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You know sometimes with Brunch or dinner lunch or breakfast you when meal when your entree and maybe aside some days when you have brunch you go to the buffet and you get several different things today. I'm going to touch on Several different topics. And hello everybody in the live. Chat Ryan Cullman. The Devil Gretchen. Great name just me and other great name you have to be just you as Rozan. Their aqua new. Thank you guys for joining me. So and where do I get into? Where can I begin today? No no other than The James Harrison podcast from last week he appeared on a podcast called going deep. It's a it's a parcel feature and he was interviewed by Stephen Shea and former steelers offensive lineman Willie Cologne and you know I I. I read about the the the podcast online. You Know I. I saw the quotes and I assumed that the big story to come out of that that interview and it was about an hour and a half long and if he was really great I assume the big story would be his bitter end to his. How in two thousand seventeen? He came back. They signed a one year deal. According to him he was he was promised. Certain percentage of snaps but the steelers drafted TJ. What and tedious quickly became a superstar. He was a one rep learner as my common called him at the time and of course by decree was the starter on the other side. Joey Porter the outside linebackers coach at the time made it clear that he wanted to go young. Its position and they stuck to their guns. The entire season and James Obviously had a problem with this and and as everybody knows he did everything he could to get himself cut from the team which he ultimately did and the Christmas weekend of two thousand seventeen the next to last game and then of course he he went and signed with the Patriots he played in the Super Bowl with them and then he retired so I figured that would be the big the big thing and get. He covered a lot of great topics. If you if you haven't had a chance listen to it. It's a great you know when you see it in print you just see James being bitter and contentious and rebellious typical soft. But when you when you listen to the to the podcast. We listened to him. He sounds you sounds like he's he's enjoying his his retirement and sounds like he's at peace and things and he's just shooting. The breeze would a teammate. In in in this Guy Steven so I thought he he was very insightful. But of course the big story to come out of that was he alluded to a envelope. That head coach Tom and gave him twenty ten after he was fined. Seventy five thousand dollars for a hit on browns receiver Muhammed Mosque Y and of course Harrison was in trouble that entire year. Actually Twenty nine in twenty eleven for for head shots. That was the time when we really started to ramp up. Its efforts on on player safety There were so many tragic stories in the news. A former players who who were suffering effects of playing football in in years gone by when the League did not take concussion. Seriously they didn't. It's it's a well known fact. So the League basically decided on the fly to start legislating these hits out of the game and James was basically caught in the middle of it and and yeah he did. There were a lot of head to head hits. Said he was guilty of but there are also a few a few instances where he he. He had clean hits on on quarterbacks and receivers and he was fined anyway or he was penalized. And then find so you know if the if my stomach did an envelope which he was implying was to cover a fine. I think that's all it was. I think the steelers were just as vocalist James Harrison. In those days. If you remember about how the League trying to trying to change the rules on the fly and the League had a right to do it but it was still frustrating. Time for for for team like the steelers to try to adjust to this players like Harrison. Who he wasn't necessarily at dirty player but he did like to play on the fringes. I mean I. that's that's A. It's a safe thing to say. It's a accurate thing to say. But he was probably not as dirty players people remember he was just. He says it because he's James Harrison. That's how that's kind of a reputation that Jack Lebron had. He played on the fringes but he was also a very good football player. So anyway I think what this amount to. It wasn't a bounty gate summer. Trying to say people like SEAN. Payton have come out. You know saying the league going Gonna. Sweep this under the rug it was. They're not gonNA take it seriously. Took the issue with the saints. Well of course not because the saints with more of a systemic thing and it was proven right it was Greg Williams. The defensive coordinator at the time was was asking his players to hurt opposing players for for bounty. You know and what what happened with with Harrison Again. It sounds to me like it was just all right. We don't think this is right. We don't think it's right that you're being out and we're going to pay the fine and that's even if it's true and There are many people saying well the League's going to investigate this and pollen could get suspended for