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Q & A: Episode 12: The Final Cutdown


Now for our feature presentation resonate if there's anything we've ever done and i'm particularly proud of. I would have to say that. The perpetuation of the greatness of the rate is to take a professional professional football team and give it a distinct characteristic. That's different from all others. The greatness of the raiders some may scarf but what other pro sports team is instantly identified with a song like this one. I had a dream that someday i would bill the finest organization. Professional sports is a commitment to excellence the greatest violence flame that will burn bright his tears the wilton to just win play hard. Try not to make mistakes but don't worry about mistakes because there's only one anthony towns just when you have great coaches then after the great coaches ray slaves never great organization. I didn't tell them one thing just win. Welcome to q. Which boy q. and knee go go on the super black price podcast network powered by sb nation you the less than a few minutes to the game star of less than an hour shorter because i wanna watch the game but broke. What did you think of last week's game which avi komo language folks show up you would have paid just eighty yard field thought is really hurting. The raiders a lot of ways of getting in the game. I thought there was no reason for it to be played i really did i thought it was a bad job by the n._f._l. I think they got egg on their face again because because they did this. When <hes> the the teams play mexico city the tampa bay not tampa bay. I was the rams and the kansas city. We're supposed to play in mexico city last year and the field was is all jacked up and so they couldn't they moved the game back to l._a. <hes> i think it was similar to that. They knew about the game. Well in advance of the field should have been taken care of should have been a tip top shape and i'm not mad ed by what the raiders did. I'm not mad with the packers. Did i'm mad because the fans a candidate deserve better. They paid a lot of money for those tickets to see n._f._l. Action shen for probably the first and maybe the only time in a lot of those people's lives and they got to see like a a a seventy seven. You know what i mean. They got to see something. That was a half ass and i'd appreciate that as a fan that sees n._f._l. All the time. I can sure imagine how a fan who doesn't get to see n._f._l. Close personal how they felt about it. She felt like you had months to prepare for this <hes> and at the end of the day when you look at that steals heels and i you know i want some canadian football full disclosure. They knew what was what had happened. I don't understand why they didn't fully boltholes is out weeks earlier or a week earlier. Get that taken care of <hes> but and i thought that wrestler head coach i just wanna play the game and it's happened a couple years ago. You remember threat part went into canton and had it cancelled that game because of lightning and whatnot but not well the same thing happened again players because he's just wanna play because they wanna get evaluated and they need to get evaluated from the coaching oceanus gowdy standpoint. That's what i'm saying the raiders the most you have guys fighting for jobs as kick returns. You have guys funny for jobs. Eh specialties wrestled teams players guys that needed that. That's the way they're gonna make lizzy and shot in the n._f._l. And they weren't able to do that because now you can't kickoff ready eddie field so to me it was it was stupid and he really wanted him to go on to say the truth right if i'm canadian etienne's and i'm watching that game i'm saying that sucks say i'd also aaron rodgers a around. I don't see their car. You know i don't i don't see anybody i mean at the end of the day. I'm gonna be because if you're gonna play a game. They're making a regular season game so the the people can see the actual players wires. Can you see yeah. I can see that but i mean again. It was exhibition game. Everybody knew it was gonna be an exhibition game but ultimately manifield is going to be what it was which was not very very good. They shouldn't have <hes> charge a full prices. They really shouldn't have and that's what they did. They charged full prices for that game and it just wasn't you know wasn't what it was supposed to be and so that was disappointing. I i wasn't too worried about a lot of the evaluations but the part that you brought up about the special teams is spot on absolutely spot on at least they were able to duponts and punt return and all that but as far as kickoff kickoff return that is someone's job that is some livelihood and they weren't able to do that in the all important dress rehearsal and i say dress rehearsal in in air quotes because clearly the n._f._l.'s going away from that third game dress rehearsal teams getting more out of out of joint scrimmages with teams and they are preseason games so it wasn't even the dress rehearsal game but again ultimately i i feel like the people in canada got robbed because they had to pay full prices and the prices were not cheap. They had