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Full Show (AB and Raiders, Luck concerns, Baker Mayfield, Barkley's prediction, Jadeveon Clowney)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host jerry taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode sown disputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip shannon. Let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed live live from los angeles jason mcintyre here for day three with greg jennings and my man rob parker good morning gentlemen what's up. Ooh yeah feel good. God knocks softball last night and i'll take you didn't get the l. but i got mine took a lot of els yesterday on this show rob me me on the show. I gotta get him in. Come on all sorts of confusion in indy with andrew luck's latest injury and is jerry jerry jones finally starting to panic but we begin with greg jennings his best friend antonio brown brown is finally returned to training camp after missing the last week as he recovered from frostbitten feet due to cryotherapy gone wrong earlier this week a._b. Lost his grievance against the n._f._l. N._f._l. to whereas old helmet since then he has found a model. That's been made within the past ten years in the n._f._l. Will likely allow him to wear it. Star wide out says he's excited to be back and despite dealing with a lot of adversity things are on the up and up but former steeler super bowl winning head coach bill cowher. You're told c._b._s. That is a very talented receiver but he does sometimes create headlines that can be disruptive to football team. Raiders coach jon gruden addressed brown return yesterday or come back in obviously it's great to have him back. You know we've had a pretty good understanding in spite of what eh people think. We had a pretty good understanding what what's going to happen and now we're ready to get rolling. You expected for the other. Oh yeah yep all right rob parker. We're going to start with you today. Will antonio brown help or hurt the raiders before we get there. I want you to apologize to abe <music>. I said that on hard knocks it was all silt-up bout of that he was doing that about the helmet on this show and and it was almost nonexistent well. That's the problem okay. Hard knocks filmed last week. This was about last week and jon gruden instead. He was concerned that tees for the next episode all antonio brown so the next episode will focus on antonio brown's helmet and his problems in oakland so so let's get back to the question you're wrong. Just say it will it hurt or help. Antonio brown the raiders this season of course he will help them. I mean are you kidding. When when you add a talent like antonio brown i know everybody's so caught up on the off the field other stuff greg because there are no games to be played played. The last time we saw him was was week seventeen because he didn't play in all the hubbub about that and so the narrative narrative about him has kind of diminished. What a player. He is because we don't see him on the field when this guy gets on i'm derek com car wheels. Are you kidding kidding my my my quarterback curric- be rejuvenated right and even if it's not him and even if they double and a._b. Other guys is going to be wide open so so i'm going to have a field day with him. Added is going to help the team offensively and just wanna go just a little bit with some of the numbers. Take a lot of my writing a little bit but i mean just somebody's numbers really most consecutive seasons with one hundred receptions options twelve hundred yards most n._f._l. History right also most seasons with one hundred receptions thousand yards and ten touchdowns okay in consecutive seasons. I just mentioned before he has six of them which is still active jerry rice who was considered the greatest receiving even one of the greatest two or three football players ever only had three such seasons. This is how good antonio brown is so. If i'm the raiders they made the right decision. They needed to upgrade their offense. They needed help. Offensively would a big time receiver greg. I'm all in on this. This will make the raiders. There's better once he gets back on the field and once it's about four i'm greg. I'm going to squash those numbers in a moment but i want you a wide receiver of course to talk up mr brown i mean. Do you think he's gonna hurt. Oh hell talking about right now. Everything that rob said thank you so eloquently spoken. It's a no brainer yes. He's going to help the oakland football raiders. He's going to help them. There is no question no doubt in my my mind no doubt in that man's john gruden's mind. No doubt dear cars mind that he's going to make them better. You ask their car. Who did i have to throw to last year. Jared jared cook was their leading receiver jordy nelson at tied in my my dad. Jordy nelson was their leading wide receiver. He was a shell of themselves. He was nowhere near the jordy nelson that we've seen in the green and gold in his green bay days so if you look got their car and you say men. Can he improve. Can he build on what he did last year. Yes look at their stats passing yards. They ranked eighteenth overall all in the national football league total offense. They were twenty third points per game. They were twenty eighth. We're talking about a receiving group that afforded derek carr are nineteen touchdown passes last year nineteen a._b. Had in fifteen fifteen touchdown astound receptions in just last season. Let the n._f._l. Levy n._f._l. Yes and so you sit here and ask the question to another receiver. Is he gonna hurt or help. He's definitely going to help. Let me give you a little bit more. <hes> so we look at we look at their receivers we look at what they didn't have and now we look at what they have <hes> with antonio brown we even saw on on hard knocks jon gruden so excited regardless of what everybody's wanting to throw out there because of what has been out there with the helmet defeat him not being present who's most excited about john about antonio brown coming back to practice jon gruden why because he's going to work. He's going to make us better baby. He's gonna make us better. He understands the magnitude of production that he has walking on that football field in training camp that is going to lead to production during the regular season. There's no doubt in my a mind that antonio brown will be ready to go that. He will give us what you just listed off. The statistics the consistency that he's always stone he he will remain the antonio brown of the football on the football field that we've always seen and greg. You talked about it yesterday. No one's ever said this guy doesn't work hard. Oh he's a hard worker. You could talk about all the other off to feel in the headlines and the facebook all that stuff and i get it. I get it but you cannot dog him about anything. Football related doing his job putting in the work and i'm thinking that's why john goon so excited. He knows knows that guy's gonna do that. Rubs off on other people and now jon gruden as a chance to win more football games. He knows it. Everybody knows you take the raiders for granted. You might get a l. Hung on interesting so we talked about bill cowher at the outset one super bowl. He said antonio brownstone done some disruptive things. You guys chose to ignore that remember the time when antonio brown took a cooler a water cooler on scientists chucked it during a steelers game because he's he's disruptive rob. You had your moment and you had your moment okay. I got a lot of stuff here. Okay we have arnold scored again. We have no i'm asking. Can you tell me well. We don't remember the game all. He doesn't bill cowher use. The word dead changed the game. You don't even know the one one dollars more his because he's showing passion as tossing things all right gentlemen ready. Are you done okay here. We go for so so we are afforded the opportunity of having a lot of former coaches. Gm's carbon players walk through here at f. S. one and i become a sponge absorb org as much as i can. We had jeff fisher here who was great earlier in the week. Eric mangini is phenomenal and the one thing they keep saying to me over and over when on peppering him with questions is we don't want distractions. What has antonio brown been from the moment he walked into oakland. A distraction frostbitten feet helmet does not not it distract on hard knocks last night said openly. I'm concerned now. He's concerned hi at practice bill funnies. Her is a distraction. When you're star attraction. You wouldn't pay khalil mack last year and you're willing go pay antonio brown who binds you is declining receiver now. Rob gave some great numbers okay. He led the n._f._l. Touchdowns last year last year was arguably antonio. Tonio brown's worst year in five years receiving okay ben rothlisberger touchdowns and fifteen guests. Ben rob your way here we go. We got more ben rothlisberger through six six. Hundred seventy five passes the most in the n._f._l. Antonio brown had his fewest receptions since two thousand and twelve last year. Now is that because juju smith ms shuster is it because the levy levy on wasn't there so ben throwing more but to brown less could brown not get open as much last season as he ages into his thirties. Listen antonio brown. We know the work. Ethic is there. He is a tireless worker when he gets in and doesn't distract people. I like brown as a player. No doubt he is a phenomenal national talent to watch but you could argue last year was his weakest ear in the last five years. This is the guy who led the league in receptions twice five years ago. He's been declining lining and receptions and targets ever since i'm not saying he's slowed down. He's still an elite receiver in the n._f._l. But he goes from ben rothlisberger an all time hall of fame aim quarterback won a super bowl to derek carr a guy who had accuracy problems last year. Who's coming off a bad season guys i i. I'm hopeful that brown can help this sorry four win team but not optimistic and i believe ultimately he will hurt the raiders a wrinkle into your number for it because you save his lowest. He had one hundred and four receptions before he had one hundred one hundred for okay so lowest his his lois yeah and the year before one hundred six or the last three years one six one one one four pretty consistent consistently lower on sorry. It was the first time since two thousand the last year that he was not in the top five in receptions in the n._f. All he's all in out of the top five. He was taught since two thousand twelve right up there and now he's falling down to eighth last here. Oh my goodness you want to know why he possibly made that law i do because the bill wasn't there to take some of that thing defensively defensively if i'm a defensive coordinator and i don't see i'm bill president i'm going to make others beat me not antonio brown so he's going to have to work harder been been. You're not gonna be given this option like you haven't been in years racer whose derek carr gonna turn to in the backfield. Does he have a levy. We've got a rookie qian. Josh jacobs defense is going to vote for rookie jason face a missing also the last three years. He hasn't played all sixteen games. We had an a previous four. Larry quit on his team as we said well whatever you wanna call it all to you is i think you're not being fair with his numbers numbers or not declined still top ten receiver no doubt but for the first time last year since twenty twelve he was not top five in receptions despite his quarterback leading the league in pass asa temps something there seems to be off to me. I'm not buying whatsoever you can. You can give me all those numbers but you can again. I go back to the is what does my eyes see. When i see antonio brown on the football field from a production standpoint you mentioned coach aired men jeanie and jeff fisher talking about what they don't want distractions but did you ask them what they do want production. What does he provide production every single ear what does aunt who are we talking about one of the top receivers in all of national football league antonio brown why because he produces he understands what it means to perform on game day. That's what coaches want most. They won't players that are gonna show up when the lights turn on antonio brown has proven proved that he's going to show up when the lights turn on and another thing. It's not just even about the numbers we talk about. What is he going to provide for the oakland oakland raiders without a juju smith schuster without the running backs in the backfield one-sided bill well he. He's a decoy at if if nothing else he's going to draw so much attention that guys like tyrel. Will you know that have come over from the you. Wanna look like that but we're going going to start talking about guys like this. This is why we have juju. Smith schuster is making so many plays because he's playing alongside in all pro and it's very i'm greg but in tokyo did not like that. The juju was emerging his teammates. It picked juju smith schuster as the team m._v._p. How did antonio brown respond and i'm quitting this is unacceptable and walked out on his team. You think they're gonna make a fifteen million dollar a year receiver a decoy and he's going to be cool with that. Were you in the locker room. When antonio brown didn't like that he went on the team with argument. I read a report of someone in the locker room. Sources told sports telustrator antonio brown was irate juju. Smith schuster was voted team m._v._p. He walked out to practice. You can go read it greg and i didn't want to dispute the and him rothlisberger got into it and he walked off and quit on his team. Wow i just i think i think your way hard on antonio brown and there was there was a a problem at the end of last season. There's no doubt about it where he thought he was going to play and because he had missed those days of practice they