#441 - Day 1: Impeachment


Get Access to over sixteen hundred hours of commercial free content by supporting the show at Patriotair Dot com slash. David C smalley. What you're about to hear me upset upset you or make you laugh or both but most importantly it will make you think from Los Angeles California? This this is done with David. Smalley the dog. This is a very special episode. Because I I just sat here watching twelve and a half hours of the impeachment trial fake pseudo court that is our government This is going to be a quick update on what happened for those of you. You who are one you know have real lives had jobs and things to handle and for the two are interested in my opinion on these things. Now I'm not gonNA introduced to much of my opinion. I don't think it it's just A. It's really sad that everything is so partisan I think that's the the biggest disappointment takeaway from all this Here's essentially what happened if you missed the impeachment a day. One of the impeachment trial. The summary here is that Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader Put forth a resolution to say here. Are the rules rules that we're going to abide by for the trial and it was really unfair. It said that they had twenty four hours to each side. Had Twenty four hours to make arguments but they had to do it all in two days each which would mean there would be twelve. Hours of evidence presented each day and and Just kind of forces people to get tired and pay attention. And there's just no reason for that and the Clintons rile in nineteen ninety nine. They had twenty four hours but they had four days to spread those those twenty four hours so it was essentially six hours per day and Mitch. McConnell was trying to force that to be doubled old twelve hours per day so the minority leader Chuck Schumer started pushing back on that and saying let's let's have a resolution to change this. Let's have a resolution change that now. They had some sort of lunch before it even started. I think this is where the news media the CNN's and ends ABC's the CBS. Sort of put some pressure on The Senate majority leader McConnell by just saying how ridiculous ridiculous. This was because by lunch just an hour before. The trial started. McConnell changed that to being three days days to spread out the twenty four hours so now they'll have eight hour days instead of twelve hour days but I think there are a few Republicans who who have hinted that they will be somewhat reasonable and they they pushed back on McConnell and said look. We're not gonNA. We're not going to go for this. So Oh he changed that one piece jeans somebody else. That was relatively small. It didn't really matter so then it came time for are today was not the beginning of trying to convict Donald Trump or trying to remove him from office. Today was focused on. I'm agreeing on the rules of the trial. which is very important because if the majority which are the Republicans right now we have fifty three seats in the Senate? Democrats have forty five and there are two independent so we tend to count the Independence with Democrats they caucus with Democrats so it tends needs to be fifty three to forty seven When the Republicans have control anything the majority leader wants? Which is Mitch? He tends tends to get people will vote along party lines. And that's why these midterm elections are so damn important. You don't think about it until something like this happens. I mean this is essentially means that if more Democrats showed up to vote or more liberals or independence and showed up to vote against conservatives in just four other areas for other states trump would be removed from office four states now. Because we don't have those four states we have this ridiculous burden of asking a Republican Republican a Republican controlled Senate to remove a Republican president from office and give up power in the executive active branch. And you may be thinking. No no no because Mike Pence will become president not in this situation because he would likely be indicted as well. Oh because more than one witness has suggested that pence knew exactly what was going on he would be removed and then you were president would be Nancy Pelosi easy the speaker of the House. So you're asking a majority Republican Senate who vote to remove trump and pence essentially giving the presidency or the executive branch over to the Democrats. Let's and the Democrats also already hold The House of Representatives so out of the three branches of government the Republicans currently have to do the Democrats only have one in your asking them to completely shift the balance of power to the Democrats. It's it's nearly impossible and by the way I I was wrong about the four votes. Let me back up two thirds of the Senate half the actually vote to remove him from office the four other ones the reason I connected the dots so quickly that if we had four other states he be removed from office because those four other states would. We wouldn't be having to have these arguments. It's should we present witnesses. Should we allow this testimony. Should we subpoenaed documents for this. Should we now go into the amendments in just a moment that represented that the Democrats are having to fight for but I think the trial rules would be much more fair if if the Democrats had the majority in the Senate and then the evidence would be presented much more clearly and it would be really hard for Republicans to not vote to remove that president now in order to actually remove the president. You need two thirds not just a simple majority so we need like twenty Republicans to cross the line and say we donald trump out of office. We know how slim those odds really are right but the more evidence the Democrats propose the more reasonable. It seems that that is the best