46: The Top 8 Ways to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau Episode


Hungry. I'm so hungry. Applause applause applause never gets old. How are you? It's least Lillian also known as hungry girl. I'm here at hungry land. That's our headquarters with Mikey and Jamie. How are you guys? Are you? I you guys snappy today ruler. Yes, we got our Friday feels on. That's true. It is we're here. And I'm excited about this episode of to the right thing because I have to say we get a lot of Email here. People Email into suggest at hungry dash dot com, all the time and ask hungry girl. And I think one of the most asked questions that we get consistently is I'm going to say it because it is the subject of today's podcast. How do I break or overcome a weight loss plateau? It's a big issue people need help. And we're here to help you in this top eight ways to overcome. A weight loss plateau episode of to the right thing so necessary. So frustrating. Mike have you been there? No, I'm not even sure what that all means. We will. We'll define it for you. You may be newbie. And that's actually a good question. So before we get into your news. I we'll talk a little about a weight loss plateau in case. You don't know what it is? But if you've ever tried to lose weight, and you're trying to especially lose a lot of way, you can get into a little bit of a weight loss rut, and sometimes your body sort of gets used to whatever you're doing, and it's harder and harder to lose weight. So it's a plateau when you feel like you're being great. You feel like you're falling all the rules. You're doing the right thing, and you go and you wear yourself every few days or every week and that number on the scale doesn't budge that is what's known as a weight loss before them. Then you have the plan. Always happy. The only man the only person earthly. It's so frustrating. I have been there. And I feel like the information in today's podcast. It's liberating because it's there's nothing worse than feeling like you're doing everything you've been doing to lose the weight. And then it just stops. I know. All right. Well, we're going to help you with that. But I. Okay. I've got just a couple of quick ones for you. Mcdonald's is testing vegan mcnuggets. Yes. That's real the called another change the name. They're calling them veg are tar nuggets. Wait, wait say that again, please vegetarian nuggets. Now, they're not that's what they the article said, the nuggets are made of mashed potato onion carrots corn and chick peas, and then there could with the bread crumbs and then fried which is probably the bad part right now. They're only available in Norway and Norway's the test market for these vegetarian nuggets. Gitari veggie veggie vegetate first of all very bad instrument. I play the guitar. It sounds like a dinosaur. Well, it it does raptor. Tar definitely sounds like some kind of a transformer. Your veget- aren't mcnugget. Wait, I won't try them. Why are they only in Norway the test market for them? So if they're popular Norway, they'll come to America's they're big vegan community in Norway. I mean, I can't answer that too. I don't know anything about anything about anything. Clearly, I wouldn't even think nor isn't McDonald's such like an American company, and wouldn't we don't want to ask you? But I would let's go to Norway trip. All right and lucky charms later this last year in the year before but they've upped it to fifteen thousand boxes of only marshmallow cereal. So they took out all those crunchy serial zero actual Syria, and they're just going to give away the marshmallow pieces. Now, the to get one you have to buy a specially marked box of lucky charms it's happening between now and September. And just follow the instructions on the boxes. See if he won a website type and colour and all that stuff. And I'm definitely going to go by ten boxes right now after this. Boxes, you could just take all the marshmallows put them into one boss. Remember when we were kids they had those coin machines, we dump all the coins like separated the pennies on the coin star. Well, it's every two points these at hall home use. Yes. And I think they haven't for restaurants and banks and whatever. Brady got them when they went didn't. They get them when they went to open their Bank account. So they should have that for cereal have it for, you know, the marshmallows can be separated from all the other stuff and all the cereals have marshmallow stuff. No. Or maybe in the Bank of mikes. Bankable idea. Bankable ideas for Mike, you see you should go and shark tank with that one should, but no I want understand one thing. I remember when the marshmallows only came out was that only a promotional thing. They didn't sell those right? Yeah. It was had to win them collectible, probably James, right? You can just go buy a couple boxes and separate them. Okay. Well, that's all the news. All the news, you I guess we're going to have to jump into how to overcome a weight loss plateau. All right. First thing is don't eat the marshmallows. Right