Fun with NASCAR Audio 06-05-2020


Off. The woody and Wilcox Show I. In this case, the audience that you got here means it's time for us to do around of fun with Nass. Car On you and you certainly don't have to be a huge NASCAR FAN to enjoy. It's really stuff this just taken out of the broadcast out of context, and then we pointing gig landed sounds dirty. They did make some There was more news the NASCAR all. STAR RACE WE'LL BE BACK IN CHARLOTTE on July the fifteenth. Still. Don't know if they'll be fans there, but will be able to watch it obviously on on the team the. Let's dig into some. We've got some new ones here. We got some old ones here a some that I think you haven't heard in a long time. Some are maybe ever fun with NASCAR clips. He's close enough to it that he could just rub it. He returned Dutch it. On best, that's Lewd Kiss. Touch. Social distancing. Lasky to the bottom. Expected in their. packing it into the bottom. Therefore you seven four Fez thirty two hundred. or go net bottom sticks. That knows get a little air. Guy. Wonder Danika Patrick. You Leaner back too much. You can have a problem in the rear end. Yeah up and down. Like I told you when you come on the bottom like that. Mister. Johnson says hello new player in town. For sure do it as Mr Johnson. Stewart all, but into the back of Paul Menard. Bush coming out Alex Bowman is coming. If everybody comes in. I can get out in front of might be able to hold them off. He said he had a vibration. You gotta come. Joy saying coming in. Love Mike. He has the greatest sort of. Elections and stuff Bush coming out Alex. Bowman is coming in. Well there, you know. They took this opportunity and they are blowing the whole race track. That's one way to get fans to come back and an opportunity. At Marcos Ambrose. Bitterly as well looks like he may have a software right there. got a really tight fire suit apparently. Tasted Kane and Paul minority going at each other, pretty hot here. He goes to the bottom chase. Elliott goes in a little easier, but gets a big run uses that bottom? But. To The exit I think you really run out of Room Phoenix Wide Open. Talk I want to hear about runs in the bottom. Down Llegado to the inside of. Johnson. Bliss! ooh, yeah, you could see. There's just no grip down there on the bottom. He tried it he didn't like. Coming. Just coming out Alex. Bowman is coming. Your Fun with Nascar Audio, and it will be up if you'd like to go back and grab it so to speak. That part of our podcasts all along on twitter, at what are your Wilcox, is one of the easy ways to grab audio course. Cool beans also makes that into a separate little segment that we tweet out as well so. Follow along. With his coming. Oil Cox.

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