AWTY 62 - Yeehaw Kanto (Pokemon: Indigo League with Khoi Dao)


Sir Hello and welcome to our there yet. An exploration and education and Anna May. I'm your enemy idiot Patrick Dugan. I'm an anime expert. Dana Hollander and I'm Brendan McCarthy. Your anime research trapped in a Caputo Buddha costume. Don't king chain I will. Hey Yeah. Research is Is a funny way of saying you're going to the ferry convention convention. It is a fun way of saying it. That's why I say is impose shelly. Yeah a prehistoric not possibly. I don't know well let. Let's get some pokemon assistance to sort out. What type of furry? Yeah we have a guest this week you know him from the detective P Q game poke Amman masters and the new game. The after party we're joined by Dow is off. Is it safe from you to come out yet here. Now come on out is is the seasons no dougans been keeping me in his filing cabinet colored led lights hooked up to it to indicate indicates to me. Whether or not I can or cannot move or speak Just turn green so. I'm assuming typically as I'm recording. I need you to sit a silently as possible but I'm going to let you speak this time this time. Okay Oh my goodness this atmosphere. We've created uh-huh Schilling we're visual storytellers. Baby would be weird to have me on as a guest. If I wasn't you know allowed to articulate anything business like we were promised. We promise he's here he just he's totally he's giving the thumbs up throughout. So is our other guests. Rodney dangerfield running. Yeah Rodney Rodney. uh-huh why isn't he dead. Oh no this is a terrible way to find out. Move Past. We've facet gosh it back to POK Mon.. No it's a dangerous field field of coke on battle Hey Ah Shit oh my goodness well it. It's time both for Brendon to finally die. And talk about the long-awaited series we're we're we're going ultimate classic for the close out of our four kids marathon. We're going to go and watch Indigo League of the original original POK Mon.. Yeah Yea Yea Oh gee the good star to chip. Yeah this This is Ben Recommended by several people But it was sort of inevitable that we would get here so I don't have your names So thank you for suggesting it of course we are going to get to it a little But yeah where this is such a classic. Of course. We've all seen it but I want to touch into everyone's specific pokemon history. I as a child didn't understand it. They bought a Pokemon Moon when it came out and I tried to play it and still didn't quite understand it but boy do I. I love these little friends. I love him on. Purely aesthetical POKEMON. Oh Yeah I have a Pope Leo plenty I love. I love those boys. Can we all say what our favorite POK MON is. Two Minds Baldassare. I Love Boat Massari. Oh we did a poll recently on twitter. What about this? We did. So shouts out shouts out to Everybody that voted for bulbs or because Boldizsar one. If your favorite wasn't it's an another one lucar which was the other one that one or Lula would what I already forgot. Miodrag Dragon Shit didn't win. So Yeah Brendan. What what? What's your POK Mon.? History was their day one. I remember friend of mine visited. Ah Pokemon read because he wanted to play and I was like let me see. He's like no he wasn't my friend anymore. Spark the interest being denied access to it and assumes I could I got into it and just like way into it I think I skipped like Gen four and then maybe like six but otherwise I got a pretty good understanding of games shows unnecessary amount of furry firs ation of the. There's a specific term dench E or. Did you cheer Jink Jingo. Maybe where it's like turning the pointed to humanize versions of them and I know exactly we're talking about a So I'm teeth indicating about porn. We're always always like one or two steps away from Porno especially me. I'm not proud of it but Ginga to close. This took a drastic turn Matt. I was not liking fat to them. All uh-huh I work for Nintendo. I want to put this out there. It does something before working your your experience. Oh my goodness pokemon came on the scene when I was but a wee child and interestingly a week child who did not speak singlish so my yeah. My first experiences with POK MON was when I was still in When I only spoke French so I played pokemon and French French and I watched the French dub of the POKEMON anime? Oh Wow yeah yeah I mean you know I had a and I had a pretty as expected reaction from kid coolies. Should I get the edibles defied bobby. It was the game boy color and she's like no. You're masten them like okay but I wore her down. And she got me again boycotted for Christmas and I would proceed to get halfway through the game before. Losing my Gameboy on the train. That was like the worst of my life. If you'd still have maybe toy story and trying to find its way back. Maybe it's yes. Yeah Moss Gameboy yeah and the plaque is like some dumb ass kid lost this time. Gain delays what freaking loser. What about you Dugan Yeah as I've mentioned previously I didn't really grow up as a Nintendo kid as a Indoctrinated Sony Boy So I only I played. I watched the show. Of course growing up I have specific specific memories of watching the premiere of the DUB that is weirdly one of my first memories as being like. Oh Hey this new new show. It's called poke Amman. Okay so I remember watching it as it came out for the first time but for the Games when I was a freshman in college I played a read on an emulator and I still have yet to beat it. uh-huh leded full pokemon game. Hey so many things but yeah the switches. She's the first like console. I've had from Nintendo. I've had a Gameboy S. P. But I I at that point I was like. I don't know what this POK Mon thing is. It was a cartoon. I don't need to play the game to watch it. I don't have to put effort into it I already we know the story does. I don't need a unique experience with it personally bond with individual pokemon on my team. I look for whom but yeah I'm so certain shield which is about to come out as this episode airs is going to be the first first one I get and hopefully finish fingers crossed knock on Wood Jr.. Yeah like I did my chosen. I've just since I played on an emulator. Don't sue me Nintendo. But like I had it on a laptop so it was like bulky and I didn't have the convenience of like a DS or one of the hand held consoles where it was out on so so. This is going to be the first time I have that convenience NAN exciting. I remember being thrown in my house because my dad said I need to go outside and play more in the sunshine instead of being locked up room. so He'd locked me out of the House for six hours and I just sat on the car played poker game on. I'll show you you dad muscles L. Real drunk in Rhode Island and wonder