NFL Week 12 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes And Football Guy Of The Week


On today's part of my take football week twelve recap all of it. We're in the best week of the year for sports while maybe not the best we could sports but best. We can football because football every single day for the next seven days. Eight days nine days whatever it may be more right in the middle. I love it I love it all right. So we're going to recap all week twelve. We're excited A pretty good Sunday not great but a pretty good some good games We have a football guy the week we have. WHO's back and we've fastest two minutes before we do all that dough? Pardon my takes brought to you by the cash APP. Aws listen up because we have a massive news for all Degenerate gamblers out there. CASH APP is coming in white hot this upcoming cyber Monday. Twelve to creating super bad beats Monday and blowing out. Our regular bad beats Monday by hand selecting the worst beats to give away ready for this. PFC Hit me. Twenty five thousand dollars in cash. Holy Holy Shit. 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If you don't do this you're missing out on the chance for free money. Thanks cash up and thank you. Awol download download the cash APP from the APP store. Google play store today okay. Let's go and I AH welcome to part of my tape presented by the cash APP. Use Hashtag like Super Bad Beats Monday. We're giving away twenty five thousand dollars in cash on cyber Monday next Monday. You gotTA listen to the ad for all the details today. Today is Monday November Twenty Fifth Week Twelve. We start in Western for New York. Where Josh Allen Iverson was palming the ball with his giant hands crossing up the Broncos all afternoon long in a touching tribute to future hall of Famer? Frank Gore for the bills were going. The Denver Defense in the running of the balls as frank was tea bagging the opponent dragging his nothing to third all time. NFL rushing last. I asked for the other side of the ball. It's clear Brandon Walker Allen has shoved into the starting role tooth soon pushing the broncos further up the draft board for twenty twenty twenty verbal mean T.J. No one absolutely no one not a soul. The Buffalo Bills Cohen Circles Circle the wagons bills twenty broncos three and west. Let's kick it to my good friend. Trey Wingo who's in the house which is filled with rich Mahogany. Ready for the bears. Giant's game it was Mitch Palooza by the Lake on Sunday is the bears. Were keeping it old school featuring a subpar quarterback in an elite Defense Pat Shurmur is in a giant glass case of emotion as giants fans aren't even met their impressed. How bad he's coach? This team Daniel Jones told US teammates remain calm. We've got to keep our composure composure. As he hooked up with stay Golden Pony boy tate for a late score. The giants couldn't sniff out a winning for quarters because I hear that bearskin smelter periods. And you're you're not my boy blue today. Hey trae are Jones and manning brothers no yes bears nineteen giants giants fourteen and diarrhea town where the steelers met the bengals. And Mike Tomlin told Mason Ramsey. Rudolph if you ain't got no Giddy giddy out my way as the big face quarterback was benched in the third quarter in relief. Came Devlin. Hodges who through Gordon Bombay's to his receivers making the bengals secondary look like it was smoking crack Tyler. The Creator Boyd was a fucking walking paradox. With one hundred yards receiving on the bengals otherwise anemic offense that looks poised for an odd odd future. Can the steelers catch Tomlin Sanity. Down the stretch steeler sixteen bengals ten some spread. Don't big breezy. Where the Saints Offense Look? Highly caffeinated again led by a tall glass of mountain drew. Michael Thomas put up a junior bacon making double fifty burger and receiving yards and the grill was jared cooking up the Burgers all afternoon as a tight end at one hundred score himself. The panthers offense was no pussy Zicot's either as they got a late John Travolta from Christian slater McCaffrey who couple broken arrow. The game came down to kick her. So as Carolina's Joey Walk. Doc Don't you look like he was a member of the poo poo balls as will triple Lutz. No landing to cap off the winning six thirty four thirty one in the meadowlands where the raiders tried to town. The jets Derek Carr drove his car into a Bryant. ooh ooh no offense to my personal friend. Keith Moon Rip. As Oakland left their offense at a black hole Robbie Louie Anderson got fat off the raiders secondary eating a large plate of gangrene eggs in Sam. darnold that is Jon. gruden tried to wash this loss down with a long. That bottle of Mike's art hard. Lemonade as the raiders. Were truly thinks. Truly for being a sponsor back jets. Thirty four raiders. Three off the corner Jameis Winston Tampa Florida such find side to see. It's not seat Dame Quinn can stop God win t the eighties and the media is derangement syndrome box. Thirty five Dhaka's twenty-two we weren't really EH teams route John Maryland where the lions faced off against the Redskins a Mitch sold the team protests into stance and Dwayne Wade Hoskin Brockton. He got his ass out in the post game locker room for taking not drug Bo. Chicks Dick Scarborough's had another big day and Logan Paul. Thomas must hung out in the suicide forest also known as a redskins into all we are is tossed in the wind. Hopkins kicked came winter. And Jeffrey Dahmer Driscoll can of all out as he murdered Alaska. The Lion Seasons Corpse redskins sixteen the Lions every winter between the months Johnson Tober through March. Thousands of dolphins are confined and brutally killed in small towns across Japan. mm-hmm sounding rods beneath the water surface interfere with the Dolphin. Sonar once disoriented and he closed within the nets Dolphin's panic mothers and babies call out in distress as they are separated voiced it up and dragged off seemed to be mercilessly hacked to death. Dolphins Twenty twenty four browns forty one in Philadelphia where personal I do is win. Switch wince was in a lot of Tepe eight as the Eagles offensive line. Didn't hold hold up for their franchise quarterback for chess quarterback boom shot penny hardaway caught. Pete Carroll's I as they bonded over their love of giving improper benefits. It's not so Doug Funny Peterson in Philadelphia right now as the Eagles have the beats seahawks. Seventeen Eagles nine got great white north. We'll break off. Hamilton in tiger-cats had a friendly meet with the Winnipeg blue bombers three different quarterbacks. The Blue bombers took two hundred twenty two yards passing. That's what I call. The dude did giving the blue bombers pop on the way to victory at feels like Nineteen Ninety the peg as Mike. Oh say can you see out told Hamilton head coach Orlando Orlando Canada steinhauer leading the tumble bees to the first grade cup championship in three decades. Blue bombers thirty three tiger cats twelve or Canada. Got It off forty three roses twelve Ruta right week. Twelve in the books we all night. Actually we do a game. I always say that though you know it feels good. But that's just bonus football. We watched football day and it feels like we accomplished something. I mean end of the week so week twelve I was gonna say the worst part about the season ending is isn't the fact that we don't have next Sunday to look forward to. It's that when the Monday night game. Stop that that's a tough pill to swallow. It always coincides with the ballgame stopping. So what do I do on Monday nights now. You got nothing to look for big Monday. That's true yeah big Monday. I got big money and then the championship Game College Football on the thirteenth. Oh He's got big Monday. Okay Okay so you can watch us by the way parcel gold dot com slash. PMT We are live right now. Let's start as we always do with the Sunday night game and then we work backwards. I'm not going to say the F. Word but ideal say this on Friday that I'm going to continue to consider the packers semi Af. Were no because their defense is not for real and their offense. Does this thing where you now have to to cases of it. The charger chargers game. And this game. So it's basically just west coast where they looked atrocious. They looked so bad right. Aaron Rodgers sucks on the west coast. I was running the numbers on him. I I think he's something like one in five in the last ten years well west coast. Here's here in California. He's a cowboy. He goes home he gets too comfortable. Here's the problem. PF T it looks like the forty niners the best team in the NFC. which I think everyone's been kind of flirting with for the last for the whole season? Yeah but it really is kind of cemented the last few weeks. And then if there if there's you want to say maybe there's a team that that could be challenging them for that. Oh It's the sea hawks. Guess what both those teams the West Coast. Yeah so the packers WanNa go to the Super Bowl you gotta go to the West Coast. We've looks like that. We can't help but flirt with the forty. niners Jimmy's play. He's that smile the DNC commence the couch and figured out that it seems pretty easy to to put your quarterback in a position to win is just run a lot of bootlegs run shit like in every single play to a fake hand off to play action into bootleg and then you just have a brand new pocket and you're out in the middle of nowhere you can make a clean throw. He's he's like the only coach coach that is figured out like it's not necessarily. I don't WanNA use the word rinky-dink but I think a lot of coaches think it's rinky-dink too. Many bootlegs make my guy says sock it. You don't have to so Shanahan. The Shanahan Way Jack Plum they show is look good on the bootleg. You see Mike Shanahan in the booth today and is could ever read like a like a Lizard lizzard that was number two million. His skin just adapts to whatever color shirt. He's wearing the red to be that color right now but Yeah the forty. The niners are very very much real. It's not again this is not like some new thing that we've stumbled upon. It's just when you watch them time and time again now. They're playing a lot more games on on primetime. Their defense is fucking ferocious. They feel like they have all the guys who can run like four four forty s and also oh are two hundred and eighty pounds and can shed every single offensive lineman. I think that's a force buckner. Might be the scariest defense alignment and Emma Bosa. Almost able to shrugs so their their defense is incredible. And then Oh yeah looks like when you get your Pro Bowl tight end. Maybe the best tight end in the League Greg Kitto back. Your offense looks a little bit more competent than it did with his absence. You see the news about him that he was. He was playing with a broken bone in his ankle. I'm sure he was. Yeah which actually. That's not as bad as a sprain though right a broken an ankle true. You'd almost rather break it get surgery. So yes Alabama ankle. But he's out there and he's catching passes like no one around him and I don't know how they get this wide open even in the middle of the field all the time but they constantly do Yup The forty niners look really really good do you. Are you worried about as as a packer. Owner and apologised discussing. I don't even fake fan of there's not a fake fan. Did Matt floor has looked like he's had his pants down a couple of times this year. I was more concerned when they showed Matt leflore and Aaron Rodgers on the sideline and third quarter. They were both standing by themselves. Yup and they were both like next to each other in a way but just not looking over any of the trauma center at Packer. Fans are GonNa get triggered because guess what it's a rare day where the bears won in the packers lost but all I'm saying is the packers will go to the playoffs. But do you feel confident. If you're packer fan and you're looking in the mirror you wake up on on Monday morning. You look in the mirror. Do you feel confident with your team. I'm in the playoff football. Probably not no. Probably not the secondary doesn't look very good. It's very you know what needs to happen. Just Aaron Rodgers invented catchphrase. This is the time of year that he does it and he. He's still error still. Has that ability where I wouldn't be shocked if he puts the you know the team on on his back and wins game in the playoffs where they probably have no business this winning. But I'm just the the the defense that everyone talked about at the beginning of the season Turns out they were just playing Mitch. trubisky yeah you WanNa say the word fraught. You're just looking at though. Dude uh-huh you throw fraud around like you're tossing Mardi gras right about this one I am. I wouldn't use the F. Word just yet. A lot can happen in between they're going to get some guys healthy he actually have no idea if that's true but you can always say we're GonNa get a guy that always works. The other way for the packers like blogger went out today. Yeah that was actually tough. Packers do have have. I'll say something nice about the packers does seem like they have really bad injury luck every single year every year every year. It really does Okay so let's go. ooh backwards in time. We'll start with the one o'clock we'll start with the Tampa Bay Bucks in the Atlanta Falcons Bucks Win Thirty five twenty two I. I Love James Winston. It has gone from a lost. It went from this guy's a joke to lost too. I got James One of one in my life realize there's a derangement syndrome by major media members. You've been red pilled. I've been red pill Jameis. Winston is one of one of if not my favorite quarterback in the NFL because of the comedy because you can just always like you know. He leads the league this year in three hundred yard games. I did not know that he has eight of them. He has eight of them. He's six multiple touchdown interception game. He's gotTa be close to being the best passing league right now yards watch he has. He started this game in Jameis. Winston fashion you went interception touchdown interception not touchdown touchdown. He had three touchdowns thousand two interceptions just in the first half. I think I figured out what his problem is. So he's not going to. He's not going to get his eyes fixed. He's not gonNA get laser surgery. Yup He's not gonNA wear glasses or REC specs. Even though that would be amazing if you went out there with coke bottle like Horn rim type lassus. It'd be perfect. He's not going to do any of that. He just needs bigger targets that make it easier for him to to see them. So he threw a touchdown pass to via Who is the heaviest player in? NFL history to catch. Ever catch a touchdown pass which inter forty seven pounds also is named named after coldplay song which I guess is pretty cool so I guess he's a pound heavier than Jonathan Ogden will use some pounds. Heavier listed. Three forty was Jonathan Ogden. And I and eight pounds heavier than Kelvin. Benjamin so he just needs like bigger like he can throw the ball to Mike Evans. We know that he's a big dude. Godwin's Unbelieva Godwin is really really good. Godwin's