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Introducing the New Clippers, The State of the Jordan Empire, How to Fix Team USA


Hello and welcome back to another episode of open floor. I'm Andrew Sharp and on the other line finally back in Los Angeles from the Washington Post Bengal. What's up man not too much Andrew? I just heard there was going to be a meeting of superstar level players and personages here in l.. A. And I thought you know how might as well have to show up. Of course I'm referring to the Los Angeles Clippers about to take over the entire basketball world as we saw with their day one press conference. I'm sure you're all in on the clippers and can't wait to get in on the excitement but before we talk about that I have one question for you. If you had fifty billion dollars what would you do. You like what would be your priorities in life because for Steve Bomber it's about winning titles. It's about screeching like a child and public it is about taking the positivity that he has deep within his soul aw and leading it out for everyone to see judgments be damned you know he does not care at all what you think and it's a pretty powerful life philosophy. It's amazing how when you're sort of sucked into into that orbit it almost seems cool in a way like I went back and watch the video clips of his performance at the press conference and boy did not seem cool at all but when you're in the building and Paul George and quiet Leonard are just kind of chuckling along at Oh. There's crazy uncle Steve you kind of it works so I guess my first question to you is what would you do if you had Steve Bomber money and second of all. Are you willing at all to be sucked into the Steve Bomber Vortex or are you just on the outside hating. Well okay so first of all to the first half of your question. This is a bit of a wakeup call because my first answer to what I would do with fifty billion dollars is by an N._B._A.. Team and I feel like I should have a better answer than that. I need to broaden my horizons beyond just basketball away priorities priorities that sounds great good answer anything else that completely unrelated I would have been concerned given how much time you invest in this yeah I would definitely move beyond owning an N._B._A.. Team to charitable giving and creative philanthropy yeah definitely start with buying the in Washington Wizards and writing gigantic check to Ted Leonsis our favorite but beyond that as far as bomber stick I'm with you. I think he does fifty billion dollars right and he doesn't have an ounce of shame nor should he. It is very difficult to emulate what you're saying. This is a lesson that we should all internalize from Steve bomber. If we were to act like Steve Bomber we would not be taken seriously you saw Paul George and Kawhi Leonard kind of laughing along that's because he's the guy who writes their checks and he just wrote them like a check for combined two hundred million dollars so they're willing to indulge some of the weirdness this from <hes> from bomber but I don't think you are I could get away with it. I mean there should be an experiment here. We should get a reporter who does a Steve Bomber impersonation while asking Steve Bomber question and see if it becomes a real recognize real moment or does baller Palmer does get competitive decide. He has to crank it up another notch yet even weirder. We'll never know no look. I'm just saying we should channel the positivity in life like e clearly does I'm not advocating for everybody to go out there and absolutely lose their minds pound their chests us in public and make everybody Kinda look sideways like hazy. Okay I mean there is a a line to be drawn there but I'm actually three that I would. I would add just the way bomber dresses like he dresses like the biggest guber on earth. He has dropped in Cologne. Those Khakis and I don't know it's one of those things that you can really only pull off. If everyone has to take you seriously in any room you enter because you have the biggest bank account. Ah in the in the world look he's only like a few macworld and orders away from being right where he needs to be. I think you're being a little bit harsh projecting a little bit of your old fashioned insecurities upon no I look I just want fifty billion dollars. I want a freedom to wear whatever I want and knowing that I'm still going to be taken seriously. That's the end game in all of this is that's that's my dream. I'M GONNA keep it real. I'm a little bit surprised by some of the stuff you're saying right now because I have a sneaking suspicion suspicion and it's fueled by a few weeks worth of text messages here that you are a closet clippers hater waiting to unfurl his wings waiting to come out of the cocoon the Chrysalis whatever the scientific term is and I think like just come out and be real about it. You're betting against the clippers. You think they're getting too much hype. They're overrated. You're not with the squad and you see their flaws more than everybody else sees and you're gonNA spend all season betting against am I right forecast this correctly. Oh I don't know I don't know if I want to totally commit to that stance in part because once the clippers are healthy and out there next season. I'm going to really enjoy watching them play and seeing what they turn into. I think mantras herald is going to be really fun. As a supporting player next to Paul George and Kawai excited to watch Lou Williams thrown into that mix Patrick Beverley and every time somebody says think about how versatile this team is going to be defensively. That's one hundred percent true and I get it. I understand why