Oh my cousins point Pokemon Mongo those love though. Yeah I can't wait until Pok Mon just exists because I feel like the POKEMON company will not rest until physical pok oakmont till the debris work in secret somewhere underneath Tokyo. Google alert for like when the POKEMON COMPANY BUYS UP STOCK DOC IN. I don't know biochemical engineering or something. A sign intendo. Twenty-three in me so they air. You're you're welcome on Mojo and also your DNA that's though but also what. If resident evil is just failed. Poke Amman experiments. It's real and they're just turn into monsters it all time off every video. Please don't give them more ideas. Yeah it's all well so we we picked a couple of select episodes because we know how this show starts we. We've we've we know what's up so we went through and pick some favorites both of the world in general and our personal picks worlds. So Yeah Coy Requested watching the episode where Brock gets his volt picks Any significance for that episode. For you yeah volt picks. That's cute as we didn't. We didn't get your favorite POK Mon.. Is that Volpe six. Okay let's before everybody rolls. It is my favorite. My favorite POK. Mon is mud Kip which I liked before before the mud me was okay. I'm sorry if I get very defensive about this but everybody was like. Oh you just like it because of the Mimi and no no no. You don't understand history here. Appoint playing pokemon Emerald was a very strategic thinker. Her and considered that mud kip evolved into poke him on that. It was a mutual electricity when against the ground type therefore reducing its weaknesses to just one type which the least damaging type so essentially market is the strongest starter in pokemon universe. Thus far I picked them to you get much shot up in their battle done. Yeah over. Yeah Oh my God so did like if you encounter a coup crest type poke your swampers dead looking. Yeah Yeah for you in a mud. Keeps a great. I liked him before it was cool. G GET AH audio might have peaked a little there when I know how understand so yeah I also didn't and say mine of course it's my boy farfetched because he's just a duck study. I am so excited for the new farfetched in in Shield or sword which trial. I think it's one of them yield. Yeah right right one do. It's an shield. It's shield because I remember noting really wanting surf etched but also really not wanting the weird shield dog legendary because that just looks like a dog got its head stuck in a thing the other one is like a bad ass wall all for the sort in its mouth which I don't know if it's a part of its body or if it found us our it's tone confused fetch is fighting type. It doesn't make sense anyway to go deep into the Games we need to talk about the show so yeah. We're going to touch on some classics. We're GONNA watch episodes twelve seventeen and twenty seven that is skurdal squad island of the giant. Poke Amman and the introduction of Bolton They got my team. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to fight. I'm ready to kill tyler murder with some. Poke Amman on Oh shit is it. Just all squirrels just all sorts. All skurdal Joshes but you can discern that there's a hierarchy based on the shape of very glasses yes we got general skurdal And the grunts. Yeah there's there's there's Communist skurdal heavens that Newbie Squirrel who just joined the team. But he's the the transition sunglasses inside regular glasses outside at sunglasses. He'll get there you'll get there. He'll learn his as he ages is The the shade will darken permanently But yeah let let's. Let's jump right in. We're we're starting out with our with our team team the square deal squad so it's Of course right off the bat we got. We got that I asked you it. It's a classic we it so good. It's like it's part of my workout mix for the gym. All right it takes. I like Pok Mon Joe Toe better than than the than the original opening. I know I'm probably GonNa get crucified for saying that. I am unfamiliar with that one really. Yeah I don't think I've seen much of any pokemon besides besides this Indigo League the sun and moon openings. Old Genuine Bob very good song. Yeah that sounds good anyway. Scoreless go but yeah so yeah we start out where We a series of episodes where all the Starters arturs joined the team so they asked just picked up Charm Mander and Boba sore. And now we get the introduction of Squirrel title so so our gang of ash misty and brock are walking into a town when they fall into a pit. It's Doug by the SKURDAL squad. A team of prankster squirrels. That are are running amok causing havoc raising. How long do you think it took? Does anybody turtles to dig that. Big asshole thirty seven minutes. Those shovels they had to shovels. They're not big enough to get out or like if they can produce like sufficient friction by spinning on their shelves. They you could probably just drill down. Get the dirt wet. So it's nice and easy to move pokemon logistics. That's why I'm here. So here's all about the world building. Interestingly the polkadot identifies turtle I mean skurdal as the turtle poke Amman which implies the existence of actual just normal regular turtles hurdles. Yeah world like they have turtles as a point of reference for SKURDAL's regular animals which is really Lille ceaseless. When they eat fish there'll be a crash? That's what if it's magic hard. No hello. This is an episode before Sandwich. James skipped sold. Imagine well at least we needed and he buys it in the scales are rock-hard even good as food poor magic but the polkadot says that piggy. Eat Magic hard don't they or like there's some very Hard beaks then. Maybe can't you just eat them. Whole bound probably put them on each and every other pok? Oh come on. Let's leave it at that chain. It's a wild west for the answer is don't think about got it what what does Oregon tastes like. Anyway it's just digital anyway we Nope we get their introduction introduction of skurdal as the Turtle Pokemon and they try to capture or ashes like fuck. Yeah gotTA steal one of these boys and Tries to have peaked. You fight it to Steal it but they all run away because they hear sirens from officer. Jenny Going up so we get officer Jenny. And we get the establishment that it's There's an officer Jennifer every town because they're all cousins Jenny. We have terrible parents. That's another great dogs. Think about it. I just don't think about it which officer Jenny which nurse joy by their hats different symbols the character designer. Didn't WanNa work that hard. Listen I got a Lotta polka monitor. All Yeah we're GONNA look similar. Please lease these book an idiot. Kids won't care but Jenny picks them up takes them into town down and warns them that