UFC Vegas 13 Post-Fight Show: Glover Teixeira Submits Thiago Santos In Headliner


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Making it easy to send your warmest seasons greetings to loved ones near and far looking for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. We'll be back soon with some of our top gift. Picks joy comfort peace. jc penney. You're listening to the vox. Media long has network. And we are here with all of you on this saturday night or sunday mornings. Depending where you're at around the globe for the vegas thirteen post-fight show on may fighting dot com. I m my cac. Being joined by jose young's and e. casey liden thank you for joining us and for those watching live right now. She may get this after the fact. Get those questions. Your thoughts in the event and the chat will get to the momentarily but a jose. Let's begin with you kind sir. The main event saw the return of geography santos for the first time since his fight with john jones. Where a lot of people thought he won that fight kind of the uncrowned champion suffered a plethora of injuries not fight basically tore his left knee to shreds amongst other injuries. Taking on a surging glover to share and in the end global Gets rocked a couple of times. He battled through each and every time at forty one years of age and gets it done with the rear naked choke in the third round water. Freak and fight your thoughts on tonight's main event and the performance of one glover to share. It was awesome. Man it was a good fight. I thought it was the better fight of the night. I'm sure we're gonna talk about the bonuses later But after the fight. I thought that was a lot for fight of the night had pretty much all the makings of geog santos performance outside of him just tearing through opponents because let us not forget before lost john jones was rattling all these winds over like eric. Anders jimmy man current champion yang behove. It's like you just come alec bat outta hell like i remember i was. I did a preview. show sean. i'll shoddy before. I think it was the John jones fight. And we've comparing him to like it's like a a weed whacker with chainsaws at the end of it instead of the the little strain so General santos is unpredictable. Violent human being a gloved share just somehow survived the onslaught that. I think a lot of people were surprised that he did survive. Considering he's he's been put away by by bye by attacks like that from anthony johnson John jones obviously put him away. Just be kinda beat the soul out of them So we've seen love to share succumb to these these sorts of attacks and not only did he survive. He took tiago santos completely out of his game to put him on his back. survived more onslaught after more on on so after onslaught turned the tide in ended up submitting him in the third round said. Oh yeah awesome. Foreign some glover a really awesome forest in chicago. Santos's clever got done. Took took juggle right out of his element. Put him on his back in. casey what did you think of this. Tippy top fight to oh five. I pretty much predicted it. I mean i thought it was gonna be like a third or fourth round. Tko ended up being a submission so aka kind of got that one right. But i said he'd get dropped and being some big trouble early but man no matter how big those shots were early on. He just kept going for that. Takedown was taken elbows to the face kept going and finally got a transition right into mountain. The fight just kind of kept going that way through the second round in the third round of gets dropped again. I was like oh my god. You gotta be kidding me and then turns it over. Get a submission and we're out. So what did you think of his performance in the fight overall. Well we just We we saw an amazing fight. I believe it was by the night Jose said that. I had everything at high stakes grappling wrestling striking comebacks. Now almost finishes comeback within rounds. I mean they went from a round goes to a ten nine for glover. So that was a great rounds. You know in and but not surprised. I mean if i it was kind of like what what we expected if if jet was gonna win that fight as kind of how he wins and i thought santos was gonna. I predict the glover's going decision much. But i But i think science kinda thing. I don't know gassed out but Man that third ground when he dropped glover and then he went to the grounding. No stand up up. Stand up man so Just a big strategic error. I fell from santa from santa's after he dropped levering the beginning of the third round but a holy moly leverage to so good. That's the that's all. Just maybe maybe the most underappreciated least light heavyweight in in all ufc for sure so as you guys can probably tell as good as the main event was. It was not the first night fighter. I went to high on your barcellos. Soclean tau which is an excellent fight right by. It was not the best fighter the night. But that's neither here nor there Dana white did speak the espn. After the fight he said basically. Here's what glover saying about wanting a title shot and he's not wrong but that's as far as it went and so i guess my groceries. Jose is where does he go from here because it seemed like the bells and whistles were there for this fight when it was first booked until a week ago when dana white announces that behove which is gonna fight israel at sonya in it appears of as if glover no matter how many fights in a row he's won. How many finishes has got to wait a little while if his next fight is going to be for the belt so do you think he'll just wait to see how things play out here. Does he just say you know what. I'm going gonna stay active. Gimme another fight. Like what do you think's going to happen. I think a few years ago. I would take maybe taking a fight. Maybe maybe a fight or two just in case someone got hurt. He could stay on schedule. Maybe hop in. But he's on the wrong side of forty. I don't think you want to take any fights At this at this age and this part of his career in risk these tile shots. He's he's worked so hard to get. I mean you put all the work you lose leg. We've said we've seen glove share strength winds together and like like if he had beat anthony. Johnson he probably would've thought daniel army he's had all of these Lost thirteen seconds to two so that went out the window. But he's had these these runs where he's one win away and then he falls he comes up short or he gets beat by corey anderson or phil davis or he he has to restart and they not only do they do they have to restart kinda gets He starts back at the bottom ali. If you look at some of the fights take coming off losses. They're not the biggest names that are not the most exciting names to it he. He's the usually doesn't give them any breaks like one loss all of sudden back at the starting point so i found gloves risk this spot. I earned it. I did enough. I clearly beat the number one contenders dominic reyes after fi. Job perhaps koso-. If lajos in izzy do have to fight in march and that fight is insane and someone gets hurt. Maybe glover doesn't wanna fight. Maybe we wait for that fights playoff. If i'm glad share i waited out. I've done more than enough to fight for the title at this point. Casey is global shares. Best bet that israel out of sonya like prices himself out of this title fight so that they can slide him in like. Is that like the best case area. Right now i think lover screwed. I think you should just when when when when i said that glover may be the most underappreciated fighter light heavyweight. It's really a euphemism for saying that you have seizures doesn't care about him. He's a really good but they're never gonna give him the benefit of doubt. I guess you know you know. Yeah you did lose his john jones. You know whatever. It's been twenty twenty nine twenty years but it's been a long time is up by happened. He is clearly. He is clearly earned his title a another shot at the crown again. But i just don't think he has the personality or just the wants to push because he's just a nice guy that beat the crap out of people and then he doesn't talk you just doesn't he doesn't move that needle. Uc wants to doing. And i i think. Actually i disagree of jose if if glover's gonna get a title shot and actually shot. He has to make it like some tony. Ferguson type streak. He's gonna have to buy the winner of year. He Race right that