EP 175 - Actor Ron Perlman


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So you know whatever daddy most people said nah. I said Out of this and they said fucking out so here. I appreciate that. Thank my people at big shout out. Patrick right seems like a good deed. He's older people right there. One in one to syllable phrase a gas tight It depends on what they ask chair. Patrick is tight. You know we is good people. He's who's your best friend in the whole world My girl that. I'm living with that's nice. I how many other Couple of years is going through a rough patch right now with my girlfriend. Well i i have a business on the side. I can fix that. And i won't. I won't even charge full price. What's the biz. I just said you know advice. The lovelorn should like that. Yeah that's that's what we do on here. We give a lot of advice to the lovelorn. It's it's it's hard to be. Check your on advice every now and again bro. All right yeah just gotta say would you would you. What would you say you see. I don't know. I've counseled a lot of people and i don't know what the answer is. I think the answer is to wait and see is is hard when it's you yeah. I think it's just wait and see right just a just hanging there and just do the best you can. And if it's meant to be it'll be kind of all those truisms that i think are so cliche there. Actually there's a lot of validity in them right. You just gotta kinda. It's it's a. It's a fortune cookie kind of reality. Yeah what's have you gotten any really good advice on love that you kind of have or but it seems like every relationship you need new advice right because everyone of them so distinct. Now i you know i mean i find that People's opinions about love. Our best equate useless. It's it's it's such a subjective sort of thing it's so a the'real you know there is no it's you know it's like oxygen you know you can't see it or feel it you just know it's there when it is and so you know i mean you know the this centuries and centuries of poetry great music and stuff while about teeth kicked in through good through the through the oregon. That's you know Mistakenly called the heart and i i'm a huge fan of saloon songs. All of which are generated by the problems that exist between lovers and the The the chaos that it can invite. And when i hear these songs i recognize them as things that i have experienced. What this wind. No is guys who write these. Things are not writing. I'm just to write a song. They're digging down into the deep well of their own experience. But that doesn't effort prevent me from meghan the same fucking mistakes over and over stepping into the same quicksand over the same brought some children of my own dick so there you have been. It's not something you can take your class for. Okay got this now. I got what else you go right. Is there anybody know or in in your life. That has a good grasp on on. Love her do you find that. Most people are always kind of searching for your just kind of Sort of walking through the dark trying to figure it out. I think it's a very kind of mercurial and elusive thing. You know it's one of those It's like holding onto a bird. You know if you if you hold onto hard you damage it but if you hold onto a to saucer flies away and it's always like exercising in You have to take so much out of it in order to really get into it. You have to take out your ego you have to take out your desire to control things Then you have a shot at Experiencing the things that are beautiful about going places that love will take you Without deciding this is my agenda. Numidian you i think i mean i'm just riffing. I had no idea you're gonna ask you to sit on. Frankly now ribbon jubilant much thought. So i'm just i'm just bullshitting you right now but gone of please please. It's helping me. Like i got nowhere to be for at least twenty minutes. Well let's let's let's empty the tank and those twenty minutes you bet anything else. Besides it's interesting you touched on Sort of letting out of your ego and letting go of Trying to control things. I guess a have. You found that to be The most helpful thing in this business as well when you just sort of But let whatever comes to come to you. That i think there. Are you trying to say. I guess 'cause this this this business is so difficult than so tough to sort of see where you're headed but seems that when you sort of let go and sort of in a let your your your soul guide you. I guess that that's how you can really find your way. Then extent will this is. This is i'm about to say is an absolute true statement. There's absolutely nothing about what i'm about to say. I am So blessed to have been involved in Not a hansel but like a A multitude a phenomenal projects with phenomenal people over all of the decades. That i've been doing this. It's act actually just even getting better. I'm set destroy seventy. And i just did to the coolest parts i've ever played for for really cool people and while all of that was happening i was trying to plan out what my career would look like. None of those things that i mentioned well planned on none of them. Were stuff it. I generated or control or not none because in the last few i'll get to where i'm going in a second. But they will just things that were acts of god you know. They just fell out of the out of the skies into my lap. I had no idea why Will incredible a series of happenstances great. Great things to to have anybody bestow upon you just real gifts do what i do and none of them planned on and So you start to believe in in Destiny you know things you know we. We talked earlier about you. Know unquantifiable mysterious. Things that you know. You can't prove it exists. You just know that they But i'm a big believer that you know somewhere. Along the way my life was written on the wind and it just unfolded An unfolded in such a way I sat down to write a book about seven or eight years ago. Just so that i could grapple with these things that we're talking about like what part of all of the great things that happened to me that i have control over. The the answer is virtually none. They all just came. Which which is you know to answer to. Maybe come close to answering your questions. The hard question to answer. But yeah. I mean it's like carlos data says you know down one book. Just relax and pay attention. That's the ultimate like you know all the tayo the sensitive expand mind figure out you know grab life by some sort of balls you know. Basically it comes down to just relax And doesn't heart thanks to do because they require a trust and they require the fact that you will. You do have grits things coming your way even though you can't foresee them even though there's no proof of them you know And not everybody. Is that lucky commend. That's why i consider myself You know incredibly lucky blessed human. Because if i was to sit down at at the age of seventeen when i started to feel like maybe i'll be an actor and right out what kind of career i wanted to have. I had it exactly exactly like i would exude and continue to and none of it even though it seemed like it was a plan. It was more of a envisioning. I think that that is very helpful in terms of if you wanna do something that's going to close the gap between where you are where you want to be Visualization is something that always always been deeply deeply dedicated to and continued. Yeah i was just saying to pass interviews talk about that point in your career after beauty and the beast where the phone didn't ring for three years and it is sort in any met guillermo. Del toro It sort of was there a point in those three years where he sort of let go. And then and then things started unraveling or is it just kind of How did you feel at that at that. Point your career horrible. I mean. I wish i knew. Then what i know now Now i'm able to Because of just the living proof of having been alive for as long as i have you fact you know a lot of the The frenetic energy of a young man you know especially when it comes to ambition has kind of disappeared a little bit in may so able to ride out But i'm still not happy. When are these big lows. but that was now is excruciating. And i took a very very personal. It wasn't until swoop down and literally jump started the second half of my life literally Where i realized that was supposed to happen. Was that i was i was i was supposed to go down to ground. Zero to two nothing to be stripped away of everything in order to restore and in order to re With all the things that come with restarting to To appreciate Things in a way. That that i never did before to to understand destiny in a way that i never did before to understand learning how to trust. You're gonna be okay if you just don't sit on it too hard. If you just don't fuck it up you could k. If you if you just relaxed attention keep doing work. Keep doing whatever you gotta do to keep your mind right. Noga s going to the gym. Whatever that is building an ark whatever that is that