solution. And so so today's twelve hour or twelve and a half hour. Fiasco was essentially just to agree on the rules. Some of these rules are pretty ridiculous. First of all Now this is this is on par with the nineteen ninety ninety nine trial of Bill Clinton who. which is you? Don't have a vote on witnesses until Oh after the opening arguments the problem with that in this case and and they tend to use precedent in law right so so they you keep looking back at the most recent time this happened and go. Let's do what we did then with a slight change based on what we want to happen which makes sense so he took that that is a skeleton and said let's just add some stuff to it. The problem is last time there were tons of documents turned over willingly. There were witnesses interviewed. I mean they talk about they. Were talking today about them interviewing literally the window washers washers at the White House to see what they saw. I mean the the deposed I think they said over a hundred people some said hundreds I mean they deposed so many people I think three people actually testified something like forty. People testified in the in the Andrew Jackson impeachment So for in this situation to have it set up it these. These Democrats are not willing to wait until after opening arguments to have a vote on witnesses. This is because they're saying Republicans from the from. The jump have not been fair. They have blocked every single subpoena. They've blocked every single witness. They've Dave refused to turn over documents. This is not nineteen ninety nine. It is way more bipartisan. Sorry it is way more partisan than Things were in nineteen ninety nine There were Democrats who were like. And what maybe we should get. This guy This should be voted to be impeached. He wasn't removed from office. He was impeached impeached. But let's think about just pause for a moment think about what Bill Clinton did He cheated on his wife with an intern she he. He got a blowjob from an intern and lied about it. Now when you lie about it under oath that's perjury. It becomes a crowd that's essentially. There's more to it but that for for the most part that's why Bill Clinton was impeached. This president trump. Has I mean if you want to compare the two my my goodness trump trump. He's got a a a a rap sheet a mile long of stuff that he's done that's inappropriate or whatever so then the argument from the pundits the Republicans come come on there. It says high crimes and misdemeanors. He shouldn't be allowed to. You should be able to impeach him because you. I don't like the guy there's been no crime committed There have been nineteen impeachments in our government. Three Presidents Sixteen other officials have been impeached. Some for being considered mentally incapable of holding office. That's not a crime. One for being intoxicated. That's not a crime. Think about all the things that our the president could do that would be inappropriate but not a crime one commentator I believe on ABC said imagine if Donald Trump decided to just give Alaska to Putin. What's not a crime but certainly we would want him impeached for that? There are tons of things you can do to violate the constitution to violate the trust to abuse power to obstruct Congress from looking into your actions that would be considered impeachable but not a crime and then add to this the Gao which is the government accountability office came out on January. I don't remember six Mr so and said that What trump did is a federal crime literally literally broke the law so this whole time and I kept getting frustrated today watching this if they would argue That crime doesn't have to be committed. This is fine. Make the argument but at least circle back and say but he did commit a crime. That's part of my problem with this. They're not they're not circling back and touching on the actual crime. He did commit. And when I tweeted needed that out today during the discussions around whether or not he committed a crime. Here's what I said I said please realize even if there was no call no quid pro quo. No blocking witnesses no blocking documents and no lies. Trump still violated federal law and deserves impeachment. Congress appropriated funds to Ukraine. He stopped it unconstitutionally. That is a crime someone very thoughtful reply. Apply to me and said Alexander Pope Replied and said what part of the Constitution did he violate late. I've only heard that his actions were illegal. I'm just wondering how that works. Here was my reply article. One section nine clause seven of the constitution. I'll say it again if you're taking notes the US Constitution Article One section nine clause seven gives Congress congress the sole right to appropriate funds to this foreign government for aid now. The president has the ability to veto that but in this case he did not when he signed it it became law. They proposed it. Congress approved it. The president signed it became federal law when the president then decides to hold that aid that has been appropriated by Congress it is a federal crime crime and the Government Accountability Office has confirmed that Donald Trump broke federal law by withholding this aid period. Now I'm going to move on. Here are the amendments that were proposed by the Democrats today. Here's what you missed in. This is a quick rundown. Trust me. This was twelve and a half hours of me sitting in front of this television Taking notes and just being focused So that I could do this. Show show at midnight The and some of them are very generic. The first one was The right to subpoena because keep good mind. Republicans have said from the beginning. You're not getting any evidence and part of Mitch. McConnell's resolution was whatever evidence you submitted in your articles as we're going to go by will Will vote on. Its on this other