now, the first the actual first piece of advice is to adjust your calorie intake. I do think that it's not only about mixing up the food. It's the number of calories you eat because a lot of people think. Okay. If I just drastically cut my calories, I'm going to keep dropping weight. And then they wanna cut the calories even more. So the more weight, they lose the harder. It is the body. Your body gets used to that having that amount of whatever calories to give you the energy you need. And then you get stuck and your body needs less and less. So if you just keep reducing it you're going to be in a bad place. Now, I am not a nutrition professional. I'm not a doctor or dietician. But I have a lot of experience with this. And I've heard this from professionals, however mixing up your calories is a good thing. It's I mean intermittent fasting plays into this. But what do you call it? When you mix up your calendar. So do you mean like one day eat twelve hundred? Fifty calories in one day fourteen hundred calories and one day. Eat eleven hundred calories. Is that what you mean when you say it is? And and sometimes I have heard that being even more extreme and more drastic helps even more so intermittent fasting. If you're if you're not eating for twelve fifteen sixteen eighteen hours in the six hours that you are eating your there's not enough time. Yeah. You sometimes thousand calories. So you may be eating eight hundred calories. One day and seventeen hundred calories. The next day. I do find that I have found that if I say on certain days, I'm gonna stop eating it. You know, tune the afternoon, the skip dinner and my calories are drastically cut on that day and the next day more. Normally it does help it shakes things up. So that that helps. Yeah. I know for me, and I'm sure it's true for people that have a lot of weight to lose. When I first started losing weight. I think I was eating like. Maybe like fifteen or sixteen hundred calories a day said a lot of way to lose. And then I I needed to cut more. So that I could keep losing. So then it was like thirteen hundred which is fine or twelve fifty, but you can't necessarily eat the same amount of calories when you were two hundred pounds say that, you know, you need to conceal land. Just as you go down absolutely over question about your intermittent fasting. So when you stop at two o'clock, how're you keeping yourself. Busy drink a lot of water. Like, what are you doing to keep yourself from being hungry? I try to sleep really early. I spent a lot of time with lolly. I try not to think about it. Like that's a good question. But I do I the best thing to do is to go to bed early drink a lot of water and go to bed pretty early my advice to with intermittent fasting. 'cause I'm somebody that that sounds crazy and impossible. But it it's like the old adage of, you know, stop eating after eight pm, you can do a simple version of intermittent fasting. Where you just say, okay, I'm only going to eat between the hours of eight AM and eight PM. I know it's not extreme. But it's enough that if you give yourself that kind of window, and then maybe you do, you know, nine AM to eight PM it, right? Yeah. Or you could stop at six. Yeah. You do your on. There are where we are not experts on intermittent fasting. But there's so much helpful information on the internet about different ways to approach it. It does help to know. How many calories you should beating day? So no that number. It's it's it really varies greatly for everyone. And there are tests that you could go into a doctor's office and breathe into this tube. And take this kind of test or go into the water or I don't know. There's a million a million, but there's a lot of ways you could approach it. But there are simple calculators online and will link to one that will sort of calculate a rough number for you based on your age, your gender, your weight things like that active. You are if you're sedentary. Yeah. That's how I got started on my weight loss was looking at one of those calculators because I had no idea again, depending on your weight, you might need twelve hundred calories isn't necessarily the right number if you are two hundred and fifty pounds you might start higher. Yeah. Because your body currently is burning more, and you will lose some. People lose weight if they eat like, I don't know what I would consider amount of calories that would make me gain weight. So it does vary, and you could always go see a professional about this. But step like baby steps step. One can't hurt to check your BMI, which we will also link you to a calculator to help you with that that your body mass index, and then try to figure out roughly how many calories you should be eating and then paying attention to how many calories you actually eat which brings me number two. This is the second thing that you can do eat more whole foods eat, I don't wanna be extreme and say you have to do any kind of cleanse. But I always want. I'm trying to lose weight or brick plateau. I will eat very specific things. I would say in general, I am not a specific eater. I think your your habitual eater. So you eat the same thing quite office. I I don't I go through phases. Like, I. And it's usually like over these four weeks, I'm eating the exact same thing for breakfast. But I tend to change it up, and I eat a very sort of. I don't know varied diet. It's like a big rainbow of deliciousness. However, when I'm trying to lose weight when I'm trying to break a plateau, I will stick with very clean boring foods, so I will have a lot of f whites lot of lean chicken a lot of fish. If I go for sushi sashimi ate a lot of salads. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, not a lot of packaged foods, not because of the usual things like the GMO's. It's that I don't really think that the calorie counts are super reliable on package foods, and we know from experience that you know, an an early on in the days of hungry. I was mortified when I found out that package foods could be twenty percent off on their reported nutritional numbers, they should go to nutrition jail for that. Hey, something should happen. And they only get a slap on the wrist when they break that rule, except if the rule they break. Is if the food inside the package weighs less than it says the weight supposed to be that's a huge offense. They get allowed to rip you off and give you less. They can't give you less, but they can say something as one hundred calories that has one hundred twenty calories with no penalty, and in all honesty, and fairness many companies have been outed for having their calorie counts. Be fifty percent of what they really are when tested a lab, and then nothing happens to them. So what advice would you give to somebody who doesn't want to never eat packaged foods again? Should they be worried? All the time that the calories are off. I'd say make it like almost like an eighty twenty thing where you're eating if you want snacks eat whole fruits and vegetables eighty or seventy percent of the time mix in your packet foods, and really if seems too good to be true. It may be too good to be true. I remember I was eating these sunflower cookies. They said these big giant soft amazing cookies at two hundred calories. They had five hundred something calories. So trust. Yeah. You have to trust your God. I mean, it it's it's frightening. How many people will I don't know that they're deliberately lying. So here, I'm gonna tell you why I think a lot of these companies fall into this rut, they are not required. If you start a food company, apparently you are not required to have that food tested at a lab and get accurate calorie counts. They just trust. You you plug in a recipe. All you need to do is send in the recipe for the food. You send in the ingredients and the amounts. They calculated based on that. And so if you say there's no oil in your cookie, but you're putting in four tablespoons of oil think about how off that number is going to be. So if it's based on a recipe that may or may not be accurate, you're in trouble. And the same can be said, you know, this is it's also why well we're gonna get to this point a little bit later on. But it has to do with like when you're in a restaurant how they treat the food. So you wanna be in control of your food as much as possible whenever. You're trying to break a weight loss, you know, plateau or lose weight and count calories accurately. So to be clear, it's it's just about when you really stuck or you're experiencing a weight loss plateau try to just eat very clean all like whole foods and avoid package foods when you can. I mean as a rule, I do love and embrace package foods, as you know, as you can tell if you read the daily emails, which you should be signed up for. But when I am trying really hard to break a plateau or drop a few pounds. I try to avoid them. And by the way, you're not saying we should eat whole foods like just go to whole foods every day and get our Ganic brownies. Yes. Now. But they do have delicious organic brownies. Factual, go broke if you do that they've gone down in price because John so it's yeah. A little bit. They have like Amazon deals, and if you go if you shop by the Don deal, you'll you'll you'll it's almost like Joe's prices if you do that. And it's true Jamie to your point which was a really good one. I don't mean whole foods like, oh, I'm eating clean. So I can't have a brownie. It's more like just like the kind of boring stuff, literally whole foods whole apples oranges or half an out again. Yes, exactly. And I will say to like that for me when I like lost my big chunk await and ice stalled, and it was because like my nightly treat would be like a fat free fudge pop with cool whip. And then I would have all these little snacks throughout the day. And when I step back and just it didn't have to be forever. It was just enough to get me over that hump. When I got out the package foods it really goes weight loss back on track. Those foods are like cheating the system. I do think it's why just to get off track for a second. But I