206: Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka


Hey and helen we want to talk to you about the phoenix. The weekly comic for seven to fourteen year olds. The very one helen. Now seriously archaism and getting phoenix delivered for a couple of years now and they love it. It's great funny stories and serialisations. My favorite character. Ellie is clear justice. Ninja brackets ninja of justice. She's also i love it because it gets kids off the screen which means i can relax. Look instagram on the toilet guilt free. You can try. Six issues of the phoenix just one. That's what i said. One pound of hinted just go to. Www dot the phoenix comic dot co dot uk forward slash. Scummy to sign up or that goodness you put the www. Never find it absolutely scumbags this coming on these with your hostess ellie gibson. Hello hello welcome to the scummy. Mommy's podcast. I'm going to give some man on the white house of excited. Can we get this is taking a fucking monster organize and things like my daughter getting sick and being hospital the internet not working you just being successful selfish late busy doing things. Just the internet went down last time it was like the fact that the mike swear wackily everything crashed. She was shot dot at one point. I he's not going to help. We have finally fucking sitting on a table. It does feel like this. The house approved by the end of it into flames points. She say who she is. What did you call it. The day hannah podcast. I'll take it. I've been called on a white stank and a white house white house. The house is wise. We've had scrubby mummies grumpy. mummies yummy mummy. You you people put me on the end of thorn which drives you absolutely so we feel your pain and why town aka mother pucker olsen holland call me mother fucker just kind of loses the kind of bam like what is this polka. It's mug packer. Says a children's cartoon a friendly other polka kitchens to the mushroom land of pillars very well in holland mushroom land. Because that's that's going to take mushrooms. Apparently very good mushrooms in holidays of and of course Multimedia note an muck house motherfucker wherever you fuck you name it. How would you describe yourself who. I mean self facilitating media. Note lacks the beam. Get time off which is very minimal at the moment. I'm i'm wasting on you guys kick self associating median Referred someone just so you know like an island just an island and do what you want. But that ashley islanders beating coached on by many many individuals and more every day earnings graham saying nutshell for you family is of course that is. Don't you are also flexible. Working campaigner a flexible work on flexible. Working campaigner is everyone can be a so facilitating media. Note this. Yeah yeah no. It's the came on scummy. Mummy podcast five years ago. And it's a very different sig now. I think i came on the first time which was where we were actually trying to fight together for exploiting on the table now obviously into appear to forty eight hours overnight in a pandemic dark context. Everybody when all okay. Yeah you know we can't do that otherwise we're gonna lose business so it's quite interesting to see in from the twenty third of march pointing all the companies was telling you when i came on this put coach years ago. Who was saying. It's not possible. We can't do it suddenly shave. We don't logo on zoom in. We're going to shut down. Yes so it was always possible. So that's where we sit today. I think many times that might my husband working from home. Nor without. And i just thought god. Yeah the number of times. Even he said to me. I've got go into the office this meeting and i can't do the hospital appointment or the pick up that day of got to got to be in the office got do that and and to be fair. Yeah he does say something. You do miss something cooler moments in just nipping for coffee. And chance of like that but generally even if he had to get back into the workplace he thinks one day. A week would be fine for that. I think what it the hybrid model. I really working with the hybrid model. Missiles cool chart. I miss the conversation around the cattle. When you making a cup of tea in that community area. I a lot of people criticism i've had in this is all i love the ninety five boundaries. Because you know the minute. We went into lockdown. That dispersed people. Were like working. Twenty four seven and burning out and i was like now. I bloody ninety four. You've statement. i think. I imagine maybe saying the beginning because it's about choice. I choose to work that way. And i won't go and feel this couple of days a week. That's how i work best and give me an awkward watercooler moment. That's going to be the quivalent. Two weeks tobago's at the moment isn't that that's right. I think we craving inflexible working. No give me time. I'd give me a place. I need to be there. And yeah they're nothing. We were all craving human contact. Even even you guys in children no happy to cut the guy can't be done politicians if listening matamoros johnson's no haven't which he psychopaths me one. I have an icon handle hearing rushing by passing all the mummies on the hand during