The Great Gildersleeve 48-09-29 (297) Name the Baby Contest


In the Kraft Foods Company Presents Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of Parque Margarine millions of women all over America Serve Parque because it tastes so good lie, parque tastes like it should cost prices much. To Mike. Home. P. A. R., K. A. Y.. Parque margarine made by craft. Well, let's see what's feels water commissioners doing more. Strides into the office. Look purpose breakfast ready to accomplish great things. Good, morning. Nice to see you on the ball, Bessie! Nice to see you working. Here. Bessie, whereas owner bill that basketball collector hours couldn't get the water. Commissioner is GonNa get it today turnoff. Somebody's wanting. At bill must be six months old should have been brought to my attention a long ago. Where is it on your? Sleep. How long has it been there? Six months. Must be halfway down this. Prion. Lynn Desk Bessie keeps for me and even see the water cooler over the top. bessie, this pile has grown overnight. At least same. Let's see. Secular from the mother's Helberg laundry. How did they get my name? And Brothers tiny tot shop. Baby Foods get a baby in the house away. Five hundred salesman know about it. Robbery radio is one in early this morning. I told him to come back who bessie. Salesman. Don't have time for baby salesman here at the office with this brand entirely too much time talking salesman. That'll never get US anyway. He got me three latches last week. Heightened salesman Chrissy, let's find a water bill. That's another thing you have to learn. When you start something, follow it through. I will sleep. He's taking to dinner tonight. Let's see who that is. If it's at salesman, Telhami not in. Of business that. You think. Is Missing against them. Not. Those are I'm too busy. I'll Bet Henry Kaiser and talk to everybody I don't think. I have something to get him. Out Now. Thousand I'm not that busy. Bessie? What's the telling people not? Me, that's me all right coming in Mr Armstong. Strong, well, a fine own. Come on industry. I'm strong. Close the door. Betsy I'm not in. Thousand Dollars A. You're not the man who told me that. Stock and the Old Faithful Oil Company in Nineteen, twenty nine. You Know No. Sit Down Mr Armstrong. Thank you. Thank you. And this is a thousand dollar insurance policy I'm offering you give me back to God. I'm giving you the Policy Mr Gillis. Meet to hold, entrust be obeyed. Chance has quite a few friends. They got together and bought our little go to college policy. Well, who did that? An organization known as the Jolly Boy Jolly blaze. Here's this guy. Let me, let it for you. Thank you. The Jolly Boys I knew they were found that me but I didn't think they were so crazy about my baby. Isn't that Nice thinking in my little baby? Well, I helped them think of. I. Well I. Appreciate It, and so does the baby and. Together sleeve is fill out this fall. Be Glad to. The. Name parent or Guardian. and Dr Martin. BILLERS Two one seven ELM street. Summer failed. NAME OF INSURED! Name of insured the baby's name I just happen to think he doesn't have a name. I found in the back of my car last month. Well I did. Wasn't there? Some identification pinned honour well. It was a pin, but no identification. What are you calling? We call her baby. Well when you have a name for just give me a ring at this number, but I'll hold. Oh, and I'll get on it right away day a good day. Mr Armstrong. Bessie best judgment around the telephone. Tell Him I'm coming right over. and. I found the link with water. Be Thousand Dollars for baby, if what Waterville going to collect a day or turn out his wires back in the pile messy. Those leakers expect me to do neglect my baby's education. Hello Gal. That was a nice thing. Nice thing in the jolly boys did for the baby always man over very consider them you judge. Thank you farsighted to when she comes of college age. We want to be sure she has the proper side. Because, if she still in your care galleys, you'll need the money what who knows eighteen years from now you may not even be water commissioner. You may be hobbling around reading meters. Now see here is king. Don't kid so close to home. Judge? Have you found anything yet about the baby's family and can get checking. You've been checking homework. They don't even have a name to put on the insurance policy. Well, then the circumstances advice to you is to name her yourself that legal camp rarely she's a member. Your household guilty, so gather your little family around the conference table and name the instant. May the baby. Be