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Opening day blue jays. Find themselves in the bronx opening up against the new york yankees. Dan schulman in toronto. Hazel may in toronto buck martinez at his home in florida. And are we ever excited to talk. Some blue jays baseball with you elliott. Start the podcast. Today i wanna make a promise to you okay. I'm going to promise to really try hard to pay attention during the podcasts. But it's gonna be tough because the jason yankees are playing right now. It's the season opener amend my office. And i said i was going to turn it off to the podcast and it's a top of the second and i haven't turned oh there's basically just scored their first run all. Yes they have to on one. Swing a base in at a center field for gory. Al who aids. Dan schulman to call your play by play. He is overrated. You don't need buck martinez. You don't need anshuman. You've got elliott and jeff here calling the adage as in the center that stays on the inner half. It didn't break away. It stayed on the inner half. Current goes right back up to middle right up the league of that scoring easy like breaking sticks. It's so funny. You said that. Because i i was gonna watch the game and do the podcasts. Actually have my microphone facing the television. You're going to be great today. This be a high paid attention to. I hope you should ask me really ridiculous questions and see if i actually am paying attention. What's going to happen is after the podcast comes there. You're going to get a bunch of tweets. Like why did hewitt. Elliot said you're gonna be like what is What i didn't see that. what are you talking about. Can't radio yourself if you're not paying attention all right there you go take it yankees one. Nothing jays philadelphia flyers. Let's start there. Oh tough situation tough week a near death experience against the buffalo sabres buyers and then you'd have lost twice. Well that's it like the near death experience earlier on this week and then wednesday they lose the buffalo sabres in spectacular fashion. They blew three-goal leads to the pliers twice this year. But they're not gonna do it again tonight sabres and they're eighteen game winless drought as they beat the flyers in buffalo six to one. I know this story coming out of it is a the buffalo sabres. Eighteen game winless streak is over but isn't the real story. What's happening with the philadelphia flyers. I think so. The one thing. I think that philadelphia is fortunate about here is they have a gm who tends to be patient. Chuck fletcher is the kind of guy. Like sometimes i think when when you've got that elmo emoji of fire going on around you or the dog this is fine emoji going on around you. Sometimes you need someone who can say all right. I'm doing something impulsive acting. I'm showing that i feel. I need to do something and sometimes it's better that you have someone there who says yeah you know. Everything's kinda burning down all around me and that's something valuable. I really liked over there. That's now gone. But i think the worst thing i can do here is overreact and to me. I think this is a case where you need option to now. I'm sure flyers fans and i know because some of them send me direct messages. They want massive fire sale. Right now they want. They want massive changes their furious and they want blood but you know last year philly was kind of the surprise team and this year the disappointment team so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. And i think when you've kind of ridden that emotional wave in the last two seasons you really have to be smart about the choices you make so i think this is the right time to have kind of a patient guy there i do think philly will make maybe not now but maybe it's at the draft or the summer. I think philly's gonna make one or two major changes pause on that for one second. I want to get back to this idea of major changes. Okay but hearing you talk about the nature of general manager that is calm and doesn't make knee-jerk reactions or just react based on emotions instead of intelligence isn't that what got ron hextall. Fired in the first place. Yes it did but also there. There was something deeper going on there with hextall. It was very clear there was a big divide between hextall and some of the other flyer alumni. That was not just his patients It was also like a personality clash developed and there's a lot of big personalities. They're hextall is a big personality. Paul holmgren is a big personality. Bob clark choice. Still think has a has a big say. They're obviously is an enormous personality. I think that was a factor as much as anything else. Was you know fletcher. I don't think that personality clash their disappointed. Don't get me wrong. But i don't think that there's that added layer to it. I think they're kind of all on side with each other here. So what do you see the flyers doing then and just let me coach it. this way. Closure drew has one more year on his contract. Yup sean career has one more year on his contract. The ops scott lawton's on and expiring deal right now. He's a ufa at season's end. Yeah san himes restricted free agent. Guston's a ufa like go right down the list we can all we can all see it at at cap. Friend gossips and it just hasn't worked. He's no he's he's going to be gone right. So what happens here. Then with the philadelphia flyers okay. I think there's a couple of things first of all this week. One of the biggest stories was carter. Heart yes. I really don't have a problem with this. I know venial can be kind of blunt and people didn't like the language but to me carter. Heart is still a huge part of what they're going to be and for the team to say we're taking a step back here and were having the guy kind of refocus. I don't have a problem with that at all so one of the things that people are kind of talking about. I actually think that's a good plan. There's a few things here number one. I always thought the flyers were going to be a seven three team for the expansion draft seven forwards three d. Now i'm not so sure about that anymore. You know provorov san high myers. Those guys were getting protected for sure. I think if they go out and they get another defenseman. Whether it's like an echo holmer alice or someone else just name your pieces. I think they could potentially be a foreign fourteen. There's two forwards they have to protect one is giroux and one is hayes and other than that. They don't have to protect anybody now. They still could choose to go seven and three. But i'm beginning to wonder if this may have changed their thinking that's one of the things that is kind of being talked about now has phillies said This season's gonna make us change how we attack expansion draft the other thing. I think there is i think at times phillies bastable guys. Like patrick like connect me like when he got benched. They got calls about connecting. I'll get a lot in a sec. But the most interesting thing to me about the flyers is who are they going to decide are their core guys could cherie. Is there for lack of a better. Term patrice bergeron. I can't see him going anywhere. And he's doing a race here at the end of his contract next four point three and so he's got one more year but if you're going to tell me that they would look at their veteran core and say it's time for a change. I don't think anybody's going to have a problem with that. I could see that on the blue line. It's provorov and myers and san heim. But now i wonder like the whole thing. Him being away has kind of exposed they have. And that's why i wonder if it ends up being a four and four situation now because they say need to go out and get another