The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 664 Fireside Chat: Early Impression of Lower Tier SPs


Welcome to the fireside chat presented by road, graphs and pitcher l'est sit back relax and enjoy Paul spor. And Nick Pollock. Welcome to episode six sixty four of the sleeper in the boss in a fireside chat here on Friday, March twenty nine I'm you're always false for and I'm joined by Nick Pollock Nick open days in the books and baseball is back. How's it going? What is happening? I am so pumped yesterday was like the best day of the year. It was just one o'clock till I guess what ten thirty or so it was just amazing. I had agreed time jumping from games a game and not knowing where any moment only had the one night game, which was interesting, right. That was out though. I went to a show, and I didn't miss a whole bunch. You know normally on an opening day slight. You're getting four five night games. And I would have been like, oh, right. So thankfully, worked out. And I barely missed any of the Seattle Boston game. Because was falling it on my phone, and we were hanging out parking before. And I was like, okay. So I pretty much saw what I needed to see from that few couple innings by the time. I went inside but lots to take away and what we wanna do here early with the firesides. This was born out of Louis castio and hyper focus on him. And when we get back a little bit to some of the, hyper focus on certain guys, maybe not just one every time but a couple and early in the season. Of course, I don't think you, and I are going to make a lot of reactions or decisions on Chris sale flopping or even that grinning getting beat up what you know, something to keep an eye on and to be aware of. But I don't know that we're gonna make a whole lot of decisions. But where you do have to make decisions is at the bottom of your roster. You don't get the benefit of sample size anymore. That's not the fantasy game that we play in. So you're gonna make what I would say for like better word mistakes too. Because you're going to have to move. And so I wanna talk about some of these players that we've seen already go off. And what we got coming up this weekend as guys who could be players of note on Sundays I way or second repair. I know a lot of weeks ran a lot of leagues ran last week. But the first with full season games for every team ready to go. So with that in mind, I want to talk about to opening day guys on lesser teams both of whom pitched well, and we'll start with yours Marcus Stroman out there looking sharp against my beloved Tigers. And I frankly could have gone with the other guy for mind joins ever men, but Justin I talked about him on sixty three of sleeper in the bus. But I want to talk about strong. We actually didn't get to talk much about him. He looked pretty sharp out there. What I liked most Nick swinging strikes, but give us your analysis of what he did in seven shutout innings against the Detroit. Tigers the thing that really impressed me. The most was eleven sliders on thirty three thrown from Stroman love to see that. I have a love in swinging strikes on the. Siders? You mean, the I'm so sorry. Yes. Wing strikes on on that slider. Also, seven coal strikes is eighteen CS w call strikes plus whiffs on thirty three thrown. That's fantastic ratio for that overall. I liked what I saw the the biggest question. I have about is how consistent is this. We've actually seen him do great things with us later in the past. I remember all my favorite out gifts. Believe it's two thousand seventeen was day against the Astros. When that's lighter was absurdly. Good just making Engand us and in Khost Correa with at just stupid pitches out zone. But it doesn't always show up and on the other side of it his cutter wasn't that affective got some foul balls. Maybe if you swing strikes, but it wasn't really this fantastic. Third pitches. Change was only three times. So really was just fastball and a slider against the Tigers. I it's hard for me to really buy into it. I am curious to see if he does continue with slider. And it's really excellent in ease all of a sudden going to be that guy that gives you sixteens with on a given night under hundred pitches thrown I don't know if I can buy that right now, I'm not making a move four Stroman base on the start, and I kind of was out before because he's an elite ground ball guy in the worst place to be in a league grandpa guy. Correct. So I'm kinda out still I need to see a bit more from Stroman for. Ben, my big point on Stroman is is that I can't get on board in Toronto where that where that fast turf can really speed up things with this ground ball rate, and you talk about consistency with Stroman. Even in the midst of this game, we saw at times when the Tigers were willing to lay off that had threats. They couldn't push anything across