this and maybe they are but How are they GONNA prove it? You know that that's my issue is how are they gonNA prove this? It's a decade old and this is something that happened ten years ago. How are they going to go back to investigate is James Harrison? Maybe the most defiant guy the steelers have ever employed certainly went to the most defiant and rebellious people that play in the NFL in quite some time. He's not even playing for for any more is is he going to cooperate with the League you know. Is he going to tell them what was in the envelope or she just gonNa tell him to go pound? Salt James Harrison. Typical gyms. Here's is he gonNA figure suddenly cooperate or are people from the past. GonNa come come forward and say. Oh Yeah we we. We covered his fine. We all got together as teammates and cover James. Harrison's fine I mean. Is that going to happen even if they say it? I mean we're where is the proof? I mean. I think that the League would be would be a foolish to Levian any kind of serious fine against Tom. Litter steelers without solid proof. And at this point. All we know is that James Harrison said he was giving given a envelope by Mike Tomlin and he would not say what was in the envelope. So I think it'd be a bigger deal honestly If this was a systemic thing with the steelers over the past decade you know where they had reading employed so many guys who were getting in trouble for this kind of thing and you can say okay. Well if if if This was going on with James Harrison and recovering his fine. Maybe they really were asking their players to to to hurt other other players in and rewarding them for it. But that hasn't really been the case with with the steelers over the past decade and James Harrison himself. I mean he was suspended. People may not remember this but he was suspended for a game in two thousand eleven for a hit on McCoy and the Thursday night game. He was Lebron's quarterback at the time. And you know he really did clean up his act. After that he he really wasn't it really wasn't issue for him. In the remainder relate remaining years of his career being being fined for head headshots. It wasn't a thing for many more and again it hasn't been a big thing for the steelers since since two thousand ten two thousand eleven that that time period show. I don't know what kind of competitive advantage. The steelers would have gained from covering James Harrison. Fine his fines. I mean he was still being fined. The leaks got its money. They were still being penalized. During the Games and again James Harrison ultimately got suspended for it so I was like James Harrison allowed to go Go about his business continued his rampage of hurting opposing players. I mean He. He was punished for it and he straightens is act out so It's just GONNA be a big deal moving forward. It might be. Should it be? I honestly don't think so. So those are my views on that subject and I guess it'll be interesting to see How out I guess we should thank James Harrison in this During this ongoing pandemic for for giving us some some tasty little nuggets to talk about so again it's GonNa be interesting to see how that plays out so Let's see I'm GonNa talk about steelers schedule. It was about a week and a half ago but that was right before my last show and I had a different topic in mind. I wanted to talk about something else so I didn't really get a chance to talk about that on on on the on the Brench with Tony Episode of episode two. So I'll talk about that episode. Three and I really like it. I really liked the schedule. I I like the fact that it's kind of like an under the radar sorta scheduled in the steelers really. Can't it's harder for a team like Pittsburgh to go under the radar? I mean there are national team. There are marquee franchise. They're always going to be in the news. People are always going to pay attention to them. But but I think it's kind of schedule where the league saying. Look you're not so high on the marquee anymore. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA cut your on the chiefs. They're defending champions. We're GONNA concentrate on the forty niners contra force on the Patriots because you know they're the Patriots and and how. How are they GONNA do without Tom? Brady House bill checking the perform without his his top player and of course they're going to focus on the buccaneers 'cause they they acquire Tom. Brady a sign. Tom Brady. And they traded for for Rob Gronkowski. They convinced them or at least Brady did convinced him to come out of retirement and now they're suddenly a super bowl contender. So you know and as far as within the AFC north the Ravens are GonNa get all the pub 'cause Lamar Jackson rating MVP and and the browns or or or an upcoming team at least as far as personalities you know they have a lot of great personalities now Baker Mayfield myles Garrett Jarvis Landry obgyn et Cetera et Cetera et Cetera. So you know. I think it's only natural for for for public the public's focus on those teams and not a steelers team that that has a thirty eight year old quarterback and and has missed the playoffs two years in a row so