think it's interesting. When Weight Watchers changed the way, they calculate points. There were a lot of foods packaged foods that were cheating the system. So, you know, I remember the one point Muffin tops and things that one point that were clearly encouraging people to eat package foods with lots of additives instead of an apple they made those things four points in an apple zero. And it was also it would be like an weight watcher people know, this if something's the high end of one point you could have three of those in a day. And it's like that's really it might be five hundred calorie like don't fool yourself, if you're five high one point snacks a day, you maybe it's really like an points. Exactly amazing, okay next, and this kind of like it flows nicely into this point avoid you trigger foods. This is point number three avoid trigger foods and eat fewer, starchy carbs, and that is my trigger food. And I say that because we'll trigger food just to go back, and I always talk about trigger foods, that's a food that you know, your body is going to when you eat it. It's gonna make you crave. More food. Eat more of that, food and other foods and really throw you off track. So if you know we to you're gonna wanna eat a whole sleeve of Oreos in anything else chocolate. You can get your face on just the chocolate. What are your biggest trigger foods, pretzels? That's like number one, specifically flat. Pretzels is there because you think they're like skinny pretzels like your brain tells you they're safer, and no it's because it turns me into a monster like a chomping monster where like eight appraisal. I want more appropriate, and I can't I don't even chew and swallow. Oh, the pretzels that are in my mouth before more pretzels get in there. It's embarrassing. Like, you don't you? Don't see me do that here. Like, I when I see like snack factory flat. Pretzels are like the most delicious things on the planet. Much out of your way. If those come in the mail them from me because they're too good. But a lot of people are good at having one or two pretzels like I can literally have one or two Eminem's. I'm fine with that chocoholic. I'm the flipside. I if I have candy or chocolate or something sweet it turns into a crazy person. And it's so like the whole trigger food phenomenon. It's so good. When you know, what kind of person, you are kind of eat or you are because you might be the type of person in and like Lynn who works with us as one that she'll say I will feel deprived and will not stay on a weight loss plan if I don't allow myself to have a piece of dark chocolate. So that's like keeps her on track. For me. I I'm in different type of eater. If I had a piece of chocolate it's over I'm gonna eat ten pieces of chocolate. It just I'm safer if I just don't touch it at all. That's how I am with my. Sugar foods, I'm more like you. It's like I can't start. So I feel like, you know, it's funny. People always say do you ever have a cheap day or do you ever? Go off the rails for me. Those days are like eating baked chips. Eating the things like eating some of those knack factory pretzels because I don't trust myself to eat them every single day. Right. Unlike Lynn, so we're similar in that way. And in the case of really trying to break a weight loss plateau, my recommendation, my strong recommendation is tries much as possible to avoid the things that make you super hungry or like throw you into that space where mind can't stop thinking about that food or other foods, it's crazy making you know, it's make go easy on yourself. And just it's easier to have none than it is to have one. Yeah. And I do it's I'm not a person that avoids carbs. Like, I always talk about when I was seriously losing a lot of weight in the early days before I started hungry girl. I made a decision to avoid starchy carbs and people were like, what are starchy carb? And they're just I didn't have any bread rice potatoes. Even starchy vegetables, I was avoiding, but I ate a lot of fruit and fruit is very loaded with carbs, obviously. But those carbs don't affect me the same way. So it's it's whatever works for you, so pay attention. All right. The next next thing you can do thing. Number four that will help you track your food. And a lot of people are like, what do you mean? Track your food. Do I have to have a fancy journal? Do I have to write it down to a have to have an app my answer to that is. No. But you have to be honest. Yes. Honesty, is key honesty is the best policy when it goes to track food. So that with that means is and for me, literally if you looked at my desk right now, you will find scraps of paper with weird numbers. It'll be like one twenty five fifty fifty one twenty five one hundred with like little totals all over the place. I literally keep running tabs like a little mouse book had an apple I had this. I had that any little bite of food. Any taste food, especially here. You know, when we have recipes, we know the calorie counts, I write it down. I do not have journal. I am a total slob when it comes to