[152] Super Bowl Hangover


Every year in the NFL. It's a new team as far as goals. Go we have one putting the fucker in mm singer. Welcome to the buccaneers observer. PODCASTS Drought Phillips. I'm Ali Bay is February. Third Twenty twenty the day after the Super Bowl since the start of the twenty twenty five on the year football is now done and over with rep two thousand nine hundred with a bow. Put it in a drawer in hibernate until September been what is it said. Last night I was like thirty weeks or something it crazy amount of weeks before football starts again. This is the worst time of the year. I'd watch we got started getting used to the draft so we could be excited when now the XFL is coming out so maybe we should pick that up. I can't even remember when it starts. I know it's February. Mike Varney started all right so I would think about the game super bowl. Forty niners at the chiefs. I don't remember much of the game redrawn now. I don't know I just it. It just didn't stick out to me. I had some notes but they weren't that expensive. I do feel like the game. Had A very static field to it like all. The ads were very nostalgic objects. They had the World War Two veterans. Come out at the beginning and you know it's the NFL's hundred Super Bowl hundred super bowl hundred. You're you're not one hundred super bowl so I did feel like the theme of the whole thing was just nostalgia which true all the commercials were like flashbacks to the eighties. The there was a lot of nineties. Pop culture references. Yeah the commercial with Bryan Cranston as in the shining it it was like a mountain dew. Commercial alone the game was a little surprised that the score wasn't higher. I was surprised that San Francisco held Kansas City to under twenty points for the vast majority of the game. I cannot believe that they let Kansas City. Come back like that and of course we gotta eat some Crow About Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl your elite. That's the only requirement ally manning got two super bowls delete. So you put Patrick Mahomes in that category. I was thinking talking about what. IRKS me about him why I guess it worked with him. I think it's more of I don't like change. And it really is the shuffling of the new guard which again the homeless shelter thing. I mean it's the end of an era for football. I mean you didn't have any of the elite older quarterbacks in the superbowl all nos matter of fact drew brees was only one that made it to the championship game right so I think I think it's not. I think that's what kind of bothers me about Patrick. Mom and also that he's already been heralded by the media as the next Michael Jordan. which I just think it's ridiculous? Troy Aikman said that in a broadcast one night and I was thinking you are an idiot idiot you know yeah you gotta you gotTa say well but there is something there yeah. We really thought that he was going to be figured figured out and teams were going to be able to stop them. Well rarely even on Youtube has one of our listeners. Said Pat Mahomes is more of a passing quarterback back so he corrected us. They're pretty smart mercer and said he's one of the smartest players he's a little like Russell Wilson L. somewhere. He's pather but well run when he needs to. I think he uses the running war selectively. which is how I prefer right? Yes this is a this is a new era and you know we had two teams in Super Bowl. That had been in a long time. And it's nice to see Andy. Reid finally win one. Yeah I do like him. I like Gandhi. I did think forty niners are going to win too. I bet on I was really disappointed in how they played out the last few minutes couch any. He blew the double digit lead with Elena Buddha offense coordinator there right Yep and win the forty niners got the ball back. I think there was a few minutes left in the fourth quarter. They were up by three. And they dot I I had said You I said well. They're just going to run the clock out. Now as you know the canes city get to ball back with few minutes but you know for now is just gonNa run the clock out. And I'll be darned aren't if they didn't throw the Damn Ball an incomplete pass on second down just ruined it. I was like Oh they just lost the game. That was it so it was a it was a good let game. It wasn't very entertaining like Like you like to see but it wasn't bad it wasn't love Pittsburgh Arizona cardinals game that was one of the best superbowls ever orpheus me. As far as entertainment values concern wasn't a blow out one way or the other the used to the Super Bowl was always a blow out. You know it wasn't until probably two thousand thousands win. The super bowl started becoming really good competitive games. Used to men the Super Bowl sock Diplo is a championship games over the good Games. So it's good to see that you know we've we've got good games that the super bowl but this one was kind of snooze fest thought one thing that drove me crazy. It's driving me crazy for a while. We talked about it here. podcast lot is the officiating. Now the -ficiating this wasn't bad but it wasn't consistent with how they officiate during the regular season. That drives me crazy. I mean his normally like that. But this always just kinda ridiculous. I kinda four times four