the skurdal squad is made up of all deserted pokemon who were abandoned by their masters and they banded together and resorted to being pranksters because they all hate humans now which is relatable fair there yes and we are As they as the team leaves the police headquarters we see team. Rockets spying on them We we get we get our gay icons Jesse James US. It's using watching the show. Everyone to be ash gang. In hindsight everyone wants to be Jesse James what I wouldn't give their storyline watching it as an adult it just this works so well because they are the outcast. They're the losers they're like trying to make Papa team rocket proud also Zaba Arousa. James Comes from money doesn't he. He's filthy rich like he like. He's a rich kid so he's just doing this refund because he can and I think justice porous hell. Oh is she yeah. She grew up eating snow like she made like little rice cakes. That broke my heart. It's a real sad episode. Could Oh my God yeah pokemon get sad. She feels out of out of med school or something in school. She has some other going. Yeah she failed amount. We already have nurse joy. You can't be a medical professional like the one nurse Sir Sir but yeah. They're they're spying because they're plotting to steal Pika chew when they are surrounded by the swirl squad who wants. It's a steal their picnic steal picnic basket so they're They surround them. They a are they. Also fall in the conveniently. Placed pit got So they are captured and they say hey rather offend robbing us have out we rub these fucking children Let's let's band together. Also so isn't it's like another classic instance of my Jelly donuts. Jelly filled donuts. When they're obviously donning all of the J. Players I mean I like ah like the the line could have easily been adapted to just be ambiguous about whether foods were like? Oh they're eating our frigging food to call call attention to to what items classic four kids needing to relate it to American foods. They're like I'm tired of pizza and in tacos anything else. Oh No. These skurdal's are eating jelly doughnuts. And she says he's like we get Chinese food. Oh you're establishing China exist in the world they could have picked other. You don't even see it. You can just sit anything and but yet the SKURDAL squad doesn't trust their proposition because they were all abandoned by human so they don't trust them. Yeah so so Miao comes up with the plan that meow owns Jesse James and they are subservient South South So the Squirrel squad can trust the leader newsouth because math is a polka mom can talk. Yeah so We get we get them the the teaming up and the gang is out fishing but a squirrel. Yeah I don't no. The passage of time is weird because one of the skurdal squad is just hanging out in the rivard waiting to squirt them as their fishing Pika chewed tries to fight and the shocks everyone. Because they're all wet and in the fight. Pika Chu is knocked into the water where where he's Stabbed in the but by Goldfine nice and is knocked out. He's he's down for the count. I love the people get to the leader. Has the leader. Scott has the girl glasses but then all the other ones have done little round glasses and look like Paul Shaffer for David. LETTERMAN's Taisho sideshow. Just all Honorary Beatles but yeah the Skurdal squad captures choose them while peak. itchy was drowning. I guess so. They're all captured. They get lassoed and brought to a cave where meow meow confronts and says they're going to steal the peak achile who is now caged and passed out So ashes like. Hey you dude you gang of thugs this meow fucking sucks. Don't believe them but they're like no we'RE GOING TO TRUST THIS POK mon over human men so go to hell Ash. But as they're all captured PECA CHU is dying just chronic wounds dying. And they're like okay we gotta get him a super potion or he will be dead Let's if you want to steal a living picot you We got a we got to revive him so they don't trust ash but they say go. Get your medicine but if you're not back by noon the next day we're GONNA die misty's hair purple. Oh Man Yeah what a threat. You're GONNA save me. One Hundred Bucks said at their on he was on board with it. Like Oh fuck yeah punk ship docks. I don't need to go to scissors and get a makeover. So they ashrams away to the next town trips and falls because he's a dumb kid that's the best obstacle that could come up with over nothing upper. Yeah he gets the classic Rickety drawbridge which of course collapses and he falls in the water and also get stabbed by golden on and eventually Lee. He gets to the town of but is knocked out by his rival Gary leaving the shop slams the door in his face and he's out cold he's he's like knocked down for like twelve hours. It's the next day yeah. No what if this kid alleyway it was a baroness. Yeah let's leave this ten year old. Just dead on the store. Fine I mean it is the old West for some reason in this town and well Speaking of the old West when ash wakes up he wakes up to Jesse James. Just straight straight up armed robbery. Just they have guns. Why don't they ever use the gods instead of their poke him on because clearly a snake in the poison ball? Don't do anything. It's there was a canonical war lieutenant. Surge was only true at the very least the existence of guns implied applied. But they fight Kokomo on. It's like they give the Pokemon guns sure you you haven't seen anything until you've seen Gigli `push just down a group of Kabuga done tape to executory toward the there's no arms story So yeah they robbed the store and in typical anime fashion may just shout out their plan. Saying Yeah. We're GONNA use this to betray the skurdal squads. They'll give us all your flash lashed bombs And ashes like no. They're going to get double crossed. I got to immediately get back there. so he goes inside and and all the shopkeepers and people inside who just got robbed now outgun apparently they also have cuts that are packing they saw this is is this must be like rural just yeehaw fund. Is there going come on on with a gun I mean. Let's get surf etched evolved and see what that swords and there's Pokemon that are literal swords towards the airport. Where them on with guns? Where's the gun pokemon is there those are what is his tie? God bless toys cannons. Someone else has to have a gun. Who here hasn't gone? Raise your hand. Honestly I'm surprised. No one has just loaded cannon ball into a blast toys just like yeah just a propellant with water but the main thing is that the Canon ball that were firing got people or voltage into a blast. Though it's interesting comment what we're here with the quake pokemon. Oh come on hacks. This was also leaked about the canonical. But Oh yes. Oh