Mon. 06/15 People Are Actually MORE Honest On Their Cellphones


Welcome to the ride home for Monday June Fifteenth Twenty Twenty I'm Brian McCullough today the zero interest Mac financing is finally here shop and Walmart team up as they probably should. His Mr Bazo about to go to Washington, interesting check in with Caribbean and Softbank and why researchers think people are more honest when responding on their smartphones than on their PC's. Here's what you missed today in the world of Tech. And here you go as we speculated on last week apple this morning did indeed launch zero interest financing on the Apple Card for purchases of ipods MACs air pods, and most of its other products, even the Apple Pencil. Depending on what you buy, you can stretch out the payments for six to twelve months again. Interest free quoting nine to five Mac in December. Apple launched a new iphone zero percent financing option for apple card users, and during apple's most recent earnings call with investors, Tim Cook teas that similar promotions would soon be available for other apple products and recent reports indicated the route. Route was imminent. These new options are available starting today. The financing options vary by product for example higher priced items like the Mac in ipad pro offer twelve months financing with zero percent interest cheaper Adams like air pods and air pods, pro offer six month financing with zero percent interest Apple Watch is excluded from these financing options for unknown reasons for example you can finance air pods pro with percents interest for six months, which equates to forty one dollars and fifty cents per month. Air Pods with wireless charging case can be financed for thirty three dollars sixteen cents per month. You can finance. Inch Mac, book, Pro, starting at one hundred ninety nine dollars, ninety one cents for twelve months and apple just added a more powerful graphics option as well. The MAC pro and pro display FDR, are also eligible for these financing options. The PRO display FDR starts at four hundred sixteen dollars fifty eight cents per month while the Mac pro starts at four hundred ninety nine dollars ninety nine cents per month, Apple. Apple is also encouraging users to finance ipad hardware purchases alongside accessories. For example you can find the IPAD, pro magic keyboard and Apple Pencil for twelve months with zero percent interest, even though the Apple Pencil is a lower cost item. Notably, you still receive three percent daily cashback with these finance purchases through applecart. Apple explains that you simply select Apple Card monthly installments at checkout and complete your purchase and quote. Something something interesting strategic partnerships. Walmart has announced that it has partnered with shop affi- to expand its party marketplace, planning to add around twelve hundred shop affi- sellers this year alone quoting Bloomberg the company's marketplace site, which already offers more than seventy five million products grew at a faster pace than Walmart's overall web business in the first quarter and third party sales are typically more profitable as the sellers pay a fee to list items and often shoulder the delivery costs. The collaboration is Walmart's latest attempt to expand the scale and profitability of its twenty one and a half. Billion dollar US E. Commerce. Commerce business, which is gaining ground on market leader Amazon but continues to lose money. In recent years, Walmart has rolled out a fulfillment service for third party. Sellers allowed customers to return marketplace items in its physical stores and jettisoned millions of third party items that didn't meet quality standards for shop, a Fi, the deal expected to be announced as early as Monday provides its network of millions of merchants access to Walmart's covers and follows a may link up with facebook that allowed retailers to import shop product catalogs to the social media giant's new shops, service and quote. Walmart now has around forty five thousand merchants in its marketplace, but at the same time I don't think I mentioned it about a month ago. Walmart announced that it would be discontinuing its jet DOT com site, which was a standalone ecommerce site acquired for three point three billion dollars in two thousand sixteen. Even as Walmart's overall Q. One e commerce sales at all of Walmart's sites were overall seventy four percent, so I duNNo. Continues to be a muddled effort in e commerce for Walmart, but maybe things are moving in the right direction maybe. Something else that slip through the cracks this from late last week though. Late Friday a letter leaked revealing that the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Apple Alphabet Amazon and facebook to have those companies say by Sunday whether or not their CEO's were willing to testify in antitrust hearings to take place next month July and this morning. A lawyer for Amazon says that Jeff bezos is willing to testify which would be a marked shift on as part quoting the New York Times. Amazon had earlier resisted making him available to the House Judiciary Committee the group overseeing the antitrust investigation, prompting lawmakers to threaten to legally compel Mr. Bezos to testify. Testify in the letter sent on Sunday which was reviewed by the New York Times Robert K. Kellner of the law firm Covington burling which is representing Amazon, before the investigation said the company was quote committed to cooperating with your inquiry, and we'll make the appropriate executive available to testify