what the four walks, but there was some nasty nasty movement. That's the thing the side to side movement. That's Romans able to get is not really questioned one thing. I did like and you saw a few plays out of him was pretty Galvez at short is certainly gonna turn more those ground balls out some of the shortstops we've seen run through there in past years. So there were some positives. But I agree with you. Let's let's kinda be easy with that. I noticed you mentioned you said sixteen strikes, which I do see on ESPN our board had thirteen. So I don't know where the disconnect is there because missing threes a pretty big deal. I don't I don't know. But yeah, I'm looking at baseball savant. They have total thirty one CS w over ninety four which is. A good rate. You want aim for thirty percent. So in the interesting, the interesting thing is about our live leaderboard with only thirteen and then hang on. You know, what I might just need? No, it's it's fully refreshed. I was gonna say does from us last night. No, it's fully refreshed. But then you go to his page and he has the sixteen percent swinging strike rate. So that's interesting about Stroman and a little bit of a disconnect there, I'll have to mention that to Sean and see if there's something that he can figure out where the where the MRs bottom line is though that were a lot of whiffs from Stroman, and it is something to to note and just be aware of now looking at the schedule going ahead here. Let me see what they've got coming up for Toronto. You familiar with the schedule off hand if not have got it for Toronto's? No. Baltimore is next week. So he pulled to like that. Yeah. I see I see shoemaker going one game. He. Let's see he gets the second game. Stroman actually gets to start next week Baltimore and at Cleveland that Cleveland lineup. Lindores should be out still to exactly I think I'd go for this up. Yeah. I'm going to pick this up in simply here where Stroman available and run out a to start and see what I can get. I think maybe if his sliders working like we saw yesterday, we're gonna get some strikeouts and possibly cop two wins. You know, you bring up an interesting point. I think that was brought up in today's read at AMA do one every Friday at our fancy baseball. And there's so many easy teams the stream against at least out of the gate seemingly. Yes, it's it's more. So than I feel than any other year. They're just a lot of really bad offenses. I don't know. Exactly. I mean, it's just everyone taking is there's that aspect. I l special by the way Ellie is absolutely a big deal, by the way. I wanna be clear real quick on Stroman situation, we're talking shower leagues here because he's thirty seven percent roster and ESPN so you're looking at your ten and some of your twelve just go makes. Sure and your twelve that he's not available. Never know. And in your ten there's more a higher likelihood that Stroman is available, but your fifteen's name value alone. Got him drafted and just about all of those leagues. But I want to be clear on that. But yeah, I think you're right AL, especially you have some injuries. You know? That's what that's what denigrates team like the Cleveland lineup downgrades excuse me, and the tanking of certain teams, and it really is interesting that it feels like you can jump against a good number of teams this year and not really be fearful of obviously you have your your handful of stayaways, but they don't run that deep. What is it? It's home. I've got a decent amount of stairways. The Red Sox Yankees. The astros. Diners. Argument for the Phillies. I would say I would for the most case when we're talking about streamer types. I would stay away from them outside of maybe the other one so good that I have to do right at Miami. Then I may be take that gamble. But by and large you wanna stay away Mets same kind of deal where I'm leaning away. But if the if the second starts good enough, I do I'm wondering what the Braves how I feel exactly about that offense. You know? Maybe maybe all three of those teams are similar words. Like, you can do it. If the second team is good enough. Right. But you're not really chasing a start to go against the Braves Phillies or Mets, but that's only like seven and a half type of tea. I went through in the central a bit of brewers. I don't wanna face. Oh, brewers at home nationally. Oh man on the cubs often. Still scares me a bit. Incarnates Goldschmidt there. So that that's kinda why dodgers include their them in the I I had. So we'll say about ten eleven, but that lends it quite landscape, and there's a lot of. I mean, there's some that. Maybe maybe the Rangers more home and heavy at home. But there's a lot of them and right rush. And then team. Visit angels will just enough to is injured right now in Otani is too. So it's just trout really literally does out and