keeps you going until something swoops down and lifts you up. Was that hell boy or did you guys do a film before that together. We did a film called. Cronos was damaged soros i. It was very very very low but some which we shot in spanish in mexico city. He was twenty six years old I was forty one And he'd never made a film before. And so i was there to see. Be coming out party of what turned out to be. One of the most profoundly brilliant unique voices in cinema. How'd you guys get linked up. He had been doing a lot of research because he liked to do monster murray's so he was doing research in aesthetic of makeup so that he could create he could get the facility to create his own lobsters because there was no word a lot of special effects makeup artist in mexico so he figured if i want to create these these these creatures. I'm going to do it myself. He came to the united states. He started with rick baker. Dick smith stan winston and i had already done a shit load of special effects makeup jobs so he kept seeing the over and over and over again and he wrote me this beautiful letter and he send the script of cronos the most sophisticated elegant band. Pryor movie i've ever read and told me how important would help them. You do this desperate as when when i i would. I would have been a mailman at that point. You know that was just gonna to bring a paycheck But yeah that was that was. That was the beginning of it and we. We fell in love with each other. No not in a sexual way while you know but anyway we We became hermanos. You know Opposite sides of the same coin and the in in the way we thought in in our aesthetic in the way we like to grab life by the balls and eat our way through it So we kept doing it to the point where. I just finished my sixth movie with him. couple months ago called nightmare alley which is about to come out sometime this year. What's it like like now that you guys are doing these huge budget movies together. Desert like a stop in kennedy smell the roses moments that you guys have your leg dude. I can't believe come this far. I don't know do you guys ever just like look out at the ocean. You're like holy. Fuck this i do privately quietly because if if i vice said that out loud he go fuck you. Pieces should pussy still. So i'll sit there and be be a fan boy who your job believe up here i mean you know I still do that. I'm still complete fan boy. I'm writing a another book right now on working on these chapters where i'm grappling with. What happens to me when i have to work with movie stars. And how fucked up. I get you know short-circuited it makes you care totally insecure intimidates. The when. I'm a huge fan. Somebody's work having to That that that that that distracts me more than it should like our brooks drive at a tough one. Yeah that was. That was a tough one. I mean i had if albert brooks had fans in the beginning of his When he first started appearing. On ray alive in saturday night live and stuff like carson that if he had fans back then he never had one as veracious me over issues than me so when i finally get to meet found out there. We're just going to be doing this movie together. It was a big adjust and it was. It was a challenge. I yeah i'm boy. Is that tough scene. Because you're playing the heavy in a lot of stuff so you've got to kind of have the status and a lot of scenes but then you're playing opposite ryan gosling or or charlie hunnam or someone like that that you know it helps when these guys are so generous and so beautiful as humans And they can sense that you're beating yourself up loads so hard and they helped along you know And i have found that With very few exceptions. Most of the guys who i worship are also great guys and he really quickly so you get you get beyond it in your you know you start to be able to give a performance in by the flags get get replaced by you. Know The job at hand but But i'm a fan boy. I'm not gonna change. Say there's a lot of beauty in that too and being so sensitive and feeling that so keatley with all the success that you've had know. Do you just have a movie called. The don't look up in the cast is Leo jennifer lawns. Meryl streep chris evans. And i'm on my way to work on the only. Have one scene that i'm in with merrill leo jennifer lawrence and enjoy a hill and rob morgan. That's the only seen them in with the heavyweights and i'm shooting in boston. In december The teams took picks me up with me. You in the back of the van. And it's twenty seven degrees fahrenheit and he keeps looking back to wondering why i'm wiping the sweat off my wondering if i'm okay because he's freezing in the fucking van and that's what happened. Just the the notion of having to go to work with those people I got the flop. Sweats i got the albert brooks. In broad hasn't sweats on my way to work once. I got there once we we. We've rehearsed realize these people are just as fucking concerned about being good as i am you know and you know and the beautiful helpful generous and and human and you know immediately got replaced but it happens. Does it get thrown out in terms of your process. Sort of like the i wonder what merrill's processes like the it might in my prepping all that kind of stuff. You had those kinds of nerves or are you still able to stay in your own. Trust your own process and entrust your own gut with regards to that. Let's another thing that kind of is evolved over course the time you know I trust my own ability to get to where. I wanna go more than i used to. If you'd ask them that question. Twenty years ago i would have yeah. I'm on i and i did. I did having to work on scene with marlon. Brando said myself. he's he's probably thinking. What if i can dry out. Because of his his ability to get to where he wants to be as an actor. And i'll never ever you know so. I was applying all this pressure on myself. That was insurmountable but these days and you know it goes back to that big thing of trust you know. It takes a long time to learn. I mean if you're a young guy and you and you have learned the big lesson of trusting in the universe. Then you're way ahead of the game. You're way ahead of where i was. It took me forever to stock to learn how to go. Hey man you've done your homework. You read the scripts lot strong opinions about what's going to make this scene commensurate with what the writer the director intended for it to be. You don't know what you're gonna do when the camera's rolling but you know you you you better just fucking trust that something good is gonna come out Hardest thing to do is like you know like a bungee joe. Just jump off of you know. The burn zone narrows bridge to your death and hope that that core doesn't snap. Have you ever acted in a scene with somebody really disliked is that how does that affect the scene. Can it make it better or no. You just do your work. I mean you just do work And you reserve all that personal stuff kid. You always do that or when you were younger. Would you be like. Oh man i'm i i don't know if i can like no not always always always always about was always about performing your task at hand which is to be your character in the scene regardless of what you think about who you're acting opposite. Sometimes you realize that you have to work a little harder to to maintain chemistry because there is real hatred you the person you're acting whereas them and and and so that becomes part of Little exercise of the day but at the end of the day the only thing to do is play your character in the scene and be true to the authenticity of what it is. You're getting at at at what. What is your process. Like if you don't mind getting into like the right like character bio dude. You go like extensively into their backstory and all that kind of stuff do you primarily just analyze the script in sort of look to see how you can Deliver what's needed in the scene like. Is there a bunch of a ton of prep beforehand. Or are you kind of Mostly focused on the scene at hand. If you're playing somebody Who has a skill set that you need to research than that's what you do You know if you're playing a pilot in airplane pilot or an fbi agent or you know Or schoolteacher gonna wanna do research you know you're gonna want to immerse yourself in those people's approach to doing their job But i would say like ninety percent of the time on just relying on the made up world at the writer has come up with and my process varies depending on how close i feel i am to the character. I feel really close to the character. Basically just read the thing and and then read the thing over and over again as soon as we get closer to the shooting day. Read everything leading up to the senior about to do so that you know you back story and then you come in with your informed about what you're supposed who you're supposed to be in the serb moment in this big st and I don't learn my lives until i've had my first rehearsal. I know my lines pretty good. Because i've i've read them over and over