that He's gonna fight that winter. And then who knows what happened to that. Because and now of izzy tying up the the the the title or potentially time the title. This is crazy. Busy wins then just going to be on. Hold for a while because you'll go back to eighty five so you got john jones heavy right. Remember going on everywhere. I honestly i think i think leverage screwed i just i don. I don't think there's anything you can do to get title shot. I mean freaking said it. Oh yeah you totally earned it. And that was like yeah. Yeah yeah so he's not wrong. He's that that was that he's not wrong. It was just fine glover's like come on dude come on like you're going to give the title shot to outta sonya come out. I'm forty one years old and then he's like you know. Thank you dana. Thank you for giving me this to you love. Ufc love everybody. Thank you very much in blows everybody kiss. It was just such a sweet move by share classic classic to share a great win for him We had the knots. The fight of the night is i went to get your cat. Say in alexander romanov man. I'm very excited to see. Remond often see where he goes into separate division. But those watching right. Now leave your thoughts questions about the card in the chat. We'll get some very soon. But i will talk about the coal main event. Although we'll we'll do so briefly andrea laskey plays spoiler once again earns a unanimous decision over. Tanner bosia certainly not the most exciting fight in the world. Jose orlowski very very smart definitely landed the bigger shots throughout the fight in and got the win. So how did you score that one jose. And what did you think of the fight in general. Because i'm not the best in the world. I didn't really score it at all when it was happening. I just went the end of the fight. I just like. I think under law school one. Just because i remember more of what he did than what. Tanner poser did what is just. That's how Under- alaska's winds have gone lately like his his win. Against tanner. bose is when against bland's is winning. Been rothwells winner against stephens struve. Who's before Beanie winnings diaper thing. So those are like his last few wins and they're all decisions and they're heavy decisions. They're not slava offers. Like like we all have these rosy memory of his fight against travis browne. That was just insane that he won but then like his last. Few losses have been like a destruction at the hands of jersey neurosis. Drink gusta sky while harris Tied to vasa in ghana. Who steep a josh barnett over like. He's losing violently and losing badly and then he's just pulling off these decisions that aren't like dominant. Well put together decision wins. He's doing just enough. Which is which is all you need. Well win is a win. You got all your the rest of your paycheck if you went But it is what it is. It's just like i said these are the type of winds andrea lawsuits pulling off in two thousand and twenty. But he's again he's on the other side of forty and still winning in the ufc in two thousand twenty can knock him for what he's done. Casey is scored for tanner buzzer. Maybe just because you know we do our little pin thing on our side channel and had gotten a nod perfect night with pick so kinda bummed about that either as a may. How did you score the fight in. I guess one of the questions. I had coming out of it was. Do you feel like tanner. Bozo is a little star struck here because he talked about in the media day how honored he was to find a guy like andrea. Lobski was gonna take him very seriously but it was a little star struck. I mean we've seen this happen times before. I mean our laskey is not you know st bay or dc. But still. i mean guys former champions been around a long time no Starstruck is the right word. Proposer her out to the score Discord for our laskey. I thought Basically I scored the heavier punches by law ski over the volume of lake. Kicks for buzzer. And that's gonna be very subjective really the reason why i didn't give it to buzzer because Are asking just has a really good poker face and even though using those kicks. He wasn't showing visible. Damage was limping switching stance. He's just seem to eat them. Move on of it. So because of that The big punches are loss. You were landing. Seemed more significant so a went damage. But i had no. I would have no issue If those won that by By dipak loss game my picks. So maybe not i think those. You're you're right now. I pay to win a boring decision though. I thought it was right in that day. I is so good at even he might. Even though he may lose the fight he will make his opponent fight as at his pace because maybe skis just didn't intimidating looking guy. I don't know but guys just don't want to get out by him and buzzers just seem to be really afraid of getting knocked out. I think and Even though our law ski in the shoe ones windows last like real finish was nothing. It was nothing. Brown won. The travis brown. I said so what does a decade ago. Two thousand fifteen but yeah. It felt like a decade ago. Yeah so over five years since so clearly. I guess the reputation as far as our lonski having one punch knockout power or something carries over. Maybe those highlight reels really work but yeah it's it's i think we're gonna really take away from. This fight is that it's just a learning lesson. Proposer that he's just got a go for more. I guess so jose. What do you like this is kind of. I think the kind of built us as a setup fight for bolger to sort of get to that next level test him to see where he's at as he atop fifteen heavyweight. Can you go beyond. That didn't really pass. Tonight's test in fact he didn't at all because he lost the fight. But where does he go from here. Do you think he guy. Yeah do you think he could be a top ten guy or is this is not the place for him right now. I mean is the heavyweight. Division Anyone could be a top ten if you if you can string a couple of wins together. But he's got to have five murray's green. I'll do your job for you for your onto the next like they already have the the war between them. They ran in there. That run into with each other to fight or hotel at one of their vegas cards. Tried to fight each other on fire island. They tried to make that fight. And did it happen so They're both coming off losses. So i don't see why they don't put us. He doesn't pull the trigger now because they both wanted the fight already ready and now it actually makes say made sense then. It makes more sense now. So yeah ten he. I'm not gonna say he doesn't belong on. You've see because he's clearly does he has a couple. He has some good wins. But who's he lost to loss. Watts gone Who lose like really good fighters and he's beating everyone else so yeah Bozo versus merged green koze bosses on the fights make. Yeah i mean. Obviously i didn't mean like that exposure very talented. And i don't want him to take my words around way because he'll come right after started campaign of people hate on me on twitter but there are a lot of people even though he is against this talk for a long time now and he kinda craps on and every time he's asked about this a lot of people feel like you could drop the to. Oh five i think razi people who believe we can do that. Sure i mean it looks like what the six one six two two thirty. i mean. it won't be out of the question but it's it's up to him like i'm not gonna tell him what to do. Yeah no no no way. And i'm not asking you that either inner more screen. I like i like that idea. Maybe give him the greg hardy fight. Who knows that's that's not a bad idea either. But why not do our law skiing greg. Hardy they're coming off wins they're both at. Att ish as true earning again. Is that a teenager Guys that just trying to the same roof. Yes well i mean. We've seen it before plant manager. That's tough that's tough to talk me camps within And i know what you're saying. Yes but I don't think He didn't ask me about muth romance. But i don't. I don't think. I don't think this is necessarily as far as how the ufc looks at buzzer. I think he's in the same position. If you wanna get. If you've got his hand raise. I think you know yeah. Bigger more more money bigger paycheck but like next week. We have What's the main event worthy and Our Main next week either way two guys you coming off or coming off losses you know so within next week now versus a comma where the guy versus versus chaos williams. Oh the event. Holy crap castle in the. Yeah they are. I get those two confused. All the time and their personalities could not be more different. Okay but okay. What a loss in the like this. I think heavyweight. I think those are fine. I think he'll get hill. He's got by another guy borderline top board just out of the rankings type of guy and Yeah i honestly if asked me in six months who won this. We're not gonna remember anything permit fair enough fair. Enough verizon just turned on five across the country with the coverage of five g nationwide in more and more cities the unprecedented performance of ultra wideband. The fastest five g in the world ultra band is so fast. You can download an album in seconds for isan five. G won't just change how your phone works. it will change. How businesses do everything. This is the five g. America's been waiting for only from verizon vijay ultra wideband available only in parts of select cities five g nationwide available in eighteen hundred plus cities global claim based on open cigna independent analysis during the period january thirty first through april thirtieth twenty twenty. This is advertiser content. We now have two point. 