law because he loves areas And I think he just needs to find a set of wide receivers that can kinda size up up to the year of the player the easier it is for James to identify them running through space. He's I'm being honest right now. He's going to be twenty six in January. You really wouldn't like I. I know we we laugh. And he does make a bunch of mistakes and he is the first or sorry the second quarterback in the last twenty years to have twenty interceptions. Eleven Games. The other one to do it. This is probably speaks to why I'm in love. With James Winston was Jay Cutler in two thousand nine But there I feel like there's something you could build something with James Winston. He's young enough. He shows enough. Marcus Mariota Jameis. Winston thing has been undecided for a while. Now but James Lee Witt has. Yeah I mean Marcus. Mariota has was benched for Ryan Tannehill. But we're sure that James is much much better. Yes okay. Marietta was bench for Ryan Tannehill. Marcus Mariota also made the playoffs. Okay Marcus Mariota was benched for Ryan Tannehill. I'm aware I don't know how many times it's the six year bump for Tannehill you. The dyson Marcus Mariota. No definitely not but Jamie's there's enough you basically. Maybe maybe I'll put it this way. All right he may never be a great quarterback but he will be a quarterback for a long time because everyone will look at them and be like I can just if I can get him to not throw three picks a game. That's a pro bowl. Yeah the only thing with him is i. Don't see James Winston ever being back quarterback he's not a good back-up no he's he's the guy that you put out there and you roll the dice and you say fuck it let James. Kobe Jameson. Tame Tame one hundred miles an hour into a brick wall. But you don't actually. I can't imagine him being ineffective backup. You know what I'm saying though because every every coach any any every. NFL coach treats themselves like their cowboy. Ready to you know Russell down a wild horse and being on the guy who's GonNa make this Horse Source Kentucky. Derby winner was the bad boys effect. It's like I can change him. I'm the one who can get him to stop throwing three picks game So and he has Jamie Swinson. Does there's enough of the other stuff where you can say. If I can just limit the turnovers. He could be a guy. The other big news about this game was Dan. Quinn might not have completely. We found the locker room now. He's back he's all the way back. Dan Quinn Yeah for today. Oh Yeah Oh. Yeah he's back to doing Dan Quinn stuff because he kicked a field goal with eight eight minutes left in the game to make it a to score game from a to some to score. They were down eight points. Twenty eight thirteen and it was fourth down with with eight minutes left in the game and kicked a field goal to make it twenty eight sixteen. But that's what Dan Quinn knows he just whenever he gets confused with numbers he just goes back to the old the old theory. It's rather have more points than fewer points. I actually think the Dan Quinn at this point he has like the columns that say what you should do. And what you shouldn't do. He just accidentally gently reversed it when he made it in Excel. I think he's following the rules but he's so consistently awful at these in game situations that that's the only explanation explanation that he actually has it written down and he's just been reading the wrong sheet all talk. Well let's say I just got this new computer right now in the scrolling on it is reverse what I'm used to some still getting used to like scrolling down when I need to I don't need. I don't know how to fix this. But that's what Dan Quinn's brain is. Yes when he's looking at an excel table. Well he just grows up from the bottom right. He's like if it's lower on the list that actually means it's lower probability so I'm going to go ahead in just kick it by the way he also punted with five minutes six minutes left in the game. You can't take them with you. You can't take those with six minutes left in the game. WHO's there I know he's zone fifteen but he punted with six minutes left in the game but who who's the coordinator their offense? I'm GonNa Start Keys you and still. It was a nice place. Try Try to save your job. Dan Quinn you get Thursday night football you get the the the game that everyone is half asleep and very drunk on Thanksgiving Day To have the saints come. I'm and just kick the shit out of you with revenge But yeah it was a good try you did you rally the troops for two weeks and then went right back to being Dan Quinn and doing stupid ubad things like kicking a field goal when you're down fifteen to go down twelve in the fourth point so I if you're Arthur Blank Mike and you're looking at your next to coach or are you going to do the thing where you try to go real young and try to get an offense of minden there or do you stick with what you've done for the last twenty years and just have a defensive. Yeah come in there because if so this could be the Great Shana landing spot. That's probably why he walked away from rock. Yeah he's definitely getting a head coaching job in the NFL she auto looks like knows the NFC South Oh he knows the NFC south really well. He's a guy that has coached. I think his entire career in uniforms that are red and black And some sort of gray a if I'm recalling correct. Yeah Yeah. He's a red Wu. He's a red black and gray guys through and through. He's on the Patriot staff for a month. Okay right that counts. Yeah did he get. Did you get team issue. I feel like bell doesn't give those to you until you get into a game burnt orange for a day for the throwbacks the lice the lice. Head Guy Yeah Senate everyone after them. That's true we won't comment on that. Is I think that I don't know I do like how Greg Shadow issued like a Trent dilfer type contract demand upon ruckers. Yeah and wanted the world in exchange for them to allow himself to grace rutgers campus this with his presence. If you if you throw in blue to you have everything. Because I think he was at Penn State and who's at the bears for like a year or two and I think he was. Yeah I think it was Penn State. Because you know we all right well. Okay all right so anyway Greg. Sharon's not going to get this job but it was a nice ride We we talked about it. People are talking about it But yeah this game Jamus. I think they're going to do a bridge year with Jameson. I think they're gonNA I think they're going to keep James and try to corral him. Bruce Arians is just the type of guy he meant. He openly said he's getting fucked up tonight so why not just get fucked up in the end probably call James. Hey Man I want to say I love you. The what you did today was awesome. Bruce Arians has two modes after games. One he's getting fucked up because he's pumped to his getting fucked up because he's pissed off well and he loves to go deep. He loves to shop at Janus is a fun quarterback. You're very fun if you're coaching them at least going to throw the ball around Bruce Arians spent so much time in Arizona with Ryan and Lindley and who stanton yeah various iterations of Drew Stanton. That would come in for Carson Palmer. Whatever he'd get his elbow injured again yup and so he is sick of that type of quarterback to can't even throw the ball now he's got one that can throw it so he might as well just take it out on the highway? See how fast it goes. Also shut out speaking of quarterback shout match shop for getting a silver. Yes I feel like shops gotten a lot. This is just sees in there doing things I love it. I love it. We need that. We need more of that. All right broncos bills else bills are now eight and three. Yep We looked at their schedule coming up it is very difficult. They have cowboys on Thanksgiving. They have I the Ravens at the steelers at the Patriots. So it's GONNA be tough but they're eight and three we should say again. They're eight and three and they absolutely Shit can the the Broncos and didn't let them do anything on offense. The broncos did not get into the red zone stuff. That is ridiculous. And you know John Always looking at Josh Allen. Goddamn like that boy. That is exactly. He's looking at at Josh Allen. Like your neighbor looks at your new truck when he pulled into the driveway. Ah I wish I could get one of those. which by the way? How to Josh Rosen Stat Line? I saw that ten for twenty five eighty two yards an interception. How how you throw the ball twenty five times only eighty two yards? I do not know stuff they need to get through out there. Show off some of his body. Incomplete you need to get him out there and then the other big story from this game mm is Frank Gore third all time rushing so he's now just behind Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton. He passed Berry Sanders. So I have some Frank Gore stuff a for you. Well first of all anytime someone jumps on goes up on the rushing board it just more of a reminder how ridiculous Barry Sanders yes because you only played ten seasons and I looked it up and barry sanders averaged five yards a carry. That's insane average estimate. How what year is this for Gore right now? This is year fifteen so he had a five hundred more carrie and Barry Sanders and he just pass them. Emmett Smith had almost. Oh he had fourteen hundred more calories than Barry Sanders so Barry Sanders again. I don't want to steal from frank moment but if you if you didn't see see Barry Sanders played gorgeous youtube it because he was that ridiculous ultime shoulder pads guy to alternate shoulder. Boxers shoulder pads this. Yeah this is Barry Sanders record. I always think of him as being the all time leading rusher not right. It's it's one of those things with it had it. If you WanNa you just WANNA in Emmett Smith has it and it's like okay like yeah he Emmett Smith did it for a really long time too. Good job. Yeah you know what. I'm saying. Who you want Walter? Payton or Barry Sanders. Everybody ahead of Barry Sanders on the list of an Asterix next to the name and then underneath where it identifies advised that means just as did not play for the lions. Yeah or yeah or Asterix Bear. Remember Barry Sanders just all of a sudden yeah not playing for the Lions is basically a performance performance enhancing drug all right so here is the Frank Gore Stat though. That is incredible that he needs all the credit in the world for so this is his fifteenth season. He has led every single legal team. He's been on in rushing in that season. That is insane insane. Is it happening again. This year is happening again this year. He's about a hundred yards ahead of single. Terry I believe right now but he is so. Then here's the other part. He has In his career there have been two hundred and forty regular season games. He played in two hundred and twenty of them. So Oh he's basically just never been never gets her he get he in in I think it was Fourteen fourteen thirteen or fourteen seasons. He played in fourteen or more the game. I think frank core is really good at falling down. There's an art to getting tackled. I think we're talking with Erin foster about that like a year and a half ago. There's an art to being tackled and not getting singer. Yeah on your way down which Erin foster probably not the best example of that but Gore is a perfect example of like maybe he doesn't. He doesn't move fast enough to ever hit the ground violent right right and this isn't like one of those things where he's in his fifteenth season. And it's a pity party. He's still producing. Yeah I mean he's not there feature back really I mean. Even though he's leading the team in rushing right now but he still going out there and getting positive he. He'll o clock. Wh what is his average per carry. If you had to guess over the course of Oh I have you like three point nine four point three so progressive better than I thought it would be better than Emmitt Smith. Yeah he just. He melts the clock. He's like a salvador. Dali painting in the Backfield you can just it's like playing madden and then going to the main menu you and selecting the accelerated clock whenever you put frank right play like you ever. Do you ever say like fuck it. Let's just play two minute quarters or three minute cores. I don't know what the minimum is. Basically it's just one possession one possession. Yeah is it time right now to start asking about Sean. McDermott possible. Coach of the year That's like the sweet spot for coach of the year. Coaching in your smaller market team and elevating them beyond what their expectations are. The odds are not going to give it to check. We know that by the can't give it to a falcons coach. They have to give it till like an also ran from an AFC north or in AFC. Yes so I had Brian floors had gotten to like four or five win. I would have given him my coach. That your vote okay. which I don't have have? I still think it's going to probably be Kyle Shanahan just picking like Oh best team. Hasn't won it yet but I also would give it to my top. He's done a pretty good job a very good job. We'll get the steelers put if the playoffs started. Today the Pittsburgh steelers would succeed. macdermott doesn't get enough shine because he doesn't have a thing he doesn't have a thing that makes him bump talking visually right visually. The best you can say about him he looks like Ron Howard. If Ron Howard's dad and say the director was a strength coach beefier version of Ron Howard. Okay that that counts. Yeah Yeah like that. So the by the way the I know we're GONNA do. WHO's back later? But what a big time. WHO's back related to the bills? Is Crazy bills fan screaming about how they're gonNA beat the cowboys in the early nineties when they just got killed by them in everyone. Everyone Buffalo cries about that. Still not trying to don't don't bring that up. I really feel bad about that but that guy is awesome. My Fan of the week. This week was the bills fan. Spend with the giant belly. That had ARD Allan Allan Crossing. Yes you could probably fit a medium-sized Peter. King column onto his stomach. That much servicer and I liked it. He does the full face paint to where it's like. I don't really understand that the stomach should be enough but then he's like you know what. Let me add a little something. It won't surprise you to know that he was also wearing shorts. Yes of course he was. That's that's an ultimate short skype by the way shout out to our guy was named Chris Matthew Matthew no longer it has to wear shorts. That's cool. Did you see him. After the blue bombers won the Grey Cup he put on they brought him onto the field and he put on pants for the first time in nineteen years. IAEA glorious Yes. So he put on the pants they were cammo pants. There were like Ravens Style Whitemore slack fans and he put him on over Real stylish pair of Nike Air Monarchs. That's Tuxedo it's longer denim on Denim. Yeah it's just Cammo Snow Cammo on top of dad shoes all right. The bills fan is a famous bills. The bills are playing the cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. So we're GonNa get all the memories. This guy enthusiastic enthusiastic Fella really here with this