times where the quarterback got hit in the helmet while he was throwing after he had thrown the pass and it was never fly four four times. They got the Jameis Winston treatment. Maybe it's the young guys they figure they can tak- what is just not consistent. Because if you're going to do that regular season call flags gift fifteen yards opponent. You GotTa do it. But they're not consistent during the season they call it sometimes sometimes not other. That's the biggest problem with officiating. Consistency that that was a that was really the only issue. I had with the -ficiating last night. I think that there are more conservative in these big games. Many people are watching definitely definitely there was a couple of hit outbound where I was like that would have been a flag during regular zoom but a dawn. It's over with Kim city chiefs are champions. AFC got title Geena being a high now. We were just talking about that. The Patriots got it last year for about the year before. I don't remember guys breath. We need the buccaneers. Represent US Komo Bucks stub. Oh Books News. Okay not relay. Hey Joe Bucks. Fan is on a tear. They've gotten a bunch of comments from players about the James Winston situation. That's all they've been asked about as they did. Ask Ask Joe Staley what they thought about what he thought about. Donald Kong Soo and basically just daily look down like you had three heads and said yes you still gotta the same as he was in Detroit South Yeah. It's the people have been saying that that you know he just doesn't have like a used to. I've I've been saying to me I. I watched the guy. He's just a great football player. He's a great strategic good football player in a great technical football ballplayer. He barely masses up. And he's all you know. He's always imposition. He's doing the right stuff. I diverted player Veeraswamy. I agree with Joe Staley but the big nasty. The buccaneers Fan superfan got into the Ford Football Fan Hall of fame. Oh it did make an in. He he did those speaking a witch John Lynch did not make it into the pro football hall of fame. Not only did he not make them in the Hall Hall of fame but he lost the Super Bowl so rough weekend for John Lynch. Yeah John Lynch is not used to having these types of losses. I don't think he's a guy. He's one super balls walls with team different teams and I fully expected him to go with the forty niners. Win there to you. Is that success everywhere. He's gone but it is impressive. How quickly they turned that organization station around so I think that they'll be back? I've got some. NFC South News. Greg Olson was released by the panthers. The bill is a free agent air there. Yeah exactly all these old old guard players. And then Vic Beasley with the Falcons is going to be a free agent. And the the Falcons have announced that they're not going to try to resign him. Interesting must be something there. Stephen Gilmore got defensive player of the year. Sure he knows that he's he plays for the New England Patriots and matter of fact him an John's of both gut let me give them about twenty one votes Jones. Got Fourteen T.. J. Watt got ten Shaq Barrett got to God's ridiculous although redacted. It really really is a really is I'm I'm I'm just befuddled by. How have a most likely? It's the reporters me. I don't know that's a good question. Did you hear the argument that a tape. It's respect because it's small market team oriented stuff small fan base. That's what that's what that means when you hear people say small market team unit because they're small markets like Green Bay which is the smallest market in all professional sports. I think but they're not considered a small market team because they have a huge fan base l. across the nation across the world if we want to change our small small market status we need to get more fans. Let's do that start. Proselytizing ties in US is up to the fan base to do that if he asked me. An people are really attracted to up and coming teams now especially if they're considered underdogs for an up. Four former. Forty niners raiders star. Alex Smith is trying to make an NFL comeback. We had talked about him quite asked him is currently suspended indefinitely by the League for multiple off the field incidences everybody's been trained in a J. Glazer's unbeatable. GM in West. Hollywood in his last game was for the raiders in November. Two Thousand Fifteen j Glazer's come out and said you know he's off to the drink in off drugs. He's really Boston's Bob. Would you expect a guy to say that but J. Glazer's really pushing hard frown on Smith to get back in the league. That crazy hasn't played since two thousand fifteen in five. Haven't years how old is he. Now you know. He's probably in his early thirties. That's a senior citizen for high. Now he could probably get a league minimum job No no I I. I liked him when he was in the League. But he just imploded little help with a from Cabernet but we won't go there the motherboard. NFC South News. The saints are being accused of helping a New Orleans Catholic church running. Pr For some sex-abuse scandals. How in the world of the saints get involved in all this messed bountygate? But cheetan another New Orleans saints. Say they only did minimal. Behind the scenes public