keeping track. I am don't have an app, but I write it down. And that's the only thing that really helps you accurately know how much of Eton. Yeah. I do my biggest piece of advice with that is do it right away. Because even right now like I have to be honest. I was picking stuff in the kitchen. I don't know how much how many bytes are that Newquest bar. Did I have how many tried the quest? Did it was really good chocolate Donut. It's pretty good. Sitting in the kitchen they were next to the peanut butter blended. Muffins. Yeah. And I had a eat those instead so peanut butter. You know, I'm gonna go to I think in in the future they're gonna look down like they're gonna find hungry land. And they're going to find all these little writings that you have and think that it's like some coats unlock the past does one to five five. How many calories? Lisa ahead on Tuesday. I can only hope they'll be awesome. That's amazing. Being honest with yourself, and I think doing it right away as important seat. Don't. So you don't forget. Yeah. Because sometimes you don't you just don't remember. You're like, oh, wait a minute. I had a piece of that bar in the car. Oh, wait a minute. Why am I full? What are they eat? And you're trying desperately to remember. So you're right right away, write it down. And sometimes I even Email myself, I have emails with the subject line is like apple quarter of a bar, like possession, one hundred calorie pack, you just hate me. So happy 'cause I was nervous to admit that I do that to you. I also use the notes app in my phone because that way it's like a it's it's always there. It's easy to get to I speak texted. So sometimes it doesn't hear it correctly. And I'm like, what did I eat? Not eat a tree. What is it? Anyway. All right, number five, the fifth thing that you can do is to weigh and measure your food, not yourself. I like weighing and measuring food more than like weighing and measuring myself, and the reason why you need to weigh and measure, your food is because food even the healthy foods, the smart choices that you're making add up to me, the best example of that, salmon and loves him. But I eat way way way. I don't wanna say too much. But I eat a lot of it. And I'll eat salmon fillet that might be four hundred five hundred calories, and you don't even realize it. So it helps if you want to track your calories accurately have a scale doesn't have to be expensive in fancy. We have a really cheap, cheap, hungry girl food scale should give away. Anyone calls you my I want number five three eight oh eight oh, seven five you call Mike and say, you really wanna food scale. We'll give a few out. But it'll help you weigh in measure, and I'm not saying you have to take a scale to a restaurant, but use it make it your friend and know what you're getting into. So. Also, the more you use it at home, the more you'll be able to better I have made at at a restaurant and be like that looks like eight ounces of salmon. I know at four ounces a seven looks like exactly my big wake up call 'cause eight salads. All the time. Was when I started measuring my salad dressing because I was using six tablespoons and in my head going Forty-five calorie dressing forty five calories, but I would pour it on and one day. You know, they actually give you the weight in parentheses tablespoons about forty grams. Some like let me see what forty grams really looks like I just put my salad on the scale said it zero. It was like nothing nothing. Well, that's actually that's a really good point. Because we do comparisons of food weights and measurements and very rarely are they accurate. So it'll be like, you know, half a bang around forty three grams. And then like, it's just it weighs so much. More forty-three grams is not the right serving size. We'll it'll say about seventeen ships, and then it'll say and Prentice as the exact amount of grams and then nine right? What's the calorie? Exactly. Yeah. It's not like let me take the seventeen big chips. Goes back to that same cheating the system. Don't cheat the system, but with the salad dressing thing is that ways which to salsa. Yeah. I know AmEx mix them now. So that way I can get away with or mix it with vinegar. So I'll do like the two tablespoons of the dressing. And then I'll add either a little saucer little vinegar. So it's like a little more volume. But just makes you measure the center God, he makes all the time. He goes too much to dousing her shut one time. The gross. Yeah. Yeah. No. I think I don't like it. If you mix it with other stuff, it's you know, it doesn't overpower it. But if you do too much a bad cold, you don't notice it. That way. Can I please share with you? My best salad dressing thing that I discovered yesterday. Yes, I mixed to tablespoons of your favorite light. Creamy dressing for me. It's bolt house farm salon show with two tablespoons of salsa. And then I added a little bit of everything bagel seasoning. It was the best thing ever. And I dipped identified in it, actually, it was great. I would try it. I do like