right. Hand shot the And i do think that's a conversation they're having. Are we now a foreign fourteen for expansion. I just gonna ask you about about one player whose name that we've heard off and on at various times he's They're in love with them out of love with them he's top of the line He's going towards the bottom of the lineup. He's always been well one one of the more entertaining players on and off the ice and it really highly skilled guy in someone that can produce and at times falls off. And that's jake for check What's the decision there. There's still term and it's a big ticket. Yeah it's four years left. I don't have a great answer for you on this one at the very least you could see how he's going to be left open in the expansion draft hazing zero or the two guys. They have to protect for the draft. And if you wanna buy them out it's a big ticket like there's one year and it's two years from now where because he's got a five million dollar signing bonus on it it's basically eight million against your cab right. I don't know i. I'll tell you i love war so do i like you know you know that we're going to have this conversation. Could tear into us in a in a zoom call like. I think this team is going to do some big-time surgery. They're not coming back with the same group next year right. The problem is that contract with check contract. That really aren't getting moved right now. Not in a flat cap world. No chance let me ask you one. More thing about the flyers. We saw this week which raised some eyebrows. Probably shouldn't because. I don't think anyone thought he was really gonna claim by anybody. Shangaans despair on waivers. Should we read anything into that. Well first of all. I believe that with gossip spare. They offered him around. And there's been times where gossip. Bears been prominent in trade rumors. I don't think that was a surprise. Don't have email comes out and says we think he's gonna clear he's not saying that to be little gossip spare as a player. He's saying because the flyers have done their research and they know what the market is and isn't for him right. that's what that's about. I think they knew he was gonna clear. I think they know that they can. Trade goes to spare if they're willing to eat money or they're willing to put a sweetener in there. So that's kind of where we are. The thing about gossips bear is. He's pretty blunt and i like that the quote. He had a vote heart last week where he came out and said you know basically were hanging out to dry as a reporter. I'm never going to criticize that. Because i love a guy being that blunt you know one of the things i heard was when this happened. You're kind of okay. What's the reason to not like him is he. Not playing hard and people have told me he's actually played really hard. They challenged them last year to to change some things about what he did. And i heard the reviews on him were pretty positive in terms of he tried to make those changes and he really put in a good effort. So it's not lack of effort. You know one of the things that i do wonder about is like i said he's pretty sharp-tongued. I wondered if something was said internally like between him and someone whether a coach or something that they just didn't like. But you know. I think at the end of the day the fit has just turned out to not work and i think he's been available and everybody kind of knows it was great for him like really great for him who early in his career when he started dave hostile. The way that dave hacksaw us chain gossips. Bear was like he was only in situations where he could shine. Offensive zone starts power. Playtime nothing in his own zone. Wasn't starting there no face off. Sarah like he was never in a position where he was going to look bad when he entered the nhl thing. That i wonder about. Goss's bear is the dave hack stall do such a good job. Shane gossips bear. That our expectations of him were unreasonable. I don't know about that. you know. I rick wilson who is a great defense coach. Rick wells coach a lot of great players. He was brought into philly to deal with their defense. And i remember when he retired. I call them because i liked. I really listening to rick wilson. Talk and i called him. And i asked him at all their guys and i asked him gossips barron. He he paused. He said you know he says i'm only an answer. This question to you on one condition. And i said okay you know what is it and he goes. I don't want it to look like i'm ripping this guy or i don't like this guy and i said okay and he said i just felt i couldn't get through to him. I really tried and for whatever reason we just didn't connect and i don't know what to say about that. I don't wanna put words into rick. Wilson's mouth. I promised but it just sounds to me that the flyers just felt that for whatever reason i guess after axel was gone and the connection was broken and people came back to me on him this year and said he's worked really hard and he's really tried to do it. It's just obviously it hasn't worked now. I do wanna talk about two guys for second. I want to talk about latin. And i want to patrick. I just wonder about nolan. Patrick's future in general in philly. I wonder if it's time. I do think at times they've been asked about him and they've kind of said no. You know right shot center second overall pick you. Don't wanna give up on that too easy by. I wonder if both player and team are beginning to think it's time we'll see where it goes kind. Search something there sure. Is it to. I being too simplistic if i say nolan patrick. Vegas golden knights. Just because of the kelly macrame association from the brandon wheat kings nolan. Patrick went through a went through a wall for kelly. Mcraven like significantly hurt himself to play for the brandon weaklings. I remember that moral cup and red deer oof and he was the best player in the western hockey league playoffs that year for brandon. I don't know maybe it's just too simple align. Maybe yeah it is. It is too simple line. There's no question about that but it doesn't mean you're wrong. People like people they know right hundred percent. The other guy is lot and you mentioned he's a usa. I think they've tried to sign him. I think it's possible that last year when they were talking to winnipeg line that lawton was potentially around that i will say this contracts are hard to do right now especially when you're going through what phillies going through. The bottom line is this. I believe at the flyers think that that guy loves being a flyer And wants to be a flyer. The question is can you get it done. And now because you're in the middle of this terrible streak. Does that mean you say okay. Here's the guy we don't have signed and it's the easiest move we could potentially make 'cause there's a lot of teams out there. Have you told them that. Scott lawton was available for a playoff run. Yeah they're throwing themselves at a guy like him but one thing i do strongly believe jeff is at the flyers. No that that guy loves being a flyer and it means a lot to him and it's always harder to move out guys who really feel part of the team. I just wonder if there is and you get a better sense than me. Is there a barclay goodrow vibe about scott lawton. No offense to barclay goodrow. I think he's got a higher ceiling. But look i'll tell you this if i was toronto i'd be all over that. Here's why i say this all with is the last year you know blake coleman barclay goodrow tampa puts them over the top solidifies. Third line. diani. Gordon is off the races and that becomes worn the stories for tampa. Now everybody's gotta go out and get themselves coleman and a barclay goodrow. Is there that type of feeling around