again. But i have not sat and memorized them. Prior to coming to the set once we have our first rehearsal in their lighting the scene. I learn them but i want to reserve judgment on learning the lines by wrote until i've interacted with the actors and seeing how they're gonna play it and find up maybe there's more dynamic seen that i thought there was. I won't know about it so i get it on. Its feet with the other people on west or front of the director who might have his own ideas. And once i get i get okay. I know we gotta do here then. I'll sidna trail while they light the scene and finished lending the lives. That's that's my process. awful lot actors. Who would never work again. So there's no one right or wrong way you know it's you've got to find out what's right for you when you say you're nervous innocence especially when you're playing on all these. You know a really talented people are you like. Does it manifest itself more like when it's your close up like are you more comfortable like for me i. I've done like unlimited acting. I've done like. I didn't have to set hawaii five. O and i was good in the wide. But they'd be like hey parts you're close up now and then there was like the forty person crew and everyone was focused on me sometimes. Find myself tightening up. Well that's natural because that's that's kinda the money shot the unfortunate thing about anybody who's in a performance oriented profession whether the singers dancers you know musicians actors for athletes. You know any athlete in any sport performance oriented. And you're going to have. There's no signs that's going to. You can depend on to get you through it. You're you're you're going to have good taste of you're performing and you're gonna have shitty And the idea is to be good on a shitty day Because the one constant is pressure and the pressure is different in the first inning with nobody on base than it is in eighth inning. When you're down to runs and you got to men on dates and that's your close up you know All kinds of shit gonna work on you to get in your way because you feel so much pressure to be good but the trick is how do i push all that aside and just relax and trust that. I'm going to be as good as i was in the wide shot when it was when was the second and there was nobody on base and there was no score. Yeah did you ever when you were feeling discomfort. Did you ever turn to like like drinking or anything like that to help. Loosen you. I'm a needle. I like to just go. Heroin you just go straight in there. No chocolate no dark chocolate now. No milk chocolate best. Best buy downfall. Dark chocolate is actually pretty adamant. Okay to main line they say yeah come like Oxidants ever be embarrassed like when the ad would come into your trailer and you're just you know fixing yourself up with all this chocolate wearing did kind of turn a blind eye to ron thing about these. That these days is that they know their asses line. If if they show any kind of judgment whatsoever you know that they noted making waves moments away from having career shatter. Did you just look at me. Did you not read my contract. You don't look you don't look in my eyes ever what is that. What is that when some people don't want people to make eye contact with to pathetic trades. Have i have no idea where in a collaborative could i mean you know if if movies inferior and music or anything that unless you're a solo artist It's hard to be a solo artist. Wouldn't making a cell late at least two three guys. At least you know to make a movie. So how do you put in your contract. If i catch anybody looking in my eyes. They're fired i mean. Don't you want to know what the other guy is gonna be doing. If you're in a collaborative kinda thing where your life is depending on is i don't get anyway There's an awful lot i don. I don't know but if you asked me about chocolate good how did you prep for a role Did you did you study a biker. Gangs or did you feel like you're somewhat close to the character first of all they're co clubs or carrying that getting hip politics. This is the first thing i learned. I call them jiang's to everybody. yeah but their clubs motorcycle clubs but yes Strangely enough i was Very intimidated to play tomorrow. Even though Had already done all these things while i was completely covered in makeup. And you know having to Do stuff that would seemingly very challenging years. Copeland clay morrow. Just go and comb my hair. Walk on set star saying my lines. There's no real. But the adjustments acclaim. Ro was for me was profound because he possessed Kind of a a value. Set that i didn't understand. He was ruthless. He was at times a moral. He was at times violent explosive. He was dishonest. He was incredibly capable of doing things that were completely heartless and I was. I wasn't sure i could do him. And i Bet every every book. I could on on on the angels a real soccer club. You good and i saw every movie i watch and i ultimately realized you just gotta get guys to college. You know you have to really really you know. And that was that was that was an imagination game. That was like what what part of me can do. All those things that i just listed to the ruthlessness in in the violence of a morality and blind ambition even even if it means destroying people. What part of me is in there. That's capable of lessons because that's really the only thing you have to go on when you're acting and Was uncomfortable and it was a stretch but it was at the same time very very challenging and You wanna you wanna be uncomfortable every now and again. You know when you're acting you wanna be not sure about. Do i got this because it makes for a really great engagement between you and your job. What about when when he because a lot of your work has involved. You know tons of special effects makeup and stuff like when you're held boy for example a was it challenging. Did you find it challenging to to vote the way you wanted to with like all that You know covering your face or did it. Come naturally t what was it easier than than you thought. Although it was probably the easiest part. I've ever played in my life because guess. Komo has taken a character was in graphic novel that only spoken one word sentences. Two words was was was a monologue for him so he had no he had a veneer in the comic books but in in eeking him out making him three dimensional and human for the movies jimbo Had to find his humanity and his point of view in his his personality and he chose me he he basically wrote it for me and if anybody knows how i speak and how i'm always i'm always just fucking around sending shit up and just you know completely degenerate in a situation from this is serious. Y'all okay okay. Whatever that banana peel man. Gmo took all that stuff that you know of man made his help boy that so it didn't matter how much makeup wearing for that it was. It was like they said action. I just i. I just was from ron. You know. I mean except when it came to the super superhuman stuff But in terms of psychology and his his his says a few marin his a distinct underachieving kind of ways which is what made him different from any other supergirl. You've ever seen in coming movie. He was a guy would rather sit homemade pizza and watch the three stooges go out instead of the world but the revenue by the mon. You're year to save the world. Come up all right side. He was you know that's me. I don't wanna you wanna stay home and shoot shot at have been tonight vansem and watch marx brothers movies. Who's your favorite marx brothers Varies i've been watching the marx brothers for seventy years now so one day. It's hard on one dance chico. Most of the time it scratching. Yeah he's got the witticisms right. he's just. I mean he's emblematic of why we love the three stooges if any if any one of them is matic scratching its his sensibility is his. It's you know they're different than the stooges right. There's no comparison. I love my stooges but you know there's no comparison. I love laurel and hardy too but again not the marks brothers was your data. Big comedy guy. My dad was a big movie guy. All of the all of my taste in movies came from silliman watching movies with my dad didn't have very very long in my life. He he died when i was nineteen he was but he was a long time ago. But thank you but he was Movie freak and he loved all the good ship me. He really loved the marshburn so whenever they were on i would. I wanted to hang out with. My dad was a fun guy to be around. So i just whatever he was doing i was doing a widow. You know and a lot of it was listening to sinatra watching old black and white movies. Was he supportive of you becoming an actor he was. He never saw me as a professional. He sold me all in in high school in college. When i was getting the bug to be maybe explore it. He never saw in live long enough to watch. I was still in grad school when my dad passed away so he never saw a professional but what he did city. When in the