they told him that he wasn't going to play and he showed up for the game or whatever and then. They said he wasn't playing. I guess he left. Is that a good thing. No it's not i'll agree with you but the to act as if this guy's nothing what disruptive doesn't add anything and that ben is without without malice venezia comeback. I'm back to acknowledge that maybe he isn't the best quarterback and best teammate in dealing with his teammates putting on full blast and there are other situations so so don't make it like he's just him and i don't know anybody. Greg helped me that that wants to be knocked off their perch and feel good about it. I don't care hooters teammate or not. Nobody is oh yeah go ahead. Take over my approach. I'm good with it. I'm just saying i'm not saying that you have to be disrupt over. Try to hurt the team but nobody takes that great. He's still knows he's a great player. Fifteen led the league and you tell them. I love the league in touchdowns and i'm not i'm not a capital my team how how did lead the n._f._l. In touchdowns when the steelers said we're done with this guy we're trading him. We're we're all the big time offers. The raiders offered a third and a fifth round pick. I believe that's all it took friend tonio brown so it's not like the league was clamoring clamoring to bring this guy in. Let me add the next layer and i don't want again. I don't want to be painted as the antonio brown hater. Where's the evidence speaks so look at their schedule is the toughest in the n._f._l. Historically one of them was brutal schedules for travel. They have four back to backs on the road. That is the league-high guy. The raiders are going to be in trouble what happens rob when they if they lose the opening to denver the quarterbacks that they face after that the raiders teams could be in trouble. Patrick took mahomes kirk cousins andrew luck aaron rodgers. There's a chance this team is one in six out of the gate. Okay with this brutal travel schedule. How is in tonio brown. I'm gonna go from being a perennial super bowl contender with the steelers. How is he going to handle that locker room. If they're one in six out of the game i think he already knows where the team is and what the circumstances stance is. I don't think he's gonna go and be shocked. They haven't wanted super bowls in a long time to wait or not even connected bad so so. I think you do know that but you also oh feel when you go greg. Maybe i can be to god is to start this over or change the atmosphere change bring what what i had in pittsburgh to the waiters. It's the same way y john goon took two hundred million dollars and came out of the t._v. right and went to the raiders because he believes i can make a difference. I can change this. That's what is doing anytime you go from one culture and one organization as as well known in that the whole ad that has as much history as the pittsburgh steelers and you go to another franchise and organization like the oakland raiders. It didn't matter where he went you. I believe that you are going to make the difference. That's just everyone's meant everybody. You think you're gonna make the difference. Does that mean that the oakland raiders now are super bowl contenders absolutely not. Let's be realistic here. None of us up here are saying that but we understand what provides wins and that is players. Play makers guys who can produce when the lights are brightest and antonio brown again to my point has always been that guy you look at their you you ask their car if he would take antonio brown and does he believe that he's going to help him. Yes exactly of course of course ores you said the when the lights are brightest greg spotlight on tonio brown. Rob parker loves to mention super bowls. We'll just dial back the playoffs right. The play offs within the spotlight eight is on brightest tonio brown done in ten playoff games touchdowns. That's it is a really talented denials burger in the playoffs offs of recent when he plays new england you have you taken no exactly to england. I'm asking you because every time they'd played them. They lay seeing what john tomlin. Is that a band around. Its condemnation ryan shazia. Were we going with this. No where are you going with this. This is what i don't like win. Win guys like yourself start to make it all about one into one guy. No let me finish because what's going to happen is if the pittsburgh burke steelers have success is going to be they're better without antonio. Brown will let let me clarify something. You recall this. You covered the detroit lions. When calvin johnson decided to retire everyone was worried and concerned about the production of the offense specifically the skilled the skill guys in the receiver unit did did that did that production decline. No it got better actually. Does that mean that calvin. John was irrelevant. Who said that you know what the point so the despite whatever the pittsburgh steelers do don't let that be your narrative old. They're better without antonio brown. I because what what tends to happen when you lose a guy like antonio brown is a guy like ben rothlisberger who's always focused on him now. He's going to deliver delivered the ball differently. He's gonna go to different a lot more options because he's not so localized and focused on one individual that has always massively produced <music>. I'll give you another example levian bell. You know everybody's beating their chests. Oh we don't need levy on bell. Look james khanna. Whatever these are the same steel of fans talking what about this and the team didn't even make the playoffs. It's just like common core and tell them we didn't elaborate on but we'll look at. What james did you make the playoffs. No no don't tell weedon bell played the entire season. They wouldn't have made the playoffs so people can paint it any way they want and act like missing. A player like this doesn't matter better dog does no doubt about it but i want to bring the focus back to the raiders. This is a team. I said that would not pay khalil mack and whether your thoughts on mac that's it's kind of irrelevant but they wouldn't pay a edge rusher. We agree edge rushers more important than building a team than wide receiver. We would agree on that right greg. I was just blown away by behind them. Not paying khalil mack. Is anybody like that was the john grooten decision that he's an offensive guy. He wanted to focus on offense aside the baugh aw get younger players in there get players that he brings he brought in there. That's the thing about coaches. They want to weed out what they feel has been kind of tainted by the old regime or oh culture and old ways old thinking so you get those guys out a khalil mack. I would have never gotten rid of him. He decided to get rid of them. They got three first round draft picks. We'll see what they look like but antonio brown the one right here in question whether he's is going to help us help or hurt this team is buffoonery is absolute owners or the producers will love to hear you thought the question was done. Rob will give you the final word here <hes> he's definitely going to help a four win raiders team do what gets a five wins six. We know they ain't coming out of the cellar in the a._f._c. west. We don't know yet. I mean they'll just be better. Her just think offensively they'll be better whether it's his numbers or other guys around him and derek carr. We'll have a better season. There's no doubt in my mind can't be any worse than he was last but that's why you go out and get help i could you could you have problems you know was also interesting and in various rigging to me about antonio brown and all all that we we are seeing about him. Jon gruden is so excited about him getting the practice so that these young guys these other receivers i can watch the way he works because he's number one where you have a guy like that in practice in house that can translate what's in the meeting waiting room onto the football field. It builds the confidence of everyone around you not only your quarterback but the other guys that are going to be catching in receiving the ball from your your quarterback in provides that that example of what it looks like we heard it even on hard knocks when when nate peterman the it doesn't see the guy streaking down the z. receive restricting down the middle of the field. He's like you gotta see that guy. You know who we got coming in here. Eighty four is going to be here and he's going to walk that or he's gonna need that ball. He's a player like that's what that's what a guy like that provides and we're not even talking about games. We're talking about practice practice. Somebody buddy who actually loves to play football regardless if it's the game practice off season working out backyard. This is who antonio antonio rossi helmet issues no doubt about it. I give him a week. Five before antonio brown has his blow up after they get destroyed and they fall to one and for all right how concerned the colts about andrew luck latest injury. We'll discuss that and don't forget you can check us out every day on the fox sports channel on sirius x._m. Andrew luck has been sitting out of practice since july twenty ninth with what was thought to be lingering calf injury from april yesterday colts owner jim irsay told reporters luck wasn't dealing with a calf strain but actually a bone issue instead then g._m. In chris ballard clarified last night luck has not injured a bone but was having pain in the front of his ankle and his week. One status is currently uncertain rob boy. How concerned should the colts be with andrew luck injury given his history story. I can understand why people little like leary because he's missed so much time he's had so many injuries but i'm going to say not to concern from the standpoint of this i think they're being cautious with him be given his history and i think they're taking their time not to rush them out because they don't want to further injure injure whatever's bothering him and i think it's more precautionary now. I'm not a doctor avenue examined tim. I'm just saying needs to clarify clarify because i don't want people will be like medical system now. It's called the colombia j school <hes> journalism school but in this case i think that's what it's more about and i understand because this guy and when i say this. He's more to me like if he's on your team and he's playing. You've got a chance like a aaron rodgers. No matter what the rest of the team is that's how biggie is to the colt and luck last year we saw him have a bounceback year thirty nine touchdowns fifteen picks and they they need him to be healthy healthy and if that means taking a little time and i and maybe missing a game or so to get him right. I think that's the way you gotta. Handle it but i'm not ready to panic. Oh my god we're going to go through another <hes> year of not having andrew lock in the end of the world. I just think it's because it's him people panicking because what we see but i think it's more the right approach coach to deal with andrew luck situation rob. You have to be concerned because it is andrew luck because you know this is our god. This is is the franchise is not the same injuries what i'm saying. I don't care what injury it is. I don't care if it was a hair on his head. We have to take care of this. We have to be concerned because this is. This is what makes us go. You mentioned dip with him on the field. We don't know how great they can be. No doubt attach. There's no doubt with him without him out there. We're not even talking about the indianapolis colts think look at this in last year here. They were seventh in passing seventh in points passing yards per game the year before when he missed all of seventeen they were thirty in in both categories passing yards passing yards per game total total yards and then the year prior to that in sixteen they were fourth and ninth so he's a difference maker regardless of who you have at receiver regardless of what you have in the backfield we seen him. Do it. Regardless who you have upfront blogging. That's why i mentioned them. In the same breath rogers guys on that team. He's that type of a player that you have to be concerned about his health and with him as you mentioned not taking the snap since when was it july twenty ninth you're thinking like when are we going to see this guy back at full strength consistently instantly and that's the that's the thing that starts to draw concerns for me in another thing when you have one one result zolt coming back as you know there there may be a bone issue calf and now it's ankle when you start to have some variation in what is we're looking at from injury standpoint. Now i'm concerned. Is it really what you're looking at. What happened don't register dude. You see what i'm saying. It's even worse than that because it's been five months guys and they still are only finding out now what it is rob. How are you not worried about this. We're talking about with hold on hold on just a great quarterback comeback player of the year long course soda. The quotes are one in five okay. They were getting shelled. They couldn't stop anybody. The defense offense improves but andrew luck was everything so what they do in the off season well. He needs more guys. Besides t y hilton they go get devin funchess solid receiver. They draft perez kansas sousse slang by the way many had an unbelievable. This is a team built around. Look listen. I you guys don't do a gambling podcast for f s when i was in vegas last month i bet on several teams to win. The super bowl the cultural one of them. They have one of the best odds to win the super bowl. They're not even in the playoff discussion without andrew luck this big time seriousness business. I can't they're also said. I think that they're taking a cautious approach with him. Excuse me given his history and then yeah. I mean you can pay. Oh my god the sky's falling. You