boring. Us right is I mean, maybe one of the Mariners for this weekend? I guess I don't know. They're amazing back if you wanna wear it is, but yeah, the bottom line is that there's a lot of teams that you can go against which is really interesting. My guy that took away which faced one of them Brad Keller and plays for one of them KC. And this was a guy I wasn't super buying in on in drop season. And it was definitely the strikeout rate. I like what he was able to do with the ground ball rate. Definitely a sinker. A singer baller sinker slider type that can have some success, but he really is only two pitches and strikeout rate was very paltry seventeen percent. And even yesterday when he spent it to a Twenty-one percent in his seven innings. It was only nine percents when he strike rate, which is fine. You're not that's not what you're getting. You're not getting strikeout. So that's not what you chasing with bikes Snell. But I was impressed by how he threw. I thought it was a nice dismantling of a pretty easy White Sox lineup. Two hits one. Walk five punch outs. So I like a lot of what he did. He was in command the whole time. I feel like if you could squeeze say an eighteen to twenty percent strikeout rate out of Brad Keller that could be interesting, and you could probably do that by curator his starts, right? And not starting him against his whole division until Linda gets back, and then kind of making it a TD against against Cleveland. And anytime he's against Baltimore. Probably toronto. Probably Oakland LA until they start getting some guys back. Seattle will see because obviously they're off to a fast start, but kind of more of a touch and go, but then just void against Houston. Boston in the Yankees in the AL and then. We don't know what their schedules going to be Brad Keller in the royals. I like he might be. He's someone I'm pushing up just on the heels at one start kind of more. I opening that. Hey, maybe I sold them a little bit short. And this context is good enough to be somebody that I would want. Yeah. I don't love Brad Keller. I really feel that he's destined to be a just a mediocre ratio guy without the strikeout. Upside me as your take lated. I do not see him hinting twenty percent. Honestly, he had seven swing strikes on a slider. Yesterday. Five of them were against Illinois. Welcome to the league and he threw thirty one lighters yesterday. So it's not something that I think is going to stick really for. For Brad Keller is twenty three percents wing straight yesterday. And that's lighter last season. It was under a fourteen percent, Mark. It just isn't that pitch? And we'll never be. And that means we have to rely on his fastball. Command to everything and I look back at when Ervin Santana killed it. And I think a lot of people are going to maybe give that comparison a little bit because he's using his spousal so much to get better results might squeeze out this incredible start to the year at the very least well as the resident Santana fan. Boy. I would not all right exactly as he doesn't have that secondary pitch. The slider is not that pitch. Correct. He is doing similar things with Ascalon jamming a lot of right handed batters really focused on the right side of the plate that it's inside to Rayner's a lot yesterday. But I just don't see enough here. I do like that. He is ninety four on his fastball. Okay. That's that's cool. That's nice. But it's just there isn't enough. He only has. I mean, he has well below ten. Percents striker on those forcing as well. And just relax so much in that Babb to go your way just doesn't seem right for me. And this isn't someone. That's just so good at the edge. I don't even see that. Either. What I worried about with Keller. Was you saw that three? Oh, eight year eighty last year, but one thirty whip that didn't marry and for me, it was what's more likely to change that you are was more likely to go up from the whip to come down. And so that's why I was fading. And again, this I wanna be clear this interest level is probably ale only, and like maybe a fifteen because I think you are going to get I think you're gonna get some decent as where he can post like upper threes ERA where in a deeper league that's going to matter. I still don't see ten and twelve team viability and less. We saw some sort of strikeouts. Bike which I agree with. You is very unlikely to come night. Eighteen twenty was kind of the stretch goal. Which is not is not good strikeout. Rate for Brian Keller for anybody. So yeah, I want I want to be clear that we're not against each other on this. Your gist. Not moved at all. I'm saying AL because I think the match ups could be good enough to squeeze some good innings but mixers I maybe watch list. Just remember be K is not what you crave. I in whether you're talking about the restaurant or with you on