Hour 2 - Carson Palmer (04-21-20)


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Don't miss some men. Monday nights at ten nine central on NBC. And Join US for your assignment. Podcast available every week after the show on the IHEART APP. Or wherever you get your podcast. You are listening to the Dan Patrick. Show on Fox sports radio. Welcome to the program. It's hour to Dan in the DANETTES. Dan Patrick Show interesting. Email that we receive last night. We unveiled the letter we got from Tom. Brady's attorneys about our Tampa Bay t shirts we understand. We need to be in compliance with them with Tom. He's filed for the trademark. Now we could extend this. We could take it all the way up to the Supreme Court and Ruth Bader. Ginsburg could maybe help us here. But I think she's got other things to worry about and what I'm thinking. Is You have your chance until the end of the month. We're being told April twenty seventh twenty twenty. We need to take down the t shirts off of our website. We're working on a new shirt a loss. No it's not a lawsuit. I should say it's just A. It's a polite letter. It's not even a cease and desist. I was hoping for a cease and desist. That'd be good. We've talked your way into one. But perhaps Todd said he said you know. We should respond to the letter from Tom's lawyers. By saying we feel deflated. We'll stopped selling the t shirts. Tv twelve angry men. We we feel deflated. But we'll stop selling the t shirts. Oh man we're in trouble. We are in trouble so I thought okay look. I'm looking at the the letter we got. It was a very polite letter and and I understand this neon. We stopped selling the t shirts by the end of April and But there was a line in there. Where the they they were telling us who tom is his name. Is Tom anywheres number twelve and I said well there's t-shirt our new t shirt is his name is Tom. And then you could put number twelve on the back and then they also said. We appreciate your enthusiasm for Tom. Going TO TAMPA. Do we have those t shirts up Paulie? They're still being workshop. These colors Sherbert Subert. Now I I would call that cream sickle. But not legally. No I think I think they own cream sickle. I don't think that the buccaneers didn't trademark cream cycle. I don't think actually well dipoto and the critical water. So Yeah Okay but wait a minute you no matter street artists RC. When he painted the Tom Brady Mural and we put him in the cream sickle. Rc said it's not known as cream sickle. He had a different color four. It maybe we'll trademark that wouldn't popsicle own cream sickle anyway. They're the ones that came up with the delicious treat cream sickle. I don't know I can't. I can only handle one lawsuit. I can't handle if popsicle comes after me here. How Great. How great is this all right? Well we had the t shirts. They're up there now. We are already onto our next where the Patriots would always beyond to the next opponent. Were onto the next tee shirt like we're on we're not. Hey I'm not here to. I'm not I'm not here to talk about tump obey. I'm here to talk about our new. T shirt were onto his name. Is Tom these lawyers? Tom has her on the west coast. Hopefully they're not up. Nobody gets the show out there. Anyway we'll be So those are the t shirts that will have those up on the website if you'd like to get his name. Is Tom Tom? That's really funny and it's rare. When I say that about you recognize it would have been nice if you said it on the air but hey you did okay there this according to Google Gosh we feel deflated but will stop selling t shirt. That's good. Let's go popsicle criminal. Cream SICKLE TRADEMARK. Do fudgesicle IOSEFO. They're registered trademarks of Unilever Group of companies and can only use be used to identify the frozen confection products of Unilever. They may not be used to refer to pros well. No this is as long as you don't use cream sickle and you're selling a frozen confection product. Then you're good. I think I need some any get lawyered up here Bowl in Washington joins us. Hi Ball what do you have for me? Good Morning. Five one seventy ten percent body fat. Okay I. You can do Tom. Thing his name is Tom or my name is Donna whatever. Do not fall on tobacco. You will get another letter and it will not be as nice okay. They may have a point on that. Okay all right well thank. You actually sounded like bolas threatening us. Maybe he's not a represented he was going to eat them. And how you save is calling from Washington. Yeah he's warns you will get another letter. Yeah Okay Easy. They're easy they're mclovin. What about using my idea number nine? Tom Tuba two thousand to Tampa Bay buccaneers. We've wanted to a toupee t-shirt forever. Ever they have we have now. I don't WanNa do that. Gives ITS NUMBER NINE? I just think his name is Tom. And that's it. I don't need anything