people are really high on this team but yes I do have questions and I think you can go up pin down the roster there you can look at dock and say are we positive that he is one of the best coaches in basketball. You can go with Kawai like people were talking about this dude like he's Michael Jordan or like he's Lebron James aims and really like the odds of him ever hitting the level. He hit over the final three months with the raptors in L._A.. Seem like they're longer than we're acknowledging right now and maybe he will be that guy in L._A.. And we'll go down in history is one of the twenty best players of all time but I think like that's a significant leap and then Paul George like he's a top twenty guy. A lot of people are talking about him as if he's a top ten guy and I'm not sold on that either yeah you're out here. Sniffing around like a bloodhound you smell tech bubble burst and the clippers are right in the middle of it is a bit of a bubble like I was. I was watching that press conference today which by the way no better testament into how slow and boring the summer is then I took an hour out of my day to watch the clippers livestream press conference but I think that you need to spend one a little bit differently because I don't think it's just about it being slow right now. I think they've legitimately arrived as a story. They have out of nowhere become a see T._v.. And if you go back to the heights of the LOB city era I mean they were must click tweets when De'andre Jordan is body being Brandon Knight right and just like every single night Blake Griffin is just doing just kamikaze dunk on somebody's head. It's like all right. I have to set aside like five minutes to just re watch basketball versions of murders but these guys are substantive. They're focused there. I would say borderline cocky. I mean the ease with which the clippers were throwing around the title talk of Doc saying look. This is not our greatest moment this press conference. I know you guys are all excited about it but there's more to come. Were a movement quiet Leonard Saying Oh oh yeah Lakers shadow who cares if we win the title. I don't care how much media attention that we get. I mean Paul George even say we have bigger goals or bigger things that we're focusing on than L._A.. Rivalry against the Lakers there was just a lot a lotta swagger. There is a lot of confidence just coming from this group and this is an organization that has never done anything so it was blowing my mind as I'm looking at you know I would consider to be an organization that has been marked by insecurity at times infighting at times failure to live up to expectations at times and like these guys are sticking their necks in the Guillotine and being like you know what we are not afraid at all bring it on. We want to be the favorites. I respect it man and I think that's the reason why you tuned in. I think they're not going to be the warriors. Obviously the team that everybody either loves or loves to hate. I think that they're Kinda relishing this moment at center stage. I don't think it's coincidence you tune tuned in. I think a lot of people were tuned in whether washing the livestream stream or on twitter because they're kind of the new overlords I mean I guess so when you hear them project that confidence doesn't part of you wonder whether all of this will be the peak make of this clippers era sears no debate here. July nineteen is a huge huge win for the clippers and this moment you can't overstate what it means to their standing both in L._A.. And across across the N._B._A.. This is a huge win but they now have to go out and actually do it. On the court and look there are a lot of legitimate questions you can ask and I also look back at the way all this is unfolded. I still don't understand why they gave up as as much as they did to go get Paul George because the more you break it down. It certainly doesn't sound like Hawaii was ever serious about the Lakers and I don't think he was ever that serious about going back to Toronto so I'm not really sure why it was is necessary to give up almost every asset. They had just to go get P._G.. No they definitely felt like there was a gun to their head and they they were on a short clock and they also I think had invested like a years worth of mental energy G. and planning and focus and all of the doubts of well. If we don't get quite Leonard then what like we're the laughing stock of the League and we're not gonNA make the playoffs next year and the you know we're going to have to listen to all the Lakers talk for years and years and years yeah all built up I mean it was completely like no pressure pack environment and they and I think that co I said today he was you know he at least gave lip service the idea that he was close to some of the other options but it was the Paul George move that kind of pushed him over the top <hes> I I think that it was better for everybody and I I don't think that they should regret that package for Paul George because this does put them into a totally different caliber conversation that they've ever been in before and that they could ever get into in a reasonable reasonable manner at any point these next couple of years like what's their scenario if they if they just don't make the Paul George Trade and they risk losing kawhi Leonard where they're in position to add to players of that caliber at any point of the foreseeable future like it's not next summer because there's not really a lot of great options out there next summer <hes> their trade assets. I think in a lot of cases are depreciating. <hes> you know whether it's you know gala Nari eventually going to be