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The first daughter businesses, the Philadelphia seventy Sixers trial upping the Toronto Raptors last night in Eastern Conference semifinals game. Three at the Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania once sixteen ninety five Philadelphia started to fourth quarter on a twenty one two three run ultimately blue Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors out of the building I should say a Kawai Lennon out of the building. Because he was the only one that showed up the Toronto Raptors did not he had thirty three points or thirteen to twenty two shooting. That's fifty nine percent from the field. Ladies and gentlemen. He's averaging more than thirty three in this series bought away hit two of his four three point shots. He was obviously unstoppable for the most part, but had absolutely positively no help, and that's something that we will discuss as the series progresses because I thought that the Rondo raptors would win this series. And the reason I thought they will win the series because I'm. Looking at the health of Joel Embiid clearly that left knee Hatem hobbled game too. He had a stomach issues damaged. It was diarrhea. Let's get it out the way. I mean, we got to be so politically correct all the time the man had to run. Okay. That's what he at. That's what he had. I about popular to say. I know people. Do we really need to go to get over it? We've all added. Okay. Joel and be had the runs he had diarrhea, right? Watching people on TV having a camera. Oh, you heard a stomach issue? What you only have diarrhea before yellow know what it is you eat the wrong kind of foods you end up having to go to the toilet. I'm just thankful. He didn't have to go to the toilet. While he was on a go on a court. Okay. But that was this issue in game. Two clearly wasn't an issue for him and game three. He finished with thirty three points, ten rebounds, five blocks. He was absolutely spectacular throughout the evening, by the way, hit three of his four three point shots. What can you say when Joel Embiid looks like that the Philadelphia seventy Sixers could win the Eastern Conference despite their questionable bench when you look at their bench right now. What are you looking at James Ennis, the third they give you twenty four minutes at ten points. Greg Monroe did give fourteen minutes. Mike, Scott did give thirteen minutes. TJ McConnell could come off the bench and give you about ten minutes game. Although you only give you five last night when you look at the Philadelphia seventy Sixers potentially being able to go eight nine I thought that Toronto had a bit of bench. When you look at a box, then Wli pow I mean, you look into the Rhonda web design one would think they would have team with the bench. They clearly had the superstar that is who's a champion and an NBA finals, and the that's what he had on his resume. You look at the autumn. My most improved player of the year. What he did the first two games. And you're looking at this. And you're saying how can Philadelphia devoid of a bench with an injured. Joel Embiid when the series. Well, guess what evidently Joel Embiid has health seems to be getting a little better. And because of that, I think now's the time to have this discussion as to whether or not the chances of improved exponentially for the Philadelphia seventy Sixers to capture the Eastern Conference crown now, I am one that has religiously pointed to Boston being there kryptonite because it's undoubtedly so when you look at how they played against Boston during the regular season how they play against Boston last year. How Brad Stevens outcoached Brett Brown last season. But if you look at this Philadelphia seventy Sixers squad with the acquisition of Jimmy Butler Tobias Harris now a sound to make a different kind of argument because Jimmy Butler is your backup point guard. And unlike Ben Simmons Jimmy Butler can run the point make decisions, but more importantly, he's got a perimeter shot that bid Simmons won't even attempt. So when you look at it from that perspective, all of a sudden, it makes Philadelphia that much more formidable particularly with a healthy Joel and be and we can't ignore the possibility or the Philadelphia seventy Sixers coming out of the Eastern Conference finals. Coming out of the Eastern Conference rather and getting to the NBA finals. So we got that out the way we got that out the way. And now we also want to get into a discussion. More Jackson, and Jeff Van Gundy calling the game where Mike Breen last night got into a very very entertaining argument when Moore Jackson my brother from another mother my man. Queens New York O'Connell park right up the block from where I grew up living in queens that Moore Jackson who start at Saint John's who is the rookie of the NBA for the New York Knicks that Mark Jackson who was a coach that basically started the foundation that we now with us in the Golden State Warriors who should still be a head coach in the NBA