to pay to that end. They didn't get to see a full price show so that was that was disappointing. Well speaking kickoffs the n._f._l. I think thom tillis lazaro andy rough for reported today that the n._f._l.'s movie towards <hes> removing to the preseason game and looking to add <hes> playoff game playoff game <hes> so that makes a player's happy and regular season season where it is and they'll allow more playoff football which could make some people happy. I don't i mean i don't want everybody in this in this season but i wouldn't mind seeing some some more playoff football sides. I find that is just. I think that's in part of product of not being able <hes> not being what it used to be at the end of the day. Is that what it used to me. That third game like you said was the dress rehearsal for a number of years now all you got guys like are you know who plays a series in the free season aaron rodgers. Did you see field and he's got a new coaster new often how many guys i didn't see the field that are superstars in the n._f._l. And that's all preseason football so i know what i see and i've seen i've seen some things in this game down for me from a raider fan. I'm ecstatic about and even even though with your shit show. I'm ecstatic about one thing in particular one thing in particular and you know where i'm going with this this because during the game i text you i'll say about this probably five six seven eight times including a couple videos. I texted you when i say kids. Sean knicks every game get every game. Oh hey i've i've. Let's hope so god and and i i know there's a bunch of guys raider nation of people that are are literally saying like joe. You told us about he and i did and i. I said maybe because i'm biased because i've known keyshawn for four years three four years. Now you saw worked out with my my seventeen year old son. You saw one accuser john trainers that were keyshawn out in austin. Keyshawn stays in vegas and offseason before he went south carolina before he made his decision. I asked him you feel. This is the best decision for you and you know. You're not gonna be able to deal right away probably two years. He's gonna say something very interesting. He goes joe. I want to go there because they're devi. Coz teaches all different forms of techniques and we learn all different types of of of <hes> ah coverages. I can be prepared at the next level. He already was forward thinking two or three years so for me that have keyshawn nixing aches and have that forward thinking and then to see what he's done in the in the aussie and then now in the preseason. I'm gonna say this. He has been be raiders best. Ask quarterbacks on the field every single game and i don't think it's close. It's not even close. It's not even close not at all head coach jon gruden said so oh as a matter of fact he's he's made more plays than any other defensive back and if you're watching the games like i'm watching the game you know that he has been the dude and you or a spot on that one. I gotta give you credit headed for that. When you put me up on game on keyshawn nixon was where he came from the kind of dog he was and i say dog because that's what he's doing. He's out there being a dog and i think the best compliment met that i could hear about him and i've heard so far is from the forty niners rookie wide receiver deebo samuel deebo samuel play with them as south carolina and he said you know what i'm not surprised by anything he's doing. That's that's the kinda dude that he wasn't south carolina. He was that dude that expected to be successful expected to be really really good and got after the best guys on the field. He wouldn't go after the second wide receiver the third wide receiver he would go after the top notch dude. He wanted to go head to head with him man up every single time and that's one thing i heard from keyshawn nixon himself he he said i need to do a little bit better when it comes the other coverages but when it comes to man on man i'm that dude i'm that guy get up at someone's grilling and causing a lot of problems and and traditionally any raider fan knows traditionally the raiders. Are amanda man type. <hes> you know type type defense. That's how they play their covers. Now i know paul got. There's a little bit different but that's that's. I mean that's music to my ears as a longtime raider fan. I know that the old davis is teams are way. I'm gonna stick on your man. I'm gonna get up in your face press coverage and you ain't going nowhere. That's keyshawn nixon. It's almost like a throwback typewriter so very excited about what he brings to the table. He's in my opinion has already solidified his roster spot. He's made a guy like nick nelson who i was very very high on nick nelson. He's made him expendable. I don't think he's going to have a roster spot because john nixon undrafted free agent now. South carolina like you said has came in and stole the show bro. I was thinking the same thing and that's gonna go. I don't think nick nelson makes the team. I think he saw noxious. Keyshawn they saying <hes> supplant canine supplant him as a guide. I think he's gonna i for down the road this season a starting role