Adele jokes about her weight loss have made people mad, Armie Hammers marriage ended after his wife found secret naughty texts, Kelly Ripa talks about hubbys huge penis!


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Think we're actually going to be talking about one of them in today's show. So never a dull moment for me, Ooh, what time do you start? So what time do you want to get time to bed to put that show together? Is it really early for you? It is I get up I start around six thirty in the morning and I work until about six or seven at night. It's pretty long day. It's a long day. Hey let's start this shit then. What time is it? It's teed time. Thank you darling. So leading off the show is Adel Adel hosted snl over the weekend and got herself in a little bit of trouble during her monologue. She addressed what we were all thinking about, which is her enormous weight-loss. She made a joke about it. She said the following quote I know I look really really different since the last time you saw me but actually because of all the covy restrictions and the travel ban I had to travel light and could only bring half of myself. So this is the. Hub. I chose some people thought it was funny. It's laughing there. I laughed too. I must admit non some people are saying that it wasn't funny and fat jokes are just no longer appropriate. One Fan wrote Adela you shouldn't. Oh, fat jokes aren't in another said hard no with Adele making fat jokes other people did come to her defense saying she was talking about herself and her own body on this on the Nonni but not show we don't do body size jokes. We don't do fat stories. We just stay away from from those types of stories. This made me think is it different when you make a joke about your own body? What do you think jt? Yeah I mean she attorney body she owns it and you know it's her narrative. So it's up to her to you know say the joke and if she approves it, then I'm here for it I think I am too overall like I said on on our website and on the show we stay away from from size and weights but this is her story to tell and had she said nothing I mean she looks Incredible I also James Incredible but she's lost one hundred pounds. So how'd she said nothing I think that would have been just as awkward to some good news here though I just got over night ratings for SNL just thinks she was a hit or not whether you think, oh, absolutely everybody loves a doubt want music and she was on our screens acting and being funny give me a Dell all the time. Well, you're right. It was a massive massive audience over five million people watched goodell. Normally averages about four million. So that's a massive increase also too in the advertising market. We talk about this on the show it's really the younger people she was up about twenty, eight percent. This is the hard. The third highest rated SNL since metered market households began I think it was in two thousand and nineteen. So Monster Monster Success, and also to adulting not seeing on the show however. Three of her albums and I should point out she only has three. You are already on itunes top one hundred says you didn't sing four singles a backup on the charts, all her albums on the charts I. Think we can say this was a pretty successful might however it does bring us to our poll question of the day. Dow, jokes. About her weight loss on SNL A fat jokes. Yes or no go and vote on our twitter page at not nice rubber facebook page knows he goes in and be sure to check back tomorrow to hear you'll results JT love. What are you working on? Right Rob. So we have armie hammer's marriage ending after his wife found passionate messages from a mystery woman Daily Mail as reporting sources close to hammer and his wife Elizabeth Chambers that their marriage went into a nosedive in the fall of twenty nineteen after she found passionate texts and letters from a mystery woman who signed herself at a line. So adelines real identity is a mystery however around the same time this apparent flirty romp army was shooting the Netflix's movie Rebecca. So whom you know, he co Stars Lily James Sources, claim Lilley was referred to as Adeline on the movie call sheets and on her trailer. It gets even better. So Lily also caused an international media frenzy when she was photographed and several steamy and compromising situations with her married Co Star. Dominic West in Rome this week. So rob what's worse ending a friendship or breaking up with a significant other? Oh, this is a really rough one isn't I couldn't believe this I think in the movie Rebecca I haven't seen. Yet it didn't get very good reviews but I haven't seen it yet. It's on Netflix, will watch it. She doesn't have a name her character doesn't have a name, but on her trailer on the set, this was her name is also suspicious lillies got to be a little bit careful here. I think this could be me really bad for her if she gets labeled and Nandita. To married men. Goodful Lily Lily's not spoken antibody this but also to I saw that sources are telling the Daily Mail that Lily an army with very, very flirty onset. What do you think captain? America thinks about this? We saw her kissing. Chicago in Hyde. Park in London I get it she's single and free, but these are two married man i. don't like this I. Know It's a little messy. Are. There for job they're actors they may have to hookup because of a scene or whatever. Like at the end of the day, you know they have rings on their finger did the ring, Meena thing. I. Don't cheat. Is I really don't it drives me really really mad and I do get it. If you're a single and