right now. Who by the way should have been interviewed for the Lakers. Joel that Moore Jackson who by the way lives in LA that Mark Jackson. Went on the air last night and said a couple of things about Joel and be that there are say got the one and only Jeff Van Gundy up and a little tizzy listen to this exchange between Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy during game three a last night's Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers Toronto Raptors game. Listen to this. Just barring any edge not being compared to the best. Big man that's ever played this game. He's got to be in that discussed the brakes. You are. We're not gonna do that to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain Bill. Russell Shaquille O'Neal, but kiva lives. One. David Robinson, Patrick Ewing. You talked about Gregg Popovich just rolled over in bed. You just get a steps right now if you skip steps, we'll we'll see Bella dot knows. You might see. Hi, C Shaquille O'Neal is ruled over this king size waterbed right now, though, those guys mentioned they're looking at it like Texan has point. It's no disrespect to them is a complement to this guy. Still. Let me put this argument encapsulated this argument and break it down to you this way. Joel Embiid is something special. He's absolutely positively something special when he is on the court. He is a low to behold at seven feet one seven feet seven feet one. About two hundred and sixty pounds. Joel Embiid just twenty five years of age is unstoppable. He can put the ball on the floor. He's improved play with his back to the basket. He clearly could do damage facing a basket. He could hit three point shots. He can score inside or out. He defense. He blocked shots. He is something special. There's nothing to talk about their. But here's where Mark Jackson has a problem. And it's mostly you whippersnappers out there that have this problem, y'all wanna ignore resumes. I don't Joel was the number three overall pick in the twenty fourteen NBA draft. If you recall, he didn't go number one. That was Andrew Wiggins. He didn't go number two. That was your Bari Parker. He went number three. He would have easily gone double one. If he didn't come out of college out of Kansas with those foot injuries. We all understand that we get that. And in his career. He's a career twenty four point per game scorer, eleven rebounds, a career forty. Eight percent shooter from three from from the field. Thirty one percent shooting from three point range, a seventy eight percents shooter from the free throw line this year. Those numbers are twenty seven and thirteen forty eight percent shooting from the field thirty percent shooting from three point range eighty percent shooting from the free throw line. We know what Joel Embiid breaks at the table when healthy. But what Jeff Van Gundy was talking about is something that I side with more than Jackson Jackson in question. The skill set. That's what he was alluding to. And I get it. My point is I want to talk about your resume. I wanna talk about the first year that Joel Embiid played which two years later. He got drafted into twenty fourteen you didn't play until twenty sixteen. There's eighty two games in a regular season schedule that year. He only played thirty one games. Then in two thousand seventeen twenty eighteen he missed another nineteen games. Played sixty three this year. He missed another eighteen games. Okay. And we know what he doesn't oppose season because we know what he did last. When you look at him in a postseason last year year average twenty one and twelve in the postseason in playoff games this year. He's at twenty two point nine with eleven rebounds. We get what he brings to the table. But we need a resume when you talk about shack and Corinne and wilt. Eloge Wong gods? Like that. You know, what in shacks first couple of years in the NBA? Did you notice shack second season shack average twenty nine and thirteen did you know that both his rookie and a second year in the league shack played eighty one of eighty two games? Did you know that? Did you know that when shack shack never even attempted a three point shot his first couple of years in the NBA shack was a man of boys? His stepdad the saw God rest is wonderful. So used to sit up there and talk about Shaquille O'Neal, don't let me smack. You upside your head take your behind and those are not the word to use. I knew the Sarge and I loved him dearly. I still miss them that man sat up there and Toshack to get his big, you know, what down in the whole drop step. Swing knows elbows and punish anybody. That would get in your way, you're seven one three hundred and fifty pounds dammit act like it. I would know Shaquille O'Neal would tell you the saw almost slap me up. My damn set my damn head because he thought I was letting shack off the hook. I was to con-. I said, sir. The man is averaging better than twenty five and twelve again. He's punishing people hospitalized enough for crying out loud. When they try to defend