scott lawton in the league like you've seen him play if he's a horse i'm a junior in oshawa. Yeah to yeah. If he's available there's a lot of teams out there. What does this mean for affiliate deadline then for each. Well the one thing. Like i said i think fletcher is going to be careful. I think he's gonna take his time. I do think that they look at it now. Like they have to solve their pro volve partner issue. Long term it's myers isn't it. I think they're looking for another right. Hand shot d. You know who is that guy. Is it david savard. Is there another right. Hand shot the available is it. You know we know there. It's neck home. I don't think they're interested in paying that price. And i know he's a lefty but he can play the right side I don't think they wanna pay the price now. They don't they don't think it's very smart. So you think the philadelphia flyers right now are thinking more about the future than this. You're not saving this season. Then the playoff spot because right now as we record this three points back of the boston bruins and the bruins three games in hand. Why would you do something to save this year. If you're philly it's not smart so they're sellers. I think sellers is a bad way of looking at it. I think they're long. Term thinkers her aches. The long term. Play gary sanchez. Just homered for the yankees to run shy Yet to one thought. Although yankee fans hated gary sanchez tell you what man who the guy that i wanted plan on the jays to home so bad then again i want i want. Everybody was on the market. He reminder real toll on the jays to everybody who was available set them to toronto. Here's my expert baseball analysis. I think the blue jays should go for aaron judge. That's the kind of move. I think that would really improve the team and put people in the crowd. Too good. baseball takes here on you know. Why didn't the geez. Mookie betts. what's wrong with him. And i think what a bunch of idiots they didn't get aaron judge Let's kick off this podcast hockey style Through and thoughts the podcast presented by the gmc. Sierra eighteen four welcome once again to thirty-one thoughts the podcast. Thanks for joining us today We got a lot to to go over and we're going to get some hashtag ask. Thirty one is well. We were all surprised and slash saddened and a hopeful that everyone is okay ended. It turns out all rights Wednesday night elliott's vancouver canucks calgary. Flames game was postponed The day previous adam. Good debt test positive for covid and the and wednesday night they get shutdown. It's been tough for bc all week long from hockey point of view Rockets the western hockey league their entire operation Got shut down as well. what What should we know about what happened in vancouver on wednesday. We don't know much. You're jeff so i'm going to be very careful on thursday. The league announced that the knox they won't resume any practicing before tuesday in the earliest. They'll play any game. Next week is thursday. And we know that the cove list includes adam go debt and travis hammock was added to it. And there's a so you know we still don't know the variant yet at this point in time whether or not it's the original or the new one so i guess here but obviously it's serious enough that they felt that they had to wait. Yes it's the smartest thing to do you know there's also the involvement of the province of british columbia and there's probably nowhere in north america. That's been tougher on it standards than bc. Remember last summer bc was supposed to host one of the vault bubbles in vancouver. But they weren't willing to do with the nhl asked and so it went to edmonson the number one thing we're all hoping for is the best for him you know. He opted out of the bubble last year for family reasons. He has made it very clear. He only wants to plan western canada. I think last year in the off season teams like toronto in philadelphia. To asked about him. he said no. I wanna stay west. We've reported that. Carolina was interested in him. He said again. No i wanna stay west so you know how important it is to him and you know we just hope that he and everybody else involved. Here is okay okay. So that is a As we like to say fluid story the other story that is not fluid but is done. The is the thatcher dempo deal. it's five years five million dollars per season and the vancouver canucks are hoping that they're paying the goaltender they saw in the bubble and they've seen for the better part of this season. I'm a big believer jeff. That if you're gonna bet bet on the people you know and that means either you give them the reward of the contract or you. Don't give them the reward of the contract but you bet on the people that you know and vancouver knows thatcher damko. He's a guy they're going to bet on. You can say okay. He's only played sixty two games. Whatever it is yes. All of this is true but they know him. He's been in their organization. They've seen in practice these seen as work ethic. They know how he is. They know owie isn't people can look at this and they can say well. There's no precedent for this. No there isn't but they have more information on. Dan goldin anyone else. Does you know the the interesting thing about is. There's not a lot of cops the last quarter to arbitration i believe was anton forsberg and that is a case that has nothing to do with this particular case. So they're looking at the whole thing and they're saying what exactly do we have here. I think the team was looking at it. That way and i think the agent was looking at it that way. I think that johri was probably the closest three and a half. So dem cogos arb- this year our next year. Ufa so i'm thinking that if with an aav of five and it's a middle heavy contract most of the cashes in the middle with an a five. The team gave go a bit more than it's worth the next couple of years and gave the as long as it keeps going this way damn go gave the knox a bit of a break in the three. Usa years so they worked on it and they got it done like everybody here compromised. I think it's i think it's a great deal for the player. Twenty five million. And i think it's a good deal for the team like i look at that contract and i think that's a good like if you're going to bet i think it's a good bet because it worked so you've got a goaltender of five million dollars. Give you gotta legit number one. Let me ask you something. You watch the games. Sometimes you're watching like old jimmy valiant videos during shows the boogie. Woogie man what the you watch the games like. Would you bet on goal right now based on what i've seen recently. Yes i mean that. The one of the things that i heard early on about thatcher denko and i don't see any evidence of it now was that there were some in the quote unquote goldie community. Who kept telling me. He's too slow in his crease. Don't see that anymore. No one's talking about that anymore. It's like if you're looking for areas of improvement to where where you're talking about Where you know. That's behind him and he's improving and if you look at you know an assumed steady growth then you say okay. Well that's one criticism that doesn't exist without your demo anymore. Like that's one area that's been completely cleaned up and that goes to your other point of they know this guy and i think that in any position and maybe goalie more than any other position elliott. You really need someone to be honest about themselves. Because if you're honest about yourself and you have a strong work ethic you'll work to improve the areas where you need to are. There are plenty of guys that just want to do the exact same thing every day in practice because it's easy for them and it's comfortable they