guy says pal goes through Dallas Cowboys. I can't wait till Jonah. The Gal the third time's a charm is just and they went onto history. They went onto lose that time. And then another time they could actually actually kill Jason Garrett. I think that if the bills beat the cowboys on Thanksgiving that is going to be a high profile enough loss. Well we'll check. Yeah yeah he definitely but that guy is going to be back I might tweet it every single day before. Thanksgiving Tabu Dallas is going down third. Time's a charm shadow. Okay all right next up. We have giants Pairs Mitch. Congratulations Back Mitch. Back he battled really bad interceptions but he has paddled threw a terrible hip injury that knocked him out of the last game. You have to only imagine the type of pain. He was playing throughout their he did throw one of the worst interceptions in the non hazardous hip hip division hip. It was obviously through yards. He had to have had This is a classic game though. That actually makes me more mad about the bears which which shouldn't make sense but it does because Mitch played average and the bears one. Yeah and all the all you have to do is play average and the bears can win and link Khalil. Mack came came back and had a big play. And it's just so frustrating because you watch when he can just play average the bears can win games and when they just run two minute offense. It's they can win. I don't understand what matinees doing every time. They're in a two-minute offense they look good and then the start the second half. Let's just do the same thing we've been doing. That doesn't work and every game starts the same way. Let's just do the thing it doesn't work we'll go three and out five different times of Ro. Everyone will boo. And then we'll run. The offense will look great. You have to relearn the same lesson every single week. It's like waking up as that guy from Memento. He asked her Matt Nagy. He's crazy enough to do all this weird shit like the the egg toss and and replaying the double dunk over and over again. Yeah he should just tattoos mistakes onto himself instead of writing be you on his on his play card his tattooed across his forehead there was actually a classic bears moment though when they were going for two got called for pass interference offensive pass. Interference got pushback back then another penalty pushback and missed the extra point. Yeah I was GONNA say. Eddie Perot didn't miss any field goals today. Listen extra point a forty eight yarder. Yeah it was so many penalty. The is a very long extra point. I I want to say something about saquon real quick. Yeah because he's trying to make me sad because he's getting sad. No well getting says you see his quote. He said said he keeps reminding the guys that were someday. We're GONNA laugh about this. Okay we're GONNA look back. This is the calm before the storm. We might lad part. Yeah we might laugh about it. But that's just to to hide all the hurt right. He's got is I think I. I called him. Mugshot is at one point. Not because he looks like he committed a crime but they're the the eyes of somebody that knows that their life is going to get worse before it gets better right in that instant and on the sidelines. Just thinking about all the shit that he's going to have to go all UH losing games that he's going to have to play in he's going to get twenty five carries seventy two yards. Well Pat Shurmur just keeps running him on like halfback dives is a guy who's dynamic and space and he's like let's just run them straight up the Middle Pat Shurmur. You should be fired if you make. Mitch look competent. That should be the rule that it's member. I made the rule you you you should you. Don't get to be called you. Don't get to be in the running for coach of the year. If you lose the dolphins I think I had that earlier because they beat. Who else did they beat? The dolphins beat the Redskins so Jay Gruden dot coach. Wasn't maybe it was. I can't remember what it was but something if Brian Floors beach you then like something should happen bad. Had you lose your job but PAT Shurmur lose his job for making Mitch Look Average. He looked yeah. He looked competent today. Shurmur no no no saying Mitch. Look in in fact I would argue that. That thirty yard interception he threw that was about fifteen yards underthrown. That's a plus play. Yeah Mitch because it's yeah. It's like a slightly below average. No he was average taste better than what. You'll get mostly two touchdowns running touchdown passing touchdowns interceptions whatever is the one seventy or. Is it time to ask. If maybe sake one's legs are too big. They give you a nice big target to wrap up if you're trying to tackle I just don't know if I were giant's Fan I would beef. I'd be yelling. I would start a fire. Pat Shurmur twitter account and have like four followers and just tweet really mean things the giants until they blocked me. And that's what I would do. If I were giant's Fan Pat Shurmur fired yet dot net. Right make that all the time just right at about him because you're also in that weird spot where yeah. The giants defense is really bad but they have some young guys on offense. And how long do you want to have him. Be The coach and kind of ruin ruin things and Daniel Jones. You just love fumbling Dude you love to fumble. Yeah He. He looked pretty bad today. I think are we ready to say that Daniel Jones was definitively a better picked Dwayne Haskins. Yet dwayne Hassans did not look good so but he didn't look bad. I think they will Jones. It has more than Dwayne Haskins problem. I've seen over. So the bears play the lines on Thanksgiving Against Jeff Driscoll Daniel Jones never missed a a snap it when the teams in the victory formation. Because you can self is true. I don't think that they've ever run. Victory Formation with Daniel Jones is a quarterback. They want against the box. Yeah but that was the field. Yeah that was so maybe not they might not have So the the bears play the lions on Thanksgiving than they have The cowboys and then if they win those two that's three in a row and I'll be back in okay. What you're saying that you're going to be back back in if they win the so you're already kind of back in you're making plans back in? No is this bad. They're really like in an escape. Really Barron escape right right now if your own brain figured out the next steps to getting yourself out of it. Problem is the really really bad team but they have the same roster of a really good team last year. So that's what keeps fucking with my brain now. What if the wheels totally come off and Green Bay be ashamed man would be a real shades? Very I can see a path to you being here. Real shame Okay steelers bengals. Duck Duck Fox Talk Fox Duck Fox big time. I want to just say to our credit. We don't get a lot of things right on this show Mason Rudolph being shitty because his face is too big Was Maybe the best we've ever had. That guy stinks. It was obvious he is i. I've said this before but at least the steelers and they're in the playoffs right now so I think they could. Actually you know if they put down put together this homestretch they could somehow get in the playoffs. Incredible considering all that's gone on But the least learned that Mason. Rudolph isn't the guy. Because is you have a guy now. Mason Rudolph who in two weeks. What's worse getting smashed in the head by myles Garrett or getting benched while playing an Owen getting benched against the bengals is definitely worse? If we're going to say like what are the worst things that Ohio team could do. I think I think going up against against Getting out dueled by Ryan. Finley is worse than getting hit in the head with your own helmet brutal. I don't know how I mean I. I hope Mike Tomlin does the right thing. He he did the you know. I'm not talking about it. Mike Tomlin thing that he does but I hope he does the right thing in keeps duck as their quarterback because simply because they're playing the browns next next week and he don't want to give the browns any extra motivation with putting that fucking big ass face behind center and having everyone be like. That's the guy permission to go there. Yeah I think you might hate Mason Rudolph a little bit. Because he doesn't not look like you know he doesn't look he doesn't not look like he looks like he looks like If you're wrong if Matt Moore Shitload it looks like if not more eight a ton of sodium and his world up and you know he's so so he's a lot prettier than I am. He's not making often yes he does not. He's got like a pretty he's a he's a good looking guy. His face was just too big. If he doesn't look if he spent like three months in the Wild Alaska in the Alaskan wilderness. He would come back looking like A. JV Matt Moore saying he's no guys who look like me he doesn't look if you put Mason Rudolph the wind for a couple of years. Then he's going to start to approach now he doesn't look like me and that's how I would. I hate him. I would love him. I Love Matt Moore the thing I loved in Matlock. I love all the math. The thing about duck is and I love duck and I want to see him play. I think it's almost better if they just keep sending Mason Rudolf out there to start and he keeps getting yanked for duck because duck lights a spark in your team. Yeah we've got the world junior duck calling champion coming into the game. That's always going to make. The boys play with a little pep in their step. It also helps that you had like a ninety yard touchdown pass were with bengals. That was a play where you you watch. She's had yet. The bengals are actively tanking. Let's 'cause the velocity of ducks pass. made the receiver go faster when he caught it like a little rocket fuel. I think you take chase young if you're the The bengals retake Joe Borough. That's tough choice they have it. They've got a commanding gamely commanding. They played the dolphins later in the seasons flex at the prime time. Oh my God I think I would take. I think I would take chase young. I think so too I think so too. So yeah the Bengals Bengals keep the I don't I don't see how they can be as competitive as they are and be like not have stumbled into a win. Yeah right this website like there's no real talk about about firing hiring Taylor after this season as a head coach because there's not competitive right there's losing every game. He's actually doing the world's most perfect job of tanking. Yeah so the steelers like I said before they. If the playoffs started today they be your six seed which is incredible to say that speaks all the credit in the world to their defense which has been awesome awesome because their offense has not been good whatsoever and Mike Tomlin has somehow has them like this game against the browns where it's kind of it is a loser leaves town because both those teams if they get hot down the stretch could get that succeed and they play on Sunday yeah. The browns needs to be very careful about asking for duck. They need to. They need to back off that for a little bit Shot up to Bengal superfan. I duNno we're just calling everyone a superfan nowadays but showed up to the bengals fan. Who is still living on his roof? Yeah yeah he's not allowed to come down. Until they lose like scarecrow for Santa clauses up there just hanging out on the shingles who definitely just loves the BENGALS. And that's why he did it and it's not because he. It's not getting along with his wife and wanted to live on his roof all winter. Well also as we said earlier just living roof. Is Boston. treehouse up there yeah Okay so speaking the browns and next week. Let's Brown's dolphins I have a sabermetrics stat for you. I think you probably saw this as well. But the browns are three and owns since since the introduction of Swagger Junior S J. That's awesome dude. swaggers a lucky dog. They've lost their best player because he went crazy and hit a guy in the face right but that doesn't matter. It's just three little nepotism in the in the doghouse coming down from his pod. Was this data loser. Are we ready. Say that Yeah yes swagger was a loser I think we could have said that a long swagger swagger do you got a winning said is on his swagger junior I mean you should just send Swagger Agar senior usually just send him to wear Hugh Jackson's living and just be like here you go losers love losers Hugh Jackson ending up as like the dog whisperer just like with a lot of like castoff mascots. Yeah a good way to get cancelled online. It's called dog loser. Put if we're being honest your swagger senior was a fucking wills our job as members of the fourth estate in the press to actually speak truth to power in this case swagger looser fucking loser Lou. Zor give a bad name to mastiffs everywhere. I I did Leroy Leroy. It'd be like Yo. Don't let me in with as a bull master. I'm a mask I'm not swagger swagger junior looks like he's got a little Ah less round head probably a little bit more English mastiff about Swagger Juniors better than swagger senior. That's a fact he's got a great co All right so the Jarvis Landry Revenge Game Yes game. We didn't know we needed for Jarvis Landry to get his revenge he was awesome And I this was this. It's actually started kind of like a college game like when When like Oklahoma Place Kansas because the dolphins were down twenty eight? Nothing nothing in a blink of an eye. It was like three now three and out fake they did a fake punt. That didn't work. And then I think a pick and you just look down for one side like Oh. It's twenty eight nothing. And they've played the Oklahoma fight song. Fifty Million Yup and Ryan Fitzpatrick had a couple of Great Ryan. Fitzpatrick plays in it to where he was pump-faking while he was five yards. Arts downfield scrimmage Yup and he did the thing where he finds the smallest player in the secondary and runs over yes. He's very good at the he. So my say something nice about about the dolphins was was Ryan Fitzpatrick Birthday That is very nice very nice and For a moment in time on Saturday Harvard Yale. What was the most talked about college football game? That's true he went all Ryan. Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Yeah protest that's very nice. Also his Chin Strap. I don't know where it sits in such such a comically ridiculous place now because his beard so long. Yeah you just don't know where it's land and you don't know where his Chin is. It usually goes. I think he's a guy that normally wears the Chinstrap unstrapped high anyways like right underneath his lower lip is usually where it Kinda Nessin it is. It looks like a egg. In a bird's nest. Right is is his chin. Strap right right. There should be like a like an eager to come find just sits on his chin thinking that it's keeping its little baby warm. Yeah there's a mother bird that's GonNa come down to just peck a defender being like get away from my baby. I thought actually just Ryan Fitzpatrick's Chinstrap. I thought it was nice before the game. The browns fans were smashing Mason Rudolph. The helmet was blindfolding and then just running around around hitting it. That was so muny lot awesome. I that's why I love Brown's where do you think is inside the Mason. Rudolph Yada Turnovers turnovers turnovers cherry turnover over. I like that maybe just just like big head big bobbleheads. ooh just the bobble. I'm just glad the browns. They moved on from dealing with all this violence from their players. And now they're focusing on Kareem Hunt and the run game. Yes nice to get him back in the back of the Mason Rudolph. How how many times do you think Mason Rudolph like being it was actually Mason? Rudolph all was said in in the Browns tailgating lot today a lot. I mean every a billion that same uh-huh screen shot with the Blue Arrow is getting passed around and probably I'd say no fewer than two thousand group tax inside that parking lot every time there was an awkward silence it was just filled. Well you know what Fuck Mason Rudolph and kicked him in the nut. Yeah what the fuck. He tried to grab his helmet. fucking Guy Marcus down last week but I didn't get to address it But do you remember that clip from last year when it was Baker Mayfield and Freddie kitchens on the sidelines and Freddie said something. Baker than Freddie walked away and bakers was like that guy's such an idiot man and everyone was like look at this great chemistry between the player and the Kojak. They're getting along really I'm beginning. Baker actually wasn't joking when he said that acres been playing. I'm very well though. Yes and they're now the dolphins but I think they scored four out of five times going into the red zone. And it's actually comforting the Lakers playing. Well it's been under the radar. You know what I mean. It feels like he's found his equilibrium where Baker can play well and the browns can win a couple of games and not have everyone freak out. Maybe maybe it's just because the air was taken out of the tire so early on their season but this is where they should be because they're now in a spot where no one really believes in them yet and they're kind of the back to the plucky underdog dog browns. The browns just never can be you know. Sports illustrated the judge Robert. Q cover feels weird the dark horse team. That can't happen. They have to be right where they are right. Now where every game a must win to get in the playoffs. I have I have thought about the browns that I've been entertaining okay. I think that they might run the table. I think that the browns might make the plan. Might Nick Right yourself here. I think they might know the steelers. I think my brain is telling me that they're going to run the table so if I'm wrong it's not me. It's my brain okay. So the browns the rest of their schedule they have yet no they. Actually you definitely can run the table because at they basically if they beat the steelers On Sunday they have the Bengals at home at the cardinals. The Ravens at home with you Marty already beaten. They've already beaten them in the Ravens might not have that much to play for at the time and then uh well they probably will because they can play for the one-seat will they could depend the the Patriots lose And then the Bengals at Cincinnati Week. Seventeen yeah so what will happen is here. They're going to beat the steelers. I beat the Bengals and then somehow lose the cardinals. I Dunno classic browns fashion. They'll get above five hundred and then the everyone will bring and then they'll beat the ravens. Even the Bengals I hate. How much Swedish nine in seventy how? Much since but they do beat the cardinals on that weird four o'clock game in middle of December in the desert but Cleveland ruined. I believe in Cleveland Right now. That's a bad thing. That closure is browns at cardinals. That's a weird game. That's a weird game otherwise they don't show your game it's Weird Shit's going to happen there Okay let's go next to panthers saints before we do that Bud light. It's not science but Ladies Crisp Plain Plain and simple you know what I know what we all know it so rather than spending an entire ad reminding you bud light is given the other half of its ad reads to small businesses but no free the ADS. The read must include the word crisp and bud. Light this week's winner is I works. All right listen up all you still. He's in the school lease science isn't just is for measuring the size of saquon Barkley size. PFC mentioned that earlier might be too big. It's also how we learn about the world. That's why I works. Works is here to make science fun and easy to learn the hands on experiments engage engage users and make those complicated concepts. Go down easier than an Is Cold Bud light on a Friday night. The research quality equipment provides real world data was signals so crisp. You'll want to put them on a poster go to I. I works dot com to see if they can help your college science courses. I works making science happen at. I works systems for chance to have your small business featured simply tweet or DM up light and add for your business. Make it funny make it stand out and make sure it includes the word crisp and Bud Light. Okay Okay Panthers Saints Did you see that a Pi overturn. Winning Saints I did see that I also saw that. Deandre Hopkins had an idea idea earlier this week after he got he got hosed last week when he got tackled in the end zone gets the ravens he thinks that it shouldn't be one guy making the call. It should be three or five people people like boxing. You Judge Yeah so get more people involved but that led me to have a different idea. which is they should take all the coaches that are on by weeks and and have them all vote they they should be like a council? But they'll be grudges but all the votes should be public. Okay so what happens when there's no bye weeks. Then that's another issue that we're GONNA have to delve into that happens every year. I'm going to have to I'm GONNA have to regroup and get back to you on that one too many weeks I would just like to coaches be involved in the process okay. Because they're the ones that complain about the most well. I don't hate that idea because you could also have there would be. You'd have to talk about the strategy going into the bye week be like. Hey Andy Andy. Reid has a bye week. Maybe we shouldn't challenge anything because there's no way he's GonNa get it right. Yeah you have to think about the brains this this week. Okay you know we probably don't WANNA PROBABLY WANNA risk this one Jason Garrett Clap once for overturned twice for keep it as it stands here would just stared it. Just watch it loop endlessly not say a word I do applaud the NFL for sticking to their their general application of any rule which is always fuck over the saints. Yeah so I mean it is consistent. And everyone's got their jokes often. See Show Sean paint. Forget engaged to yeah you got engaged. Oh and in the picture big nipple picture. Of course. He's dude he ever since the across fit he's been a nip guy. He cut the nose in the ring himself. With those diamond cutters raisins reasons. They smuggle. He's a big time nip guy He should wear a bra as someone who's thought about wearing a bra. Before he should wear Bra the saints can win the Division on Thursday night. Mostly mostly thanks to the panthers. Kicker Joey sly who does not look like a kicker. Yeah swo- Kicker I. I don't like that. I don't like to swap kicker picker. I don't I don't like it kicker. That looks like he drives a pickup truck or is trying to escape from his true nature of being a kicker. He is so swollen that when he got what I think you had drafted when he joined the panthers. A bunch of guys were confused when he started nailing kicks. I thought you were linebacker. Yeah I don't WanNa see I don't like it doesn't work. He's not GonNa make the big kick. I sorry I like my kickers to be vaguely European. Maybe go as far as to do the one barefoot thing. Be Quirky geared be small look like no one talks to you on the team. Yes can't have it. Have it be a kicker where everyone's like. Oh maybe the guys actually friends with someone other than the long snapper. Yeah if you're jacked up kicker you're just you're trying to get away from being a kicker right of embracing it that tells me that you've got mentally Okay so for this game I wrote down and I actually saw Sean Payton mentioned it. I think on Friday but I'm ready to hop on board that Michael Thomas should be the MVP so there has never been a wide receiver. That's one I'm VP. which is crazy Crazy crazy crazy and we're talking about the I think it's the coaches pulled. There's been other a war like there's other polls and stuff there has never been the last wide receiver to get an MVP vote. Nineteen Ninety Eight Randy Moss. It ought the problem with giving him. MVP as though you give him an MVP and then and he because his name becomes part of like a an unbelievable stat which is. Can you believe that Randy Moss and Jerry. Rice never wanted to really do it because it's should hear. And and here's what's pushing me over the edge Michael Thomas this year one. He is most likely going to break. Marvin Harrison's record for receptions options in a season he had one hundred forty three and two thousand to Michael. Thomas has ninety four right now through eleven games so think if he he pretty much averaging ten ten again so he'll get right close to it And I think they'll probably force the ball to him. If if these close to getting that Shawn Payne would absolutely yes. Look to He's done it with two different quarterbacks and I think that that speaks more like you know how they always make the argument. Will its most valuable player to your team so be hard for wide receiver lever to win. MVP because you say well. It's the quarterback throwing him the ball. He's kept the saints afloat by being so steady through drew brees injury Teddy Bridgewater and then drew brees coming back from hill to different quarterbacks and then three I always forget but it needs to be mentioned. He has the greatest twitter handle for a player. It's at can't guard Mike I mean come on I. I can't believe the twitter handle was still available. Can't guard Mike like he's just telling you in his twitter handle that you will not be able to guard him. Yeah so you don't think that it's going to be in your mind if you had a vote at four. He's he's better at The position that the the leading the leading Guy Right now. Lamar Jackson is also a wide receiver. He's a lot better at wide receiver than him. That's true so there's four okay. Got It man Patrick. MAHOMES GONNA hit us up after this one. Let us know. He's upset with us. Kim Woman Yeah. I think that he's really good wide. Receiver I think that obviously like he makes that saints. Say He's not going to take the MIC. Should be considered. It's crazy to not at least say I know it's is gonNA come down to probably Lamar Jackson. And I don't know I mean Russell. Wilson wasn't great today but he should be considered for envy people. I will consider Michael Michael Thomas for my MVP. I always one step at a time. I want him to get one. MVP that's all. We need to get the list of the MVP voters and just just fucking fucking little shit. Had PRISCO vote. I'm sure he does. So PRISCO listen up. You love being contrarian Hilo blocking people and say seon twitter how. `Bout you vote for Michael Thomas and be the contrarian that everyone gets mad at well. He hates running backs enough to the point where he would think about voting for a wide receiver. Actually love you PRISCO. Your I mean I do I read all his stuff is awesome. I also made a note At Halftime Sean Payton likes to flex. Sometimes and a lot of coaches. They tried to do the copy. belichick thing where they don't say anything about how they're going to just what they saw. That went wrong. And I F- Shawn Payne was like watch out for tomorrow. We're going to get combined. The goal we we need to feed Kamara and then they come out and they hit them like three times in a row right after that Dan. I think he's just trying to flex with Tracy Wolfson that being like look. I'M GONNA put my balls on the table. He he probably walked in the locker room. He's like do you ever have that thing. We're like you get engaged in every chick wants to fuck you definitely what he said. He's absolutely feeling himself. Tracy was giving me those is in the eyes of told her I was. You know white when I said that was going to give tomorrow the ball. She was like undressing. I'm taking Mansaray retracing. Yes so do you feel confident in the saints. Yeah well I do I do that. They don't have shit to play for it such that their division so bad I agree because they can kind of take the foot off the gas for the next four weeks and they'd be fine. I'll say I'll say this I feel confident. And everyone on the saints except drew brees okay. Let's take drew. brees is still very good. But he's going to have to make a few big time like deep throws I don't know if he still hasn't. I have noticed through. Listen I I think for all the other one. I think that he's still has most of it. But I have noticed Otis over the last couple of weeks when he does his little squat down in the huddle. You know how he like usually takes a big lunch and he usually doesn't put the knee down. He's usually supporting himself in a lunch. He's been putting the knee down taking a little bit of weight off Yup taken little breaks between plays and the saints. Now I first thing that goes the saints might be good enough and talented enough to not need him to do that but I just that's my biggest concern is in a playoff game in a big time moment. Drew brees has to hit an open guy thirty yards down the field. Can he do it And I don't know they're probably going to have to go up against some some refs decisions as well. Yup they're gonNA have to zebras to get their Okay next step. We got raiders and jets the raiders. I guess if you if you draw out a stinker you might as well really stink so so much so that we had Mike Glennon get in the game and he did I three three snaps. fumbled twice So that's my Glennon. I actually believed in him at one point my life and then Gruden after the game said ever been on a boat that sinking which is the most relatable who hasn't yet often a whole too sick. I hope not. Yeah but that's a that's a harsh thing to say real quick after you guys riding high a minute ago. Yes tough very tough and so he also gave shots. It's all the raiders fans that came out in New Jersey. I guess there's a Shitload raiders. Fans that were there today really being very loud in the stadium he was started. I think Jon Gruden just developed a love with the black hole somebody he has he always kind of feels like he has to represent form which is a good quality of having a coach. I think well it and I actually would say that. It's partly in part because he was is an underdog when he came back. We made the jokes. Everyone made the jokes that it wouldn't work and it's starting to work and I think he probably says hey these black hole guys. They're the only ones who thought that that I would actually be able to do this. Yeah I mean Gruden did a great job of making himself the underdog as he was getting ten years ten million dollars a year hundred million dollars is guaranteed to go move to Las Vegas. It's tough