just an expiring contract or closer to the end of his deal. <hes> you know whether it is getting greater clarity on where those picks wind up <hes> whether it's guys like Lou Williams mantras herald coming up for new contracts and in that kind of compromising their cap space like this was the time that they had to make a move not only only to satisfy and to build a team you know kind of jumpstart things but also just within their own organizational time like if it was almost a little bit now or never for them yeah no and I hear that and that's why it's not totally criticism of the Clippers Front office except to say that I wonder whether they should have been a little bit more aggressive about calling Kawais bluff with the timeline he said out where it was like. I'm only committing. If you have Paul George well then gives gives okay see like a tremendous amount of leverage that would have been cut in half if Kawai had just signed in l. a. and then trade talks continued over the next week or two because it certainly sounds like okay see was open to moving George regardless at least that's the way George made it appear and like there's been some real recorded on their on the George side of things too because he's like Oh. This is completely mutual like Westbrook it already talked to them. You know like so the stories are really different from the okay see be part of it from what came out of Oklahoma City immediately and then sort of how they're they're casting it now after the fact but I do think quite definitely one the leverage game with the clippers. There's no question about it but if you're the clippers this why I would criticize Kawai why more than the Clippers Front Office for the way they behaved because it's just like I get it on the clippers side. They did not have better alternatives. They could not afford to strike out here particularly if they thought the Lakers workers threat was real and so it makes sense in that respect I don't understand why would not recognize that like there's real value in the clippers being able to have a better bargaining position with okay see and then also some of those assets like like the clippers need help in the backward to and they're kind of locked into this team right now well. They're the title favorites so I'm not sure how much higher the ceiling you want to go realistically but let me ask you what's their worst case scenario if you're going to in this doom and gloom mode which I'm trying to pull out of you because I think it's pretty interesting radio and has definitely cutting across what most people are saying <hes>. What do you see as their basement? You know outside of. Obviously you know some season ending injury to Paul George or something crazy happy yeah. What's the worst case here like how how could this thing go wrong? Okay so the two things that I worry about our one Paul Georgia's health because he has looked kind of worn down by the end of the past two seasons and particularly last year obviously and look Paul George at his peak is a top ten player and is phenomenal but you go back and look at some of the bigger moments we've seen from him over the past few years and there's been a lot of letdowns along the way. Would you agree with that. Oh Yeah we'll come out of high came up with loose lips Paul because it was all talk during the playoffs and he wasn't backing it up and he just kept throwing people under the bus left and right I mean that was an ongoing thing for years and I would say <hes> his entire time to Oklahoma City reinforce that it was a huge letdown. I blame westbound primarily but I think that if he was a top three M._v._p.. Level candidate he can't get ousted in. I gotta the playoffs in Game Five. I mean I can't happen. That's kind of what I wonder about so I WANNA see it from Paul George both on the court in the playoffs but also like I worry about his health and then the same questions apply to Kawai when we're talking about his health because he was a guy who was kind of hobbling around through the end of the N._B._A.. Finals and was able to get the win against a warriors team that was playing with like half its rotation by the end of that series but I left if those finals with questions about his future going forward and those questions would have applied wherever he was going to sign this summer right but are that's another thing I mean those are the obvious ones. Are there other cracks that you see. I mean sort of defensively like do you have concerns there. I mean the perimeter defense is going to be really strong. I think some people might say they don't have a traditional rim protecting five so if you have to play big mall Dahbi a weakness. Are you worried about the chemistry or the fit between Paul George and Co.. Why do you have other concerns offensively? I talked to some people in Vegas. You were worried about their lack of an initiator. They basically said they thought Kawai would really Miss Kyle. lowry is ability to carry the offense through certain stretches of games where we've been for an entire games and Paul. George is a very skilled score but I don't view him as a true like lead playmaker. I'm not sure how great of a passer he is or you know whether you can give him the offense like you know say Golden State did with Kevin Durant and expect to really continue at a very very high level I mean are there other weaknesses that you see and then also what's the scenario for where this blows up in their face like could could it be sort of the alternate history that the raptors lived where let's say quite doesn't hit that shot in game seven against the sixers and they go out in the second around to a