relations work on areas Roman Catholic sexual abuse crisis but a attorneys sue in the church allege of course that hundreds of confidential saint emails show the team's involvement went much deeper Bert helping to shape a list of credibly accused clergy. That appears to be undercounted others. According to says the saints appear to have had a hand in determining which name should or should not I had been included on the pedophile list in question. Doesn't that kind of the purpose of the list. So they're just putting the guys that they don't like on their the New Orleans Saints Attorneys. They went to court to keep about two hundred seventy six documents for being released to the public. Now they said a court filing this week that neither neither the saints nor any other personnel have anything to hide in the team says does not object to the emails becoming public later if they are admitted in evidence in the case. He's not the saints owner. Gale Benson is a devout Catholic in close friends with the local archbishop. So it's interesting another name as the saints so it seems appropriate assume purpose or should we like go out and support Somali pirates. We could star fleet in the Caribbean maiming. Awesome the APP goes start reading Texas Louisiana now Texas. They're all armed. The hacking group supposedly named Armin based out of Dubai hacked into the twitter facebook and instagram accounts. What's a fifteen NFL teams? The buccaneers was one of them. Why don't they do that our they did it as a PR stopped Garner business? They've done this for years they Broken it into account for extremely high profile people and businesses including BUZZFEED BBC net flicks. WWE CNN New New York Times. I mean a whole slew glazes they have just over the years. They didn't do anything really malicious they just put on the twitter feeds that you know. Hey hire us. The apparently what happened is they the the claim that they notified the NFL an teams for business before they did it and when they figure response back just went in and put their. Oh come on now. Everybody gets those spam emails. Hey I want to do dirty sent me some. Bitcoin coin I ignore those two. You go on the one that got into their work email. If if you're getting closer might be some training. Put The box only. NFC South Team to be hacked. What did they put out anything? Good no no. And you see all the ethical hackers kind of extortionists a little go into their marketing strategy. No you can't say they're white hat hackers close to it. But you know they're not doing militias stuff I think they did. They did say on a one team that every team had been sold old for. Oh Gosh I can't remember. It was pretty funny. Actually like the team had been sold to a Saudi Arabian businessman or something. Yeah they tape the profile pictures or something something really subtle like chiefs. They could have changed it to a chef picture the chefs the NFL and NFL. Players Association met Thursday for a key day about ongoing labor talks for the new. CBA They also met today and gotten any information on that yet. the NFL PA Executive Director. demars Smith has already started talking about a strike. Forgot saying he said quote the reality is is that if we want to hold out and get everything we want. That's probably going to mean a two year strike in quote. It's not going to happen. That's not hayes posturing and they had and nothing. The currency expires at March. Twenty twenty one so next year I mean if they go on strike that means players are not getting paint for two years. I don't think I think that's GonNa Happen. Yes they are they. They've been talking to the players to start hoarding money. And those custodian. There's really the issues that are being raised in the CBA. Va are not Insurmountable yes to me. They seem very easy to get an agreement on a agreements already supposedly really been reached on several key issues including changes to the League's drug policy and disciplined policy other. Probably GonNa make marijuana not a drug. That's prohibited prohibited or that they test for interest in Benefits improvements for current and retired players changes to training camp rules which includes limiting eating them. Out of contact. Teams can have training camp again As well as a matter of time coaches can keep them on the field. Eventually it's going to be where they don't do anything in training camp except take pictures but the two contentious issues that they're dealing with right now is how much the players share. A revenue is going to be currently. It's no less than forty forty seven percent which surprised me as it was at high it basically get half of the NFL revenue money NFL players. Do but the big one is extending the season. Seventeen Games aims. NFL's players are fighting against them. The Association is anyhow apparently the league and the coaches wanted. I don't know about the coaches. The League Ones Heck Yeah. Yeah more money. I don't know how I feel about that. I would sure anytime we could get more gave up for it. Well I mean it's only one more game right as yes for the sound. Maybe not I you know if it takes a toll on their body. Yeah well what they're gonNA do with talked about is making players at the the main Tori take games off. You can't