that. Yes. That's Stroman Keller what we also wanted to do today with the weekend. Coming up is talk about some guys that are going off this weekend. And you don't get similar sort of vibe of the Stroman Keller range talk about their first started. Maybe what we're will conform. If there's anything that could really change our minds to make them an appealing pickup this weekend. When waiver start to run saw author of the first guy year way and talk about Spencer Turnbull from my beloved Tigers since we already mentioned that Toronto Detroit series. This the guy who I had a little bit of interest in coming into the season. After writing them up in the baseball, forecaster baseball HQ's fantastic book, and I got the turn bowl one. And I was like, oh, you know. I remember the name he was a prospect because the Tigers prospect system has been so bad in past years that he was probably like a top ten ish kinda guy for a while. But that was really more because. Of the thinness of their their system. Now that the system has thickened up a bit Spencer turtles down at twenty down at eighteen excuse me. But he does have a four pitch arsenal. He's got solid above average velocity. Yeah. Strong AAA last year where he really spite his strikeout rate backed by nineteen percent swinging strike rate while also not walking guys, and it was a AA AAA combo, by the way, the AAA was the smaller of the sample, but it was nine nine innings at AA, caveat, he was twenty five. So he was beating up on younger competition for Spencer. Turn turn bull wanna be clear about that. But the skills in the in the four level season were really nice for Turnbull. And now he earned himself a job. And I think he he could be somebody who might put up similar ratios to Keller but with the strikeouts or maybe even slightly worse ratios, but with the strikeouts. So I'm kind of intrigued by Spencer, turn -able. I can't wait. I know it sounds like crazy to say that phrase. I can't wait. I can't wait to see him go against Toronto this weekend. Yeah. I think that's a really good match for him. I imposed sides of that. I mean, we're talking about bad offenses. And here's the Tigers against Blue Jays. And we just go hands up. All right. Everything's gonna be pitching. I guess extra innings rice Stewart of. Hit a home run. Every time. I went from the same series spoil. That's right. That's a good one too. Yes. Spent spent turn Bill I does have that package paid. He has a hard slider. That will miss bats. Any does have decent velocity to believe it's ninety four. So for obviously, he's not as electric as the incredible prospect arms that we often talk about. But nevertheless, that's enough to work with and I am really curious to see full regular season action. Let's go. How does Spencer terrible. Look how are how is he using secondary pitches? How are they developing is he really going for the kill strikeout, etc. I'm excited. I think this could have twelve team relevance. He squeezed on my list, I think like ninety seven or so or or ninety six just because of that possibility is could be willing to I love edge gave mentioned though because. Yeah. And I know Blad settler at robot on Twitter it will. So we at AFL at the Arizona following baseball HQ thing, and he mentioned spends returnable. Are you are you joking? Are you using them as a joke player beam on him? He's like, no, I love them to new. I'm legitimately intrigued by him. And so was like a deeply type of thing a credit to flat, though, he put his money whereas mouth, he's already got him on some club. So he's Arnie aren't ready to go waiting. He's not gonna have to pay the premium. Spencer term goes off this weekend me, and you we're gonna actually have to pony up some fad now. Now, I have to have to mention our Gerke give manager at s- pitcher Lous. Andy Paton has been talking about Spencer's term entire offseason. I. I guess what? I believe he's a Tigers fan. I couldn't tell. Good room in their Spencer Turnball. He had Kristen Stewart who hit the now it wasn't walk off Homer was game winner. So yeah, I turn will keep an eye. I agree. He could play himself into some twelve man relevance. I think with a good start this weekend. Fifteen's become a by then his strikeouts. They're exactly, but we're we're very intrigued. This is what we're doing though is that we have to be exactly we have to move quickly who's one that? You're looking at this, man. I mean, okay. I at least need to suggests the the Braves and brewers guys that are going this so much fun. We have we have Bracewell's Zach right cholera going actually scoured going on Monday is going Sunday. Now, it's going. Without the confirmation yet. Right. Yeah. I've got a Wilson, right? Saturday Sunday combo at Phillies. I don't want to necessarily start them there. But it's something that I mean, if you have the rots by a lot of people do twelve team there's someone at the end, you don't really know about right now. Both of those guys would be people. I would consider just picking up. All right. Let's see what happens with us before everyone goes for. It's on the other side of that. There's also the brewers guys Brandon Woodruff incorporate burns also gained at all. It's off to them for rights. Get it done. All winter were saying either orange stake your claim who do you like your burns gamma would gone, right? We both get you at our poise can I want? I mean, I want you to be right. 