2080: Amy Porterfield shares the 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Digital Course Success in 2019 and Beyond


Maroon shake the room fire nation jail D here with an audio masterclass that is on fire because I've brought Amy Porterfield to come on and chat with us today. We're gonna be talking all about how to build a digital course. Business to generate consistent revenue while only saying guests to what truly late you up. I mean, how amazing would that be? We'll be going behind the scenes of Amy's business to really learn some incredible things there. We'll talk about where people struggle in creating digital courses and Amy's going to share one of her best tips about how to make live. Webinars hugely successful. Now who is any Porterfield? Well, she's an online marketing expert in educator and the host of the podcast online. Marketing meet easy through her bestselling marketing courses, thriving, social media, community and popular podcasts. Amy inspires over two hundred fifty thousand online entrepreneurs in this January tenth Amy's going to be delivering a free. 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That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. Fire. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. So Amy say what's up to fire nation and share something? Interesting about yourself that most people don't know most people don't know. Well, first of all Hello, everybody. So happy to be here. And one thing I brag about especially after a few glasses of wine with all my friends is that in highschool. I won the spirit award for the best attitude. So that's what they did. Most people don't know about me. But I'm very proud of it. I didn't know that. But it's like the least shocking thing of our because you've always had the attitude about basically everything. So thank you environ, Asian you, obviously, Amy she's been a multiple repeat guests on entrepreneurs on fire, but today's special for a number of reasons because we're gonna be talking about how you can build a digital course. Business to generate consistent revenue while only. Yes. To what truly lights you up. I mean, what a dream come true in this world going to be going through here today, and Amy we have a lot to talk about. So I was kinda wanna dive right in because we're gonna take as much time as possible to have you drop value bombs up on our heads. So what is the difference between creating a digital course for your business and building a digital course business? Okay. I'm so excited to talk about this. Because I haven't gotten the opportunity to talk about the difference a lot, and I'm very passionate about it. And so here's the deal becoming the owner of a digital course. Business means that you no longer are creating a course just to make some extra money in your business. So instead of that you begin to see and treat your new digital course as the cornerstone of your business now, it becomes like the most important and profitable asset that you have. So it's one that generates revenue for you. You over and over and over again. And here's the greatest thing about having a digital course business. It allows you to say no to all the things that you no longer want to do. So here's the deal. This shift means that you are fully embracing this idea of having a digital course in your business. And then actually marketing it launching it doing webinars in order to find your audience, but you do this consistently a few times a year and the bulk of your revenue is coming from digital courses. So a lot of people that create a online core are all my business. There have about ten different plates in the air. They're trying to get paid to speak on stage. They might have a group coaching program. They might have a digital course. They're doing services. They're doing one on one consulting the running around with their head cut off trying to make money online. And my whole thing is let's create a digital course. Let's make a lot of money with. With one thing in your business and do it. Right. So that you can eliminate some of that stress and overwhelm does that make sense makes all the sense in the world to me. And there's a few things I wanna go right now the images shared fire nation that Sochi number one that digital cores business. That's the cornerstone of your business that is the cornerstone in only saying yes to what you want to say. Yes. I mean, imagine that furnish. Imagine a world that you live in where you can say yes to things that you want to say yes to because there's something that I've said a few times in the past few months fire nation. I hope it's really sinking in right now. Is that when you say yes to one thing you may be thinking, I'm always saying, yes. To that one thing. No. You're saying no to everything else. You could have done that is now taking up the time by that one thing you said, yes to so why not make it something that you want to say, yes to you need to have that my set in this is what's going to allow you to do just that so Amy with you on thing. I love is your transparent, you're honest, like you're just genuine about everything. That you do. And I love going behind the scenes pulling back that Kern, so to speak so take me take fire nation behind the scenes of what would it actually looks like the have this digital online course business? I mean, do you just sit around in your sauna all day playing with your dog? Yes. What I do. How did you know, you know, me so? Well, okay. So this is really fun to kind of take you behind the scenes because I really do believe I have a business that looks much different than a lot of my peers. So right now, I have three digital courses and funny enough as I move into the new year at based on the time that we're recording this I'm actually just going to have to. And I think the fewer you have the better, and I