Officer Jenny Saves this boy from being held up by a store. Full of people with gun would shoot this child. He gets the potion and officer surge. Any takes them back to the cave where he goes in through the secret side entrance conveniently in writing bridge. And they're like oh we'll just go around. It wasn't really a big factor. Oh the perfectly fine bridge. That doesn't collapse was ten feet down the road So they climb into the cave Everyone is outside because they're about to try to steal the Pika. Chew Jesse James Flyover with their MEA th it hot air balloon and they just start fucking bombing Bombing run on this skurdal squad. Yeah it is general bombed. Isn't it. Yeah they're like. Hey yeah flash bombs but they're just straight up explosives like Flash Bang like a blind blind them and run away but whatever Oh in the league pokemon sprites from way back of designs. They didn't use there's remedy gramma can't who evolves into the The octopus one. I forget but that was supposed to be like a handgun fish and octopus supposed to be like a tank so There would have been a canonical gun but they changed it. Because of the epidemic of gun violence in EBB. Interesting Americans can deal with Food being named but they can't it deal with the acknowledgement of a on that cheery now back to the bombing coming. That's involving children and Turtles Steals Pichu and they And hops back up in Ed balloon and everyone runs to the cave for cover but a poor skurdal get sucked on. Its back so aw became they can take pits. You can encourage water from thinking is internal Goddamn turtle couldn't grow your shell like thirty feet in the air to like it's been attack but just still laying flat on your back death but ash of course being a noble savior savior jumps over and covers the skurdal from bombing because Boy Flesh is a lot stronger than a turtle Shell So he absorbs the explosion and seeing the love of a human again. This is like okay. Now I'm going to choose to jump up and save you exactly now. He can jump and hold a full grown child over. Can't flip over but can throw a child and himself off from the back but yeah now now that they're bonded Ash Has Skurdal. Use his water gun to knock the balloon wound down and team rocket blasts off again and the squawk while gets government jobs as. Yeah Yeah. Yeah the bombs start a forest fire and The skurdal squad teams up and they put it out so officer Jenny a Them as town fire department squad. They get little jackets Komodo rooms but yeah so of the the leader now bonded with ashes going to join the team and that's that's the episode takes off. His sunglasses is our beautiful socialized actualized. Take off your glasses. Let down your hair. Your I really want. The leader of the squirrels squad ought to have a full back Tattoo on Shell. Yakuza leader off. It's so rad. I wonder if he passed on his glasses to another member of the escorial squad so they could be the leader. No because they go back in a later episode and they're just part of the fire department and when she gets real the don their glasses quast again so he's still got him That Oh shit. Yeah what if what if the SKURDAL squad had guns to focused on Pok Mon with guns guns taped to their shells. Could you imagine that was like the ultimate defense offense combination. Oh yeah that's true. See that's just them practicing for when they yes. Yeah I want to be able to. They're back playing with a fake sword. Work Sense man so so the moral of the episode is you can reduce Skurdal Street street. Gang violence with the universal jobs guarantee fire department. which apparently that town didn't have before? Yeah in this world. It's the pokemon Emerald new deal anyways. You Ah jump ahead to team. which is I'll of the giant pokemon? Excuse me and we got started on with another previous on. And it's the gang on a raft out in the middle of the ocean for some Goddamn reason and a swarm of Garretta's just start doing dragon dragon rage and signed him up. Hurry and launch them off. The Guy knows where which is very concerning if your tan or any other age. It's a very very big problem through a lot. I mean this is what happens when he cursed my house for Eternal Youth. He's got to enter this on his child body they get launched off and then they all wake up on a beach but ash finds out all of the spoken. Want on to which at this point. I don't remember what they are or we never see him in the subset which yeah he never pulls them out to be like. Hey who who is here. Who's roll-call I think one of them's menopause and I don't remember what the other one is? And then we cut to. We see Jesse James Stuck like waist-deep head down in the sands and face down ass up and think now. Jesus Christ we see a little crabby run over. And he's like hey these things he pokes moving by chance and just chops them in the legs and then runs off. Because CRABBIE's a little shit and I I love him and he's run regularly and they're missing their pokemon as well along with me Al and then they find ran a phone booth because it's ninety s and we had these back in the day and Throwing oh well we'll use this call the boss and then it cuts away. We see peaked. Chew Luckily being the only one out of its ball because the picture as able to release all the other out of their balls so we got to charm Andrew under bulbs or squared all the main ones. They're wandering around trying to figure out what happened where everyone is and they find a slow poke. Maybe we'll slow. Hey Hey where are we look at what's going on what's happening so we'll just gets up. Scoot bag a bit and it drops onto the water fishing and that's it I love this. I was smiling the whole time. 'cause they're just all talking to each other and they have subtitles all these pokemon apple all conversations. I love it must be common. They all understand each other slowcoaches running on his own time. He don't care he's got today's squirrel or just sit back vibe in on the beach dealing. Hey let's say bad. Just service city like a caveat et arbs. Open this boy. He's actually pretty mischievous. And Sassy ASEAN this one. This one's still gotta earn ashes. Still has his trust so I spoke of entering off. Now it's time and Charmaine Diseases. Jesus tail to guide them all with the light and suggesting like Oh maybe we got abandon maybe left and this is what I realize all the Pokemon Sir. All of ashes pokemon damaged goods. They all got baggage that quick. They'll be like no. You can go like like Super Ema. Oh Yeah I guess. I can't trust anybody. Well he's the one with the whips dark shoot them. Yeah and run then shoot us up with ECHINACEA. Coughing is now I can get myself get guys like Nah. I'll listen to you the fuck you know my dad Just