early early goings was he was very nice. Atoll stand up to that was the first thing he did in your career. Is that right so far minutes. Yeah amidst it. How's it hanging out comedians. They're pretty brutal. I never. I never got that far. Never got other comedians. I had a partner named spencer schwartz and this was back in the day where jews didn't they didn't use their names so I was problem. He was short. Were student terry. And now the reason why our careers didn't last with because we never wrote anything we just stole. Just stole rodney dangerfield. I did that at the beginning to just do other people's jokes. I'm amazed no one ever caught risen why nobody caught miss because i caught george carlin before he was famous and i was stealing all his stuff and nobody knew everybody thought i was being original. George carlin hasn't really hit the big time yet. So i got away with but for five minutes literally five minutes was this like carson carlin was like seven dirty words carlin or somewhere between carson carlin. The hippy dippy weatherman. Can you remember the hippy. Dippy weatherman vaguely well. That was first bit a man he met with the hippy. Dippy weather man Pot-smoking tv weatherman funny ship. Yeah do you still watch a lotta comedy who you into now. It's tough question. Who am i answering now. Or who do you revisit Might i am not Up on current crop of standup An i and i'm horrible with names. bill bill bird. Oh my god yeah. We're on this. Podcast is on his network wealthy view. Yeah okay he's fucking. Somebody will go out of my listen to. He's fucking hilarious. Yeah yeah they just produced a doc. This company about this comic patrice o'neal he's a good guy to checkout to australian. Is jim jefferies. She liked that he liked that raw cultural commentary and it was only. My brother was a jazz musician and all that jazz musicians like were obsessed with lenny. Bruce one lenny. Bruce was still alive. You know and he was still being dogged by the cops and the law shift or being dirty and you know political but I would say myrlie comedy chops because my brother was another one who you know whatever you is doing. I just wanted to tag along. And he was listening to lenny bruce. Every every single word lenny. Bruce he get his hands on. He was listening to twenty four seven. And so i guess maybe that's where the whole kind of cultural commentary thing Got awoken is interesting listening. Back to lenny. Bruce now because it kind of like. It's almost hard to see what made him so unique in that moment because i think he broke the ground You can't really. I can't put myself in the context before that ground was broken. You know the i. I like to point this out to people but Gangsta with a was sinatra. Dean martin and sammy davis junior. Because they were drinking and smoking on stage this was our version of gangster even though they will you know dressed impeccably black-tie brooks brothers. Whatever but they will bad boys because they dared to have a cocktail while they were working. You know and fuck around us loose language in vegas you know and the catholic the mind a ministers back when you know Censorship was you know you couldn't say damn you couldn't say hell couldn't say god in any public forum. So a guy like lenny. Bruce comes along and he shatters everything and because of the time she lived than it was big news. Big man nowadays is like that. Nothing is sacred symbol. Which is one of the things that i read about it in my first book which was watching This such a dramatic shift in What once said what one didn't say compared to now In my lifetime is. I'm not sure it's a good thing. At as permissiveness we'd been allowed to become. Yeah who who'd you run with. Who were you like a hippie. Or were you like a like a jogger. Who i i could see it going any which direction i was dressed like. Hippy had bill bottoms and tie. And you know. I have big jewish afro and But i was a theater god while my friends were going to grateful dead concerts and you know and and listening to you know rolling stones and shit. I was a fair guy from jazz family. My music even even while i was being dressed like hippy was miles davis john. Coltrane bill evans. Right and campbell atalay mingas monk and shit like that and everybody else was going to shea stadium to sue the stones you know what about theater where you like Like arthur miller nugenix neil and than where you had a real classical education in college. I had a guy who insisted that i read. Every starting from escalates the greeks all the way up to samuel beckett who was still writing contemporary nestle while i was studying That's pretty amazing. Yeah and and as was harold pinter. I was going to sea. World premieres both their plays. While i was going to college But he insisted that i read The greatest stuff that was ever read. And so the writers of my day. When i was first throwing dab shepherd in that zone or not. Mammoth wasn't reflected born yet bro. now it was It was you gino. Nail and tennessee williams and what all b. e. n. And arthur miller great right hand and Good to grass Some of amazing european voices I was tennessee. Williams was still alive when i was in college. Still writing plays still having world. Premieres of but those those god heads williams o'neal miller and every all be and eugenie esco held pincer Did you do all their stuff. Did you do like waiting for godot. I did a also characters. I'll think of the second game and game. Nice aaron aaron earned with say do you have any great nicolas winding refn stories while i have one to tell you the truth on probably a million. But i can't recall and you might have one hearkens back to. I think it was question. Aaron might have asked about Preparation stuff. But i was one of those guys that had seen the pusher trilogy out i had seen brunson and then i was so blown away by bronson that i went back and watched the pusher trilogy. I this rumor that went revenues coming to make his first american film and ryan gosling is attached. And he's casting right now. And i said to my people. I never ever ever lobby for par. I never have lobbied for art mela except for this one. I said people you got a range for me at least have a conversation with wrestling and i wanna tell him why i need to play nino and So i was on location someplace. It'd be la you agreed to have a phone conversation with me. And i was so insistent on the phone that he said well. What are you going back to. La i'll be back next week. He's trump to my house and we'll talk about. But i'm i'm i'm interested in your enthusiasm. I don't know what it is about. But i'm interested very enthusiastic and yet it's a little annoying but you know let's let's take a step up to reference house and we meet and we sit out what he's got a rented house in the hollywood hills and we sit out in the back. Were having a really cool conversation. And he says to me I could tell at the meeting was winding down three system. This who is nina character. That i want and i paused in my internal monologue was if i answer this question wrong thoughts and i don't know what the right answer is. So what's gonna be wrong so that was like a ten second pause and then i said to you know nick. I don't know who may notice. But i'll tell you one fan when you say action shit is going to happen and he said okay. I'll see on the first day that was. That was the right answer. And i really you know. The fact of the matter is when we had that meeting nino was like a stick figure you had no personality whatsoever. He was just an idea. He hadn't been fleshed out in the one beautiful thing. That referee did do drivers that he had all of us sitting in his living room with the writer. And bullshit about who we thought characters should be might be might wanna be and that guy implemented our own ideas and nino was developed right in front of me but but but when he asked me the question i didn't know he was and i thought the best thing i can do is to just be honest and Worked out later on that. Nina was basically in the sense that his jewish guy wanted to be an italian gangster. Right right well. That was the original concept that part of it had been established very early on even though the character wasn't born out in the writing yet but he was nino whose real name was You know karema was real name was but it was like arthur schwartz. Some shit like that. And he's like this jew from queens and When we spoke over the phone. When i was at a data just talking phone he said why. Do you wanna play the parts of much as i should because i'm jewish guy and when i wasn't thinking of myself as italian i was fantasizing about myself being it's out and i was eating like in italian i was fucking like i was doing everything like fucking. How do you like an talented trust me. That's in my my next book you. You're going to happen redo if you wanna know going to have to pay retail i'll i'll out. I won't charge a tax cava soundly selling them out of the trunk of my car dodgers stadium while i'm getting vaccinated for covert have you been vaccinated yet. I got my first one. My second one was supposed to be friday and because of the the storms and all of airport closures Postponed drew undersigned day. Future you ready get back out. They feel good I've been doing okay during during the The pandemic been going out pretty much doing something every day you know. Do all the shopping for. I can't sit around do nothing and then i got really lucky because nightmare alley which the interrupted in march mccolgan. I it was forty percent shot already and then they decided that they could be mounted. Finish it so mid-september. Backup toronto barky on a big movie as if nothing had happened. I mean we were all wearing masks and shit you know getting code. Gino know swap every other day but making of the film was as as always is. Yeah i got question what what makes you most in life hitting the club face right in the middle on a golf show is up there. 