'cause I I would've is performing atas potential. You know, exactly I'm rooting for both. Really a battle situation where I want the other two flour. 'cause I was even saying that whoever wins at fifth starter job draft them. I just happened to be a Woodruff guy. They both made it they're both gonna get Saint Louis at home this weekend and even Peralta tonight like all three of their weekend. Guys are intriguing to watch. So you're like me though. Right Peralta is clearly the third. Yes. Okay. Yes. Because it doesn't have any depth arsenal. It's really the fastball. Right. Yeah. And I don't wanna say 'cause I don't think it's full gimmick. But there is a little bit of magic to it. Because it's extension and delivery that makes a ninety ninety one mph fastball. Play off it goes like eight ninety four. Okay. Yeah. That's so like, you can spike big rain right for free. But he doesn't average up there in that ninety rain or in the mid nineties range. So but the stench it makes it play an. I remember when you start out those nine in Colorado to start the guys were saying if felt like ninety eight when it comes in because it jumps on you. And that that matters that doesn't always show up in a stat casting. In fact, it never does you have to watch. And you have to see how that how that place. They're going to be interesting. We'd be remiss if we didn't also include then the Miami bay, right, man. What's going to happen there and sandy contra all facing, Colorado, albeit at home so lot of intrigue on Atlanta. They only have the two games. They don't play today Miami and Milwaukee each with three games their entire weekend sets are going to be very interesting. Now if you're picking between. All eight I know this is wild. It's very difficult to really separate them. Yes. Let's say they all do fine no-one tanks. None none of them show. Just like a thrashing and they're all like a ten team league. Who would you want? Honestly, the one that has the nest next start that I like the most that I to really have to just play. Yeah. I would have to do that. I mean. Okay. Does. He that's fair. Right. It's a they're all so close Peralta to me is still on. He was included in that mix. But I wasn't putting okay. I I would say Peralta is going to be a cherry bomb raising and be super sweet in blow up in your face. This is in the life of him. I don't think at any point. I'd be able to trust him like I would others that were mentioning here in right? Miami would driven burn. So obviously than the Miami. Guiso Anna, Ryan driven burn gate, the cubs and Peron's is actually. On the front end of the at Cincinnati series. I would say if Bryce Wilson does. Well, I like him the most. Yeah, I think I'm with you there. A intrigue though, he thing is about his fastball. It's wild and it's rooted in his mechanics, you can actually watch him. He could see how late he starts his arm circle. The later you start the arm circle the worst fastball. Command you're going to have because it's imperative on the timing of that incredible fast motion. But if you look at Burland, and you see how quickly his arm comes up. You can understand. Oh, yeah. Right. He only has to do so much more in this time he can pinpoint a better. So that's I just get your arm up kids. Just get it up. All you have to get enough. Oh, I am. So the second. I said it I regretted it. Okay. Raise raise your arm. That's it just. But so so Bracewell's I do think he has a very solid foundation with his repertoire, and if he is cruising with fastball commend both sides of the plate. I start. He has to great secondary pitches as well. They should be missing bats. I think he has a very clear path the same time Pablo as pumping ninety five and doing. Yeah. Me has excellent changeup. They also has a curveball. That miss sixty percent of the bats. Sorry. Swing straight last year to just keep it like that. That's there's something really to to Mark about that too. So they're all very intriguing but Wilson I'd say he looks great on the one. He's the one. I'm wilson. I I agree. And I would go confirmation by city there with Woodrow if he went off. Yeah. But he's not available in any my leagues because I got him every. Unless he was taken from me. So yeah, that one work anybody else that you looking at this weekend that you