because you speak English you speak good. Her doesn't mean you betterer Atkins in the coughing. Have like a a dumber more like like a simpleton vocabulary and the other like I like so articulate. Pika Chu is diverted averted folk. I dare say two words at most sentenced master. No no listen and yeah I can. I can coughing only obey one bad bitch and that's just the James whips out the there's just as bad POK mon just I bad masters Shit Damn. I love that I love it. Didn't really. They're acknowledging their own downfalls. They must have listened to and so they all group together and disagree. Like all right. We're not fighting we. Yeah why waste our energy so they settled. Ah Down. It startled campfire and a time out. Because he's being an asshole so they're all in different little fruits leaves and just having a little she'll time if adorable herbal loving picnic out screaming. Let me out I gotta get food or you stop being a Dick. He's ignoring. It's like all all right cool and then just eats like really close in front of them. I lost. He's such a savage and while there around the campfire here this rumbling and the ground shaking and they look over and you try and rival walking around. It's just like well fuck this. And they just all take off running and finally the introduction of Dina maxing. Oh my God I was just about to bring that up like is what would this be. The the the inspiration for this concept is just basically poke them on but bigger bigger so what everyone in the arena could see back got imagine being in the nose bleed sections of a stadium and they're fighting with an honest and just fuck me. Who is the thing? Come on there's so many buff pokemon on I could see give you much. Yeah I feel like one of the designers sitting at desks. And They had a Toilet Pee pee on their desk a toy Johnson on their desk and they're just like I can imagine this. This idea being pitched like all right. How about big POKEMON? Oh you mean like a new bigger book on no you don't unquote does is hurting existing Bergeman but we make them huge plan design work. We just make them it. Just large boys just circling big on the whiteboard over and over again. I think I think so. Yeah they start running from the right on to national gang that are running from giants. APP does escape from that and we Cutler Jesse James that are running from John Alturas. Everyone's having a good time getting that cardio and Jesse James Run into keep outside and knock themselves out of it because of the next day. So they've just been passed on this grass for hours again but we come back to the pokey gang who are eating at this. Little Food stands and slow there in like a little chef out the old talk Yawkey and Shit and just like what's happening happening Atkinson coughing or just crying. 'cause Bobo source suggested that they might have been abandoned like they were able to wrong. It's just real. It was a very and then it cuts to them all like rats around everyone in liberal sleeping together. Something that was just a dream. Boat like wasn't so everyone wakes up. And we see Jesse James Pass out from running signs still they wake up and then they run to the phone booth. They saw earlier and they call their boss who we don't know yet but it's a leader uh-huh team rockets. Giovanni if you play the Giovanni voice is distorted. Yeah this really crazy voice disorder which isn't necessary because we've never met Giovanni Amani up to this point so it's not like we recognize it anyway. It's not doctor claw from or Mr K.. Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget. And it's just like this crazy voice changer and in our like hey boss. We're in trouble. But I are routine. And they do the whole T- rocket intro through the phone and they even make up a letter letter or out of the phone cord just like no no. I'm not dealing with this book. Hewitt hangs you call me collect you make me me pay for this call waste my time. No don't love your point fucking which I love. How little time bullshit Listen to the whole thing though. Yeah he said that he secretly loves it. That's what he that's why he waited for them to finish. He loves listening to it so they say like all right. Boss is going to help us new idea. We're just stay inside the phone booth and then we're going to pull ourselves in the phone booth with the phone cable to the phone company. 'cause so it's going to be running this phone line and as you know what that's clever like. That's not a bad idea. Especially if they think there's Gye pokemon out there so then we cut to everyone's looking for each other like different shots of a different dates looking for everyone and as Jesse James are pulling themselves with the phone booth they. CPU Chew and actually how. Now's our chance to jump. We got this topic to and they realized it was just far away and as it got closer gigantic JIM skills. That's not the biggest shoe. A God. An an icon good and we see ashes gang running from a giant chart and see the pokemon gang run into a giant the giant blast off in the distance. Okay Squirrel. You're you're related till we wanted to go along okay. How racist not all think words are related? He did my only brothers are the Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel squad brothers. My opinions my Bruce City Council to like the job last Lewis. He's just like hey. Bro Words up employees. They turned around. And just start shooting with water cannons item on Notre. No chill is absolutely nothing so as a running away hide and they see a giant Venus or walk by and they try it again where it's like table or you WanNa you wanNA give a shot. Both or just goes four Batman family. I'm an orphan. Sweet you draw alright right. But he's just Batman. I mean I love him. Though we get Jesse James by Jack Caputo tops at this point like this is a twenty seven or no absolutes seventeen. So they're whipping out a lot of big maple commodity and game. Paul come on really early. So this is a great teaser for the game and as a running away they run into a railroad cart because like oh great now we can get away from it and they take off the brakes and you're launching in the back towards the KUBOTA. They're just like a block but then there's a cable there's a keeble wrapped around the card for some reason and it gets is caught between the Cupola tops lights and trim and as they're flying back down the track traveler John Kapoor tops and does when we see gets. I'd like to ask the gang walking out some mountainside cliff for some reason now and they're just like Oh. Hey what's that big dust cloud and they see the caboose tops in the railcar. Say Oh there's GonNa be trouble right as they say that the cliff there on crumbles and they fall right