the pandemic. That was the low. I think many lives but it was just that. Thanks tool the mummies but doing all the work. I'm like i don't want the heads on. It affects child care system. I would like to are equally across both parties. Please can we will just have a moment. I don't need the accolades and rishi going shrinks risk. What would the stats. Because there was so many conversations. I had with mum's two meters apart. The puck se og giving up my work or i've had to be flexible because you know my husband's job and the women who were like just kind of making the accommodations on one hundred percents though i think forty seven percents off those you step down from their roles in the pandemic Forty percent were fathers. Nice story put forty seven forty eight hundred and nine hundred will love low. Fog this cat working mothers when i was ours looking for need. That percentage seven percent more fathers continued where king the mothers rush no food. This is the content. We're after this. Why do have though this is. This is the one. I do wanna get him. Here is how we made to feel like. Oh if we implement flex working would you favor this is a favor calmer to womankind and you know one of the biggest research studies by repeat simmons institute nice countries two thousand four hundred and seventy eight companies within that they found if you have thirty percent or more women at the top. You make money talking numbers on. This isn't doing. This is like cold hard cash looking at even as it's nice to have little bonus pool patronizing oron hula. We'll let a couple of great at the toll. Y'all right women. we gave toil now lack. We'll we'll say well done for solving school. Working problem buying flexible work in by. I suspect you develop this grading lab and just say the world yes. I need to be joked making yes. Instagram flexible working. And you're you're you're a disc jockey correct to radio presenter. Yeah like a little bit of my children's spirit would disperse if they heard me. Call myself a dj. I'm a dj. sometimes. I dj in the nightclub. She's a so you're on heart. do you actually do. You actually get to choose the records. Fifty eight takes winding off the gluttonous. After you've reported on the goings on in the war in north germany to you get to play the codes and choose them. Does you have a hand in it but said like you know if i'm feeling a little bit of like shaggy it wasn't me i can get that on update requests. Yeah we could you play next heart. Fm radio really fucking drama base within the framework casey pattering. That's about a and shirley did. Unfortunately i'm molly dyslexic three or four to mary. J. builds the other day that was a life skill the bills get drag queen. I'm not sure she should be very so. I'm sorry to bomb genuine. The technical round machinations of this. So do you choose the record. You have to choose records show no so we have a music team that do that but you can say look. I'm doing lincoln this shaggy. It was made had an affair weekend. Didn't mean it. So maybe we could use that link sh actual type and then craig david monday. I went back on monday. Tuesday wednesday if we can put that forward and then there's a little bit of electronic intel from shaggy to to see day day man but same time by fans store back and try that done for my tonight. Thank you very much. Which the top shaggy cd. I would have craven crave. Eric and craig david the front because yeah but shaggy recommend doing odd suckers stage. Let's piece isn't it would just about the machinations actually get depressed about by the fund. That's so exciting. Because i maybe send us a clip of you having just some silenced. Like the silence. When you're a disc jockey feel like forever like even like a couple seconds of day debilitating literally. I don't think i've had such an adrenaline rush. And do you remember. Graham torrington late night love. No you don't know any of the words you maybe one listen will since he was like basically the guided spy against radio so back in an east quite famous. He's quite well known he would get this pretense so he would get people ring up. You know. I just shagged You know man's best mate will ever really uncomfortable home truth. He would sit there and just pick. You know this really grim. Threesome those happens. We sounds now. She wanted to think it was mostly talking. Okay we're gonna forest there. Were five of us take these but he genuinely breaking down in a very would never patronised. He was so expert in the way that he would be there for the emotional support anyway. This morning he slid into monte ends in torrington inch and he said. Because i put stroke the deicing. How bottom said hello darling. A hating bit of radio ads for hot west moods glad to hear is just one of the many that inspired you long way graham. Not the many the one. Oh tablet just one. You can do leagues materials on the floor up the panoramic view. We find it. Hold it well. There are many ways. There are many ways everything you would be though being a radio yeah. It's just stuff sure it's like when you get on stage ever go. Oh yeah fines. Heidi complacent with this so much. That can always go wrong. But it's