him in the post. What are you talking about? Stephen. I want more you're letting him off the hook. I mean, it was so bad with Shaquille. O'neal mama shack. Got on me and said, I'm very very upset with you. You'd be too nice and kind to my son we have expectations for him handle. It be a man Ashok. If you don't believe me. And Joel Embiid who is big top elite in everywhere, but somewhat of a pretty boy comedian from Cameroon this guy takes the basketball up until this year. What did he do? He take the basketball pivoted spins face the basket because he didn't wanna play with his back to the basket. He wanted to be a perimeter player. He wanted to be a finesse player. I'm sorry. That's not going to win you championships in Philadelphia. You gotta be a man amongst boys. You gotta drop step and dominate in the low post the way that he did at the beginning of last night's game three against Iran. So raptors this is what is required of Joel b. Nobody can mess with him in the low post. He is suppose to abuse them period. Period. And until there's a willingness to do that on a regular basis with the degree of frequency requires. Let's pump the brakes or talking about him in the same sentence as premier big men who've ever played this game. We're not questioning the skill set. More checks is that wrong. The skill sets are not to be questioned. What he brings to the table is not to be questioned. We got that we understand it. Nobody's nobody's disputing that. What we're saying is that's not enough. It's not enough to have the skills. You got to utilize them. And he's starting to do that. From a askew perspective, he's comparable to anybody. But resume matters resume matters. And when we get away from resumes. We get ourselves in trouble. Because now we're talking about potential instead of reality for wishing. That's what we're doing here. And I don't think you need to do that. If you're trying to win the championship. And that is the situation when it comes to Joel b so we look at the Philadelphia seventy Sixers grotto wrappers in a world of trouble. They better win four because they come back to Philadelphia winning game six they might win game five back in Canada. They ain't coming back to Philly the wind game six tell me what I know. They're not doing it. Then now they will not win game. Six in Philadelphia. If they lose game four Philadelphia wins this series and game six and I'm shot because I thought that the Philadelphia seventy Sixers could petard I didn't think I didn't predict it get swept. But I thought that the potential was there because of the lack of depth and the injury the Joel Embiid, I didn't take Joel Embiid. We'll be able to come out and play like he did last night or one bum lake. I didn't see that coming. And as the show progresses. We might need to discuss massage Jiri and his decision a leg or damore derozen if favor of koala and it clearly to walk kuwa- Leonard is an upgrade. But would it have been worth lose trading? D'amoto Rosen if you only get Kawai for one season, and you give bounced out in the semifinals at Eastern Conference, ladies and gentlemen, that's bad. That's very very very bad from Asya, Jerry. And it's Rondo raptors if you don't get out of this round, and you lose Kawara Linden this off season. You've viscera your franchise. Because they what you will about the models in and Valentinus, but guess what they did win fifty nine games in a regular season. And had they not run in to LeBron James who's been there kryptonite for years last year. Dwayne Casey would still be the coach they probably would have advanced to the conference finals if not the finals and nothing nobody would have been bothered. But because you lost the LeBron you got swept the Marta rosengard moved who never wanted to leave Canada loved Canada, loved Toronto. He didn't wanna lead. But he would have still been named tuna slightly would have been there. And who knows what we'd be talking about. This has the potential to be absolutely positively disastrous from Masai Eugene. And it's a Rondo raptors if they lose this series and kuwa- leaves the free agency. I can't think of anything that could be worse for them. I really really can't it. Eight say ESPN that's eight seven to nine three seven seven six. You're listening. Lob to Stephen A, ESPN radio ESPN news. Let me tell you this. Let me switch to a different subject. A couple of things. Lazy gentleman? I sit here. Terp? Because. Deangelis Russell for the Brooklyn nets got caught at LaGuardia Airport. And I don't know how many of you know, the story. So let me enlighten you about it. Okay. Let me let you know. What's going on? The ngelo Russell. The point guard the all stop golfer. The Brooklyn nets formally at the Los Angeles Lakers right before he got traded after ru ruining swaggie p Nick youngs relationship with figures area. By taping him in a very incriminating fashion will leave it at that. He gets traded to the Brooklyn nets. There's a gentleman he has an all-star season averaging twenty one seven