else. Very simple have it in some in there. Whatever else read in that uniform? Then we're good all right we're GONNA you don't have to do cream cycle. I don't want positive. Don't say pewter only one pewter is only used in reference the bucks uniforms don't say that work they don't own Pewter Unilever might. That's a pretty big company to. I don't think we want them going down the road. I will do that. I don't I don't WanNa get sued by them as well. Sounds like we need to go fund me just say are the buccaneers able to use the word cream sick. No they would not be able to use that word to describe the uniform because we can use it and the public can use it but when if you look at the Tampa Bay Bucks website and their social media. They don't use the word cream sickle because they are actually know what they're doing and think about law stuff appalling Colorado hold on Paul. Talk to pull he Dan. Fodio Able I go by Dr. PJ six to two thirty former USC offensive center I was sued by Virgin Enterprises. About fifteen years ago and it was a federal lawsuit. I never got a letter and that was before they had any presence. In Nevada my company was Virgin Properties and This lawsuit was forty pages and it was all full of Baloney but the cost of defendant was gonna be eighty to a hundred thousand and in trademark entrenchment. There is no award of attorney fees. If you win so I was going to be out. Eighty two hundred grand defending the word and not the like this. It was not about a logo. It was a word virgin And I was. I was horribly offended all right. Well thank you Paul. People start to make me nervous here. Get those t shirts down now. We're not selling anymore. Tom Obey t-shirts. Yes mclovin I defended. Myburgh anytime isn't it. I think it was a little longer than that. You're rounding down. I think it was probably closer to twenty two twenty three or four. You sound like stop. That's a good line. No good line back row killing it. Well Todd last hour at the end of the are not good but we started this hour. Good note here. I just got an email. The chargers new uniforms and awe soak it in great. Those are great. Those are real that I like it. I like it that sharp. You got the numbers on the helmet. You got a white helmet. You got the bolts. I've got the powder blue and then I got white pants. I got powder blue. The gold pants white with gold. I got white on white. I don't know what that color I guess that's darker blue and then I have black all black and then all blue like a dark dark blue. The Navy Blue. Those are sharp people really like the lightning bolt down the leg of the pants. Good I like it. I was just surprised that they were releasing this at seven in the morning Los Angeles time but well done. I don't I don't have any problems with this socks. Look Great I'm good. I'm good anybody. Have an issue with these charges. Could it's hard to screw up the charger uniform? I mean it just. It's with the color scheme. And as long as you gotTa Bolton there you can do pretty well. I like the numbers on the side of the helmet. I like the old school. That's good man. It's hard when you can't criticize something like there's nine economy kept going I got something to criticize here. Carson Palmer the former number one pick by the bengals join US coming up a little bit later on your phone calls are welcome. Eight seven seven three. Dp show email address DP. Dan Patrick Dot Com. Just got a tweet that says can we get a cease in deflate t shirt? I think we're don't WanNA poke the bear. I think I maybe Fritzy you craft the letter to send to the lawyers to say we feel deflated but we will stop selling that Tucher. I appreciate you. They will they love. Tom Loves that. He loves talking about that. Deflate Gate we just have to. We got to be compliant. We gotta be nice with this. They're nice to us. We're we're going to stop doing this. We just had Bruce Arians on my buccaneers but yeah we'll we'll make sure that we stop selling those two shirts by the end of the month if not sooner but we will have our new t shirt ready to go. Jared in Connecticut joins us. Hi Jared what's on your mind and how's it going good? Oh Great Yeah Great. So I I'm going off the idea with this is Robert Paulson. But then you have like a silhouette of a body laying down and like Brad Pitt and Edward Norton standing over him saying this was Tom. And there's like a sheet over him somehow. There's like a Patriots logo somewhere. This was Tom. It's a little busy for us. Jared but thank you. We'll morbid. Yeah Yeah we on the way to do that. We I want Tampa to do well this year. I'd like to distance any reference to Seaton's idea. That's what I was on the transcript. The transcript the record will show along the lines of Seton. Yes mclovin guys. The fight club stuff is terrible. Yeah we can't get any worse by the way I explain this