Can Neymar Lead Brazil?


Hello welcome into Wednesday's edition of ESPN AFC ON ESPN. Plus on this show. We wouldn't expect it to be as explosive as it was Alexis. Nunez sat down with Former MANCHESTER UNITED DEFENDER. Now Leon Rafael. Who had some very strong things to say about resilient team mates Neymar Frank Leboeuf and Jimmy on the wrong with us to react to that. Meanwhile Craig Burley and Don Hutchinson talk about the potential news that Newcastle. Make if they take over does indeed go through shock his slot with us as well extra time plus. Mark Ogden reflects on seven years since Manchester United won the premier league title. We saw by taking a look. How different European Leagues are approaching the return of football after the CORONA VIRUS? Interesting stuff from the ducks in the sense that the the government said there will be no football until September I. This is what the doctor has to say in response to that. Well no professional football can be played even without an audience until September. I as a result the border professional football intends not to continue playing the two thousand nine Hundred Ninety Two thousand twenty league on Friday. The club's other parties involved will meet to discuss the consequences. Meanwhile in Switzerland slightly different with the resumption of play with ghost games obviously managed without spectators under scientific supervision and combined with the Risk Management Concept. Top football wants to send a signal as possible to return to something closer to normality as soon as possible. Now these things the only viable way to save Swiss professional football in its current form but at the same time complying with the requirements for the protection of players and the population meanwhile Sweden. This is interesting. The date we're working towards is June. The fourteenth ambition is to still play all the Games with fans at the stadium but Swedish. A link football off following the corona virus developments all the time in society as a whole on possible new directives from the authorities. Meanwhile we go from that to Brazil now seems winning their fifth World Cup and two thousand and they failed to make it back to even a final last four editions of the term today Alexis Nunez interviewed Rafael. Of course a Brazilian international formerly of Manchester United now with Leon an awesome audit will take to win the six World Cup and he said a lot depends on that talisman. We need name. That's what should we need the need a lot in. I need any to improve things like like I said outside. Beach is important for the with bullets so anything privileged outside the beach to to to come inside the beach in to do his best so I hope you can do that. Then the fee if he if he does have just Enemy when you look at last World Cup of course as well and and before you know he got injuries on stuff like that You could see how like you said on his best day. It's it's almost impossible for anyone to stop him. Do you think now that we're moving on. It will be four years and do you think he would have matured enough to be that leader. That Brazil needs. I think I think they might not leader. I don't think is this to him but I think he can he can. He can do the dating he does because like you said he's if he's good if he's like he focusing concentrate lease Ribaud. He's the best player in the world. I think not is is first option of life Today you know what I mean like. He if so many stuff founding so many things so he thinks he's my i. I don't need to do that is to play. Well I don't do you know what I mean so you need you need. You need to a lot of things you need to do and like you said like I said he does that's Someone input he disease. Mind because I know him. I play with him. Everyone Games with him. I have been in within. Anouilh's ahead guy to to listen when you speak. You know good with him now between not not I am saying that you're but he sometimes you don't want to say some people don't want to say don't don't listen to you say you are good. You are magic your they want you to say all the good stuff but the life is not like that and I think he needs to listen more and the that you'd be hard to stop Brazil explosive stuff then from it. Rafael hits the Discussing Franklin birth. But really we have to start with the number one fan of course at ten D to His birthday parties calls him. Nayna Julianne Laurent Jobs. What do you make those comments? Pretty strong stuff. I'm really convenience after South is a lovely guy and a good footballer. I'm not I'm not really sure I'm on board with them. The thing about. He's he's live on and off the pitch everybody's free to do maybe name. I would be a better PRI- maybe no passing as merge of defeat. Maybe I don't know maybe rough it will be a much better. Pray if he was going out more I. I'm not so sure an in some of the leadership I mean come on name is. Your best player is the best player appears. Jeez the best player from Brazil. He's your leader. Maybe he's not the biggest voice in the dressing room boat Zinzan. Saddam was an either and yet he was Francis leader. He warned the World Cup and Euro as France leader because he was the best player technically but the best player on the pitch for stop. It doesn't have. It's not because you have the biggest voice in address that you don't know leader that doesn't define you as a football player. If you're the best in your team then are forced your leader and you lead by example on the pitch by making you team win games. Why would he make this up though so I already come and say things like name? All contact criticism doesn't listen to people who got negative things that