quote he added. This includes making Jeff bezos available to testify at a hearing with the other CEO's this summer and quote Mr Kellner, said that Mr Basil availability was dependent on first resolving several issues, including timing format and questions about the committee's request for internal documents and quote. Here's a little news that you could maybe use, but also it's just interesting whether or not you plan to take advantage of this knowledge or not. Multiple Studies seem to show that people are more honest and convey more personal thoughts when they're writing on their smartphones than when they're writing on. PC's quoting the Wall Street Journal in research published in March in the Journal of Marketing Dr Sherri. Me Mad an assistant professor of marketing at the School of the University of Pennsylvania conducted three field studies and to controlled experiments. One study looked at nearly three hundred thousand twitter posts created in a twelve hour span tweets written on phones contained forty seven percent, more first person pronouns and fifty two percent more references to family than those written. Written on P. C.'s, she found quote. Consumers tend to convey feelings or thoughts that are more private or intimate on their smartphones, which is captured by the use of I or we, mentioning family and friends Dr Meltzer MoD, said a second study employed thirteen hundred and eighty judges as well as natural language processing software to analyze a random sample of more than ten thousand trip advisor restaurant reviews. The software scan revealed that reviews written on smartphones contained more first person pronouns and more references to friends, and crucially for marketers. They were judged to be more self disclosing an intern more persuasive. Quote smartphone generated content seems to be more diagnostic of how people truly feel Dr me. Mad says these reviews heightened readers interests in visiting the restaurants and quote the final field study found that people were more likely to disclose personal information in response to an ad when targeted on their smartphone than on their PC, the controlled experiments meanwhile demonstrated that the small screen of a smartphone forces people to focus. Focus more on what they're writing than they do on a PC. A phenomenon known as attention narrowing attentional narrowing is found across online contexts. When we use our phone to tweet right review answer survey questions even when we're asked to reveal incriminating activity document, says the experiments also further established smartphones do indeed act as an adult pacifier, psychologically comforting users, and thus driving them toward greater self, disclosure and quote. Double Up is an agency that helps content. Creators create digital businesses with real reliable revenue over the past year, double up has helped companies, influencers and podcasters built millions of dollars value double up will dig into your audience data and identify opportunities to grow Your Business and better serve your most passionate fans double up will shape a digital product strategy to capitalize on high leverage opportunities and maximize return on your time and creative energy double up will launch grow optimized digital and subscription products to help you realize predictable and recurring revenue double up has helped the likes of Sam. 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That of course assumed anyone wanted to actually beat the pandemic, or at least had the fortitude to do what was necessary to defeat it, but. I digress. Anyway NBC News has a look at the efforts to create contact tracing APPs using those API's and found that the efforts seem to have stalled out. As most states are basically retreating from any previous interest and doing anything about the virus, and those few who are or have developed apps struggle with adoption among their populous quote, most states are giving the cold shoulder to smartphone APPS. A survey of state health officials from business insider this week. Show that only three states Alabama. Alabama north, Dakota, and South Carolina said they are going to use the suffer provided by apple and Google. The number hasn't grown since the same three states reported interest last month, and none has launched an APP with Google Apple. Software the factual analytical assessment is it's not a high upside, said Andy Sabat in Obama. Administration healthcare official who is chair of the nonprofit United States of care quote the bulk of the investment you need to make is in manpower and quote. It's not the enthusiastic welcome that some technologists we're hoping for. When they began planning months ago. For the launch of smartphone APPs that would help respond to the pandemic and contribute to a return to something like normal life. Even the World Health Organization has piled on quote. Digital tools do not replace the human capacity needed to do contact tracing W. H. O. Director General said at a briefing this week, adding that more evidence was needed, and that the WHO would convene experts to share information and while there. There are early reports of successful mobile tracing technology in some countries such as South, Korea and Taiwan the effort so far have fallen flat in the US quote. It is something that launched, and then sort of fell away, said Ryan callow a University of Washington law, Professor and expert in Tech, policy and privacy, who was an early skeptic that the APPs could be effective, he said it makes sense for states to focus on human contact