don't improve but they get through practice and they can look good. They don't work on the most sensitive parts of their game. I don't think he can say that about thatcher down go. That's why i look at this deal. And i say okay. I don't wanna make up my mind about a goaltender until i see him for one hundred games but this one sort of feels difference. I'm still not one hundred percent. Because i still believe in my hundred game rule for netminders but i'll i'll look at this deal and say i understand it both based on the numbers involved and the track record and performance of the goalie again. It is still a gamble because we haven't seen them that long but to meet to save gamble for vancouver jeff. Speaking of goalies sheldon keefe told the media today that the update on freddie as he did have a follow up appointment as we had talked about. feud back. I've i've been given that. He's he's progressing well and this could see the monitor them reassessing next week sheldon just to follow up on that. So so i'm guessing you're not seeing freddie being available for at least another week is gonna join us on. This trip is ready innocent. Been on ice at all during these recent days no he. Hasn't i think what toronto is done. Is they started to look around and see if we have to do this. And at this point in time. I don't think they want to. But if we have to do this who's available. I think one of the guys. They've checked in on his aulmark from buffalo. Who is a ufa just asking buffalo. What you're thinking. And if we have to do i think they'd earlier on they checked on arizona's guys. I wouldn't be surprised if they checked on riddick to like. That's just sensible to me. But i don't know that. But i i've heard that the arizona guys in all marker among the guys they have asked about. There's always been rumors about the mini being involved or are being interested. Rather there's always been rumors elliott about the may police being interested in alexander georgiev with the rangers. And if they start to fall out of it would that be a target of interest for the maple leafs. You think i all. It's a good question. I haven't heard it. I just know that last year like they were never close like the rangers in. I know there's a lot of talk about it. But they just. I heard they were never close so the question then becomes elliott. Now that thatcher dem co has been signed. Elliot's patterson quinn hughes travis. Green clark tanner pearson. Who's next jim. Benning said last week on the week he was going to try to take care of some of some business. Obviously he did that. They got dem done. And i think that really heated up in the last week. I think there have been some conversations with pearson. i'm getting some really mixed messaging on where this is. I think it's going to be height to get it done. I think it's a real the houston pederson. Don't think those started yet. I'm under the impression that vancouver's looking at about fifteen million for the two of them next year. So we'll see where that goes the coaches. I have not heard a thing. I don't know where that is. And and i'll tell you this i believe that you know some teams ownership says. Here's your budget and don't surprise me. Just let me know of your up to anything. Big i think because of vancouver's overall situation right now i do think ownership has a big hand in this stuff has to be run through them. I just think right now. They haven't committed to what they're doing with their coaches yet Okay to the team. That vancouver is supposed to play on wednesday night. The calgary flames. Now you look at the standings and you say oh they're only four points out as we record this podcast buds and they're chasing trawl. Montreal has five games in hand You look at the goal. Differential for the calgary flames and it's ugly dash sixteen. We've been talking a couple years now and the decision sort of always been kicked down the road we've been talking about. When is it the end for this core. Are we there now calgary. Well i think we wait to see how it plays out. But i think we're getting close. I don't think that the flames really have anything necessarily going on right now but i think everybody knows that where we are and if they don't make the playoffs this year they're going to have some big decisions to make. I think people know that. If you wanna call calorie labeling the listen to a lot of things. I just don't get the sense that anything is anywhere close to imminent. How much of a big stick does their cetera. Having all of this now. I think he has a lot like i said. I believe that the only that they were making a coaching change right now was sutter. And that is because of the deep respect and deep connections that people in the organization have to him so they are going to listen to his opinion as we fly around the nhl. I would like to know what is happening. And i think a lot of people do because it seems to be one of the more interesting stories right now. What is happening with the nashville predators. They have rattled off six wins in a row. Tonight it's thursday. They'll play the dallas stars that makes ten to seven or that may be a lost. Don't know dallas is a bizarre team a lot of people this season. We've said before that. It looks like this nashville predators team could be the kingmaker coming trade deadline's high with various themes flying around but then they find themselves in a playoff position win. Six in a row minia pointed out that okay you beat up on detroit's beat up on chicago ticket with a grain of salt but i can do is win the games that are in front of you. What's happening with nashville. I do a hit every thursday nashville on the espn station there. One zero two five and they told me that when i did my hit earlier today That what david paul. He's on there every tuesday and he said basically to reports up in canada. It's pretty quiet right now. And i said you've mentioned specifically by name or just referring to all of us up there and they laughed and they said no he didn't refer to anybody specifically by name. I think that with nashville. It's kind of tied down a bit like my guess. Is that when things weren't going very well for the predators. They didn't mind. All the rumors became is. They didn't think that anyone there should be comfortable. But now that they're making their charge in there in the race and depending on who you like. That could actually be your favourite to make the playoffs that they're trying to turn down the heat a little bit and then a we could make this. Why do we wanna make people uncomfortable so you know. i do. Think that david paul at the poker table. But i also think he's looking at it and saying do i give our team a shot in the play offs. Now if you've finished fourth you likely get tampa right. Yeah maybe you get carolina maybe florida. But you're you're probably thinking tampa a tough man. Fourth in that division is tough. But what i've said to and i do believe this that more than any other season in terms of the business of your organization make the playoffs. How many more tickets to sell for next year not insignificant. The other thing about nashville is the only have a couple of players on expiring contracts. They all the names that we see flying around with. Its whether it's whether it's filip forsberg like they don't have to do any deal. Like no one's outside of michael greenland and eric khawla. No one's walking away like it's not as if they're they're walkway and they're not gonna get an acid in return. These players still have term. They nashville is an interesting spot. There is no gun to anyone's head here David paul doesn't have to do anything. We just assume that. Okay bottoming out. Try to get you