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This includes the tipping point. We're at today. I think. Americans are watching and thinking and looking at this issue in ways. They never have before. And that's why. I say this is our last best chance because if we don't get it right this time where america is headed is someplace. I don't think anybody wants to go. How do we make our last best. Chance count listen to who we are a podcast by ben and jerry's and produced by vox creative now streaming wherever you that your podcasts. Before we go to the chad i did have one question on twitter because this gentleman at bobby atkins reached out. He doesn't know he's at work. Working the overnight shift. Good on you Probably not gonna be able to watch live but yet interesting question came on throws you first before we get to the chat more likely forty over future champion glover to share you all romero or alsir over him if you go purely on skill set. I think it's clever. I think lover has the best chance of actually being the best in that division But do get the title shot. You gotta put got Quote butts in seats with that term houston main but you got to move. The needle. glove doesn't move the needle for the ufc. So alkyl i. We'll go to over as a really interesting question interesting. Unfortunately it gets thrown in there. I don't think y'all gonna middleweight. Ever again i have a feeling he's gonna move up to light-heavyweight now that john jones is out of that division So your maryland. Glover would probably be fighting in the same division. I don't imagine them fighting for title anytime soon. Fighting each other for a title anytime soon so I would say glover based solely on circumstances rather than the actual fight like if he wins and then he doesn't want to light heavyweight and he just gives it up and gloves all of a sudden just fighting for a vacant title. He could win that for sure. I don't think he going to be champion. But she could fight for the. I think we have a better chance to sing over. And fight for the title before glover's sheriff. I don't think that way. And so based on who could have a goal belt around their waste i. I'd probably say glover because he actually has that spot right now as he could barely find for title next. Did you just glover versus yoel romero to a five. That's what i heard like that fight. I mean i'm not gonna say no. I never mind just like that's pretty cool. Yeah i mean you're americans. Anyone light heavyweight would be a fun fight like it'd be interesting like if they book you all against like a topic if book like y'all versus tiago santos in ya'll back like puts them away like he might be like automatically the next the next what he might even skip glover to title shot. Just because ratchet ratchet has four or five or something like that if if glover's knock if glover wants a fight between them and now it'd probably be as ratchet or if they just want thrown mueller america's who's after Who's after ratchet jerry. He's both in after that. It's like a mishmash of like balkan. Anthony smith nikita krylov johnnie walker Off so pretty much anyone from the Five up glover's we'll have to fight again. Yeah or the winner of i think. Probably the winner of russia's versus brassica especially anyway just doesn't have a fight and i know he's he's i know he's higher than jerry so if they wanna make like three four fight or two three fight like tragic wants doesn't have a fight he fights glover 'cause Honestly i would. Not i might even favor. Rashy cover to share justin. How much of a freak. That dude is inside the inside. The octagon how much he gets better. So i like that fight too. Which is why if i'm glove. I'm not fighting this twenty eight year old kate in his prime. You might title shot governor jerry like in the complete opposite position of israel a few weeks ago because it was i was any of so many options this is great and to share it has so many options and they're all bad because the lowest option right now is the title shot. It's crazy but it is what it is and it was a great win for him. He deserves it off and if the wants to pull an audible. I would not complain but i doubt that's going to happen. So why don't we check in again. I don't think they're gonna have glover to share 'cause as casey subscribed he's just a nice guy who's a good fighter doesn't talk trash at doesn't move the needle the only other person that's like the top five is the champion. The john i don't think they're gonna bowl israel at assigned who's probably the most exciting fighter across the board in terms of fighting style and personality to book john. Boho vich ungloved to share awesome find delaney. also come on they will do all the talking head. Promos like side by side with arms around each other. It'd be the friendliest talk a great camp hope. Just hope your family's grave. I fi- merry christmas. Yes we're not literally then tonight. At night. That i i don't think he's ever done it. But instead of any performance awards. I like it should have been just to fight of the nights. I thought i would have given performance kick knockout. I passing it was nasty. But that was showcase fight against a guy would come in a week's notice yet. I just think giga 'cause he has such a high pedigree and kickboxing and like you've seen all of his post by press conferences. After because i'm such mark forget. Your cats Andre i i was such a fan of him in pro in when he was in glory that i've been at his last few post-fight scrums and he's pissed. He's like visibly mad at his varmints. Because he doesn't finish his opponent so now he finally has won the game Noord he's been every single time. I just feel bad for ourselves in taha. Just the dow search a good fight It's just a great. But the reason i love is like that because you're looking at these guys fight and is still highly technical but it i look at you look at their is. These guys are fighting. has if they're gonna. They're about the die in their their death. You just get that feeling like no matter where i taught just taking all these punches. I do talk your way to toughen. You need to go down. And then he's still putting a good hurt and back on Barcella so man. I just i just feel behalf. What i just got happens page egg. I think nothing. I hope you see drops. It will he they got. They got foreign students right. Now get fifty. G's who fifty gps for fight of the night the night scientists then india. I want to make more money instead. I just spending fight of the night. Night in tahoe. I think that's the like even if he's gonna lose that's a forest you need because members last fight. He missed white andy pot. He missed way he lost me. Yeah oh and so. He hasn't thought a long time. Oh that's the fight you need you come off you lose your need that performance like like we calmed saying Like todd didn't lose any credibility in the eyes of the fans after that performance. That like If he's gonna lose that's eludes especially after last month's i can't remember if he lost but knowing you want it one i won't anything on mission. It's an hour away because he missed way. An pops so alike gets fines does against win. Bonus