lighting my soul. I think you know didn't expect for with two kids to start the career wanted to do was on. I'm over the hill. My mom said over the top of it. I mean severity. This is a slight side note but has no idea what i'm doing the moment she doesn't sound love it and that has really been special because i really loved a job as much to have this and this more feeling a little bit guilty. Because i haven't been seeing them very much. The mind to get to mids and i said look slipped little mossbacher in front of your lunchbox books. Today you can have. that scores. Went allowed sweets at school. Yeah i know but just put it in there. It's fine because integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Wow and i was like okay. I'll take that with. Laurie pupils parliament. I'm not you know talk about and more worried about what we've got rising through the ranks. I literally took the mouth for out of her pat lunch box. You are a better human than i will ever be. did you. learn this. From rules babes. I heard is funny. Go visit my kids today. The cafe and and they were talking about parks and recreation and the article delete ladies called lately. He's played by the wonderful. Amy poehler anyway material said. Oh i'm a bit leslie. What she said. I'm a bit lesbian. And then i said lesbian and then like me off about that you come about with lisbon. Dismiss heads out. They and they're like no you anti gay people and it was like these silence egging a disposing yet. These people are going to take care of the world. I wish they'd hurry up about trying to welcome on you overlord slot. My sister is if she is lesbian. She was so cost when they talk about having children a matt my husband just so that we can have some of this. If you want some right if you need you met your spouse the magic juice yet just you continuing to speak words. And she was like. I will not eyebrow in uterus and that was it but secondly like don't assume just every pair of lesbians is hungry for your sperm. Because we're not quite the opposite these. Could you just take your pain away. It was extraordinary and then wait if he had a baby system. This is going to be able to. This shoulder will be your children's customers. he sold. It should come down but it was just like you know. Because i think probably is matters sleep. He grew up when nuts and zoo and lasts highstreet. Money was thing and now a group of men who grew up in the nineties. Where that kind of bumps lads lads lads raveling a metoo era. And he's saying that and he's now he's like can i can hit your house by the By the machine you can because it's been consent. Yes i'll be got consent if we've just had around i've told you to fuck off. Maybe not maybe context is also one of the parents are over. Not in anyone's watching just could maybe sunday afternoon after a roast if you could just remove your payments from the table five minutes that'd be appreciated things going. Well i'm not gonna. Have you know an uncomfortable. Love familial setup. that's the important thing i just. I just can't get out. Yeah just your logo going. This is my cousin and my sister. Twenty seven brow megyn blessed now speaking of of him. You are a writer. Anna took come on on his from amsterdam and has written three books. Go figure out a bench sneak kick white. Lightning don't know sing anymore. Is it the other day glorious. I mean it was my own hand. Lou republic lou. What are you covering it was it was at the goings look rich run. Yeah yeah you don't want to reveal too much. I'm sorry i'll take it back. Proctoring risk eight. That was off this stuff to set up. You know when you have really concession session and you talk about anyway. Where were we distracted fingering for the first time. So anyway right some books and you've got your vote parenting the shootout life and whereas my happy ending with matt. That's his name is in forty times the the owner of the pain. Yes the browns. Aren't you in a novel excessive. I've rides and honesty a message about this every day it's brilliant. I really think it's fantastic. I sat down to have a flake at also read a book and now sat down. And i thought i'll read it or read a couple of chapters time and like an hour and a half later. I was just got paid now guy way raising and i just read the whole thing in a day because it was unpredictable. It's a real. It's a real flicker page turner road. Congratulations underbelly yes. Yes about well. I'm glad you like to because it was really nerve wracking when you write maybe about your own life you kind of aware of the story. Which what we don nonfiction. Before but going into fiction it's gonna be a war story to keep people going. It really started from that section scar. So i had a picture done my c section scar and i just thought that's the real line of kind of judgment of motherhood start there you doing. Natch natural birth. Roy c section. It all kind of like for me. That part quite so feeling of judgment began at that line where i was kept saying. Oh no it's a non elective c-section like if it was an elective c-section it would be judged an so really resent word natural for natural rules lifesaving medical received says did