are trying to help him. I didn't have time before the show to check how many times they play together. I don't even move for a fellow play for Brazil but if if it holly with name how would he know that anywhere? Maybe he's the impression he has from the outsides of from why he's in Brazil from Brazil if you want and when the national team plays together anything's ideas on when he's faced Neymars well. He's done a few times since he moved to Franz but other no I think I think we ought vote right now at the moment and as a as a football is life and name on news up pretty well. It's better to others. Critism here also depends where the criticism comes from and how how is placed. But I don't I've never been told her. I've never seen name no being good with criticism. I think it actually on boards and moves on maybe quicker than others. I'm not I'm not really on board with what Rafael had to say. After say Frank. What do you make of it all very strange way of talking with a maybe possible? A another time teammate. With an for the national team. I think he's not appropriate. I can make creek because I not friend with because it's my job to to to say what I think a but I think you have to a little bit sometimes. Refrain of criticizing a friend of you. When you have the video may be to play. It makes no sense because as Jew says just drew said sorry you can be technical leader without being a leader itself. Did you did? A shot was a leader. He was talking long leader for the national team. They were talking. Both Zedong was a technical leader. And I think he's what has been asked to name all at first they don't care about him talking to the to the rest of the of the squad they won't be the best on the field to show the way to to success so. I don't agree with Raphael said. I think what just Rafael told us or tell us is that they're not friends. Otherwise would have another way. Were about Neymar. Yes you can say some stuff to your best friend. Yes you can say. Interesting may be on the pitch but not in front of the camera when you have the possibility to play with him. Another time it's interesting that you picked up the Brazilian angle on all of this and being married to a Brazilian. I'm exposed to a lot of resilient people within my life and it's fan fascinating to talk to them about Neymar. Everyone is negative about him. Every single person that I meet it seems who have got links with Brazil have got something negative to say about him and this is Rafael of course pouring fuel onto that. And why what is it with name? I why he's diving. It's about the money he's about. The party's about this that but you feel like renounced. But they seem to get a pass in Brazil compared to Neymar Gills. It fascinating the the treatment or the image has back home which can be easy for him to to deal with as well. Maybe because the expectations were so big. Su- shoots from a very young age when he was sixteen Santos Seventeen with the national team and etc etc. And it hasn't really happened for him in Brazil in the world. Cup Mostly Copa. America has been a bit different in the World Cup that maybe he's the one responsible for Brazil not achieving what they should have achieved curbs and then if you point the finger then you look at the tunnel because every everybody in Brazil knows how talented he is and and he's one of the best in the world potentially technically but may be pointing the finger has he's way of leaving those criticism from the Komo entry. The all of nothing. The commentary on Brazil for example. You could see already. How differently would maybe the privilege with the national team but also with PG and maybe some people don't like that and maybe that's why a lot of the criticism is aimed at him? And I are why he does is apply and the lack of achievement. Maybe that is with the national team but then he doesn't help himself does he. Frank with the rolling around with the shoe on his head with the celebrations with some of the words that he comes out with. Sometimes you feel that. Despite the fact he's mature on paper you know obviously in his twenties. Now you can still going to think he's still acts too much like a cane. Yeah that's what it is. That's the prime I think for many people. I remember as ninety six before the European Championship in England as at the position of leader and didn't philly filled up the the Phillips the position with these Games and has been a little bit criticized but we reach another level where we criticize the man. We restarted the way he behaves in and out of the field. I just wanted to talk about what he does on the field and there is a way of selfishness when you see him playing when he seem the way he behaves and I think it's what it is and it's what people dislike about about name. Your is that it doesn't go with the rest of the squad it doesn't fit may be what brilliant used to see with their stars. Renaldo Rivaldo that those guys were loved by death teammates. It's not the case name. All the talent is there for sure. Everybody it's obvious but a is not. It's more yeah again. A selfish guy playing fantastically world sometimes man not giving enough in terms of communication on and out the field to please the bridge even the Brazilians lawsuit on this usuals B.'s. Whether you like him or no I don't think he can be easy to be named and again having that kind of reputation and all those expectations since since the very young age and maybe not being ready for it and having that weight on your shoulders all those years with obviously the top of being the two thousand fourteen World Cup on home soil where you get the injury against Colombia. After that everything