have one that I launched live a few times a year, and then I'll have one on evergreen. Meaning that it's a recorded webinar that I run ads to every single day. So if if we look at my business right now, we're going from three courses down to two. But it even if we just look at it where it's at now three courses that generate money for me. Consistently ninety percent of my revenue comes from these three courses. So if I want to speak on stage, I can get paid to speak onstage. I choose not to I don't love. Travel for business. I love to travel for pleasure. And with my husband. But am I Tony Robbins days at traveled all over the world way too much? So I'm done with the business travel kind of thing. So I don't do that a lot. So I don't get paid to speak unless I really really want to. I don't do one on one consulting. I don't work with people in terms of the service base business or do their marketing for them. I don't do any of that. I make ninety percent of my revenue from my actual courses. And then the other ten percent is if I if I promote somebody, else's course or somebody else's product like job. So it's a product, of course, platform that I love to promote. That's all that's all. I do. Now. I keep busy because I'm constantly promoting and making my courses better and engaging with my community. But it is so amazing to know that I'm not pulled in a million directions. And I'm not a Jack of all trades. I do a few things really well, and I keep it really streamlined. So that means when opportunities come my way, I'm really clear how I wanna make money in my business and most things I get on what Marie Forleo calls the no train. I say no to a lot of stuff way more than I say, yes. But guess what that means? That means that I have consistent revenue coming in. That means I've been able to grow my business to multi millions over the last few years. And it also means that I get a lot more time with my husband, and my son and my dog, and I really get to call the shots. I ventured out into this online world to create an online business because I didn't wanna boss anymore. I didn't want someone telling me what to do or went to do it. And so having a digital core. Business allows me to be the boss my own boss. Call the shots and also again not pill pulled pulled in a few different directions. I think that's the one thing. I really wanted to get away from furnish. And one of my big takeaways here less is more. I mean think about these. Numbers at Amy sharing ninety percent of her revenue comes from these three courses soon to be two and guess what? She's great at all of those three things her team is able to become great at all those three things because that's what their focus is there following that. One course until success. Guess what? Her adspend is not getting out of control because he's not doing ten other things while the ads are running and nobody's paying attention to them. They know their numbers in side out because this is what they do. This is where ninety nine zero of her revenue comes from an chinos those numbers, so Amy I wanna cut to the chase. Because so many people struggle when it comes to creating digital courses you've created three great ones that have brought you multiple millions of dollars per year. But what are some of the struggles that people have creating digital courses? One of the biggest ones that pops up is what if my ideas and good enough. What if I spend all this time effort and money creating? Digital course. And then I put it out into the world, and no buddy buys it. And here's the thing back in the day. When until you a quick story when I first came on the scene, I knew like from day one when I left Tony Robbins. I knew I wanted to create digital courses and sell them online with webinars. This was always my goal. However, I had no idea how to do it myself. And I sure as heck didn't have an audience and so in order to make money I started doing consulting one on one work for social media for small businesses and I- fricken hated every minute of it. I I built a business that I absolutely did not love. But I did it for two years because I needed to make some money, and I was bound in determined not to have to go back to corporate. Well, the good thing is when I was in the trenches, I learned a lot about my audience what they needed what they wanted and all that good stuff. And so I paid attention. And I decided, okay. That's it. I'm creating my first digital course. I'm miserable. Doing this consulting work. I wanted different type of business model. So I created my first. So it was something called like the simple social media formula. I think that was the exact title, and I worked my tail off to create this course, and the day. I remember like it was yesterday was in my bedroom. I was still working from bed. Like a true entrepreneur. I was in bed typing away putting out the Email to let my audience. No, I had something amazing to share with them put it out into the world in. It was crickets, I mean, crickets, and I was devastated. And the reason for that is that I didn't do any work to find my audience and nurture my audience and grow my Email list. So the biggest fear and most people have is what if nobody buys? My course. Number one. I've already lived that experience. Nobody bought my course, number two. It can be totally sidestepped if you just slowly methodically start building your Email list. If you put a freebie out there and every week you put a little time and effort. In love into finding your audience and getting them to sign up for your Email list. If you do a little at a time when you're ready to finally launch. Your course, you will have an audience to launch to and if you're paying attention to what they're telling you, they'll tell you what type, of course, they want you to create its that list building that you just gotta make an