'cause pure ns rare doesn't happen often I'm a big. I've always been a huge fan of the hunt. I like being in the hunt. Dissuade never gonna be able to retire me. I'm just gonna keep doing this till i die up Because i love to be in the hunt. I love to know that. There's a project that i'm working on. That might happen or that. There is a project that people are talking about and they are interested in me. Doing that might happen. I love the fact that i hear about. I got a job as in two weeks. So i got some time where i'm in this beautiful state of grace who. I don't have to worry about women next job is coming from. But i really really love being in the hunt and i love Love developing stuff Even though most of this stuff i developed like i said doesn't happen other shit happens on You make plans in god. Bless you know. While i'm making plans by this shit is usually takes takes. His place makes it impossible for me to finish what i started but but i love i love being in the hunt i love. I love being in the kind of creative state because it makes me feel more alive than pretty much anything else. Nice sweetser listeners. Questions oh sure you have listeners I was told that this was completely. Just yeah just run outs. This'll be internal will will let them know. I hope i didn't say anything really detect. I got real quick dude. You can handle listener questions. Yeah we might just chat until he gets back. How's your day going otherwise good pretty early But yes beautiful day here where you. I'm in west hollywood. Yeah i'm and pasadena's beautiful day sunshine since the sixties seventies It's nice where you born new york city. Oh in the city yeah. What is your family. Do my dad had been a jazz drummer. And when he started having kids even feel like you could put food on the table doing that so he went back and got a kind of a vocational degree as a tv in a repairman allow. Does that his most of his whole life at forty five and went back to school and became a substitute teacher for electron x and did that for four years so he had a heart attack and passed away at forty nine. A jazz musician your seventies. so you're born in nineteen fifty. See your dad was drummond in like the like like he was he was done by the time i came along so he was pretty early in jazz. Though right he was. He was in the swing days. Right since like duke duke ellington. Benny men Glenn miller harry james the brother lamar big band. There's more there's more people on stage. Yeah but it was. The it was the beginnings of words the articulation of jazz. I mean the early days jazz was like way back in. Twenty s with louis armstrong. Those those cats you know and like new orleans but the big bands in the thirties and forties cool jazz. Free jazz are about to kind of spring. Big band jazz A swing jazz was replaced by bebop. Which was charlie parker miles john. Coltrane monk mingas Stan getz bogo guys. That was up but it was also was the next iteration of american jazz. It's had my brother was a bebop jazz musician. Dad was swim. Swing jazz musician. Swing band jazz brother. Play the drums to and he died at thirty eight. So i lost both of them very yeah. I'm so sorry was a wasn't a was buddy rich like a. He's the was dad's Hero my brother. My brother had disdained for anybody that my dad loves us. You president like buddy rich. You didn't like. That's like elvin jones and joe joan. Tony williams be bob. God's any tip. On how i could kind of understand my kind of blue better when i try to listen to it. I don't understand. i just think it's beautiful now. I mean i don't mean like understand like you know the the theory of it or whatnot. But i even have trouble listening to it sometimes. I'll give it another shot today. i'll give it another shot This no right or wrong. What your taste in music. I mean you know this. All like i came to grips with that one all my friends or you know discovering rock and roll in high school and college you know and i just went. That's shit So one dimensional. On musical felt lowbrow to you low because i had come from a family where Harmonic progressions mill sophisticated music. was went into the recipe rock and roll. Always had this one driving. Kind of like you know. One dimensional thing to it that i i didn't relate to until i was much much much older like i just three weeks ago. I just downloaded the last waltz. Which is the martin spicer as a mini van. The band last performance. You know the the famous neil young thing right that he had cocaine on his nose name. They wrote a stage. They edited out of the dvd. But if you've watched the original you can see it all over them No but i. I believe that you know the story that you know used to see satchmo armstrong with a white handkerchief constantly. You know it was a bad thing laced with cocaine really. If there's a lot of it wasn't really really sweating. Snorting hilarious jimi hendrix. The old folklore toy story that he put a tab of acid under his ban. Dan when he did like the star spangled banner. Or something like that. So many sweat it would seep into pores. She's win would go man. I don't know if it's true. I think maybe it's just only ever heard more than not Bills cats were heavy. Druggies yet they burn the candle at both ends. You'd never got into drugs and staff. No i mean when everybody else was You know when everybody else was discovered. Marijuana i was often pot but i never took to it like my like. A lot of my friends did and i never took cocaine nitrided multiple times but This has got to be better than what i'm experiencing because everybody's so fucking like selling the house for shit. I kept trying to keep triangle. I don't get this i never fucked with Hallucinogens though other brigham all right want to answer some questions on us. This is a long when some of these questions can be long so it. It can be kinda hard to sit in the pocket in here all of iran. But we'll catch up after if it if influenced by a little bit all right what bros. Want to start off by saying thanks to my stock levels on a weekly basis. Your so called vibes and shiny demeanor have really made me covid. Mike ovid canadian winter. Little sunnier surf the long the long email. I really hope you enjoy it over the past year. I've met a couple of girls who has really connect with over a couple of dates and frequent texting calls. How each time. After two days. I got the dreaded this isn't working out texts with those girls claiming they just weren't feeling any chemistry. The most recent example is this week going to let some frustration and interest to an introspective analysis of what i think has been a recurring problem in my life to put it shortly. I'm a pussy as bitch always been scared of being fully vulnerable with potential partners. I was getting really nervous to what my family and friends would think of potential girlfriends it intimate situation. I get really nervous and to hide that. Become very distant. Avoid making a move. This has led to me being a twenty eight year old virgin who avoided dating almost entirely out of fear. I've been told him. Good looking quite the catch but i feel like when my friends tried to encourage me. They mean well. I just feel shame for still being in this situation of pressure in the two aforementioned dating situations there was no touching or kissing whatsoever as i was too scared to make a move. I feel like this is a reason. No chemistry can manifest as i continually. Avoid it don't show my interest or maybe the girls just didn't like me as i get closer to thirty. I'm really worried. My lack of romantic experience is going to hinder my chance. Meeting someone special also dropping the virgin bomb. This late in life seems like a sure way to put extra pressure on potential relationship. Do you have any tips on how to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. It seems like most lethargic tomlin getting physical with someone really lags behind. What is normal nowadays. Everyone says romantic moments. Just naturally happen but