this kind of schedule was. GonNa let them go under the radar. They have ten o'clock starch which I really like I mean. That's my favorite my favorite Start Time is is one o'clock on east coast. You know to me. That's what that's the best time to kick off football game that's that's quote unquote real football. Even know it's it's not real football. It's it's all real football but I think it's just a really great time and and and people like Mike Tomlin might say oh. We loved the Primetime Games and I'm sure they do. I'm sure players get hyped up for it. But professional athletes and coaches. They're they're creatures of habit. I think they love. They love their structure and if they don't realize it. I think having ten ten one o'clock start including seven at home seven games at home. You can just kind of roll out of bed. Get to get the facility. Get yourself ready and play a game. I think that's really going to benefit them. You know they only have the they usually have five primetime games and this year only four. You know so I I think that's you know that's really going to benefit them. And and something that John Clayton he's A. Nfl insider a longtime journalist. He's actually from Pittsburgh. He was on nine hundred. Seventy s and the other day with Andrew Phillip Pony and Chris Muller and he president really got point that I never even thought. Of course that's why he's Sean Clinton and I'm not and he mentioned the fact that the steelers are going to be playing eleven quarterbacks in twenty twenty that have three years experience or less you know and I realized that that not all three year quarterbacks are created equal the perfect example. Is Patrick Mahomes? He's been in the League for three years he's already won an MVP and super bowl and he's facing the league. He's the best player in the League right now. At least the the most popular. So you know. There's a lot of good quarterbacks they're gonNA be playing this year To Shawn Watson. I think he's a really good quarterback Of course hey everyone this is. Cara Swisher editor at large of recode and I'm Scott Galloway professor of nyu Stern School of business. We host the twice-weekly pivot. 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We cover the entire landscape of we also bring on great guests ranging from Robert Rice to astaire Peralta got us to the economy and how covert is changing our relationships. How is our relationship changing? Scott Bo I think you know it's getting stronger. I think you're finally in touch with your emotions. Let's be honest. I am the future ex Mrs Swisher. Yeah after Sean Hannity. Anyway got puts it Kobe. Nineteen has been the great accelerator for companies the economy and public policy. Stay on top of it all by listening to pivot with Kerris. Wisher and Scott Galloway. Every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts Baker Mayfield up and coming Lamar Jackson reading. Mvp So these are all really good. Quarterbacks attack Press Press Prescott. You're really good quarterback but there's nobody on the on the list that Michigan. Oh my goodness you know. How are they going to deal with him? You don't have Tom Brady. You don't have Aaron Rodgers. You don't have drew. Brees Matt Ryan anybody like that that you really have to to worry about. And furthermore you know they're playing you know each year a team has to play A division from out of conference in in one division from from India and their own conference and this year for the steelers it's the AFC the NFC East and the AFC south. And you know there's good teams in those deficient. Obviously but they're you know there aren't teams that that you know you don't have you're not worrying about the the defending super bowl champion. You're not worrying about the runner up. You know they. They've they face both of them last year. They faced the Patriots in week. One and then they had to play the rams later in the year without Ben and they've they've beat the rams but point being those are really two they really good teams at that. They had Face last year and and and as far as that is concerned. They don't have to worry about this that this year so I think That can really again go under the radar and really do some damage. And and you know I it you know if they had to play for example the the. Nfc South this year. When you have obviously Tom Brady. You Have Matt Ryan you have drew brees Teddy Bridgewater. I mean. That's a pretty good murderers row of quarterback for defense face even the steelers. But you know I'd rather take my chances with With Carson Wentz and dock and Dwayne Haskins. Who's a very young quarterback with with the redskins going into a second year in and and Daniel Jones and other second year quarterback for the giants. So I think that that can benefit them and and You know as far as the AFC south they're taking players like garden. Menchu and and again Sean. Watching is really good but you know he still has yet to reach second level you know. They're they're going to be playing Josh Allen who I think has potential but I mean. They faced him last year at Heinz Field when the bill came here in December and they did a really good job against him. I think that they would have won. That came with better quarterback play. I think it's safe to say but I think defense kept him in check so I think all in all it's it's again. It's a good opportunity for them to to as I keep saying. Go UNDER THE RADAR. I mean let let the NFL focus on The Ravens and the browns and the forty niners in the chiefs and in the Patriots and let the steelers quietly go about their business and quietly Play all these one o'clock games and and who knows maybe you know they cannot can can prove a lot of people wrong. 