whole story to my wife and the break and she just said you guys are the biggest knuckleheads in the I. I had a conversation at dinner with my wife last night. And I'm telling her about the Tampa Bay t shirts and she said who would buy that. That's so stupid and I go exactly and she goes. And why can't you call Tom Brady? And just say hey. Why don't we go into business together? I said it doesn't work that way. I mean I can try you know. We'll use our resources with toms. And then maybe we could come up with TB twelve enterprises featuring Dan Patrick and the Danettes. Yes point look we know. We're dopey hijacked me. The lawyer who went to college eleven years and now a spending their day dealing with this email ready to out now now we gotta run it through legal again and we're kind of case you're working on kicking up stairs it's it's the state versus Dan. Patrick top obey to at all when you twist it one way. It's been working on while I'm working with Tom Brady now like Oh really. Wow that's amazing you work without. Yeah the top of Bay Lawsuit Yeah. I'm not familiar with that. Yeah I mean Roe v Wade. Tom Obey versus Dan. Patrick yes it's probably going to be just as explosive there ripped from the headlines on order is not going to pick this up all. I don't know you never can tell with that. Somebody could have fun with this year is going to be different as NFL fans. We're not GONNA get fooled again by those trade rumors right. Don't we say that every year mock drafts inside reports front office lying season open for business? I kept saying tune out the noise. Don't believe a go back to the Tom Brady rumors in all those rumors. Remember the cowboys. Never that's silly rumor and I went. You're being trolled folks. Maybe the chargers but he didn't want to go to the west coast so it probably came down to one team and that was top Tampa Bay. So you know the rumors here. The rumors with Odell Beckham Junior. All you've got people who will still soapbox and he's going to be traded and I I'm going to be right. Well I can tell you that. Probably with one hundred percents certainty. Eventually Odell Beckham will be on another team. I'M GONNA go out on a limb and do a shower of shame that over the next three years. Odell Beckham I signed up to do five years five more years so we got three years so I if I have to pay then I'll do a shower. Shame of Odell Beckham is not on another team. It's going to happen. I said from my source Minnesota was saying. We're more likely we want to get a wide receiver in the draft. That that that's according to somebody with Minnesota we and then the follow up by saying. Why would we bring in a headache when we just got rid of a headache in Stefan? Dick's doesn't mean they wouldn't be interested in Odell Beckham or at least kick the tires. What's He gonNA cost me? Yeah I get that teams. Make inquiries all the time. Hey what's Leonard Fournette GONNA cost? That's happening now like you just kick the tires I saw were the chiefs are trying to trade up so they can take henry rugs out of Alabama. All you do is inquire what what what what are you looking for. What's IT GONNA cost us here doesn't mean you're GONNA do it? You just curious about it because if I can buy Odell Beckham low and selling high then I would do that and I think it would be best for all involved if Odell Beckham on another team and maybe with an established quarterback would help out because Baker Mayfield. I think would do better if he didn't have to acquiesce to Odell when they're on the field. But look you got people say that he's GonNa get traded and I'm GONNA stick by my story and good for you. I mean if you feel like your source is you know legitimate and not hanging out to dry or you're not being played with this. You know the browns just because they're saying we're not chopping and but you get these rumors now and you want to get a report not I'm hearing. 'cause I'm hearing is not a report folks when you when you hear somebody say I'm hearing then you have to have some skepticism there to Tonga Vilo all. We're hearing they could go to three or twenty three. Hey I'm here in the Patriots are going to go up and get him. Hey I'm hearing that the Miami is Gonna. Take Justin Herbert. Not Too okay. He's creating the most buzz right now and I. If you said is going higher than you think or lower I would say still higher. I still think there's the intrigue of of who he is what he is in the possibilities of his ceiling being a lot higher than just in her. If I'm the dolphins and he falls into my lap five I take it now. You're starting to hear that the redskins are getting some interest in team or teams moving up to number two. I don't know if that's true or not but if I'm the Redskins I put it out there I would. I put it out there just to let somebody know if you're going to go up and get to you