team. That's <hes> you know just physical and athletic and had a really good defense and is able to kind of overpower them like are their teams in the western conference. You could see where like they get to that. Unfavorable second round match up <hes> and now wow they're going out way before everybody expected like basically dig a little deeper here passed the house stuff yeah well past the health stuff. The lack of a creator on offense is something that I was going to mention because says you go. I Love Patrick Beverley. I love Lou Williams but I do wonder about how they're going to translate now that the baseline is going to be fifty five or sixty wins instead of forty five or fifty. I mean those guys are like Internet Internet superstars but I don't know if they're the guys you can build a championship level team around and there aren't many other passers on that roster either so that's a concern. I don't think we need to overstate it but it's like one one of those questions and the perimeter defense verse Interior Defense Question is also pretty interesting people disagree. I personally value like a free safety at the rim. Whether it's Draymond or Anthony Davis more more than I would value like a lockdown point guard defender the way Patrick Beverley has been but look you're not gonNa have me like second guessing the defensive upside of a team with Paul George and Kawhi but it's something to watch catch particularly with a one they have to match up with a guy like Anthony Davis. It's like Zoo Bach. I guess you're going to have to put coli or Paul George on at the at the end of things but but yeah I mean beyond that you ask you ask about the downside okay so downside. Let's say they do lose in the second round which team beats him in the second round because I'm going through these teams. I'm trying to figure out like I think they match up really well with Houston. I think they matchup really well with Portland. I think they match up pretty well with Denver. So now we're looking at teams like maybe golden stages has better chemistry. You know they're just clicking at a higher level so maybe it's them <hes> maybe it's Utah who just finds away to walk everything down defensively turn it into an ugly series and then you know just beats them in kind of grinding series sorta like that philly versus raptor series. Maybe I don't know pass that I I don't think the Lakers Chris can beat them in a series at this point of everybody's healthy so that's what I'm trying to say like. Is there somebody who you really think could beat them. In that second round I think the Lakers jazz and warriors could all beat them and those matchups would be really interesting. I mean look. I'm not sitting here saying the clippers aren't good. I just think that they're not a foregone conclusion by any means. I'm pushing you to the break. We're going to get it out of you. It's go we're not we're not pushing me to bring 'cause. I'm excited you too to watch that team and I don't want to be like Mr Negative with them all year okay but here's my question Paul George came out today and he said look guys like me and Kawai. You know guys who go get after after it on both ends. It's a lost art in the N._B._A.. Were a die breed that had to make your your blood boil didn't it. I mean you're just thinking. All these guys aren't even talking about the bucket gutters anymore. They're not showing any real love to the true spirit of basketball didn't you you think that a little bit of grandstanding on their behalf and that gets you upset at all well yes first of all. I heard that it didn't get me my reaction to that. Quote was to think back to Paul George George Guarding Damian Lillard and giving up an extra five feet of room for some reason Lillard hitting a game winner that ended okay sees season so that was by first impulse and then second bucket I got it. You've also wonder you know I they can be like team. Gridiron grind out in L._A.. And they're doing that in stark opposition to the Lakers that's brand that they've kind of embraced for themselves that makes sense but I do wonder how often we're going to see Paul George and Kawhi Leonard and how durable they're going to be in that role and so that's that's ultimately like the source of my skepticism and look the other another thing is it's just hard for me to get past how much they gave up to make this team a reality and that some of that is just like mysticism on my part. I feel like anytime you go all in so aggressively and put all your eggs in one basket bad things tend to happen but look go back. They gave up five first round picks multiple swaps Shea Guild yoursel Alexander who had a ton of trade value Danilo Gaulan Ari who also would have had a lot of value if they like the thunder will probably be able to get another I for him this winter. There's just like you can't overstate how ridiculous that trade package was and I think that et like the drama of the way this clippers team came together had a lot of people reacting in the first half of July being well. It's their league now and I'm not ready to go there yet. It's funny because you're also the guy who was telling us that. First draft picks her overvalued overvalued for year after year after year so finally team decides to go all in with that philosophy and you're like wait a minute. Maybe maybe I gotta think twice about no no no no no. This is actually glad you brought this up because there have been a lot of people saying first round picks don't matter anymore like like Blah. Blah Blah gets clear that teams just don't value first anymore. I think that's true but I have value as trade assets for teams and so like a team like