me bronze, call her daddy. Why did you think it was a Deuce bag off the bat? Justified arrogant cocky, did nothing no, what all? Gotcha. Well Dave thanks for hopping on if you WANNA move to Chicago. We gladly ear worth. It, there's always a pleasure, even if you just want to call to yell at somebody, just calling, yell at us. We can make it a weekly thing I would say we should play this back for people that challenge your fucking character and integrity 'cause. You're obviously upset. You can't fake the fact that the that you getting called out in this manner and like the reputation built. You know like this obviously is fucking hitting you as you're. Is You're sending off these tweets and coming on radio with is so for any fucking haters, which is play this back and be like you just listen to how. Other. The first honest. Tall which is obviously a change and I get that I put fucking Willie and tyler like nobody wants to be cold like the place you work is fucking racist and what you're doing. Nobody fucking wants to do that. That's like a horrible position to be put in, and my initial press conference amplified that and and I wish I didn't do that, and that's what I was like. It'd be better at that because I. do want the next Tyler to WanNa fuck at work here and shit like that I really do so I don't want to make that more difficult, but side is I not in this case, people have fucking hated me and said Dad Shit about me and whatever like? It's hard. It's brand new like honestly if anybody thinks I'm a racist worse meet, you have to quit. How can you're not doing your job as a fuck in human? If you think you're contributing to a racist empire, I know I'm not but if that's what you fucking, thank. You shouldn't be here like what what type of morals do you have? No. That'd be hypocritical. Right so. Well I've been. Trying to build their name within the company of my name, being racist I want you out I'm not, and I know I'm not, but if you and your heart of hearts believe that's my character after looking at what I've done for fucking twenty years based on, you know. Unfortunately, singing rap lyrics to introduce your rule. Quoting EDP fucking from an eagles game than than out. Because you're you're you can't control. You shouldn't be helping me because that's bad. If you think I'm that bad. I mean Straighttalk Carl Carl Sad. We've all been writing for seven years. We've been reading for years before that we've seen. For over a decade now I don't think any of the four of us. we support you obviously and I. Mean you know we didn't comment sooner. I'm sorry about that, but you know. Whatever Sooner, I sit here on. My e-trade is kick me off their platform so I'm sitting at the pool and I just start getting mad. Hey, on, that knows appeal Mike Dan's okay nights out today. Thank you, Eddie. Was Carl This is Dave. My Dad gave me a stock tip in its on fucking fire right now it's called rap technologies stock ticker whatever it's called symbol. W. R. C. T. so check it out of you are Katie and the entire world knows about it and I think it was down fourteen or fifteen percent. I mean I've made almost doubled my money on ramp technology today. Today no in the last week or ten days or so. Somebody, look up! W. R. K. T. Right now. You are T C. W RTC I think that's what it is. Yeah, rap technologies. All on on. I got down three and a half percent today. I haven't since this morning. Everybody's piqued his interest whipping up his Yeah, it's it's been as long climbing here. Five days all right. I'm GonNa try to you know what Eddie great job events some because I'll. Be Quiet and just like throw my phone in the pool and just disappear for a month, and then come back refreshed and not mad at anybody. Earned? And baseball starting up again soon so weekly. Shit on white socks. Let him get back to the does that. Does that make you feel better David White Sox Davis said that you've earned it while I was, so he could, he should be able to turn off his phone for a month. You know listen. What is it? enemies makes strange bedfellows or something like that suddenly I i. don't hate white SOx Dave as much as I just. When rap technologies makes you fucked me? You'll be loving me. All, right, I'll talk to you later. Thanks for calling in Dave. All Right? There is as Portnoy honestly I had no idea about other sheet going on this morning, boy. About the tax the tweet. Someone's I people taxpayer. What's going I hit the group chat like what the fuck do we do? You, guys do something wrong like that's that's that's. That's terrifying and there's been a couple times when I've gotten a call from my dad. Munich. What the fuck is this and going back through high school and everything and you're like fuck. What did I do? That I have a good sense for that, too. Because I've I've gotten so much trouble. Historically, so I feel like I have a pretty good sense when I know