might have to go to to a in the draft. The lines three the giant four. You've heard they're open for business. Well Yeah you WANNA be open for business. Do I think somebody's moving up there? Probably not it feels like if Miami gets him they take him at five but the chargers chargers may go. Hey if he falls into our lap great. Hey if we get Justin Herbert Great. But I don't know if somebody's going to go up and get it. I don't want to spend too much to go and get but I I would want Miami and maybe false. Maybe Carolina is there. Maybe falls to Jacksonville. Maybe the raiders. There you're hearing and that's all you're hearing it's just hearsay. We don't have any reports here. Open for business okay we'll talk to Carson Palmer about this. What advice is he been giving Joe Borough on this whole process going to his former team and also his thoughts on the to a tongue of Iowa risk and the reward? Is there more of a fear of taking him or not taking him take a break here? Twenty after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick Show. Check things all the time email instagram. But what about checking? Something is important as your credit discover makes it quick and easy best of all. It's free discoveries. Now offering fico credit scores. The score used by ninety percent of top lenders. And they're doing that for free even if you're not a customer checking your score won't hurt your credit and you can check each month for changes the discover credit score card. It's free for everyone. You can learn more at discover dot com slash credit score card. That's discovered dot com slash. Could his scorecard limitations apply? Do you own or rent your home. 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The number seven and the number forty on the scoreboard. I don't think we've had a winner yet. Didn't hear from Mario but you can Entering the contest and We have some. Dp Show t-shirts to give way to the winter. This program brought to you by Mercedes. Mgb prepared for whatever comes your way the all new gt four door coupe. Because life is a race vizier local dealership for a test drive today. If you missed any of our celebrity interviews from the Mercedes G. Man Cave you can go to the Dan Patrick show APP watching. Listen from inside the Mercedes. Man Cave Mercedes. Am G driving performance. Your phone calls coming up he's Carson Palmer former Bengals quarterback heisman trophy winner. Usc and it'll tell you what he is joining us on behalf of coming up here in a moment how are you Carson? Yeah I was curious when you were leading into the draft leading up to the draft in two thousand and four. Were there any rumors about the bengals or oath? Three the bengals trading that pick feels like. There's all these rumors leading up to the draft every year. I'm curious whether any rumors circulating about you in the Bengals. No I'm up up Probably two or three months before the draft I really started to see you know. Clear that they were GonNa take me You know you go through the interview process. You're talking to coach on the phone. You go out and visit Visit Organization and visit the facilities and meet with the coaches meet the players. I could tell pretty early on That they were. They were going to draft me and there really wasn't a lot of talk. I know Chicago was right behind the bengals that year. I think like three or four. There was some talk that maybe they would. They would move up but really it was. It was pretty clear. Cut Nine new with a couple of months up coming up to the draft that I was GonNa go to sensitive any apprehension going to Cincinnati. Not On my end. I was really excited I remember going through. We got them. We played in the Orange Bowl and and January and then I started bouncing around the different agents in meeting with different agencies trying to figure out what age and I was going to pick and a number of agents Had you know plans to get to this team or get to that team And I ended up choosing Dave Ghana. Athletes I and with him and Had A great career together and and he just kind of said what do you want to do and I said I wanted to be the number one pick and I just went out and trained and and got ready. Get ready for the interview process. Got Ready for my workouts and all the things that came up But there wasn't a whole lot of talk Outside of my camp About anything other than getting ready to play for the bengals you start to look at these prospects. Draft picks in with Joe Borough. Now we're starting to hear. Well he doesn't have a strong arm and and that's true. He may not have a strong arm. I always get nervous when I hear when somebody leads with poise. Got A big arm like I. Don't I don't care if my quarterback has a big arm. I WanNa know if he has a good arm and accurate arm. But if I look at what? Justin Herbert has in a look at what Joe Borough