into the cart with Jesse James and write as they do. They've run into the big issue again and I'm GonNa say peak cheaper now because it sounds like a big issue and I don't like that big peak I mean we. We don't know it's political. cleanings shouldn't be that big in that extremely me so now all the people are in the car. Yeah can't they lift up the break. That likes broke off when they released it and So the real court slide on the rails get to John pokemon being dragged behind it and as the going we see the Pokemon Gang Ping Choon them running from the giant evolutions Shinzo bomb blast leaves chart Venus or and they run along side the car energy. Oh everyone's caught up how convenient and if the but we can't the pokemon catches are just too far behind. Like how do we slow down. And then we see a just a big ASS loopy loop for a mine cart which makes zero sense in in any universe. It's silly so they go through the big loop-the-loop flip around and I guess that kills enough time for the game to run up to the car and catch up and they jump on and once everyone's in their Jesse James just sorta like narrating everything. I'm like. Well now what happens. Well the cables probably going to break and it does We're probably be launched into the air. And they do and then we're going to hit something. The ZAP does now when they fled their disasters realize like. ooh It's a machine. We didn't just kill legendary bird. This endangered specie. There's only one of its kind and ad then we're probably gonNA hit the water and they do and it's at this point after they hit the water that we see just going by just as Polka pokey islands on it and we hear a woman like on a loudspeaker giving torrance like all right. Everyone if you look down the right side of the book you'll see some giant. Don't worry though that are all machines. It's all uh-huh ruins is all distributed millions of dollars drain everything's ruins and that's what I get. Giovanni getting another call hearing about POLKA lands being destroyed. And he's he says I put millions into why you're era crime. Lord what is going to have one legitimate business that you can launder all the money through. I guess so I mean it makes sense but yeah so and then we just get to the next scene and it's gang running to a beach city so I said all worked out business. There were no consequences for leveling entire part of life to the beach. I'm Outta here. I'm go to Brazil Yeah Patrick how is your vacation. It was great I went to Disneyland. I fought all the president's residence uh-huh and then I went to the beach and went home. Also just such a wild idea for theme park of just like if you're not supposed to be around the Gye Pokemon if you're supposed to say in the BOOB. Why do they all have to be like they seem? They seem to be aware of their surroundings. When stuff changed it didn't they were on tracks and also completely hostile goers or is it supposed to be like zillow where they're supposed to find each other and that's like a show for the parliament because rats Jurassic Park created the things then it all went wrong we should have learned? I mean it seems to be an economy based on what is essentially dogfighting so one. That's a good point and then the episode ends with slow. Poke you know finishing his day. Efficient on on that little rock in the ocean lifts up his tail. and seeing. There's a big old clam monster on it. It's now he's pro. Yeah my favorite is we've seen any OB is glowing blinding light and the form changes and all this and this is is literally says slow poke when the tail stone the water listen up. It's like oh I guess. I'm a slow Bro. Now a single tier running down his cheek as he's like finally finally I'm a man to be by now. I can use to lake's four. This has a negative dilution. Yes it's Dover's walking walking. I Love Blade. It's a babe laid golden silver. We get the Kingston comes slow king and that's the only game that ever uses it and then he had a mega evolution is slow goes inside the shell goes around him upside down and again he becomes a big babe late. It's while Saddam. I I loved incredible. You know there's someone at the POKEMON company who was like all right. We can phase Lobo Consulting. No I refuse at any. He cost on keeping this dumb idiot in his game which would probably be. I'd be that person he's taking. I love him. There are other ping poke months no PINKUS. He's dumb as the last one all right. We the POLKA rap up. Oh I completely forgot to talk about the poker APP. I am so sorry because the show was on five days a week for four kids kids that are like hey. Let's do one hundred fifty in the Polka wrap in a segment of five so we ended up getting the exact same poker up. We got for the last episode episode as we did this because it was a ten of those later or no five later so convenient but he'll those appointing little louise's side but that's seventeen. Yeah so now jump on over to episode twenty seven. Let's talk about fashion So our gang is on scissors street. And it's a place Where all the latest pokemon fashion ashes and there are some POK Mon beauty parlours and they're there because brock wanted to go there because there are also POK mon breeders readers on Scissors Street and that's what brock wants to do? Yeah and they pass by a store that that hasn't are on it well. It's a salon and the advertisement is a coughing and check ins all dressed up and then inside the salon. It's called Salon Row K.. And surprise it's just seeing James Doing Pok Mon Fashion Holy Shit I just realize roquetas just rocket that said fancy realize target. Jai those are two different stores. We're going to exclusive club. I'm wondering about that. How many pretty successful businesses have Jesse James started as a disguise and then abandoned the media? Just retire I mean James's rich so he has all that investment capital from Daddy Thirst Daddy. I want to open another store. Names well this one stick. We'll see daddy at least for twenty two minutes. Are you ever GonNa come back and Mary. Just Jesse see bill no absolutely not Daddy So they're doing the POLKA fashion and the POKEMON that they're working on on. They see themselves in the mirror and they do not like it. The Russia was actually kind of cute. Though trio's ugly Shit Poor Doug Tria Korea so then meow is counting money and he's like they're spending. You're spending too much money on ads. We need so make revenue and it's just just like a weird part where they talk about money for like it goes on just a little too long. It was really strange talking about how to get their start up off the ground so they can immediately abandon it. Yeah and the misty. Like maybe I'll get in line And then Brooke Doc sees the store