should be making more of an effort to spark the flame or should it be myself. Expect to be like steve carell in forty virgin. Thank you so much guys. Any thoughts you have would be greatly. Appreciated it karoo. Sorry funny no No listen i i i i i feel i feel for this person And understand it and It's one of those. Things goes back to pressure. I mean he's he's you're digging yourself into a grave deeper and deeper and deeper by putting mount of pressure on yourself To score and the longer you takes you to to score without success the more pressure putting on yourself so it's kinda plead self-defeating But what you're going to have to do so you're gonna have to fucking man out being broke. Parents said at some point when you're out there with a girl you wanna kiss you're gonna have to actually repeat after me listening. Repeat after me. Can i kiss you and she says now okay. Sorry chances are she's gonna say yes and the minute you do own. You'll know what to do. From that point on. I love i agree. I think Just gotta you gotta put yourself out there and you got just bite the bullet and the the the more pressure on yourself. The more you you build up this you build up this sort of a anxiety in your head or just the you once you do make that step towards you know. Just saying hey. Do you wanna kiss that. stop it. you're gonna feel so much better about the whole situation about yourself so it's just take that first step you just gotta you gotta get on stage and do it and something real will happen when you when you say that even if you fuck it up but something real will follow. She's she's going to be real with you one way or the other because you were just real with her. You were expressing something real and usually good things happen when when you go from the the the ship that you're imagining in your head which is what all the pressure's coming from to shifting accounts station to something real like i. I really wanna kiss you right now. Is that okay with you. And she's gonna tell you but her answers probably going to be pretty real it. May it may be alive. But it's gonna be a real lot you know or it may be a little james. She wants to play. Well just discover not right now on his you know but real shit will happen and it will replace the the the imagined horrible pressure. You're putting yourself which is getting you nowhere for sure and dude also fit if If you go for that kiss and it doesn't work then you could just tell it like. Hey sorry i don't have that great game. I'm a twenty eight year old virgin and maybe that honesty will not only disarm her but it will it might disarm you your truth out there and i agree with that. She'll probably go. Oh yeah Clear yeah she's a nice person is gonna she's gonna help you along and she might find an endearing right. We got another another long one fellas. What ab- chatted jt in any other legends on the pod shadow to stick the relationship. You're in joe's hog are fringes normally on here and he's got a huge dick apologies for the semi lon question. Some big complicated one that has been tearing me apart. I've listen to y'all forever. Two years now always appreciate the stoking wisdom you provide for me and the rest of the stoker's especially around relationships. I'm ready to get some tips on how to approach an upcoming trip. I'm going on from college at the end of the month. We graduated last year and have a squad of twelve homeys. I'm so hype to see all of them but there's one problems one of the home uses my ex. Her and i dated for a senior year. Call things off back in october as we drifted apart from distance about an eight hour drive apart and the lingering fact that we're moving to cities on opposite coasts of the. Us wants cova chills out. Ever since this split my stoke is not been nearly as high. She was so great for me. And i truly was in love with her but we made a mature decision and things before we got sucked into deep and moved on to new cities. This was mainly her idea. Unfortunately since we didn't break any sort of dispute i'm filled with so many what ifs and constantly think about how would be if we still together and also doesn't help that wearing the same texan snapchat groups so i see her on the phone all the time. She's on my mind every single day since we broke up over four months ago and a big part of me wants her to move back more than anything but a small part of me thinks that i just need to keep looking forward to moving onto my new city and finding other potential dank. Jeff's i know this for sure. I'm still insanely attracted to her. I wanted to be my girlfriend again. I still love her. But i also know that if i tell her this risk getting. My heart broke even worse than it already is. Show pull her side and the upcoming weekend excursion to confess. This tour should keep my composure. And not take that risk any advice. Y'all have it'd be super appreciated and if you could let me know if and when you're including this episode that'd be clutch since it's time sensitive sensitive. I think we actually missed the window on that. If i'm being completely candid. But i think it's time to read the whole thing then if we missed the window. Somebody these emails bro. And you've probably you guys would probably pull it down. Seven figures on this podcast. We're not quite there yet. But we could. We could have someone do that for us. I'll actually ron. I swear to god. I'm actually going to do that after this episode. I think it's about time. I had but i don't trust somebody else to pick the emails Ability could be different but all question dimissed the window or not. That's the only us because you just took three minutes out of my life. I'll never get back but ryan still. This is still this advice. That could relate to fucking train left. The station brought the dude. It's not. I don't think of it so many early okay. I'm sorry rock with me. I'm sorry i'm sorry. Look i know. I know i know it wasn't a great tag to put on the end of the email but i think i think there's still some stuff here that we need to dive into no fucking. He's probably probably blown by now. You know what this planet people out there. That really need where i gotta give. This did some advice though. I'm sorry. I'm sorry i like what you're saying though dude. I think you should just go for it. I think she's going to reject you. I think you should just go for it. i think. Just tell her you love her and just take that heartbreak on and will suffer together. We all suffer through this stuff. But you're an investment her now. I don't know where she's at on this. I don't know if she should say she can say whatever she thinks. I think she wanted to break up and then the movie to different cities was a good common sense reason. Why but i think if she was truly into him she would have stuck it out right auto noma skirt probably know he's probably not even on the internet anymore. I just picked hammered at a park. A twelve step program. He's just not yeah. Wait for this podcast. Tell me what to do next. Fucked me Yeah i think Aggregate you air to go for or or is not Take like a moratorium from you. Know seeing her on your phone like i would bail out of those group chats of the you know. Maybe just like mute her on social media. You don't see her because the more you just keep seeing her. And and you know. Just gonna keep torturing you gotta you know bail from. Yeah you can't be on all those those constant reminders of her. You're just torture yourself. And i appreciate the the masochist in you. But i don't think you're getting much out of it. But i would tell her. Just tell her you love her and see what happens did honestly i was being a little cynical saying she's probably going to say no but do crazy should happen. She could say yes so. I think you've got to always be optimistic that these things could work out all right last question. From zachary my dogs. I have a serious issue at hand. Literally me and my girl. I've been doing the horizontal hokey pokey every day for the past two months and also really liked to hit the gym in my free time. This guy's just. I mean we'll see why okay but i also take t- boosters. I got often. Because i forgot to take them but they messed me up. A few nights ago. We're in the middle of it and i got softer than sharman toilet paper and i looked defeated then. The next night. I couldn't stop thinking about the incident. Happened again please. My dogs helped me become an absolute unit. And maybe sunday alleged. What do you think i tried to do. Yeah do that stuff works. But i don't know. I get headaches when i take it the next day. I feel kinda on talking about you right now. Are we read your own fucking emails. You know i can prescribe something else. Say from personal experience. Because i'm looking out for him. I'm like yeah. It's a quick fix but there's no free lunch this guy's gonna we have. He's going to have this title. Whether you have a headache or non just dropped divide. You'll be harder than chinese algebra and