effort, and you will have an audience to market to I didn't in. So that's why it was crickets fire nation. It is so important to just recognize the fact that we are all standing on the shoulders of giants when I launched my podcast back in two thousand twelve I didn't know what the heck I was doing. What did I do? I wanted found a successful business podcast host Jamie masters of eventual millionaire I hired her. She mentored me. She actually introduced me the people like Amy and Pat and Derek Halpern back in the first ever conference. I went blog world New York City two thousand twelve like it was crazy experience for me to be there. And be like, wow. Like, I would literally just be. An attendee here. But now I've invested in myself, I'm learning from Jamie. She's introducing people. This is so amazing when it comes to courses and webinars Amy's the giant here need to stand on the shoulders of giants. She has proven the process. She's built a team. She's built a systems the automations views to be standing upon the shoulders of giants and learning the process from those who have come before us. But even with all this, even when you know, we overcome some of these fears, and we're learning these things from people like yourself wolf had so much success. We still kind of come down to well. What do I actually choose for a topic that not only is going to make an impact because impacts important, but you, and I are both very very haired about this. It's gonna make some money to dollar, Dr L. So how we do that? What are we choose that topic? So a lot of the times when you're thinking about a topic that will resonate with your audience make an impact and make making money you want to start thinking about what do, you know? Like, where's your expertise? Where's your knowledge? Let me. Give you an example, I have a star student. Her name is Anna de Gilio in Anna for twenty three years was a second grade math teacher so twenty three years of her life. Second grade math teacher, and she decided that she was going to take these digital digital curriculums that she was creating for her students, and she was going to sell them to other teachers, and she just like dabbled with it a little and it worked like these teachers wanted to buy her math curriculum. And so she thought you know, what this could actually be a business. So she became my students. She learned how to create courses and how to do webinars. And she started selling her curriculum that she was an expert. This is what she did for twenty three years. She took what she knew. And she decided that she was going to sell it to the people who needed it most. She's now move from being an elementary school teacher to running an online business. And here's the coolest thing ever. The girl knew nothing about marketing, and she taught herself she got. These courses like you said, she like found the experts that could guide her and she made ten thousand dollars on her first webinar, selling her curriculum ten thousand dollars to a teacher is a lot of money. So right there. She's like, wait a second. I'm onto something. She kept at it. She kept at it. She has a million dollar business today by yes by selling what she already knew. And so when I think of Anna who at one point what she thought she knew is how to be a teacher, but then she kind of dug a little deeper, and she's like, wait a second. I actually have something else here. That's very valuable. You've gotta be willing to look at what you know. And then put a twist to it and really kind of think outside the box. It could be a million dollar idea. Fire nation. Let's not over complicate things. Yeah. What you know? Put a little twist on it in silica who needs it the most. I mean think about their struggles. What do you do you provide the solution? We try to over complicate things. It just doesn't have to happen. And if you think fire nation Amy's been dropping value bombs while you are one hundred percent, correct. In more are coming up, and we get back from thanking our sponsor so fire nation, we're here with Ian Siegal. The CEO of ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. In you spent so much time in the hiring space. What is the biggest challenge employers face today when hiring ninety percent of companies say finding qualified and available candidates is their number one pain point and ZipRecruiter. 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So Amy you, and I we agree on a lots of things. I mean for number one like you believe the best way to market and sell digital course is with webinars. And I now have been doing webinars since two thousand thirteen I did one live webinar a week for two years straight because I believe so much in the power of webinars. But why do you think webinars are the best marketing and selling tool for courses? I love that you, and I both agree that hundred percent and our side of the way to go like, they're incredibly powerful. Here's the thing in the Earl. Early days of online education. I sound so old when I say. In the early days of online education. It was truly enough to simply have a great digital cordless. And then as the market got more crowded, there was this really what I call an unfortunate shift where it was no longer, the best course that stood out. But the best marketed course, and that's the course that would win. But here's the thing. Long on today's where a mediocre course could be rescued by great marketing or where a great course could be overcome with mediocre marketing, just by sheer hustle. So what I'm saying here is that you actually need both you need a really good course. And you need to know how to market it. Now. Here's the exciting thing. If you learn how to use webinars to market, your course, the coolest thing ever is those who in this would be me back in the day are a little squeamish to sell online. If you