just wanna see what's up, even if they're not necessarily widely available in deeper leaks. I know one you mentioned if you don't bring him up right now, bring them up. But but who else are you kind of keeping a close eye on as we run down. Just a few more names here. I mean, obviously, of course, there's there's Chris paddock going on yesterday against just smart available. But you want to. What is is that one? It's I mean, I think it's just gonna be to seventeen again. And also doesn't seventeen was ridiculously for home runs that we don't think is going to repeat. And that was his biggest problem. So we might be able to get a good volume of good ratios and striker production out of smarter from nothing again as the a closer to that three sixty one fifth that he had during this. If he's only allowing homers at say, a point eight point nine clip that's gonna shave that RA from four four to probably to about three six, and I'll take that all day. Oh, definitely especially when he could throw over one hundred eighty. I see there's no reason for the giants not soon. He did for five straight years before you dealt with a shoulder injury all of last season. Yep. So hopefully, you can do that. Do you have any extra others have like two or three? Let's see. I mean, I'm not in on him. But just because I always want to get more information to make decisions I wanna see if tower glass now could stand tall against a very difficult Houston, of course, that would intrigue me a bit again as far as moving the needle. It's tough in any one given start to fully do that. But I would I would get a lot of tweets. I'm sure dominates. If he gets his face caved in those people will probably not have their account on for the for the. Easy responsive. They tweet at you. You never know. How fast ball is going to act and sure this was one game. But he's going to be volatile. That was in. That is part of the problem though. Right is the Tilleke? I doubt that tower glass. Now dominate a great team. He can also get blown to strengths by garbage team. That's that's that's the problem that actually honestly in a weird way. I would try to spin it that his dominating Houston is part of the problem. You're so mad Ning that you know, people would sit you against Houston trying to protect themselves and start you against KC. And then Casey you're gonna run out of the building with twenty hits in fifteen steals or some garbage. So, but yeah, I'm definitely going to keeping a close eye on him. Tog loss. Now there and Joey Lucchese somebody I wrote started to get some offseason hype in and you know, I'm not gonna take a lot away from San Francisco start. They're very bad and they're bad against lefties. Eric lower cut them up yesterday. He's not an overwhelming guy. I think Casey can be more of a swing and miss strike out guy. And so even if he drops like ten ks against them. I'm not gonna start pounding my chest that hey, I got Lucchessi, right? But I'm interested to see how he pitches 'cause he's been working on some new stuff to as opposed to just having that chirp. Definitely I it's just a couple of other seer, obviously, we're both curious about Aaron Sanchez how he's gonna look for sure. Is he going to have thought you had I is going to increase velocity, our secondary pitches work in does he feel more comfortable because he's been missing lot of time with blisters and it just hasn't. He's never really had that proper development that we've wanted out of Aaron Sanchez other guys consider to lose, Luke Weaver. I'm curious how he's going to do against the dodgers. If he has a dodgers that actually might indicate O'Hare the fast food chain of command is back, and you might have pitch to show too. So I'm curious about that one Michael Pineda against Indians that could be very sneaky play over the weekend concerning the door, and maybe Pineda is whipping out that's lighter and killing bats all the time. That's why I'm gonna be saying from now on killing bats. Kill killing bad. There's also McCue against the raise. I wanna see how he looks after a terrible spring way Miley against the raise maybe that becomes cheap. Windsor people in twelve teams where people just want to do with Miley position be really fun to weaken. I mean, we get to see these guys pitch. What do you got or hang Lopez? Liked him as a prospect with Milwaukee in talking up, and then they had Colorado Springs in there. In their system, and they had to send their AAA guys in. He got absolutely obliterated there. And it really seemed to kinda de rail him for a decent bit of see. Now. He's in the he's in the Casey system had a little something something going at the end of last year, including a little seven it was like seven or eight innings of perfect game that he went into. That's just one start. But I've always been intrigued by Hori Lopez. He someone