don't know that and all i'm saying is if it's the same injury greg i would be with you but when you talk about well something different you get hurt in football. You get banged up. There's something else going on and all i'm saying is rather error on the side of caution rather than rushing amount so that you know so that you feel good that he's taking snaps imprimis times do they. Are they going to this subject. Rob the shoulder. They screwed it up. If they didn't know always coming back he's coming back out of the season the lacerated kidney that he suffered there was a quote from one of these doctors that said lock's injury from the kidney a few few years ago. It was like something somebody gets in a car accident. Like in the colts had no clue. They were like always almost ready. Oh no wait he's done. They have consistently screwed this guy up and it's troubling this last year. Andrew luck was the look. Here's a history right here. This is really devastating. Andrew luck was the second best quarterback in the n._f._l. Last year against the blitz because his ability to read the defenses and mobility without an ankle with an ankle injury he's not going to be mobile say open against ingram and bosa and the chargers. That is a fierce if he can't run. I don't want him out there. We'll see what you just said is the reason why i like this approach because before they were always throwing stuff out there always coming back. He's not ready and in this case. We don't know to not going to do that. The gonna take their time with him. Don't tell people he's coming back and it's nothing make sure you know that this guy's going to be in the best shape and don't put them out to eat healthy so holding him back i get it you want to wrap greg and you want him to be out there with all the other guys but i'm wondering i think the culture doing it the right way. Take your time with andrew luck. Could you nothing bad luck with him rob. I i agree. I believe that they're taking their time. They're doing the right thing in taking the right approach roach however they are basically concerned because they've been down this road too many times and we're we're talking about andrew luck. We're not talking about a running bag that we feel like the shoes can be filled by committee. We're not talking. We're talking about a franchise guy who has proven that he there's a difference maker kit period clear-cut no no confrontation about that the one thing here that again that i don't like it is the misdiagnosing of what it is and having played in being misdiagnosed. It's not something that you take take lightly as a player which is why a lot of guys get get ridiculed about going and getting a second and third opinion outside the team dynamics hammocks in the team walls and why is that is because you have somebody who's not tied to your organization looking at you. I who's not ah kind of skewed in their their. Their congratulating was inflation. It's a conflict of it really conflict the vendrell. I right because you know as a player. Are you really in it for me. Are you trying to push me back here. When i'm when i'm really not ready i was in green bay and i i. I do not think it was intentional at all. I got my last year green bay. I had a sports hernia what it turned out to be will. It was diagnosed as a groin injury which all signs led to i felt i felt that some similar to what i've felt before and i'm like yeah it is a groin. I thought myself it was a growing won't whoa. I get a second and third opinion outside of the team and no it's not a growing sports hernia so this is why when you're dealing with players of this caliber caliber you don't wait and that's that's where i'm like. What are what are you guys doing. Why have you waited so long to continue to investigate gate what this really is like sent him off to specialists and let them figure out and come back with information and until that lets you know clearly what's what's going on with your friend. Is i think that's fair. Molly my only concern i'd rather than take it slow with andrew luck than just put them out with with three other people and be like oh well. He's out there. He'll be fine no. Let's not say that because they've done this in the past and he hasn't been fine so let's take our tom. Let's agree with you. Go out and make sure diagnosed properly and then get them back and they are taking their time. They haven't had any clue what the injuries then march march five months in. I think we're this say that greg jason. You say that but come on there are doctors there and elaine as clear cut as everybody. Everybody is greg. I would m- everything's not clear cutting and get a new batch doctors in going to send you to a specialist or they're going to send you to another doctor because because they can't really see or figure out what it is all right. It's not that cut and remain. He's had the m._r._i. Is and if the m. r. i.'s aren't showing up the information. That's necessary. That's when it's like okay. We got to send them somewhere else. We gotta get different scans done so we can really know what's going on and it's again and regardless of what is it. They still should do this but the fact that it's your starting quarterback and he's that important to your success as a team as an organization. You gotta get this. No one quarterback to another baker. Mayfield guys has has taken the n._f._l. By storm turning cleveland around from a winless joke to being a playoff hopeful. The play caller doesn't believe that everyone has jumped on the browns sounds bandwagon however baker said quote i think in the media and everything that comes with the hype around team right now people want to see us lose just because the hype is so real but we've got to go out there and take it one week at a time. We're trying to win every week up baker so well said greg you think baker saying that peop- what are you thinking about baker saying people want the browns to lose. I agree with where he's coming from. I can definitely understand dan in relate to where he's coming from with. What you have to understand is within the walls of locker room talk in conversation. There's bulletin board for material. All the time of how great you are or how bad you are regardless of what everybody's saying. That's positive what's going to conveyed is not the positive because coaches don't want you reading all the lovely things that everybody has to say and everyone is saying what they wants you to have is some type of insight on what they're not saying what they're missing and so for baker mayfield i guarantee you within that locker room within within the walls of the cleveland browns facility they don't. They're not hearing all the the buzz about how special this offense of unit is what they could be well. They are hearing what they could be in the potential. No one likes to talk about what potential is until it's manifested and until we seen it proven and so for baker mayfield to say this one hundred percent agree. I was in the locker room where code the code head coach put up guys. Don't take the bait. It was everywhere everywhere. We looked in team meeting rooms in the hallways. Don't take the bate why because they're each trying to keep us focus not looking at what what they're saying that is so good that makes us so good that they're talking about playoffs and super bowl predictions no. I don't want you looking at that. I want you focusing on everything being right here right now. In knowing we still need to improve. There's still things that we have to build on and we have to show it every single week in so we'll take it one game at at the time. I don't mind baker mayfield filling this way. I see why he feels rabbi. I have a feeling you don't agree. I don't agree. It's a false narrative. No acre may feel hunters first of all. They have two of the five most popular selling jerseys in the n._f._l. Go talk to the people in vegas and all the money. That's been laid on the brown this whole i mean what other jersey have they had to buy. In the last national we saw lebron james urges. He's at cleveland games. The mother around this whole idea that everybody wants them to lose or whatnot is not true. Everybody's jumped on that bandwagon. Media people costs and it's been other people falling over them t._v. networks with the gang. Oh yeah i got that. Neurons are on all that stuff. That's not for loser. Did you ever worked with somebody who robs. You hear what i said about what head coaches are going to put up a lot. Don't take the bate no but i'm the don't buy into the hype but this whole the us against the world woe is me and it's ridiculous that everybody's already on board for all the great that baker mayfield did a year ago. They'd we one team over five hundred of bad baltimore ravens team twelve to nine and people have them go into the super bowl so now why the baltimore ravens was did. Did they make the playoffs. That was the game after which benched flacco was bad. They won that game all the other games when he was putting up five hundred george against a terrible bengals and all that other stuff that went on all. I'm saying pump the brakes. This has been a bad franchise and they got a lot of different pieces cases. They got a unproven rookie head coach. If this thing goes bad and they start out owing two or three so we know where this is going this bus could crash cash very early on during the season. Do you hear what you're saying tell you this is exactly exactly what beggars talking about up up because what coast manzini call you hashtag inconsistent consistent raw right after this. You're telling me every the reason why bakers statement is factual no because you're saying why they're gonna lose a first year. Head colds come robbery yeah. I'm just saying that stuff is all possible but on paper. They have talent talent. They're big names. They are the darling of l. d. n._f._l. Trae are doling and drink no with gregg. Everybody's buzzing about what what players used to call the cleveland clowns because how bad the brownsword greg to buttress his point about prime time games the most primetime games a team can have as five the browns have four. That's the most they've had an over a decade because the league network saying oh she's gonna be good players and i wanna go back. There's going to be exciting exciting. Good in unwatchable and people are going to be rooting for them that they got the jersey sales through the roof they dell but i wanna come back to baker's quote for a second and and the idea of motivation ovation i read that steve jobs book great jobs book and internal motivation was such a driver for steve jobs and when i hear these quotes as rob said this sounds like a false near they're making sausage against the war i would you need to make this up like five meatballs on twitter are saying i think the browns are gonna a stink and baker sees that because he's always social media and now he's pulling that up and say well people want us to lose. No five dopes on social media said something internal a little motivation is key. I know baker has it because he was a walk on and overcame a ton of odds at texas tech. Then went to oklahoma overcame more odds then you've got to the n._f._l.'s are small quarterback. I i just don't like this. I don't think it's necessary again. One last note i want to go back. People think i'm a baker mayfield hater because of the comments. I made on cowherd about his phone blah blah blah. I just don't love the idea of quarterbacks always reaching for their phone. I know it's a thing now with millennials and constantly looking for that feedback loop on instagram ram twitter and then you see doing that. I didn't ask you that. I have not done that during the show today robert doing that but i just i don't love that i mean gimme. The andrew luck who who has a flip phone for the first eight years of his career. He doesn't care what the jubran are saying. I just feel like this is a big false narrative to take rob's phrase go with the internal journal motivation maker forget about these jokers. Let me let me touch this really quick touch it because this this is this is a layup always it it's hot. This is a layup end end weakland right now. When do you think horse. Bella check is telling his team that everyone thinks we're gonna win. Everyone is saying how great we are. Do you think the messages you think that's what tom brady believes right now. You think that's what he's going to convey in the media right now. No everyone thinks they're going to fall off. Everyone thinks is not going to happen who everyone everyone every because everyone thinks they're gonna fall day. My my point is when you who had success or when you have had failures or in in cleveland case when you have acquired and put together personnel that others know that talented personnel the number one question that comes after that is can they make it work. Will they be able to control all the eagles in that on that one side of the ball. Would they be happy. Will everybody stay together like all these questions happen. They're all these ifs can we can they eight. Will they all these things. That rob has mentioned first year coach odell beckham out of new york. He's in cleveland now. Will he still be as invested. All these things come up and what baker is saying is. We're going to prove them wrong. We are going to be together. We hear we're all of that for why. Why do you have to hear it. Who cares what they're saying. What's the point of putting any stock any value. If you're in that locker room you love to talk about the locker room and you've been in the locker room. Why do you care what they're saying social media. This is what motivates you is not. It's not what drives you you hear the chatter. Let's not act like we don't hear the chatter. Everyone hears this noise and the chatter. It's how you respond to it and baker mayfield. I love his response. You you know what i hear. It and i'm gonna prove you