f5: We Need Purpose


Here it is another farm five on farm small farm smart when I was in medical school at the Mayo Clinic. What are the things that I was really happy about my education? There was the fact that we were constantly told our patients are not just a pile of molecules walking around. You'd they're not just biologic systems. You must embrace the fact that we are <unk> biologic creatures that we are social creatures that we are psychological features we have a brain in a mind and a psyche and we're spiritual creatures. We have a soul we have a spirit and if we do not. Consider all four of those parts together that we are truly not going to be taking care of our patients as a whole and the obvious next step for that for me was is realizing that well if my patients in this way that means I am the same way I'm I'm a bio psycho social spiritual creature and if I'm not keeping those in balance then I'm not going to be truly healthy and we can easily take one or two of those components to the extreme and neglect the other components and get ourselves out of bounce and we can sustain that for quite a while sometimes people can actually have the ability to sustain that their entire life but they're living shallowly not living fully or deeply and it often has consequences. Consequences either with relationships or with ourselves with stress with depression fail jobs filled careers film marriages that end up slowly eating away at the foundation of WHO WE DR will we do not take into account a balanced life in that model feeds little bit into the fact that like you previous said we have to work. Everybody's GonNa need a paycheck at the end of the day because in today's world it's it's just modern reality that you're going to need some sort of output from what you're doing. If you just do nothing that's not the answer because I think if you sit around all day in just enjoy life too much gonNA break down on one of those four components of that. The model that you have there yet I think there's somebody out there saying we'll would if I'd just hang out all day in just enjoy live won't be happy then I would say no and there are so many different phrases and cliches leash as about this you know idle hands as the devils handiwork or there there are so many ways that people have communities and cultures have identified and may mores or social all institutions to prevent a person from just sitting around doing nothing all day long because in reality that's not fulfilling and years and years ago you couldn't afford to do that. You're part of a community and if one person was not pulling your weight D- You couldn't function as a successful community but there's more to it than that is more than just saying hey we all have to pitch in to do our jobs. Were all okay. There's something deeper inside of us and I think this has to do with more spiritual psychological. Outside as well that if we're not accomplishing something if we are not working towards something that matters even if it just matters to us then we're gonNA feel like well what's the point. Why why are we doing anything and and when you sit around and do nothing day you you start to atrophy in all those areas of our lives and I think that people will do that occasionally people that win a lottery people who get in inheritance evidence people who have the ability either through the government or through parents or somebody else taking care of them in footing their bill they will sit on their butts and do nothing for a while and then they stop and they say what am I what Am? By doing every day I had one patient of mine who had retired about Oh eighteen months before I saw him and he was dealing with what I could see pretty quickly was depression and I said so what do you what do you do every nick and he said well. I get up about eight and at about eight thirty this show comes on. I watched the show and it's thirty minutes in the neck. Flip it over to the station that I watched the show for our then I flipped over to this station. I watch his show for our nice little and he had his entire day mapped out based on what he would watch and which T._v. show and none of them were even educational. They're all <hes> game shows and Sitcom kind of programming as he's saying saying this I could see the light bulb dawn or kind of light up in his head. What am I what am I doing with my life and he had accepted that lie that I believe it is that hey?

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