for the raiders sticky already is their their best gunners on on <hes>. He's special teams deeming. He's the guy that i say is gonna end up. Earning be from on williams or sam shields the guys that were undrafted rookies ended up become so bowlers key he plays and make a really good liddy as a corner and i was just as lying you as healthy and coming out he would have gone higher the dorm meniscus just really really set him back. <hes> fire to the draft. I thought the raiders had a steely him and and now it's like you know what you're looking at. The guy that i think is going to be on this roster. He made over else or maybe come back and he's not on the you'll be on the practice squad but i look for nelson guy that's expendable and and i'm gonna ask you this question and we didn't really talk about any. Anything talked about today. This is all pretty much. Resell folks <hes>. Usually we have a rundown kind of chopping up a little bit about. We're gonna talk about the ask you this and i've seen it on your twitter account yesterday and i asked my mate lose a huge raider fan. I said look you have your choice j._j. Nelson for pure sanal. Who are you keith. I'd always way i'm going do. Who do you keep because that's one just fine i think i think that's up in the air because they're similar type players. No i agree. I agree one hundred percent. It's funny because a lot of people and i even threw it out there before that i think it's going to come down to rank grant or j._j. Nelson and but here's the nail has really really kinda showed himself and show where he can do and <hes> if he was a guy stayed healthy in nebraska probably would have been a drafted guy instead of undrafted free agent. I'll tell you right now man pearson. L looks like he could play. I don't know exactly what his role would be but i know that he has special team value. He can kesse ball he could. He could run some routes as a wide receiver. He looks like he could play that role really well. He's just not the he's not a number one type dude or anything but if you have that ability pretty where you can play and you can also double down on special teams that makes that roster spot that much more valuable. I really do think that he is <hes>. He's a guy that can can can steal and this is what i'm going to say and there's no disrespect to him. He could steal a roster spot from j._j. Nelson from a ryan grant. I think he absolutely can't because you know what those guys are. They're wide receivers and they're only wide receivers. They have no other ability as far as anything else for pertaining to the team. They're not gonna do special teams. They're not doing anything you know on defense. Yes i mean they they. They can't do anything but just be wide receivers and not that they're slouches not that they're bad j._j. Nelson's very inconsistent but besides that he he's fast and he can stretch the field. I get there and pearson is not quite as fast as either one of those cats. He's probably as fast ryan grab but he's not as fast j._j. Nelson but with that extra value that he brings might might make that fifty second spot that fifty. I bought that fiftieth spot on the roster that much more valuable than it might help him steal their job. This is is this. This is the deciding factor for me j._j. Nelson yes has had a very good camp. He's had really can't crawl but you know what you get with him. Yup inconsistent fast wide receiver james fennell fennell james j exactly days yet <hes> dare your hair would be yep. That's what you're you're getting that type of receiver with pearson else. Oh i see a guy that you're just scratching the surface and there's some untapped potential in this case because a special teams because the untapped potential. I roll the dice for him to be honest with you. I'm gonna roll the dice pearson they'll over j._j. Nope also i think we both agree keelan daas mckie yup okay so i think he takes marcel 895. Absolutely one hundred percent especially after hard knocks on tuesday night okay so we agree there so i think grant makes the team and i think pearson l. over nelson makes the team and that's kind of your receiving core right there. Okay so you got you got. You got tyrod williams. You got hundred renfro. You're keeping keelan. Dos which i'm keeping two. That's four four right there. You're keeping ryan grant and then you're keeping what about dwayne harris okay. This is the deal if pearson returning cakes. I could see them letting dwayne harris go. I don't know i don't know about that because dwayne. Wayne harris is a really good garner as well really good gunnar well then that leads you to ryegrass or hurt and i i i would say me personally and this is just me personally. I would go wayne harris because again jon gruden even mentioned dwayne harris in two thousand eighteen caused the kick return team to have eight penalties eight holding penalties trying to stop him as a gunner so i think his value is so large and such a veteran with a with a good mind like he's so smart the john gruden's not gonna let that go at least not this year. I loved the white hairs. I love the finding. I think he's the guy that has a lot of value across the board. I would agree