wrong. I hear the brownies jubran shattering making all the noise using it for click bait. I hear all that we're gonna prove prove them wrong. Why because i'm here period i get that. I know you get it because what i also. I'm more with jason on the standpoint that that should just come from within. I ah i feel confident like my team. Whatever saying that out in the media or talking about it is not going to change it is not. Do you really believe putting it out there here. Here's the one that's always happens greg. The perfect example better not say de play offs billboard material that team gonna come back and beat you because you said something about whatever how many times did we go back would not move who put the billboard material beat somebody. They never go back and go that letting work to build more material that you thought was going to motivate you. You know what it'd be too 'cause. They're better than you better pair. It has nothing to do with with the chadar her or the order order billboard material. That's that's so fall but you know what would happen if baker mayfield came out and said you know what we're going to be great gene. We're worst playoff bound. Say all that so. What do you want him to say. All i'll say on log if he doesn't say anything. It's like i need to know my quarterback is is nothing sam. Darnold doesn't say anything with the jets knock talking. He's gonna blow up in this league issue. He is going to dominate. You're not hearing a word about and i like it like that. I don't know about you. Rub your matt stafford detroit guy. I like my quarterbacks quiet but again more than one way to a love a love this because you like you like that because the jets have been so bad. No one even cares about the new york jets so now all of a sudden. It's like the cleveland browns you feel like they have you feel like they have a chance to be good or relevant so now's new online. We're finding rick. No you don't like that. We're finding on radar. You wish you were above the radar so everybody was still uh-huh jim baker just say i love the roster that we've put together. We got some really talented players. Were a young team with a young coach and young quarterback. We're going to get there. We're going to build this way. You should be their p._r. Guy handed over to say what you would. You have a problem with that though i would have a problem with it but i want him to be honest. I wanna be real like be who you are state to character. This is who baker mayfield is. Don't don't hey because this. This is who i'll give him this rob as guys in in this job whether it's radio t._v. Internet we appreciate candor from want them honest in this is donnas baker. Are we going to bash them for bashing him questioning it and then the other side of the coin as well if he says nothing he's not being talked about on these shows cowherds. We're not gonna talk about him next and we're onto the next guy so it does kind of go both ways. I'll give you one point for that greg decent jungle either poor four. That's sad bad guys say when they don't make the playoffs remember. I told you don't even have to argue my side runs. Did it for me. Rob did it for you told me all the reasons why would baker said is valid not were. I believe that most people in america and most network executives sports media media people want the browns to win and want the browns to be good because they bought their jerseys they know because they because of the the personalities that they have in baker kirby j they went on to play in the plan. They want them on t._v. To be in compelling games they don't want them to start the season owing three become a relevant and have have four prime time games and the browns of bed. They want them to win. By the narrative greg don't greg. I forget the comment but someone and made hilarious observation. If twitter were around michael jordan was playing. Would he be responding to eggs on twitter. I don't think so now baker mayfield does that. He applies to everybody. He's always in the social media and i think again to rob's point. This feeds that fake narrative. Oh well these. These clowns on social media are saying stuff like i got to respond. That gets in your head hurts you more than help does lebron james respond occasionally rhonda's occasion. He grew up as a hurdle lost six uh-huh rob. You had to row it. That's right okay very barclays. Filling out alert prediction and this one is a guaranteed. We'll tell you these correct. That's that when they go on to the n._b._a. The schedule was released least on monday and hall of famer. Charles barkley wasn't shy about showing his former team in philly some love. The sixers lost in the eastern conference semi finals to the raptors in game seven last season with headed west though barkley sees the east as a two team race barclays said quote i'm going. I don't know limb right now. I'm writing and dying with the philadelphia seventy sixers. I know it's gonna be a great battle between them and the buck so year but i love philadelphia. I guarantee aren t you. The philadelphia seventy sixers are going to win. The eastern conference all right. Rob is sir charles correct who wins they east. What makes charles so great is that he's willing to say anything. He'll bash bash players. You know i mean he does he really does but when it comes to predictions charles has not been really good as track record is pretty bad last year yet portland going to the western conference winning the west of course <hes> they got smashed by golden state and the sweep and then the other one is when durant got hurt he also said that <hes> golden state couldn't be houston after durant went down. We saw how that went and there was another one a little known one. He also said the line would win the super bowl within the next fifty years. He's been wrong it stop. It and i know you played a philadelphia. No you love philadelphia and they are a good team but i'm sorry it is still about milwaukee lucky and how good the bucks on jaanus and i know everybody pooh-poohed quiz middleton because he's not a big name with a second round draft. Pick you know what i mean i and worked his way and earned his way into the starring role or co starring role that he has but when you think about what they did a year ago sixty and twenty you too and all the way up and david had kawai leonard and the raptors down before they came back and won that series. They looked like they were going to the n._b._a. Finals joke city right and they didn't get it done just her bitter because of what happened to you would betting but they also won last year you ready forty five games by by ten points or more they're not they're a really good team in juggernaut and i'm just i'm not sure that philadelphia they still have question marks mark to me. I'm not convinced that jimmy butler not being there is a good thing. Jimmy fit well with them. He may big shots for them. Them why j. j. redick's not there anymore loss. That's that's another loss from the perimeter so so i'm not convinced that philadelphia is there will being a mix. Yes they'll be in the mix. I love milwaukee. Milwaukee will come out of the east especially not kawais not there to rob him one hundred percent. I'm with you here i i. I love what milwaukee the milwaukee bucks. I've put together specifically because of janas onto the compo- we understand who he years but we don't really understand what makes him go what really makes them tick and sometimes he alludes to it a little bit and he kind of shows us little glimpse limps of it when he doesn't want to go and work out with all these other stars around the now that guy national basketball association in because of that you just automatically root for guy like that but this is why the milwaukee bucks have been so great because their star is on a mission question the m._v._p. Of the n._b._a. is on a mission to not only win that title again as most valuable player but now how he wants he's had a taste he's come close to getting to the finals and it was taken away from him for something that he feels like he's led his team down without being able to shoot so when i look at the seventy sixers and them removing jimmy butler from the equation that was their closer and you you talk about big shots. They don't have that guy. That's going to make those big shots in the closing game. That's been in that moment. You got joel embiid. Is he gonna shine in nosema you'll be held or is he is going to be president of question. More in simmons can can he make a shot or free throw or anything will. He developed develop that game to the and go to the next level. There's so many question marks. Are they a talented team. Yes i totally get word. Sir charles's headed here but i i don't. I'm not gonna thrown the team that had the best record in all of the national basketball association last year in the milwaukee bucks and how close they came last year. I mean you give toronto. Toronto raptors a ton of credit but why leonard was the reason why we're we're not talking about. The milwaukee bucks not not the seventy sixers. Can i can let me go ahead got a couple. More notes that i think are important. Last last year. The only team ranked in the top four both offensively and defensive efficiency. Yeah i mean the only one and they were number. One defensively family and you know that's a big part in the n._b._a. And the other one offensively to average a hundred eighteen points a game which was i that was the most by any team you ready since one thousand nine hundred ninety one ninety two. This is a well oiled machine. This is a juggernaut and you're right. There were two games away to wins away away from making it to the n._b._a. Finals he's hungry. He added taste greg and i think you're right a regular season. Juggernaut no doubt what wall they lead the raptors nothing and then just got destroyed four games in a row came what they want in eastern conference hashtag inconsistent rob parker crush teams losing. They got destroyed four in a row after winning the first two jason. I embarrassed. I didn't lose that much but let me bring this actor charles barkley arkley okay charles. Here's what i love about this. Guarantee okay so you guys don't started a website and we wrote a lot about the media back in the day you still do know a- and sold the website blah blah blah but one of the things we noticed was these guys can come out make bold proclamations. I guarantee you. This is is going to happen and then they're wrong and nobody cares. There's no accountability. I know there's a couple twitter accounts attract this stuff but that's the beauty of it. Berkeley is going to be wrong here. I can in guarantee you. The sixers not win. The east. Al horford was a nice pick up for them but i just again i don't trust embiid's health as you said about butler and riddick nick to huge losses the team nobody's talking about and this is where he loves to be is brad stevens in the boston celtics addition by subtraction antonio brown on lovey umbrella pittsburgh. I think that's addition by subtraction. I do believe kyrie irving totally mess with their chemistry last year. He was getting on the young guys case. He wanted to get his shots. He was angry brad stevens last year here we go with celtics highlights lovely because brad stevens kinda tight with gordon hayward hayward coming off. The injury wasn't wasn't very good if you guys follow the team u._s._a. Basketball there are currently four celtics on that team. Hey not hayward brown tatum kemba and marcus smart. They are building chemistry right now that they didn't have last year. I believe this team when you toss in hayward coming off. The injury is not kind of a sleeping giant but they're the team he nobody's talking about it. It's all sixers. It's all bucks and the celtics are going to be my pick to surprise everybody and come out of the eastern conference. Last note chocolates should be <unk> texan you to say really charles barkley. Don't ever text me. I always tight with callard. I need to get on the ends of the barclay but the last note is tatum and jalen brown were in trade trade talks the last two years. Are they going to trade him for anthony. Davis what about paul george jimmy butler finally lifted they are without the pressure of are they going. That'd be moved. They know they are the future. They're the foundation building blocks in boston. I'm telling you guys don't sleep on the celtics winning the i don't think the talented enough to to compete with milwaukee i just i just don't and then might be a nice piece and you could use on the second best player on the bucks rob. Give me come on christmas pretty. Did you see what he did against the raptors choke city. Why don't you shut like twenty five percent on threes. He didn't show up. You could play all sues that doesn't mean he's a bad player i just want to go to we're just talked about the average a hundred and eighteen points a game. Where was he in the playoffs when it was he he we had a bad. Let me let me let me explain to you. How this this is why it's so special because you're trying to make it all about one or two players players. They have great and then they have one of the best arguably the most valuable what that's all you need to win six. The games apparently not sixty wins. The sixty wins they win in the east. I'm telling you they will gag again in the plus because teams say we're gonna give you all the all the threes you want because he started taking threes. We're going to clog the lane and dare brook lopez and wesley manas eric bledsoe was is your second highest paid player before for the middleton deal you know they had to bench him against the raptors because he was so bad guard placed so paramount in the playoffs kyle lowry and fred vanfleet were huge last year for the raptors. I don't see the guards in milwaukee. Georgia was huge georgetta good series but again they are going to miss brogden. Who was their second best player. He's gone