you will have moved past this. This writer's block. You have right now so you think it's i hall jitters. Viagra will get him there. But because i'm worried he might to remind himself of his power and if he can't do it on his own don't get in a rut you know. Use a substance yet out works. Well why is he taking t like. How old is this kid. He's in college. Thank sounds like it. yeah Say they said that your testosterone goes down commensurate. Come with stress. You have in your life and to me right now if you look around what's happening in the world that's michigan the stop. Start at all right. Yeah i think do i think also lake. I've had boehner problems like a million times in my life. But and i got a nice boehner i would just i. Wouldn't i think you're you're thinking that this moment's gonna last forever but it's just a moment it happens to the best of us you'll be fine. You're just a little sensitive which is nice bob. A little blue diamond. I used to i. I was like addicted to that stuff. That's why i get wary about it. Because i was i was chasing that power but it wasn't real power. You're only supposed cert- one day. That's probably what you're getting headaches will not now. I can't even take if i take like twelve milligrams. I got a headache the next day. I'm just sensitive. I would say. Let's do squats and take an ice bath. That's healthy watchmen squats. I can get back up. That i try to go. Habitat diesel We're gonna give new replacement up pretty soon so I'm trying to try to work. My core Bullshit but i i don't i just i just do. Curls curls are the girls yeah. Edward burns director says he put a dumbbell by your toilet. You just do curls when you're on the toilet you're talking about squeezing one out but Jacking off no. I didn't say that you know you you end on it. That's not as rubbing one out. Well would you say he's talking about taking shit wheezing. One out of that is taking shit Well i don't know it depends on what I think that's good. That was good. Final question to enron fine with me. Right he will more all. I said fine with good. I'm really good round. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for coming on. It was really fun was guys. Were so fun to talk to you appreciate you. Thank you brother. Thank you nice meeting you guys use. Well okay great sunday. You do the same by ron fellows. Guys i'm interrupting his pockets. 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Go twenty put handsome on autopilot with a new peak hygiene plan for manscaping guys are back up dog to see brother chat. Let's get into who should be for the week. Maybe for the week is something. I'm not mad about Home i just read this down. The week is something. I'm not mad about but something. I discovered yesterday so yesterday i posted a photo me at home depot. I'm becoming you know a home home. Repair guy Issue is getting pumped from is back. So i could pump out the water in its manual. Guys gotta keep that. I'm gonna use muscles to get the water out. I don't need. I don't need the fucking gas powered a pump. And so i posted a photo me next to some pretty sick pipe equipment. I was really pumped on the valves and everything going on with the pipe equipment. And i was like yeah becoming home. Guys making the announcement to the universe and I got a bunch of messages. That were like whoa dude. Homedepot should be going with lows. You should be a lowest guy. And i would say that the majority of the messages were like what are you doing at home depot. You should be going to. Lowe's and i had no idea that this kind of beef existed And i frankly. I don't really know why people have this. beat Because you know. I talked to my brother about his big handyman. And he's like he's like lows for housewives. So you know. I don't know maybe some people can write in and tell us why they prefer depot or lowe's because i'm going to home depot and it really tickled my fancy in it you know it's spurs might In a good way so he has let us know what. What's the deal with lows for some depot. And do you guys have preferences. I don't 'cause. I don't know shit. But i saw aaron making some head gestures while i thought i thought that they were. I thought they were objecting. The home depot because the the owner apparently donates a bunch of trump as sodas lows. So it's both of them. Do so are people still donating to. Did you see this. Stiffed rudy. Giuliani on the bill. The lawyer he's only done it his whole life. So i guess he's not paid rooted so funny aaron. Who's who's your deeply week Might be for the week is with spit up I don't know if you've ever encountered this with the baby but Man you think you're wearing of but cool shirt for the day and just out of nowhere. It's it's got white shirt on it and it sucks Still love your baby. But your wardrobe is ruined to my My be week with trevor noah. I was watching something on comedy central for the first time in a while and a head to watch a couple of trevor noah commercials and stick is awful His your baby the week. Did i love those. I favor beef. I think he's ever done. Make a baby brother. Billy Figure out but let me just off the top of my dome here Abrazos liver pimple. Yeah i was gonna go with that. So i'm looking for dogs. I i met a picnic yesterday. Story in Super cute super affectionate needs a home. And i think she spoke. The demand is high. The lady was telling me that She's like she's super high energy. Super high prey drive. You know you'd have to. I'd have to train her. Essentially and i'd have to worry about in. I don't know if i'd be able to take her to the dog park. I don't know she just like two high energy At a crate training she said and and so that's a hard of meals like i don't have time to to handle this. Another part of me is like. I think it'd be really cool to learn how to train the dog and to learn how to be the leader of a dog at the bond would be pretty sick. sandra just trying to figure that out and still you know looking around for dogs and maybe one with a little bit milder a little bit lower energy But i love story inch super. Cute i just. I wonder if i'd be the right owner. But i think it's a challenge that i think i'd really enjoy i think I don't know if i'm at the point by. Maybe if i lived with someone than we could both handle it But the idea of of of having like a a bond with a dog grad train the dog. And you know we have. This connection really just gets my gears going. So that's the status of magog search. Nice did i think exactly as it should. Uh thanksgiving is do plods on that dog word powerful. There were incredible so she has. She has a. She's a lab mix if she has a labrador head. And then the beefy quads. You've ever seen like the most inspiring. They were incredible so pumped on stoked on that. And i think you look at that dog. You're gonna wanna lift every day. You know what. I mean that. That's i guess. Like a good photo for eve. I was like jt. Saudi team would be. I think he would just go straight into burke's though love that aired has your baby the week. Why have an example of why you need to train. A dog My mom's during this podcast while we're recording from men which is joy in my life My mom's dog scratch. My baby's face wall should baby okay. She's she's i'm simon but did issue bleed and okay. This is like did that. Make you angry at the dog. Yeah yeah but yet. His lack of training. I'd find it hard not to do some. Luckily i was there to see it in here distracted so all i heard was crying in the it was kind of come to find out. So is that why you had to jet when chattered ads yeah dude. You're such a pro. You came right back any dialed respect. Yeah my baby. The week is my wife leah. She's been here at my parents house for week while i went up. Back to la to work Just kind of letting the baby hang out with the grandparents a little more And i just missed the hell out of her so she of my babe of the week. Nice his lovely my baby. The week is patrice o'neal so all things comedy where we do our podcast produced and directed a a special about patrice. O'neal who i think we can. All agree is one of the. I know the greatest comedians of all time a true original and i found the documentary. It was. I was way sweeter than i thought it was gonna be. You know what i mean. Because we all know him for his kind of his braggadocio but he backs up braggadocio with intelligence and performance chops and commitment. And so it's it's well-earned but i i wasn't expecting how sweet it would be and that was really nice but the thing that always inspires me. The most about him is just his honesty and he he always says you can't fuck with the truth and like and he lived did and just watching him be that way made me want to be more honest and more truthful and i think sometimes i'll think that means i have to be honest and truthful like him. You know which is kind of like this like almost like a pimp honesty that he would kind of have when especially when it came to male female relationships. But that's