then the person you'll kissing single or ten people you're kissing a single good for you. What's my business? It's none of my business. But when somebody else's involve, it just makes me so angry, this is gonNA. Backfire. Though these reports now on Lily have started my experiencing gossip and celebrity news I wonder if you also the same jt is once the story start everything that just takes that one story look at. It was one person I that said she wasn't very nice and then we had a summer of Ellen Beena alleged mean a this is not going to end today this is going. On. I agree I. Think you know the pictures tax that letters like more and more. You're gonNA find the childhood best friends. You never know, right Ooh. We'll keep you in the loop of this great scoop. Thank you data at this story. Made Me Giggle. So Kelly Ripa is talking about a handsome husband Mark Wales's penis is. That right. So there were some very impressive photographs that Kelly actually posted, which seems to me highlighting her husband's package. We have to be very careful on this show Jay. We like you to be able to watch or listen with your children in the car. So we're going to carefully on this one. So Kelly shared a bunch of Halloween photographs taken throughout the year all yours one of them is a husband mark dressed as the chips character I'm not sure if he's Donald Poncho or doesn't really matter but several fans pointed out that his parents of very very tight some mark himself I love mark he commented suggesting the bulge might not be quite as big as you think and he's suggested Balk himself suggested that is a shadow on the photo and that's causing him to look a little dig. Kelly responded baby are you seeing shadows? First of all is it appropriate for her to post this picture and talk about it and did you? He's loving this or mortified? All the above I think she loves it. He loves it. She's pretty open on her show I mean social media's her next best platform and I mean, they're like a hot couple like they're like this is fun and you know all good things I agree have you ever met him? I've met him. Oh, I have not met Kelly or mark. They are list I will. She's a she's a little button. She's absolutely adorable everything. You think she is she is bubbly and happy and smart and cheeks she's adorable but I got to admit if I had to pick one to have. Obviously. I would pick. Hopes ups remake. Is and that smut his tongue. Are always so cute and now that we know this to Kelly Ripa, you hit the Jackpot. So did your perfect couple what's going on with the Bachelorette? J. To you. All right. Well, I can't believe Halloween. It's this week, which is pretty nuts on time is flying. So Bachelorette Dale Moss turned to modeling after his athletic career ended. So Dan was a model for Halloween costumes party supply chain party city. Oh. Yes. It's pretty funny. So the costumes are pretty perfect and one denver. It's a superman costume complete with foam muscles, but rob say really need those. It's pretty good on in another. He plays the role of Taco alongside a dog and a matching outfit Super Q and You know Dale is also the face behind Roman centurion costs. Thirsty or we all got a pay minimum and I guess my question for you rob is are you dressing up for Halloween kind of different and what was your favorite costume? You've ever dress I'm malicious end because when the Disney move movie came out with Angelina Jolie, a publicist I used to work with Casey Hagler. Hello Darling she sent me the horns. So all I have to wake whereas like a Black Cape Horn. Some always magnificent this surprising to me. So Dale's we've talked about on the show a few times dale was a football player. He came to New York and wanted to be an actor, a host, a celebrity, and he met Miss Dior who's at Tuesday co host of the Naughty. But Nice show I'm dale through mystery through Delano and I think she thought they were flirting with each other but actually he was picking her brain about being on TV crear on television. So he's ambitious but I don't think that's a bad thing. Then he got on the Bachelorette he's the one that Clare Crawley's has run off with we all. Know that at this point some people are criticizing him saying he's just doing all this for fame and that might be true but it's not a bad thing. I don't mind thirsty people. I don't mind people who really want to be famous. You want to be the next Andy Cohen, who want to be the next Kelly Ripa what John Lott is people who do that but they pretend they don't do you know the difference yes and you see them a lot because of your your bookers at. The Daily Mail TV show you must have a lot of thirsty people contacting again I'll for sure I feel like there's you know you definitely get an outreach from phone calls and email and it's like sometimes I'm like are you the publicists are trying to be the Taliban? What are we teaching here and you know it can get lost in translation a little bit but you just got to remind them who they're actually emailing or calling on behalf rise. I. Also think to you gotta Pay Your. Dues. So before you can be a really good host, you've got to work in the business in some capacity jt. You'll brilliant at this I think you're GONNA be a host soon will you all right now but I think your career is going to explode but I think one of the reasons you're so good at this a dare I say is I've been working behind the scenes for good good amount of time before I ever hosted anything for over a decade for ten years behind the scenes with. And Jaylo learn your craft and I think that's where Dale is rubbing people the wrong