'cause there are a lot of people who don't even though they have a again. They have a franchise quarterback coming back and they have a really good team in place that he's He's going to be returning to have in my opinion the best defense in the NFL and they have good skill position players. They don't have any Antonio Brown on Bell but they do have some pretty good skill position players and they're adding to that a quarterback if he's if he's close to his is all self as as it can get at the age of thirty eight and recovering from elbow surgery. I mean I don't understand why they're not P people aren't higher on the steelers. So again I. I really really the schedule and and I think that they can. They can do some damage here. So those are my thoughts on the schedule and Next thing I want to talk about is the the new rookie class. And the fact that they're they just conducted their their first rookie camp. You know like chase claiborne. Is Anthony Mcfarland? Alex Smith All the UNDRAFTED free agents Carlos Davis you name it. They're they're they're I Rookie mini rookie. Camp Rookie. Minicamp was done so virtually meaning they they. They had to get their offensive and defensive Playbook in the installs they call them. They had to get those. Virtually you know. And then they had to go out and practice these moves and these plays on their own and they had basically had to go out and and and and practice on their own. They can't obviously be with with the team. They have yet to meet their their coach. Their head coach their coaches. Their fellow. Rookies all of the things that you would do a rookie minicamp. They had a chance to do that yet. So it's totally unprecedented. So it's GonNa be interesting to see how they how they handle that like who who can who can absorb this material who needs to have a coach screaming at him and and and and disciplining him and showing him how to do it first hand you know some some. Everybody learns differently right Some people need to be screamed at some people just need to to be given details and they're and they're independent learners and and they can Improve with mental reps an allowance. Some people need mental reps but they also need to get this all down and and and you know figure it. I figured out that way but just by doing some people can can get better by by seeing and some people need to see it and then do it. I'm following a lot of category. I mean you could explain something something to me and I might get gist of it but until I start applying it and and get the muscle memory down. I really don't know if I if I understand what I'm when I'm learning on on paper or unscreened so you know and When you really think about it it's so weird with these guys are going through because Again as I said by now they would have. They would have met their coaches. They would've met their their rookie teammates. And when it comes to ot as. I'm sure they would have had. Ot as by now They would admit met their their their veteran teammates. You know guys that they probably grew up watching somebody like Big Ben. You imagine watching a quarterback like that or or Cam Hayward or whomever watching those players for years Probably seemed larger than life to You. If you're a kid or a teenager and then all of a sudden you're sharing the same walker with them. You sharing the same practice field within you know There has to be jitters. I mean I I if I had the ability to play in the NFL. Which I I never did but say I did I would have. I would have been my first year of eligibility to play in the NFL mid-nineties stepping in the same. The same locker room with with Joe Montana or Ronnie Lotte or Reggie white like the all time greats right I would have been so nervous and But of course after I got to know these guys I would have been. I probably would have been okay. So every rookie goes through this every year. I I'm sure you know. And once you get through the the the the off season workouts the ot as that kind of thing maybe get a better understanding of what it's like to be screamed up. I my comment speaking of an iconic coach that you grew up watching. You saw this coach every Sunday afternoon for for a decade or whatever and and suddenly he's your boss and now you get to experience what it's like to be screamed at by him or it'd be disciplined by him and you know and and even before you get the training can't be you you get an understanding of okay who's GonNa take me under their wing. Who might feel threatened by me who might be territorial who might be standoffish? Who'S