who could sneak up and actually prevent present some viability down the line. I think could be a better than even Brad Keller, by the way, I think there's some strikeout. Potential hor- halo has some really eager to see what he does this weekend as well. That's definitely interesting. I I wonder if people remember getting burned by Lopez with three home runs and seventy seven hundred runs in an inning on his on September twentieth. Last year. That was. Yeah. Because that I'm sure they do because it was after the big outing at Minnesota. He threw eight ended up being eight innings of one hit one run ball. They had a strike out against the twins again three and runs. Not so good. And then the tiger. And then you probably like, well, it's at the Tigers. Let me just, you know, member to not not not just two weeks ago did Heathrow seven perfect. Let me run Horry Lopez out here, and it was probably a season killer for some. I could totally see exactly streaming pitching. Did Horry Lopez kill your season. And then I think this is one I try not to overreact things. If I'd started him in this one in it caused me a season I'll ever put other Horry Lopez on a team again. Right. That's that's bringing up. That's why bring it up exactly. The literally never do it again. But I'm Drake want to see what he can do. There can be some swing and miss to his game at times we didn't see a ton of it last year either. So what we'll see if he can get there be maybe a better Brad Keller with some of his stuff because he has a little bit of a deeper arsenal. And a similar swing administrate but can amplify. It will be still just twenty six years old. So there's a lot of folks to watch hopefully guys can enjoy the weekend. Nick, what have you got slated for the weekend? He just watch an all baseball, or do you have anything that you got to do to kinda fill any adult duty? I am going to be doing at least one gift breakdown on one of these guys. I don't know. I have two one of them drops like twelve strikeout game. I mean, I. Love to do Bryce Wilson. Yes. I think my buddy e is gonna do the pub Lopez game on the site because remember in from like years ago. He's he's coming back as the Jake free agai exactly so he's he's coming back at them really excited about that. But I'm just curious. I want you to strike Attlee seven batters that's going to be doing praying for that to happen. Yeah. We focus a lot on guys who could be available in stuff. But there's plenty of fully roster guys that we're going to be watching and help in that they go off. And you know, I wanna see Nathan evolving, maybe go deep into a game that could be fun. So all right, Nick, we will reconvene next week. We should be back on the weekly outside of, you know, every once in a while due to scheduling or whatever, but for the most part the firesides are back each week. And these first few weeks are really going to be locked in on trying to get you some folks that maybe you wanna take some chances on. And then as we start to get some innings piled up. We'll start to break down certain guys. Is that we all were excited about during the winter that are failing us the way the way this was both by the way, we should give hat tip to our boy way out cat cassia. Thank you so much man for making this thing happen. You're one person. Had a heck of a game. I had to have heck of outing yesterday. Only one five and two thirds starred to rose struggle there in that third inning. But I like seeing the swings and misses. The law city was fine. I think there was some concerns about his velocity in spring. I believe but he's at ninety five five which is in line with ninety five eight hind of what we saw last year at this time. I'm fine. I'm fine with that a forty one percent change up rate though. Right. I mean, that's amazing and everything like. I liked what I see from him. I it is funny though. I just want see just show me ninety six in April. You want that premium? I know you're worried that he might be a cold, weather or warm weather guy, really gets warm weather. So we'll see if maybe a cold weather starting next week or something really get him in that forty degrees for C. Can he can he amp up? You know, it happens guy Punti guys admit to it. And it's not just Hispanic born players you guys from California, southern California or Texas say get me in that Chicago weather Choubey in the face. I don't want that. So I was terribly cold. I hated it every time it's it's a terrible thing to pitch through. So I hate existing in the cold baseball. All right. Let's put him in the icebox and see how he does. Let's see Milwaukee at home, which could absolutely be a cold game on on April third in Cincinnati. So we'll see how that goes for all right now, we're finding rapid talk to you next week have YouTube take care.

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