stuff later. The Democrats in the First Amendment said We want to subpoena documents from the White House. Anything having to do with Joe Biden Hunter Biden anything having to do with Ukraine. We WanNA see documents. We WanNA see emails back and forth from the president and I'm pretty clear no brainer. Right if he's on trial and he hasn't done anything wrong I wouldn't he say here. Are My emails look at them. I didn't do what you accused me of instead when they. They subpoenaed him in the house. He didn't respond when the they ask for the documents. He did not turn them over. He has stonewalled every single step of the way in. Here's the frustrating part. Here's the frustrating part. The his legal team is now standing up in the Senate going. You're not prepared. You have no evidence and it it it makes you wanna just throw the remote at the TV. Because you're going they requested. Did the evidence. The president blocked them so they added a second article of impeachment would which was obstruction of Congress for blocking evidence. And you have the nerve to stand here and go. You don't have any evidence. Why didn't you? Why didn't you appeal that and take that to court because because it takes months for years to go through that process and the house apparently somewhat trusted the Senate to do their job and that's been the frustrating part for me is he stonewalled every step of the way and then said look? You're a failure very similar to what happened with Obamacare obamacare started off offers beautiful plan. Republicans chipped away at it to the point that it wasn't that great of a deal and then when it got accepted in past and put in the cab going look how terrible it is and here. I am as a liberal telling you I hate obamacare. I liked it at first. I like it was gonna be didn't like what it turned out to be not surprisingly these this very basic idea of. Let's see your emails. Let us see the documents. Please let subpoena the stuff. Republicans voted unanimously fifty. Three all fifty three of them said Nope we're going to table this the word tabling comes up allot and all that means is set aside and vote on it later. At least that's what they say. Now Adam Schiff doesn't believe that that's the real plan he says that but they're they're saying will vote on it later. Have our argument than ask all the right questions and then ask for evidence now in what world does that make sense. It's why in the hell. Would you get twenty four hours to present a case when half of your were eighty percent of your evidence is tied up because the defendant obstructed your ability to get the evidence and then and and then and then the defendant works directly with the judges. And that's what these guys are to let them full. You are not jurors these judges ages in the Senate the Republicans working in and Mitch McConnell has said I'm working directly with the White House. I'm coordinating with the White House on what they want. I'm working with the president. Imagine the defendant working directly with the judge on what evidence will be allowed against him. That's what we're dealing with here. So whenever whatever he asked for whenever the Democrats asked for the White House documents and emails relating relating to Ukraine and Joe Biden Hunter Biden Him and Brisebois and Strike for a crowd strike in all these other. Republicans voted. Don't said No. You can't have the evidence we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA table that and talk about it later. They said look. We'll talk about rather not you need that evidence. After we hear your argument and review your evidence that was shot down fifty three to forty seven the next amendment was they wanted State Department documents and emails that were redacted now. You're talking about documents from the Office of the secretary and this one gets interesting and by the way in this his trial they were. They had a screen. They were doing a presentation. The Democrats did a beautiful job of flashing stuff up on the screen and essentially they kind of got away way with presenting some of the evidence they were not allowed to present so they would say. Here's an email and they would pop up on the screen and go. This is the email we wanna get because when we originally asked for it and it was a part of it was given to us. The whole thing was redacted except upped one-sentence at the bottom and it was considered. Oh at this is stuff. You're not supposed to be able to see because it's redacted because it's secret government stuff but then it was a separate lawsuit lawsuit On the American God what is it the whatever. The act is about Accessibility ability to information. I can't think of what it's called now Patriot Act as a Patriot anyway. whatever it was that that they actually won that lawsuit and got the email from the White House unredacted be through a different lawsuit and they saw that what had been previously. Redacted was not some sort of Secret classified government stuff it was incriminating things to Donald Trump. It was saying. This guy's withholding aid for political reasons. They were the people in the White House talking back and forth and through State Department's going. I'm not going to be part of this. This is an appropriate. Who is approving in this? Why is this being withheld? Why is the president doing this? This is inappropriate. People are arguing and they're showing these emails on the screen and and the Senate and they're saying we know there are more like this. We want to subpoena all of these documents from the State Department. We want these documents from the office of the secretary. We see that things were redacted. That shouldn't have been and we got the other full email through the other La suit. We saw it. The only thing that was hiding was stuff that was incriminating Donald Trump. So now we know