you have. Did you have your appendix out. Naturally or did you ever see you've broken negative plus in a natural plaster cast yes get. There's a difference but is not sure the right word for that. I know my favorite. You've gotta get out. you know. Both my came out bonnet. And you know. It's definitely not easy alps leading up like a tin can. And so i think it really started there It really began rushing crisis began as a therapy. I was seeing the online disconnection in this world of instant connection. I just thought we can't see each other so missing so much into contact of communication. The words we use and people misinterpreting things that being said and it's kind of it was felt so flat to me the world that we're operating in you layer on top of that the judgment that we talk around breast or bottle say sexual natural birth. All that and i saw this is almost perfect storm and then you start to see the impact of significant disconnection so you not to dwell on this too much but it was hugely impacted by karen flag and you start to really dig into the absorption. She had with the negativity only internet that her family said she started her job at a time pre internet and she was on keva and even though she got a lot of shit you know her and only moore's word likes very much the x factor but where it turned for her was being absorbed by the negativity that she could read online and the impact that has on people and we went into underbelly. I started writing therapy project to try and process a lot of what i was feeling. Because i've had people say kinds of things about me. I mean i look in the mirror warning and i troll myself. No one has to do it for me today. We feel it. We will do enough. I think when we look in the mirror in the morning and i needed somewhere to put the two sides. The fact that you've got let's say people like me. Who's out bat incredibly priviledged painfully. So who is getting all of these opportunities and promoting their and appreciate the japan jiffy bags news that ton up on your front door. You know i don't really. I don't really do much of that anymore. Because i was became increasingly aware of how people were feeling around that. I got that too late. And you've got this past him. Who's been put on a pedestal. Which is uncomfortable anyway. I think i said to you. My dad look to and he was younger and he just said you know she never look to. People never looked down on people. Look straight ahead is on the price or thing and actually speak to the bid man as you would the queen and i to fuck of being china out but i think that's where it really came from. Was this willing of individuals online and how that makes. Let's say postnatally depressed mother who is feeling. She doesn't have the right breast pump. Who's feeling she doesn't have the options that are being furniture. You that disconnect you know. I think it's not in any way. This isn't a puff piece about influences. If anything it's giving the reality is hang up bieber but is giving the other side of the story. The follower and the influence a disconnect and clash often. And what is to be a mother at the moment under the glare of an iphone whether you have one follower million followers that dopamine impacts you the same. Those feelings of. You're not enough. The feelings of comparison that we've didn't show every single day and often a lot of the women are speaking to have a baby on one on the is crying and their phone in the other. Which is the connection to this other world. And then they're very vulnerable looking into that world and you've got some twilight mother pupa like you know flashing a tits around and going off. Just go on. You made your shower and so great. How is that going to make someone feel so. I think it was really wanting to pick aside my when you read it. You felt really conflicted. Between the two characters. Low and dylan most do is saying earlier. Terrible things but actually we all do terrible things. We are all implicitly flawed individuals. You show that under the glare roof instagram and all become more magnified so really wanted. Tell the story of the beauty and complexity of female relationships. And you know and that was it really. I think you did that brilliantly. Done and i love that the carrot to although they have things in common like because that's also the thing we heard we're all united but they've got kids in the same class school in all of this but then you because it's told from both perspectives. You really do see both sides. And they're quite different in terms of their brands in their situations. And all of that. And i even noticed spoiler spoilage. Send the opening. Chapter is a scene in the supermarket in the supermarket the same time and it's told from different perspectives and i definitely identified more with one character tickets my situation and reading the other character. I was good. Yeah i don't have to think about what she thinks about when she goes into a supermarket. And that's the truth for so many people and fought me. I just thought it was brilliant. So jewish may yeah she started. I doubt it s it and i the thing and i really wants a planet. You mentioned your kids as