that he was looking for He's like nervous to go in and he doesn't want to open the door but then misty Nash. Just walk in there. Like what are you waiting for. I'm on Percy and there's there's a girl in there her name is suzy and she's massaging chancy Hansi and then the guy who it belongs to comes in and he's like where's my chancy. Oh you look beautiful. Chance he's is all shiny and sparkly and new Ireland. These throw away characters like we never sued. He was a good fellow. I love this guy And then they see a Vo pick sleeping on a chair he's very pretty boy And then misty and Nash go up to it and suzy's it's like oh Don't touch him though. Miss what in then picks them up Animals what I'm too busy touching animal animal. You just told me not to touch. And then he blasts her with fire because this particular picks does not like to be touched by strangers. Much much like a cat feel like most people don't like being touched by strangers. phileas common rule a speaker. You're actually when they're sleeping. He's never been to museum or Strip club. Look but don't touch your whole wow and then brock introduces introduces himself to Susie. And he's like all flustered because she's cute and also like the best breeder and He's like Dublin is words and ultimately he's like please be my teacher and he also says he introduces her to Asha musty of as the sensational susie of scissor shree. which is you know? Is the only reason. The localization team picked her name. Is Suzy just for that. Line career we gotta get one end for tomorrow on Alta Muscle. We gotta do some for Pokemon. So yeah he talks about her accolades and how well she does with her breathing. And Her vol- picks is like the perfect model of of of what she does And then they sit down and they have some tea together and she says that Peachy was really pretty. He has a shiny coat and She says Oh brocker you the one that prepares as food. And then they're like. Yeah he is. He's he's the Best Pokemon Cook. I Cook for Pokemon Shit. Yes and then there are some snacks for the POK. Mon Pichu is eating one. And then the Volpe's comes up and sniffs and then P Q feeds it one which is very cute. Good And Suzy surprise she's like Oh. Wow volpe's only eats the food I make for him. What did you make it brock? And he's like Yes yes I did. Oh yes mommy and then misty ask susie about this latest flashy poke him on fashion and she's like. Yeah but I don't really like it. Because it focuses on outside rather than the power of what's on the inside of your Pokemon And then Ashen misty. Get into an argument about that about what matters more misty decides to take side UK to the Salon. The end badly side deck is not he does not handle any situation. Well anything no. He just needs a confidence boost of a makeover. He's put some lipstick on that boy or punched in the head to unlock his psychic power to to the level of city open his third and then Susie says that ever since the Salon Open Open. She's been questioning techniques and then ash and Brocker know what you're doing is great. What's on the inside? Really is the most important important and that is a huge theme in this episode. Really don't stop talking. which is an important lesson? They're really just going at it But so they decide to give a lecture on Pokemon care to attract more customers and to do this she susie gives Piquiachu massage and while misty is at the salon. The team the team rocket salon. everybody leaves too suzy's store and she has ash demonstrate massaging Pika choose electric sax on his cheeks his sweet little cheeks. I like to call the backs. I mean trick sex the electric sex. She also emphasizes that communication between poke him on a master's very important especially when you're massaging electric sacks from saks. The little balls in it's stored in the stored in the cheeks back with team rocket. I started the baseball commit. But you got their weird Christie was usually blue back team rocket. They're working on a poor squirrel. That has a wig gone. I'm sorry interview. These great and all this squirrel is gorgeous. I have the portal with the human wig. I love it. It's such luscious hair. Roses painted on the Shell. I is cute if it was just the roses. It'd be like a door bubble So they only have one customer waiting and it's misty inside Iraq and she somehow misty doesn't recognize them But they recognize her and they give her a makeover instead of sitek chicks pre cute. She's in some fashion And then Seattle blows their cover because again missed. He does not recognize them as he's like. What are you guys doing? It's the classic Clark. Kent if yeah glasses and meow meow is like what are you doing you should be should be grilling her about peak at you. Whereas the Pika Chew and that's when their cover is blown because there's only one in the whole world? PT Eh. Oh note the music. That's playing in Jesse James's shop the exact same music that plays during the look at tongue mini any game in pokemon stadium for sixty four. That's lodge into my brain but yeah what a reach. Yeah but so misty needs help so sidewalk runs back too. Suzy's place to warn them about what's going on And then they all run to to the Salon and the susie yells at team rocket about pokemon beauty. And it's the beauty that inside that's inside that counts again Once more in the meows just tells them what the plan was for the Salon. Make money and steal rare pokomo which is not great business practice clientele no people notice. It's about the return customers. They can't return if you steal them exactly. And then they're like if you give us your P.. Shoe will give you misty. And then Asha brocker like no. Let's fight but what if what if no thanks And then team rocket a presses a button and there was a battle stage built in their salon DU their intro and Jesse dress in a very princely sleep outfit and she looks amazing. Big Revolutionary Girl Tuna Vibes tenor a Tunisia. ATTUNING attune UNIA. It's been a long day and then James's dressed as a princess subverting gender roles as they always have been pretty good for the nineties. Yeah yeah it. It's never like ha ha these are these are idiots who are addressing lake girls and guys but wrong. They're like yeah we just rock these looks we just happen to be evil. This is just fashion. Baby there is a one up super banned from the US. Yeah Yeah those weird one that that is there's too much. Td's not in my Christian dogfighting in uh of saying surrender now or prepare to fight. They say surrender your taster. Prepare to fight twist on the song and then Dan they're pokemon come out and they're all dressed up still peekapoos ready to fight. Because he's all refreshed from the size and then peak. Get you hit them with