that they were intentionally redacting things that they weren't supposed to so there's more to hide their. Let's dive in deeper. Let us go get more of those emails and the Republicans said No. Let's table it. Fifty three to forty seven straight party. Line vote why are they voting against the American people having access to this evidence now. One one person on twitter said David. They're not voting against it saying to just table it Adam Schiff said it best on the Senate floor. He said a vote to delay is vote to deny why. Why would you want to delay this? You want us to do our opening arguments and our twenty four hour presentation without evidence and then you want to constantly come back up to the podium and say all these Democrats don't have any evidence it is beyond frustrating. The third amendment was Oh embiid documents in emails. Now this one is one of the most damning A wimpy is the office of of think was it management and budget. I notice bottle. The B. is for budget It's their budget officials. They wanted to They wanted colby documents in email so there were emails and this is also related to the sixth amendments. While go ahead and do that now with Robert Blair and Michael Duffy Duffy. Duffy is the one that actually came in and stopped the aid to Ukraine. I believe Blair was an official that had been a long longtime budget official official. Who was actually in charge of releasing the funds bl Duffy was appointed by. Trump is a political appointee. Had No experience in the office of Management Budget and all he came in took over just the Ukraine portion and said. We're GONNA stop these funds and Blair didn't know why so. There was some confusion as to why it was being withheld the emails back and forth between Blair and his colleagues there are emails back and forth between Duffy. I'm Blair as to why Duffy was taken over this particular account. And he had no previous budget experience but he was a political appointee directly from Donald Trump. This is excruciatingly cruciate only important to get to the bottom of so democrats and let us see. Duffy's emails let us see Blaise. Communications let US see the communications between Donald Trump and Duffy and if there's even classified in their redacted but let us see the stuff pertaining to the withholding the Ukraine funding fifty three to forty seven. It was voted. No let's table it time after time. Mitch McConnell stood up and said let's block this. Let's table it. Let's do this another time. And it was voted down party lines to not give the Democrats the evidence they wanted. So that's a number three number six number four. They asked for Mick Mulvaney as a witness they actually played video clips of Mick Mulvaney any at the press conference where one of the reporters says was the investigation a a part of the reason that the was withheld to Ukraine. And he goes. Yeah the twenty sixteen stuff was certainly part of that Mick. Mulvaney who the the Press Secretary for the White House and and and then the reporter response because that is a quid pro quo. You're saying that if they didn't do the investigation they weren't getting the money that's a quid. Pro Quo and move any response on national television. We do that all the time. Get get used to it. Foreign policy is a part of of this process. Now you go look at the officer The General Accountability Office. They say that for a president to withhold appropriated funds for policy. The reasons is a violation of federal law because Congress has that authority not the president. Once he signed into into the into law and doesn't veto it. He's lost his power he it's a law now he can't make a law and then break it you it just. It doesn't work. He still he still has to follow the laws even if he helped make them so they show this clip they show communications they show testimony from Sauna and testimony from from Feeling Hill. They showed testimony from other people during the White House. Briefings one house. The House of Representative Hearings on impeachment. They play these clips of all these people pointing to Mick Mulvaney. As he was the guy that was spearheading this all and working with Duffy to stop the funds in Ukraine. And they showed I mean they laid out the perfect case. For why Mick Mulvaney is the guy to bring in fifty three to forty seven. Republicans don't want to hear from him. We'll table that. Make your the argument without Mick Mulvaney. And then we'll decide. If Mick Mulvaney needs to testify in every time the Democrats come up and go. Well we don't have this evidence but we know it exists because people have testified under oath that it's there and they will turn over their notebooks and their handwritten notes. They said they would do it. We just need need to provide them a subpoena and the Donald Trump's legal team stands up and goes. You want us to do your job. You had your chance house house too bad you want us to do your bidding too bad. You don't have evidence you don't have witnesses. And the repeatedly they can't saying Donald Trump didn't get a chance to defend himself and you're hearing. He was invited on October tenth. And by the head of the Judiciary Committee. Jeffrey Nadler in writing. Please join us at the hearing. Bring your legal counsel have your say. Call your witnesses. Donald Trump refused. He said he was not coming and then he would be ignoring all subpoenas moving forward and that's exactly what he did in now these guys stand up and have the nerve to say the Donald Trump didn't get a fair shake during during the impeachment hearing so when it came time to vote a Mick Mulvaney you'd think this would be pretty clear. This is the guy we need to hear from. I mean this is the guy who said on television. Yes that was part of the reason we help funding and when asked about the quid pro quo. He said get you still it. That