the innocence of children's relationships. You know how they come together and reception claws and then you have played. Cities parents are brought together. And you have to kind of get on because your kids go on and to see the difference in how they both get on the kids. Get on a house afire and these. Two women get on incredibly. Well it's then the instagram bit. All the social media bear that tears them apart because they're seeing a distorted view of that person online. So you know in that moment where. There's a point in the book where they have beautiful moment of togetherness from very different socioeconomic backgrounds. But they've got brilliant sense of humor. They both love each other and they it my ruin it but they flush them off each other able this morning. I'll tell you mine if you show yours. And they have that and a half that we we have with all female friendships like right now. If you're listening you've had that beautiful moment vulnerability huma with woman and to see that pool the pau by an app. That's the bit the. I have seen definitely across the internet and the bit that we wanted to really write about and question. I suppose that we don't actually all have to love lanky shalva. We need to break each tear each other apart. Either this nice midway ground think grievous bodily harm isn't completely ignoring one for someone came up to me in the school playground the other day mom did and she said you've been looking really good in your photos lately. Why she was plot from that was like you. He's self conscious in that regard. You look shit taylor to poke loss where she said. I was re tweeted. The pirates filter on a factor. You know you just hall finger going. And then she has. Parents thrive myself both sanitary in the background. I'm not sure needs this for the parents. Still on the senate sheep in the book to. I found it really interesting. Retouching of you talk about what it is like to on instagram and the negative and the gossip websites and all of that. I mean how. How do you feel about the gossip stuff now is that do you think. Some people are campaigning for those sites. Shut down and stuff. Do you agree with all that. Well i think you know we put book gossip has been around for centuries can still people gossiping ultimately. We're doing here without realizing it I think the difference is gossip. Used to be over garden fence used to be around a coffee table. Mary playing bridge wasn't amplified to like thousands of people and written in stone in the internet than the difference. So there is a line. I think almost increase the legal line but moral line. Yes gossip absolutely but if you hidden behind is available amity if you compare it to let linked tim where everybody's accountable. It's a place of great discussion. You can still disagree with people significantly but you are held accountable to your job. Your name your profile photo. You're not allowed on linked him without any of those things you can't faceless avatar whereas i think that veil of anonymity i think half of it is brilliant half of the gossett the iv the read about myself for the people spitzberg world learning here. And actually you know all that's gonna probably change how oil pray online. That's a very good point. So there's been some brilliant discussion in the underbelly of the intimate but then there's an mit gives free rein to say do what you want. And that's when sometimes the blocks hold so. I think they sites get pulled down by the venom at times from people. Perhaps you don't know the context but having shit time themselves. But if i'm being honest i've used a lot of market research. I have a business. I have never gone into this expertise to like me. Like i said my family dateline means i'd live. I look. I did a couple of years ago. And i little bit emesa of dies. Oh that was awful. So you know. We're learning online. And i think you have to. You have to have discussion open discussion. But i wouldn't shut down do then. Do you think the people running site should be more responsible for moderating them all individuals just need to count ability anonymity. That's it is that's employed. I know we can't shut down freedom of speech that's never going to happen and i think that's you're never going to get to a point where the is a possibility but i think more moderation and accountability just not being anonymous because i have always taken criticism. I get from work this week. Somebody analyzing how i'm on the radio. Take it and you learn from it. So i didn't. They inherently terrible. But i think there are. There's there are some areas of the incident where there's kuala pain and i think that is dangerous because that can be translated to other people and i do think not in any way to draw parallels but i think watching what happens to caroline flack and knowing the things. I felt on a much lower level. You know points have not wanted to be here. Quite significant points of feeling really. He's the word discombobulation really long word. Quantum ocean point. but i'm feeling really untethered. Not knowing who i was because when people telling you what they think you are you start to believe lots of it. So it's taken