Local Hour: Spelling Bee


The Dan Le Batard Woodstock. Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes, Capital, One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC basketball? NBA finals. I watched this entire game start to finish. Yeah, I'm in on this finals. I'm super excited, as you know, I made my prediction on the air and I was the only one really to give my prediction on the air this week regarding what I think is going to happen in the NBA finals, and it is not basketball based. At least it wasn't. It was just all narrative based because I think this warriors thing is going to end ugly. At least Kevin Durant chapter one game into it. You're starting to see that plan coming coming together. However, I'm watching these games and I did give you one bit of basketball analysis. I said, the raptors are definitely gonna win this if Kevin Durant doesn't play. And I think you're watching right this you met the series or that game last night, the series, the series because Kevin Durant has the height in the skill set to at least shoot over some of these really long defenders on Toronto. They need him. I understand they're one that they had seventy three wins. But he has a particular set of skills. That is truly needed when you going up against the likes of PASCAL Siaka and Kawai Leonard. I can't believe I said Siachen I but what a game. Good last night. Steph curry, you know what mix in a two pointer, also I have some stats for that's a take mixing the two pointer. Yes. Steph was fun. Cephas good was good from three. But here's a stat for you. That's actually pretty surprising. We were all talking about. Oh, you put Kawai you put Kawai on Steph curry, and then we realized maybe not the best use of Kurai, especially considering as much as Steph curry runs around. But we didn't take into consideration was how good of a defender van fleet has been on Steph curry Steph curry had two points on twenty nine possessions with Katie V as his defender, according to second spectrum. So in the two games the to have matched up this season. When b is guarding Steph curry, does anybody call him cave. His name's Fred. So I don't think so. All right, at V sorry, I made him keep in fleet. He's van Horn's that's what I was doing so FEB because I always want to call him and flee. Eat invalid just weird should be f VF. FEB. So in the two games this season that the two have matched up Steph curry Leah's six points on sixty eight possessions that vanfleet is defending him. So vanfleet it's been a very effective defender of Steph curry, I mean, so you're saying if the warriors come back and start take take back this series that could be an adjustment. They make maybe start vanfleet then then. No. I think I think what I think the raptors are playing this perfectly so far. And if you watch the, the raptors this postseason, sometimes they do the thing, where quite Leonard gets doubled, and I trust Leonard to make the smart place, so much more. I'd rather see have quite Leonard with the ball in his hands against two defenders than almost anybody else one on one he's just going to make the smart plays, and you'll get lulled into AAC wise. Not having that spectacular of the game. And then in the fourth quarter, it's quite time and you'll get a shot regardless. I thought Kawai was brilliant yesterday making the smart plays and Siachen stepped up. And the rest of the team stuff Arkansas Kyle Lowry was good going to the basket. I think unless Kevin Durant comes back. I think this could has potential to be pistons Lakers thing I really do. And that's just not a knee-jerk because, you know, I said going into it, I like the raptors and this could end ugly for the warriors. There are true basketball reasons as to why I favor, the Toronto Raptors. And we saw that last night. Speaking of basketball reasons are Drake, and Draymond gonna throw hands at some point in the series. That'd be awesome. Dream on just horrible for Drake. You dream on, like a foot taller than him really outweighs by, like fifty or sixty pounds. You wouldn't wanna see that I think that'd be fine. It would end very quickly. Right. If if dreams that frustrated after game one there's still plenty of time in the loss game one on the road in the NBA finals, it, it can happen. It doesn't happen to the worst because they're never really on the road for game, one of the NBA finals, but it can happen. And if you're already jawing at Drake can't let the rapper get in your head. You can't I imagine. It's only gonna get more fun for us talking about it. More fun for us as fans watching it. I know Drake annoys people, but I really dig this Drake thing it super Billy dream on an observation from yesterday's game. He's, he's starting to lose a hair little bit. Yeah. They hairlines atas. Yeah. Yeah, I hadn't noticed too last night for whatever reason, but it's starting to go also, if you're the warriors, and you're gonna lose, Kevin Durant. Right. Why? Why don't play them who cares? He's going to be on another team next year. How much is going to change between game two and game three? Oh he's not going to be cleared for game two but he'll be ready for game three just shoot them up with whatever you're gonna shoot them up with for game three and game too. I let them go out there and play. You think this is all the wars? I imagine that he's saying he's not ready as run them into the ground, I was going to be on another team next year. Who cares that you'd run into a situation because that's what UK. You're going to in motion with Colombian. Yeah. That's what the Spurs were doing with. Kawhi last year. They were kind of, like, hey, we can she up some stuff and quite like, no, I'm just I'm, I'm not healthy, my hot take. I wish I said this before game one I don't think Kevin Durant playing another game for the Golden State Warriors judges. Is that a good? Nope. That's not good. Steve Kerr, I say you know what we want Kevin Durant to play. It doesn't feel like playing today. So he's not gonna play. It's not on us. It's on him. It might've walk might devolve into that, especially with would dream on dream on could could potentially say anything here in do anything. How do you let Drake already in your head and give people that moment, I know it was just all in good nature joining, but you already gave insight that he's bothering you. I mean, Klay calling him aubrey's just he's clearly annoying Klay. Also wrote, why do you have so many tabs open on your computer, like I normally have a lot, but you must have