everything bagel seasoning on almost everything accepted desert. Although they do make. They make everything bagel doughnuts at this Donut store, and I try we tried to make up cakes here. Couple. We did it work. The garlic powder. Really was inappropriate. You put it on vanilla bean ice cream. Oh, I don't know. I it. Yes. It's the garlic that throws everything off the sesame seeds are, okay. And might slow you down for eating a whole pint of ice cream. This might be a good plateau trick person. Okay. The sixth thing that you can do to break. Your plateau is add some exercise and change up that exercise. So I know a lot of people are like well exercise. I don't like exercise just move like just you don't have to be extreme. You don't have to like join a gym or stark going to Pilates at six AM or take poll, dancing or Zimba. You can just even house. Walk and house walking is something that I I started doing it a hotel, which is Ron 'cause I've called it house walking when it was hotel walking. But you just walk around get as many steps as you can when you can where you can just move move on. You're on the phone moving. You're at work stand more than you. Sit take the stairs. Instead of the elevator park far away. All the stuff that you hear it really does help it really does add up. I treat yourself to an inexpensive Schmidt bit. Which is what I call a Fitbit rip off we can work you want it. But I like a penny. Okay. So my mind's like a half a penny. The really helps because at like six o'clock at night. If I see I only have, you know, five thousand steps, I might be like, oh, you know, what I can push myself to get to six thousand. Yeah. You can. I mean, even when you're brushing your teeth, or if like, you're like, do you want to think from downstairs, let's go downstairs upstairs, we happen to have steps in our house and a fair amount of them. So I'm always like saying to my husband. Do you want anything from the kitchen going? You're such a helpful. But you just want to burn more calories for sure. Exactly, why is it bad if I get. So when I'm in a parking lot Cosco, for instance, in you know, I always get there early right before the open. So I'm always in the first spot. But when I get out the parking lot's full except for the part where it's like, you know, to bit of a lock, and I get so mad at the people that are waiting for me to like put my stuff in the car. Instead, they could just park a couple rows away. I mean, it's not that far. He's going to be one of those guys like shakes their fist, and you're like extra stabbed. Yeah. Staring at your up. Shame because they're like it's a lot of pressure to fill up my car with all the groceries and then enough I don't wanna make them upset that they're waiting. But I don't know. I guess I'm not this reminds me of you know, the mean like there's never as much pressure in the world as when you're trying to get your change back in your change person. The person's behind you at the Super Bowl. Well, now, it's if you to check I was gonna say, oh, the people write checks if you're out there in your check writer at the supermarket come on get a debit card or it's actually safer. Check because they can copy all your numbers on the bomb that check plug into the net. Who does it? All right, sorry. If I finish anybody. Okay. Reason thing item number seven eat at home more often. This is an easy one. I feel like I am the kind of person I go out to eat a lot more than even want to and a lot of times. It's because like my husband is like, let's go out to dinner, and it's hard to say, no, I love sushi. I wanna go out. But I know when I eat at home, I know exactly what an eating. I have so many tricks so many things that I throw together that are so huge filling for a low number of calories, and it's so much harder at a restaurant. Yeah. No matter. What you think we also like we order in a lot. So we'll do you know like, oh, let's get this. We'll just get a lot of taken taken take out. Anyway, you take into your mouth take out food. But it's definitely true. When you make your own food. You're you're in control, you also just never know how much like you said how much oil. Oil is going into that chicken dish. I mean, that's why when all these restaurants like I would go to the cheesecake factory and try out. And I'm I don't wanna slam the cheesecake factory. It's fantastic. But sometimes you go there, and you're like, you know, what this steak thing where if you go to applebees, you can see it has more oil that I'm supposed to and it's just because you can't control every person that's in the back. You know, that's in the kitchen. They're supposed to us. Do you think? Everyone's a measuring in what weighing everything they may be. They may not be. So you have to trust your judgment and being control needed home when you can and also Catt a bit restaurant portions or huge. So even if I order a grilled chicken salad at a restaurant. I'm probably gonna eat eight ounces of chicken instead of the four. I might put on my salad at home. That is true. That's why