is a nightmare that you wish had been the biggest dream of your life and just don't think he could be easy right on and as you mentioned earlier as you know so well. Brazilians are quite hard to please. And Kwa hard to convince and Neymar could have been very different. Highly add more success with the national team earlier. Maybe a now he he. He has to digging and digging again and try to do between the end of his career to please the Brazilians who had so much expectations for him. He's never fulfilled. Brazilians are indeed hearts. Please I can attest to that. Thank you very much gentlemen. You can listen to that full interview by the way. Rafael Ovalles. On a special podcast. We put together him chained to Alexis Nunez about lots of things not only the Brazilian team but Manchester. United as well. You can listen to that. Podcast over on the website. A lot of talk about this. Saudi Arabian consortium taking over at Newcastle. As you detailing some of their plans zoo. Welcome in. Don't ask you sending Craig Burley to the show Donald. I want to start with you. Basically they're looking at players that will be on a free. The likes of Cavani Mertens. Pedro billion does this work in your opinion absolutely. Now you start to talk to the most disillusioned Newcastle Fan. Ever because all of a sudden now we all street dream and the likes of Tino all hundreds of millions of pounds going to be spent tech Newcastle back to where they were in knotty five ninety six so the geordies it is time absolutely over the moon. They just want to take up a to be done. And then hopefully Newcastle Start. Attracting the big players but pray. These are undoubtedly big name. Players plays around with contract for reason on. Well I think the Lacy Certainly Pedro in Eliane. What would be pleased that I think certainly really on jokes? He would want to keep certainly on short term contracts. I don't think whoever getting big name players to the northeast is problematic in itself. When I say that disrespectfully but you know London for for a long time. Became the hub Manchester attract blades but getting people to to go up to the northeast away from the bright lights of London in particular is always difficult not usually takes a lot of money. So it's not just finding these players done as trying to coax the meant to come into your project and Newcastle. Wherever as an offer the country itself can be difficult to get over the line. You'RE GONNA want people who are on the same page as well which could be tricky when you look at this list. Yeah same song. Be Craig's writing saying but take you back to ninety five ninety six when you cost the truck. People like Tina spree. Now that's totally different to the names that we mentioned in now wages will certainly help. And that's going to have to be a factor because he knows Craig said if we got on new custody of looking at Cavani and Pedroni William these guys can all go tops around euro. You GonNa have to offer these guys something completely different. And they're not going to sell you on a so a short term project when they can be linked with a big jobs around Europe Williams being linked Barcelona for the last year. And a half of the GonNa have to offer them something different and that would be a massive spike in wages then all of a sudden if these guys start to arrive then. I'm pretty sure and you've got top-class manager in like maximum reports. Tina who is attracting big name players in the short term as until three big wants huge names that can start pulling in the bedroom to premier league. Meanwhile with William Petro going the suggestions that Chelsea could be looking at casino to coming to replace. Sam Sanford Bridge Craig. What are you sound? Continue to Chelsea. Well I'm not sure that she's a Gore to be honest because he's not exactly the same position as those other two players Those guys play more in the white possession if gotta a handful of playmakers already albeit more natural white players but mason made a big impact in the short period of time after playing in the championship. Just twelve to eighteen months ago was able to get Philip. Continue and my squad would take him down. The answer is yes word. But he's going to come down to finance is going to come budget and it's going to come down to what front lampe. I'm these more event. We discuss this when it raised. Its head probably a month ago as what possessions? That front lamp really feel that. Need the most and first and foremost the front and then you might be looking at a half. I think if this deal can be done right price. That is potential chokes. Honestly I think Chelsea's programs are another possessions. Domoni think Craig really. I mean if you're if you're asking the big clubs Liverpool and Chelsea would you take a tenure in your squad of course you won't because he's a very talented player play that just needs an random and confidence at the same time I would love to sit down with Jody Morris? Who's a friend of mine and you guys know? I'm friends with frank as well and say well. Why aren't you offer Khruschev of this position? Because instead of scouring Europe for a number ten or someone that can play another flank. You've got one in Dole's you've got one in house already on the books at Chelsea invest a little bit more time with Christian Pulisic. I hear from the grapevine that he's a little bit shine a little bit quiet so maybe it's a chance majority unfor- franked trying to coax out in. May commit a team player making more demand on the pitch because if you all quiet and try it in your quite shy you. They're not going to give your best. That's inevitable so I'd like to know the