the Lakers. I don't think that they should worry about giving away. First round picks in the twenties because those rookies would have helped Lebron and Anthony Davis contend but you're giving away other trade ships that you can use to build out the rest of your team once once you're just putting every asset on the table and both off the clippers and Lakers did that this year and now they're kind of locked into the core they have and the other thing that I want to emphasize is that I've had a number of conversations with front office people who are on your side with this and say look. It's a title shot. Give up whatever you need to give up and it will be worth it. I would love to start my team with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard and figure the rest out and I think that's totally reasonable stance. I just have a gut feeling that it's going to be more complicated than it looks in July well. I think that everybody involved is preparing for complications that these guys are confident but I don't think that they've you themselves like cake walking anything right. This is a different environment that golden state thing where it's like you get Kevin Kevin Durant and it's like all right now. Dream on will just talk all sorts of mess to every single person that he comes across because he realizes that no one's Gonna be able to make them pay for you know what I mean. I don't think that's the environment that the clippers are in. I also think that it's just something about their franchise to like. They've been kicked for fifty years. You know what I mean like. They've and they've been through a lot even in the last five years when you look at the collapse against the Houston Rockets <hes> the Donald Sterling Saga <hes> you know the Blake Griffin you know that trade kind of causing them a momentary P._r.. Issue with the fan base being like what the heck is going on. I mean they have been through a lot and I think that this is almost more than any other team around the league an organization that needed to make a statement and I think that factors into the price they paid. I'm surprised though when you're listing off some of the downsides to everything they did that you haven't gone more into the idea of how long will they be with the clippers because that's another huge riskier and it's not specific it just those two guys I mean we're seeing superstars. Get more and more impatient. You know <hes> trying to just jump from market to market to market like isn't there a scenario where they do in a title or they compete for title you know get really close and then you know two or three years come up and the other guys just decide. You know what the supporting cast that we came here with isn't the same supporting cast. There's another team up scenario over here with <hes> team ex- Donna Miami or Toronto ever might be one of these guys and they just decide you know what this is another other chapter of my career and do sort of like what Paul George did to Oklahoma City and now the clippers are left. You know kind of had hand saying wait a minute what happened here like you know. We didn't get all we were hoping for out of it. You know we were banking on them. Being here forever and that's not how it went like. Isn't that a <hes>. Maybe an under discussed risk play yeah I mean we'll have to see where we are. The way I interpreted Kawais two year deal was that he's GonNa hit that ten year mark and then just looked to cash out and stay with the clippers clippers. That's obviously giving him more of the benefit doubt then he probably has earned at this point given the way he's head of the last couple seasons but not that he's free to go wherever he wants like. I don't have a problem with the way he's headed the last few seasons but like I just don't imagine that he would leave L._A.. and find a better situation or situation that checks more of the boxes that he's going to care about or that Paul George is going to care about if you're asking for concerns though I just look at the age of those guys I look at Kawai Paul George or quotas body worries me and how it's going to age Paul Georgia's twenty-nine Pat Beverley I believe is thirty one Lou Williams as maybe leaving a year or two older than that and you look at the guys that have owned the League like Lebron is not normal. Kevin Durant is not normal and even he his future is uncertain but like I think we've taken for granted the idea that everybody is just gonNA continue to dominate like well into their thirties where I. I'm not sure that's true particularly for these two guys I hear you on that. I just doubling back real quick to the idea of like how long is anyone who's going to be able to stay patient part of my thinking on that was just hearing like the carefully scripted talking points from Paul George who just gave us carefully scripted talking points about how why he wanted to stay in Oklahoma City and why he resigned in Oklahoma City the messaging is just like h is updates so quickly. I'm here's Paul George on the podium saying I was a clipper fan growing up. I always wanted to come home and it's like not twelve months ago. He's telling us about how how much he loves to fish in Oklahoma City and how he's a small town guy and it's a great place to raise his family and he's got a special bond with Russell Westbrook that nobody else can touch and I you know all be honest. He's very convincing I sorta believed him when he explained the Oklahoma City thing line you sucker well in hindsight but now you sort of when you when you signing up for four years you assume okay well. He's going to be there for at least three of them right now. You