at least twenty seven tabs open show sheet material, but is that just like today or do you carry over from day to day curious over there today, we go through your tabs this used to be thing. I remember what's. Yes, I love you guys. It's computer, which basically then just became the polls, because the polls kind of recap the show. All right. So tab number one is ROY g mail, and he had an Email from tanto but through is the G drive surprisingly, the computer's moving little soap because of said tad, let's sprinkle these in with every other trust the heat narrative, like the way he fan looks at this finals is CRM what we want bam to become bam. I it's just hard for me to ride on a shot. He's trying to develop a shot. I know it's such a weird comp because bam conventionally plays the five and CRM is more of a of a wing type, but I is, is a modern day five you want him to be that swing guy a little bit. Not not a swing guy. But a big man that can shoot a little bit extend the floor is this. I mean, now he's not the same thing you did compared their Jones junior to de'andre Jordan. So I'm just struggling to I just don't want this. To be another one of those because I was right on one and. For its apps. Three and four regarding birthdays. The first one leads to the next page, which is may birthday. We have the years right this time and that was an updated. All right. Well, every year someone gets your older. So it's from last night. It's understandable. Yes. This, this yokum development though, that happened fast. Yeah. That he, he took such a giant leap now. You can't count on them to go. Was it fifteen seventeen from the field? He did bury those wide open threes at the warriors were letting him take which was absolutely huge for the rest of the game. But the rest of the shots came inside and a lot of it was a result of qui- being doubled and making the smart play, by the way, Anthony Chang, agrees with me, who has the pages the Google calendar. Who, who do we got today? Let's go through the calendar day at eleven thirty Tim Legler, and the noon. We in with stammering Gundy, cools all the tins are on today. What's on? Tab six just go go. Go crazy. Six is our bumper sheet, which is. Log the shows you gotta be carrots merging word. And that's super exciting though. The next tab is treat deck all the tweets. Yeah. This is more boring. I thought it would be hanging on your idea trying to I'm trying to. Okay. So you just stole your take from Anthony Chang, and you I asked, I didn't come in here saying this is what I asked the question you ask the question nine hours after Anthony Chang responded to the question on Twitter. It's not like I can say any Chang agrees with you. When you clearly lifted this we're doing. We're writing. We see things on Twitter. They're interesting. We're talking on the Senate is your own. The originator you said agrees with all the originators some guy who tweeted at Chang, and change us said, yes. Nine hours ago. But what I'm not this is nothing. I he's not agreeing with you. You're agreeing with him. I saw the question and I thought to myself, wow. That's I agree time sample. Billy, can you help me out here? I mean I didn't come in here and say bam is we want like Siachen is what we did say that back. I literally asked the question I know you asked a question that Anthony Chang answered nine hours ago, and then you said Anthony Chang agrees with that's really where this gets dicey as you saying Anthony Chang agrees with me because I thought that Anthony Chang reached out to you and said, I agree with you or sent you a message. But you just went to his Twitter right repeating something that he himself said nine hours ago. And he said, yes, the question was if you're heat fans, you ask the question No, then he doesn't even agreeing with you, because you're just asking a question is he agreeing with you just asking a question where are you coming out and saying that you think bam by? The next item. No, I was just starting to call. I was seeing, apparently you said, no, you're in sorting the conversation because the person who started the conversation, nine hours ago with Zach ads act. Buck buckle really going to do this. Yesterday. You said you will you read something. It was just a berry Jackson tweet about the minor league thing. It wasn't buried. Jackson was fish stripes. I give credit though, Tiffany. I mean, we're just we're we all take things from Twitter and then say them on the air, but I don't say berry Jackson agrees with me. When I steal from his column. I'm just all right. Going nowhere quickly, listen. Guys, let's talk about the important stuff that's going on in the NBA finals, does Nick nurse. Have those hats made like that's the mall like he buys a Nike hat. And then he goes to the mall, and he has the two ends put on the hat, when it's more like is he selling them? Sorry. When it's a Nike hat, you make your brain obviously makes elite that own Nike made this for him. But why would Nike make that for him? And who would buy that, like this into a contract with Nike? Why would Nike sign a coach to contract? I don't Nick nurse. Jay sign college coaches mic nurse. Do you think is signed to a Nike contract? It would give him a logo. It would be a surprise. Also, come on, whoever made that logo really male. It's just the letter n twice. And it's like times new Roman. It's like very lazy, looking lower like an aerial black. Could I buy that if I wanted to I'm going to look for it, right? And I would like to rock that nurse. Make money off of it. If you do, that's real quick. I will give money for the Nick nurse hat, I want the Nick nurse hat and the P Carol shoes. I've always thought that they should just like market. The shoes at Carol words as the sidelines as the air, Pete Carroll's, ROY next tab. The next tab is a Twitter. Analytics stats on my your own tweets, chicken ally. Really checked out. Opus. How you doing what's, what's it looking? Like it's looking pretty good. I've gained seven hundred ninety three followers in how long and one month so far there may. Yeah. Which is weird sorry, which is weird because Twitter when our day. Also, like little contentious your Twitter account more so recently that many uncomfortable you can buy the nurse hats on Oetzi, but it's not even the same end this logos almost cooler than his actual ago. It looks like a tea or something see that it was like a reflective. And and but it's hard to tell what it is. This show is going to get away from that one. Let's find