now. I believe indiana the pacers i again. I gimme kemba walker. Gimme jason tatum gordon hayward jalen brown that team is going to be filthy really good boston so i just and i'm the lakers guy. I'm not buying the celtics. They're good at and kyw we if you want to use him as a scapegoat and when they don't win because when they don't win and they don't get there. I want to hear all the people who say oh good. We're glad that he's gone because i don't believe that they're better with kimball walker than i don't. I don't believe i'll be better rob parker worker not a chemistry guy. All right folks is jerry. Jones finally starting signs of panic. Hey this next topic's going to be the best what we do all day. We're going to discuss jerry jones. Dak things are not going smoothly for jerry jones and the cowboys who saw this coming ezekiel elliott continues use his holdout. There's no deal in place after the season for wide receiver amari cooper who missed practice again and his day to day with a foot injury of course meanwhile dak prescott reportedly asked for a for forty million dollars a year and also remains unsigned after the season when asked about getting these deals done jerry had a very jerry esque answer pitcher if you were a driver of a call and you had a wreck in your hand was almost severed severed off but she didn't understand. You're an item e. You look down your spurting blood. You open the door and run to the woods in either die bleeding to death or shock educated man looks down moses anatomy squeezes and knows his best chance has wait for help. That's caused. These men are lot done and so. I'm waiting. I'm squeezing and white and frail girl greg jennings. Are you bleeding. It sound like jerry. Jones is starting to panic <music>. I'm squeezing the waiting for you need help because i'm an educated man when it comes to these situations no. I don't think he's starting to panic. He just eloquently told us and his own way d- only way that we know jerry knows how to tell us is that he needs help and we understand the help that he does need. He needs these guys to understand that look. We're trying to do this all together. These guys being easy kyo elliott dak prescott in amari cooper amari cooper. We understand he's in camp. He's just injured. That's a part of camp. I'm not concerned about that. Neither sa- jerry jones concerned about that. That's what happens in camp guys miss time. You're going to be okay. He's present dak prescott another guy who they're trying to sign. He's he's in kim. He's not bitter. He's not complaining about his contract situation. He's taking the proper precautions as as a a quarterback to make sure that he gets his number but he's still doing the things the right way. He's still present. He's still actively a part of what they're doing and and what they're going to be doing in the future ezekiel elliott on the other hand. This is where he's talking about. He needs help like i need help. Zeke zeke you. Gotta come back. It's not a panic is just an ask for help because ezekiel elliot what he has to understand. Although i do believe he's deserving of being paid. He has has no leverage in this situation whatsoever. I disagree with gasol. He has no leverage when did this and he was willing ruling to sit out an entire season because he knew he was not going to be with the pittsburgh steelers the following year well we can't say that about zeke elliott elliot because he's he's under two more years of contract and they have the option of a fifth year so he has to give them some type of help to where we can meet <music> somewhere in the middle and we can get you back here on the football field practicing so we can do something special. That's the only concern that jerry jones. May we have is we have something. Special is my job to get these deals done. He said it earlier win have not gotten a deal done it. It may take longer than what he thought or we think but he'll get it done. That's what his job is and his operation is to do that. We just have have to wait. I think jerry's panic in either from the standpoint they have the money. It's just a matter of trying to figure out how much you're giving you know order mean so it's not like it's one thing if you don't have the money and you got three people to pay then you got to figure out who your keeping who's got a go so that's not really the issue in in this case though i disagree with you from the standpoint that i think zeke elliot does have leverage against the cowboys only leaf from this standpoint because of that man jerry jones. He's the one who has the championship biological clock ticking loudly and his ear. Yes he's already been inducted into the hall of fame but he wants to win. You just said it. They have something special to you really want this season to go off the rails because you don't get your running back to whole team. You talked about it yesterday. Greg is geared around the running game. Not the passing game so so you wanna tear it up and start all over it. You want dak prescott to go out there and throw the ball forty times because you don't have that star running back you you can't do that. This team is built around. He does have leverage jerry wants to win. Jerry knows he can't win without the running back. Jerry can put into the v._c._r. Whatever whatever people watch nowadays d._v._r. V._c._r. d._v._r. And wants the playoff game against the rams when when the run was stopped and how that couldn't get them where he wanted them to go. I'm just saying it's all out there for him. He needs a zeki elliott and he's going to come around mark. My words jerry will bend jerry will take care of zeki elliot because he needs them boy for somebody who said jerry's not panicking. You sound like a full throttle panic and he's trying to win of. Do you disagree. We would then yes. He needs to win panicking. Listen first of all. I'm on an island here again. Just how i like it but i believe jerry jones. Watch this show yesterday and unhurt me. Go through all the problems that the cowboys have jason garrett lame duck coach star running back on a beach in mexico right now. Amari cooper does z. How bad is that injury. Is he not practicing because he's waiting for julio jones to sign his contract so then amari can say that's the number i want. I don't know dak prescott calling for thirty forty. Million dollars can't wait for eric mangini to come on here today. Talk up more dak prescott the defense your to best defenders. Two of the three best demarcus lawrence got got paid coming off shoulder. Surgery byron jones coming off surgery. There's about eight or nine questions for a ten win cowboy team from last year that made the second round and now there's seventy six year old billionaire owner is talking about bleeding out and needing help folks i don't again. I repeated this from yesterday. I don't let's see a path to this team fixing all these problems in the next two weeks before the season starts. This is full throttle panic from jerry jones snot full-throttle panik. Did you continued to listen to what he said in his analogy. An educated man is not going to bleed out. He's going to put a hold on and wait for somebody waiting for some help. Where's the help coming from the help is coming when he's zeke elliott decides to come back to camp and you just heard rob say there's louis. Louis zeke has the leverage now. Here's the scenario that everybody loves. Cowboys happen to start three you know because they opened with the giants redskins and dolphins. They'll be favorites in that. There's going to be a false narrative out there. Cowboys don't need zeke. You know this is one of the store one in his own. I can't imagine that happens. It's gives zeke all the money but more likely they start three. You know they're not worried about zeke then the schedule gets tough. I play schedule because they won the n._f._c. east. I think jerry knows there ain't no help on the way if zeke is who you're waiting for and he's waiting for them to lose weight and get paid. Why is that happening. It's not just that they're waiting on zeke you elliot. They're they're wanting seeing these guys to understand where they're coming from and as a player you clearly understand where they're coming from but you have to take care of yourself and it sounds selfish to the novice fan who just thinks the player is all about himself in his own financial security well in life. If we we look at everyone there are typically concerned about themselves in their own financial security so actually when the cba doesn't work for them exactly. There's a different scenario almost football and so for me. What jerry jones is doing is making sure. These guys know that look. I'm not willing to just give you whatever ever it is you want. I'm willing to give you what i know. You deserve and what is best for everyone so that we can get your counterparts in here as well. Hey jerry. Don't tell me what's best for me. Okay let me decide what's best for me. Jason garrett final year. Zeke elliott wants to get paid cooper dr deck. They're all thinking individually. How is this going to eat at the chemistry this team. We're not worried about jason garrett. We're not worried your head coach. No you know he's been a puppet from day one. Why are we. Why are we all jason guy and have been a liability for now. He's a lame duck. Oh they just one tour to three divisions and molly thing is and i'm not a big jason garrett fan but from the standpoint nothing's changed. Nothing's changed with him. It's not even a shock that he didn't have most guys greg if you went to audit three divisions. Would you have an extension yes. Nothing's changed gaza offensive coordinator kelham more. He's got a running back has not shown up who the offense is geared around. What do you mean nothing has changed. It is what did this is how they won the cowboys. All i'm telling you you need your players more than you need a coach and if you don't get a zeki ali back in there and i look at the schedule ask yourself. Do you wanna be under uh on demand in knows game that you're supposed to win or do you want your full squad. When you lose those games and now greg you're a wildcard team instead instead of winning the division and you have a role playoff game instead of being at home. Does that make big difference. It makes a difference rob. You talked about you talked about <hes> the dallas cowboys and jerry jones having the money to pay these guys. That is the reason why there is no why there is no penny if i really need if i really want to pay these guys i can pay these guys but i wanted to be on my terms. That's all jerry. Jones is trying to get to he wanted on his terms the on his buck and for ezekiel elliott dak prescott in amari cooper they wanted on there's because they understand the landscape of what's in front of them a._m. Zeke elliot is trying to up the running back market. He's seen the other guys getting paid and he's a workhorse and he doesn't want all those carries and catches on his body going into your four so you know what pay me pay standoff between your three offensive stars and the owner who capitulates i i greg jennings does say fine gael. Whatever give me whatever you want. I'll take it who's going to which side is going to cave in. I i don't need that is gonna play. He's here. Amari cooper is going to play. He's here. I that's why i'm saying i just need help from zico elliot. How are you not everyone else is in camp. There just hurt or they're playing thing and they're gonna produce now. Just need this one piece that completes everything to at least show are probably going to be happy right. The guy he got drafted with carson. Wentz got paid aide. He's going out. This season didn't get paid is antonio brown who to help or hurt the raiders in the long run eric man genie who's been so dominant the last two days oh those answers antonio brown has finally returned to training camp after missing last week as he recovered from frostbitten feet due to cryotherapy gone wrong earlier this week a._b._c. lost his grievance against the n._f._l. To whereas old helmet since then he has found a model. That's been made within the past ten years the n._f._l. Will likely allow him to wear the star white out says he's excited to be back with the team. Former steelers super bowl winning head coach bill cowher told c._b._s. A._b._c. is a very talented receiver. Body does sometimes create headlines that can be disruptive to a football team raiders coach jon gruden said he and a._b. Have a good understanding and zeke and he is expected to play in week one. We're now joined by one n._f._l. Analyst eric mangini eric liu breckenridge build off just today. I had to go get a massage. Deep the fire out of the gate eric. I'm surprise you wanted me back. Will tonio brown help or or hurt the raiders this season. It's going to be a little bit of both and he's one of these guys that that we talk about a lot who's unbelievably talented and and there's there's some management issues and and you when you take chances like that you've got to manage six days to get to the seventh day to get the game day and that's where the production and and that's where the value comes in <hes> so so there's that component of it and he's going to be incredibly productive place. What's six straight years. One hundred plus catches it is and and the things that you have to defensively to handle them that will open up so many other things now. The problem is the other six days. If you're trying to create a certain culture and there's still is a new program. It's only in the second year of the program when you look at who they drafted in the type of guys drafted and and all highly regarded. I didn't from a character perspective when you combine these two things i it's it's very mixed messages and when you preach in the locker room one thing that that's great you can and say everything you want but the guys know you value what you pay you value what you pay