with wayne harris. I would probably keep him over ryan grim and i think ryan you know ryan ryan grant. You got a guy who at the end of the day. <hes> you know he's had a really good. Kathy's health reestablished his career in a lot of ways but i don't know if he's gonna make me because receiving core and may surprise a lot of people on a nice surprise for some people but it's really really good the honest with you. It's really good it is it is so what do you do now now on the other side when you look at that defensive line logjam big boys in the middle gear buddy what are you. What are you going to do that. That's a good question. That's a really good question. There's gonna be some cuts on saturday that i think are going to be some surprises for raider under nation. I really do and this is funny. Man going back to what you were saying is the wide receivers are are are really talented if you look at the roster general the ninety man roster if you go up and down at right now. It's very very talented. There's a lot of talent on the team. There's gonna be some good guys that are going to get cut but the differences between the raiders and twenty nine hundred and what they've been in in two thousand eighteen and even even in two thousand seventeen. They don't have to keep guys just to keep guys now. They're they can pick and choose because they know they have guys. They have dudes. You know before four it would have been like j._j. Nelson it rang are no brainer. They're going to make the squad both would have made the squad just because when the talent there now you've got a._b. Got tyrell williams. You've got one hundred renfro who's turning heads as a rookie and then you got keelan dossier went undrafted and he's he's looking like he could do something he doesn't have the pressure of having to be the number one guy i mean he's going to have time to develop a hundred developed ella then you flip it over like you mentioned to the defense side of the ball. There's so much talent there. There's so many guys that can play you know. Maurice hurst was the guy who drafted him in the fifth round. It was like a steal in two two thousand eighteen. You know he's playing in the third quarter of a third preseason game. That was a maybe scratch my head a little bit. I was like whoa what's going on here so it's like they're trying to push him. I'm gonna be interested to see if he plays tonight. We'll see what happens but they're trying to push him a guy that was drafted in the second round twenty eighteen p._j. Hall i think he's i think he's i think he's on the bubble. I think he's he's walking on thin ice in my opinion i like him. I like him a lot. Islamist sam houston state. I know what he can do. I know he's capable of blocking a lot of kicks. He has a motor doesn't run one or that doesn't stop but he also is in the training room a lot. He's in the training room a lot so if you can't get on the field you're no good to the team and i know that that sounds just like a it. Just sounds mean in cold but it's the n._f._l. Man that's a business. It's not for long. You're a second round draft. Pick what year and then you're out the next minute. I can see p._j. Hogging cut and they just in jelly ellis's out. I really do think he's out. I think westbrook keeps spot. I think's keeps a spot. I think maher skeets spot. I think <hes> anthony rescued spot spot and <hes> and then corey lee who they just signed the he keeps his spot. That's five cats right there p._j. Hall just jealous that they both of them are ended up on the wrong side of the <hes> cut day. I like rush rush and really stepped up. He's really stepped up last week too. I liked the way he played. <hes> the vest ability in the n._f._l. Is availability. That's the bottom line so if you're watching the n._f._l. Game and you see guys that are constantly in the ice bath constantly on the sidelines schilling versus era first round more than likely those guys often team in in the long run. That's just the way the n._f._l. Were so you brought up a b before we go to quarterbacks. <hes> i wanna plug a story. I wrote for franchise sports media dot com. It's actually practice sports media. You're covering the raiders for us. It's a company that myself in a recording artist actor songwriters teak you we found it and it covers for around las vegas <hes> from the us level all the way to uh all the professional teams including high school <hes> and all the all the sports in between u._n._l._v. <hes> goldeneye aces did aviators <hes> high school football. I mean you name it light switches and the last thing here <hes> you know all of those. Are you united utterly u._s. Something like that but we we cover all yes. This is a soccer team but we cover the cover all those those teams and i wrote and we included the raiders in there because obviously the raiders to las vegas so i wrote an article <hes> and it says brown will deliver for the race same article and you guys get a chance for the franchise fourth dot com go into the news and that's that's where all the blogs and stuff and i make the case that as i have no problem hero problem with antonio brown and everything that's happened to the point where i