stab. So you guys see LeBron and Wade's kid or I didn't come on. I just read this. Not reporting this I just like you're over there. Over all something on Twitter now, bringing it, I was just only taking exception to the fact that you said Anthony Chang agrees with you. And when that's not the order of how things happen. Well, no, I brought up the question you, you started attacking my that, that's just dump premise. And then I just said, you know, if you're going to attack me, I'm just gonna let you know that I'm sorry for attacking you. How do you mean? Do you mean I haven't I have an answer on Nick nurse? Hats. Okay. All right. So this is according to me, not Josh Lewin. Berg, whose verified who asked the question. Why am reporting this exclusively? Twenty no nineteen days after Josh lemberg Nick nurse was asked about his n hat. He said he was wearing a Travis Mathews had earlier this year. The logo looked like his initial so Nike sent him his own limited edition cap. There's four of them out there. It's all black. I can wear it with anything and it fits real good who has the other three. Well, he must have all he must have all four. My guess is on retail very soon for because if they win the championship one hundred percent that's going to be there is made next tab, next tab is ESPN radio audio logger, next tab, the extent of is I of the b four talking about Rambo yesterday, and how violent it was. I was trying to look at the Ken, I can I can give you a bit of feedback was that you can probably close at tab today. I didn't get the. But you never know when you're gonna want IMDB again because now he could just go to that one and then type in something also. Oh. Follow up update. Second update the Travis Mathews hat, is that logo that we saw at sea. So it's a t an 'em so Nick nurse Saad. And he thought that it looked like an end in an end. And that's why he was wearing it. And then Nike saw him wearing it and they made him four of the laziest design hats I've ever seen. I, I have a recent development in my life. I just started liking coffee. Thirty three and a half years. But I finally acquired the taste, and you guys can ease up on the red bull as I have to right there. I go off and now without a can of red bull because I now I'm getting my caffeine fix with coffee. However byproduct of coffee pooping pooping. I did not know this and I voted I usually now my intestines have become dependent on the morning coffee because I've gone morning coffee here every day this week. And it's almost as if like when I do my morning. Phut which is also slash catching up on the news, the intestine. The you gotta at least say it into the Mike, if you're going to just go back around and combined words, okay, you got to do that. I should probably do it on the mites almost as if my stomach is saying, no, we're not gonna let you have the morning, PU. Lil without the coffee and now running into a situation where I've real, unless I have something going on with my stomach. Rarely do I ever have to poop, MU poop at work per se? So, but where do you work port? I prefer not to, but where do you when you do it the hotel room? That's what I did the last time you on how bad, but usually it's the, the bigger stall downstairs. Also. We have a really lovely lady that cleans all the bathrooms and she is very cavalier about just walking into the men's room often wall impeding at a urinal, and it's just very unsettling for because this happened to you. Yeah. She's very cool about it. She usually leaves the door open winches in which one is with the red hair, the red short hair. Oh, she's so nice. You know, she was nominated for house cleaning lady of the year a couple of weeks ago. She didn't win, but she went to the banquet, she didn't win. I was rooting for she's next year. You know, it comes with a five hundred dollar bonus but she didn't win. We should start collecting to give her the five hundred dollars. I don't know. She just give her the money in the jar. There's like four dollars left to that those tips to, like delivery, people with a helpful note earlier, maybe if we can establish. Like a knock on the door before you door just say something just tell her. Let's come up with a secret knock. I'm sure she'd be down. She's very nice. She's teaching Alison. Spanish have her say, Hello, once she's about to enter a bathroom as I'm standing there, because it's, it's just jarring midstream. She, she is while you would look at her, and you'd say this is cleaning lady, I wouldn't just dismiss her like that. She used to teach at the university in Cuba. She used to teach medicine but of a straw man identities. Miss that and look at her, and this saying, I'm just saying, you know, if you think I'm not saying you I'm just saying, you know, you could walk buying go. This is a cleaning lady, but she was very educated in cubing than came over here. And I always thought I always just assumed she was very educated and Anthony Cheung agrees with me, stugotz here. We all love a night out, whether it seeing our favorite band in person or being there in the ground that you're on our favorite team with vivid seats. You can attend the concert show or sporting event of your choice at a great prize vivid seats is the top source for tickets for all the live event. 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I'll learn until we get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with Geico. What's this button? Do what's this button, do what's this button, do what's this? Believe that Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Dan Le Batard Stu just because you have a cough button, which works, by the way doesn't mean you have like the liberty that just cough as loud as you possibly can. Because there are other Mike said, Orrin hitting a cough button at the same time. So if you need to call for clear, your voice, just try to do it a little more discreetly. Okay. Gotcha. Spill gots. I thought when you hit this cough button, it, meet your microphone. That's why does. But you're so loud, in vile that other microphones are Joe loud cough that all the microphones, pick it up. And this is only I don't know the fortieth time we've mentioned it to you sorry about that data. This is Dr show with stugatz on the we got spelling bee takes. What are you guys watching after the NBA finals because it was still going on? I did not watch it. I saw there was eight winners. Are we going to do the guy? Congratulations by ROY on winning the spelling bee yesterday. Thank you. What ROY