me a lot to actually really work out. I know i know what's right. I know where my moral compass is here. But i can't sit back on inching no From a lot of other people who are going through the moment that they all feeling those things. I felt and getting worse. Time of it than i ever did. yeah. I think it's. It's just a little guinea pigs. Aren't we know it feels. That's the terrifying. Base communicating is about communication impacts as well. Because i don't think this on here before but we're always about twenty-five they were going to do. It never happened but they were going to do a tv show about video games. Which is my background. They had open additions. So i went to these auditions and there was me and there was of nerds. Like me. didn't look tv ready. i'm myself. I'm not being rude. And then there was this girl who just looked stunning and about my age but she had beautiful make darby any bunch beach will make up and she really funky and corn shut these awesome. She looked like she should be on the telly and we had a little bit and she was lovely and clearly really confident and it was great and we did additions and then after that we were told at got down to the last two and correctly guessed. It was because was on hilarious. And this go and you can probably guess where this story's going in the end. She got the job and i didn't. They rang me in is. Because you you turn right. What can i do with that feedback in the ninth. Yeah luke lead in a roundabout way. You very clever and funny. But you're not. This is not for you lose that i did not even find it up upsetting because like i. I got the job she got. It was current job. And then as i say as apathy to pilot didn't but anyway so but then from that moment that was early life lesson of own right. I'm i am in a box. Dream believe you can achieve wherever you want is kinda poor shit you know join her manifestation. Rain change eighteen labor alive. You can afford to pay someone else to do so much but yeah i do all right. Okay no that's maybe sort of precede. The journalism bit more and then but then it became almost a joke as our careers progressed in. They're very different ways. You know you want to expect. No i remember watching. They're going well. I'm standing in a pub with helen. Thought patsy talking to people who've done jonah. How different our lives proposal. Let us we used to joke but sliding party did we did we did. We saw 'em like a bbc thing. I remember standing next here and you about half a meter away and it was like i'm god. This is slamming doors that you and i remember looking at the gorge. She looks gordon against absolutely gorgeous and groomed and she was smiling and happy and nothing happened to bring it to exigent bothering gordon. Been fucking remember me but to be like. Wow she you know how. What a lovely life she must have and how wonderful and january wasn't like i was like because i do off and it was thought yet. It's funny isn't it. have you seen the caroline flack documentary. I haven't all my god a teacher. Though they the thing that was interesting in that was everybody saw her that way. Just literally pictured. Her is the shiny flexing with harry's back in the day though was a picture that everyone had their minds but actually the absorption she had with the negativity was debilitating. They said that christmas she would come and she wouldn't have a head up from the phone just reading science about herself. And you think that people somebody like karen flat with that for normal amount of fame not the any. You would not think that was equated to somebody like her but she did that. I think people don't read what you say you know the away the that's what people will read. And if you are a vulnerable person and that doesn't necessarily you know you can count on flex was incredibly vulnerable when you look at it under the surface. But she had an incredible mosque that she kept putting on every single day. That was the terrified. Me the disconnection between what was being wasn't stage what was behind the scenes. So if you're already show the internet maybe don't fucking do that. That's my god. Oh shut up. If it's happened you how'd you do it. People who doesn't read it or yeah you still be not bad on. I'm just got better acknowledging you nuts. It's not anything shameful. It's just the fact that you are operating going to be frank on the business. I'm not person out there. And like john lewis get loaded shit for that deliveries and the way that content comes across like a very nice man john. Paul cross this selling though jason derulo. Personally the songwriter. He's name is apparently jason desk. Hello initially but he shows departments on the phone to john. Lewis and you know when you get to the point where you've got customer service now. What's your name de ouro. You leasing is it also true that bring malls his name used to be. Snickers isn't used to be called paraffin. He just got very obscured you saying. I think we all get after acknowledge criticism within a line of work. And i think bill quite every bust system. If i know no one moral compass. I know why animal i'm not and i think the problem was didn't was in postnatal