has. I can see why Joe Borough is considered a better prospect because he does have better accuracy. He can throw you open where Justin Herbert has athleticism here. What should we really be looking for listening for when it comes to these quarterbacks and how it's going to translate into success in the NFL? Yeah a big arm is great. And it's it's sexy and it's it's fun and who's ause you but if you can't find a soft spot in the pocket and and create space within the pocket while your eyes or downfield reading defense finding the open receiver and then deliver the ball accurately under pressure. Just as you're about to get hit right in the throat. Nothing else matters big arm. Tight spiral All those things are all relevant. You got to be able to deliver the ball on time. Why you're getting hit and also have some savviness about you moving within the pocket so I I'm on I do the same thing I hear. Always he threw the ball. Seventy five yards. You know off of one leg or you know some silly stat. That's totally irrelevant. You've got to deliver the ball under pressure all game long for sixteen games. And that's you know one of the knocks. Maybe I'll to Is is the injuries history. And you look at all these injuries and all these little keep creeping up you know at the end of the day if if you're not able to play weekend week out and deliver the ball accurately. It doesn't matter how strong I start to look at too and I know everybody loves the way throws the football and they say he's a left-handed drew brees which is way too much praise for because he he doesn't strike me. I if he's six four. Nobody's saying he reminds me of drew. Brees itsy six foot so therefore he's drew brees. I see I see more of you. Know Maybe Russell Wilson with that athleticism get out of the pocket a little bit but he does have great touch and appears to be able to have all the throws that you want a side from the injury issue and granted. That's a big issue. What concern or concerns? Would you have about two at the next level outside the injury issue? I really love everything. you know that injury issue is it's so easy to sweep that thing under the rug. Well he's got a big injury issue but X Y and Z. No it all starts with their. If you're having a difficult time staying healthy in college it really worries me that you're going to be able to stay healthy for you. Know THIRTY PERCENT MORE GAMES. Forty percent more games and bigger more physical Guys hitting you and potentially injuring you. So that injury thing really is a is a big deal but the other thing that Kinda out shoes when you watch this film he's playing with NFL receivers and not just in. He's playing with first and second round picks and you look at these receivers they have on that roster men it'd be hard not to be productive at Alabama and offense when you've got Henry Rugs And and you have some of the species that they have on the outside they have two or three guys. Second round picks. Judy does well Jerry. Judy can absolutely jerry. Judy's probably a top twenty pick And you could probably say the same thing about Henry. Rug so that that does concern me a bit Would you take him? If you're Miami is if you're you're taught you would not know the injury thing where he's me okay. I love his game. I love his leadership. I there's so many things that that you fall in love with him but at the end of the day one of the best abilities in the League is durability. And if you're not durable in college it's just you really you. You very rarely see guys that are that aren't durable guys in college and they get the NFL sudden they're they're healthy every week That that thing jumps out at me and worries me about two he's Carson Palmer. The former number one overall pick joining us on behalf of a level select. Cbd Dot Com explained. That you've been involved with this for for quite some time. Have you been involved with? Cbd's longest. Jake Plumber Ben Probably not as long as Jake has But it's I I've been using it for a been done playing for three years. We've been using it for four or five It's something I use every day now. It's funny we get done talking about injuries and go right Pain relief but yeah no. It's it's something that's part of my life. It's it's something that I use it I as you remember. I've had multiple knee surgeries. I've had plenty of surgeries but I have some some serious ailments and some serious issues with Just consistent paying consistent aches and level select is something I use them. I need something I use them back. I've got four young kids that I'm consistently playing you know. My son wants to be a pitcher on down in a in a catcher stance and You know my daughter wants to ice skate and I have to go ice skating with her. Ice Skating is not great on knees and low back so level. Select CD is something. I used just to get me through