for that guy to become an underdog but somehow he has So yes that's bad for the raiders. Playoff hopes they were riding high. They now have to go to Kansas City next week after any reading a by just alert cab with that on an alert. Yeah Andrew Reading the by but yeah he gruden afterwards was like emotional about this loss. I can't talk about it. It's also Andy Reid after Thanksgiving though so he's going to be a little lethargic Mac and cheese is is GONNA do the slow nod off where you're just like He's probably spent the La- this since this was a week. He's probably had his Turkey brining and marinating and and like working up some crazy new recipe that he saw like the barefoot Contessa. Yeah alright so we have also in this game Sam. Darnold is is like I think this is coming out three weeks. The jets have scored thirty four points three weeks in a row. He's officially over the mono exactly thirty four points and he looks awesome. Awesome so if you're a jets fan. Are you one mad because all you do is beat the bills week. One in a game that you were up at half or beat the dolphins who were still actively trying to tank To Be Realistically in this playoff race or two. You're just happy to SAM. Barreled looks like the quarterback happy quarterback because they're dangerously close games jets loose winning almost better to say that we would have been able to make the playoffs healthy then to have donald go out and some of those. Yeah stink it up. Yeah I know that if I were jets fan I'd be I'd be like two wins away from just staring staring at the box. Scores those dolphins bills games and being like why. But that's a much better feeling to have to actually have. Don't go out there. And one of those games through like the burden of Beck speculation that goes along with being successful team and being the New York jets. That's going to be worse to deal with than being almost good. But not quite getting there because your quarterback made out with a twenty one year old and hoboken true if they win out. y'All go just fans will be bad that they also schemes. If they went out yeah can can you imagine that nine and seven and what we don't have draft pick and we don't have a good draft pick and we all had to be off the bills. Imagine how many head coaching jobs. Greg Doc Williams GonNa turn down this off season. He's GonNa have to hire a guy he's going to have to hire a guy to just say no we can't do it like a reverse Kevin. Hart sorry it's not taking any more projects projects the other story from this game is the NFL's rules on how you and how and when you can hit a quarterback still a joke and clip. Blake men who I'd still still. It's such a joke that he is a rat. A name like clete Blake. Men should never be in charge of anything. He sounds like a parody twitter account. If you're name's yeah it does you have foxworthy locks. Were the TROPE. Yeah if you're name's cleve blake men you should maybe be in charge of like a petting zoo. Yeah that's about as high as you should advance muffler shop Ah MUFFLERS THOSE I duNno carburetors. That same healthy. I don't think you have the business acumen if your name is clearly baby a what do you call them. The spoilers the put on the back of your yes. Yeah yes some aftermarket some spoilers that he he can specialize in putting spoilers on Civic Sa Motorcycle motorcycle accessory shop So not actually knows how to fix a motorcycle. But if you want like the sweet fire stripes down your Hog Clip Wakeman. c'mon shot shop. Got Him yeah or at least he can be the customer service Guy Process returns. Yeah but he sucks. Yeah he's did you see how Yanni that call was. He did a terrible referee for years and years and I was so so. Don't even know what he was. What was he calling he? He was standing right there and it was almost like football player. I've ever scene. And he just threw it in discuss it. Yeah that's that's roughing the past. I'm just GonNa say this right now. He's out of the running for Blake of the year. Yup Sorry Clean Blake men get out of here. Oh Dude All right before we do the next one. Quick word from our friends at mugsy jeans mugs jeans and the most comfortable men's jeans ever made you've heard the name from us before muggsy genes the genes. Where because they look like jeans but feel like sweatpants actually know these guys from Chicago? 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Yeah get some good exercise. Yeah walks around fits in pretty well. He actually probably wants to Sopranos Con-. Yeah that's right rocking the jumpsuit. Bubba what do you think Obama's here by the way. Thanks not here. Thanks on Vacation Mall. Sounds more sounds pretty good for Martinez. You think he goes. I think he goes to listen. Tries on every hat and doesn't in by anything no I don't think he goes. He goes to the kiosk. Then makes you custom hats Like the embroidery. Where they'll just they'll write something on it and just says mark you probably are? They like buys the raiders said. He doesn't know he can get for free. Yeah right it's true. It's like Oh there's a whole whole box in his office and he doesn't know and he's like Oh that's cool. Well he or he thinks like Oh why actually paying myself because we get the revenue Split So he's a little scheme he's gotten his brain whereas if I buy all the raiders raiders gear. Is this pyramid scheme. I then get the kickback. I could see him going to spend a Lotta time in the big dog store but not buying anything looking at all the shirts and just having a good laugh. Afghan like laughing out loud one. Sure look at this one. And there's no Hon. Takes a picture who security guard. I'm talking about the employees of all. Yeah it's like. Oh Ah there's no there's definitely not a misses most of the time except everyone's on he's definitely there's no real on yeah he yeah He goes to the Walmart five dollar shirts and laughs at all in them. And then you and actually he definitely uses big. Johnson uses those jokes later on in the night at PF. changs thinks. He's like he's like. Hey you he's a big gives you facts from snapple bottle on a guy All Right Sea Hawks Eagles we you gotTa have a conversation about Carson Wentz. Here we do this. Actually both Carson's in this game Bad Carson Game Today Yeah Carson Wentz so I think this actually was the game if this frame it in relation to whether or not. He's better than back Prescott so I think he's. I think this was the game that is finally Shifted Eagles fans from Being Blind Carson Wentz apologists. There's not ditching him but I could feel the tide shifting on twitter where it's like people are starting to say. Hey when you yeah you're seaver suck and your offensive line socks but when you miss a a Guy Wide Open on a three yard out that's not on your receiver that's on you. And he's now had two games in a row that look really bad four turnovers Carson Wentz. Here's what it comes down to. I want you to answer it. Is Carson Wentz a bad quarterback or as Carson Wentz a good quarterback going going through a bad run. I think he's a good core. He's a bad quarterback that has gone through good runs got good and now I think he's he he's been who he is his entire career He's lost a little bit of his mobility. I think won't last two years But but I I think overall he's perfectly average quarterback that every now and again shows glimpses of exactly how excited you were two years. So he's not a franchise quarterback back. Then I think he's an average franchise quarterback That's not a franchise court. I don't know what a franchise quarterback he's the guy who you can basically sleeping no franchise quarterback to me is a guy who can say for the next ten years. We will have this quarterback and we will make the playoffs as long as he's healthy. I think I'M GONNA I'M GONNA mark this in the he's injured but he doesn't want to say how introduced he. I did have an extra first hand. So that's a good thing for Carson. Wentz that he can kind of lean on that. Now that he's trying to but I I actually think I've always kinda thought Carson Wentz was a franchise which is quarterback and I still see it. But man he was bad today. I'll put it this way right now. They're what five and six five and six. Okay they can still win the division vision absolutely. They actually have a far easier schedule than the cowboys they have at the dolphins. That's a win giants. That's a win at the redskins that's win. So they're going to win the next next three games and then they have a home game against Dallas Week Sixteen and if they win that they have the giants at the giants week. Seventeen so they do. We could be sitting here here in six weeks and be like member cars once had that bad game and then they won five in a row without ducks who get out our back. We'll get lean Johnson back. I'm just saying this is the first time I've felt in my own like assessment of Carson Wentz. Maybe he's not the guy that I thought he was. It's like if you have a bad cough you can. You can shake off macaw for a while but the second that a little bit of blood comes up in your coffee now I need to go. Now something's an issue right the three out that you're talking about that. Was the blood cough. A AH good quarterback doesn't miss this throw unless there's a problem right so there's a problem we don't it's I don't know what the problem is. I mean I feel not only can I could feel philly fans kind of being like. Oh this is weird because this is not what you know. We've been defending and they have a right to defend because his wide receiver she was had been trash and his offensive line is banged up this year. Put Man there are some things you're like. That's fucking weird man. He's not the guy that you thought he was All Right Russell game didn't help the Cagey right. Said after the game they knew exactly what the eagles were doing calling out there plays before they ran them. That probably doesn't help not great. That is always a bad thing to have a defender say after the game. Yes not great. Russell Wilson continues to be. Even his bad games are good games. Yeah he had some Mrs today where it was like. What's going on with him? That was an ugly win for the seahawks where they probably could have won by like three scores and Yeah Wins Win. I don't know what to says about me when I'm watching football football boot. I can identify when a flickers coming before the defense can. I don't know if that's the camera angle or whatever and I get so excited when I pick it out when I know that it's going to be thrown back to the quarterback back before the announcers no before the defenders no on the field. Will you have the tests now. Oh I have to call him out. Yeah okay because this would be I think I would bet like ninety five percents. This could also be. This could also be dad territory where you know how everyone's dad just calls out every play and then the three gets right. He's like called it. Yeah that would suck. If I was a dad without the sex part right you just got all the worst parts of because it. How many have you been calling? We now know I'm telling you I feel I. Nail Mavericks Lab Ninety Five Ninety six percent clip. You're saying you call it out before the like the before. Run like turns his body. Before I see the defense react to it. I diagnose a flea flicker better than any. NFL Defense now. Zada defenses are slow. They haven't defensive they haven't caught up to my head in your head but are you calling it when they're like when the running backs actually throwing it backwards. I call it. The second. The runningback takes one slower. Step that tells tank all right so yeah we got to see it you know. It's very tricky leg on. Bella should say that because he could be doing it on any which is why defenses. That's probably why average yards per carry because the safeties have to stay back all right so we I mean we watch a lot of football together so you start doing that and I will report honestly back I believe you. Yeah I just WANNA see. I wouldn't make the Sun No of course not but I wanNA see in action. Because I don't think I've ever heard you do it so now. You GotTa start saying out loud. Okay I do say you. Also get negative points for flea flicker that you didn't say anything. Oh of course. Yeah it does if it happens. You're like if I'm caught off guard if I bite on the on the play fake. Yeah I believe the first minute how might even be minus two. If you call flea flicker that doesn't happen. I know because if you call yeah if you if you call flickered that isn't a flea flicker that's an issue that's a minus two. I thought you were saying that if you fail to recognize if if you if it happens and you don't say anything that's minus one plus one for every time you get it right okay. All right so we'll just on that one how you should be. You should be significantly in the plus I should be. I know I believe in you. I believe in you See the the eagles are probably still going to make the playoffs. Somehow even though they've lost two games in a row where their offense looked terrible I still substantial lines up perfectly for them. Yeah and I don't think the cowboys earned good right now so I would actually bet on the eagles making out of the NFC do it. And it's east do it all right Lions Hines Redskins. Jeff Driscoll Nope Nope nope he had about one point five daltons on the moxie meter two interceptions in the final minute of the game. That's hard to do To in the final minute and it's not like it was garbage time. It's not like Oh yeah you needed though this was this was serious. Time here The big story though obviously Dwayne Haskins consultancy was just a picture. He took the phone. It was a Selfie so he thought the game was over. At that point he ran to the sidelines was taking selfies with fans. Meanwhile case keenum getting pulled out onto the field to take a knee yell at the very end of the game and if you thought that Joe Theismann was going to watch this and let this slide buddy oh you don't know Joe Theismann. Because he saw and he was like this is Bush league stuff and joy. His prostate was swelling up out of sheer anger at Wayne. He's not he's not going to be for a week. Okay I saw it. I really don't want to think it's a big deal but I don't think Dwayne Hassans played well enough to take a selfie while the game still going enough. I think my biggest issue was. I sort of think about other quarterbacks imagining other quarterbacks doing this and finding themselves in that position he and I was having a a tough time pulling out names. That weren't bad quarterbacks to be compared rights like I could. I could see James doing this it also. Yeah Jayme West. Virginia's the hall of I could see Johnny Mandel doing this. Yeah I could see swag absolutely this wag. Would we know about Jerry Bruce Allowed on him ragweed one hundred literally. I think let's see who else that's currently in the league. Paxton Lynch Paxton Lynch will do it for sure if you ever want to take a picture. We're actually know someone would ask Paxton Lynch if they if you take the picture. Yeah of us of yeah. Don't put yourself and offset so. Yeah I really don't because it. It is one of those weird things. Where if you are