reasons why at Chelsea do go for full junior acog imagine Christian put Eckstein around for a done. Let me just say since since this pandemic hasn't when Don's ability to have friends in the game let me let me just say I have no friends. I am the one with North so say bring balance to the show because I kind of let me ask you if you can one player of Christian. Puna SAY AW. Philip continue to go in and play Chelsea which will be well at the moment. Of course it will continue because he hasn't become embedded. We'll play it overnight. He's had a difficult twenty four months or so and there's not there's not a threat but there's a reason. Barcelona paid the one hundred fifty million dollars as for this guy. Because he's a talent on settling not dead yet so as I said if you can get right price and he can and up till in our problem but it could be a headache for those if this deal happens. I'm just not sure the the old folks we will be busting got to try and make up and bearing in other areas of the team. The distraction gentlemen. Thank you very much and it just started. Let's keep up to date with all the latest chance. You can go to our website and click on transfer tool time for the Anti Manchester United Segment. Of course a daily feature here on the show seven years to the day since they won the premier league title since then fifteen points. That's how they been winning the title. That was against last back in the day they have been appalling our to the title race consistently throughout Mark Alton Don Hutchison with me to discuss this. Don't it's incredible really how that gap how Chazan has been since Alex thanks and led to that title seven years ago? Yeah I mean it is crazy when you're talking about it besides the money and I still have to remind you that Liverpool Ghana thirty years before they're going to win the title so it can happen. Take you mind back in my memory of that. Two thousand twelve season when they won the league is Funky side or sides over the years before he was always doing rebuilds building the size of the team that quality in the squad whose invest in and. They always done a pretty good job in not last year when they won the title. He snatched Robin Van Percy from Austin because they lost the season before on goal difference so it was all emotional. -mergency fix a very quick fix. And then Fergie left and David Moyes come in and obviously we know the stories from there and it just felt a looking at united scored. It was it was deteriorating. Not Badly but it was just ebbing away from how good they were. The classic you too was just starting to fade people. Like Paul's only played a handful of games. The same as Ryan Giggs and they needed an injection of quality. Won't stay moist comforted all. Unfortunately he started looking at people. Like Leighton Baines marijuana fillet instead of looking at the very very top players that it should've been getting when I left so it's also spiraled into a huge decline and I think only this season and towards the end of the season under Ali. I'm seeing address me and that's far more harmonious. It's a lot more together it's younger. It's got a lot more hunger. It's got more desire soon. The big names have gone to in my opinion. That should still go can see signs now but it's been an awful long time since the success of these days. What's I think interesting in? This case is the fact that when you look at big teams who kind of struggled like Milan for example. They just didn't have the funds to compete with the big size. That's never been the Case Majesty. United the funds of always been there. They have spent the money. It's where they spent. That has really left them in this whole too much money. Because the money's always been used as a kind of a catch solution so rather than do what? Liverpool did four or five years ago and decided to go for plays point to prove value. Plays The for instance familial seller and the Robertson types. That little Johnson. United never really had to do that. They've always had the money to go out and Buy Angle de Maria or a poll or Melnikov because they don't really have to try as hard as as being smart in the market. Just just do what they you know. They shouldn't have a good scary network so the money has probably been healed but one thing I think is being overlooked times. That started before he left. They started in twenty ten twenty eleven when he started planning for. The future. Broaden the likes of Phil Jones Chris. Molding Actually Young. Have your hand. Underplays the serve United K. But not the caliber. The place that you brought in the real Ferdinando Village Patrice covers. The quality started to decline in the folks and because modern cities tie spending big money united thought that they could do a different way. Time has proved the united runway sits. You had the volume. Despite spending lots of money mount we know don is an optimization calling that thing on his face and Moustache at the moment. It's a bit of objects Jesse Nuys. I understand the excitement given what they've done on the paycheck over the last couple of months. But is this all really Mirage? With regards to the big picture it is to sell shows too. I remember ended young. They lost to Hunter Burnley Strategy Game at Liverpool whether they lost in in kind of abject fashion and the funds turning the glaze is the owners and it was quite moody time now they went to trump even the FAA companies had lost. It would have been it. Could've been curtains for all associated Bruno Fernandes came in and they win every so they hadn't lost a Fernandez and the same so Fernandez's coincided with the term but it's only seven or