know. Try to recoup something come trade deadline time and start to turn this thing over as much appeal. May say he's under pressure to do something i don't think he is. Because he's players have term outside of greenland and hala. That's it but the question is. Do you believe you have the right mix. I don't think that they believe that. They have the right mix. My only question is how much runway do. They still have until they need to make decisions on these players. Like do they have to make a deal by april twelfth. No no do. They have to do anything with coma april. No no no one's gonna walk away here and leave david poile without anything in return outside of those two forwards just mentioned like. They're kind of in an enviable spot. Here you might just say. They're playing with house money in both chicago and columbus into another extent as well dallas is just handing them a playoff spot. If i'm dallas. I'm not making any big decisions on my team this year. They've had a brutal schedule. They've had a covert outbreak. They had that texas heating situation where some of the players. I'd like flooding in their houses and they're competing hard plus also. You've learned that. You've really got a player and jason robertson right. You sure do so. I'm looking at this for dallas. I'm not making any crazy decisions because our guys are playing hard in the middle of what's been a complete nightmare. As a matter of fact. I'm really impressed with how hard they play. They can't win in overtime but they compete. They compete hard like they have every excuse to quit this year and they haven't done it. They do have a hard time scoring goals back to nashville quickly. Though the one thing you always look for silver lining in anything in miserable season they may end up making the playoffs. Good on nashville. And it seems as if we've been waiting even though he's only twenty one years old it feels like we've been waiting for la twelve in and to turn it on and demonstrate. He's a legit top six forward. That can shooting score for how many years i know. It's not a tiny games. But does it feel to you. Like toll ends finally here in my head today. They asked me if he's going to get any calder trophy. Love and i'm a big believer in recent bias. So if he finished his strong. I think that helps them. But you know. I said that he's in my list. But i just don't know how anyone's taking the calder away from capris off right now you mentioned carolina a couple of seconds ago. Let's stay in this division. A fantastic march ten to into curious about them a deadline and they do have an emerging star or. Do we say someone who's already there in. Martin us been an embarrassment of riches for the carolina hurricanes up front for a number of years and now they have another one. This nature's kid elliott is real good. See i don't wanna call him underrated because everybody's calling them underrated and everybody does something. I don't want to do it. I was making his point on hockey central with With sarah souvenir day you can say that every player on carolina is always underrated because they don't get coverage like how many gods stop with a whining about this. Oh my goodness hang on. How many times have you heard. Man jacob slavin's underrated. We've been saying it. For how many years now they get a certain point. Things like slavin's underrated alejos under. It has to stop. doesn't it yes it does have this. Look they're a good team that's it. They can win the stanley cup. This year could yup and they'll be doing with you know you wanna talk about getting called their love do with a rookie. Netminder alex the kovic. My theory on this is if there's one team that comes out of nowhere to make a whopper of a deal. It's carolina for what position could be goal. We've thought all season long looking for another defenseman. And they were. They were not having that to me would be the position. I would circle come trade deadline time. They think that way. The owner likes to be bold right. He does and also. I have to say this. I had someone say to me that the brindamour extension is not as close as it's being portrayed. I also had someone say to me that brindamour the extension. It's not as close as everyone thought last week including myself. It doesn't mean it's not going to happen but apparently it wasn't as close as we all so we'll see. I still think he ends up there. It's just the someone told me to pump the brakes on it. Staying in the central florida panthers as the find themselves as we record this on a three game winning streak second place in the central by way of points. Not percentage and down. Aaron eck blad barkov coming back This weekend that's good news. But the aaron glad injury the the season ending injury is a tough one to swallow. Because this guy like. I don't think he's gonna win the nor i didn't think he was going to win the norris trophy but he was going to be on ballots. Y'all there's no question about that like honestly. I like headman this year. I think he's gonna win it. If everything continues the way it's going but you know act blad mcevoy darnell nurse at blood was definitely up there. It was awful to watch. I'll tell you this i. I just said that carolina could take a swing florida's another team. That could take a swing. You can't replace him but you're having a really good year zito viola. They're also guys who think big right they are and don't you kind of fans if it can get to. That spot are really good series against tampa. Oh we talked about this last week. We we've been waiting for this series forever and you just don't want it to be a squash match tayla. One of the big stories of this season is in florida. Not just the team for carter verhaeghe. Yup and i know a lot of it. Is the alexander. Barkov fact cher. He's made a lot of players wealthy and made a lot of players. Look good. he has that magic wand. You gotta be good to play with good players you do and the one thing that i come back to with carter for hagi. I remember talking to one scout about him. I can't remember what stop for. Hagi was on and he said look. The skating is always gonna hold this guy back and i said well what was he like when he was younger and he said i can remember our crew. We had skater's listed ab and see a if you're a elite level skater if you're a good skater and see if you're a poor skater. We had carter hagey minus. That's how bad the skating was. This guy has improved his game immensely from team to team team. He finds a home in florida. Yes barkov helps. But this guy's improved himself tremendous miro. Brian burke would always talk about blake wheeler and how much he always the most improved player in the nhl hands down period. Carter verhaeghe is probably the most improved player in the nhl. The season isn't he. Yeah i i would say so. And don't forget like this was a guy wasn't qualified last year. It's insane by a team that generally makes very good decisions. Got to hand it to them. East put in the work of sticking florida some news. There was some thought or some feeling slash belief that spencer night for traffic boston college would considering the nature of the sergei bobrovsky contract ahead of them. Choose to stay with boston. College for four years go Go over the free agency route and choose. His team didn't do that. He comes out signs of entry level. Deal with the florida. Panthers and is now a member of the cats. Your thoughts on spencer nights decision. One of the things i had heard was that the panthers said to them. Look yes. we have seventy million dollars goal tender here but look. Who's playing by chris trigger. Yes because he won that yeah. Chris triggers had an incredible year in the florida. Goal is a major reason