sometimes wrap up half your food or give some of it away, or whatever you need to do for you eat the whole thing because sometimes those portions are out of control hide under the napkin, don't eat the bread sneak it to the kid at the next. Table. Don't eat the bread. Okay. And the final thing this is this is an easy one drink a lot of water. Don't drink a lot of alcohol. I think when I'm really trying to cut calories, and I'm really really trying to break a weight loss plateau or drop a few pounds alcohol is a very bad idea. So it just is for a few reasons. One. It's tends to be high in calories. Even if you drink drinks, the hungry, girl way, your drinks have one hundred calories. I think it does. Again. I'm not on nutrition professional, it definitely does something to you. Yeah. It could make you drunk and hungry. That's also problem. But it you're so much better off drinking a lot of water and water helps fill you up. Start your meals with water drink extra water think about drinking water throughout the day. And it will be really helpful. Yeah. I loved I started doing this when you came out with the hungry diet and the lemon water, and it was the vice was like to start your day with a couple. Let them lemon water. I'm like what is that going to do? It's something. I don't know if it's the psychology of it or just I don't know it just makes me feel thin. It gets it makes me angry. Yeah. Because it feels that you're doing something good for your body. And when you drink water, you feel like you're doing something good for your body. I drink a lot of Perry. Yeah. I feel good. I drink a lot of like zero calorie low calorie drinks like diet soda or sugar free. You know, crystal lite type things coffee. But when I am trying to if the if the needle is not moving, and I'm trying to get it to really try to cut that stuff out and just do water. I don't know why just works. It's better. And it makes you feel like you're doing something good. I feel like maybe what it is. It doesn't this whole this whole episode where all these habits of you know, stopping you're snacking little earlier choosing your food's a little bit more wisely being slightly boring. When it comes to what you're eating. These are all things that are going to help make you feel healthier and keep you on track. Just a little bit more. So hopefully, this has been a helpful episode of hungry girl. Chew the right thing. Do you feel skinnier already people? I feel like lost weight just sitting. Well, a lot of people listen to the podcast when they walk. So they're probably they're ahead of the game. I do house walk to podcasts not ours. But others you don't because you're noting the podcast. Yeah. Exactly. All right. Well that about does it which means this. This episode is coming to a close, which means we have to talk about all the great things that exist in our world. So the Sepah launches March twenty ninth. It's a big day because it's the last day that you can find the hungry. Roll magazine on stands in stores. It's not going to be front and center. But if it's in a bookstore and the grocery store where the magazines are the magazines getting pulled tomorrow, so get it today, also April first, I'm going to be on the Dr Oz show. It's a it's a good long segment. Dr ause cooking. We've got guests talking about breakfast and people waving sheep pens. It's a big Benza. So that's good. Also, our WalMart. Simply six treats truck tour is underway. Like starting now. And I am going to be at a bunch of events in Florida. If you wanna check out where the truck is going to be and then we're I will be because I'm only going to be at a few events just popping up in Florida in early April. You could check out hungry. Dash girl dot com slash WalMart will also link to it from our food cast page, which is hungry. Dash girl dot com slash food. Gassed also you can sign up for daily emails and hungry. Dash Bill dot com. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and. The call me and ask for the scale film, get one they might want to everybody or just a couple just a few generous all this gills to everyone who calls, but you know, what the number of calls. You get you probably could give good. Yeah. It's eight oh five three eight. Oh, eight oh, seven five and don't forget simply sex is now available wherever books are sold. You can also get hundred dash girl dot com slash simply sex. It's on Amazon Barnes noble target. Walmart book stand hostak. Yep. All right. Well that about wraps things up. If you like what we said, you should write it down. You can listen again because there's nothing wrong with listening to the podcast waste, even get more steps. Then. Yes. Please like four thousand. Yeah. Good talking. They can get like five thousand it's not in the podcast. All right. I'm going to be quiet. Now, you guys have a fantastic day. We will be back next week with new podcast subject. TD unleash a Lillian signing off from Hungary land with Mike Jamie till next time chew the right thing.

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