GONNA BE? Who's outgoing? Who's GonNa who's GonNa? Who's the practical joker WHO'S GONNA? Who's the guy that's GonNa take us out to dinner and and make us pay? The bill was probably be many thousands of dollars. You know you get you get you get an understanding of that by the time you get to even get the training camp and these guys have yet to Yet to even meet any of their new teammates or their coaches or anything. So let's see who who adjusts. Who who adaption in a totally unprecedented for them because you know if you grew up dreaming about playing in the NFL and being traffic and EFL who. Who would have ever thought that that you would. It would be done so virtually you wouldn't even get to meet the Commissioner. You'd have to stay in your home because of a ongoing pandemic and of course again you have to you have to Beat your new coach. And your teammates Via Zoom meetings. And you have to get you have to learn the new terminal terminology Through through Through those kind of meetings as opposed to in person in in in a classroom or whatever so to me it'd be like like if if you made the Super Bowl for the first time as young player in in you know instead of having two weeks of build up for it you get only one week or you know. Instead of being introduced you know individually like so many players were the starter. Sending away for years Everybody gets introduced always one. That's what happened to the Patriots. Spill ballot check decided. We're all going to be introduced as one for Super Bowl. I think it was thirty six. So you know you grow up dreaming of of how you're how your experienced as an NFL player going to go at least the early days. And then you have to go through all this so it's GonNa be interesting to see who adapts. Who and who suffers you know because I remember talking about his rookie experience. And how that year? Nineteen seventy four. There was a players strike at the beginning of training. Camp and all the veterans walked out and for some reason. I I don't know why. But the rookies. So got that participate in training camp and as one put it When all the veterans finally came back two or three weeks later. The the the rookies were like. This is our cab. You know we've been here. You know this is our cat. You're coming into our camp. Well the the twenty twenty rookies are experiencing complete opposite of that. They're probably GONNA be behind the eight ball. At least most of them will by the time they they set foot in Pittsburgh and on the south side facilities or at latrobe if if there is a training camp latrobe this year so again it's interesting to see how how they adjust so those are my thoughts on that and Next up I want to talk about the an article I wrote the other day Basically when I'm not sure if people many people understood in. That was the one about how Tom Brady who signed with. The buccaneers is already worth so much more his new team. Then then Ben Rothlisberger ever west of the steelers and you know it was. It wasn't really satirical but it kind of was basically it was my way saying that the NFL is is already Is perfectly fine with with with making the buccaneers super bowl contender. So because they signed a forty three zero quarterback and I realize he's the greatest quarterback ever according to the opinions of many but he's still forty-three earliest. We'll be in August by the time they play so they're willing to to make them contenders and and even though they have a really tough division. I just I just mentioned that the division the the NFC south is very very tough. It's very quarterback rich. And you know but they're still willing to give them five primetime games and and and again pushed them from like the middle of the pack all the way up to the top and I get buck in years. You're a very good team. They have you know you know Tom. Brady's walk into a potentially really good situation. Bruce Arians is a good coach. He's a very good head coach. He has authentic firepower. Chris Godwin Mike Evans OJ. Howard again. They acquired GRONK. They have a really good defense So you know I can see the buccaneers getting the love you know but what I don't understand is why the steelers mentioned earlier why they're not getting more love from the national media you know it's like people are just so willing to write them off and especially Ben Rothlisberger just so willing to write them off and you know they. They wanted then some. Some people wanted to steelers that. Cut Him you know before they even knew if he was if he was going to be a hundred percent healthy after his surgery. They wanted them to as you know the sign. Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton or any number of of of of veteran quarterbacks just in case Big Ben Can't hack it this year you know. And there's no confidence in the backup quarterbacks but as I mentioned already you know if ben is too big band of older as close as he can possibly be he. I don't understand why the steel aren't going to be considered major super bowl contenders again. They have the best defense in the NFL in my opinion. Or if they don't have the best certainly one of the best they have Defense Foale playmakers. You take the football away. Who of course get get after the quarterback at a consistent rate all the way back since the second half of two thousand sixteen really but especially since two thousand seventeen when they initially set a franchise record for for sacked? So you know they have play makers defense get after the quarterback they now taking football away you know. Do I expect them to get thirty eight takeaways again this year. Maybe not you know it's hard to do that in today's NFL. But I certainly don't see the defense Falling off the to fifteen takeaways again like two years ago. I think the problem with the steelers defense for so many years wasn't the fact that I was getting Wasn't getting forty takeaways in a season it just wasn't it was lucky for got twenty. You know I don't see this defense with the playmakers but with TJ wotton buddy. Who's a playmaker you know if whether people know admitted or not he's a really decent playmaker of course make if it's Patrick and Devin Bush who you know we may have just scratched the surface where he can? Do you have a defense full of playmakers. I don't see it going from Thirty eight takeaways down to twenty. You know I you know if they if they don't get at least thirty again. I'll be shocked so you have A. You have a great defense. You have SCO position guys who aren't Antonio Brown or living on Bell. There's not included anymore. But but they are. You Know Group Juju Smith Schuster has proven himself in the past Like I talked about already. Deontay Johnson show great potential ASTRAS ROOKIE YEAR CHANCE. Washington made a hugely from his rookie year. In twenty nine thousand nine. You have a decent stable. A backs including James Connor. Who went healthy can play the pro bowl level And then the line who I think should only benefit from from bench. Presence teams aren't going to be able to cheat in with eight nine the bucks to take away the run anymore. They're gonNA have to honor. The past as long as Ben is healthy and of course you have the titans who your advancement garnered who who he was. He couldn't be the defense McDonald of two thousand eighteen last year. Because of the quarterback play too young quarterbacks you're trying to You know we're trying to learn how to play in the NFL unexpectedly by the way. And of course you Eric Brown who you know. If he's if he's the Eric Burdon of a few years ago could be really dangerous weapon for them so I just. That's my whole point and that wasn't that I didn't think that Brady didn't deserve to. Or The buccaneers deserve the attention. Obviously they do. If you had a player like Tom Brady. National Media is going to pay attention you know and it's a good team that you're going to which I think they are. Then they're going to be considered contenders. My only point with that whole thing was why weren't steelers. Why aren't scale is being considered as contenders? I mean big. Ben Could be a big difference maker if he's healthy so I don't I don't get that why people were writing them off but in a weird way it is kind of it is kind of Nice too because as I mentioned in while talking about the schedule it gives them an opportunity to To go under the radar a little bit. So so that's my. That's my feelings on that and finally I want to talk about one more thing before I go to the questions and comments and that's the Jay Glazer story from a couple of weeks ago jake laser who's an NFL insider for Fox I guess he writes for the athletic 'cause he was answering a in a mailbag session. Call them from from the athletic or somebody asked him about Ben's off season conditioning and he basically mocked it and said you know how you don't ever put Ben in the word conditioning and the same in the same sentence and you know he joked that at that Benz idea of off season conditioning program. Is You know a little yoga some golf and beer. Maybe cigars whatever whatever else he said. And then he later appeared on a on Fox sports radio with Jason Smith and Mike Harmon their show. I think it was last week. And he basically said he was joking and that you know these are things. Ben Is told him in the past. But if you've been following the Ben For his entire career like I have then you could totally see Ben saying these things but also being saying him in a sarcastic way. I mean that's been you know. I've often called passive aggressive bent right you know. He likes to you know he likes to. He's a bit of a diva. There's no question about it. And you can t shirt see him going to jake laser or you know me you know me my my offseason workout is a little yoga a beer some cigars you know how I do it. You know Just sort of messing with glazer like he's messing with the reporters in general. I mean you often see how he talks to two guys. You know after Games. Remember a few years ago after that. Jack Vo game where he threw five interceptions. The reporters kept pressing him on what was wrong and he said well you know. Maybe I don't have it anymore. And of course the media took that and they ran with it but if you listen to the sound bite he was clearly being sarcastic