he's out forever so yet but good on him for putting out good fight for It was it was a banned substance. I know that. I don't know what the actual it wasn't like i don't think it was a diuretic or anything but i'm not again. I'm not hundred. Okay just one just one thing. One of those was He took them all maybe. He took medicine to reduce swelling. So it was a bad but i don't think it was a pd. Jack it's one of the turns out your take advil. You're not yet one of those things. I gotcha question. Do we go to the To the to the peace tonight fights. It's was a good card. Though i was look like i felt like the prelims were dragging. And then i remember. Every single fight has been stoppage. Why is taking forever. I realized i was like three third round stoppages so it felt like they were all decisions. Yeah the patient was a little off to it was is having to cod. only laugh cheese senors is having to heirs overrated Thousand ask for that that was rant were me's is as name Mac to growing yet to growing shots he was he was dry. Heaving in the cage his face was all busted up and then he lost near as bad as reminiscent of thought that i was like again. Sounds like mma like wow. It was the same exact thing i was just like. Oh man just like johnny campbell is exactly the same thing with your ears just hanging off so from an elbow to like just just narrowly. My favorite part was when they re the rest. Stop the fight and ramiz. What what what. And why they stop it. And he's going. This year is going to go. I had to look him up. 'cause i didn't know who i will. I recognize the name. I couldn't remember if it was because he had fought in the four. Because i like watched the prelims fight. He hasn't fought in like more than almost in almost two years or something like that. I like his usa debut. The last time we fought. Casey casey kennedy was headlining. The elevator car. I looked it up. You can't four wins in the sense that so Yeah he's been out for. He's bound for a minute. I dunno four but out for that long. Come back and have your ear ripped off. Its sucks that sucks. His debut got like booked in re books. Like three or four different times to a max look really good tonight. Like he kept switching stances. Very active wrestling defenses really good allah ramiz. Didn't really shoe for any takedown super surprising. Because that's what he does. He takes you down in submit you Goodwin for max Do we think dana changes his mind and books to share versus mehovic or will dana do versus john in my mind. He needs coaches for tough. Thirty I don't think i don't think either of those options are going to be tough dirty coaches. I mean if you izzy. Maybe john jones. That's something i honestly think they're gonna do. Koby mas coaches. i would put a lot niagara. Yeah that's that's i think. End up happening. But we'll see i don't even know how they're going to pull this off in a in a pandemic like i know bobble and hotel and all that stuff like is colby mazda. All going to be there to like. Are they gonna be in the gym with these guys are going to be on a screen doing zoom colin coaching cars. This all gonna work. That's what i'm curious about by janitor question joseph. At least from my opinion your take. I don't think there's any chances happens unless he just wants like quote unquote deontay wilder. Money and doesn't get it. That's other mad. I don't see any changes. Find any what would you rate it from like one to ten jose that actually has a change of heart in goes with meritocracy here zero zero. You're very rare zero percent zero percent. I bet if anything gloves share could wayne as a replacement like michael chandler. Because remember i was talking with Who was rick lee. Who works in the behind the scenes you have see i was talking to him for a little bit and remember when brad's avars fought. Izzy weighed in as a replacement. In case brad virus couldn't fight so we were that close to getting israel at sign inside of scientists. Middleweight for five route. So i bet they could do. The i glover could weigh in as a backup for one of them Like like the michael chandler and like all like fourteen. Other people happen to do that. Same car like we were finding out things. Were going on So yeah i could see glover. Maybe doing that. But i don't think they're going to officially make blah hovis vs share champion gets top billing and yawn versus is because it'd be for light heavyweight so easy would still get the blue corner So yeah i. They're not going to book an official. If anything to share. Probably be a replacement standby jemma fighter. They're gonna make a the special guest referee opted. I feel like if there's one guy live Division that'd be a good referee it would be glove to share faira fair for. He's also like to argue like he's like say something say something the deal. He'll help you up. You know you've i think to share. He will be used as a leverage by the by the by danai so like whatever is he is. I want this amount of money and is like ways to sheriff. Take over this amount. you know. He'll i the only reason. I see to share getting this mike gilbert burns and i'm i'm i'm thinking of Eubanks remember remember you when you banks ship django. We're going to headline msg something like his. I wrote that story where Jar went off dan away. Who's telling the story of as you call them away from like a parking lot and was like pacing the parking lot screaming at him. It didn't it was like goddamn like let's go She missed white. Yeah god yes. I don't think it's going to happen. Unfortunately but we'll say what else got. Here's a little preview for onto the next one ha giga chicago. Versoal in hodge to stay. Active hall is healed up for injury. Let's make happen. I i'm i'm a no as well no i don't wanna see Gave he was talking about arnold madly. Start off talking about arnold alum. I was like. I want bike. That's an awesome fight. Both guys undefeated you have see like in the prime of their careers like that they're awesome like propel moving forward. He's like arnold. Alan was supposed fight. Jeremy stevens jeremy stevens fell out so aren't allow didn't have an opponent. So maybe i should find jeremy stevens next and i was like what us stupid. Call out all arnold alan. If you're gonna do that the undefeated fighter or via edson barboza. I've been saying that since of our bozo dropped on featherweight. I've been wanting that fight engage it. Call them out. And then they fought on the same card twice twice twice and they haven't fought each other. Come on make that fight to me. Here's here's what's going to happen okay. Because i thought it was brilliant with the call out because he said i offered Because he was offered the fight with when stevens dropped out there. And that's raising even got on this card because he was offered the fight with arnold. Alan alan's fights evens on this card. Allen act because i've talked to members of the team he said listen. We got offered the fight. But we're undefeated in the afc. We're top ten. We wanna rank guy like stevens rank guy that makes sense so i would rather wait a month like if i have to wait a month for stevens come back. I'll do that. We want barboza. We'll we'll do that if we have to wait till december to do it. That's fine but if we don't get a ranked opponent on a week's notice we're not taken the fight and you can't blame them for that so when i think it's gonna end up happening is i think barboza versus allen and that we do chicago vs stevens. Because that's a winnable feifer ghia he's gonna get a guy that's gotta stand in bang with them. A top ten guy doesn't have a lot of wins. He's been finished a couple of times but still. That's that's a good name to have in the resume that puts you in the rankings. And that puts you right but you right in the top ten and then we can book allan bristow qods if you want to talk about germany. Stevens e-ever steve. i liked. I liked car. Because i want jeremy stevens to fight Burgos i selfishly. Don't want that fight. I want that fight more than giga jeremy. Stevens or ryan haulers. Jeremy students gave his jeremy. Stevens is nothing for me. i get it just. There are so many other fights. I want of everyone we named. I'd have so many more matchups i want. Besides gigging jeremy stevens but germany's june by anyone and made a really bizarre call out on twitter. Some sure that fight gab budge but not by much speaks