was one of the everybody that one? Right. What's the next tab? What do you have a tab open a brook shields? No-one birthday. Nice to ask. Next app is the ESPN dot com NHL schedule so I can get the game for Saturday. Are we do the thing that I think a lot of thirty plus year old dudes are doing, which is keep going with the spelling? Bee don't have eight winters back when I was growing up. This would never happen. I mean if you have eight winners do you have a winter? That's something all thirty year olds are talking. I mean maybe not the forty year olds. Yeah. This isn't on when you guys saw this on your Twitter timeline. Or if you were watching live. This is just not true was pretty late. I mean why don't they just come back tomorrow like ice wished over to the SPN after the game was on? And I saw the spelling bee was on. And then I went to ESPN two and I don't remember it was on there. And then I went on to ATV, and they were just replaying something. And I couldn't get any like post game stuff like right after the game. So then I just have there ever been co-winners. I think there have been but not eight. I think. I think there've been co-winners. It's obviously not a budget issue because of hotel rooms because they're giving every, all eight winners fifty K, right? The they're not splitting began. They're not splitting the two thousand dollars. You a spelling bee, you win a trophy and fifty thousand dollars if they make it some sort of scarlet has to be it can't just be that. I could buy babe leads or whatever if you're buying with Seoul standing winner next year. I say no at the fifty thousand dollars because now I know you have the budget four hundred you've been holding out on us kids the entire time. I want the whole thing. And if you're if you're under eighteen years old, isn't that money, just go to the parents? I don't think there's like a whole conspiracy were spelling bee champions, parents, or if it's a scholarship, and I guess it's a, you know, putting a trust of some sort and you can't touch it until a certain age Anthony Chang, agrees with me. Dollars for the spelling bee champion. Yeah. Wow. Wow. How about this? What is the guy do that reads the words like what is his job the rest of the year? I'm sure they say it because it's always the same guy every year travels around and does other scripts do because I remember being surprised at scripts isn't just exclusively in the spelling bee business. I think that they have a Dev ever supplied. Diversified portfolio in terms of stuff that they do. But here's what I wanna do in sports and sports media. We point the finger and blame eight winners, most winters we've ever seen certainly script. Got to do a better word. The next day is the hall for one day. This is either a performance enhancing controversy. Hit harder words, pick, hoarder words is exactly what I'm saying. How do you have a year in which they're eight winners, or maybe after a certain round, they can't ask it in a sentence or they had second lifelines? We're going to start eliminating the ability to ask country origin or they start having a homerun derby or something. Oh, how about this? You know how you do like in. You know, like I don't wanna say drinking games, because it's for children, but you you exclude the alcohol but you do the thing we have to run in a circle with your head on the bat, and yet this and then spell the word. Yeah, we have to solve the spelling bee clearly because there's an issue, there have to be safe solutions to this other than having eight winners. It's ridiculous. I'll when they asked for Carlson eight people when the spelling bee yesterday, did you know, you knew that how should we solve this? You can't have eight winners. What do you what do we do? What? What? Oh, okay. So we should have a spelling bee to determine the winner of this felling does anyone know what else scripts does. Or they just exclusively in a spelling bee business have a reputation, how sustainable is that and other solution that could use in late rounds? If you ask when they ask for country of origin, you name three countries. So it's like you gotta guess which one of the three that it is. We're still helping them. But we're making it a little tough. Yeah, I'm with you. What I'm with them Abbott say. Oh, it's either right? Like you say asked me country. What kind of country of origin ROY next tab, it is English? Was that the only country that you could you couldn't come up with English is in a country. England moving onto tabs mex- tab. The next ESPN dot com in symbol on opponent Tonio contests in new manage, oh, you know where, you know, the name from right, ROY Josie. That's right. Roy's a blue close down. So I have an aside to this whole spelling bee thing, it's kind of related, maybe not really. I'm really upset at all my math. Teachers who took away my calculators during tests in high school because the assumption was, you know in real life. You won't have this bull bull. I can't I don't know. I don't need to know bleep about math as an adult. I think that depends on what your profession. Now, you don't really need to know math, but right? Which is what I was doing people need to know which is what I was telling my teachers. Yeah. But I think that you need to teach kids variety of things, so they can branch out and try different things, which he never teach a kid math, and you wouldn't have an architect needs to be a class on just how to Google things. That is a problem today. We catch me, like kids. Don't actually retain. Any information they just know how to Google things. So like when you're doing, and projects, also like project used to be hard, you have to you have to go to the library, and looked through encyclopedias, and you have to do like a card catalogue. And now as a whole pain. Now it's just you go on Google and you just find things, and then you site, your source whatever, but kids really are now retaining things like they just know how to Google answers, we can agree the periodic table, though. Get that out of here. What do you mean? On that thing, what I actually do who's you. I mean, I know scientists involves said, look and then you've got something you pointed at something. There should be and around junior year. I kind of know what I'm not going to do. All right. So I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be a chemist I've turned age and we just not do this on my notepad, and I want to know a list of everything that you guys feel like you'd never needed to learn. Hold