too mad about it and I'm not mad about it at all but if you're too mad about it you telling on yourself it's like come on that's ridiculous us but he did not play well enough to do that? He had four touchdowns and four hundred yards. I'd like fucking do whatever you want. He's he's in that spot where he's been so bad and Redskins fans want him to be good that just winning a game where he's not even good and they're like looking okay. He's coming along and he was. I think he completed less than half of his passes. And he had an interception touchdown they won they won. I think it was his first career. Win Actually actually right. That's why maybe that's how I'll explain this way. My he was excited to get that first win in front of that huge field event. I mean I can't I I I can tell you I do the same thing I spent the fucking I five minutes to show sing. Mitch was was good or I think he said he was average. Probably wasn't but when you're so bad that you you have to convince yourself even Halfway decent or not even halfway decent like a not bad performance is somehow good. That's when you know you're in a bad spot. Also Wins Wins Young. Yeah he's really young so I mean I can't I can't blame them too much for that. I'm not mad at him for doing that at all. No but it's just like it was weird Mu i. I can't imagine it happening to competent organization. Confetti quarterback no. We'll see the means you can close your eyes and picture them getting confetti on on their face. Oh I'm in the Super Bowl. I'm so delusional. I can close my eyes and imagine any quarterback getting confederacy. But I just think I I'm putting it not mad weird move we're booth and doesn't really make sense with how he played. Okay I I can agree to that. I also made a note here at the end of the Game Dustin Hopkins before before he kicked that field goal he was standing on the sidelines. Next to the space heater that they have just holding his leg out holding his shoe his right foot directly in front of the space heater. Heating it up I love. I'M A sucker hot. I am a sucker for any sort of story about kicker. Doing Weird Shit to their shoe. GotTa get like. I think the REDSKINS had to kick a few years ago. Who would bake his shoe in an oven for a couple hours before the game to shrink it? So it'd be like three sizes smaller than I just like. I like a good kicker shoe store. I agree I I agree to get hot any way you can. So the lion season was already over. But it's really over. Don't bring Matt Stafford. Back is really what the lions should be focused on and Matt Patricia. I would like to see better posture out of them. It's not going well for the Lions Thanksgiving Day is going to be very interesting when the bears we lied skin. It's it's an affront to football and like what we the sport we love to have those teams plus. Yeah I mean. There's GonNa be no herbal to me. That is the epitome the Thanksgiving. It's going to be really bad. The under the lions should have to play and lose to the worst team in the NFL. Everything and I I mean I don't actually know I want the bear swing remember. I think they're back but they're I. My big thing is bears tanking for Strength schedule Oh for next year the division they don't have after I trump the other division losers it's only two games it matter change schedule-wise but that's kind of cool but yeah no you'd rather play those yeah Bradley. Those teams Okay Eh Tennessee Jacksonville. I don't know what to make Tennessee. They're so confusing. I wrote down some of their Some of their wins and losses is year. They beat the browns forty three thirteen. They beat the chiefs last week or two weeks ago. The beat the Jaguars today. Forty two twenty. They lost the broncos sixteen nothing and they lost the Jaguars twenty seven. They're schizophrenic but I think they are our biggest case of did something something did they light the spark. Did they turn the corner. When they beat the chiefs I think can we say that? I think maybe I mean Derrick. Henry is a problem impossible to solve staffer. You Ready Derrick Henry after November from November tenth or later since two thousand seventeen so late in the season last three years. He's he's averaging five point seven four yards per carry guys. Just don't WanNA tackle. I wouldn't want to use it. Are you fucking kidding. Me WanNA tackling. Either I WANNA give a shout out to whoever it was that somehow kept Derrick Henry from being switched positions when he was in high school. Yes because you know that there was a coach at some point. That was like this is going to be a tight end. This guy's going to be a defensive end or or like a an offensive tackle or something like that he was so big and he's always been big is entire life. But for some reason. Derrick Derrick Henry was able to be like fuck you. I'm going to be running back right and not get pushed to different positions right which is crazy for someone that's six foot three two hundred forty five pounds. Yes whoever that person was in Derek. Henry's life I wanNA thank you not allowing him to bully. I'd agree with that. That's why I like that. Yeah he he really is a guy you just don't want want to tackle and he scored. He scored two touchdowns today in sixteen seconds. That game was crazy because it was seven three and a half and then you blinked and and it was all of a sudden game being played in the thirties and forties. Yeah I think just from a physical standpoint of having to run into the end zone twice in the span of sixteen seconds. That's just impressive on. Its Own yes right there. In one of them was like a seventy touchdown. Yeah right yeah. Yeah they fumbled the kickoff the Jaguars did and then he scored again. Yeah that's that's very very impressive. Are the titans going. Convince themselves at Ryan. How's The guy he is the guy? Change of scenery is all took for Ryan Tannehill. He needs because they're going to give him like a three year deal and then next year he's going to be just Ryan Tannehill again. Well that's fine that's fine so tragic is GonNa take the next step. He is in the process. What we're seeing right now? Is Him taking the next step in front of a very is. And that's the difference between good Nashville and bad Nashville. Yeah is Ryan Tannehill is now playing so the titans are officially really one of those teams because now the AFC as bad as AFC is it's made for a really fun last month and a half of Football all because you have like three or four teams that are all in there like could make the playoffs and the titans are one of the titans are six and five. They get hot. They play the colts next week. That's another loser. Leaves town game. So the titans and culture both six and five raiders. Six and five steelers six and five and browns five and six All those teams could be the team that gets hot and gets out six seed off. I think that it was just today right that. The Dolphins were eliminated from playoff contention. Jose might have been a lot of teams. That are still in. The hunt is what I'm getting at. Yes are a lot of teams still in the hunt. He said that there was a big bust of illegal. Baloney that was is coming across the border in El Paso really it was like a record setting bust of frozen Baloney. Yeah I was GONNA say marrone was probably pretty broken. He might have something to do with it. What are the the El Chapo Chapel of of lunch meats? What what are the Jaguars do now I mean I think he just go back to Jacksonville? Play some golf. That's tough you. Here's what they you do verbal medium. Doug marrone is Wolverine. And he's looking at a picture and the Pictures Blake Bortles. Yup that's fact That's the fact that you don't know what you got till it's gone and that's what the judge dealing with right You know jags fans at least Blake was fun. Nick foles depressing when he's not when he's playing playing not playing. Well maybe put Gardner in spark do you put Garner is again. If you're out of playoff contention another spark all right before we do the last game. PF QUICK AD. Yeah I WANNA talk to you guys about our good good friends at me on these. 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Guaranteed to get fifteen percent off. I pair free shipping and one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. Good me on these dot com slash. Take that's me UNDIES DOT com slash. Take I love this tweet by Kevin slain that. We just re tweeted a tale of the completely broken online sports model in three acts. Okay part of my take posted obviously photoshopped image of a redskins fan protests as a joke. What do you mean? Obviously that's obvious. Excellent job with them not look like characters roast the obvious. It looked like got you. Did you had at least open the picture that's true. No it wasn't no. It was obvious that's true without zooming in at all it didn't look completely it's true Ah a single likely. overworked blogger gets fooled. I don't know why you have to just go with that likely overworked. How like what I do too tired to just be like? Oh yeah oh bloggers. Don't you know they fuck their hands. Oh got it. Yeah overworked. You mean all bloggers are overworked blogger. Not Not a single like marital status all right content sharing means false story ends up on four plus out outlets and by four plus outlets. He mean I think he just means Barker was sports. Not It's all from yard barker and it's like facebook distinct at your docker uh-huh that bookmarked. So yeah. That's the broken model. Sorry sorry by US We shouldn't have Done this this clearly obvious again. I don't think it was clearly obvious. Okay Patriots cowboys to end the recap hangs out here. Liam's here do you want call him. Yeah he actually just texted me like as we are recording like Yo everything Gucci Okay and then was like being real nice like. How'd you move move? Go bad yet so hangs out here so before we do that. Let's read also. We had a backup plan. Our good friend friend Tom for Nellie. WHO has a rivalry with Hank? We're GONNA call him. Turns Out Tom's not real football guy. 'cause he's GonNa go sweep at like midnight. Classic Single Angle overworked blogger dude. It's midnight on Sunday. You go sweep Wanted Him all right. He's he wrote. I had These ready to go so If we had called them Tom Brady wants to play till he's fifty book can't complete fifty percent of his passes. Oh that's so. He was going to say that asked. Is Hey this as hank when we call them It's okay. The cowboys got called for a bullshit penalty because it makes up for the. NFL wouldn't let the Patriots get away with cheating assure. No that's true And then follow me on twitter at Hanney's which is totally not a nickname gave myself fifteen that that is tough. And that's our good friend Tom for. Nellie continuing the rivalry Okay let's go. Hank- is taking a vacation. Just one day vacation. He's not here and we thought we'd call him An have Liam just be like the record fucked up and PF tea and and big cat already laughed at. What should I do so just just don't even just say a just just run with it when I'm GonNa ask them about the Patriots game because they don't want to hear him get mad about turnover lock and everything now? He's he's moved on now. He's on penalty lock penalty. Lock so just fuck with him. Be really serious that the N.. Respect you're just getting this at the Patriots segment of the Of the show. He's probably he's really trust. I yeah I just closed audition and it's like I just the the file seen like it's just not the right size for like what is there still. I'm still uploading them right now. can I just like facetime you and then they killed you see a so then I'll just have you faced on. Yeah give it to me. He's going to be so sad he's he's drunk right now and he's pissed. Where are you going to bed? Sorely still doing this. Show thousand corrupted all files defied we mad subset. We scared I was very scared. I was mad. I okay. We'll see tomorrow congrats on the Patriots. Thank you have any. Were actually at the Patriots portion of the show right right now you have anything to say about turnover luck. So that's all right Patriots Cowboys Albouy. Jason Garrett's fucking idiots. Yeah To be fair to Jason Garrett he had his mind played with all week by master puppet Master Bill Belichick so Belichick was talking about a story. There's a story out in the news this week that That belichick wanted to to be the cowboys head coach back in the day when he got fired from the browns okay slash Raven said he wanted to quit for the cowboys. Okay and then Garrett had to deal with all the media fallout. They came from that. And just imagining that Jerry. Jones would much rather have ballot check than him. Yes so like knowing that his boss knows that he made a mistake. Going down this path okay. Fair But he's dumb and exactly what we thought would happen would happen. He got outcoached which isn't really I mean? Bill checks the best coach in NFL. History put Jason Really truly is stupid. Ezekiel Elliott was running and running. Well and the Patriots. If you had one thing that you could say about them it's probably probably they. You can run on them a little bit. 