like off fuck and I I didn't get any of that. I was actually surprised when he brought it up I, brought the WHO. I said if I, but it's just like you never know, and it's like you know. Marina texted to me. She's very. She's like Oh. Shit like maybe we do some wrong. Yeah, but No. I mean a based on that conversation I gotta say that was. I don't know about his most don downtrodden. As offer, he sounds exhausted. He sounds like not to feed feed it, but he's. He's just worn out the shit I mean think of his last twelve months thing in the last twelve years. You think about like everything that's come to head now. In like. For him to be at the point where he's entering his vacation, we can vacation month and twenty twenty, and he's just coming in and out of this stuff. Like who would? Who would ever want to? And as I said on the call, and he reiterated in the collective. How long have we known Dave Twenty? Eight years for the four of us. How long have we all been reading Bar saw? For like. The idea of him he's. So Fair. He so fair and transparent, and he only cares about whether or not. You're good like he's just such. A fucking fair guy I don't know how else to say why. The brand new and thing bothered me so much because it was like brandon, neuman went to like his own porno. Just like I don't think you're good at your job and then. His immediate thing. Was your all your racist and it's like that that that can't be your defense and the guy that like you know I. Don't have any personal beef with brand new, but very nice guy. Yeah, everything my all. My interactions have been fine with him. Limited, but fine I can't say norm or norm well, but. Like, you said maybe open reading for so I. Don't know I think I think it's a hot company and it's a new newer company had an opportunity, but I don't think that I don't think he's been reading back to oath. And you know. This is one of the things just like. He probably had maybe off between ESPN and Barstool and he's like. Oh! It's not like he doesn't feel. It I don't think the same way that. Other people do is our perspective because we'd all have completely different lives without this. Like we weren't at. You're close to media. You were in Mediocre Stadium now like this Amiya hosting a series ratio selling insurance. Yeah, like I was driving out to Orland Park I was of course. The loyalty to Dave in this is like this is the only company Rehab. So if this comes across as like you know extremely. In favor of David's, because Davis Don so much to put us in this position well that and then I just want people to tell the truth like that's the thing that bothers me, i. just feel like they're not like. This isn't like an accurate representation of the company or of him, and I think that they said some. I Think Brand Newman Loas caught off. Guard was feeling some type of way on that Saturday morning. And did something and said something that you know felt like. He was the only card yet to play, and it was just not. It's not the truth, so if you defend yourself, defend what you think all that, but you have to tell the truth and I felt like that was not an honest representation of. Portnoy or this company? So no not at all I I was this is. Different in his shoes chief. You know what I mean like I, don't I? Don't know I. Think what I'm saying like. I just don't know how much Brennan. Understand what? You're trying to thank God on the other side. Because listen is also I'll defend. I'll fucking defend Dave until died like you just said because I genuinely like we. That's the guy you follow the fire of what you saw him doing you just like men. That's why barstool there so great is because. You know back in the day twenty ten. You saw someone wearing a fucking shirt. You follow your whole. This is Barstool. Conversation you up to him. Where'd you get the shirt? You like Pres-. Blah Blah Gaelic. You'll realize a cow like I don't WanNa. Say it was. It was just it was just so fucking. Cool. Yeah, I remember seeing somewhere shirt to holy shit like ours tool. Get you know what I mean and it was. It was fucking it was it dude and I think we have the opportunity to look at it from the flip side of the story because we literally worked for free because we just. because. We like big cat, and then we like KFC, and then we'd like Dan you know and I don't know if that's if that's different for. Different View I'm sure it is, but there's nothing wrong with being like I didn't like his comment. Without. Being like he's a racist. There's nothing wrong with saying like I. Don't know him that well I'm judging on this common I didn't really like it, but to go from that to paint like Dave, said like enemies within. that to me and like I like I, said like you can say like hey I didn't like it. I don't really know you that well I'm not going to judge you based on one thing I. Don't think anybody would want to be judged