spoke to a raiders source you don't want to name and they gave me a couple quotes in there but i have zero issue and actually think brown right now. He's in the best position that he possibly be. I think the raiders have have everything perfectly and yeah. I think what that's done is create. A bond is forged. A bond between antonio brown. Jon gruden mike me i in the rest of his teammates that will never be broke enough enough. Staff ramble actually go into the hall of fame years from now as a raider in wow that'd be big. That'd be big time right if there if that's what he ended up eventually doing <hes> i think i think you're spot on with him. Delivering on the field this year for the raiders i jon gruden has played this up perfectly. I think he's really navigated navigated the waters with antonio brown perfectly. I think mike mayock is played it perfectly as well kind of being the the the bad cop and letting jon gruden being the good cop because ultimately a._b._c.'s got to be on the same a page with jon gruden you know he doesn't have to be on the same page of mike mayock but collectively together. I believe may aachen gruden sat in the back room and said okay. This is how we're going to work this. You're going to be kind of tough dude and i'm going to be the nice guy because a._b. Is gruden dude. He is an absolute gruden do they're both kind of wired differently than most cats and he gets them he gets them and even the parts that he might why not get. He's still gets it. You know what i mean. I mean jon. Gruden has done a hell of a job just navigating the waters with a._b. This whole season actually he's done a hell of a job navigate with hard hard knocks being there at training camp and preseason games they they've done it absolute good job really good job better than i thought. I thought it was going to be a big distraction but man. There's there's smooth sailing right now. I've gotta give those cats a lot of credit what they're putting on the field between nineteen regardless of what the win losses end up looking like is so much better and so much more entertaining than it was in two thousand eighteen and the season hasn't even started but i guarantee you the product. That's gonna be out. There is already better than what we saw in two thousand eighteen absolutely so the best raider team i've seen in alaska. I wanna say in years ten fifteen years. I mean on that team that went out and won with i don't i don't see that team as the same type of team that this team is are they. This scene is deeper. It's more athletic and look you route two problems. You have good receivers could align really even secondary overall in front of you that you're gonna have trouble penny. I never gonna struggle about what guys gonna cut. What is you're going to keep. An eye on is taken one step further. Let's let's talk about the quarterback position. Okay we all know. Cars are going to be the guy that is locked in and he's going to be the number one starter you want but q._b. Too i think a little more in the air and i think the staff is conflicted. I'll go farther saying i think rudy already in his mind is made up their nathan. Nathan peterman peterman will be the number two quarterback and glenn install on and i think also in some of the other guys for lenny over pete. I can see that. I absolutely could see that. I think that that's one of the best competition is going on right now for the raiders. I think really that's going to be one of the toughest decisions. Asians is do you and this is how i put it. Do you go with the the upside of nate peterman because he does have upside. He's young. He's still has time to grow. Do you go with the outside nate peterman or do you go with the veteran who knows what he does but you know who he is in my glennon neither one of impressed me and neither one of them have impressed me but at moments they've both look decent if that makes sense either way if derek carr goes down you're in trouble but ultimately i think jon gruden is going to say i isaac. I can help this young man peterman. I think i can help him grow into something legit similar to what i did with rich gannon similar to what i'm trying to do with derek carr i could do that with this guy guy and i think i think he's going to end up taking the job but that's gonna be a tough tough decision and if they can't come to a middle even if they cannot come to a decision on one they might just keep both and i. I don't think that that's worth it when you have a lot of talent on the roster. I feel like you're gonna make one guy go. You're going to lose one guy because of that but that might end up being something that they have to do because they cannot come to a middle. Even here's the thing i'll go back to the same argument. I'll make four pierce annell and dan j._j. Nelson with glenn peter me you know what you get with. Mike glennon 'cause i think with peter vendors untapped potential but i'm gonna go back to mike lennon coming coming out of high school. He was a four or five star. Guy went to north carolina state at all the heightened the world. He wrote eventually see here you go through the n._f._l. He's he's gonna get grace of really good year but