'cause they're pass defenses fantastic. Stefan Gilmore is the defensive player of the year but he touched the ball. I think he had six rushes in the second half and then he did the Dan Quinn special down seven with six minutes left to go forth fourth seven on the Patriots Eleven. You're in New England. You're trying to beat the New England patriots. You kicked a field goal is more points. You kicked a field goal. You fucking idiot. That's why I don't know the cause I can't kept cutting back from Jason Garrett's Bella check and they both were wet and the wind was blowing on the sidelines and it looked like it ad for the lighthouse. The House and Garett got panicky was like I better take the points while I can't on the road and then it turns out that the math didn't quite work out in his favor on that one on. You can't expect perfect. I'm actually at the point to Jerry. Jones did a all time Jerry Jones in the hallway press conference after where he said with the makeup of this team. I shouldn't be just frustrated. We have the talent so the talent isn't the problem What else could it be right so jerry? This is your where two point now. Were guess what. I don't feel bad for you dude. You should've fired him a while ago. It's on you the fact that he's still the coach. You can't be mad. That is your fault and he gave him vote. The confidence to he gave a vote of confidence that he's going to be our coach for the rest of the season. I has there ever been a coach. That's been fired in the same year that let's say that the cowboys were in first place in week fifteen or whatever and they go on to to win. That division has been a coach fired right before their team won the division division right before the playoffs right before the playoffs. I could see him doing. It's just crazy jerry. Jones keeps complaining about Jay Jason Garrett when you are the one person who can change this problem It's I I mean it really is your. It's it's the drill tweet. Someone helped me with my budget. Yeah he's channels every month Eh. You spending too much money on on on a bad coach. It would be helpful if Jason Garrett ever said a word and I know we. We mentioned it earlier but he he really doesn't talk ever. It's bizarre. Yeah for as much time as he gets on the camera his beady little mouth never it never opens up so I don't know what he does in terms of coaching right. What decisions as you making? I think he just. Yeah I don't know he just Kinda hangs out and beats up on really bad teams which I want to have a little discussion about Dak Prescott for a second here DAK Prescott who has been very good this year Dak Prescott. Whenever he plays like a big time opponent? It feels like he doesn't step up to it. And you know the bidders defense will make anyone not look great but he is five and thirteen against winning teams since it's two thousand sixteen so really not great so really not outright and when you think about the games this year like okay they lost to the saints in New Orleans. They lost to the packers at home. They lost to the Vikings at home. They lost the Patriots in New England. They have beaten up on some really shitty teams and the rest of the schedule. Rule has been not so great fortunately for him he plays in the NFC east. Yeah he gets to play six games against really shitty teams. I'm just saying don't you. Don't you have that feeling. Where Dak Jack Prescott? He's got to win one of these big games for me to be like okay now. I really feel because he is a good quarterback and you can't he's not like he is his Wherever you wanted the floating tears or whatever? He's probably somewhere in the top seven everywhere. You look at traffic analysis. He's he's in command of the second. Best offense offense in the NFL like Dak.. Prescott is definitely if you say yes or no. Should we pay this guy. It's a yes right. Yeah so so. I'm not even saying that. Oh they should chefs hesitation or second thoughts. I'm saying I'd like to see him. Go into a hostile environment or even have a good team come to Dallas and have a really really really great performance and I guess he kinda had it against the Vikings in their play calling fell apart there. But I don't know it just felt like there was some place that could have been had and it just never happened. I at at the very minimum. I would like to see by quarterback not get his ass kicked by random people in Panama City. Yes that's me is one of those things where it's like Point can't defend defend yourself in the capital of spring break after a couple jello shots. How are you going to be able to go out there? Foxborough and the wind and the rain with a smudge smudge cameras. That we somehow still can't figure out how to get water off camera lenses in the year. Two Thousand Nineteen Go. Pros should make that go revival again. which ones Kodak remember when we did that last year round as every every spring break we should just do it? And then he gets comments about No D. Dak.. Prescott is one of those quarterbacks. We're back still because we do this with a lot of there's there's guys who in super bowls and then there's everyone else and for everyone else it's a like pre black and white either your Dak Prescott Guy you're not and you don't really there's no nuance in there. I liked that Prescott a lot. I think he's a very good quarterback. I think he's guy you've got to give money to I. Just don't I can't remember. The last time he won a big began. We have to come up with levels own. Earn names of the different levels for quarterbacks because I think think where he's at right now is the the best good quarterback he is. You know what he is. He is right now taking over the seat. The Matthew Stafford is leaving vacant A guy who is a very good quarterback sometimes very good quarterback doc tons of talent can win you games by himself but you still haven't seen him have that big big moment this thing about about Dactyl is I don't think that Dak loses too many any games for you. Yeah that's true. 'cause he always can blame Jason Gear. He also has a lot better talented lions but yes. Yeah I just. I don't know it's just an interesting thing. I've been thinking about a lot with that because I think he has been phenomenal this year but then I went back and looked as like dim member really sort of three and the cowboys the best team in the NFC. He's the best beat no-one he's the the best good quarterback occasionally peaking at like the worst great quarterback right right. He is in. I always had the tiers of sock. It's just you have quarterbacks when Super Bowl and everyone else sucks he's the best sake but that doesn't feel right now because he's better than that. Yeah he's better than my point. He's better than suck right. That's actually that's the level that he's at right now right okay okay. So he's he's the suckiest quarterback that doesn't suck right got it. I think so uh-huh yeah I'll do better than Carson Wentz. Yes right now at this point. Yes that's powered rather have have Dak Prescott Okay let's so that is those are he has. Here's what Dak Prescott does. He has the ability ability to make skip. Bayless Look Sane. At times in skips blind allegiance to write occasionally one one out of every three games. I'm like skip Cabela's knew something he'll do something like this guy he when he gets. You know he'll be like running well or like play action hitting guys on on the run and you're like damn this guy's awesome and then he'll play a game like today where he wasn't he wasn't the reason the cowboys lost but I think he could have been the reason the cowboys won. There is yeah I finally got to it. He could. He could have won that game for the cowboys if he had elevated his game in extra spot Yep skip bayless isn't going to be throwing his Jersey into into the trash this week right he might put it in the penis heightened microwave right. It's like a couple of seconds here. It is just let them know yes. You're not above this. The cowboys defense played. Well Enough Tab Dak Prescott win that game And then the Patriots are just going to keep winning games ugly. And I don't think anyone I mean I know no one on the Patriots cares but this is just their mo felt like they just kind of beat up teams with their defense which is all time and their offense. I don't think their offense is ever going to click. I don't think because they just don't have until you kill Harry. It looks good but like they don't have those difference makers like a gronk ordering Tonio Brown or a Josh Gordon. When he's healthy kind of guy? I'M GONNA play Hank's roll real quick. Okay well they don't need to big cat. They don't have they like winning ugly right now and they're winning in a way that is utterly demoralizing. Anyone that's trying to play them and if you look at their offense yeah they don't have they don't have like a big play wide receiver but they got Julian Edelman Future Hall of Famer. That's proven that he's the best wide receiver in the history of the NFL. All in the playoffs. And you forgot one thing There's still a fifty percent chance that Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski come back together together. Also Nicole Harry might be a better wide receiver than Josh Gordon or Antonio Brown ever was true if you saw that today did you see Gottlieb. Oh my God I gotTa pull Scotland. I can tell you that I did. Not what would you are you. Oh it was good. We need to start treating Gottlieb like we do rick reilly because he does drop GOTTLIEB's sometimes they're like that's got leap like that was a good where steals tweets. That's that's true that's true Okay he wrote When Akil Harry dropped a ball he wrote can't drop that okay? Your name Holy Shit and it had zero tweets. That's still to this day. Eight hours ago out. How many? How many likes twenty four likes? He has two hundred sixty four thousand four. Oh how hard that is to do a tweet with that many followers you would have to try. I don't think I could. I don't think either of US could. What was the one that he had the other week it? It was like He took out some letters because there was no D.. Oh yeah that was fuck. It was really good. Yeah there's no D. Care member might have. I don't know there's No D. so good and I was like This is a really good tweet. Doug Portland Oh yeah Portland trailblazers waist bad at twitter. Oh Fuck Yes someone replied and then it's just it's gotta suck to be in because every time you tweet. Somebody's wide can't steal in credit that's never forget. Never forgot no forgive. Never Forget Okay so let's let's go. Let's move onto who's back. PT Got One more at. Yeah do do it. It's an ad for a very good friends at quip quip toothbrushes. They're amazing product. Ah I enjoy my quipped very much like the most about it is. I think I've shared I have a pedestal. Stay sink and I'm on a one. Man Wrecking pedestal sink. Suck I don't even know what it means. Actually the worst guy I hate them. And you can't put your toothbrush anywhere on him but the amount that you get with quip is perfect. You can attach it right to your mirror. Solves offers a lot of problems. I want to ask you guys. What actually makes a better toothbrush? Is it industrial strength. Power Is it claims of miraculous trendy ingredients multiple multiple modes. Well if you ask your dentist they'll tell you that it's less about the brush and more about how you use it. That's why quip was created by dentists and product designers to focus on what actually actually matters for your oral health. That's healthier habits. Quip has sensitive vibrations. It's got built in timer guides gentle brushing for the dentist recommended two minutes with thirty thirty second pulses ensuring even clean they automatically deliver brush head sue every three months for clean new bristles right on schedule. The sleek intuitive design is simple. Simple to use. It comes with a travel cap that doubles as a mere mount these thoughtful features make brushing something. You actually want to do twice a day. Good Habits matter to live a healthier life so help form fresh oil worl- habits with Quip Quip starts at just twenty five dollars and you get your first refill for free at get quip dot com slash PMT PMT as get quip dot com slash PMT. It's a simple way to support our show. Start brushing better but you have to get quip dot com slash. PMT to get your first refill for free. Okay let's do who's back then. Football guy of the week WHO's backing the week? Liam would you like to start kick us off yes My who's back in the week are random people from your high school that you don't WanNa see big go Wednesday night Thanksgiving Eve or blackout Wednesday. People call it. Will you be taking in black Wednesday No I'm going to be here. Oh Yeah I'll probably do something but not with blackout blackout blackout. Even if you're not sure high school yeah just blackout. Yeah I've never understood why that's the big drinking night instead of Friday. I always feel like Friday is the better night to go out because you don't have to worry about being hung over at Thanksgiving. I think you're going to be hung over over on Thanksgiving the only two things you don't need to do or get a Dui or end up on the Barcelona scrammed page. Yeah Yeah Yeah I also feel good age thing. I don't think you can be hung over like in your thirties. Nah then it's like okay. Everyone sitting watching you thanksgiving like what's going on Yzerman. Yeah absurd issue here get your act together right whereas when it's like it's like almost cute and funny when you. Yeah that's so funny. When I was twenty nine the night before Thanksgiving giving I broke a toilet? There you go. That was pretty cool. You weren't even drunk knows that's great like classic. Pf Tea break toilet so young and crazy and now now that I'm in my thirties. Toil we have a problem. We have to talk on this because well mostly because it'd be your second toilet break then it's a pattern right All right PFC what is that. Oh well you have to see the pants video shorts on he he puts on one leg and then a shoe and the other leg and then the show yeah Clearly somebody who does not put that on in eighteen years Radha practice disparate anything. You're not going to remember to do. He's gotTa feel so weird tonight like having pants on the goes to sleep in the pants. I don't know but he no. I bet you rip them off the second chance he probably does. There's probably a small part of them. That's kind of upset that they want. Yeah that's what I was saying to him. It's like when you live the life of luxury wearing shorts all the time for nineteen years and you have to go back and everyone knows you as the short sky. Yeah you'd like a little bit that that that little level of fame just kind of like very small community-based famous kind of a cool thing to have yeah but he feels like you know when they make toys fruit where like a long sleeve shirts yes. That's that's exactly what his his legs develop an allergy to pants like that hockey goalie had a couple of years ago. The ads or Hosa breaks out in a rash on your shins. Not good all. Hi Who's your who's back. Pfc My who's backing the week is the NCWA delays back big time. Because so wiseman he's GonNa Oh let him play the up there allowing him back at at Memphis but he asked to pay fourteen hundred dollars in fines to the NC double A.. Okay which is AH I. Applaud the NC Double A.. For figuring out a way to find your players who aren't allowed to be making money and expect them to pay you yeah to come back and play now it's next level super villain so congratulations for innovation the NC Double A. is terrible and we. We agree on that but it it is funny when everyone's like you're finding a guy who who gets paid nothing. I'm pretty sure. James Wiseman got paid deficient. They figured that out. It's making money. It's also should be making money above board and he should be making a lot more money should be making market value. But James Weisman's making money it should. It actually might be a trap. If I'm advising wiser if you if you're able to pay a fourteen hundred dollar fine back to the way they might just suspend you and be like how were you able to afford to pay. Hey this right well. And then Jay Williams and classic fucking Duke Fashion. He's doing like go fund me so then he's going to donate it to James Wiseman and get memphis like you know they're gonNA and get the death penalty oh so he's trying to eliminate because he thinks that that memphis could potentially beat duke later on trying to get rid of their best player right right. Is this a recruiting violation of some somewhere. Hopefully for Duke for hopefully yeah They won't it won't matter coach cable. Just pay off the fucking NCWA. We should just stars as long as though is the. NCAA even allowed to find people. I I never remember this being part of their emo- before just now I don't know I feel like if you issue a fine to somebody somebody with enough confidence and just hope that they pay you. You probably get it right once every two or three times. Well I basically through through this entire process of paying players and all this discussion discussion about what the NCAA does. It's it's essentially come down to the