Fun just one thing yelling. Let me admonish you to select a name with utmost. Naturally. It'll mean a great deal to the She grows and flowers into womanhood. I remember how much my name meant me. Horace. Yes guilty, Horace Greeley Hooker for Horace Greeley. Judge. What are you doing? Opening the window? I've always taken that name very serious. Don't take it that seriously. Don't jump judge. I am just looking out over the horizon. Horace for Horace Greeley that eminent early American journalists it was he who advised the new generation. Go West Young Man. Move. As a matter of fact, as exact words were, and I quote verbatim. If you have no friends, no family to me, you know prospect open to you their turn your face to the Great Western yummy. Where are you going going with Jon? Don't pull out of the window. Fine little dinner verdy. Leroy full Napkin now the Cup of Coffee Mr guilty coffee, not tonight. Birdie you can clear the table Yes and join us as soon as you can. You be interested in this little family conference. Yes, soon as I get baby ready for Beta. The Big Sheikh when I think to do children. You'll be happy to know that today. The jolly boys presented me with a thousand dollars. Go to college insurance policy. GonNa take. All that's wonderful. So, he can be A. So tonight you've got to decide upon a name for name. That's right okay Mary. Moore. You come back here. We're going to give this a little thought. My drink. And me the family album about. Well, it's not a bad idea to pick a family name. Thank you. Did would there. I'll take an Sarah here. When they ran the railroad through her house, he picked up. Quite a little money might name her Sarah. I'm. Then there's an hetty. Derby? The fat little. Boy Matai Fat Marjorie. That's me I was still growing. I'll. People in their corning now no I don t the telephone directory. Naturally I'll go look a lot of people pick names out of directory. Will I don't know when it random? House Adele Uncle Adele. Keep going. Movie Star. Girls. Jinx Falkenburg Ginger Rogers the by Donald Mural. Thirty five. Fica and little research, you sit right there. Don't get any ideas about the movies until we're through. Marjorie Marjorie. What are you doing? Just ran across. An old girlfriend named the telephone boom. My goodness I got so much to Chat Marjorie terminate the conversation. Goodbye. Goodbye now mighty I suppose we can continue the family conference occurs. What's that? He might, Honk. Naming the baby don't live. Much gassed. Teenagers I haven't sitting here like a little boy. League tomorrow all Right Leroy. You might as well go. and. Here. Don't come back with anything like trigger. George! If you want to get something done, do it yourself. o'brady, yes. Well baby came into. Say Night Great. With the basket. Right here on the chair ready. Maybe, she'll have some ideas. We're going to give her name Brady that good. Time A. Oh you this evening. Little? Shake hands on my finger. How do You. But do you think you should be called a little girl? I don't think I can spell. Birdie. Do you have any ideas? Guilty I think a person ought to have a name. I agree with that. What do you mean well just like they're saying? The heart books followed fan. Well there's assigned everything batting, but we don't know her birthday. She back fixed months old, so she could be everywhere, Aquarius. Fan of the great presidents now we're not gonNA call a baby George Abraham. Arshi, she could be a march. I sees. Is that good Birdie? It isn't this case you're the why commissioner neck are signed. Our getting someplace baby, you're the water commissioners little disease. A. On the other hand. You've got a lot of good traits. Come under Jim Jim. Course that. Really pit. Go this friendly. terrier. Then there's Leo and. Now that the good. If. We can't name the baby after all signs. That little roly poly got the good qualities of all twelve. HAVE TO CALL A. Salad detail neon. Guilty! Lot of cooperation. A man gets around this house. Come on, baby. That's the best suggestion yet. Sure to stay tuned in tonight because Parque Margarine has a big surprise for you. Have Your Pencil and paper handy to? Then you'll be prepared for the big news. The comes at the end of this program. Well let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve. His Agile brain cells are still beating themselves against the Stone Wall drives to think of a name for the new baby. Perhaps a mid morning cup of coffee will help. Can your friendly neighborhood Dougie's do for you this morning? Well have a cup of coffee and PV I. WanNa, thank you jolly. Boys