up mex- tab is this one's a real doozy? What is this tab? This is the last tab, actually slams actually owns television station. I told you I told you. Scripts had other businesses and they own media company. It look their media company. They own all these local television stations. How about that? Be and who's that guy? What guy reads? Yeah. Who is he? I'm not sure anyways, the math is not like math use math all the time. So how with fractions and stuff like how I'm three quarters of the way here. I'm looking at a map. I'm no I'm a quarter away there. So I have three quarters like you use it more than you realize let me ask you a question grammar. I'm with grammar. You need obviously, like words and stuff, like you know, I have grammar. I mean so grammar's important. All right. So right now, I have listed on my list of things that Mike and Chris never needed to learn Mike has math and Chris's science is that too broad, a brush is. There's some science you hated. It wasn't just signed. No, it was more specific. It was more narrow jazz, the periodic chemistry. I don't want to just go broad scope math. I I'm really just upset at the teachers took away my calculators during tests because there isn't a situation in most people have something at their disposal to help you shouldn't have to show your work. If you have the answer you have the end so we'll say math above third degree. Where they just wanna see they didn't really they're not looking at all of your workout like you're making. Sure, you have every single part of the work, right? They just want to know that you weren't cheating math. Teachers got one over on us. Big time. What is that as we were big? I went over on us. They're like taking away or calculators. It was bull. Got you back because you told me not to plagiarize my, my book reports, but I did. And I even went to turn it in dot com. And you couldn't tell because I changed so many words and also when you had a word limit, and say it was like four pages, it's as always becoming it is in your face. I chain I added to Mike's list ethics and you say write a full page essay on doublespace in, I don't care what you say. Okay, ROY space. All right. No, I need to learn everything. All right, good. Dare you to tell the difference between times, new Roman twelve and times new Roman thirteen Sumi pay the teachers. I mean you hold wait. Hold on a second. You hold it next to someone that did twelve and you could tell that one is bigger than the other. When when you when you have so many papers when you have so many papers it all starts looking like a jumbled mess. There's no way. So you plagiarized, and you would break simple rules. And I got one I got him over on them all the time. Yeah, but they could never tell because I was so amazing. And being able to read something on the internet and completely. Changing it turn it in dot com. Never got me that was one of the great websites and also rate, my professor dot com. That's still around. Did you use? Did you rate my professor for decades? Rate, never rated did you write that never? I never did. I never did I I'm not a yelp. You know what I rely on yelp and open table and, and rate, my professor, and I never put my own weight when it came to that check reviews for everything, but I'd never leave review. Let me rephrase that I don't like yelp reviewers. You leave reviews. No. And I never used yelp, because I've seen things where I've seen like yelp. Where was it? It's on a TV show or something. I saw people that was like, I am a tow. You know where it was, it was this show on Netflix. That was about. Like it was in Australia. And it was called like instant hotel. And it was a bunch of people that owned like Airbnb. He's and they would go, and they'd stay at each other's Airbnb, and then, they'd like rank and rate it. And the person that had the highest rating at the end won a trip to America. Right. But it was horrible because the people were just awful people that were just sabotaging each other left and right. Like they were super snobby and they were giving terrible reviews just so that they would win the trip. And what happened was is the longer that it went. Because they space it out over span of like two or three weeks or whatever the longer that it went the more they were sabotaging. So really, it was just like whoever's house was, I was going to win because everybody was still nice to each other. They didn't hate each other yet, because they all stayed in the same house at the same time, except the person who's house. It was and on that, that's where it was, like, I am a gold star yelp review or I have a model by whatever. The rating system is I have so many people come to my yelp to see what I think about this, and that it's like shut up. Please you just eat at a restaurant like everybody else. Get a life ROY next tab, the ESPN dot com NBA schedule page for the score last night, and the next game on Sunday edge want Howard this yelp. Pay reviewers at any point like if you reach a certain level, do they do? They pay reviewers or no. I don't know what was that about Juwan? Yeah. Sorry. I just I've just because I'm thinking about yelp, and it's like why would you dedicate so much of your time to reviewing L? I have such a high rating on your great. Do you monetize that in any way like what's the point of doing this? It seems like your waist. Eating your time, max Juwan tab, the national association of black journalists, which reminds me out the pay for my in a B J registration or the convention in, I believe October, are you going? Yeah. Where is it? It's now here really wear. Yeah. It's a it's an, the Turnberry can I go or? No. I mean if you want to sign up for 'em. I can go, you got pay for it. How much is it the acronym stands for the national association of black journalists? Yeah. Yeah. But he can go. Why not? You know, you can pay for intent, the name the name would suggest he's probably ineligible. What, but I would hope that it's more inclusive of that. I was just like a more data term a weekend thing. Can you go on a weekend? I think it's during the week. Oh, so you can take time off from work. When you is this, how we're finding out when is it? So I go can anyone just joined the national association of black? Journalists is a good question. You're the member. Can you tell me? Invited or. Let me ask you a question on what grounds would billion? I not be able to join the national association of by journalists. I dunno. I guess if you were racist, which guys, not