so whatever you wherever you put your money the players in the locker room okay. It's okay to be like that. That's that's what this organization values and that's the danger when when you mix in situations like don't play also realize if you can produce you know if you're not producing do can have the antics so they do and i agree with you but i still believe that they look and they go when you look at these. I'm poppy numbers that you just talked about and this is a guy jerry. Rice only did it three times. He's done it six times act of last year fifteen touchdowns downs in fifteen games. Nobody as a receivers put up the numbers that he has. He's been incredible so i think players just they look at it and the other part is i think jon gruden star and brightness right fits in a little bit. He's not your typical coach. He's out there very visible bob. I would say not stoic at all <hes> camera hungry soundbite khanna guy so he fits in with a b. and you do know what you sign a guy like that. You're going to have to make some concessions. No you absolutely know that and you go into it with your eyes wide open and he's done done this in the past now. The difficulty is when you work as hard as you work as a coach in and it looks like jon works pretty hard and you put together that game plan that game plan is predicated on knowing what to do and being in the right spots and that's everybody knowing what to do and you're always limited by either your hardest learner or the guy that that that works the least and i mean from from a learning standpoint so if he wants a shift and motion and have multiple formations and do you all those things and and you don't have a guy who's putting it in the classroom or it limits you that can be very frustrating to especially a guy like john who does so how many things and you hear it all the time about the length of his his call she'd and things along those lines and from a cultural perspective. You guys respect talent. Let guys respect production but the guys all i it still is a community in the locker room and it's hard to coach say we demand this from everybody but you okay and then everybody else looks around the room so okay i get. He's a good player but i'm a good player too. So why don't i why don't i have that same name. Leeway greg you see where he's going with this. I i see where he's going but i mean he. He helps the oakland raiders and let me just touch on this really quick in the locker room. Guys i understand that is just what takes place. There's a protocol. There's there's a hierarchy whether it's your quarterback whether it's your star running back whether it's your star receiver defensive end doesn't matter there's a hierarchy in guys. Look to that guy and say hey. You have the coaches endorsement. Can you do this for us. Can you do that. It's not so much that they wanna be that guy or they want to act that to the extremes of that individual they don't need to who because that individual is going to be who they are and they're going to be who they need to be but we're gonna use as individuals leverage to say the tone yes to set the tone but it also to be the voice of reason because as you said the coach obviously has endorsed this which rightfully so because he understands the magnitude of impact back that he will have when he's on the football field and that's all this is about the fact that antonio brown is not has not been able to practice that we haven't seen him actually in training camp and producing and being a part of that offense and learning with these guys and building a rapport with their car right now while in the training enduring training camp. That's what this is all about once that happens all of this cairo therapy cryotherapy in helmet helmet. We're not talking about that any longer. Production can erase that but very rarely do meet with a player who says you know i'm not as good as that. Other guy so i should be treated did poorly is to be treated poorly but i i should be held totally higher standard than him because i'm not as good as most players you interact with. They feel like are there as good as as the next guy so it would be it would be an interesting dynamic. If you had a whole lot from that said okay he can act any way that he wants to act and i'll follow all the rules but that doesn't always take place usually guys come in and say he did it for him. Why aren't you doing it for me that that happens typically when your locker room is full of a variety of guys both veteran and young guys but as a young guy you bring in young guys they're. They're not going to concern themselves with what antonio brown is doing because everything is new to me so i don't know i see this but i i know i can't do that. You'll get t look i. I remember not they. Samuel and i love asante and that's not the it's early in his career. You rip it on them. Go ahead no. I'm not a real i l'enfant they and i loved thailand okay and ty law had been there and been productive and signed one hundred million dollar contract or whatever it was and he had certainly weighs in the defense that asante samuel didn't have but it's not they was still in the office going well. Why why can't i do back. Why can't i do that and this was a this was early in his career and obviously it's not they went on and had an amazing career but at that point he was held different standard because he had he had done different things from a production standpoint but it's still he saw how this guy was treated. So why why can't i do that. Eric let me i want to focus on the bill cowher comments because these guys are glossing over it. This is a guy who has been with the steelers forever. Mike tomlin knows him well. We haven't heard any steelers talk about antonio. Brown newt vailed shots attorney have they do what what do you make of the comments calling antonio brown disruptive to me you i wonder is this mike tomlin and the steelers way of speaking through bill cowher no i i think i think that might tomlin. I respect michael and i always felt i've always felt that michael say what he feels and and there's there's no value in the pittsburgh steelers continuing to have an disagreement with a player. That's no longer there. They said all they needed to say when they traded him. For a third round draft that was about as loud megaphone as the pittsburgh steelers could could use because when you've got a guy like odell beckham goes for one and then you give away antonio brown for three. That's a pretty strong statement in terms of a guy being disruptive. Is anybody surprised by those comments but you go into it again again. Knowing what you're going to get and as long as you can live organizationally and as a coaching staff with the challenges that come with those guys then so be it. It's not for everybody. It's not really what happens in new england. I it's you know you get some guys who have been disrupted other places but they fall in line when they come come. Come there and we'll see how that worked out. Look there's an shaking your head of this silence speaks you mentioned new england and i just thought i'd he's shaking his head because there was a scripture in this as love called covers a multitude of sins and so when i look at this antonio brown situation his production covers a multitude of whatever we want to call it foolishness antics baggage it covers that up when you continue to produce the way that he's produced over his career as consistently as he's per forbidden able to produce over his career and and again. It's not just about the numbers why he's going to help this. Oakland raiders team become a better team mm-hmm. It's what you mentioned even earlier. Defenses have to now schematically approached the game differently. He's going to open it up for other. Gods jared are briar cars going to their car had nineteen touchdowns last year nineteen touchdowns ten of which were too tight ends. Nah means nine were to his receivers. His leading receiver was jordy. Nelson who's no longer in the national football league and wasn't even close to being a shell of himself himself that we saw with the green bay packers so now you add on an antonio brown and you're willing to tell me that he's going to hurt this team. He he's not gonna help abdu that. That's just it doesn't make much is made though too i think especially when you don't have games and he has since he left pittsburgh and all the other noise outside once you i agree once he starts to play and he's back on the field is going to be about football and will remember how good woody is and we'll look. We'll see all the numbers all the touchdowns. Everything is done. I think so because you don't have that stuff to be able to draw from now so it's all the other noise. The helmet thing became some big deal because a guy wants to hold onto his helmet. He's worn for ten years a big deal oh because left practice. That's why became a big deal yeah. He can hold on this not view. You have lawyers. Your lawyer can go handle that. You can do all the things he didn't relationship the league while still being a practice while still being at meeting the big deal wasn't about okay. It's his helmet. It's about that he wasn't in the building and you hear here at the comments will pro from jon gruden. Do you know when he'll be back. I don't know and he'll be back. Has anybody seen my receiver so so there's there's that speaks volumes will curtis ernest martin when i took over in new york said we were talking about the locker room dynamics and he said the most important time of the day for any child is time he spends in the school bus because there's no teachers features there. There's no parents there and you learn so much and he equated the locker room to that as well when you got a group of guys especially the young guys and the young guys are learning from the older guys and you want the older guys to be able to set good examples. Does everybody respect talent. Does everybody respect production. Yes but there's a whole life that is lived leading up to the game in terms of production and effectiveness and and using everybody's time the best way reality isn't there have been teams that i've been disruptive and had all kinds of shady characters or whatnot who have one. It's not always a perfect harmony thing. Everybody's going to be a choirboy everybody but he doesn't work. Everybody's not to say twenty two free agents. All three of them are antonio brown vont perfect and richie incognito not you. They have a rich history in the locker room. Look with rob here. You are who saw no one's gonna influence you once. You've established who you are younger a younger when i got into green bay when i came into green bay. There wasn't anything that any of those guys could do that was going to make me do that like that's not where you are aw but if they were doing things that were in a line with my morals and values in what made me better yes i was going to do that because that's what i was already coming here to i do but i'm not going to go out and become antonio brown and do all the things that he does because that's not who i am so for us to sit here and make it seem like he's going to have such such. A huge influence in that teams have never had experience of a guy who comes with high do brings high production as well as issues unrealistic. This is not new to the national football league or or it's not new gray but you're telling me that in all your time he didn't have a mentor and all your your time. You didn't mentor younger players. You didn't show young kids the right way to do things versus the wrong way to do. It and i think your character is a little bit different than a lot of then and then then everybody else's charactered. There's a strength of character to you then. You aren't going to be influenced but that's one of the reasons they wanted. You write a wanted. I like you in the locker room room because because of that strength but not everybody is you and and ideally you could get a locker room. Full of people like you would that strength of character her but that's not how it works and you know that too. There are young guys that need they need help. They need somebody older. Say this is the right way to do things and when they find that guy their careers take off in a positive way and if they find the other guy the careers tend to be shorter than than they hoped to be agreed. Eric means just crushing. Please all sorts of consulting info for a coming out of how concerned should about about andrew luck's injury andrew luck has been sitting out of practice since july twenty ninth with what was thought ought to be a lingering calf injury from april yesterday colts owner jim irsay told reporters look wasn't dealing with cap strain but actually a bone issue instead ed g._m. Chris ballard then clarified last night. Luck has not injured. A bone was having pain in the front of his ankle and his week one status is currently uncertain eric mangini this this doesn't sound good. How concerned should the colts be with andrew. Luck very concerned. I was not concerned at all a few weeks ago. I thought this was a situation where he'd gone through the injury before he was learning the difference between pain and injury with with the last situation and he made some mistakes last time and this time they were gonna be cautious so i thought that's exactly the approach that they were taking but now when you look at it in its totality really the injury showed up in march and and they've had three months to april may june almost four months to get to to training camp and he's only able to practice three days in training camp okay so there's four months of rest. They get to training camp. He's able to practice three days. They still haven't diagnosed what it is and so now they were assuming the diagnosis right after this amount of time and what's gonna be different in the next twenty six days or thirty days before the start of the season to have have a different rehab