based on one thing and it's not like Portnoy. Hasn't you know like you said he's got a twenty year resume for? For sure so I don't know I. Just thought that was dishonest, like like intellectually dishonest in that in that the the tweets back and forth on on Saturday as much as as much too like day. We support you. We know you're not the same thing though I support the shit out of art on of our black people. You know what I mean like. Like like I absolutely. I want like the end of days. Video is what was the best part of is. How do we better for them? How does how does everything come together and I think that's? That's just as important support. David supporting those guys. You so I mean. I don't know that was the most. The most downtrodden as I've heard him ever yeah. Thank July in me untuckit. But he's got a yellow. Maybe we could put you on a plane down. There Dave poor boy. What do you think would happen if I'm sure? The logistics of getting in Tokyo fucking blow. But what if I just like Pumpkin House? He'd laughing. Probably let you stay a couple of nights ago. No, we wouldn't. It would be the exact. Obviously. Be like the Fuck Outta here. Dave, show up Dave Dave drove himself. Say Anything and just like drove and showed up at Dave's house jumped on the ferry yeah. I'm nearly positive that he would be laughing at from the day we talked on the phone. The Pres- We talked on the phone with laugh and let White Sox Davis House the like I. Just I have which I never thought. We get to that point which I think is. These image in my head where Dave's like in the kitchen like making a pbs J. Like as he wakes up for something, he looks outside, and I'm in the pool like killing a rat with some noodles in a Miller lite my hand just. Hanging out, no, not just not even gas. And he's just like looking like who the fuck is that Kim that hey, what's up Dave man? Reaction Yeah it would be a good reaction that was I mean dude private quite the fucking eight months for this guy. Going from one hundred million dollars couple tapes this stuff like it's private, fucking crazy, yeah, the stock prices of four dollars and fifty cents. Okay now we're going to pick up the day trading. Thing on boxing's cutting his hand open I. Mean The dude is done in gone through and been around just again in the last eight months. Our lives really haven't changed that much. We're still blogging. We haven't been able to follow her own teams like we've been able to like. It hasn't been that stressful so to say in the complete opposite for him in the point about the piece of I wanted to ask him I forgot about this. He didn't apply for the Loney said. Did you see that to? Investors in Hedge Fund. People did and all that bullshit. And he would. He said he'd take a long before he'd cut someone off the bench last person off the bench. He'd give alone. It was own money. That's not a joke, said that before. For was Before like obviously, this stuff come ease mentioned that multiple times, so so I, I. Don't think you give of all the conflict. He's had with people. You know like over the years. Nate and smitty just like fights and stuff that come up him and KFC. The beefs like the organic are out. No one's ever crossed a personal threshold I. I don't think so to a point that put him in this position so I think you kind of think about it like that would definitely make sense that. Having to newbies. Like put him in this position Fourth of July. He's going in the plug in. Going into his July vacation month like He shouldn't have to defend himself. We all know that he should not have to defend himself internally on these grounds. Disgusting, I think we all are in agreement now. I didn't know. I didn't sign up for that exclusively. Yeah. Accent come on the show, but then same thing to Carl's point where he's doing all these things. All the on boxing's all the things. Those are making a shit ton of money for the company. Not only is. He loaned the company talking about you know more than company money to keep the company afloat. He's also like putting out more content than that and everything. He touches turns to gold. So that's like another thing where it's like I. Don't want that Guy Downtrodden. I want like I want the Dave. Portnoy leading this company that we've always had. Want people who showed up five minutes ago to impact that, because then that impacts everybody in the whole company company wide so. No bothersome all right. Let's let's try to hit a break here kind of reset. That was quite the first half hour debut. Want to go the stock tip more time ramp technologies so until. WCTC look it up. Right. The last five days Donald might as well as giving them. Orlando minus nine. Gambling tips like bat now, so you're! You're in the dangerous on. but all right. We're GONNA. Take a break. You're listening to Barsha Chicago.

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