not my truth. You know what i mean. That was his truth and it was well earned but my truth is different so i just have to but i but i still took the inspiration with like all right but be your truth. My truth is more like crying in front of a girl in just being vulnerable and stuff like that. And i'm sure patrice would have made fun of that but i think i think like that's how i'm more formidable when i'm living that true so i just i don't know i love patrice o'neal i loved watching that special so much. He so funny. And but yeah the truth thing is really what i just. I think we'll be my biggest takeaway from him and his legacy is just. It's it's it's always better. Just be honest and truthful. Yeah elliot chad. Who's your legend. The week So it's is more just sort of what happened yesterday. Afternoon analysis like on workout and i was going to do sprints prince at the hill I've been doing him so much that it's become kind of honest for me. It sure so. I did like once Up the hill. I was like i'm not feeling like and i've been trying to listen to my body like i'm not going to force them not not feeling this so i kinda just like took this moment of like what do i wanna. What is my like intuition. Telling me that. I want to do right now so i just walked a straight up. Just walked that walks. I walk up the hill. Unlike down and then like i found this football field with a track around it and it was close. I just hopped the fence sprints around the track and that listen to around perlman podcast just kept walking and it was like the best two hours ever. It was incredible. I i don't know why it was just like walking Back i was like that was amazing analysis of sort of like a like a breakthrough. Yeah sort of like outside. I'll just like when he started to like. Listen to you. Know your your body and what you. Sir intuition is telling you to that moment. You don't like four stings. That's one like the most incredible things in life happen. I think that's beautiful man. That's pretty nicer. yeah it was. I got back house. 'cause i was like i was just transplant laws. Not in a great mood nine. Just did that and it totally. I wasn't having a bad day. Totally just like may my day great cool. That's awesome. Do dutiful. Who's your legend league. I mean my legend the week. Is this week's guests. Ron perlman What what a fun guy to listen to. What a fun guide here. Talk with that voice. and just wouldn't amazing career. He's had like to to kind of started all Behind makeup the way that he did were kind of his big break was as click a caveman In the quest for fire and an end big role as as the beast on beauty and the beast which i contend like for every person who complains about wagga mask right now like this dude had to wear four hours of makeup every day for granted. He's being paid handsomely. I'm sure it was a network soap opera. Basically primetime soap opera but like bad dudes been in a had be uncomfortable way more than for sure just for having to wear face Between that and you know all his roles with a gamble del toro. he's in he's in pacific rim. Which we we quote all the time And he's in a great. If you don't know it. I'm gonna talk about micro to but like if you don't know the city of lost children the french film by jump here today. The guy did emily. Nice if you don't know that film like he he he's the star of the movie doesn't even speak french. Eddie's fucking jackson it's nineteen ninety five how old he was then forty five jack. He shortlist the whole movie so beast. Check it out for your fitness goals. Sons of anarchy all the all the stuff he's done it's just a. I'm glad you guys talked about dr. 'cause he's really good night to. I think his character is pivotal like that whole movie smooth sailing. That guy doesn't have. The embassy has yeah and puts things in motion that he does so i was watching quits to these like What fucking family is guys drivers kids. He's gotta go gotta go yes. So good My legend of the week is The boys so had a tough day yesterday. And i was feeling really out of sorts and just i wanted to wallow in my emotions but i was like i'll hop on the sticks. Play some call of duty got into some warzone action with gregg joe and ross gave them the rundown. They gave me some good life. Advice grounded an empathy and kindness and and strength and then we started bawling. Pick up a dub we get a quick dub. Everybody's feeling good. We're laughing the storm. Go then we get like a seventeen place. Then we get into another game. We get to final circle now. I m horrible in final circle any. It's come down to a one. V one to get the w. and warzone. I have come up short. And i've gotten melted me and joan rivers to other dudes. Joe takes them out. He takes joe. It's me and one other guy they're all like let's go you've got this guy jumps around the corner. I got my tricked out. Mac tan down. The boys went so ballistic for me. Like they were like par- you get a we could do you keep the russell's like you've become you were supposed to be let's go we also fired up and i was just like my body was on fire. I felt like i was shaking a shaking you shaking. I'm like dude. I'm gibbering all over like you deserve it. You deserve and we all could like clip it and we just went bananas and then we we run it back and we picked up a back to backed up. We had three dogs. They're dub. I didn't get the final kill but i was in final circle. We brought ross back final circle. There was a box there. He comes in roses a killer wipes four of them. And you know you gotta greg unbelievable tactical guy unbelievable comeback guijo same deal and then they're all amazing on the coms funded talk to. They can balance strat in conversation. But ross wipes everybody and then we get a third victory on the night and literally. It's what i needed. I was like i needed. This really helped me. You know like i know. It was huge. So thanks to the boys for being there. Always been on the sticks and and for not only being proficient with the with the lowdown but also being An proficient with the friendship. I appreciate it. Yeah it's good stuff chat. What's your quota the week So yesterday after starting masterclass on dog trainings guy brandon mcmillan and he goes the first step is all about trust without this essential element relationship with your dog. You cannot be ineffective trainer. nice Air what's your of the week. So my core of the week. Is ron ron perlman. Us being interviewed and be asked like if he was afraid. He's being typecast as a tough guy he says. I don't bear any label. I perform very extreme characters but at the same time. Men within enormous goodness take for example the hercules from the city of lost children which is better one he is a child was the characters name He's a child in adult body. One is pure simple and innocent by character in beauty and the beast had enormous generosity far from this world. the beast was too good to be real. It's true that. I hardly play ordinary people. Due to my appearance anyway i'm not a captive up captive any register. I don't systematically play tough. And not very bright people like myself for very demography and for being able to do all those rules. Australia is the vincent on getting the is like maybe the nicest characters ever been on film. You can't put in a box no micro. The week is from a pacific rim. But it's not one around perlman's lines at say idris elba and the final that he goes into the drift with. Forget the dude's name. Good looking like british guy. Australia got and they're talking about whether they're gonna be able to drift to drift here because your brain has to connect with another person so you can operate the kaija. These giant robot fighters and egypt salvator. And somebody goes and as for you while you're easy. You're an egotistical jerk with daddy issues. A simple puzzle is solved on day. One but you are your father son and anything. I forget the last time i know you'll fight well and then the kid goes works for me here. A bad ass. Very cool sweet chat. What's your faysal after it. It's give this symbol. Lumbar support air. What's your physically for going. After let's go shoot. Some chocolate nice mine is have trust. Got this of try. I think do i can't i can't fail. I gotta figure it out. I'll have not the should think about it that way but i can't let my insecurities dictate the outcomes of my relationships. So i'll i'll do it. I'll have trust. i think. A experiment with kerr week just completely letting everything go and whatever happens happens. I'm worried i'll like it'll cost me some like personal power. I won't feel strong. But what kind of strength is that if it's so fragile. So let's go. i think. That's i think that's stronger than trying to control it. I think you're right now. I'm going to. I'm going to drink a little bit today. And i'll feel better avi around. I'll be around me. I go yeah good stuff. Thanks guys. are we recording tomorrow scars on.

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