thunder thunder thunder shock. It was thunder. I told you I didn't really play the game doesn't have any damage just paralyzed stupid. Well God njit away. Wow show I mean I can go. You know. I didn't take on your episode. Thunder shock is actually it's like ineffective and it seems like it's because of their clothes. It's a little unclear. They don't really talk about it And then coughing hits Pichu Angie. Oh Dude Gio dude is also there. The dude he He hits him in the face a slow and then susie steps in with Vol- picks to finish the fight fight and they argue more about inside versus outside and Volpe's hits them with a fire spin and it super effective and they're blasting gough again and then I wrote I wrote down. The quote acute exterior hides the Polka months true strength and then get shown like all the people in the crowd are taking the makeup off of their poke him on taking. They're cute stuff. There's a Paris with a foreign king crowned and I loved regally Shit and Paris deserves a little attention before that the how sad we to roof ride. And then they're back at suzy as you shop. And she says that They're grateful to them for helping her gain confidence in her techniques and praises brock on his composure. Hosur in battle even though he didn't do anything he did a seismic tossed that didn't work and and then she makes the decision to just abandon her business and also go on her own pokemon journey but without her. Poke Amman Volpe fix this is when she decides to give her picks to brock because she noticed that he is the only person that Volpe has been comfortable with other within her and he's on his way to be in a great poke him on breeder and then we see everyone chasing team rocket out of town owned l.. Episode Twenty Seven. I'm looking up at suzy. Ever appears again in the show. Because it's just like you you can take care of my pokemon. I'll get back to one day. And then she just never comes back. She died two days later many abandoned. Poke Him I'm on in the show. The Squirrel squad. She fell once pit traps and just died in their exposure. Oh my God yeah the Skurdal squad Doug Doug and then forgot about it but now they're fighting fires they don't check them anymore but yeah we we. We got some selects but by this this is it hits as good as it used to. Yeah yeah there's some from the Jelly donuts. Just the nonsense of Jesse James Anxious Boring. I is fun. I was really smiling the whole time. I Love Jesse and James I love I love it all. I love the cute cute babies. I love the the villains knowing now. It's all good talk Koi. How're you feeling revisiting? This this classic pretty good. I can't I can't stop thinking about. Did you know that VOLPE initially had a pre evolutionary for no. Yes that's our lead. Yeah you're just a smaller recuiter volpe. Six they get cuter okay so like in Japanese of all picks and Nine tails is there. Names literally translated six tales and nine tails and there was another one called three tails off at three and it was just smaller Mahler and looked like a little baby and then the developers like Nah. Let's make an ice-cream pokemon instead how about literal keys literally. Let's throw some straight up garbage. Yeah how about a bag bag of trash instead. Pig Shop Jimmy more trash. There's there's one of those leaked spice. There's an evolutionary line. That was just abandon completely but it's like a little electric tiger and I will never forgive them for not giving me now. Tiger boy cute. It did make a tiger legendary though that was a elliott yeah walks. There's not the same. This one's like a perfect sphere. Leo Higher what else. Oh there's a pre evolutionary form for zoo matt in the League sprites. It's just a ball with a single tooth and ways. I love that it can't hurt. Anybody has no other. TV can't effectively bite anything. It used to super ineffective splash high. Well do we just going to be sure. Yeah we have to say. But of course I'm on-board baby spoke him on his book yet classic. Of course I did watch it as a kid. If I was a kid did I. If I could go back in time the first thing I would do would be watch more pokemon. So of course I'm on-board the good ship and son Muna Peres really good in a number wait. Animation storyline actually Windsor Pokemon. A league so sounds sounds like the movie. It's also on that flicks wink sponsor easy to Walk Daddy Net flicks give us that money. Giving the body lease he's will sell out good. Rod was a good way to top off the four kids Thaad. Yes I'm happy. We ended on a good note. We needed a ringer. Because Oh boy we've watched some garbage whole man this this marathon was a real gamble but thank you so much for joining US coy This good run fun time so yet get where. Where can people find you online Koi? Oh I'm I'm mostly just Dick around on twitter. I'm at Koi. Dow with three Os. That's at K H D a o o o those until you find it and after party is fresh fresh out at at this point right. Yeah it's out on on the EPA game store and it's on. ps four and xbox. Yes and it's coming to the switch in a couple months so if you're someone like switch should hold out for it or just by multiple copies. I Dunno whatever you want to do. I'm I'm not sure that that's fine. Your Dad when you when you're done with the new pokemon you can you can hop onto after party. It'll be the poke Amman's after party. Do Their it works. It's just it's just Mr Mom at the bar with a glass of Scotch is like He didn't do it anymore. We can't talk so he's just like Mr. My Mister Mind. If if you have a show now that we're out of four kids marathon where we're actually going to watch stuff you send us now. You did so yeah. You can send anime recommendations to are we there yet at or reach out to us on social media at our Riveria on twitter and instagram. You can find me twitter and Instagram at Mr Patrick Dugan. You can find me on instagram. At Queen Period we Abhu and on twitter at Queen underscore we blue and queen underscore. We Abhu art can find me on twitter. ABT S Brendan. It stands for almost better than silence and thank you Camille Meal Rulli for artwork. And thank you to Louis Zong for the use of our theme song stories off the album beats. You can find all of Louise Music at Louise Dot Band Camp Dot Com. Thank you and next week. We're launching. Oh Yeah I get to pick. It's the first one read the first one of the four kids thing to pick. I picked something that sounds chill literally from the toy title. We're we're going to watch the first three episodes of laid back camp. ooh Nice Straight win streak vibe and all all all through camp yeah all right well. We'll join US next week as we learn to live with anime. The loss

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