write the players. Don't Oh yeah all right. That's their big issue. They don't want to have to take dame's off but not the meeting Thursday only included thirty thirty two teams because the forty niners cheifs were preparing for Sunday's Super Bowl but the meeting today all thirty two eighteen had representatives there for the players association now the next likely flex point would be the NFL PA as annual meeting in March in Key Biscayne A. They were supposed to vote today on whether they were gonNA have to seventeen game season this is just NFL players association. Whether they would agree to it I I have not heard anything on that yet. Next podcast will give you an update. But the the meeting in March and Key Biscayne NFL PA will have to like new president since the current current President Air Winston is no longer on a team and therefore according to the NFL. PA rules can no longer hold the position also in addition to that election players likely wild take some sort of CBA related vote at their March meeting. Either they vote on the proposed new. CBA or that's not an option the likelihood of vote on whether the authorized the players the strike at twenty twenty one. If no deal is approved by the see me they should not be talking about a strike. What they're trying to get you're gonNA make the NFL L. Skittish and digging their heels because to me it's extortion? Yeah well it sounds good. They're trying to get all this done before next year. He doesn't sound like the issues. Like you said are in that at that big of an impact so it seems seems like their stuff that they can work out to me the seventeen game season. It sounds good. You know we get an extra game. Maybe it's not that much on the players but I. I don't think that that's an issue. I don't think that's your hill to die on if you're the NFL players are like absolutely not or just put that crap all just soon. Wait till the next one. I'll work on them because it was the thing that just kind of popped up last year and it seems like they've been kind of pushing it and I don't know that people are really really not ready for it. Of course you know fans would love it but it would change the game a lot if he asked me especially if they force players to you have to take at least one or two weeks off during regular season addict. Just change everything. How the coaches to strategize? Yeah you gotTA figure out a rotation rotation like which players can you afford to lose you know. I would have him on a schedule so that your debt is rotating out like if we had for for instance how to take a week off. Don't have VIDA MOFFAT same. We you know. Have Nacho come in or whoever allen but it would basically be like to buy weeks weeks for the players get to buy weeks year if they only make them take one week off when I heard that WanNa make them take two weeks off so it'd be three weeks players don't play and they. They don't WanNa do that. Yeah player these players like a play in. A NACHO had put out a statement on the dog situation. Let's move to some news here this is really about the all. The buccaneers got. It's just got how we love our outrage in America so when he had put indignation you know what it is. We don't have enough trouble trouble in our lives. That's Roy too comfortable and so we just get mad about everything else. You're exactly right. It's just human nature that he wrote a three peat four-page page statement. Wow yes Where Feminine denied allegations that he abandoned dog and Sarah last month They release it through their agent. Jeff daily explaining that they give it away. The dog named Jitterbug who ended up in a Florida shelter The Nunez Roach has also known as not it just says it in a statement received threats prompting them to file a police report and hire an attorney and I do believe that he ended up having to file a restraining order. So good Loria has just completely unnecessary if you would like to read the statement. I'm not GonNa read the whole thing here because like I said it's four pages. It's on profootballtalk. NBC NBC SPORTS DOT Com. But you know he breaks it down and explains look. We've had these dogs. We don't breed like We're not in a Kennel breeders readers. We know it's not a big business for us. We care about the money we just have. Dogs Dogs We've never had kids. So we treat the dogs like our kids but then when they found out she was pregnant agnete decided. They can't have the bigger dog so they gave them all away. He said Hal dog ended up on the side of the road. He doesn't know But he is kind of kind of peo of with the animal rights individuals in Tampa that had been telling stories about this in the animal shelter that jumped in on it as well. He says the COMP- story is completely false and they'd be working together with the family that did adopted jitterbug talking and texting with them and provided them with everything may need so you know big deal. He called out. The the group's a falsely accused him via rescue Tampa and the humane society of the nature. Coast both the bloom which they sent cease and desist letters to from the turn Syria. But this thing I mean it just turned into a man. You're attacking his character especially when you have pets you like you know you love dogs and you truly so you before