he was clearly just saying you know being passive aggressive saying you know it was his way saying this is ridiculous it was just one bad game but the media stop brings us up to to to this day. There was that Guy I forget I forget the reporters name that Registan but he wrote that bleacher report article few months ago about how the steelers should cut ties fan and he cited that quote. I'm not sure if he actually did enough research to know that Ben was clearly joking or being a smart ass to this reporter and day in the locker room in two thousand seventeen so You know my my opinion on BEN IS I. Do I think he's Do I think he? He's a fitness freak. No of course. Of course he's not. I mean anybody would be foolish to say that. He's not if he's not a fitness freak. He doesn't maybe take the time that other athletes do but to suggest that that he's gotten this far you know and it's creating accomplish all that he has your the super bowl the the the passing yards all all the stats and the thing that he he does that. Just by showing up the training camp every year and getting in shape and then and then playing season without doing anything in the off season. I mean come on I mean to me. That's disrespectful to what these guys you know how hard these guys have to work just to get to that level. I mean even your fringe. Nfl Player has to has to do all that he can has really Give it a hundred and ten percent in conditioning and everything just a just a barely scrape by in the NFL so You know and it's not like there hasn't been stories in the past of Ben Really Paying attention to his fitness in the off season back in two thousand sixteen. It was well known that he lost he engaged in a rigorous Cardio program the entire offseason. He lost fifteen pounds. You know so. What makes anybody think that that was the only that was one of the only time he did that? You know and then he stopped doing that After that you know. He's obviously I would assume been doing that since then. Or you're just not gonNA last this long if you're not taking care of your body and the offseason you know. Ben Has always been a weekend warrior but to say that his conditioning program is equal to a weekend warrior. Like me to be. That's just. That's just disrespectful. I mean these guys are They don't get to where they are by by neglecting their conditioning by nick neglecting the details. I mean it takes a lot of work to to to do with throughout his career. I mean very few quarterbacks have had the career that he has he wouldn't have gotten this far again without without dedicating his life to his his his craft. So that's all I wanNA talk about today as far as As the topics and now open up you guys. As far as questions and comments and I'll I'll try to highlight them and hopefully become a better producer this week. Hopefully the third time to charm. And I'm not I'm not a you know a little behind with my with my Little finger here. So let's see what you guys have to say. Here's from Cairo. You see if I get down there. I'm sorry Donald once again I'm behind. I'm sorry this darnall internally. You should do an article on. How many passing stats. Ben Is among leaders. All Time I know he has five yard games. I think it's I think he's. He's he's on par with with. Eli and and in Philip Rivers. I mean those guys are hall of famers. And what's what what did what did what did. Peyton manning retire with seventy seven thousand yards. So I mean he's not far off he. He plays another few years and he and his players about as close to his prime years as possible. I mean I I could see him finishing his career with seventy thousand yards. I mean you don't have a career like that without again without being very dedicated to your craft. Here's one from Ezra see if I can get this up there. My biggest beef with Ben is that interview after that playoff loss to the jags when he mentioned retirement we wasted a fourth pick on jobs because of the interview. Besides that's my quarterback. Yeah I mean but maybe he shouldn't have made that public but you know we're still the steelers draft dobbs because they thought he could be the heir apparent ban or they draft him because they thought he could be the heir apparent to Landry Jones That might have been the plan is they wanted to to move on from. Landry Jones and and they WANNA Josh jobs to to be the number two guy eventually and you know they cut. They cut Landry in two thousand eighteen. So wasn't that long. After that year that they they let go alleged Jones and Josh jobs in two thousand eighteen. Was the number two quarterback. So I think that was more more. The reason why they draft. Joe Stops. I think as I as I talked about before. I think if they do decide when when they do decide to to go after Ben's heir apparent I I don't think they're going to do so in the third or fourth round. You know they might have been that. Might be the plan right now with Mason Rudolph. But if he doesn't pan out as I mentioned already I think they're gonNA they're gonNA be more aggressive and they're gonNA. They're going to try to use the first round pick or even if they think they have already