maybe, maybe that would be a, so you don't sound zero reason as to why we shouldn't be included. You know, I don't know maybe maybe not journalists before we get to Chris. Well are we? That's more, I feel like I'm. Yeah. Qualified to participate there just because of the Jamaica, says qualified atom. I think there's a difference between being in the media and being a journalist right? Roy, you're not a journalist, you're a member of the media. Yeah. So how much do you have to pay? If you look at Royce Twitter, he's on Twitter. He likes to he goes, the games, he says, he's reporting he, he's on the mama beat ROY Moore close to columnists than journalists like ROY award opinion, based, sometimes like oddly, just tell you the score of something. Yeah. When he's at a game, right? Even like at home. He'll just tweet out, like which sometimes I think that he's actually not covering the game. Maybe lying to people that he's governor in the game by just giving a score up date because I'm like that's what I would do. If I wasn't actually covering the game. Allies portion Bushell live video of the coach. So what I would do is I would just film, a coach's press conference what I just get generic terms and just have a little a little cachet to make people believe in them, actually there, if I live such a busy life, right? Right. And wanted to just get one over like I did on my professors, did you guys see that? We'll get to the Jawhar thing and second, did you guys see that like Uber is going to start kicking people off the app if their ratings too low, I wish was here because she has a bad Uber rating. And if it goes with me, she probably wouldn't wanna talk about it. No, it thinks she's mentioned it before she claims that it's not her fault that it's someone else's fault. I don't remember exactly the thing. Well, my Uber rating is kind of disappointing because of large what is it? Last. I checked it was like four point. Hang on. It can check it eight. You don't know that, that's not a large group. No, no. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You on Uber. Excels, like I usually use lift. I feel like whatever. Number we get is going to be like, upped by like point to him. I'm checking my anyway. If it's going to it's going to vary from town to town, depending on, I guess what the average is there. But if it's below like four point four you're done with him. I do I find out my rating. How do they stop you from just starting? Oh, guys Email. I'm four point six oh, you're still good enough to, to to go on what did you get booted for? Well, it depends on city to city, and I think after like, what, what is your? What would you say is like the, the line for good? If I'm above this. It's good. Four point eight five four point eight nine five point. Oh, wow. Roy. You said you've often said that you, you get into a number you like you're not talking at all, like if they talked to you, you'll engage them, but you're not. Exactly. Maybe that's what we're drivers like, but sometimes you get in there. Chatty, cathy? Yeah. I'm a five also. Geez. See this is very. Have you guys Uber more than like twenty times? Yeah. I, I usually what I do is like I kind of get a feel for the ride, and I'll, you know, if I have a conversation, I'm more interested in them than I myself. Find out where they're from what they're doing how many rides as a busy today and then you kind of always have to leave on a good note. You know. So you wanna make sure that you have like that last bonding moment. Right. Before you get reviewed you have the last good bond. You know you throw in you, you know, you can drop me off right here. You don't have to. Like for you. I would like don't take tips from these guys. Eight four six. What's what's a little disappointing is I provide ratings tubers specifically as to why if I give a newborn driver about rating, which is rare. But if there are crazy driver or if they got lost they're not getting five stars for me. Oh, three. Free. I don't rate them at all. Actually, I never. Back but they're gonna tip but there's some people that were just absolutely reckless now man out fives like nothing. You gotta be five gogo squeeze at food and wine festival. But they get the feedback. And I make sure to put a detailed notice to exactly why the person's getting a less than five star review. I wish I could get some feedback. So I can know what to work on other than what I assume is just what I wonder then though, what if you happen to get into the same Mujber guys or gals car like months down the road. Do they have like a Canadian see your review and your they resent you're going to get back in? And they're gonna be oh, you said, I was too chatty. I think they did drive to any people to like remember particular thing, if like Mike's name pops up. And that's picking up. Maybe they see like, oh this guy you've had him before I don't know how their app works. I don't think I don't think I'd remember someone. Yeah. But like, oh, repeat writer curious Anthony. Chang agrees with me donlevatar. You really are of the impression that all of south Florida and. Good parts of America are huddled around their transistor radio. Just to hear your opinion on things, aren't you? Yes, in Europe to spill gots, don't listen to anything. Stu got says these are show with the stugotz on the tickets. Want howard? How about you don't cry. What? Very it's very emotional for him. He's going back to his program. He's known as a member of the fab five. I mean he's coming from the Heat's coaching. It's not like he was working as a server at Denny's. And now he's all of a sudden this has this miraculously job. He's, he's an NBA assistant coach. And now he's a coaching college things weird to me. Like, why didn't they turn on each other? Because they didn't all except money. So the reason they took down the banners is because some of them took money, right? Wasn't there beef though? Scott's with C web, and Jalen rose. There was beef. I don't remember what the beef was about. But there was definitely beef with Jalen and Chris Webber, which were the two most prominent members of the fab was Chris, wherever the one that took money there were, I think only one of the five was accepting things, suppose there. And then there were only one, I mean, see web, only one of the five got caught you think you on was taking any money. I believe they gun to my head. I believe they all took money. Yeah. Why would it be different then than it is? Now you desire, that I found out this week, I had