you have kids. You can't really appreciate the undertaking of having a child and especially having pets that are also dependent on you. It's a difficult situation chat. It's just one of those things where you know a reporter got with this and it's ran with it because they knew it was going to cause outrage. I knew people were going to get upset. Sat his his guys abused his dogs. And you know he got to his employer seen the buccaneers. Were looking into it. So he was basically you know under the Crosshairs between the public and the media and his bosses. He's a free agent this year. Don't quote me on that I thinking is often I know but you know it could if he's got a significant off the field issue quote unquote that the team. It feels like it's bad publicity. He's not one of those top tier players. That's a shoe win. You know I mean it really could affect chance career. Yeah I'd be pissed too. Oh okay so more bucks news. This isn't really news is more just Chitchat. Could the books folks get new new uniforms next year. Everyone has been talking about this since we got the last night of well. Everybody wants new uniform But it it does worry me because I don't want the uniforms to be uglier than they are. Now that's a possibility you know. I think that they would go more conservative as far as designs Gal I think they took a real risk with these very different. They have Nike design. These yeah I think it was partnered with Nike. We did a whole podcast on this. I think at one boy But the reason why I'm bringing this up is because all over were the web booking jerseys are on sale half off really and this is the same thing that happened when they did the jerseys last time when they when the name change the uniforms the clear out inventories so the put everything in Half Prize. I heard is. I need to buy New Jersey while they're low on ninety not on their side. They've only got Mike Evans left. Not Than the Mike Evans in James Whistler last time I checked I haven't looked at a couple of days but they sold out. Godwin sold out trays. He's latter. Everyone was like. I'm getting islanders for him. So you know there is the possibility. We're getting new uniforms if we do. It'll be announced usually really I'll think Mart or maize winning amounted last year or last year before the draft. Cause they bring out the Jersey for the guy so I think they would probably announce it before is the drafts April. Yeah so they do it in March. Yeah he's at my though. Que Era Twelve. O Monta was getting month. So that's exciting. We might have new. I'll tell you if they got to keep the word mark toward mark says. It's a work of art. I love it. It's on his desktop. Yup got it everywhere. Yes anytime. I see a shirt or something with that word mortgage bud and the logo on the helmet and the helmet itself. If I really liked the helmet I like the word more they gotta keep those things that they change it and please don't go back to the Sherbert talking about but you know the flag doesn't match that no they would have to go back to booker. Bruce logo and I'm sorry I just don't like it I'm all of those people that Means a lot to me. It's not a it's not intimidating nothing need to have an intimidating color and logo elegant style. It's not toxically. Masculine Alan enough. That's right yeah Does Not unlike the throwback uniforms we did there for a while back Josh Removes Air you know whip it back. Did the Sherbert uniforms but not full-time now. A matter of fact I became a fan because of hardy nickerson when he came from the Pittsburgh steelers as a big Fan Hardy Nickerson and he left steelers and he went to Tampa Bay in. There's a whole year there where I was sitting there going. I can't become a fan. Tampa Bay still saying heart negative but I was like I came become a Tampa Bay fan because they uniforms is ugly and then they changed their uniforms awards and I was like those are so cool uniform. Hardy Nickerson was my boy and I was really starting to get into some of the other players that were there so I said it was the first time I'd never been a fan of team. Always Been Fan of players. You know as a fan of Lynn Swann. Tony Sad hardy nickerson by never had a team you know and I never relied Pittsburgh steelers but I like to let them players on the Pittsburgh steelers so you know Tampa Bay was my first team. That became fan of a large part of it was due to to the uniform. So don't go back to the orange uniforms. I don't know if I can deal with. You would be miserable. The whole time would probably not by any of this year though. Yeah definitely which would really hurt them because I think support laws good twenty five percent of their I Wyatt like twenty or now Lord too many. This is my jersey. Those include shirts jackets hats. So many shirts your hall. You could get rid of all all your other clothes wardrobe. Yan's all buccaneers bogere Pajama Pants. The DJAAMA's aware to bathrobe bathrobe at silly. You need some buccaneers underwear. I don't have buccaneers. God socks okay. So anyhow yeah they with They probably lose out on my financial support in that aspect. Because although I do have a throwback orange bookings ham charter had that you love you. Thanks I yeah I wear it all the time and I have my snow hat. Yeah you've got to