determined by how much as what i was really hoping it wasn't autocorrect. Someone like this is like god. I hope not. i really like ads. I hope i hope he mediator causing cheeks all time. I'm not cheeks out in the first round. you'll see budge. Each come on marlborough very those. Maybe the best acceptance of a fight on twitter of all time and it took a mike. He did it a matter. A second series like thirty seconds of the call we got the budgie skull. So i think that's i think that's a fight. They're gonna make him. yeah. I figured. I think it's a good one. Yeah ob obviously Kids get to kasich. He's he's Yes i hope to see him as it happens because we all know. He's scared of ryan hall so yeah he's ducking ryan hall. Everyone's dockyard the entire division ryan hall. Have you seen ryan social media. He wants danny fight. He wants a bad but makes sense that makes does make sense. I like I think we're going to have this. One's a real quick one. It's not about tonight's card. But if leeann edwards can't get in the usa what do you think about michelle beheira versus -khamzat shemaya. I love it. i love to see. They won't do it to happen but has also wanted last. I heard they wanna show data versus anthony pettus. Yes i believe. That's i believe i believe they offered. It's anthony pettus. He said no or the offered michelle someone else. Michelle patterson no and then they offered so andy pettitte someone else needs to know so then they all ended up back. Anthony pettis show panetta. Everyone just kept saying no so. These went back to the original fight they want. I don't know. I think god don't know how bad is injury is but i would love to see michelle pereira versus robbie lawler abby fund. I think i think. I think that's a good point both their careers. So i just kinda wanna see i. Of course i. I know and i can get out. We're going to get michelle prayer versus a dude i go. Oh yeah. I think guy fight one of those fights i think i think mag you get the the backup shot. I hope so. Hope he's ready. Willing and able. I mean they did everything in our not to give them some fight. So if we can't get there. I think you just you have no choice. You gotta get somebody in there. Neil will take a sack. Is i was i was. I bet alford Jack hermansson middleweight. Fight jack remains in the week before banning of a weeks before. That's middleweight Scrap too any of those like they would have but they're probably not sure if the liane edwards thing is still up in the air i would think and just yet scratch that yet but been pretty come on what happens is the bone is the dana used to have like he just kept kept the edwards comes at down the line and it just book hermansson versus hamas that next was it two weeks from now three weeks one is beginning of december. Yeah i'm a. I like just double book now. Just double bookham come on Fun that's an interesting fight. Hamza versus your manson. Yeah that'd be really interesting support for this podcast come from. Cdw dell technologies at cdw g. We get the migrating your agency to a hyper converged. Infrastructure is challenging switching. Decaf gotta do it gotta do it slowdown friend. 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They're going to try to book it on the december twelve pay per view. But she wanted to wait like another month and then at that point like the plan was to keep on the card and then they both tebas for the next month which aspires a apparently was gonna be ready for so obviously ship has sailed. They went with waterson. Adt leaves the spires a free. You can do jean-ann versus esparza and then you'd have the winners fifteen so good man. It's a such a good division Yeah i think obviously Yanji non how was their name again. John john yang now non jonah. Yana ooh have you say that's their lynn. Jessop fear and on. John art yawn. You can go back and watch our interview with with john. John remember we we. We interviewed her. And i said can you please pronounce your name for us. She was more than happy to. It's out it's on tape her pronouncing on But basically i think tonight she we know now. She's an elite star weight. And that's about it. I don't think. I don't think she's going to get a title shot. Then she needs one fights because of how thick the division is at the top but Unless you get to a big knockout finish over to say esparza next fight but man are widely versus. John will be awesome If times are different maybe in six months nine months. They had that fight in china. I i mean who knows man that'd be that'd be super cool but your titus the another another big player in the straight division back is i mean. He's gonna fight rosanna unions next probably early. Twenty twenty one bite island trip. Yes because once they go back earth january february. I'm hoping february to march. Yeah well who knows who knows who knows how it's because the election happens not virus. Who knows how it's gonna work. Is it performance so look good. Awesome off performance marina. Rodriguez is still sitting somewhere in that right. Is she liking the top time. Even be a your on general like that. Just be fun striking fine if this. That's a good one. What did you say i miss. Yeah she's i taught straightened matchup. Yeah is that possibly one of the most unique choke you've ever seen done by alexander radulov checks that come to mind is The twister or the ezekiel choke It's it's a union. Yeah i mean. It's unique. Because i haven't seen it really. You know what i mean. Have you seen that before casing. Yeah it's a yeah. An emma may may It's it's it's very strength is is because like you knows most chokes have to get you on. Both sides is a token. There's only a one side so usually not going to get that early in the fight when guys on energy because it's more just kind of like a big brother f. You choke you know because you just kind of standard bubby like gonna tap out and you don't really is slow job and it's just kinda just sucks just have a giant man just present down on your neck like that But most fighters at this level. I'm not trying to Who who do you submit dilemma dilemma. You can stay if you used to know. Professional fighters should get some it with that in the afc. Yeah i mean unless you're really again beat up by ten just you or you just get caught off guard. Yeah it might not be all i. It's a me when i was watching it. He likes started for him. What is he doing and all sudden. He taps him out like i bed. Dilemma just was like on like totally caught off guard. That submission yet never happened. It's an. it's an embarrassing one. It's an embarrassing Cotton and honestly what are you. Compare it to the twister. Though easy keeled joke maybe because it can be slapped on like so quickly the twister has like steps. You have to go through these equal joke. You just kind of like grab the net and squeeze and this is pushed so it's basically the twister except instead of getting your hand on the other side just slam your forearm into the throat but romanoff has done this before right. He has a three so one. yeah so obviously. It's something he goes to. And i think he goes to because i think honestly people People forget about it people forget the train for it and he just knows where it's at and he just hit it right there and and by the time you go oh crap. I had to get out of this. It's too late and his big man as on us though Like it's gonna become like Beer alexia lennick. With the ezekiel like once you see. You're all never get caught. And then he does it again and you're like all right now. Everyone everyone in the divisions are going to be training it. That's why you don't see anymore. Gogo jokes you don't anymore von flute. Show say any more zeki jokes is now you get to that upper echelon of that division in. Everyone's just ready for. What do we think about romanov. He's awesome i. I love awesome awesome. I love that's all. He's like sneakily. Good shape too. Yeah i just them. Do i a cake. I just want to give props to dominant crews and i thought he did him in antic and the boots i thought were just. They flowed perfect. Now there there never they were talking about the right things and maybe because it was just good fights as easy. But i thought i thought just it a great technical breakdown the entire night i was like. Oh yeah. that's yeah. That's everything because there's only trevor wittman i thought was great. Whatever women jump in a lot