happens all the time. Fifty three to forty seven. They said we don't need to hear from him. Let's table that for later her. The Fifth Amendment was Department of Defense documents on Ukraine and again they showed email after email after email text messages from dod officials back and forth about how al disturbing it was that the aid was being held up and nobody could explain why including messages that said One of them would say Congress is is going to become unhinged if they find out about this they knew what was happening was so bad that they wanted to to stop it but they didn't have the power. The president was pushing this through with his minions that he had appointed these. Were not elected officials doing these things. These are people that Donald trump handpicked handpicked in put in place dod documents the Department of Defense on Ukraine grain policy. We need to see those. We need to see what happened. Emails back and forth text messages between people on these government. Government phones fifty three to forty seven. It was voted down. We don't need to see that table make a presentation without that evidence. You didn't do. Your job have already told you about the sixth amendment the budget officials the OEM be guys Blair in Duffy The several just my only note here says Moore related documents. They just wanted more related documents from the same same type of stuff. And I'm telling you. This was literally twelve hours of them popping up screens popping up documents popping up screen shots that they had been leaked and said this is page one one. We want the other forty seven pages I'm telling you right now. Lev Parnassus Rudy. Giuliani's associate said himself self. He has over one thousand documents that he is turned over and that he is willing to testify and he was one of the ones that was in the mix helping dictate all of this in Ukraine in. He didn't even come up today. That's how strong Democrats cases. They don't even need life have partners to make this argument. They've picked four witnesses that they want and love is not one of them because he's the least credible because he's currently indicted needed for campaign finance fraud for trying to donate three hundred twenty five dollars under a fake company to a super PAC that supports which trump checkout my exposing. Sean Hannity episode for more details on that so so that one was voted down more related documents to to the State Department and to The Department of events the Eighth Amendment was the biggest one. The Eighth Amendment was asking for Ambassador Ambassador John Bolton to testify now John Bolton is a national security adviser he was the ambassador to the EU he. He was The whole European Union. He was trump's point guy for everything that goes on over there and if you read the transcripts of the calls Alinsky talked a lot what about the EU. So John Bolton was definitely in the middle of it in John Bolton is the one that called this a drug deal and said he wanted nothing to do with it and when love partners was talking talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN. He said that John Bolton knew about it but wanted nothing to do with it and disagreed with it. He was trying to talk people out of it and said I want nothing nothing to do with your drug deal. The house Tried to subpoena him. They were going going to subpoena him. They invited him to testify in writing. He refused. He refused and said if you subpoena me I will sue you and we will drag this out for months or years. And the attorney by the way that John Bolton had at the time was currently already already suing House Democrats for subpoenaing another client so they knew he would follow through on his threat so they were like it's pointless. We're going to do all this paperwork. We're going to subpoena We're going to be tied up in court for months maybe a year or two. There's no point so they did not officially subpoena John Bolton once the articles of impeachment were approved and it was all done John Bolton came out and said you know what. I'll testify in the Senate if they subpoena me so he had a change of heart also has a book coming out. Maybe there's something to do with it and and Democrat said we'd like we'd like to talk to Bolton guess what happened. They showed testimony feeling a hill pointing back to Bolton they showed clips of people talking implicating Bolton and the whole thing saying that Bolton called it a drug deal they showed text text messages back and forth with Sunland. Volker Same Bolton was against this and Bolton didn't want this to happen Bolton is a key central figure in this and is Donald Trump's top ambassador. The ambassador to the European Union of which Ukraine is a part fifty. Three to forty seven voted down. We don't need to hear from John Bolton Alton not right now table we'll talk about it later make your case without him for the ninth amendment. They're only eleven the ninth amendment List of force votes on witnesses. Mrs and documents right now. Let's force a vote. Let's not let's have the evidence right. This second force a vote right now home on whether or not these witnesses in these documents irrelevant we just want to. We literally arguing to have a vote to ask for witnesses that somehow trials work. It's not a trial without witnesses. Fifty three to forty seven said. We're not gonNA vote on that now. We'll table that for later the tenth amendment. It's pretty low hanging fruit when they got to this. I finally sat up and went. Come on somebody and Mitch McConnell's resolution for the rules. He said that they get to have some sort of overnight night. Deliberation thing and present their Their argument and if the Democrats would only have two hours to provide a written response now to this in a perspective in the nineteen ninety nine Clinton trial they had forty one hours to provide