be right here on the desk orange on. I don't know if I could just watch it all the time. If they're GONNA go back to Bucco Bruce they need to just make it Bruce Arians face. That's my compromise. It did not going to be a whole lot of news going on still waiting to see what's happening with Jameis Winston. We've got so many players would got to sign. I haven't even started looking into it because I'm Kinda not ready to face the truth. Yes see how the roster oh no we could lose news and it's not it is the main guys you know shack dream as sue those guys. Jp but it's like the other guys has to like the nachos NASA Colston. You know it's just I'm Barbara or even I don't see how we can keep everybody. Yeah noggin reprisal and there's nobody on the team that I'm going to be fine with having gone even backup guys. I'm like we got a lot of good players on this team that I'd like. I'd like COM now. The good people at sounds. I'm just not even ready to deal with it. We're GONNA give us a couple of weeks before we dive. We'll probably wait until we find out what's going to happen with James Amos before we start looking at WHO's going to be on the chopping block because that's going to be a big one depend on how much money he gets if he if he stays you know and Jack Barrett bear it those two right there. We're going to have like close to ninety million. In caps bays put James Stays he's GonNa take up about thirty shacks go take up fifteen. Twenty third of orgasmic is right there over a third of half. The buccaneers did send out letters to the ticket season ticket. Holders ars an about renewal and it had in their allies about the offense led by James Winston. Did all this stuff so the funny thing I mean that could be a sign that he's here Fred long-haul I'll tell you. What is such a conundrum? I have gone back and forth with fit in. I would be fine with him. Stay but if somebody asked us this on twitter would we be confident with Jaimes Winston in the playoffs and I was immediately like no not at all. I at this point in this is five years in at this point no I would not have confidence James Wisdom and not lose us again because he tends is to in a high pressure situations he tries to do too much and then he makes his Winston mistakes so then the follow followup question to that was then why keep holding that right. That's the whole thing but you gotta remember. This is entertainment. And I'll be darned if this team is not entertain new James. James was the entertainment quarterback he has been ever since he's been here. Fan started calling Mr Entertainment. If it's true. I don't think there's more entertaining quarterback quarterback in the league. You know as far as making you want to shoot yourself or have a party you know could be one on on Sundays and I'm I'm good with US keeping and I'M GONNA be too heartbreaking if we don't keep you you know it's really I'm just like I can understand if we don't let's put it that way it it can go either way. It could go either word. I think that question about the play offs. It's just the playoffs are such a completely different beast night. You just don't know until until you're there well we had never seen Janusz Winston And there was talk in the draft that we were going to Marietta right so we we watched the champ James Again with meal and Marietta is both they were and James Wissam awesome was embarrassing and he just got vide. He vowed that deer in the headlights. Look and I remember sitting there going. Oh my God you know this is the the either talking about US drafting and when we did draft him I was like this is going to be a disaster but I are warmed up to him. I like his his attitude where he just it does seem to care. He's GonNa Sling it and if he loses its water job the belts back. You know like any any wants to win. I mean. He seems to have a lot of gumption to win. In the locker room I think is behind him publicly anyway. Yeah I don't know it's just a I can't get a read on the guy I really can't as far as because I don't think he's cool. He's he doesn't seem to be hit or whatever the kids are saying. Now you know he just he just kind of awkward goofy and and I don't donogh resonates with the other teammates. Whatever well he has personality in a social setting might be completely different from his personality in the huddle all over? Yeah Yeah you don't want him give me in the huddle up. See Him do so silly stuff on the field where I sit nothing man. The guys in the film room have got to be cracking up watching the stuff you know. Bunny hop warning crazy. I still have done a video of that again too. Yeah yeah so I'm I'm of the opinion that if James Winston stays that's great if James was goes I can live with it. You know I'm not going to be upset. Sat doing that interception video it was. It really just blew my mind but even more solidified the fact that either way is fine. Because because Davis was that he will slain and he's going to make some spectacular throws and the vast majority of his throws are going to be good but then he's going to find his damn interceptions they're going to be. boneheaded added a Lotta Times and he's GONNA lose games. I mean doing the math. You know he lost US easily three games you can. You can point to three game specifically