Ghana declared a republic - July 1, 1960


when we started the show i had read a lot of true crime i thought i knew what i was getting into but i wasn't prepared to stop sleeping after those all too real monster to visit me in my nightmares from i heart radio in tender foot tv monster prisons insomniac listen and subscribe to monster presented insomniac apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts this day in history class is a production of i heart radio hello welcome to this day in history class where we flip through the book of history and bring you a new page every day today is july first twenty nineteen the day was july first nineteen sixty the new constitution has gone out went went into effect transforming the country from one with a parliamentary system to one what they republican form of government the republic's of gun out was formerly proclaimed in prime minister climate and chroma was inaugurated as president before independence donald what's known as the gold coast eight british colony the british exploited an export at the resources and the gold coast including gold diamonds ivory cocoa timber in manganese as this economy developed it's supported the construction of harbors railways roads schools in hospitals european interference in the economics and politics of the region had broken down the traditional social order of the groups there but by the end of world war two people have begun pro testing for more autonomy from the british sentiments of nationalism has reached a peak and movements developed in opposition to colonial administration with the goal of independent a moderate party called the united gold coast convention or you gcc formed in nineteen forty seven to pursue constitutional reform an eventual self government climbing cuomo was the general secretary of the party but in nineteen forty nine he split with you gcc informed the revolutionary convention people's party or c p p and chroma nfc teepee called the first self government now in it gained widespread popular support in nineteen fifty the cpt began a campaign of so called positive action encouraging nonviolent resistance in strikes against colonial authorities and come up with soon arrested stayed in imprison first edition but the tpp won a majority of the seats in the first elections for the legislative is simply an incremental was released from prison to become the leader of government business in nineteen fifty two and criminal became the first prime minister of the gold coast in nineteen fifty six the british togo land trust territory integrated with the gold coast ends on march six nineteen fifty seven after centuries being center for the export of enslaved people and then being subject to european control the gold coast gained its independence from britain and became an independent self governing member of the commonwealth of nations the country was renamed named gonna it was the first black sub saharan country in colonial africa to achieve independent chroma was hey mark this pan african is end he viewed the independence of gone as an important step for the entire continent of africa so his role was increasingly regarded as authoritarian he improved infrastructure in social conditions and gonna the working class what's driving that the country was still an independent constitutional monarchy with queen elizabeth the second as its head of state in april of nineteen sixty plebiscite or constitutional referendum took place on the issue of gun becoming every public about eighty eight percent of the voters supported the change criminal was elected president of the republic's with eighty nine percent of the vote he was inaugurated on july first nineteen sixty when the new constitution i've gone i went into effect gone up became republics in the commonwealth nation so chroma has support initially people began to resent him an administration which was suffering under debt in corruption there were several assassination attempt on the president's life for years after gonna became a republican criminalise elected president a constitutional amendment make on a one party state in chroma declared himself life president of the country in the party but as a crutch tried to advance his vision of a united night in africa an empowered active is the economy in living standards and gone i suffered an opposition to the regime grew in february of nineteen sixty six while the president was within china from us government was overthrown thrown by eight coup of the gun the armed forces the national liberation council took over the government and suspended the constitution increment found refuge in guinea until nineteen eighty one when jerry rawlings came to power our gun us government so many clues in alternating military and civilian regimes i'm eve's jeffcoat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday if you have any burning questions their comments to tell us you can find us on twitter instagram and facebook 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