for that. Go to college. Policy bought for the baby. Cute Guy we were very happy to do it. Meeting tonight one. Miss It. Now. Do you suppose you can serve me that Hot Cup of coffee? NOTATING LAG can. You know. A man was in here the other morning and the active reserve aid. Leak everywhere. No refraction together. With. Him that was a little witticism in eighteen ninety. As your eggs! Let's have the coffee I have things on my mind, right? Before I can even fill out the policy I have to think of a name for the baby. Have, a name to go the same name as every drugstore. Damp machine. What's this PB at least demand head? Well can't send a girl a college a lot of name. And maybe write a little family certainly didn't come up with anything. It isn't exactly sanitary keeping stamps catcher. Look like is entirely up to me on the other hand I. Don't know how my regular customers created by. Feel about what putting ten cents in the machine and only getting nine. Fan. Count founded peavy. We're not talking about stamp machines I am. Considered installing one government now. Man Suggested I. Put it right over here, but news your all right, go ahead. Talk About Your Stanton Machine. Get Out of your system. And maybe we can talk about a name for my baby mammoth. The only thing I always enjoy talking about what the customer wants to talk about why. Any suggestion from you well I suggest it. We put it right by the door. What the Stamp Machine Oh my goodness! Very ingenious machines for a dime. You can get three three and for nickelodeon. For Two cents pennies don't tread together. I'm. Here good walk! Commission I've done everything a babacan. Do thanks no, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Face looks like given shaving yourself commissioner. For the time you get here insanity, you don't need a shave need of organizing job is. Now Floyd. An now we go. Busy. Sorry commissioning been in for so long I forgot how the blood rushes defeat. Wasn't quite ready. Come up, floyd I was thinking yeah. Floyd. Have you heard of any good girls names lately? Oh, that's it. What's the matter commissioner child named? Give you the sack no. Matter of fact I've been seeing. Add line more than ever just branching out. What maybe I can help you at that? It's a little address book I found the last winter. Must have fell out of somebody's hit pockets. I have no for an address book. Only one name the baby. Yeah, this one's loaded with. This. Maggie Simeon. Mimi Simpson Classy? Away, floyd I'm not going to name the baby that way. Okay, don't say I didn't try to help. Let me even up. Decide They committed. If you're really stuck for a name, why don't you let me call the? Love, he's got swell ideas for names. She named herself loving. Thanks wide. You can't beat a woman's touch. Something they're going to think of it. I haven't discussed the baby's name of that line. My just drop by on my way home. All then commissioned at the season's again what? You're seeing misfit. I better trim the lip with the fringe on top. Oh well none an idea. Bigger time. See. A few names down before I forget them. Nancy That was bessie suggestion. Mimi Man Scraping the bottom of the barrel when he starts getting names out of lost address books. Eight intact mall but I didn't know you come, and so I had to do a little cramped. Little need to print for me I'm just a neighbor small. I've always been one to encourage the good neighbor. Is Nice perfume line. Thank you times. It's frightfully expensive. That if you. Put it behind molesting. The reason I came over at line to get your health and naming the baby. Oh, you're gonNA give cute, little owl and a name. Yeah, there's even harder the new thing. I've been racking my brain two days I. don't see why should be so difficult rathmell. Named after somebody near via to. Well. We sorta gave up on family names. In the nearest vera isn't necessarily a member of the family. Nearest and dearest you. So Giralda de with than anyone else. The Jolly Boys. Is. He jealously like that to think you prefer the company of the Jolly boys to me. I was thinking of tonight at line. It's regular meeting Oh. No I am on again. Ask me WHO's dearest and nearest six nights a week. He's. Been Doing. You're writing a note on that envelope. Girls names in your. Yes? On. Track more. He. WHO's that meaning? Just? The name I picked up in the barber shop. I'm only looking for a name for the baby. Campbell up an ad line. You can just go to those jolly boy. He'd rather be with Elliott Jolly girl. Illicitly. Or Right. On the Jolly Boys Goodbye. Even when you're right, you can't