protocol what what's going to happen in three weeks. That couldn't happen in three months. That will make him make him pain free do we i mean do we not know that this is just them taking a precaution on a guy who's had a lot of injuries in his career and taking a slower approach. I mean i don't we're. We don't know whether or not they've diagnosed white or misdiagnosed it but i'm just saying i'm looking at it as maybe they'd just say. We're going to take time with him. Even always gonna miss practice. We love to have them out there but we know this team will matter one bit if he can't play at all so i'd rather take too long slow approach rather than getting about this is why worst we're saying we're concerned because as coach just mentioned they they knew this injury or they thought they knew of the injury and what it was in the off season early in the off season and so to have all this time time and you still get training camp in it re- rico resurfaces to end to something different that we still are quite unsure her of what it really is like that's that draws concern when i look at my offense and the potential of who we can be and this is the key a period of what makes us go and andrew luck our quarterback. I'm highly concerned because of the production that he provides because of the glued glued that he he is to our organization into our team. I would be concerned if he doesn't if he doesn't play game one now. Maybe i would take a look at it. I'm not convinced convinced. I'm not there yet but what what in their process has made. You said they're rushed him back. No there's four months of inactivity on treatment and ability to diagnose. He comes back any. I think you really only was on the field for one day of training camp practice where he actually moved around they listed as three and now they've re diagnosed as it's potentially a bone injury or he has an extra bonus foot. You can read all the different things and and there's really no one area that they focused in on and did they change the medical staff after lessons. Did they change the whole so i would hope eric. Is this a situation where like andrew luck should be angry with the colts holding you misdiagnose something after four months ago. It was a comeback player of the year. The colts are a legit super bowl contender. I have a ticket on them to win the super bowl like this. This is bad news for the colts. Yeah it's it's it's terrible news and he was the comeback player of the year from an injury that was misdiagnosed kind and that's that's the scariest thing about this. I think andrew luck is a great player. I think he's physically tough. I think he's mentally tough and the fact that he's in this spot at this point with the amount of time that's been put into this and still the diagnosis is depending on who you talk to. You know. It's it's the ankle. It's the it's the calf it's an extra bone. There doesn't seem to be a lot of of clarity to make you confident that yeah he's gonna play week one or at all and i get it because of the past but i also think that maybe in the past they taught they told us one thing okay yeah. He's gonna be okay or whatever and it's not that bad and they put him back out. There and i think this time they're saying we're just going to hold them back right. Take our time on this. Even if it means he's missing training camp or whatever to get him right so that you don't have a mistake you don't put them out there and and have them really seriously injured. Even more to satisfy people say always in training camp and he's doing some stuff instead just saying we're going to wait the look i i. I want to be optimistic but the guy practice three days after missing for being cautious for four months and you've got thirty days till the toe the opener and now we've what protocol is in place. That's going to change or increase or or affect the healing process. Maybe they're trying to set him up so he can win. Comeback player again erica laura entre last year was the second best quarterback in the league in net yards per pass against the blitz. Okay very tough as you said. Tough guy can scramble win outside of the pocket this ankle injury <hes>. What do you think the impact is against an opponent like one the chargers with ingram boza coming off the edge. You just said if he's gonna play at all. It almost sounds like andrew. Luck won't be there week. One just just you just don't know where this is going. You would like to feel that okay. We've got this diagnosed. We've got a good plan in place to get him ready for week one but three days in the last four five months and now we have thirty days till the opener. It's it's it's a concern in terms of his mobility. One of the breath reasons that andrew luck so good is because of how smart is and one of the things that he did so much better last year than he's done in the past is realized that you can get rid of the ball yes and live to fight another day. You don't need to take a blow pit gained four or five yards and that's a that's as important lesson for young quarterback as anything so from. I'm a mobility standpoint. It would be disappointing for him to lose mobility but he's smart enough to beat blitz with with <hes> pre-snap reason ah understanding protections that i think he can compensate for the lack of mobility. We're market is high as is for them not really knowing what what exactly is going on with their star quarterback. What is the injury at its core in. I've been through this where being misdiagnosed diagnosed in being on the field in not being able to go or give it my all because something is still hindering me and it's classified as one thing being but it's it's not really that in so until you go outside of those team doctors and maybe he has done this where he's gone and got a second the second or third opinion outside of the facility in the team doctors to where they have brought in a specialist and said look we don't know or we do know but that's where the biggest concern for me is the fact that they don't really know what is going on and what is keeping him away from the football field but is is it that they really don't know what they don't want us to know because i'm always you being a former head coach. Is that this sometimes you just. Don't wanna put out really what it it is. It's not sometimes it's all the time all the time but coach i mean at least everyone would be on the same page saying the conveying the same message. That's it's not the case here. We're hearing one thing as a bone and then the next thing is it's an ankle so which one is it that it was a caf before that it was a cap so you're getting commits messages across the board from different people in the organization to where it leads me to believe. They don't really know eric. We talked earlier team. Doctors is is there a conflict of interest for team doctors because their job is to get people back on on the field being able to play and sometimes you know if you're a team doctor. You guys can't get back there a coach or g._m. Or ownership goes to what's going on here. Is there a conflict afflicting players like trust team doctors or should they really have their own doctors. Look i think i think doctors in general do the best they can but there's has never it's never bad idea to get more than one opinion especially when when it's related to your livelihood is there conflict of interest i don't think so because at the end of the day those doctors have worked very hard to get the degrees that they have to be in the position that they're paid by the team. I i understand that but they're they're volk of their livelihood. Come from the other patients that they see and then suddenly they were to be sued by a player for malpractice or any of those things because the player felt like what you're suggesting they're not gonna put themselves at risk like that move. The doctors that i know are true to the the oath that they signed up for an and the values that they believe in and they're not going to put their whole life at risk just to you know put a player back on the field you a couple of days earlier especially especially in the modern environment. Maybe maybe back in the day. There was a little bit more than all right. Thanks coach great stuff as always coming up next. The state of the cowboys is certainly really messy but is it enough to make jerry jones nervous. I think so cowboys reporter clarence hill joins us now. Things have been interesting for jerry jones and the cowboys ezekiel elliott continues his hold out anna's not in camp. There is no deal in place after the season for receiver fever. Amari cooper who missed practice with a foot injury newly acquired defensive end robert quinn underwent surgery for a broken hand. Oh and he suspended two games for p._d.'s c._b._s. Meanwhile dak prescott reportedly asked for forty million a year and is unsigned beyond this season boy. We're joined now by cowboys reporter clarence hill star telegram clarence welcome to the show. Hopefully you can tell us what's really going on with. These guys have no idea. Tell tell us what's going on with that. This drama dallas has to be drummer jerry saying the right things but you remember the smokey robinson tears of a clown. Just you know he's he's smiling. Making jokes is okay but he's dying on inside for this cowboys season that they hope to take the next up really they end robert quinn win. You know they have a better rosser. Jones said this roster is deeper <hes> as it has been since nineteen spend on offense and defense line. They were really ready. Make next step especially with jason garrett. You know basically coaching job. He has at least jackson game or the super bowl to contract you know and they really thought they have a chance to or think. They have a chance to take that next. Step finally to get over the first time since nineteen ninety five to go to a training camp in a season with zeke and kabo dakhla inside robert quinn. Now suspended suspended amari unsigned. This is not what they want then when you talk about that and then feeling good about this team. That's why i say a z. Q elliott has some leverage because they need him. This team is all geared about the running game. We've seen record when he's playing and when he's not playing does he have leverage in your mind yeah. He has leverage. I i mean first of all the fact that he held out his reason why they're dressing his contract now. Everybody says why the whole now has no leverage while the the cowboys wanted to kick his contract and next season the fact he's holding now mr it accomplish their addresses contract now. They're tugging contract with him now. The leverage comes obviously when the regular season starts he cares in the preseason last year so it was not a matter of him being cabinet eating the plant in preseason. They don't really want to even jerry said no one cares about the pre. Season is when the regular season starts that's when the heat is on for the cowboys i get zeke and dhec signed so so with that being. So who do you feel like they should address i or does it matter do they. Just need to get one of these guys signed and then you think it'll be a domino effect effect boy at this point. It doesn't matter you got to this point the seasons less than three weeks away. You gotta get it done. Ideally they would have liked to get deck. You wanna get the biggest contract contract done i. They've been talking about getting back at the end of last season. You know <hes> didn't you let russell wilson gets delayed carson wentz douillet rosberg and get his deal and those guys cost them more money. It's costing cowboys running the longer they waited as cost them more money and that didn't go from a small town agents report who we signed out when he was a first round pick to see and todd france and take your team friendly deal. He's trying to get paid. He's going to get paid so clarence. It sounds like you're on board with jerry. Jerry jones being in full blown panic. I mean you mentioned jason garrett. These guys love to hear about the jerry. Jones is panicking and amari cooper. He wants a deal to oh he wants. Maybe he's waiting to see julio jones money. He's hurt. This jerry jones situation. What level does he start to get frustrated with none of his stars being on the same squeezing his arm he's so yesterday clipper said too crazy squeezing his arm. You know <hes> waiting for his help and he said his help. It's gonna come to another part of his anatomy enemies his rear view. That's what we're talking about a billionaire in for help on a on a team that wanted to vision as you know again. Jerry has been through these before. This is sport for him. I said it before this is sport from me likes to negotiate go from you know laughing and joking shrewd businessman in in a matter of seconds you know again. He's patient because he knows things. Come together. Daedalus make deals for jerry and the cowboys. The deadline is to start a season. That's when he starts panicking. How 'bout is there any doubt about dak prescott being that guy being a franchisee guy because all the numbers you know you want to our last has three divisions. We've seen all the other numbers or whatever but there are a lot of people look at him. He's a third tier quarterback. He was ranked twenty six by some football outside a lot of people meaning rob nj. I've seen the tweets. I've seen it there. We go keep in a lot about it. No i'm just asking this is really not inside organization. I mean they've already often with thirty million dollars a few not in there's no that's not that's not the deal to the franchise quarterback that top deal but it's not as the top six but it doesn't make you richer than what carson wentz scott so so the deal is less money <music>. I'm just saying most quarterbacks french skype. Franchise guy gets a better deal than a guy before my right or wrong. It's negotiations. That's what deck is supposedly asked for forty forty. I told me it was it