way because he's so good looking, he can skip the university. Of TV, he can skip the process of learning the jaw that education is so important I learned so much from behind the scenes like everything from the control room to writing producer like you really learn the INS and outs and and then stepping in front of the camera. That's a whole different game too. So I think it's better to learn behind the scenes I in any job learned the craft first before you step into the spotlight before we go to break Jennifer Lawrence Cooling. Anderson Cooper says Jennifer. I I like her I said, Jennifer Excuse me I had a hiccup Benson Jennifer fell over on the stage at the Oscars when she when she won and she said it was horrific and humiliating. What made even worse was when she turned on the TV, she saw CNN's Anderson Cooper suggesting her fall might be fake and even a publicity stunt said she was so. She was super superstitious so she didn't want to acknowledge the possibility that she could win. So she didn't write down a speech that's interesting. Instead she had in her head very, very nervous. Her name was called. She was elated she was shot she kind of blacked out, and then she fell over her stairs and then sorta slander well, months later Jennifer bumped into Anderson Cooper at Christmas party I love this all these celebrities do bump into each other it's such. A small world and the only invite each other's to that politics. So she marched over to Anderson Cooper at the Party and she said to him have you ever tried walking up the stairs in a ball gallon and he said no and she said well, then you don't have any idea. He gave a wonderful apology she did though she was so fired up he probably thinks she's a psycho I love that she spoke her mind. What do you think I, say Exactly. So you know in heels in address up the stairs like I don't think I could do that I follow her up to the person. And that's the choose they'd like. US to do in. Be. welcomed. It definitely was an accident. He wasn't a PR center. I'm surprised Anderson. said it are you sometimes careful particularly with the platform you have at the Daily Mail. Are you careful about what you say about celebrities knowing that they might in fact they probably will listen or see it and I mean that's always in the back of your mind you don't. Want to trash a celebrity because you never know if you have to work with them or see them again and you know, but we definitely want to get the story out rum. So you know it really depends but I have a funny story about somebody falling up stairs really quick. So when I used to work at the Soho House in Los. Angeles. Since. The private clubs with people don't offensive. Yes. So I helped open that up and I was actually working The Rock Nation Pre Granny party that Jay Z had thrown. So us they're all the celebs in up comes up blocking the steps will Smith and as he gets up to the top step he trips. Takes a tumble, but he recovers really quickly and then he stands up takes a photo with Jay Z on the stepper it was it was never everything a. Did. He have a sense of humor about it. He laughed it off. He kinda around and he just got right back I love with nonsmoking with Jessica. Simpson. She could fall over just walk it out of his Janice street she would walk down. Wasn't drunk. I'm not implying that. But when she walked add the corridor of hotels was the most of the floor is like just kind of get this together. You're clumsy W. I love her she's funny. Funny. Funny. Hey we're going to take a quick brandon can we will be? What's it like to drive the Volvo xc ninety plug in. Hybrid. The thrill of four hundred horsepower t eight twin engine. The joy of impromptu road traps. And the serenity. Of Electric power in pure ECO mode. Visit a DMV Volvo retailer today to experience the xc ninety recharge plug in hybrid for yourself. Welcome back to the North Northeast Nicer I'm your host rob should with our friend jt from the Daily Mail T. V. joining us. It's going well so far JT. Yes. Yes. It is so much fun on a bond more show silly. Now we do like to Giggle I think the success of the show is not just the gossip which would good at but also to we too we like it to be naughty. But Nice with cheeky and I was thinking about this a minute ago when we're talking about Anderson Cooper, celebrities, listen to the show they really do I get texts from them and emails from them and they even sometimes when the not happy with me or what type said they've got to admit it doesn't come from a mean place not mean girls here I think not being the success. What do you think? J Now Yeah I mean we're not mean girls at all I. It's just all fun and like who doesn't have a little gossip every now and again love it I asked. Gossip, even at school I knew everyone's business on the playground always some nosy and now everyone's busy fabulous terrible. Hey, let's get to the polls. So yesterday or even on Monday show is sometimes I get confused with the weekend. So on Monday, we broke the news that CNN has gently reminded it's Thailand that they shouldn't masturbate. On. Camera following Jeffrey Tubing's incident. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this sounds insane Jeffrey Toobin who is a legal analyst for CNN has been suspended from the New Yorker column there for allegedly touching himself while on a zoom call with work. So nine CNN has reminded people because we're all on zoom and skype that had to like send dot rules that you need to wear pants and now it's very it's very easy I think but apparently not is this a necessary memo or is this just silly why I mean st seven percent said it's silly. I think you should I mean, clearly things are happening people native reminder after eight months and. Make. Sure you dress below. Okay. I'm with you go with the majority but I, think I'm with the minority here I think that now this has happened I don't believe Jeffries the only person doing this I. Hope he is I hope it's not Wolf Blitzer, own the thought, but I think now we have to remind people that were more working from home. You know we have to be a little bit more thought. So look our environment but I do zoom TV shows zooming into a lot of shows extra and British TV shows identity and And morning. Show I'm very aware of my environment I certainly you know I put a duster over the Shana I I moved the dirty plates of the coffee table. Zooming looking like a a monster dente get vote on today's twitter poll. What do you think about fat jokes? Are they a yes or no you can go to our twitter page not nice rubber our facebook page not gossip. Be Sure to check back tomorrow to hear your results and now it's time for. Altogether, jetty nicest of, day? Yes, and so we have some good news and Daijo Jude is says he's interest I have moved on someone in new interview with E. News Reality Star revealed that he has no hard feelings about his split from Theresa Twenty Years of marriage shocking because you know this played out a little bit different not too long ago, but he's now involved with somebody new Joe's new love interest happens to be an attorney. Joe says quote we're not really dating, but we're like seeing each other whatever mon when asked about it when it's like seeing Theresa date again, you know Joe said it would not be fair of him to be upset quote what she's going to do stay alone forever that's not fair as well. The father for added I mean listen we talk every day but we kinda moved on already what are you going to do and spent a while I think this is pretty great though they have four. Girls like they're good parents and this is better for everybody at the in the longest. Agree they're really remarkable i. wish everybody could have such a healthy attitude, his really moved on and so's trees in this still friends. This is like the perfect break-up if you've got to break I, hope you don't. But if you do this seems the right way to go I've met him many times I'm GonNa say something neither is outrageous the we're only going to say it once and pretend I didn't say it. Something sexy about Joe. Sh. Now. On the television not on the show in. And I'm not I know. Him personally ten me so cova. And I'll just leave it at that. is so important like you meet somebody he's not my type I would never date him. Don't get me wrong bruises all. Okay. My husband's listening. I wish I'd haven't it somebody who just isn't your type and actually really turns you off but there's some cabal them that goes against everything you always right but you think, hello yes. No. I'd really have to rack. One I don't know. We'll move along luggage too complicated. It's time for annuities dom day. I should pay the naughtiest after that. So the naughtiest the day is people who live in New Jersey, who claim most hated state in America I hate this it makes me so sad to according to new calculations by Best Life magazine only twenty eight percent of people that live in New Jersey have any pride in this state so the bottom five, it's awful of the most hated states are Texas California Oklahoma Florida and Michigan people don't like where they live I, don't understand this if I didn't like my. State if I had the money and I know it's more difficult than just making a wish you gotTa have the resources I think I would move what do you I could you live somewhere that you didn't like no I would have to move. It's all about being happy. You know location location location for me Jammie to I found my home in New York. City. No, it's not for everybody I. Know is my mom comes to visit. She thinks it's so noisy and dirty, and it's everybody guy I loved you. Find your place in life everybody will be much much better for all. Now, it's time for Raimondo Rob. Rob So we tried to make you laugh giggle with celebrity gossip for twenty minutes or so. But for a moment, which is a little bit more serious. I found this quote from Gandhi and I couldn't stop thinking about it over the weekend. The week can never forgive the the Guinness is an attribute of the strong. So basically, it takes a very strong person to forgive. I can forgive I've become really good at it. I. Don't hold a grudge. If somebody makes a mistake if somebody does something on purpose, I can still forgive that where you jt on forgiveness I agree it's taken me some time, but I can forget people and I think if you hold onto all of that negativity. It turns out to be hate and then it weighs you down and then there's a negative cloud. So exact learn inter forgive exactly and I'm not forgiving people because I'm a good person don't get me wrong. I'm a monster I think you've people because it helps me. If people I think about it people are really hurt me in the past that I forgiven I didn't do it for them I did it for me hey, then senator we ran out of time. Thank you for jumping angle here. We love having you hopefully we get more and more and. We love it. Thank you guys for listening to the Naughty. But Nice with rob show a production IHEART radio. Don't forget to subscribe on the iheartradio APP Apple podcast wherever you listen and leave career review and remember all the now if you're going to be not you've got to. Take care. Nice.

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