start to sell anything in you feel a little bit like a used car salesman or you feel like. You're pushing too much if you ever have that fear of selling online, the beauty of webinars is there's a thing that happens where you earn the right to sell and what I mean by that as you get on this webinar, and you teach and you add value, and you answer questions that your audience truly is wondering in needing to know. So you give on a webinar. So that you then earned the right to say, look, if this was valuable, and you want to know how to do it because of webinar typically is the what and what you're selling them. The course is the how so if you say if you really find this valuable, and you want to know how to do it. Join me inside, my course. And it becomes the most natural conversation. Take it from a girl who definitely was always a freight to sell online. Webinars allowed me to give and add value. So that I could vite invite people very organically into my course. And there is no better way to do it. I have done hundreds of webinars, and I've actually done other Ma. Marketing strategies to get people into my course. And I always come back to the fact that a webinar will connect with your audience it will allow you to feel comfortable as you teach allows you to give value. And then, of course, allows you to ease into selling people what they came for what they need and what they want fire nation that little recap back in the day. It wasn't always the best course stood out. It was the best marketed. Course, I love how you put that. And that is just no longer the case, you need to both be the best course and best market, of course. And we're telling you one of the best if not the best way to market, your course is through webinars. Now, a lot of people Amy they want to say, you know, what I'm gonna just record that one perfect webinar. And then I'm going to put it up on a website that I'm going to go to bed. I'm gonna wake up in the morning and all the sales are going to be there. And guess what they happened while I slept and I wasn't even there live. So any mistakes I made I edited out. I mean that could work, and you do evergreen great idea, evergreen grades butts. We both also believe in this as well live. Webinars win fact I live by one sentence. And I've said this so many times sales happen on live. Webinars period end of story, so talk about this because some people cringe Amy at the thought of live webinars why do you think live is so important? Oh my gosh. I'm so glad we're talking about this. I feel very strongly that you must experience like webinars and you're right jail. D it's all about the live webinars and how they definitely bring in more sales than evergreen like hands down one hundred percent we both do both. And so saying that really mean something. Yeah. So here's the deal based on doing hundreds of live. Webinars and running a business that has been fueled by evergreen, webinars as well, I would say I know with thing or two about live versus evergreen in this whole debate. And I know firsthand that if you skip the live webinars move. Right into evergreen. You're leaving money on the table. A lot of money. In fact, live webinars allow you to become a highly skilled marketer in your business. If you genuinely care about doing marketing, right? You've got to step up to the plate, and I do them live. So when you create next cute live, webinars you're able to improve on the entire launch process in real time, and you experiment over and over again until you get it. Just right. So went with live. Webinars your audience is right there with you along the way this gives you an opportunity to see how they engage with you, and how they're engaging with your marketing message in this kind of stuff that is like amazing Intel I say, it's always priceless to get that real time feedback. So in addition to that your audience is live feedback allows you to make necessary changes in the moment while it still counts. So these tweaks in these changes in small shift. That you make actually result in higher conversions. But I think the biggest thing about live. Webinars versus evergreen is the fact that when you are there with them live the trust factor is considerably higher on live. Webinars versus evergreen so that heightened trust make selling a whole lot easier. And as I mentioned earlier live. Webinars almost always generate more revenue than evergreen. So if you're looking to boost your revenue in the new year, if you're looking to play a bigger game, if you go right to evergreen, like I said, you're not going to experience making shifts in the moment learning what your audience wants being able to increase the conversions literally within the minute versus letting weeks go by so trust me on this one do several live webinars when you're selling your digital course. And after you've done several of them, you'll know what works, and what doesn't work and at that point. I highly recommend. You turn that on evergreen. But don't do it until you've done your live. Webinars fire nation little recap sales happen on live. Webinars take it from Amy take a for me. It's legit as she mentioned. The trust factor is just so much higher. People feel included because I know Amy does the same thing I've been on plenty of her live webinars where like oh Sarah's coming out us from Toledo. Oh, it's Pat from San Diego is Greg from Denver like we're able to call these people out that are there. They feel like they're included. They're part of the group part of the tribe that just increases the trust in another huge thing. And this is why both aiming I do these live QNA's at the end because people have barriers and guess what it might just be one small barrier that they have. And they're gonna ask you that question, and you remove that barrier that's the sale, and they're in, and then guess what that makes