Being a dad and and and feeling good waking up in the morning and the feeling good and sleeping well at night. It's something that that is a part of my life. Would you rather your son played football or baseball for me football because I have a really difficult time sitting watching baseball? But for him For him football to he loves it. I mean it's it's something that that we've put off. We have not let him play it. he's going into sixth grade next year and going to be twelve and I just you know it worries me. I just don't think he needs to be getting hit in the head are ready and and have You know all these little things start creeping up. You know in in junior pot Li Junior Pop Warner Football We've been pushing to let him play once he gets to high school but he finally broke broke us town and asked every single day for. I think like four months straight and then you combine that in the quarantine and you're getting asking the quarantine if I can play football play football if I play football and so finally broke down three nights ago and told them right. We're GonNa let you play tackle football next year. So he he's super I'm super into it Obviously and and Yeah trying to start. We've been training since the quarantine started getting ready for the season. Hopefully that that gets you fall. What advice did you give? Joe Borough When when we talked we really just talked about the process I said one of the most important things is just you know when a team gives you an offense and gives you protections just digested and be ready to spit it back so really. It was We've we've talked very briefly about preparing for the process. The combine the drafts. The pre draft workouts. The Pre Jeff meetings And really just you know. Kinda gave him some insight on you know what it's like to go through You know and just kind of small Tidbits on getting ready for the draft. Would you rather have an all pro wide? Receiver in all pro lineman all pro line lint. Okay because you start to see where we focus in on the skill positions. We always do that. Then every you'll go. Oh you know. You're drafted attack overdrafted. A guard or eve is a garden. College we're going to make him his center here and we never talk about that because there's nothing sexy about that but the importance of that the offensive linemen and trying to find these lime and because the way college football is played. It's it's different for the linemen in you. Know how far the the spacing there the blocking the strat all of those things and it just feels like we get to the draft. And we're like hurry up. Let's get to another quarterback or wide receiver running back. I'm GonNa care about Lineman now did you ever get involved in the draft with the bengals or any of the teams you played on to say could certainly use another linemen That was always the first the first words out of my mouth. We could always use another tackle another guard or another center But they're not sexy. They're not they're not fund from a Fan's perspective that you took a guard from Villanova in the third round. I mean that's just not that doesn't you know being you know a cardinal's fan of cheese. Fan a raiders fan. Whatever it is. That doesn't jump off the screen but at the end of the day If you can't step into and you can't get to the copier dropping. Get from your. I read your second to your third redes- quarterback man. It doesn't matter if you took three first round receivers three years in a row if you don't have the ability to get through the timing and rhythm of play to get the ball to these exciting sexy receivers that you drafted and fan base is go nuts for Then that guy that you dress in the first round at receivers irrelevant I think every quarterback they it's fun to get new toy outside but man it is An necessity to have guys that can hold up in front of you and they're so hard to find and they're so hard to coach And it just seems like these athletes get moved if you once you get over two hundred and fifty pounds. These great athletes get moved to defensive. End These offensive. Linemen are having a blog. I mean you look at dating cloudy today and cloudy six seven any ran like four. Four at two seventy five. Myles Garrett. I mean some of these guys. They're getting so big so physical and you look at chase young. It's just hard to find a guy that can block him for four seconds and it's a necessity every year there's more and more of these freak athletes coming out that that put their hand the ground and get after the quarterback and you've got to have people to block for them if you don't if you have people to block for them it doesn't matter how many first round picks you use receivers and tight ends of these These fun Like like we're saying sexy toys outside. It just wrote to you. Know if you can't get the ball to them they become relevant if