The women a fight. He talked a lot. He's like why is why is it. Why are they telling. Our lonski is doing a good job to tell them to push the pace and stuff like that like you to openly question i think dominant crews benefits from having just two men in like it's just him and one other person. I keep benefited greatly from that. So it's not three people talk. I read it. I just I just and it was antic right. Yeah and also like antics has never really does fight nights anymore. I know if it's gerald was sick so like annika tossed in with dominic in dahmer. Like they've been. They started off pretty much doing together. So they those guys don't need to prepare for each other whatsoever so I know a lot of people. Don't like dom doing a lotta people think antic is annoying but together. I don't think anyone should be able to complete a combination. Yeah i really like dc. I say i love to. I love these different. Funnier has more comedic tone. I love dc to But just i think dominic went. Like i think i think for like martial arts nerds fight nerds i. Don is kind of the guy to go to. Because he doesn't oversell anything he just like. Oh that's smart. i like that. That's exciting you know. I i when rogan dc sometime. They they get they get excited. We're just fun you know. They're almost like fans watching fights in every once in a while they'll give you analysis but for the most part that i oh my guy he's hurt but I just i just think these is like i agree with you. A hundred percent that for like the hard coordinator dhs cruises amazing if if there's a big pay per view. Dc's the guy because you don't have to know anything about anime and dc can just make you're excited about anything. I'll tell you that card. That's a different thing. Brought that up. Because i noticed how happy dominant crews was just talking about when romanov did that talks. He tossed his coaches like. Did you see how how just perfectly perfect technique that was. That was impressed by that. I was like oh. you're so cute. So cute great on those fight nights member. Remember when joe celeski submitted austin go. He walked a walk. Everybody through like what hubbard needed to do. Select doing so great. And till he locked on the standing rare naked choke. Like i thought that was much. But then you remember you seen the video of habibaric talking to dc about dominant cruz. No cause remember when dominant group cruises on commentary during a beat mcgregor and there was the moment and i think one of the rounds are be on top just punching holes through connors this rain in donna cruz like connors making tired by dodging by doing all this. He's making tired and everyone in the twitter was. What did you like cars. Not doing rbis borough. And there's a video. I think it was like one of those blogs that follows the age eight ak edge guys around and habib is like these come here is like tell you boy dominic and then as soon as he said it the start laughing as i. What is this like. He make me tired by me punching him. What isn't it. i didn't even what's on your boy. I'll send you i'll send it to after all tweeden's i tell you boy tell you boy like what is this. I punched him head. He made me tired. Come on can't get them all right. you know. you can't get them all right back. I also don't think they wanted to just have of just get as beat so they're looking at for anything positive to say. Yeah i yeah. I guess that was a track. Yeah yeah and also remember. That was a that was a packed arena to ninety percent connor fans so i can see the You know the the emotion and the energy kind of sway. You back when people were allowed to go tonight. I don jr occasion bro. I don't know this question is was referring to. I didn't watch it but Dummy if you can tell me what it means. Would you think of our skis post. Talk guy go. what did you think of our lassie's post-flight talk city didn't want to engage in the wars. He had before mentioned dane. His name seem quite angry about the pressure to put on wild exciting fights I will say and this is from the scrum than i didn't see it because i think it was happening as we're on so i mean okay might just not getting this quote. I disagree with him like he's just fighting. Is fighting smart now driving smart. You're on the wrong side of forty two heavyweight like come on get your paycheck. Just go with. Yeah exactly and he's probably. You probably cleared a good amount tonight right when we went through phinney or for you to was to forty four was that the bmi fight at msg Casey danny esta recovering. That dance aguirre and we were making picks in john is fighting are loss. Can i remember. Casey's like why is our loss can fight in this guy like no one knows who he is in like is going to destroy andrea laskey and danny was like that. Do the monster. And that's exactly what happened and then our loss us like. I didn't even know anything about him. I just showed up to fight. And i have a feeling that was a huge wakeup call for lobski. The can't just show up and fight no-name heavyweights especially jobs. You know rosen strict like you google his name you see. It's kickboxing record. And he walked in there just like there's the photo that esther took of our lawsuits like his butt in the air. Oh that one. Dr xenia was just like like. That's what happens man like like. Don't don't you can't own. And so like since then. He's all these like meticulous fights he's going there and take risks but they can have exactly. Who are we look at our. He's comment about know dana. I guess yeah seems like there some behind the scenes shenanigans org. Hey maybe more exciting. This is exactly why laskey is in the ufc. Still at his pay rate too because i like the ufc book. Giardina versus andre. Because you got to be the name to be name has wanted to win and no it didn't happen tonight. But yeah that's our is our lost like steeping got his title shot against doom by beating. Orlowski franson got who fought our lobski when he was coming off. Those three wins in a row. And just crushed. Our loss. orlowski is pretty much been fed to the top five of heavyweight right now. Everyone in the top five syringe made a name for off off of our laskey. And they're trying to do that. Still like i guarantee you. If our loss you wins another fight and searle gone beats j. d. s. They're gonna make cyril gone laskey. Because that's exactly the matchmaking. I can't. i'm surprised they didn't make that already is. That's exactly the type of match making the they're not gonna give under a lousy blog ivanov because he beats him was that do for the u. of c. They want andrea A stepping stone for these young heavyweights. I know he's gonna get next. It's gonna fight romanoff next young heavyweight greg hardy wrong or wrong up there you go yeah romanowski by behind romanov because i i did. I like i like them along and like i don't get me wrong like andre andre lousy. Any of those names is fun. Fight but you gotta know what they're trying to do like frankie frankie faez frankie's like yeah the us. You want me to lose. I know that they want air to win. I'm just going to not let that half agree. And frankie treated them. Accordingly order you just head is a basketball. Yeah pretty much but they the question. Jay gada i have to go back and watch it. I'll listen. He has every right to say that. If if that's how he feels you probably just got off probably just pissed off. And now he's gonna feed you out. Romanoff is dana. Talk and say the post press conference if he doesn't typically speaking if he doesn't carbon i he ain't common and it seems like you ain't not because he spoke at the last contender series. These are the more in On fight island the media. They would be like well he just spoke to the press. Conference was probably not gonna speak to us now is spoke to us after way. He's probably not can speak to us now so you can. You can kind of gauge when dane is gonna talk when he's not based on if he had talked about week already. Yeah i think there's the election with the election results. You kind of expected it. Yeah yeah. I i really nothing. Hey stick fraught stick. Six o'clock rock. What's next trevon giles. Good win it. When i was a good win I think he's just bagging the packing out. Just i think you stay ready. They stay in case some of these fight. Any of these fights hall out midway whose Who's buckley fighting next fighting jordan riot luckily