a written response and Mitch. McConnell only wants to give the Democrats two hours to respond since today was all about the rules Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff argued two hours not enough time Adam. Schiff walks up to the opponent says this is very simple very straightforward. We'd like twenty four hours to respond not forty one but not too. Can we please have twenty four hours to respond to not two hours. Only one Republican Cross party lines and agreed with Democrats on something so obviously unfair fifty two to forty eight. That amendment was defeated. Susan Collins if you're wondering is the one who crossed party lines and Said said let's give the Democrats more than two hours. She stood with the Democrats and lost the final amendment breath number eleven. Adam Schiff walks up to the podium and says he disguised behind me here. Chief John Roberts. The chief justice of the Supreme Court appointed by George W Bush Republican appointed ended Supreme Court justice. Let's let him decide what witnesses irrelevant. This was a bold move by Adam Schiff because he I mean for all intents and purposes the chief Roberts could be considered a republican conservative judge in his identify of the Party. I get it. But he's definitely maybe he does. I don't I know that much about him. But he was appointed by George Bush. So it's not like He's a Ruth Bader Ginsburg over there. Right Adam Schiff in house. Democrats agreed to put it in his hands because they believed he is a reasonable conservative. There will be very hard for him to say. Yeah Mick Mulvaney testimony's not important John Bolton's testimony's not important. We need to hear from the guy. Duffy and Blair who actually stopped the funding wing for Ukraine. Trump's legal team walked up to the MIC and said Yeah. This isn't an appellate court the Senate's in charge here. Please please deny this motion and fifty three to forty seven then defeated the Democrats. That's what you missed over this twelve and a half hour ridiculousness the couple of times where. There's one time where where where. Jeffrey Nadler got a little animated. Said you should be ashamed of yourselves your blocking your violating the constitution. He looked over at trump's legal team a few times and said he was disgusted by the whole proceeding. He raised his voice a little and then trump's team got backup. They stared him down for several seconds at a time and made similar comments but they were a little more harsh and little more nasty because they really pissed that he would call them out and there he didn't just come out with facts and documents and say here's what we need. He was like. Here's what you need. I know you're gonNA voted down because you don't care about the constitution and Trump's legal team was like you need to respect the Senate. This is a place of respect in. You don't need to be nasty ear. You're in throwing insults. And when that guy finished up chief John Roberts said I admonish both sides. Remember where are you are and there was a slight moment of him appearing to take control and telling people to respect a synonym make no mistake about added he's he's got the black The black robot. He's sitting in the big daddy boss chair. But he's is not in charge. I Mitch McConnell's IT Mitch. McConnell is in charge of that room and Mitch McConnell because he has the majority on his side is working cassette already that he's working directly with the president coordinating directly with the President on. What's going to be allowed? And what's not. We have essentially created a situation in which the defendant is choosing how his trial is run. This is complete embarrassment of justice. Adam Schiff had a couple of good quotes. Throw at you before I go. He said at one point about all this witnesses about all these all evidence is not going to be allowed at about the testimony. That's being blocked. He said think about the schedule senators others. We have six We have twenty four hours to present. The defense has twenty four hours of testimony to respond. And then you senators have sixteen hours to question us. It's going to be really hard and that is a long time to ask questions about documents. You've never seen about text messages. You've never read about witnesses. You've never heard from what exactly are you going to ask about. So the idea now what the Republicans want not. The rules are saddened by the way the very last motion was to vote on the resolution. And guess what it past fifty three to forty seven so Mitch McConnell one he got his way the Republicans got his way. Donald Trump got his way with very few concessions. Then at the end of it. All the The Democrats will get three days three eight hour days to make their case missing. Eighty five percent of their evidence. Trump's legal team will get the equal amount of time to respond and make fun of them for not having any evidence akin to the big brother is sitting on his little brother's chest holding his little brother's arm making his little brother hit himself in the face. And and go. Why are you hitting yourself while you're hitting yourself or maybe taking his lollipop and holding it way above his head get it get it? Don't you want it only look. You can't jump high enough get it get it. Ha Ha. You can't reach each it. After Donald Trump's legal team has their eight hours a day. Dave three days which I don't know what the Hell GonNa save for that one. Because every time they walk into the mic they were there for four and a half minutes and yielded time back to the room. I mean they. Each had an hour the present the Democrats sometimes would use forty minutes. Fifty one minutes sometimes twenty five or thirty. The Republican side ride the Trump's legal team with literally walk up for two minutes three minutes and just go. You guys don't do your job. This is