chase young is considered the no brainer best player in the draft. Why isn't he going number one? That's a great question I think. That's you know at the end of the day. When you're looking at Andy Dalton WHO's currently under under contract for the Bengals who is a really good player. I mean he he gets a knock Mainly because he played for the bengals but Andy any can play in in and he can He may not be a number one. Pick and and May Not be that that guy off a draft board but and he's been extremely extremely productive. And and you got a chance to get you know a guy that can probably get after the quarterback fourteen to fifteen to sixteen times like a von Miller type career defensive end that guy's hard to pass up And the other thing about chase onto is he's Great Maroon game so because we don't know about Joe Joe. Borough is not a given as much as we want to say boy. He's unbelievable okay. He had the greatest single season in college. Football history at that position. I grant you that. It's not a given if chase young is a given then that I don't know maybe I'm overrating chase young. But it feels like nobody wants to trade up to get chase young but everybody keeps saying boys a generational player. I know you wanNA find your quarterback but if I got a guy who can line up there and he can give me ten years of all pro status and you would probably sign it if I said he can give you ten years as an all pro or you. Roll the dice on show. Borough who do you take man? I mean that's that's your shows you how important and and the way that the leaks thinks about the quarterback position is just how important that position is no doubt I mean you. Think back to The Mario Williams Reggie Bush Bush draft and like oh six or seven. Whatever that was where Mario Williams win number one and everybody could not believe that? Reggie went number two. I know Reggie's not a quarterback but when when when people were looking at that they couldn't believe that that happened but Mario Williams went out and got twelve to fourteen sacks just about every single year career. That's what chase chase. Young is projecting. That is what you expect that a chase. They're you're exactly right. There is a ton of unknowns on Joe. He played one year of college football. It is extremely risky right. But you gotTa have a quarterback and and that position is on as we know it. It's IT'S D. position. You have to have every team. That's the is a super bowl. Contender has a quarterback. So until you have that guy You're always you're always looking for him. Now Andy Dalton still is under contract chase young. You know as you're saying could be the best player in the draft. Probably is the best player in the draft. I think it's a really difficult decision that they have to make. They have to eat a pass up on a guy. That's a fourteen sad guy or go after a guy That could be the future of your franchise And handled the quarterback position for the future of your franchise for the next ten to fifteen years. It's obviously a big decision. The difficult decision. Good to talk to you at a level select. Cbd Dot Com Creams Roll Ons and helps you live life after plan. Nfl quarterback for as long as. You did hope you're doing well and the kids are being nice to thanks to catch up man that's Carson Palmer level select. Cbd DOT COM ran out of time. I couldn't ask him if he wanted. His heisman back garnered two convenient. Yeah Darn it ran out of time. You know the next time. I have him on all. Ask him about if he wants his heisman back. Take a break here. Phone calls are coming up right after this in the Dan Patrick Show. Hey I'm Hayes and Casey and we're going to tell you everything you'll hear if you subscribe to news o'clock not if when what's news o'clock you ask why it's the new show from buzzfeed an iheart coming at you every weekday evening. What's that you want to know? What kind of stories? We'll be telling you about well. You've got your Corona Virus News. Your election news. You've Celebrity News Your Book News Your Pop Culture News and maybe even sports SIP. Those ever happened again. Good News Bad News. Healthy dose of what? The fuck was that news. There's going to be big world shaking news. Little make you smile news. There's going to be the sole. That happened news. All told that certain BUZZFEED GENESEE QUA-. What's that mean all told that certain Buzzfeed GENESEE QUA- wait? I don't speak French. What's that mean. I don't know what the the last thing you said. That's what no that's what Jenny. Oh my God forget it. Listen to news o'clock on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast be sure to catch. Us Live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine Pacific on Fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at FSR or stream. It live every day at Youtube dot com slash. The Dan Patrick show