eight gauge is too early and I think you talked about half off. Well some say that. Today's a six year anniversary since David. Moyes was sacked rather than talk about the seven year anniversary since the title wind. So the fuel ups and downs. And it depends how you look at it but I do think that it is to set. It's awesome to call. It needs a lot more than nine games to prove that. Not your man of the people. Obviously when he speaks united fans you give them one wish one thing to change at the club. They demand they want new. Onus the one glazes gone and they want New Orleans then sometimes it's better the devil you know because at least the glazer put money in they have overseen. That's one things but they think that the owners in tandem with the chief execs haven't done the right things but you know maybe we're seeing signs of promise that allow the tunnel so the hops the got it right in the end but that is the one thing they say is the lasers for many reasons book rather than on the pitch off the pitch finally told me Danny Higginbotham on obviously a staunch man united fans Adler owning two or three proper signings away from being title contenders next season. Where do you stand on that? I'm not sure it's two or three. I think it's a lot more I think. Two or three to probably try and cement much buck into chump is leaks ought trying to get closer to Liverpool on Man City in my opinions are very tough asking. The united fans are GonNa have to be patient. And they're gonNA have to be patient in all you're gonNA solve Shaw. He might not be the man that takes it back to its. I'll he might not lift the major owners on the munchies night but what he's doing is building a very young squad hungry score back and get them very very close sit suggest in my opinion not threes the number to get them to a title. I think because other said Liverpool will be spending big money when they return in the summer. So we'LL PEP GUARDIOLA's mind city so they already streets ahead web manual but in my opinion. I think they got in the right direction. Thanks very much sense. Just remind him out the deep dive where it's gone wrong for Manchester United over the last two years. This is published a few months ago. The points very relevant You can check out that article over on the website. Espn AFC back on your screen. Samara former German international friedrich will be joining us. I be sure to tune in but that is for today's stay tune though. His horrible mustache returns as the shocker. And his new allegiance new council. Extra time is next. Welcome to this extra time. Don Hutchison and his terrible massage with us as is shocking. Saw by the way by the way shocker has older that new car so whatever it as off Ebay. He thought he plays. You supports her. Kinda make a comeback. I'm available bet you that you are the first questions about Newcastle which manages should they sign Rafa Benitez Potency Know Allegra or five don? Wow good question Lucian my my ideal manager I think would be. I think maximum agrees destined for big things. I'm not sure he would set a new customer project but Pocchettino went to Newcastle. He would be a door. Like you wouldn't believe shock heslop Kevin Keegan. I agree with it will be nice but I agree with Don Portugal as a manager who who knows English football in the Premier League. I think he would be the easiest and also has some experience and building what was team on on a no exhaust a limited budget. Which by all accounts won't be new customers problem but he's Sydney soon that he can now build a team from the ground up. I think I think that the food the best fit next question is about Oh west time. Let's don't forget don predicted the West. I would finish above lester hunting. That was back in November. That's well West time discuss that. So the question says done now. I'm GonNa take predict with good. Push seeks a thought. They thought that be about Evan and wolves. Obviously I was way on not one but didn't see the disaster happening Pellegrini thought he would tell them very close. A thought was just steady hand. I did not see a lot of his players. Fallen out before so real problems. I think this is all about staying in the primitive if they do that. That hopefully could rebuild the summer. Listen I think everyone's in the same boat in the permanent. No one knows what's really going to happen to with the transplant market in the some of this has been a bad year for Western. What's worse West Ham or your mustache won't westbound with a potential joke out. Not Mustaches. Right in IT GIVE. Luik game a judge here. You picked your shopping. Let's face it when it comes when it comes to facial head shock. You're pretty much national league to be honest so you can talk about what you're talking about right. Good question this. Who is the best view on English striker in that Prime Alan Shera Gary Lineker or Michael Owen? I I remember a young Michael teams that he's early twenties and he was unplayable Linda different classes era leads towards Allen share and it might be Newcastle. Think Jodi bias brought just as an all round number nine. I think all of these attributes it was physically very strong central. He wouldn't wanNA play against him. Fantastic via spurs which is very good. He's linked play was good number of goals out of this. Well I think I would share in that frame. I suppose the key where I think Mike allowing when he was nineteen. My goodness gracious me. He was sensational. Let's not forget a couple years later when the door for his property with one thousand nine hundred. I'm the Millington definitely. Definitely if you listen to in nineteen twenty and it was all downhill