wasn't forty. It was approaching forty and all the other stuff but i know he's he knows in. This offer was thirty four. I reported that in june you know so deck understands. I know again he sa. They're they're going to ask for this number. Two cowboys star here but stephen jones already said that they got a little room to add more to ask them juice to that. It won't just let's be thirty. You'll be some around thirty to thirty. Three's get carson wentz money. Whenever he sides again the cowboys have no problem with that they believe in now and for the future they believed him as a leader. They believe in his work ethic. He's the right kind of got lead their france as it again considered everything you had with zeke desmond the face of their friends and he's been one who has been the i guess the bright shining star how he handled himself on and off the field anyone game by though if you don't have to run away no no. I'm gonna do funny about addicted like he needs all this hill. He needs self carson wentz. That team wants to go without him. That's a talented team that won a super. We're the only differences. Carson wentz also had an m._v._p. Season derail by an injury where he also finished with touchdown lead. Tom brady one the put you on the spot the hold up you said deck thirty four million possibly eric. Mangini was saying yesterday here. Franchise is tag is possible. What's more likely at this juncture two weeks away from the season. Franchise tag is right now. We'll be thirty two point nine million. Okay you know and so that's that's all right there. I mean that's why the cowboys often thirtieth silly you know. He's not gonna sign for thirty and because less than what you got yeah you're not. You're not gonna do that. Uh they want to get a deal. I believe that they will get the deal done again at the start to see them again. Jerry says that they're negotiating into the season but again dagens making in two point. Oh two million dollars this year. Why would you chance a thirty million at least thirty million dollar contract start a season for two point zero two million. I mean come on he. He gets hurt none of that. He gets none of our understand. All which is a lot of what you're saying is why i feel like jerry jones not panicking because he does have deck onboard onboard. He's in training camp. He's not going anywhere. He understands look. We're working out a deal. He's the ultimate example that you want him to be for all these other guys. He's doing it the right way supposedly or his way what he feels like he needs his approach in being camp trusting that is going to get it done. I'm going to allow my agents handle their back and they always get exactly my point exactly which why where is no he's making he's going. There is no panic because he's gonna get paid the holding of the arm. The needing help is easy. Is i need you to get here. I need. I wanna put eyes on you. I just want you to know that look. I've had your back. I'm gonna take care of you that i don't think that's in question. Jerry jones said a while back few weeks back that wouldn't have i not gotten a deal well done in this is true when had he not gotten to deal done that has needed to get done. It may take time these deals. Don't ever get done overnight or as quickly as we would hope for them to get done. We have nothing to talk about. So let's let's be realistic you again deadlines make deals and so the deadline has started season and certainly there will be some thrust. I <hes> in the next couple of weeks to get something done. Get zeke back from kabul and get him in but you don't want to go into the jerry keeps saying you know he's keep pumping up twenty dollars alert and how they can win without him no way that the cowboys believe they can achieve what they want achieve this year without how does each and let me let me dive deep on dako quick so you saw put it out there. The football outsiders adam is the twenty-sixth rated quarterback per the advance stats. That's below trubisky andy dalton yada oughta. Yada deck took fifty six sacks last year clarence second most of the n._f._l. Behind an awesome offensive line is awesome last year. War wasn't awesome awesome last year so you know zeke was air. Amari cooper for the final half of the season. Do you believe deck is is ready to make that next step because i don't know you could say this. Advance stats have saw him decline every year. Even though the roster kind of improved as did you break that down. I wasn't a second half of the season. Whenever you know much about it. Come on come on you saw you saw the game against eagles. Did you watch the game. Did you watch do you watch him. In the fourth quarter you look at the fourth quarter comebacks. He looked at it close when you look at all that stuff will the close wins is interesting clarence eight and two in one score games that number tends to flip flip year to year there was some luck involve drew brees and that come on saints cowboys gave little luck involved both the couch angry fan thing the guys proven. Would it be a one or two guys proven to be a gamer. May mississippi state relevant. Okay would no help. He made them relevant. Okay he coming in his rookie. He may plays to help team thirteen then he is not being given anything okay. He's earned and worked for this. Guy is still nut green but but to be a winner you can say there are guys that throw the ball better. They're pretty good. They have a better arm. The guy's a leader the guys have been a winner rob. You want to jump in with any rams calvin back off game. I'm just not there. Were dak prescott and i don't. I'm pretty. I don't believe those lead to cowboys going to win a super bowl with him. I don't yeah. I think that it could be a part of it. Put it would be more about the running back and defensive team senate if i don't believe you need them to win to win the game for you that he can do it. I don't believe that we don't believe you. Don't believe that tom brady could win. He's look you so we're going to have to cut it short on that clarence great stuff. Thank you for coming in today. Just amazing incitement judean uncloudy really getting shipped out of houston. We'll discuss is most likely down to houston where n._f._l. Network mike garafolo folow is reporting that je davy and cloudy could be treated quickly by the texans if the deal is right cloudy currently holding out after being franchise tagged by houston did cloudy has eighteen and a half sacks in the past two years has made three pro bowls and five years in the n._f._l. Rob me a best destination for from mr clowney on no most people don't wanna go to cleveland but when you talk about the browns and the big names that have come especially when you pick a ball b._j. And whatnot not but cloudy to me. Maybe he should wind up in cleveland. He's another guy star quality star name and he could play alongside with the malls garrett right so terrifying i i would i would say cleveland why not add to another reason why they're not going to win a lot of games or they are but they're not because they're going to quote. You could have talented still not wing you can you. I would like to see him into somewhere like philadelphia. You you lose a michael bennett to the new england page edison and right yeah you got you got brandon. Grandma already you gotta fletcher cox. You get talent up front. No no doubt about it and they like to rotate guys. They'd like to keep guys fresh. It would be enormously great if he ended up in philly really already has a great raw and exactly they already have a great rosser but you lose a guy like michael bender who produced nine sacks last year for you like you could in the inserting j._v. and cloudy and you can be special also lost chris long. Yeah that would be now. I'm gonna throw it listen. I wanted to toss my jets in the mix they have ed dresser and forever but the smartest spot for cloudy is the new england patriots guys. If you look closely bill belichick has the most draft capital of anyone in the league next year now there is speculation that he saving to go up and get a quarterback to be the next. Tom brady whether it's just in herber from oregon. What have you but if he doesn't wanna get a quarterback. Judean clowney would replace trey flowers the great defensive end they had who lost and went to the lion's. I listen we know the patriots love to make moves by. Guys is a value low bill. O'brien is a former patriot guy it all kind of lines up for possibly clowney going to the new england patriots possibly but that's why they got michael bennett over there. Yeah i mean michael. Ben is nice ease today vian cloudy now. I don't want to kill cloudy here. He's had a lot of injuries in his career. He's he's at a very good career but he kind of underwhelmed as the number one overall pick. We haven't seen a dominant. He has an a double digit sacks once in his career. I it's hard to say okay. A guy has been underwhelming. He's playing opposite j._j. Watt and he he's not getting all the double teams and he's not dominating this. This is here's the thing everyone thinks is so easy to perform in have success at these jobs that these guys are holding down. He is getting a a lot of attention although j._j. Watt is getting a lot of attention. Sewed is j. j. v. and county like you're not going to sleep on him. When you look at your scouting the report and say oh yeah. Let's put all the attention on j._j. Watt let this. I run free no he's. He's he's being held on offense of lying. You're chipping on him. He's he's been how many pro bowls three probes years. How was that announced warming up. Come on so barrier for greatness rebels a it's hard hit indication come out. Let's just be honest. There is one but i would say this but wouldn't you fit in with cleveland with just i think they would win that. People were produced addictive win the super bowl if he would've already because that's what they are on display want us to say that yes anybody anybody they add. Oh there. We go all over. Why should we even play. They're gonna win. Everything cleveland will be interesting place in for what they've done. Snatching up odell beckham. We're talking about high profile guy absolutely absolutely kareem hunt taking a chance on kareem hunt snatching him up adding j._v. on clowney alongside myles garrett who they already have a locked and loaded defense talent is there they were the worst tackling defense in the league is they were the most tackles young defense to this is true. Let me give to other sleepers before we gotta go here. New york giants second the last in the league in sacks last year vernon's gone landon collins going. They got nobody on that defense. I think cloudy could make sense. The seattle seahawks who lost frank clark trying to replace him with a hodgepodge of players that seattle team is looking bad. They're projecting downward. Word clowney could change an impact remember. There's a defense that had the legion of boom a couple of years ago okay. Those guys are all gone now. They have no pass rush. No pass rush young a young secondary could be ugly. What about the colds typically. When things like this go down you you go you end up going right to your opponent or you're a opposition. That has seen you the most you trading them in the division. I don't know if you try them into the division but i mean hey you never know sometimes. Let let me tell you something about trades. When offer is good enough. You will take you tell that to the new york. Giants did not that rodale beckham rob. Gronkowski hausky says he's going to make a major announcement later this month. Could tom brady beginning his guy back laughing rob rob next the home final topic of the day rob gronkowski is back. Well kinda yesterday a p._r. Firm sent out invitations on behalf of gronk saying quote. I'm reaching out to invite you to a tuesday. August twenty seventh press conference where grunk will unveil his next chapter. I got my invite greg. I hope you got yours. A what do you. What do you think bronx next chapter joel b. What what do i think or would either let me see a we're on fox. I figure like like this gronk. Grop would fit perfectly here on fox doing something that he would probably also fit perfectly for which is w._w._e. World wrestling right there with with the guy that i used to admire in stone cold steve austin i i would think rob gronkowski would be fun the nominal with this charisma his character. His sizes build just only one question. Can you fumble in wrestling. All you get what you can. You can foamy rome of this asking you can. I thought he was going to announce that. He's getting his bartenders degree. You know so he's so good at mixing drinks and all that kind of stuff. He's the ultimate frat boy. I thought that's the yeah he's got. He's got a doctorate mixing drinks. Is that what it is. Something that i think greg spot fought on. Wrestling is the perfect spot unless it could be acting. Do you think he would announce those first and then move with. That's a roster adding progressive wrestlers. Yeah i think that's a great idea would be perfect for gronk now. Tom brady probably be upset rob parker. How do you think tom brady will reactive if gronk becomes a wrestler enjoy it i do. I think gronk is that guy who loves the spotlight lows all that attention and has been faking four longtime with tom brady so this makes he's been faking enke's what come on no no faking what yeah all right. Let's catches. They won the super bowl for them but he's faking it all right guys with all grown now. They're gonna just beat. The rams of gronk. Get started this late in the show part this. This is another great episode. I can't i'm sure people will love this online buoy up bam. That'll be it for us. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast <music>. I'm jamie tapped. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning nine thirty eastern see you then.

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