Healthcare Battle Shows Clear Divide Among 2020 Democrats


It's an age of your seat. Thrill ride that will change overseas forever. The movies Sundays Nine P._M.. On C._N._N.. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses visits any today at Xeni Dot dot com slash C._N._N.. Hey Everyone I'm David challenging the C._N._N.. Political Director and this is the daily D._C.. Thanks so much for listening today. On the podcast the healthcare battle it is isn't fully engaged in the Democratic nomination contest three of the top four contenders are in daily battle now over healthcare policy and proposals Joe Biden Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. I primarily or the combatants in this version of the healthcare discussion one by the way that was sort of definitional in the two thousand seven eight primary between Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and John Edwards and all that hill healthcare was a big dividing line there obviously we saw it as a massive dividing line in the Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Primary in twenty sixteen and for the Third Competitive Democratic the nomination contest in a row now we are seeing the future over healthcare policy being a big dividing line among these Democrats. I want you to here and this is going to dedicate. I'm going to dedicate most of the podcast do you hearing during a section of the interview that my colleague Kyung La who covers Kamala Harris for us did with Senator Harris in Davenport Iowa last night you will hear Senator Harris sort of rule out a middle class tax increase to help pay for Medicare for all remember. She's a co-sponsor of Senator Sanders Medicare for all bill and she is running on that in this presidential campaign but we're Senator Sanders says he's going to to help pay for that by raising taxes on everyone so that then everyone's healthcare costs go way down in what sanders cells as a net benefit for Americans Harris doesn't WanNA touch the notion of raising middle class taxes as a way to pay for Medicare for all so that's sort of one side of the argument. You're gonNA hear from her but also Joe Biden is out there saying that any candidate who wants to run on Medicare for all is for dismantling obamacare and that is. Something that clearly Senator Harris pushing back on as well in this interview with Qiong so for the next four minutes or so. Why don't you to listen to Senator Harris with King Law in Davenport Iowa last night on the topic of healthcare for what vice as president with former Vice President Joe Biden suggest is that not necessarily being clear with the American people and just this past week he was asked about ending private insurance as we know it and when he asked about the others the former vice president responded so far not because one hundred fifty million Americans are covered by private insurance are used to see what happens to those hundred fifty million Americans under President Harris well? It's the same as the millions of Americans everyday that Transition Shen into Medicare seniors shameless without any difference to their coverage in terms of access to to to health care it has to happen over a period of time. There's no question we would have to go from the current system into a medicare for all system and transition transition into it but the idea that there would be any substantial difference in terms of the healthcare that people receive. It's just not accurate so people who have private insurance would eventually have to give that up under your plan they would eventually be covered under Medicare medicare for all and they would still see their doctor and that's what they want. How long this transition take transition is going to have to take on the bill is four years? I think it's going to have to take more than that but to be honest with you and all of this done without a middle class tax hike without the middle class tax yes every trillion over ten years. There are ways to pay for it also understanding the investment that we are going to be making in a way that is going to re great benefits in terms of other costs the investment where in in American health and what we are otherwise paying as a cost for people not having access to healthcare and the burdens that places on systems across the board when people don't have access to healthcare and when you when people question that there is no formula for this that you are going to find money and magical ways is not realistic thinking how do you respond to that status close not enough off so we have to be open to challenging status quo so that everyone has access to healthcare and prices not the bird is not the barrier. We have to agree that what's happening right. Now is not not affordable too many many working families. It's just not affordable. One in five people can't afford their prescription medication we're looking at. got a situation where one four diabetes patients can't afford their insulin. We're looking at it at a situation where seniors are coming out of pocket as much as four thousand dollars a year to pay for their arthritis medication because it's not otherwise they can't afford it. We have to move to a system where prices not the barrier to access to healthcare. Joe Biden says that this is what you were suggesting missing an elimination of Obamacare. Is that accurate. It's absolutely not listen. I will put my record up against anybody as having been a a fighter for for the maintenance and the sustainability of Obamacare as Attorney General I I'm sure on the debates. I'm the only one who went to court to fight to keep in place all of the benefits of Obamacare but like President Obama himself said it he he used the analogy of it being like a starter home. It was a profound public health policy and shift it was incredible the courage that he had some many others to actually get it done and the and the wherewithal to get it done was profound but obamacare is making it to its but now it's about taking it to the next step so it is moving on from obamacare and making improvements on it and President Obama himself said that there there are improvements to be made so that's Senator Harris where you see divisions with Senator Sanders and with Vice President Accident Biden you also saw that interview by the way Senator Harris sort of going back to owning the position that yes there will be no role for private insurance or nearly no role for private insurance in a Harris version of Medicare for all which is where she basically was in January the townhall Jake tapper but has spent six months trying to damps away from it and explain it and not you know expose yourself to the political attack that she's for ending private insurance and then yet here we are six months later since all of that began and she was back to saying yeah no if we're Medicare for all there won't be a need for all this private insurance because everything will basically be covered under Medicare for all except basically cosmetic. Medic surgery only not trying to make that supplemental insurance some kind of fig-leaf that she's not getting rid of private insurance. She kind of more owned the position. I don't know if that'll be senator sanders satisfaction. I can tell see this much. The Sanders campaign is firing at both Harris and Biden Sanders top aide Jeff Weaver called harasses plan of doing this without taxes unicorns and magic wands apparently saying you I'll have to pay for it. Healthcare is not free doctors. Nurses have to be paid people be paying less under Medicare for all than they're paying now is is what weaver says but he's going after a Harris for shying away from the from the tax hikes on everybody including the middle class to help pay for Medicare for all now sanders who is going to be giving a speech later today going after <hes> or defending his Medicare for all proposal and sort of picking apart the Biden argument that this somehow means of the dismantling of obamacare which in fact maybe true but in reality. Let's say leaves a lot to be desired in terms of providing a full and clear explanation of of what would happen. This is Bernie Sanders tweet from twelve forty one PM today. He tweeted out a video and accompanying accompanying. Video is the tweet that says Joe Biden said people would lose coverage if we moved to Medicare for all that's absurd and he's quoting Joe Biden who did say that that people would lose coverage and in in fact in the video that the sanders campaign has put out it says Biden has been lying about Medicare for all lying Bernie Sanders accusing Joe Biden of lying about healthcare his team going wing after Senator Harris on how she's GonNa pay for Medicare for all you've got Harris going after Biden for not being genuine in his critique and acknowledging that Medicare for all would advance a step of healthcare <hes> as she sees it from obamacare not dismantle obamacare and you have Biden going after both sanders and Harris for supporting the idea that you can just transfer the entire system over to a medicare for all plan without disrupting people's coverage and and and using the notion that you are dismantling obamacare <hes> something popular democratic circles as a way to drive a wedge between him and his other candidates so this is full-on democratic engagement on the healthcare issue in a way that.

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