game. He's actually a really good guy. But he got himself some trouble because in route to Louisville Kentucky the report says whereas father lives, but you ain't going to Louisville Kentucky this week. Let you go into the Kentucky Derby, this is called what it is. Okay. This do. Get cited for marijuana possession after being detained Wednesday at New York's LaGuardia airport following a baggage check. The spokesman said Russell was summoned for possession of less than fifty grams of marijuana and later released oh, it gets better. And let me give all the credit in the world to mock contemporary, my colleague at ESPN, Mr. will Cain because as much as I went off will Cain actually pointed out something very valid. If it were true. The marijuana was found inside a hidden compartment of an Arizona iced tea. Cain laser gentlemen. Do you know that you're not allowed to take liquids through security? So in try to high. Weed marijuana de ngelo Russell put it in a container that wasn't allowed to be going through security. You'll can't make this up. You can't make it up when you go through airport security. It tells you you can't have any liquid items. So he put. The marijuana. It's out of a can you can't make it up? You just can't make it up the level of idiocy that gets tacked. I mean, if there ever was a case for not being able for now for for for for marijuana to be prohibited towards the modern day athlete. This is it this is it right there. It shows how to brain camouflaged or compromise rather. It just shows. How do you take wheat and put it into the cane that eight allow to security you can't we'll Kate? I gotta give credit 'cause I even think about that. I'm thinking he checked in his bags. They looked at the bag. They found whatever the case. That's what I was thinking. Because it said after baggage check. Oh, no. Apparently, this do try to go through security and put the weed and the cane. I mean, what are you say? What are you saying? I know everybody's looking for me to say stay off, though, we. I know that. That part about it was funny. Here's what's not funny. You're about to be restricted free agent. You're in a position to potentially get money from another team. Or have Brooklyn match a potential offer you receive from the other team since you restricted, and they have the right to match you have an all star season. That's what everybody's talking about. Because of the season that you had the Brooklyn nets applauded you leadership. The fact that you came back in shape with condition. I've always hated you here do, but that's neither here nor there. All right. So you got this going on? And what do you do? You can't get a week from Kentucky. You can't sit up there and have it in your bag and get it after you land in Kentucky. Oh, no. What you do? Is you try to get some weed? To airport security. Ladies and gentlemen. I don't have patience for this that I just don't I just don't I have no patience for this whatsoever. I understand and I'm supportive of the Al Harrington's of the world and other athletes who have gotten into cannabis business is profitable. They they. Support it and are advocates of it, particularly for medicinal purposes. And obviously half the states in our country agree with that. I have no issue with that in an all serious. There's let me be very very clear. My mother God. Rest are wonderful soul passed away from cancer the day the morning of game one of the NBA finals back in two thousand seventeen. And I strongly considered into this day wish. That I had introduced cannabis to her. Anything for her to be here today? But I got news for you. That's for medicinal purposes, which are completely and totally support. But for recreational use by the modern-day athlete, so you can quell your nerves emotions on some cases, come on a quarter feel the play. Hell, no. I don't support that at all. I don't give a damn what state supported I don't give a damn that. It's legalized the fact that the matter is if the league's prohibited. If you can't pass up using weed during the season, thereby potentially jeopardizing millions of dollars and some NFL athletes have done you in a food, your new fool, and I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. That the ngelo Russell is not going to be compromised. It's gonna get his money. But what does it say about you after the all star season you had approach approaching free agency as a restricted free agent that you can't display the disipline necessary. If not to just stay off, the re we at least use it in your home and call it a day. You couldn't even do that. Sedan Shane, and I'm supposed to entrust you with my franchise, please that was straight to a wireless nationwide. Coverage on America's largest most dependable four G L T networks, by the way, right now when you get ahead of mother's day rush. When eight hundred flowers is giving you an exclusive twenty four for twenty four offer. Twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars. 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