versus respond job jordan governor absolute if kevin holland gets just piece up by jack commands. And why not just re book. That fight is that was that was. Donald trump and giles is the one that passed out before. Kept right right to walk out holland okay. I didn't know who's the platform. I can remember the punishment i i think. Jumping giles I think he's kind of the point in the. Afc were good for him. He got to win is seems pretty hoping it seems pretty care for my non-medical is that whatever happened before was just a freak thing and he's good to go and I just were foreseeing same again in a few months you know and we'll see what happens then but i don't really think he's at a point where he's got. Fight this guy you know. Maybe like a machi potolo round there. Yeah something around there. What about Darren stewart. He just lost kevin. Harlan hosts fight real fun fight. Yeah dan one saying i would be a scrap to drawn win the fight. He's he's fighting. Braga nato on seventeen off suspension. Yes fine december nineteenth. Oh wow that was retroactive. Like things get already been like most of it by the time. They announced it. Give them phil house. Ooh ooh there. You go luke there we go we got and right now i have you know bad guy against scott hall. That was it down there. You go mr panza. We get anybody man. Yeah something in that range though Getting real quick real quick thoughts on this one thoughts on the next pay per view car. Let me just pull it up. Real quick I if we're talking we're talking sizzle not the best. It's just there's an. I mean they'll just be honest but if we're talking like people who love watching really good fights. I think it's a really good card to divide. I don't hate it man. I love while watch. Shogo will fight day of the week. Let me ask questions greg. We're looking at this. Has journalist look at says just a dude sitting on a couch with seventy dollars in his hand. Kinda see i think he got. He got the become differently than fight nights. A tough one. I gotta be honest. I think i'm excited. I wanna see balance. want. I love seeing shipping. I love seeing dominant fighters dominate. I wanna see if i can do it. I'm interested acts peres figueredo. Yeah you know in the open rain raw. That's ridiculous by digs his fight off. But are you gonna tell your buddies to pay seventy dollars for this one of my very on the card but yeah dallas is on the main card to ari. Perrin means is. I'm pretty sure. The no because lawrence april so that me right couch. The fights on the scar to yes. That's the that's on the main card. This is really good. See you know. So you know what i what i noticed marino roy not on the main card anymore. I wouldn't be state. They're putting perry means on the on the graphic time they put perry means on the main card and ran our got knocked down. You have a flyweight title fight and you had been the role you just know it. And i don't think that that's a guaranteed awesome five marino rebel guaranteed or but. There's no fight sucks you put on the main card you showcase speaking flyweight fucking mike perry on main having a good day. I'll tell you that's they're gonna put marino rival probably the featured fight. That's going to be the. Oh yeah you don't like twenty five dollars you best by this interview now because these are just going to beat the breaks out of each other asking me a great fight. I can't wait for if it's if it's the the the main event on the prelims which actually what the most most has literally balls watching. Actually wait wait it's not. Espn espn two prelims. Be into espn. Plus so it's it's not even big. Espn prelims man summer. It's the dose in the ocho. It's i don't think it's i think it's gonna be a fun card The steak is going to be delicious. I'm really excited. Selfishly for the shogun. Paul craig rematch. That's fun because i'm i love. Shogun ball craig. Is you never know what you're gonna get. He's gonna be losing for two rounds and four minutes fifty nine seconds in somehow win so always watch paul craig fight and then later too then right. Let's get your dad card. The very beautiful. Joe ban is back against jared gordon. That's am buckley jordan. Right you know. Despite some prelims the free fights Yeah doc is on that car that lewis style louis. Cozy makes his debut. Tell me about him. I don't know anything about him. He's one of the the brothers that one on a contender series bottom backyard. I think his brothers fighting like it gives on the december card. This one's just got added. A sasha's canoe is is to fifty six better though obviously the top who pfizer nearly better talk really better. If i'm gonna go without actually looking at it. I'm going to say yes is a champ at sutil fights got nunez megan aniston and then like the coleman event is worth the price anyway it sterling. It's yawn versus sterling. Okay the tory john. Jd aragon casey. That's mackenzie dern versus john. Zarrella got thankfully review rules very excited versus peter barrett teasha tours. Angela hill enact gallon talker so scrap. You know what. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna shitting on the pay per view too much coming up to fifty five because the original booking was figueredo garbrandt which would have been very interesting so Kampot that just bad. Like the afc ordinate because we're when that fight was announced everyone was like all for as deserves and more expert deserves more and now we everyone's like oh man cody garver interested. I think we didn't think was going main event for pay per view one of those fight night main events or or komai for review. I think yeah. Just we like ice peres. But i don't think the fan base is used to shelling out save as the prom. Maybe we'll have On the side considering he files present this is his way majority. He's doing good Yeah there's a lot of people were like. Think that shift chanko should got the the main event spot that could have done something but i think from honestly last i think competitive from a competitive sampling. I think peres versa. Figured as the better fight agreed agreed by figure. Would it be garbrandt. Pretty easily. Not easily would finish them. It's just me. No i agree. The men's flyweight fight should should be headlining over the ladies fight just because of the competitive nature but Do who knows head of this should really been an. Has she been in a great fight. Like going back and forth by. I know she's been close fights but she's been just like oh my god she just doesn't have that not not in herbage. She hasn't had a war right. Am i missing. Getting one assist. The nunez fights were those wars close high level fights. But yeah who knows just. I'm being very optimistic. That this is going be just broke. Open yeah what else he got a digital people using the these anything new comments be brought up. I don't see any. Just look and see if anything on twitter general questions about just someone wants to add that the prelims are gonna be on. Espn two because the cause of college football will be on the internet so next. I think 'cause next week scarred is kind of black market. Jeffers is already at a Razzaq amazon was cast williams event jillian marquez sapper bag sapphire off dontrelle maze rocky martinez antonio roy over eric sanders. That's interesting k hanson versus corey mckenna ashy odor miranda grainger. Alex moreno Reese mckee lewis smoke. Jose can you random marcos versus cannot go murata antoni tony gravely versus geraldo defray tasks. That's the car next week nada. We lost brian. barbara adverse. Daniel rodriguez during Mr barbara yet Some sort of not non cova dated. Luckily i think now. Yeah there's not gonna let me take through internal bleeding from a couple of ruptured arteries in his amenam meant that they'll intimate is. The amendment is a large flat. Adipose tissue layer on the surface of the intro parents or his besides fat. Storage mendham has key biological functions in immune regulation in tissue regeneration. Some i have no freaking idea. Thank you either sloughs. Yesterday its sub. I was gonna guess so somewhere in this coming but it is stomach liver in a wraps around the intestines. Oh jose muted get an you bid you meet it has sue bermuda on mullaly muted deafening needed. Back excreting story literally just or your life and it was working yesterday. Young's curse continues. Yeah oh you know. We are so many more things