he has all the all the time we were arm townley tall you you know wasn't the first one the second round but again can't get started jogging tampa bay on a bad they they dropped james wednesday morning is go somewhere can remain disorders. Chicago bounces around the league with peterman he yes. The five interception game is back. That's all we know. That's all we know that all you. Let's go back and i used listen to my roommate again. We wash raider games and he's one of those diehard fan so he's into it. Just like everybody has all raider. Nation is every assists on every play when they wonder when the cardinals <hes> in the first three season game or he was beyond athey or first secretary on a the second yeah and he was talking trash and i loved it right so i look at and i and this is such and say john elway's rookie year and go see how many touchdowns interceptions he's with. John elway was thrashed his rookie the broncos when i mean trash i mean in today's n._f._l. He would have a job where he'll be bouncing around because his numbers were that ah bad but it was a bad long of teeth so now you fast forward to peterman. Bill seems work great talk about the buffalo bills now. We're not talking about more leaves. Buffalo bills talking about these buffalo bills who just now found their quarterback last year this is the guy didn't have weapons around him. Osama voice would you can't handle the ball off forty six times games if the guy killed so and how many of these seniors twenty correct how many of them work balls at that still have their hands just another and he says he's understand how many of along with jessie i'm just making a bad row the boat let's i want to go back and washed out film because i think you should make the argument with as with his lettuces them with his arm strength and with the belief of jon gruden behind him. This guy could be a really good quarterback. Do you wanna start for you know oh. I don't think there's thirty two teams backup quarterbacks and right now starting for your who they are but he's the guy that could come in and really do some things for u._s. All said and done for short periods of time feeling was leading right. I mean again. You know what mike glennon is. You know who he is. What he is what he's capable of doing and he's lost his job to a young cat every single time every step of the way whether it was in tampa bay hey chicago it doesn't matter he continues to lose his job a young cats. It looks like he could lose his job to a young cat here and you're right nate. Peterman like i said before has more more of of side. He can't keep plays alive with his feet. He has to have the biggest thing for him is just confidence if he has confidence which he lost after that five interception engaged matter of fact he probably lost it about two interceptions in but after five interceptors one half here's confidence was shot so if he has confidence he can go out there and play. Do i think he's he's really good. No i just think he serviceable but jon gruden for some reason seems to think that he's got something special in and if he does that's fine he could be a backup like you you mentioned. I don't know how it's gonna end up shaking out. I really really don't ultimately if you're a raider fan. You're not gonna wanna see number four number four. It goes down. Everybody's in trouble anyway but at least you know that nate peterman plays alive with his feet you saw a little bit of the zone reed ran by him. Jon gruden called a couple replace <hes> when they played against the against the cardinals knows against the rams whatever he caught a little bit of that because he could do that. Mike glennon is going to sit back and he's gonna be statue so we'll see what ultimately happens. I'm i'm not a big fan of either one of the guys but i do believe in hard knocks number four sewed me that jon gruden does have a soft spot for nate peterman. If it comes down to one of those guys nate peterman will probably get the job. Well let me tell you what he thinks. He's making the team in his decision already made when gruden is honest honest and he goes. You know i'm done with glenn you know what i want. Peter peter million. I'm done putting peterman and i don't care you got peterman cater me. Hey you're in. That's me was right there. Okay it's a wrap. When in your you've done your job you were here you you've. You've may have shown for another team to bring you in but but i don't think that your at all in this seat you know let's be honest in in. Let's talk radio related but look what happened in indianapolis the sas week right azru luck for couple weeks was enrolling retirement. His agent has had been talking to the calls. They contact you. Were talking about everything and it got to a point where he this was like. If you know what yeah i'm gonna retire. Team wasn't shocked players kind of knew. They actually had a first officer for sunday that they decided that those little bit of saturday because you got lean body leaked the information yeah and the colts may have been in the best decision of any team in the league with reset as the backup quarterback. I don't know there's another team in the league that can steal