that they've been off to the start. They've been off to yup and when he deserved to play he played. You know sometimes team say you know we're invested in this school. He were paying a ton of money. He gets the net. The panthers haven't really done that. broncos played well at times and he's played dreamers played well at a lot of times and he gets to play and i think they were able to take that tonight and say look. You're going to be on an entry level contract for three years. certainly there's bonuses involved by. You're going to get a chance to play. And i think he saw that. Now we'll see what they do with trigger and goal We'll see the kind of moves they have to make i. I have no doubt they will get offers on him if not already. I have no doubt they will have a decision to make at some point in time. Triggers a ufa. But i'm not surprised that night decided to go pro. He's got two more years before he can even entertain being an unrestricted free agent. And he's simply ready to play. So i can recall because it a couple of months ago. I mentioned this idea on despite The idea of why wouldn't spend somebody. Just feel play the four years and then chooses team and i had a goalie coach from another team. Get in touch with me and said I heard your taken. It's a bad one. And here's why he said what you need to consider is the development of the goaltender. Shirley's the goalie in front of him with the million year contract. We all understand that. But if you're handling spencer night right now a couple of things one you can't leave him At the college level to face college level shots and situations or he'll stagnate a sensitive position. He needs to take that next step. He needs pro situations and pro shots. And so there's nothing wrong with having a goalie. Play in the american hockey league for two or three years. That takes the brost contract down a couple more seasons and then you have a situation even then when he's ready to play in the nhl where he needs the fight for a position. You never wanna hand anybody anything especially a goaltender. Let them fight for it. But he said the one thing you missed on in your hot take. Merrick was the development of the goalie. You're just thinking oh freedom and choose my team forgetting the fact that what's he going to be like after four years of the same quality of shot and environment couple of other players coming while cam york for the philadelphia flyers. Alex new tough one for bbc the other day they lose alex. You know the other thing here and one case heard it in his jake sanderson from north dakota. Who was the first round pick in ottawa. Last it doesn't look like ottawa's had a really good week Jacob bernard docker. He signed with the sanders. Shane pinto he signed with the sanders. Both of those guys left north dakota to join the sanders now. The one guy who has an is jake sanderson and you know. He's only played one year. So i don't think that's a big deal but one of the things i heard about sanderson wise. You know. there's a lot of players who looked at this year and said i was kinda robbed of a year and i think anybody. Who's that each understands. What they're talking about her know kids high school kids university kids because of covert they lost a year of their regular college experience. And i think one of the things that sanderson and i don't think he's the only one. But i think one of the things that kind of thought about wise you know bernard docker. He'd played already at north dakota for this was his third year. Pinto had already played at nor kota. This was his second year. Although unfortunately for pinto last year he didn't get a chance to play for the nc double a.'s. Because the season ended early and this year they got knocked out you know. At least he had some of the college experience. And from what i heard and i haven't seen the contract. Is we talk about this. I heard pinto got a good bonus. So that's something. Ottawa did to help convince them. The other thing here about sanderson is this year was his first year. He's never had the full college experience yet. And i totally understand that if you know you want another opportunity to go and see what life is like maybe closer to normal as a guy who loves his. Four years in university of western. I'm all for that. And nobody has to panic here. They still got his rights for three more years. The kid won't be nineteen in july. I look at it as no panic. And i don't see why anybody has to worry about this decision. I totally understand it. Give it thought on the boston. Bruins 'cause they got a hot take on them well. I just think they're going to wait to see what to harass situation. As rask can't play. Do they take a run or do they say not. Our year now may take care. What's your take hot juicy. So we all know. We've seen bruce cassidy talk about this and openly lobby for more goalscoring with his squad You know. I cheer for the story. Yes whatever the best story is okay. So here's what i want you to do. Cam nealy comes out of retirement. Oh that'd be that'd be fantastic. Add the old up put in the pocket in between the defenseman skates charging over them The signature cam nealy move. No just work with me on this making his return to the boston. Bruins to fill the nets. Phil kessel of story. Well that'd be the best story at hockey right now. Look the bruins have impacts. Arizona needs picks the bruins scoring. Arizona's got phil kessel and arizona december. First of this year. I'm just putting it out. The castle got some term. Sure at six point eight. Yeah that that's the second year that the issue today. I know it depends on what you can do at david. Krejci and what's happening with. Jacob ras can all these things i just want that idea out there in the universe right now somewhere in boston and somebody crashed into a traffic circle. Someone in the bruins organization right now is swearing at me Not exactly surprise. You ever thought on the new york rangers right now. Is this for the playoffs. Legit what do we make the rangers. Right now to be honest jeff. I think we need some more pushes for the play offs rate. We don't have enough of the canadian division. The math isn't good for anyone. Who's out of the top four yup. No we talked about the central. There's kind of that three or four team battle for fourth between chicago. Dallas columbus and nashville in the west. We've got a weird playoff race that we didn't really expect was saint louis arizona instill l. a. Battling to get into it. You left the team out there. Hold on you. Want to count out. San jose i just. I don't know what to make them either but okay put them in. Because i like racist right and although they've basically admitted they're kind of waving the white flag but you know they're there and then in the other division the eased you've got you know. We talked about boston philly and you'll the rangers. It's clear to me that the goalie is legit disturbing. Is there guy yup. And they're the only team with a goal differential that good. that's not in the playoffs. Yes now some of that is philly like they've blown up philly a couple of times and i guess there plus fourteen in those games savannah. Jayde has just feasted on the philadelphia flyers. Yes i just wonder if they gave away too many points early. But i like the race right and i do think the rangers are you know like i said i. We've talked about their interest in eichel. I think there are team to watch in the sense. I i think over the next few months they could do something. Really interesting. the holes. Abandon jed thing also fascinating because now like a couple months ago i think they were really even a couple of weeks ago. I think they were kind of really worried what they