fact that the AA just is that guy in your friend group who organized shit and no one wants to be the guy who organizes shit so what does the NCAA do well. They kinda organized you know like schedules invasions evasions places like everyone play each other and then they like the gym time they get the ice time. Well Yeah actually you know what I don't really I WANNA do that. You don't Memphis. Memphis should just pay the head of the instable a by allowing him to attend a freshman philosophy course. That's probably worth about fifteen hundred dollars. Yes right there right yeah you get to take the The intro to To Earth Sciences and sit in a classroom with five hundred people think you hard class scientists. I remember that was hard. I think dinosaurs another classic took very hard. Human anthropology was a tricky went from. Actually you know what I was in this one class that I get a D. minus but it was the class that I probably The most proud of I learned how to read. EKG Results and I. I was allowed allowed into the class by mistake. And so it was like a four hundred level biology class where I was basically taking this course alongside doctors. Yeah and I had to teach myself itself like how to what the human heart was made out of nine ended up passing it by the skin of my teeth. But somehow I got sick sick. Flow your a your doctor right now. If if I basically told the totally inconsequential story to say. You're down if I read your EKG results. Right now I can tell you how big the different chambers of your heart work like of credit is you. Do you do eat much Chili. That's the prognosis me. I do you have any other. WHO's back Yeah my other. WHO's back in the week as we'd yeah so Zona state versus Oregon. On Saturday. Night was awesome was awesome game the rough guide on the Mike and he said please reset the game clock to four minutes and twenty seconds and the crowd. The crowd went nuts. The Arizona State students when nuts it'd probably Arizona state and Oregon. I would guess smoke the most as we seats ecstasy as a combined all big molly but when you come down strew yeah. How'd you know I don't know Guy That is awesome. That's an awesome moment PAC twelve after dark. That's right game was was very fun to watch All right my who's back in the week I got to Feast Week just feast week in general and all the sports is when your eyes bleed because you just watch college basketball all day and then football that when Thursday starts and you have football day Thanksgiving and that Friday is one of the sneaky favorite days because there has the start a rivalry week and you have random games at noon on a Friday is at the egg bowl. The walls most play Thursday night Nebraska. Iowa's always Friday which is awesome to watch you think. VIRGINIA VIRGINIA TECH LIKE RANDOM Games. I love watching on that Friday. And then you have a full then you still have a full college football weekend in front. There's nothing better. And then it's also rivalry week means the reintroduction of Prank wars between in schools and played each other yes and then The other whose back is people getting really mad about regional regional foods on twitter. This is a big week for that for Thanksgiving. Yeah just just just like food takes in general get very annoying around Thanksgiving time It will you know. Someone's one's GonNa do the cranberry sauce debate some do. The stuffing is actually overrated to be. It's actually called dressing. I've I've heard you know the Pumpkin pie stuff. I've heard the like. Oh do you you have ham or or you know people do that. It just sucks. The whole thing sucks turns out. You probably eat something different than someone else in a different part of the country or has a different like ethnic background crazy but you know what we can all come together and agree that eating a shitload of food is really good. That's the thing so just whatever. Whatever food food you liked growing up in whatever reaching grope and just make sure to eat three times the normal amount of it and then you get a stomach ache no matter what part of the country you're from if you to full and and that's the greatest part of the year point out the guy who's going to be like? Oh Yeah actually like the Green Bean casserole is my favorite or like Oh. I put marshmallows in this. Like you know how everyone in just does this for the entire week. Just stop on this debate. A billion we'll say don't go around putting raisins and shit. That raises don't need to be no don't do that. Don't do that no no you don't do you put i. Don't care put raisins in your. Don't give a fun. Yeah are you. Did you do that that triggered you absolutely viral tweet. That's like going around like controversial food. Take Oh get the reply. So that's from former like absolutely hilarious whereas people being dead serious like a guy said Ed Saint Louis has the best Chinese food fouled fat guy was like I. I like Ranch on my steak instead of barbecue so twitter Hank doing that definitely twitter by nature like there will always be an underlying food debate. That's like simmering on twitter but there are certain certain times. Where food debates take over your entire time line like this socks in that happens right now and then when I was gonna say that's on US House next I don't do it and Trey Wingo? We like you go X.. Golick family don't do it but yeah it's when these stupid annoying debates take over the entire her timeline like another big one as Eggnog. Good her back up. y'All other you like you like it or you don't so I like the simmering food debates where it's like you. Can you can actively ignore the food debates going on twitter when it gets to a point like this week where we are forced to read them all. Well that's when it sucks Okay Ultra Tuck ins are back to yes. Traditions are big picture docking and just have the center of it be a devil and hodges. We should have hank fry a Turkey with frozen and blow himself indoors. Just do all the stuff. He's not gonNA listen to this so he won't even know. Ah We should do that. You know the real Turkey is Obama. Obama all right seekie question. PF T- Promo Code. Take ten dollars to seek my. CK question he gets six redskins tickets six redskins tickets town you buy you can buy enough to do a whole the protests. Yeah can you kidnap enough people against their will to take them to a redskins game for free. This is why media is broken seekie question Promo Code. Take ten dollars off. Do you want to kind of the week. Yeah let's see if a football guy that was question we're at the we're at American Ninja Warrior time by the way MHM Merkin. Andrew War is on forty and night. What's the name of the guy is like Andy we'd or something? Yes the Crawford version of Dick Wolf these guys it. Also the weird part is it's like old American. Ninja Warrior is clearly was films like four or five years ago. Yeah who cares once one person you'll with these guys are these guys are the bengals fan that is living on his roof to get away from his wife there at that exact guy except they construct an obstacle course in their backyard that they spend nine hours on Russia from Sunup to sundown to get away from their family and the best part of American American Ninja Warrior. These guys are great athletes but they should. You know how there's this wall I think. They have to climb the big wall to finish. Yeah it shouldn't be a wall it should just be someone on standing there with a baseball and throws it to him and see if they can catch it. None of the can't none of those guys can triple a basket. No no that should be the final challenge like here. Catch this football. That's it and then they they all drop it. Wouldn't that be hilarious if they all like. Climb these huge walls. Do this obstacle course swim through this thing. Go through these is net and then you just throw them a full five yard out. And he can't catch it either bodies our idiot savant Einstein Kentucky shoes no I could build a nuclear bomb discusses way cooler to smartest guy in the world married. His cousin people don't talk about that enough yeah that's fucked up so did the F. D. R. Bay. Wow when you see a hot piece ass like late thirties. Very handsome woman. I think we as a society had a moment for marrying cousins was married cousins having a moment high at the end of in your Pantheon of incest. Okay here's full-on guy the week. Let's get this back together on. Track Raiders head coach. Jon Gruden for Calling Ref fucking cock second mother fucker. He did that and and he did it in the meadowlands inspired by Tony Soprano yes. That's when you kind of wish you put the playcalling sheet in front of your face. No I like it better this Jon Gruden actually he. He doesn't get me. She's on sinking ship literally said I'm on a sinking ship Michael Irvin forgetting very spiritual and breaking down cowboys patriots. So what did he say. I think he said something along. The lines of Goliath wasn't sent to defeat David he was sent to make. David believed that he could beat Goliath one of the more coherent things that Michael Irvin's said on the air he didn't how how like a dog in the middle of his explanation sells wedding. I feel like I of course I would. I think we've talked about this but Michael Irvin Super Bowl Week. Miami Florida I mean he is like the mayor of Miami It's going to be shut on Miami by the way Danny boy king. That's the worst loss. Ever two point favorite neds revenge. Putsch Butch Davis Revenge. Game Crazy All right injured youngstown. State quarterback Nathan Maze for taking one last snap at his career. Despite being out for the season I watched view. Do you watch this video. Nazi this one. What did he injure because he couldn't even even put weight on it? It looks like he just had gotten injured. They yes so they're carrying him out into the field his weird jangling right. I think his leg Legge died that or they don't have izzy waiting in line for surgery it seems somewhat concerning that he's not able to put anybody on but but he also doesn't have any sort of medical device on his leg brace or a cast or anything right. He's just kind of hanging out with an injury like a deer in the wild l.. Might if they thought that was weird right yeah. This looks a little weird. It looks like if you had if you dropped Nathan Maze and I'm sure he's a nice guy and shut up coach Bo. But if you drop Maith nays on the ground he'd still be laying on the field and it would never be able to get like up or home or anything and he took a knee. That was the play. Let them take a knee. Essay were beating Illinois. Say Secretary through I was actually threads can and just have them be their victory. Victory Formation Guy is easily. Yeah because it is. It is a Moroccan singer warrior. Our I was like there's one percent part of me that that was hoping that they would know this guy and just fucking to actually improve his leg would have been so funny like if you if you're just a pissed staff who they're playing they're playing Illinois state. Yeah if you're just roll birds and you just like fuck this man. I don't want to lose my last game because everyone else's last game to that's true I'm just GonNa blow up the line here. I mean you have your one chance to get on sports center and be the discussion of the week. Yeah Damn just one time All right Last Texas head coach. Tom Herman for pumping his players up by headbutting them without a helmet and they lost by like a billion. That's fine he's eligible is going. That sucks that clip has gone around. Listen Texas is back to being not back officially. I think we can say right Tom. Herman I guess good is he still kisses players I think so. I don't know I think he's channeled all his weird sexual energy designing that like uterus shaped thing. That's it's GonNa be in the Texas Stadium Very Weird. Yeah very very weird see at Texas is not back and might be looking for new coach probably not fish. Maybe it depends on it depends on how drunk the boosters that matter are true yes true at any given time. If there's one poker game that goes bad in Texas you can just end up with a pissed off booster ready to make a buyout. Well good news. Is the cowboys covered today. So Tom Herman you have a job for another week. It's true. Yeah all right last actually. No it's probably worse that the boosters made money betting on the right now right Frisky with the buyout checks you need to so you need to hope and pray that That other Texas teams. Don't cover the yes that's true Okay lasts up. I just wanted to mention one thing not to Brag what we called it but Yulon Elon Musk. Is just a front. For Jeff bezos because his cyber truck was one of the funniest things. Yeah the the. The black wheels doesn't the handler thing. They threw that rock it and it went through. I don't yeah pretty good. He's like well no actually didn't go through it. It just shattered the he's like. Yeah we have this this state of the art bulletproof glass and they threw a little rock in and just shattered. Is that truck meant for Mars or is that supposed to be used here on. Plants landed on Muster's cells shit. We don't need the memory. Sold all those fucking blow torches. He's got a interesting pressing business model with this thing though. which is if you sell something for a high enough ticket price? You only have to sell like two of them right. The world's dumbest rich people. And then you end up making a profit now now. Jeff Bezos is getting a pass again. I don't know if that's true but he when people talk about you all must doing stupid shit they forget about Jeff. Jesus that's true that's true. He's brilliant wait. What does the cyber part of this truck does? The truck WIFI truck has WIFI blockchain in front of anything then it becomes bitcoin. bitcoin related you cyber truck. You can hook it up to your spotify and shows you on your Under navigation system where all the horny local singles. Yeah this is so oh sex cyber truck who doesn't need a cyber truck. I hope that goes like I hope we go backwards in Evola. We kinda are but get back to the Hummer days. Remember when the H.. twos were just the Oji homers yeah the OJ. Hummers then put the H.. Two is like well. This one isn't that bad for the environment. He should put flame. Author is on the side of his cyber truck. Yeah cyber truck it up like tax fall out of the CYBERTRUST doesn't even have a bitch and sound system but she's got some shitty just a Quality sub woofers knowing you on Muskie probably built a whole cyber truck and then like didn't put any cup holders I sit down. You're like wait. Where the fuck where put my coffee? It comes with Like the I tunes the iphone that had you to on it yeah. It comes preloaded with grimes albums. Uptake scam to make his girlfriend. More Money Ah man all right. That's our show will see everyone. Wednesday remained reminder. We're not GONNA have a show on Friday but we're going to do an extra long Wednesday probably due to interviews and throwing a preview for the whole weekend so that anyone who has to work on Friday morning has something extra to listen to but Yeah we'll see everyone on Wednesday love I guess.

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