and say days it was Winston lost us. Those three games right there Tennessee Houston in week. Seventeen against Elena through interceptions that that was dame over you know but then again the guy can you know he threw five. Thousand plus yards is year with thirty touchdowns he's made Bouchard Perriman. Looked like my Gavin's you know I think you could probably put any receivers out there. And he's going to put up four thousand yards so like I don't know man I don't know where it's GonNa be exciting one way or another we keep him or get rid of I just don't see. BA given up on him. No no I don't either. I think he would regret that for the Russian awesome in life because they pride themselves on. You know quarterback whisper. He works with anybody. First overall draft pick that that he's never given up on a quarterback develop some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. So I don't know man. It's exciting big entertaining. So I saw that a marcus. Mariota is listed is like the fifteenth top free agent this year. I'm like who in the world. Go pick this guy. We'll send you the jets. He's GONNA the jets Miami kick. Wouldn't that be something tannehill. Goes the Tennessee. Mary goes the Miami. Don't watch Mary. Baker Miami Kellyanne take them to in a C.. J. Abinger where AFC. James you wouldn't that be something and they meet Tennessee in the championship. Also snapdragon Eh. Meredith used to bad quarterback. It was still don't know what's going to happen with drew brees. I saw that he is Reaching out to broadcast companies looking at me get into broadcasting. We don't get a job in a minute. Yeah yeah he he'd probably do pretty good. I don't know dumb now. Well he probably a good spokesperson for Zales jewelry. If you WANNA really good investment by jewelry never depreciate like a car her like he's football smart and he can probably hit a null himself talking about football so we don't know about him and it looks like There's some change going with Atlanta or Beasley changes going on in the panthers got rid of Greg. Olsen don't know what's going on with Cam media. Their whole. Coaching Staff is made up of college personnel. Apparently he has probably draft somebody. That's my theory to replace Cam or yeah you'd think they'll restored somebody out of college or the end I think so. Well I mean. They're all college coaches. They always WanNa bring in guys that they can develop. They've we've been in the college scene. They've seen a lot of quarterbacks that are coming into the draft so they probably have a pretty good handle on the style that they like who might fit their system Estan. And that's they're saying is he's a rebuilder which is weird Ever since we've been in the NFC south in things have been relatively consistent. It's been a long time since we haven't had to face drew brees Matt Ryan and came loom and now that might be done. All three of them might go rhino. Stay at least two. Yeah and you know Matt Ryan who knows how long he's going to be around right. He could be benched in the middle of the season. I mean this is an Quinn's last year on his contract. Sal at a certain point he might get a little desperate craziness. Knew what are we coming up on the schedule. What's the next thing? Buchan ears related. We're looking forward to probably I believe the signings. I think it's on. I gonNA pull my schedule. The twenty four th of February. Yeah Okay Are we going the twenty four to February. Harry is the combine. So that'll be the next thing and March tenth is the franchise tag that line the next thing we hear from the buccaneers and March eighteenth is the start of the twenty twenty league year and Free Agency begins with there was a march eighteenth. Sidon riding the train the Franchise Tag Day and started free agency is GONNA be big for all of us man oval bugging fans all right. We're GONNA keep the PODCAST UNCAST role and we probably will not be in three shows a week for a while We took a couple of weeks off because where fatigue yes and it had a birthday parties and only get stuff going on so it was just we had family in and we had just been dragging in today's the first day. We've actually actually Kinda got back to a normal schedule since before. Christmas in our lives so I don't I don't think we're going to be doing three times a week. I'm not sure but there's is just not enough news out there. We're going to be doing our debate. We got our notes. Were working on on the pros and cons of keeping James Winston. Molly is going to be pro. I'm going to be con- good. Good cop bad cop. I WANNA make everybody think that we should get rid of James. Maybe we should've let these you poisoning the fan base. So so if there's no news coming out This week that will probably be our next. PODCAST is the James Winston debate. Now that we got some time I'll will also start start having some videos coming out. I haven't had a chance to work on any so Keep an eye on if you haven't yet go and subscribe to the Youtube Channel Get notifications when we put new ones up. You don't WanNa miss it you. aww One buccaneer fan that does not see these videos are the coquette coochie man peer pressure. So that's going to wrap it up for US till next time go back.

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