go to Patrick Dot Com. Check out all the gear. We have there including the Tampa Bay t shirts soon to be eliminated soon to be removed from the website by the end of the month. Tampa Bay t shirt but we have come up with a new T. shirt and it just says his name is Tom. And we won't even put the Jersey number on the back but his name. Is Tom that way? We let TOM HAVE THE TAMPA Bay trademark. And we'll move on. We still don't have a winner for todd scoreboard. Todd maybe dropping hint. Mario says that people are trying. But you can't get a seven and forty are your numbers seven and forty. They're both related to this date in history right. I'm GONNA go with. Oh I already mentioned the one earlier yes And then I'll have to look at this day in sports history on forty now we don't. We're not guessing pauly. I'll give you a hint. Yeah we're not. Nfl related is the forty number. Okay so seven and I got the seven. I don't have the forty nine. You GotTa Hint a little bit of a hint. They're a what is it national record store day. That's right okay. We went around the room saying we could have one record and Alta like album with the the vinyl and the case on the sleeve everything signed by the artist. Artist or band went around room. Recap Yeah but you guys. I didn't understand it taught if you could get something signed by the Beatles in its Abbey Road. That makes the most sense. Now you can say Elvis or you know do they have Bach and Beethoven could do. They have albums Bach box box box. Set but you guys were picking fritzy picked hall and OATES. I'm not looking to make a buck. Yeah I wondered what's meaningful to me. There's the way okay the experiment of the question. I didn't know if it was my favorite band. I would say led Zeppelin but I thought it was if you could get one album cover autographed by the band members. Then we'd take Abbey Road. Let's let's take out your favorites and you were just doing something iconic. You're doing it like it's a business transaction. As soon as I get this. I can't wait to sell it again. Well no the investment would be that I have it. I don't want to sell it but it'd be great to put it in the man cave. That's my thought process. Always how would it look in the man cave and I think that would be pretty cool if you go on Abbey Road you got all the Beatles there instead of. Hey you got an autograph from Toad the wet sprocket. I mean it's just not the same. I went with Purple Rain by Prince. I'm guessing he's Kinda guy wouldn't do a lot of autographs and you don't most people don't get to meet that's why through them him up there in aren't they having or did they do something. Last night wasn't a celebration of the fourth anniversary of prints passing. I could see the purple doing than anybody else want to change. There's mclovin so I wind velvet underground predictable. I just looked at list. It's about the seventh or eighth most valuable album memorabilia wise with the white album actually being number one not abbey road by being autographed. I just the most valuable vinyl record to own like the Beatles or like two of the top ten with white album and Abbey road velvet underground. It's really high up there too and I had a lot of rolling stones. I have one of those albums. God I had all those no I fifteen hundred albums I had. I had all of the stones had Beatles Zeppelin who Bowie we all of those damn things and I was in a small apartment with my my wife and I thought you know. Let me get this Outta here. Let me let me you know. Love events damaged love. Damn you love if I was in Lake and not love. I'd still have those albums. Might not be married. But that's a bummer. Mclovin there's one version the white album that went for eight hundred thousand. But don't worry about it you're fine. I probably didn't have. I had collector's items. The doors I had picture disc electric light orchestra. They had colored vinyl red and blue. Like I had Elvis Costello my funny Valentine in Red I just picked up damn the torpedoes by Tom. Petty and the heartbreakers eleven bucks is like stealing. Didn't it? Yeah I still get some vinyl. Some record people send it in. Maybe they feel sorry for me because I I sold all of those albums for three hundred dollars just picture disc remember Molly Hatchet pictured. I got all this stuff there. Bill look I'm over. You know I did. The Made the right decision that that gave me more room to spread love by getting rid of all albums. I had more room to be myself. Did you just say Molly Hatchet picture disc? Yeah I think so. I did flirting with disaster. Charlie Daniels the hoople all the young dudes and Peter Schrager. Nfl Network will join us to talk about his mock draft. More phone calls coming up here. Dan and the DANETTES. Dan Patrick Show. Hi there. I'm Zach BRAFF DONALD PHASE ON. 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