you better because you're understanding what barriers people are having some. Maybe you go back and improve your webinar to remove those. During the webinar. So when you do turn evergreen that barriers removed, and your course better because you can improve the course as a result of that as well. Because you're understanding your target market so much better. So Amy, you have so many tips that of course, you teach in your webinar course. But give us one of your best. I mean, fire nation loves you. Let's get it. Okay. So I'm actually going to cheat. And give you my first tip is something that I used to be against and something that I would say, oh, you don't really need it. But times are changing. So I believe with a live webinar you should turn on your video camera in the beginning. And then during the live QNA at the end now, you okay, do you do it too early? It's inside the studio. I like give them a quick little tour around. I don't even try to make a professional Mike look at like, I haven't even cleaned up my desk. Gary over here yet. Perfect. So that's exactly what they want. They want the behind the scenes they want the real they want the gritty. And so for those of you who hate the idea of turning on your video camera. Here's something that's gonna ease your mind. I actually don't believe that you should keep that video camera on the whole time during the webinar, I think it will decrease your sales in many cases, I think is distracting when you create a really beautiful slide deck and your teaching and your punctuating your point with your slides, and you're on video sometimes it's distracting, so all you really need to do is turn that video on in the beginning say Hello to everybody. Introduce yourself. Get the party going. You can turn the video camera off and just focus on delivering impeccable content. When you get to the live Q in a turn that camera back on they need to see you it ups the trust factor. It gives them that sense of connection with you. And here's my second tip. The live QNA is where the money's made the people that are still there. Asking questions are just listening in. Are on the fence. They are genuinely considering pain for your course. So I always say as long as the questions are good that are coming in. You stay on that QNA as long as you need to stay there. I've done a Q and A that lasted a full hour. If people were asking great questions, I'm staying till the very end that live QNA that lasted in our generated twenty thousand more dollars that I could literally left on the table. If I said, okay. I said we were going to stay here for an hour. I'm wrapping up. I'll see you guys later. So do what you need to do. If your audience is engaged one more tip. I can't help myself. But if you're just starting out with webinars, and you're saying, okay, me, I might have twenty people on my webinar would if I go into live QNA, and nobody asks the question, I always no matter, even if I have a thousand people on my webinar, I always designate two to three questions related to my course, that I know people are going to have whether they ask it or not. I know they're going to be thinking of it. One question might be okay. Amy, if I buy your course what other tools or resources, do I need to buy to make your course work. This is something they're thinking about before they actually invest so what I say is okay, guys. We're going to open up the live Cuna before we get started. Let me answer some questions that always pop up first Bubba. So I started just answering questions that weren't even asked just to get the ball rolling and get people warmed up to feel comfortable enough to ask me a question. There's no pause. There's no awkwardness I go right into it. So give yourself two or three questions already written out just start with those. So there's a couple of things I want to recap. And then there's one thing I wanna share Amy that. I actually learned from you the we haven't talked about yet just something. Really? Yeah. It was pretty important to so number one fire nation have the video on at the beginning. And just say Hello. Look the camera in the I welcome people into your home into your room show them around. If you have like a detachable camera like I do just make that happen. And then of course, during the live Q in age is going to bring people again back in with. No, you're answering the question. User name as much as possible and have two to three Santa questions to kind of get things rolling something that I did learn as well, as you know, there's going to be a chat that's involved with a lot of webinars and the chasse maybe going on spiel and be asking questions you always want to have a moderator in the Chad this on your team. So of course, for me, it's Kate Amy. She has a lot of wonderful people on her team. That are monitoring the chat, you know, taking care of business a mistake that people make a lot of people when they first are doing webinars is they try to deliver their webinars and the peak over at the chat while they're doing the webinar. It can be a disaster. You wanna talk about that? Naked the a huge disaster. Because it takes you out of your focus like you're on your game. You're delivering you look over. And then all of a sudden, you're like, oh, wait someone has a question. Are there confused today and right away, you're out of your group out of it? And you may never get back in the live fire nation. This is live in you just want to be in your groove. So speaking of live, webinars we're going to go a little off script here because we're at the end of our chat today. Of course, we dropped a ton of value bombs, but you know, this is only a thirty minute podcast episodes. So there's so much more than I want to share with you that, of course, Amy wants to share with you, and Amy believe it or not I know it's crazy to believe. But it's the