no idea about, rob. Pelinka was a member of the fab five teams. Yeah. It was Laker I think he was there when the fat five got there. He was a sophomore, but Pelinka was a guy like like a guard off the bench shooting. Guard off the bench. Was he really? Or did you say he was a good point there are there photos you think if you put that on the ball, by the way? Okay was point an actual member of the fat five or does he just say he was if you looks like Rob Lowe now go back to his Michigan plane days. Spitting, image, spitting image, Anthony Chang, agrees with me, two got you have anything at school that you think that you didn't need to learn. Because right now we have the best. Yeah. So we have on the list crystals and things that he needed through earn science Pacific chemistry. And Mike didn't think that he needed to learn math above the third grade level and also proved to us that he didn't take any ethics classes whatsoever. I'm gonna put you down for that one too. Okay. Thank you. I think it's a true s- skill to be able to plagiarize and have like zero plagiarism show up in turn. It in dot com. It's a it's a true life skill that you'll need. But at certain points, you're putting in so much effort to cheat that, if you just did it the right way. No, no. It's not. It's way easier doing. If you're working, then already nonsense off. What are you talking? You realize how much work you're putting into like. I know exactly how much work, I'm putting into it when they give me three months to do a book report, and I do it the day before. I know I'm putting in a day's work as opposed to take him. You know, three months to do it. And guess it got a passing grade was a c plus or it'd be minus. But it was all right. Yeah. But if you read the book, maybe you'd get something out of it free to pavilion. Don't you don't agree with the with the educational system, like it's, it's a sham right? Like why do I need to learn earth? Science that seriously like my kid right now. Stressing over her earth science final for what, what is she going to apply any of that to anything? She do later in life, you're going to be a botanist. What does she she? I know my kids, she's not going to be trying to cover all the bases on what they she potentially might be. You know, give every kid a little bit of everything I can tell I could tell the teachers right now I could tell everyone who runs my school right now. Neither of my kids are going to be scientists. Okay. Tell them right now they're going to be with that. Thank you. Now, you can't agree with that. What are they going to be? No. I know. I, I will bet you, fifty dollars neither of all right. So your daughter's we'll we'll do this then as a hypothetical. We won't even see your I think a good question is, what is the best case scenario profession wise for anyone emerging from understood guts, tootling, a slip and fall settlement? Oh, yeah. Of Arkansas, one of those right now. You're so the guy that gets caught on the camera inside the store that you didn't realize it was there that, like goes into a grocery store, and like opens up like laundry detergent, spills, it on the floor and that you like fall five feet away from me because you don't want wanna get thirty on it. I haven't I thought about it. I am. I have to remind myself constantly when I got your weekend observations, that you graduated with an English degree. Yep. If you need it, exactly my point in English native. Yep. Then, and then or it's apostrophe or I or just it's IT s the possessive form just they are there in there. You got a degree a higher learning degree without ever getting those basic fundamentals of the English language down. Yup. And here I am. It's, it's how he would spell things if he was going for the joke like if it is he is one of the cows in the chicken commercials. Strictly Chick-fil-A eat more chicken. Yeah. The fine. What do you mean? It's a fine. Call the chicken. What did you just call it? Because the cows who spell in a chicken commercial. You think people didn't understand what I was talking about. I had to explain it to the audience because I clearly no one understands incident. Being an English major other links. So there between the cows spelling and a chicken commercials. Yes or no? Maybe some in the studio got it. But once I said, it, you're, like, okay now I know what he's talking about. Right. I help some people, I know I hope Chris. Chang agrees with me. Dan, we're trying to fix the spelling bee today if you want, we can say this for national down with with eight champions, your. It's not soccer. There's not eight champions in the scripts national spelling bee when you have eight champions, you have none. That is exactly right. We're trying to get to a point, Dan, where it's like the baseball hall of fame where there's no winners of the spelling bee. It was a good year. Yeah. Put it on the poll. If you have eight champions. Do you have none? That's not that I mean, look, that's not gonna come back one hundred percent but it has to, you cannot have eight champions at something. How can you have eight champions at something? I'm guessing that Paul will come back close to a hundred percent L way. We're ninety six now. That really go back because it's kids, it's going to be like, seventy twenty. What are we teaching the kids amid seriously? I don't know. We're teaching them that scripts has actually been sitting on four hundred thousand dollars of prize money as opposed to just the fifty K that we're going to dish out to one kid. So next year we're up in the anti, you think the spelling bee is very proper profitable for, for script. Yes. Because there that's the one thing that, you know, scripts from. However, ROY did the research and scripts, it's sitting on an entire media empire. They have scores of local television stations. So this, this might be a tax write off, folks. We're gonna blow the doors off of this whole scripts thing. I want to hear the solutions. We have so far, Dan. I mean, the spelling being that's an interesting project. We just want a single winner. I mean looking for you. We're not looking to kill this. We, we also have I'm blow doors off, then we also have an identity crisis going on because while we were workshop ING ideas actually fix the spelling bee, we found out Golic and wingo had one of the very same ideas. And now we don't know what to do with ourselves. When we thought we'd came up with a good idea and they had already tackled it to with the actual idea was actual bees. A swarm of