that have happened. I'll tell you about a whole podcast of your batted did motivate the rest of us indians. anything else is good enough. Good time goodbye this real quick fight of the year Yeah i think we're on a play on words or go make today i was. I was trying to think of a good ear pun and at the time. Yeah this is like six hours later but yeah thank you. Anthony ins sent got some some questions about colby and Or a tough. You know that kind of stuff. But when you talk about the no-brainer as a no-brainer coaches. Right there near those guys are gonna fight so it just having man. I okay moving on from this card. I'm really hoping. Kobe does a whole gimmick were like. He's all joe biden. I'm just i'm hope he's he's totally like medicare for all you know all and everything is in that Kevin lease thing can lead is about that life right. Yeah gimmick you know he's alive but didn't he speak it a bernie rally. I don't know if he's he did. What is your at one. yeah. I think i'm lesley smith a two lighters but Yeah kevin lease head. Tattoo is might be the of twenty twenty. Have you seen this case as someone i thought. It was a lot of someone with a lot of tattoos myself. It is very well done. I don't understand it. And i'm not a fan like it's well done. I'm not a fan of solid black anywhere above the neck. Like lines is fine. Anything college in solid black. I think looks strange in his so much. It looks like it's all scarred up already if you've ever seen a scarred it looks like it's just scarring immediately and i don't get it but it is well applicator tattoos grade harsono and if yet attached to to impress other people. You're doing the wrong reasons. So kevin likes it you go. That's all that matters. Say that all the time long as you like. It is in the right progression. Yes absolutely though. If you see it goes up to his hairline so now he can never shave his head because his tattoo of just stop it looked at lexington. I dunno sorry down to have to add on it. What sam right. That's what i assumed it was. I think it samurai helmet speaking in which case you have a playstation right. Yes their own. Message me a playstation game. And i'd never heard of it and i was gonna ask about it now. I can't remember what the now is the samurai game. Oh the ghost ghost of Yeah yeah that was one that watches someone that watches the as side Said we were talking about For almost cup size should play that only playstation game. I go cases the only one. I know that as a playstation yeah so i figured i asked you me pay game too but i got shit to do man. Sorry then you spend like almost all quarantine playing the last of us. Yeah that's yeah. And and i was like okay. I gotta stop playing. Because actually i wanna play the guy. I'm a change of setting to do like you know whatever takeaway away the listen mode all gamers stuff. But they i i just got crafted a cyberpunk. I'm just one cyberpunk comes out. Your guys will never hear from me again. Sandy fan loves over-cooked overcooked says the best game Museum fan base over good or cyber palm been pushed back again. I know robert. Whitaker wants to play in apparently mass. Pike's getting remastered for the next gen and the new elder scrolls might be xbox only so i have to buy spots. I don't know any of these things being none of them. You're probably well. I'm point you donate a kid man. You have time for video games. Yeah he plays. We have a ps three in his. He's loves spider-man's. We played the spiderman game also spiderman three supplying playing spiderman to so the best Had asked superhero video game probably until the notes most recent spiderman that everyone freaks out about kids by my game to another one. But he's obsessed with chucky cheese right now so i don't know if you've got toes you probably know chucky cheeses 'cause you hundred percent. The restaurant business all business now. No no no no donna. They're still they're still around. We went to. We went to a few weeks back really. There's one open in worcester massachusetts. It was the biggest piece of kokos ever. Chucky was the mood elm of the world socks woes. It was so bad because they have so. We thought mechanical ban. Well yeah yeah and as the animatronic animatronic those scary. I love it my wife and our like i can't we drove all this way and check out here like me. The kids or anything. So we bought. We found a chucky cheese. We game for like three dollars and we bought that for me like play basketball and ski ball and all that other stuff. So he's obsessed with it sound like what a what a what a savior. That is not to go there anymore. You split the damn video game to wonder massachusetts You don't have to go to western massachusetts now either. So it's a win win. It doesn't mean there's one in albany that's thirty five minutes away. They're not open. Obviously the pandemic for some reason the swan wooster was opens. We drove an hour and a half to go to that jackie's going out of business. Most of them are closed. But there's still a couple of open. The one i need anyone has gone is gone. I just need like another year or two. Just need like another year or two until he's over it and then we don't have to worry about any more than i'd say to make those drives ever again so sad restricted. They have only been at chucky. She's once my life that means you've only lived one day in your of your life probably yeah super operated still expensive to end. The pizza is oracle. I don't mind you lived in new england. You ever hear of united states of america. That was a big thing in southern knowing it was like the biggest door aiding and laser tag place in like southern new england as well i think that kind of shaikha cheese never could survive in rhode island because of that we had. We had a place near where we lived like outside of boston in saugus mass called rollo world and it was very similar to that. Big role like rollerblading rollerskating video of massachusetts has laser laser gate. Which is the big one. That has that big big john warehouseman now. We're talking about laser gate and united scancen. American casey's like osama bin in i'm from texas and we had our big thing was like Famous shooting guns Yes yes fame city and resisting guns when you guys you just go. Hang out the alamo. Yeah just just hang out in basement the base. Thank you for saying that i could do. Pee wee's big adventure all day. Casey all day long starters are big and bright red the heart attacks. Yeah oh my god i could. I could call that movie forever. God tom lodge -centia home still scares the shit outta me. I know it's coming every time i heard you. I went dinosaurs. I it's out on the way. If you go to palm springs. I've been in the dinosaur and everything. It was really It's a creature business. But for while became a creationist museum. Kidding wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. i'm alone. Dadi a rebel. I gotta go do the. This'll be the next hour of our lives. You can give me five more find more. I'm more cheeky. Giving your can you impression back when p we walk out of the pet store by the my my favorite the best line. The whole movie is After he left a francis said i can get it. My daddy's second anything you. I i one and what i want. Is your bike freaks out. Laughing at you stands up. It's not for sale francis. Good my name is like where you've been eight months and we just find this out now me and my wife now. My now wife's birthday was at six flags in springfield massachusetts on is an october night. And she quoted pee. Wee's big adventure like out of nowhere. And i was like i turned and looked at her. Like is like world where this is like. Dream weavers plan the background. I was like oh my god and then we spent like two hours walking around freezing cold. Six quoting big adventure i was like i ain't gonna marry this woman and that is what happened. I really go big event all mean it will do l. Watch along on one of these days we do. That are pretty good card. Hope you guys enjoyed it. You've c. v. Vegas thirteen in the books. Shirl be talking more about it on between the lanes aside at cetera. So make sure you find us anywhere. Odd gas networks right here subscribe all that good stuff or jose young's executive producer extraordinary case. Allied i m my cat goodnight. Everybody you're listening to the vox media law gas network.

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