period. It's very hard to know who you are and seeds wood from the trees. So when i read anything i'm like but that's not true. Say give it that like. It's just not true as i know that And then if there's things that like i don't understand why she's done this. I'm not. That's maybe good mush in its reuse to know you because you don't i find sometimes perhaps the adulation as difficult sometimes. It's a criticism normal state for a human to be in she. Most people just go about their day and talk to each other. You don't go. i love you. You're brave you're inspirational eight-year-old will come. It's kind of midway ground. Where you just go about your day and head off to tesco metro. It's like in your mind when you are really porous which you are in the postnatal period literally like a kid the world some feeling. The more i'm going to put out there was putting out stories every single day chasing something. That was the worst. I felt the more put out. Trying get the hit and that was really a coming underbelly. We want that social media addiction and again regardless of whether you thousands of followers flocking breast pumps or whether have ten followers and a feeling really except porous absorbing everything that comes out you up and we'll do it and how would you draw the line well as textbook and you're right. It's just an white house on the cover but you did write it with the sperm amos burn donor matlock. Qualcomm choson for them. So wh how come how come. How come you frederick forsyth. Whereas wife used to talk about the secretary for novels for fiction you have one name. Yeah they don't allow names issue. I know people get confused. Apparently any fiction. There's only one name. Oh you can or nonfiction how to name so this really difficult point where. We will kate to be fair. The heart of the book me book wouldn't be here without lots of the things i've learned on living online so we had a long chat about it. And you know people know motherfucker and white house. And the is an intriguing. What she is it like being where she is for all of Criticism we can throw at that. Like what's the reality of these one nine photos in your grid this to depiction but what's the three d. picture. So basically the way we were matt would write me recipe card. He'd say right with all this. You've got from your notes when you feeling really share over the last three years and i just talked to talk to time never meant for publishing just myself all of this. Can we have two thousand words in this chapter where these two characters do this. And they feel this so i would write in and then he would pull it together. Nuts and bolts and really. Hold it up but we couldn't have done it without each other. I'd say it's fifty fifty in how we wrote it but this is he's such an ally he was like. This book was better with your name on it. That's the trees and he's not precious and on no precious in it wasn't online i will name it. A is part of me that wants to own the narrative on wants to stand up and say look. This is what it's really like. You might not like me but this is the truth. This is the human story behind it which is quite interesting. And then we saw raising it you start seeing the nuance of what it takes to operate online the disconnection with your own family the arguments with your partner publicly where my oldest looked at me and just said sometimes. I think you don't mind me when you're on your phone those dark moments. everybody's had them mummy. Mummy mummy mummy mummy. One minute just a minute. Stop and you stop for wall. That's the point that i wanted to question here. So yeah we did rise together. The sideline the patriarchy in favor of the matriarch and them check. We bloody turn is next. Just he's just wondering weiner around then we go undefeated and it's out. When is the affect of order this civil senate race summary. It's out a week after my book on by divers names don hands because she could get divorced and has written the best chapter and we just called. Elliot's bit yes. I'm gonna get it serialised in the sunday times when you tell pete devoting this less pay all right. She know of read. This book walks. Get out john with you but yes honesty. It's a great book. Definitely three stars out five. Can't least always hey hint and helen. We wanna talk to you about the phoenix. The weekly comic for seven to fourteen year olds. The very one helen. Now seriously archaism and getting a phoenix delivered for a couple of years now and they love it. It's great funny stories and serialisations. My favorite character early is clear justice. Ninja brackets ninja of justice. 