deal or say that same thing maybe feffer cisco because of the guys they have their. Maybe miami with with with this passer. Nope nope roses terrible. I'm just saying that's maybe maybe the giants with daniel jones owns and eli manning. I mean maybe i don't know but when you got quarterbacks they're pulling off the retirement heat back into the n._f._l. That's those are show. You don't want your quarterback going down for any reason at all so i guess at the ended the day peter being is more like car than glennon party get out especially when he came to get out and run a little bit busy the second coming of michael vick or no not even get out sneaky. Athleticism peterman is athletic enough to run that zone read and for grin to ask after the playbook. I actually think it's already set in stone that peterman make you could be right. You absolutely could be right <hes>. I'm gonna be interested to see what the final donald decision is but for every reason that you just said it it makes a lot of sense you know and i definitely see gruden going with the young dude and thinking that he could just bring him along and if a guy a head coach show some confidence in him <hes> he might end up being loyal to gruden you know kinda riding it out and saying you know what i want to stick with him because while i'm learning his system i'm learning from him and that dude behind them and almost kind of like what jacoby percents been doing behind andrew luck. You know he's been there been. There been there waiting for his opportunity but hasn't got impatient. You you know so maybe peterman says i can stick behind car for a while and and i could really end up joying enjoying my time in oakland in my time vega you know as a writer and then who knows at some point point i might end up being the guy or you know maybe at some point. I have an opportunity to go be a starter somewhere else but i think he has a he has in his mind where he he'll he'll soak again as much as he can from gruden because he's the guy showing the confidence in them when nobody else is i agree so today is august twenty nine one t nineteen do and three hundred sixty five days u._n._l._v. kicks off against cal berkeley at legion stadio aka our guest star three hundred sixty five days from today that me and less than three hundred and sixty days ace the raiders played in their first preseason game in las vegas at the big al. I'm with it. I liked it. I like that. I've i really excited about. I drove buys the other day <hes> and i'll tell you what is that getting together so quick. I it's going to be done. I believe before stadium in los angeles and <hes> the raiders actually today as well acres some the review journal <hes> pity out some patriots <hes> the indoor practice fields has the roof put on. It's it's it's already. It's completed. It's done <hes> the roof that is if over a hundred something feet in the air so they said the punchers can take heart in his highs. They watt while they're at indoor practice field so i think that's a pretty big deal and right now. The raiders arctic are set up for success. Now i know the gang kicks off in just a few minutes that we're going to get out of here so you can watch game but you just a couple of things <hes> <hes> give me a name the biggest name on the raiders best gonna surprise people that you think is going to get cut <hes> wow that's a good question. That's a really really good question. It's going to be a young dude. It's going to be a dude that <hes> you know that everyone expected to to really be a big time player for the raiders. I think it's going to be p._j. Hall and i don't think it's going to be because of you know. He's a big name because he <hes> he he's had a lot of production but because he was a second round draft pick just a year ago. That's <hes> that's given up on a second round draft. Pick really really quickly some role p._j. Hall i know a lot of people are kinda have looked at me. Crazy said that but i again like you mentioned earlier. I say it all the time your your best. Ability is availability. He's just not available p._j. All on my list but just for the sake of being different <hes>. I'm gonna go eric harris. Wow yeah i. I don't see nothin coverage and look and this isn't me. This is stand on the sides. Everybody knows does my favorite team is that he had on equity near saint brown that wasn't a good hit and the finest coming next week by the way but that wasn't a good hit at all. The receiver was already going down. I like eric harris. We follow each other twitter <hes>. I just don't see it in coverage. I'm watching the film watch. I don't see in last place and i don't see in coverage and i don't see specialties in i. I think they're gonna look to bring you some look how somebody that can play multiple roles yesterday's n._f._l. That can do most things. I think he's a safety and that's about it. <hes> unfortunately i. I think he could be a very talented player but i just don't think he makes team this year. I don't know why is just what my gut is telling me at this time <hes> last question last question for you. What are you looking for in the final three season game. I'm just looking at the quarterback