from there from twenty on the hill from the low inside down. Peaked nineteen okay. Whatever I'm going. There's no bias to adult Allen Shiro all the everyday I think he had every single attribute going and whereas you might be able to criticize With with Lynn occur and and I share. I don't think she had any info stood shorts and he said you will see focused on. What was that wins phones just to show you like Michael. Owen is a short mom thing. Short guys stick together. That's why you hate messy shy foot. Four something qualify. The first part of this question has shown team and I cannot get messy. I don't hit messy. Let's just go back right there right. Kerryon delays really bad. If you just have that reject registered how shocking ever being chipped. Yes is the answer is that also. What's the best go? The you've seen shocker trip goal obscene Philip against British Michael One. Because of who wasn't Peter Schmeichel and then second game. It's I mean. The the the goal was was simply unbelievable. I think it was easy. Fifth of five against minute James's park. That was easily the best trip. I've I've seen not messy obviously been meanwhile don best chip go. You've ever seen I mean look to say Al Newcastle Fun Boo soon as you ask the question. Eric Hampton all against some. Lynn came to mind the Old Trafford when he just had the ball on the edge of the fall. Then he should ship the goalkeeper than a stick in the stanchion. It was like and he just stood an old trafford. You just saw said yet. Whatever callers so arrogant so content off well I think. Albay is very very close. This is a great question for you. Ready for this previously. Does Don Liking himself today. is only fair. Stevie Cheese Battalion. Chief is a little bit. Tom Davies me well. He likes to talk and he likes to sue people from China. Think someone with a little tiny bit flare. It's up to you know. Just go out and live on Saito Davies because I call I call upon star amalgamate into place to hear about Shaq Fu. Somebody's got a little bit flat. I was checking trades. Most flare likes attack. Ochre score goals. Yeah I think the first thing that comes to mind on bond with number ten on me back. It was all about flare. Don't don't get ready shot. This is complicated. Focus when the opposition has kate. What goes through your mind. Do you do research on the opposition's free kick takers like penalties. Well no because you're not quite show the freekick is gonNA come from. So it's it's a different skill. Set as far as I was when I was approaching free-kicks good free-kicks with school. I just wouldn't allow Montana was not allowed free. Kicks it to go in to tried to get a wall right and positioning right? And I'm not cheap and they're to be saved that saved everyone's well you just have to your hands up. Chuck. Here's one for you. Because I remember after the or discussion with David James West Palm for hours and hours and hours after right session and boy you shock. You must be six five six. Six good. Reach one goalkeepers have no wool. She got plenty topsy the free kick but then stand in the middle of your goal and you can go three or four yards left. You can go three or four yards right. Why do you give us son which meant the era? I actually tried something similar and practice games and it's difficult to cover that yards man. It seems even from from a free kick and when somebody can construct the boilers as they want without any kind of interruption even during the course of a game you have defenders than play who normally take off. You know half the goal or whatever it is. I'm not makes it easier or seem easier than than than it actually is not as straightforward as. You'd think. Well you cover ordinarily you can. You should be able to do that. From a freekick from from Asia is far more difficult now because they keep up. I'm getting reincarnated as a goalkeeper plan to keep it up but could then go World Cup your favorite World Cup team time. Gentlemen Don oh I mean. I think the best will cups in my time watching as a kid. Spain I E to Mexico six. Natalia Ninety swallowed the Brazilian side of eighty-two with socrates and Falco Ada in Zico Dot Com. They was prophesied turnout. Tobago two thousand six easily best team to agree with. You woke up stage but does nothing team. In Brazil Cayman attitude regarded as the best team to have not won the cup. You can see why why that team was but for that stumble against Italy. Gobble probably the front. I thought that was one of the best teams. I'd seen plead at that level team or was simply unbelievable. Everything about it final question for you if you do a power rankings on which FC crew members are holding up best during the quarantine. Well don't be looking at that mustache up up up near the probably have craig because he's being alone and talking to nobody Glorious he plays golf he's he's fine being ostracized from the rest of humanity. Sure seems to be doing quite well. He's losing weight. I haven't seen God for a few days. I'm good question. Call high years probably just off the bottom of the aforementioned mustache. Oh you do it. I huge hail constraints kicks. I am here. I've not certainly nowhere near the top man. That's my six year old. He's making sure of that. That that rainbow kick done a bit concerned. I tell you what it tastes. Great though it takes it really good although he couldn't really tastes worse than it. Look yeah well. I think that is a good point to end. Thank you very much gentlemen. Thanks shack thanks to keep your tweets coming in ESPN NFC. We'll be back here tomorrow for more what moment it's goodbye.

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