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Foodies this is it because there's an the the thinking behind it is getting more savory veg into children barely on we'll have excellent healthy habits in the future there's just for babies They say we make food for babies not baby food on the strong sweet potato pag coconut water brown brown rice and queen wa. I mean he's a hangover cure. The baby should ever have actually thinking. I'll have this loved brown. Rice broccoli. peas lemongrass and kefir lime. Let's see how these babies are eating better than me. Absolutely tuck into the poofs. Yes very nice. Thank you children quite picky eaters on it today. They like spaghetti hoop. But i'll be winging some qinghua that way. Of course they have. And it's not just fancy hippie food for hipsters. It's like cottage by and like cara and i do have to spell it out. Elliott is be a be a baby. Bring the ease with the babe. I mean. it's all right. I think i had it more as baba canoe. These yes and we. We've got a discount code have we. May we really gis. So all we have to do is go to. Bobby's dot co ford slash shop and type in scummy mummies twenty at checkout and you get twenty percents off that scummy mummies twenty cr compare. Dadi centers place the pace. You can hide an ongoing radio calling. Graham torrington methodist just retired. We'll put it in the shower nights as well. Because i think that makes it easy when they can read it on my talking voice. My talking place is not very good. But based okay so so dot carrying i shop shop talk say philly but based co forward slash shop gogo per se babe's central tropical diseases face and shoving mommy's twenty eight twenty. Percents off the confessions do you thorn have a confession for us. I do i on sunday. It was my son's tenth birthday so we had a lovely picnic garden party in the front garden. I and May love me big chocolate cake covered in sweet. It was all gorgeous just about to serve it and my daughter tipped over a bottle of press echo over the top of it anyway. A percent cake slept well after that bloody delicious. It was fucking. Sms made a case more. Bloody set out in the sudden catnip on copper. And roddy get now in you sucked anyway. On caterpillars in there is the scummy mummy confession this week as do commuting on a train lots birmingham and there was no bulk role in the train. Toilets all ahead was my fabric facemask. I used it. And you're not gonna go down to pattern those hands and then i saw actually it was. I had an e coke and under well. Yeah yeah me face masks. I slotted the used face mar would like the idea. I soiled number one. Luckily dry con con con moist. Gutter i spent. I spent a of time. Travelling in southeast asia lee road so there is a negative remembrance. Becky kleenex they shake strike short trips. Though i shake it off shake it off. His accuracy mentioned struggled over likes owned flicking a urine people always known. Hey hey hey. I'm in a bag. To contain it with a used square is opening a packet so slotted this used face into the used square so much like bit of vinegar in disguise it would actually burns a hot button and it was just not my you around trump your keys away. Oh god remember just that you just not hunting talk show. Basically it was just for the environment was good. I did wash it. i'll stay. Yeah and it was the next day story for you are a good person chops story with the number two. I'm being media multimedia. It's definitely one of my favorites is likely just love simar. She nights very easy to save. They're like oh so funny let's be self deprecating but you're just two brilliant. Humans have supported me ways that jesus plus witness pound trae off his speech and trump says. I just want guys you just faulted. It's in the middle of giving held the wall moment. I was about to literally say most beautiful words. Spiker some may go this. It's me you've been eating these study. She's spent on the site the up what. You're saying great pleasant. Yeah that's just some every minute. Repulsing an our yaqoob kind of we love you too. Thank you very much for coming on the podcast and all that you do and writing an excellent book and thanks for listening if you want to live fingers crossed where we're going to be live and we will be somewhere somehow dot com. Do you go to the shop. That i've been getting cranston about just the moment he's going to expecting only sin saber on you you can fuck you bags you can pre-order my book she's cheese. Let's end this as dot gov slash shop scummy mummy twenty eight twenty percent of cases. Austin puffs for your amazing thing. Everybody until next i soft cover is out now for the other one. Yes the paperback yes. Back somewhere far away opposite back hot. Take back cover. Hey and helen. We want to talk to you about the phoenix. The weekly comic for seven to fourteen year olds. The very one helen. Now seriously archaism and getting phoenix delivered for a couple of years now and they love it. It's great funny stories and serialisations. My favorite character elliott is clear justice ninja bracket ninja of justice. She's also i love it because it gets kids off the screen which means i can relax an instagram on the toilet guilt free. You can try six issues of the phoenix. Just one pound one. That's what i said. One pound of hinted. Www dot the phoenix comic dot co dot uk forward slash scummy to sign up or they're going to put the www near the never find it. Absolutely hi this is benjamin from the uk true crime podcast. They walk among us brought to you by. Imc networks shudders of premium streaming experience. That provides a multi sensory dive into fantastical worlds offering the very best of old and new horror. 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