competition. I really wanna see if if somebody goes out and just steals a job. I wanna see someone goes out there and says you know what i'm not gonna. Leave this chance. I'm gonna go out there and ball out 'cause if any raider fan remembers derek carr won the starting job of in preseason game number four against the seahawks his rookie year in two thousand fifteen i mean he he will he won. There are twenty four team. Whatever year it was it was fires ago so yeah twenty fourteen he <hes> he in his rookie areas of a fourth game he threw four touchdowns that game against seattle and he absolutely became the dude and hasn't turned back yet so if one of these quarterbacks either the glennon or or peter make you go out and say you know what i'm going to get this job. It's going to be mine. I'd like to see that. I'd also like to see a couple of guys on the defense. <hes> just step up you know i. I don't think <hes> keyshawn nixon is going to be out there very much. I think he's already solidified his spot but i'd like to see one of these guys up on the defensive line that says i feel like i'm on the on the roster bubble. I need to go out there and make some place and go out there and do that so we'll look at the defensive line will look at the quarterback position and finally <hes> who's gonna be who's going to be the guys on the offensive line especially in the guard position. We know gave jackson's out for a while richie. Incognito is gonna miss the first couple of weeks due to suspension. Can there be a few guys can the raiders have some depth on that offense align. It's been pretty decent so far in the in the preseason outside of brandon parker can i can. I see the offensive line continued to look pretty decent. I'm looking the following things wine. First of all injury free players injury-free football no injuries to any player the raiders now okay. That's the first thing that's that's the most important thing for me for free caesar's <hes> secondly i'm looking for what guy gets the hot the man and how fluid and consistent and in rhythm the officer defensive okay what guys really gelled together and play with some synergy energy <hes> i'm looking for. I think he's gonna play a little bit tonight. I'm leaving for keyshawn lays but i'm also looking for another safety or to to go out there and eh another quarterback out there and make some place and makes a solidify a roster spot. I think it's big for nick nelson nice. I'll be watching him closely and you know i wanna see keelan. Dos just dominate this thing. This is a game where i think it set up a perfectly for him to dominate for him to go out there for him to be an impactful guy early on and then come off deal then you're going to see the other you guys. That's what i'm looking for. I don't wanna see jacobs. I don't wanna see abraham. I don't wanna see feral. I don't wanna see card brown. I don't i don't wanna see williams or williams or anybody starting on the office for that matter. I don't see any regular. Literacy has started on the field. I wanna see you guys on the sidelines with all white jogging suits on honoring nowadays with some sunglasses killing and and <hes> looking to have or a relaxing evening going into the final touchdown and getting ready for your week one game. I'm with that that that's that sounds good to me. I'll leave you with this little nugget right here from gillibrand through this out there on twitter earlier today eighteen go into tonight's final preseason game with chance to go undefeated did steelers patriots raiders ravens bills vikings niners giants since ninety nine forty two teams have finished preseason undefeated eighteen which is forty two point nine percent have made the playoffs four which is nine point five percent reach a super bowl there you go. I don't know what that tells you. I'm leaving you with that known. You do what you want with it <music>. I love note in the final tonight. I know joe will probably do are on the show right now. I'm going with bell type things. They as i don't believe any keys including can dominated the native rebate at night. I don't believe in the air but after leaving the raiders out that nasa that's pretty that's pretty you ball z right there. I'll i'll let you go with that. One <hes> i. I wanna see this season man. I don't wanna get too caught up. I'm i'm trying to temper my expectations because what i've seen so far in preseason even have been nice a wants you to it makes me feel like something special bruin in oakland but i wanna see the beginning of the season is gonna tell me all. I need to know the first two games. I two games are at home. How can they get off too early start. Can they win those two games. They need to know how to win. What it tastes like to win. This team has not had a lot of waiting over the past two years. They need to get that confidence under their melt. Once you're playing with confidence then you're cooking with grease and you can do anything absolutely accurate one hundred all right. That's this week will back on. The silver and black black hawk that works for your boy hugh. I'm dorigo. Thank you and have a right now <music>.

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