had there and now maybe they're feeling a little bit better. It's it's hard to say. But i just worry gave up too many points although i want playoff races. That's what i want i want. I want playoff races quick. Oh back to san jose real quick. Sure the best moment of the week to reform us eric. Carlson with the apple. All right eric. Is that the best office game. You've ever had two goals in essentially a hat trick when the game winner in the now not even close. I have very mixed feelings about that. And they're not directed at carlson. Okay i mean. The thing was funny when i saw it. I was like okay. That's that's unusual. And that's different. And he had some good comic timing. What i didn't like was the pile on on the reporter that came after. Oh no one liked that. No no no no no. I ain't no that's gross. First of all like i'm no better than any other reporter has good questions. I've asked bad questions. But you know what i didn't like about that. Is that some of the people who were dunking on that. Reporter are people who say aw people are really mean to each other on social and don't you consider people's mental health. Yeah and then they just dunked on this guy. I don't even know who it was. So that's my whole issue with things like that is initially. It's like holy cow. That's funny and then it becomes. Oh everybody has to re tweet it with a comment that twists the knife of a little bit more. It's late at night. We all ask bad questions. Zoom which makes it even and when you ask convoluted questions on zoom. It only makes a situation worse so who knows i. I don't know what happened. Maybe the guy was just throwing it out there because it was late at night and whatever. It wasn't a good question. But like i've asked terrible questions. So here's my thing. Jeff like it just turns into a pile on yes. Here's my thing about dumb questions. Sometimes you get great answers out of them. You just have to hang on. Hang on hold on a second year. I'm going somewhere with this. I'm not. I'm not saying that was a quote unquote dumb question. But there is value in asking colombo-style a question or playing goofy janitor to try to get something out of someone like just because it doesn't fit. The model of every reporter has to every single hockey players biography. Chapter and verse You know doesn't make it a stupid question. Sometimes some of the best conversations and some of the best answers come from the tiniest maybe most ridiculous questions or conversations that you can have. I have no problem that question out there at all. I would rather hear that one and the answer that it may get as opposed to you. Know how crucial is it to have gone for four on the power play. I think that's so true. And i'll tell you something else. When i i started out someone said to me i don't ever want to hear you say talk about a question. Talk about this talk about that another reporter and for the life of me. I can't remember why said that is the stupidest advice ever that is somebody who just is concerned with the look as opposed to the interview and i said what do you mean by that. And he said sunday. You'll see and i remember being a press conference once. I think it was a gulf wanted. The canadian open and someone said asked a question and the golfer said. I don't understand what you mean by that question because there are questioning there and then the guy was flustered and he said just talk about. This guy gave a great answer and the person said to me. Actually i said oh. My god like that's exactly what that person was talking about. So you're right. Sometimes i think we all let's get caught up in the style of how we asked something and instead of our goal is to get the best answer but again i didn't like that thing because it turned into a pile on on someone and again it's it's my whole thing with the with the. Let's talk that makes me crazy. Sometimes some of the people. I always see tweeting. You know bell. Let's talk are the same people who pile on the other. Three hundred and sixty four days of the year so it did annoy me. I have to tell you one final thought on that other side. We'll do some hashtag. Ask thirty one's reporters that i know i'm always sensitive to it as well but one conversation with one person i greatly respect turned me around on it. I was always hesitant my entire career to ask the. How do you feel question. The how do you feel right now. How does this make you feel. I was until i had a conversation. Once i was doing side. I can't remember where and shirali jack pulled me. Aside shirley's longtime producer hockey night pulled me aside and said you know. I know you guys don't like asking that question but sometimes it's the right question to ask. I know you. I know you feel dumb asking it but sometimes that's the most important thing at that time you got to swallow your own ego. Swallow your ego and ask the question. That's the right one sometimes. Be how do you feel right now. Question is the best question. I agree with that. And i think i don't think he ever told me that. But he's right and the reason is it's again we get caught looking at our own navels. We worry that people are gonna criticize us for not asking the right style of question and as i've gotten older i've just learned that that is stupid and if someone doesn't like it too bad if it works all right there you go Other side quick pause Ask thirty one. Your thoughts next on thirty one can't okay. Welcome back to the podcast. When get right to your twitter questions at hashtag ask thirty one elliott. This one comes to us from plast. And i hope i'm pronouncing that right. I suspect i'm not any good book recommendations regarding russian players defecting to the nhl. so yes. and i'm turning to my look at look at my bookshelf trying to because i never want to get a title wrong. Breakaway by talpet. Ski is an excellent one. And the other one i'd recommend is it's a bit of the reverse. It's behind the red line by todd hardy. Who was one of the first north american players to spend a year in russia at least in a recent generation. So those are the two i would recommend to you. I'd also recommend if you wanna watch something. Sports net did a great piece with jerry. Mehan and don lewis above. Defection of alex mogilny. It was a thirty minute special. It was excellent. that's produced by jeremy mcelhinney. By the way you can find that dock in our show notes One thing. I do want to mention for this question as well and it's coming out. Think at the end of this year so late. Twenty twenty one Vashem neta manzke. Who's vaslav lansky son Is putting out a documentary about. His dad called big ned. You can see the trailer and information on it. Add big ned film dot com and something the last time i was dna with vast she. That i didn't know elliott. Is you went to school with him. You you went to school with vaslav. Nancy son for a year yes for a year. he was when when vast love played for the trump. Toro's vasic went to bayview glen private school with me That's fantastic not surprisingly. We went skating one day and he was the best skater in the class. I know shocking. His dad was a stud So glad that he made it to the to. The hockey hall of fame can still remember vaslav. Ski and richard farda coming over to play with the toro's here's an interesting quite a philosophical one. This from kobe hockey media types seem to spend a lot of time talking about how they would change. The sport sometimes drastically brackets looking at you merrick. Hockey is so great. Why do we need to change everything about it. But the parks in the. That's a great question. I wonder let me ask you this. I don't know maybe people on twitter share this with me is any specifically canadian