beginning of two thousand nine hundred. I mean two thousand nineteen is off it is running. And you have an amazing live webinar that you're going to be putting on for incredible people, and I wanna make sure that my audience. Fire nation attends this live webinar so fire nation, just so, you know, if you want to sign up for this live webinar, you're heading to e o fire dot com slash Amy and the ultra I'll have more details about the dates and the exact times and all that jazz. But e o fire dot com slash Amy. You can head over there. Sign up for this completely free. Awesome. Webinar Amy talk to us about why you're doing this webinar what's going to be on the webinar and why we should go. Okay. So I'm going to take you behind the scenes with me and show you truly like in the weeds the details. The specifics of what it takes to create a digital course business. But here's my promise to you in this free women are I'm going to show you how you can make what I call the ultimate shift from struggling to make money online filling stretched too thin because you're doing too much in filling uncertain about what you should be doing to make your business profitable to owning. A thriving digital course business. So by the end of our time together, you're going to discover exactly what it takes to create the kind of business that you literally are generating revenue over and over again without spinning all those crazy plates where else in the world. Would you want to fire nation? I mean, come on. Now, me Netflix. No moving. No baseball game. Heck, no, we're going to be at this live webinar Amy's going to give you a shot. Oh, she's going to give me a shout out because we're going to be they're going to be engaging in the chat, and then she's going to get down to business and she's going to focus get into a groove in drop value bombs. So do not miss this completely free. Amazing live webinar. So any before we say goodbye today. Let me turn the mic over to you share anything you want to share with fire nation. Maybe one final call to action. And then we'll let you go. So first of all, thanks guys for listening in. I always loved to talk about. Creation and doing webinars and all this cool stuff that you get to do in your business. One of the things as we move into this new year. I want you to think about what jail D set in the very beginning. Less is more. You don't need a pile on a million projects and hustle. Your buns off till you're so tired. You can't even get outta bed in order to make your all my business work. You can choose a few core projects and do them really well and do them over and over again in order to generate eight crazy profitable business. So just know that I think jail D And my own business perfect examples of that. And I'd love to talk to you more about that on the free webinar, plus one thing I'll add to that is webinars are my thing that is how I've generated a multimillion dollar business. So if you just want to see how I put together my webinars how I present the content all that good staff then come on over because I'm very intentional about it. All so I'd love to share that with you as well on good broad that last point because fire nation. This is. Going back to what I said about standing on the shoulders of giants. I've had people that have no desire, and they'll never launch a podcast, but they just don't want to. It's their prerogative their desire, and that's great for them. That's fine et cetera. Sison, but they've come and they've washed five seven ten of my live webinars because they're studying how I deliver the content. How I engage what my pitch looks like how I answer questions. All of these things are going to be what makes you win. When you launch your thing. So fire nation, just remember, you're the average of the five people who you spend the most time with intimidation you've been hanging out with AP and J L D. So keep up the heat. And of course, like I said in the ultra will have all the details about the time and the date available for this completely free live webinar, the aim is gonna just absolutely crush but head over to e o fire dot com slash Amy secure your spots, and Amy I just want to thank you for share. During this incredible story in journey and all your knowledge, valuables, the fire nation, so for that we salute you, and we'll catch you on the flip side and fire nation. I hope you enjoyed that incredible episode with Amy Porterfield, she truly is one of a kind, and I really hope that you join us on a custom live webinar January tenth at one PM Pacific four PM eastern time. So wherever you are in the world come and join us live on this free webinar because as aiming I talked about during the episode there's so much power and live. She's going to give you a shadow. She's an answering any questions you have there's going to be special bonuses and gifts for people that attend live. So come and join us this January tenth at one PM Pacific four PM eastern. We truly look forward to seeing you. They're all you need to do is. Visit ITO fire dot com slash Amy e o fire dot com slash. Amy that's going to get you over to the registration page, and I really look forward to seeing you their fire nation, and I'll catch you on the flip side. You know, what's not smart spending? A ton of time searching job warns that overwhelm. You was so many candidates who aren't even qualified for the job you posted. Luckily, there's a smarter way to hire at Zip Recruiter. Ziprecruiter's powerful matching technology finds the right people for you, an actively invite him to imply that's why ZipRecruiter is rated number one by employers in the US that's based on hiring sites on trust pilot with over one thousand reviews in right now you can try ZipRecruiter for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire.

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