be released a tiebreaker, like, once you get to the eight finalists, it's because you need a winner. It's a competition. There needs to be one winner that they had to spell with a swarm of bees. Coming to God's idea of putting something difficult to spell that his also scary near the participants when they try to spell down. So that was building. This works. There's an interview process. So this is what you do. And the interview process, you say, you know, we're trying to build this out for TV. It's like the Little League World series and you hide it in there. Yes, we know who's your favorite pop star, what your crush? What's your favorite number favorite, all those things that you ask kids talking points for kids? Right. So you fill out the thing. And in there you sneak in what's the thing that you're most scared of right now, you have to connect the kids to lie detector test, because kids are liars, right? So they're not going to be honest and tell you the scary thing, especially after the first year when they realize what's up. So you put on there. The thing that you're most scared of right and at one point contestant can hit a button, and the person that spelling then is confronted by the thing. They are most scared of while they're trying to spell the word also ideas didn't get, as far as this one is do something to the stage where another contestant pushes a button and it simulates unearth quake, and they have to spell the word thinking that an actual earthquake is going on then Dan, of course, there's the in the dark button where you push. A button. And then they just have to do it in the dark lights, go out. You don't know what's going on, but you have to keep spelling and chances are you're going to scare at least three of the eight kids. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, because scissor scared of the dark, Dan, you spin around on the bat. And then you have to answer the question. That's a good idea to go back to the greatest fear one. Let's go down. Hypothetical that one of the kids says they're most afraid of alligators then you bring in analogous to write than any of the other seven kids, get whatever they want can't come in, and drop an alligator on that kid or to caged. Yeah. But you have the electrical tape. No, no, no. I don't know. I don't know something to fend off the allegations. Handler there just in case it happens. But I just wanna be clear, you have sponsored by scripts, the Basel ability that an alligator gets loose on TV and needs to trial. And that's a champion maybe very slim, chance at the alligator eats child. Listen, make it very difficult on the alligator. If you wanna be the scripts, national spelling bee champion, you're going to have to jump through some hoops. Right. It's not just get up there and spell words anymore. All right, this year proved that we cannot trust scripts to run their own competition. So we're going to have to run the competition for them. And if we lose a kid or two to alligator bites so be it. But you know what? In the long run in the long run, it will pay off, you'll have to snatch victory from the jaws of defeats exact literally alligators and crocodiles overrated killers, by the way, what do you mean does that? So you always hear about their jaw strength right right about how it can, you know, chop a human in half. And then they'll go in that death row and, and you're done. But that's only clamping down. You put a little bit of electrical tape around their, their mounds are totally useless. All you gotta do is push on the top of the nose and they can't do bleep. Why did Gruden come out there? The never know when good gonna make it. Type too. Sometimes. Easy to put electoral tape around and alligator's mouth also like if you're walking on the poll at lebatardshow, is it easy to put electrical tape around a alligator, it's definitely not an it's not like you're walking through the Everglades with electrical tape in your pocket, just in case you encounter, an alligator planning miccosukee do it. Have you seen that at a viral video that old nuts? I try to tackle the alligator with the little thing. Yes, he's at a golf course. Right. He looks like Bob barking got white hair and get that is a main like I got I got this, and then it starts like whipping around with its head. Funny, even though you're seeing what is what is totally horrifying gloomy. Makes it assume he does. Now imagine that happening when you have to spell a word. The actual bees, though. That's a bummer that they came up with an idea that good influence. They were asking me about it. Or is it a good idea though? Yeah. Actual bees. Also, where do we what did the term be are there, other competitions at our route to his Bs because why is it a spelling bee? Put it on the poll gear. You know why it's a spelling bee and it spilled B E in logos one honeybee. I imagine. That's a play on the Bahasa has to stand for something. And that's the only thing that we refer to as a b is it not? I don't know the answer that question I don't know a secondary definition for the word beat. We should have an eating be. See, we don't have those things there isn't a dancing, be there isn't an eating be. Is there any other type of b? I'm looking at stumped the entire show. We're all looking at each other saying, why is it a b default was just food? I feel like you went for food job. You'd gave us something. Everyone else would just staring at each other. Which isn't good for radio. Speaking of stumping. Have you guys seen Browns running back coach, stump Mitchell really this is this is this is quite the tie in how you seen him. He looks like Kimba slices grandfather this, this dude got giant look. He looks like the most insanely terrifying man right now. This is stumble Mitchell Browns running back. She's got beautiful hair, and he's got a Santa Claus beard that doesn't match the top lid. I want stump to not be a nickname, so bad that looks like a black Santo accused ROY yesterday. If Santa were mean. You accused ROY of what being a black Santa Cruz you have JoJo in your way to black Santa status, right? Yes. Lanta. Yeah. If you guys only knew how much work went into that choke. Thought I pretty sure Mike did a cart wheel, and you shot a flare to get the signal over to Chris that. Looking at stump Mitchell's. I I'm not always listening. Now. People are just looking at me, like do it on the seconds of dead air. We said yesterday stumps. First name is lavonia. Why?

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