tracers who quote have been effective since the bhubaneshwar plague and quote. And, I can't resist a follow up on the whole. Situation of course. Ben, Mullin, in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend had an in depth. Look at how things are going over in Queensland Land, and among the other details, qube is apparently on track to sign up fewer than two million paying subscribers by the end of its first year in business, which would be significantly below the original target of seven point four million. Here are some more fine grain numbers quote at its current pace will sign up fewer than two million paying subscribers by the end of the APPS first year, a person familiar with its operation, said well under its original target of seven point four million inquiries. APP Download numbers been falling in recent weeks according to analytics firm Sensor. Sensor. Tower daily downloads peaked at three, hundred, seventy, nine, thousand on its April six launch day, but didn't exceed twenty thousand on any day in the first week of June according to censor tower as of June seventh quickies, APP had been downloaded about three point eight million times according to censor tower, Qube, said, it's internal figures show. The APP has been downloaded five million times. Not all downloads result in customer sign ups, though by the end of May more than one and a half. MILLION USERS had signed up for Qube. Many of whom we're on a free trial. The company is pacing behind its internal projections for user sign ups according to a person familiar with the matter and quote. Also qube apparently did not even hit its own internal APPS. Trial targets for that first month's and things might be heading for a reckoning sooner rather than later as those free ninety day trials that early signs were offered. Begin to end next month by that point, Q. Three estimates are that qube will already have burned through one billion dollars and might need to raise at least an additional two hundred million dollars by the second half of two thousand twenty one. But what is also interesting is how much of this piece seems to be. From Meg Whitman point of view, which is what tends to happen when one executive attempts to get ahead of bad news to try salvage their reputation. Here is the lead of the peace. Make this which will quote near the beginning of a run as chief executive of be a new enter into the streaming video awards. Meg, Whitman threatened to quit. The silicon. Valley veteran worried her working relationship with founder and Hollywood bigwig. Jeffrey Katzenberg had worsened to the point that it put the company's future in jeopardy, according to people familiar with our concerns so in May, two thousand eighteen. She laid out a list of problems to Mr Katzenberg. He had been dictatorial, treating her like one of his underlings. He interrupted employees including her in meetings. His interactions at the company had often been belittling and demeaning. He had a tendency to micromanage letting her. Be True. CEO Mr Katzenberg took our concerns seriously, and the two struck a deal that gave Ms Whitman more independence at the company. The people said quote. In other words, someone and somebody's camp wants to make it clear that whatever happens with qube in the Court of Conventional. Wisdom Jeffrey Katzenberg will be the one to own it. And finally today can't resist this one either Softbank has apparently invested more than five hundred million dollars in Credit Suisse supply chain, finance funds, and those funds then turned around and bought up the debt of struggling Softbank backed startups. So! Have you ever heard of the phrase robbing Peter to Pay Paul? Yeah well. This is sort of like funding Peter to buy up Paul's distressed debt, quoting the Financial Times the arrangement has allowed Softbank affectively to provide financial assistance to other vision fund companies by paying their suppliers Upfront, but through fund co mingled with other investors and financing other companies, this means external investors also bear the risk of those companies failing to pay their debts, which one person familiar with the arrangement said could prove problematic if they were unaware of soft bank's substantial interest quote, you thought you were an arm's length arrangement where all your fellow investors had a pure financial interests, he said imagine you then found that. In fact, some of your investors were funding themselves and quote. Soft Bank Credit Suisse and Greenville capital declined to comment and quote. As Peter Tall Larson tweeted quote. Soft Bank's record of investing in tech startups maybe mixed, but when it comes to financial innovation, it's in a League of its own. And as SAR. tweeted quote, remember how we used to make fun of crypto startups, raising money with Tokens and investing in Tokens of other crypto startups using their tokens. Here's the Softbank version and quote. Matt Levine I know you're on hiatus for personal reasons, but if we ever needed an emergency newsletter from you well. Thrown up the bat signal. That is offered today as always. You can follow me on twitter at Brian MCC be. Is Our slash ride home? If you're so inclined to do, so, you can consume this podcast on youtube at YouTube dot com slash tech name podcasts word if you do go to you to follow us, follow the channel there, and if you'd like to support the show directly and get a version of the show with zero ads in the bargain. Check out the very last link in today's show notes.

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