made super bowl team. Allow to twenty twelve broncos. I think they might try to go after a veteran too to get them by for a couple of years. Let's see what else I here? Here's one Guy Rafic. I missed one before so I'll see if I can do you think we draft a quarterback next year since that'll be bench last year on his contract. Well I've I've been. I've been pretty consistent with this. I think they're going to wait until then retires. I think as long as he's here they're gonNA try to do whatever they can to put as many weapons around him on offense and defense to try to win another championship or more than one championship. You know and if Mason keeps if he if he progresses I think people have to whether they like his player not last year. He definitely showed us more last year that he didn't twenty eighteen when he didn't play it all so if he progresses if he improves on twenty nine thousand nine maybe they think it's him and maybe go with him right away. But I don't think they try to find the next heir apparent whether it's Benz heir apparent until he tweeted finally leaves so no. I don't think they're gonNA. They're gonNa do that again until Ben Ben. It's gone so that's my feelings on that let's see here. Well then passed away in passing yards this year since he has gone. I think Eli has the rivers breeze and Brady all active of action with more yardage than Ben. That's true I think Eli. Has I WANNA say fifty seven thousand yards. I think Bennett six. So barring an injury then then yeah. I think they will he he he. He will pass them this year as far as those other guys. It's GonNa be hard because you know Ben probably only has a couple more years left so if Brady plays another year or two. It's going to be hard for Ben to catch him. Felt rivers. Don't know I think rivers has fifty nine thousand. I could be wrong in is fifty six but he was injured last year. It safe to assume he would have been around sixty or so. Had he not been injured so they would have been more neck and neck but that doesn't really that doesn't really matter. You know where he finishes in the artist. The point for me is he. He's up there with with the all time greats whether he finishes Fifth Tenth Eighth Whatever finishes in Yardage and everything. It's still a testament to how good he how good of a career he had and probably he's he. I think most people recognize the kind of career kind of quarterback that he's always been but to those who have always over. Kim I think when he does hang them up they're gonNA they're gonNA look at his his A stat line and go. Wow we should have had him a little higher most of our ranking throughout the year. So I I think that Ben Benz place in. Nfl history is is set. No matter what happens. Here's Michael G. I think Ben Ben needs to do is win one more. Yeah I think I mean I think his legacy is Is set but if he wins three then. He's he's in rarified air. You're talking about Obviously Joe Montana Tom Brady. Of course Eskimos. Carrie Bradshaw I'm not sure if anybody has more. If anybody else has a ministry so that's like the list is short for a number of quarterbacks with three super bowl titles so if he wins if he wins one one more than you know. He's in rarified air. He's Al- He's already all time great but one more title Again puts him on. It takes them to a level. That very few quarterbacks have have you ever gone and and probably ever will go so. I hope it happens. So let's see here. Here's one from Jeff Ben Obviously makes a big difference coming back. How much of a difference to do new players and coaches make on offense this season well? That's a good question because when you have As far as like chase clay. I think like I talked about a couple of weeks ago. I think there's a a great opportunity for him to step in there and make a difference. Allah Martavis Bryant in Twenty Fourteen and and and Ju- twenty seventeen in the USA. Johnson last year. I mean there's a precedent there for for rookie rookie. Receivers getting involved in CEO's offense so I think there's a good opportunity Play LIKE ANTHONY MCFARLAND. Of course who was a fourth round pick Do I see him starting? No but fact that Canada. Who's the new quarterbacks coach and who was offense coordinator and head coach Maryland? The fact that he's here now I think he's GonNa do what he can to try to get him into the offense. And of course you know Eric Hebron who is a free agent acquisition you know. They're obviously he's obviously a weapon so that'd be foolish not to try to utilize him so. I think they're all GONNA they're gonNA make the effort to make to get all the the new guys a chance to to Have an impact on offense. Here's one from Cairo. My boat opinions. Klay rookies in receiving yards. I hope it happens so so anyway folks That was that's all I have for today. I appreciate the participation. I appreciate you watching and I. I appreciate you You all the questions and I look forward to talk doing this again next week and I will see you guys on Monday with steelers. Qna with Brian. Anthony Davis you guys have a great weekend. Take care now.

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