thing to always want to change this game or or worry about this game. No i think you see it all the time and every sports i i remember like just some of the guys i know who cover other games. You think that everything is like endemic to your game. No the same complaints happen about the same sport. Every sport complaints about the refereeing umpiring every sport complains about the way it's played is good or bad for all the love inside the nba gatz. It's great shaw barkley. O'neal are very open about the fact. They hate the way the nba is played now. Major league baseball's going through a big problem right now with the three true outcomes strikeout home run balls and player down and they're concerned about it so i think it's only natural nitpick at your game the only sport right now. That doesn't really have problems the nfl and because it's just too big for all its problems. You can talk about all the it has. They did billions and television. This comes to us from at t. H three underscore. Well you get the you. Get the gist this. Why do you always go to bought farms. Like where are you going to. These can't be about firm because again this. If it is about farm i want. This bought farm the tweet us every single week. Because there's good questions involved in this bought firm is hockey. Bought farm is awesome With teams stressing possession in three on three overtime you get long stretches of circling back etc. Should the league introduced a shot clock and or over him back rule of the nba to encourage shots and possession. Changes begin changing the game. There's one changing the game. And i i really think right now. We're going through all this conversation about officiating. Why give them more to worry about From an entertainment point of view originally the the three hundred overtime was just. It was sprints up and down up coach's legislative the fun out of it. Well that was zero. Remember how we kept saying. Great coaches can't get their hooks into it. Oh yes they can now. They have their hooks into it. And if you don't have the perfect shot it's too risky. We can't risk the odd man rush the other way let's just regroup regroup regroup. Let me ask you a question here okay. 'cause i'm willing to consider the possibility of this if you send it back the other way. What's the penalty. What do you mean if you send it back the other way if you pass it back over you over the red line or something. What's the infraction. If you're conservative change of possession if you're more radical penalty shot. I'm just making this up off top. Well that's the thing i wanna know. What would you do like to me blowing it dead in the face off. That doesn't solve your problem. Slowing the game down. So what are you doing. Essentially what this bought farm getting at is you want to get it back to the rid. The origins of the three on three where it was just five minutes of sprints. How do we get there. Essentially is is essentially. What we're asking. I don't i don't know how we get there. But what is the answer. Well i mean penalty shot would do it right for over back. I would love to be in the gm meetings when that gets proposed. Okay this is what we're thinking guys. If you pass the puck back over the red line after you've gained the blue line hanley's shot and there has to be a camera. What one more about changing the rules and we'll get out of here and let people have the rest of their weekend without listening to us to bozos the seems to us from byron. I know the oh won't be talking about it but this call. The rulebook situation is hampered by the two minute penalty. Do you feel there is any appetite or do you have an appetite to change penalty length. One minute minors to minors. Three minute my overtime. No just no just in any situation don't know so it has to be other a two five ten and that's it or penalty shot. Why well i think the thinking is that there are some calls that don't rise to the level of a full two minute power play but as an infraction enough that something should be called but two minutes is too stiff. I'm just saying i'm just no. I'm following the logic ending the logic the logic is terrible and here's why the logic is terrible. Yeah if we're all complaining here. There's too much interference and there's too many penalties not being called. Why give people incentive to commit more penalties. Here's what i think the thinking is that i'll get i'll give you an actual game application for it. If you're off to the side of the net wide open net and someone passes you the puck and the other team's defensemen comes out of nowhere slashes you on the wrist. Before you can tap the puck into the net what's the call slashing two minutes. Do you not think that that slash is different than a slash that happens in the neutral zone on a rush almo for the first time. I wish we were televising. This podcast so people could see the look on my face right if everybody is complaining about judgment calls why are we adding judgment to the rule book. We better bought farm now is not from from. That's from byron. Bought farm was the other one. Okay barnum's ceo robot for jeff before we leave. I have to ask you. Are you a zillow versus kong guy. I'm going tonight with the kids driving. Oh that's awesome. We've actually been talking about that. We wanna do that. So i love godzilla same. My parents and i was a kid. They bought me like a two foot. Tall godzilla which my favorite toy. So i was always a big godzilla. Guy watched all the movies this morning before we did the podcast i re watched the original one thousand nine hundred sixty three battle on mount fuji between godzilla and cau- and godzilla was kicking the crap out of con- i never knew this button. Electrical storm came and these scientists were watching it. Overhead in the helicopter said electricity is good for khan. I did not know this and he recovered and they both fell into the ocean together. next week. you'll give us your review. Is we return to the monday podcast. You'll give us your revere enjoy absolutely. And if godzilla doesn't win this is a joke. I just wanna say this for the rat. No no no. I'm i'm i'm team godzilla on this one to a lot of it is because whenever we'd go visit our cousins in livonia michigan as kids. We would always watch. I don't know how the other always on tv and On on michigan television or they just own the videos. I don't remember. I was pretty young. It was a non stop stream of godzilla movies and ultraman. Man i love the ultra. Ultra was great but tons of godzilla movies. So that's some of my earliest memories of Hanging out with my cousins in livonia. So i am very excited Godzilla king kong later on this evening. Do like for the first time since i was a kid. I'm going to a drive in. Was the last time you went to a drive. In the last time. I went to a drive in. I think i was a teenager. And we saw a tripleheader that involved wildcats with goldie hawn. Whoa spies like us with dan. Ackroyd and i can't remember what the third movie okay. So how many people beers did you sneak in no. I was with my cousins and my aunt and uncle. So it wasn't anything of that going on like that. Are you gonna go see a godzilla. King s i think so i. We're talking about taking my son to To the movie. So i would like to go. Yes awesome. I will let you know elliot i will. You have a great time. Thanks but and letting you know the taking us out. Today is an artist whose band has supported some of the biggest names in the music industry. Including gary clark. Junior the who lenny kravitz. The black crowes from his album. Charge it to the game. Here's hash neil with catching up on thirty. One was Detroit let's talk.

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