explain things. Let's just GONNA. Work out great. The jolly boys furnish the policy. They have a right to help him. The baby imagine line wanting to name the baby after her. Vain women. You're here early. You follow are naming the baby I really been mulling over. You have and sitting on commission. Before I give him an idea. Here's a little something for the baby. You shouldn't have done it, Floyd. Admit one floyd's barber shop. At. Hair Bob Commissioner on the how? About the name. Commission to me and the Missus don't have no family so. I never had a kid named after me. What's his floyd? What do you think of flow flow floyd? Had Really. And I think it over commissioned inflow flow. Come on. Man. opened up a coke then we get on with the meeting at the open exchange of police with a bottle opener. Law I have a word with you. What is the Judge Kelley? I've always considered myself very close to your family now about the name for the baby. Yes, Horace, what do you think of Hortense? Hortense. Four tenths. I Dunno John John Dory well. Before you open the meeting yes yeah. Cheap about the this name, the baby, yes, Donald it, being girl, but do you think of Donna Oh. My goodness you to achieve. You asked for a suggestion. Coke Michio thanks be the I can use one well. Let's the meeting underway. Yeah. I've been giving the name. Thought and I came up late Friday cute all right out with. When do you think of p? And I thought women were. Met. With all you probably wanting to name the baby few, what's wrong with Donna? It's my mother's name over and Selena flows better than that. Meeting the. Don't try to lawyer this thing. Is Accuracy. Up Everybody I've already made my decision. Yeah, until we can peacefully decide on a name. We'll go on calling her baby. Maybe we shouldn't be fighting anyway. Of course, we shouldn't fellas where all jolly boy. When Kate had. Heck with the name. Let's have a little song. Nice Election Floyd. Lena. A. Heart to call her. Cheese my he. A. Can now her mother? I. The Great Gildersleeve. Has They have a name for the baby? There's no doubt about that, and that means news for you tonight. Parque announces a series of weekly big prize contests by naming the Gildersleeve mystery baby. You can win the new nineteen, forty-nine Ford, and maybe Grand Bonus Prize of one thousand dollars in cash. Just listen to all of these prizes for big beautiful streamline Ford sedans will be one. One each week for five weeks twenty and all and every week for five weeks. Parque will also award or General Electric Table. Radios Twenty Corey coffee makers. Twenty postmaster automatic pop up toasters, sixty new ten dollar bills that seven hundred twenty one prizes in all and remember the person who sends in the name finally chosen gets one thousand dollars in addition to his nineteen, forty, nine four so think. Think of a name for the Gildersleeve mystery baby. She's a small blonde baby girl. Then right your choice on an entry blink. They're available at your food dealers with complete contest rules, or if you prefer, you can use plain piece of paper. Send entry with one red flat from the end of a package of Parque Margarine and your name and address to Parque Margarine Fox, seven three six Chicago. Chicago seventy-seven, Illinois, be sure to enclose your name and address of Your parque dealer. Remember got an entry blank from your dealer. Don't forget the red end flat from a package parque go after one of those twenty nine hundred forty nine fords, their big handsome high-powered today. Send your entry. The parque Margarine Fox, seven three six Geragos seventy-seven Illinois Hurry. The first week's contest closes at midnight October sixteen. Well a little baby, and did you hear that? We've asked all friends to help. Find a name for you. Like that. Makes you feel pretty important, doesn't it? It'll be a lot of fine names coming in to choose from, so please folks sending your names for baby. Local more needs help on. They're saying. Well I do good night. Days allies maker who puts the? Prices come down. He uses a bargain in new quickly. Actually chooses the main dish food opprobium. I'll for no other basic food matches for high politics program for calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients from milk. Pasteurized proper varieties always melting perfect for cooking, ask for media mental craft. Americans sharp old English offer. It yet mild cheddar flavor famous cheese food VELVEETA. Rise Serve Christie. Golden good cheese often. There's his NBC the National Broadcasting Company.

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