this is Tara. You hate the constitution. I yield my time and then they just stormed back. They would never actually respond to the evidence that was presented. The screen shots the emails. Does the text messages the videos that were played. The Democrats had so much evidence for why they needed subpoenas to pull these people into the court. Proceedings dings and trump's legal team had no real response so after the after trump's lawyers do there eight hours a day for three days of defending themselves. The Senate gets sixteen hours to ask questions but they can't just ask the to write it down and pass it up to the Front for achieve justice to read the question in this goes on for sixteen hours presumably over two days. They ask a bunch of questions and then after the Democrats have proposed. They're they're made their case. And after trump's team has defended in after the sixteen hours hours of questions then they are going to vote on whether or not they should allow evidence or witnesses and Adam Schiff repeatedly said that he and he would call out trump's legal team he would go look. It was very telling telling. Did you hear what he just said. They're not even really planning on. He just slipped up the not even planning on voting on witnesses. They're planning on proposing a a vote to see if we should vote on witnesses and I know that sounds confusing. But the reason they would do that is because then they can all say saying public record. I never voted against witnesses. One time I voted to table witnesses and talk about it later and then later we voted on whether or not we should vote and we voted not to vote. We didn't vote against witnesses. This is American Eric in politics and most of these people don't want across the Party line and do what's right because they may be up for election they don't WanNa go back to their home. Stayed there little red region in the middle of Alabama somewhere in have the Democrat run against them and go no. He voted to remove trump or another republican trying to knock out the incumbent. He voted to remove trump. This is a Republican. Who stabbed you in the back black and trying to take away the people's president they don't give a damn about us they don't give a damn? AM This is a game to them and the people that only truly seem to care are the Democrats and independence. There's a lot more I could share with you. I'm going to cut it off now. I'M GONNA keep this one short. There's a lot more I could share but This was day one. I don't think I'm going to have it in me to do it every day and have pretty much seen most of the evidence. The most of the arguments presented by the Democrats. I don't know what they could possibly. We do tomorrow. any differently but As I feel that I need to give a quick rundown for you. I'd love to do it remember. You can always get these full episodes completely commercial free by supporting the show at Patriot dot com slash. David C smalley in this. I really hope that that these Republicans at least four of them find their conscience and I'm really helped Democrats come out among those sixteen hours of questions and go. I can't answer your question senator because I don't have access to the document because the president and blocked it. Oh you would like to see that email I would too. I don't have it and when we tried to subpoena it in the house. We were ignored. We don't have the same authority that the Senate does the Senate can drag you kicking and screaming in handcuffs into that room. The Senate or the House of Representatives has to take you to court and fight that through appeals and months and months of battles maybe a year or two and Adam. Schiff talked about that several times. That he's been in court battles for up to three years on some subpoenas so this is an outrageous claim by the do nothing Lazy Democrats that Sean Hannity will tell you. Trump has no defense. That's why he's blocking a tweet that I put out today. There are a couple of them. You WanNa follow me on twitter. I will be live tweeting during the day as I'm able to watch. I do have a couple of meetings tomorrow. That's GonNa pull me away from the trial but for the most part I will be staying in touch so if you WanNa follow me of David. C Smalley on twitter. I tweeted today. Fifty three Republicans that were entrusted by the people to represent them just voted against seeing evidence White House documents and hearing from witnesses who claimed to have direct involvement in trump's action. This is disgusting. I tweeted one with Adam shifts comments today that literally made me laugh out loud. He said I guess that's one way to drain the swamp. Have all of your associates go to jail. Adam Schiff when I first saw him I thought he's going to be very good. He seems like he's going to be an awkward guy that he stands up there and he's got charisma he's funny. He's not reading like all the other democratic managers are. He's just talking off the cuff. He cares about this. He knows his shit. He's Good Adam. Schiff is really good. He's really smart. He's a damn good lawyer. Here's the last week. Radio trump got a court to hide his finances from the public. He blocked his taxes from being released. He blocked thirteen subpoenas for witnesses. He blocked the House from viewing subpoenaed documents. He is now blocking his security adviser from testifying. But he's innocent. I'll keep you updated as much as I possibly can. You can't change the outcome of this but you can write your Congressmen and women write your senators. Tell them how you feel because at the end of the day. Hey they just WANNA keep their damn jobs and if they think that their jobs are threatened just maybe the vote a little differently. Let's do the one thing you can't control. Please drive like you know each other.

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