hear him sale this L._A.. Stuff you SORTA believe the L._A.. Stuff too but do you really are convinced are you. We get two years into the future and he's not telling us a new story about whatever the next chapter of his journey as I don't know that's just look Paul. George just says stuff as why didn't even read that much into hand saying well. The okay see thing was actually kind of mutual. That would be big news if it came from a different N._B._A.. Player but Paul George has just proven to be an unreliable narrator at every point over the last four or five years as we've documented on this podcast right I do think if I were a Lakers fan I would be talking all kinds of trash about the clippers and Paul George in particular like if we if this were a Lakers podcast I would maybe Organiz like a special bonus episode where we go through last year's E._S._p._N.. Documentary on his free agency decision looking into the camera talking about how much he loves Oklahoma City at how we grew up a Lakers fan like I it's just like his whole stick has been fairly ridiculous over the last two years and that might be the biggest concern of all of them to me right because if quite clearly wanted to play with another superstar you've traded a lot of assets to get this guy is your second superstar. I personally like targeting Paul George more than Kyrie irving more than Jimmy Butler. I think in the clippers case you can make a pretty good argument even more than Kevin Durant <hes> because you have to wait a year ear and this year they're going to actually be able to contend during a season at which durant won't be on the court <hes> so I like that <hes> I like that targeting of Paul George now and in the immediate future but it's the longer term thing that would have me <hes> very nervous even pass a health stuff. I might be more concerned about that than anything okay so one question at the end and this is from Luke he says when the finals ended we saw lots of talk about the value of load management and it seems a lot of people are expecting this trend to continue but I'm wondering whether load management in the West will be offset by stiffer competition as Ben mentioned in a recent podcast. A lot of these teens aren't GonNa make it out of the first round and thinks standings are going to matter more this year than they have in a long time. So how do you think teams in the West will manage that schedule this year. Will it look different than it has the last four or five years. What do you think about that Ben First things first? It's the show okay standings matter every year in the western conference. It's deeper it's much more talented. It's just harder. I mean it's grueling. If you gave any of these Western Conference Teams Eastern Conference schedule as You'd be amazed is at the win totals that they would be able to put up and I just think this year we might be I mean I hear what he's saying. A might be a little bit more pronounced just because there's not a clear-cut favorite and I think sometimes having a team like Golden State reduces other teams incentives to really gun for it because it's like you're never actually GonNa get homecourt advantage in the in the conference finals like when goal and say it's running off seventy-three when seasons like a lot easier to talk yourself into just you know going a little bit easier or taking certain nights up but I think that in a lot of the the star pairings in the Western Conference are basically all veteran guys right. I think all those guys trust their own ability whether that's <hes> to a healthy degree or maybe even to an unhealthy degree in certain cases you know hi is Russell Westbrook where I don't think they are going to be as concerned about this regular season stuff as long as they're in the playoffs and especially can get homecourt advantage in the first round. I think they're gonNA trust their own abilities to prevail in the superstar showdown of the megadeath at the second round so I think he's over thinking just touch. I don't think there's going to be so much pressure that there's like twelve teams competing for every single spot. All these guys have to play eighty games run each other down. I don't think it's going to be quite like that. From the clippers standpoint they weren't committing to win. Paul Georgia's coming back on the court like they didn't give a firm return date on that with the shoulders the early indications from them is that coli he's not going to be under the same level of load management that he was in the Eastern Conference <hes> possibly because his body's just in a better place than it was twelve months that's ago so I think it's going to be a very exhausting and intense regular season just like every year. I don't see major factors changing this this like every year in the show of course so that's interesting though because the one thing that I thought about when we're throwing out second round hypotheticals like if I were playing Utah I would much rather have home court than have to play the I two games in Salt Lake City with those insane fans. I we have to wait and see what the jazz turn into but like that's the type of situation where I don't know having home court would actually have a lot of value in the same as probably true against Denver although Denver on almost went down to the spurs last year but you know what I mean it's going to be high intensity I do but Houston's gone into Utah no problem and taking care of them and I think Portland won a game seven on Denver's home court second around so I get that to a certain degree but I think you know there's a balance like there's going to be a rush for the seatings at the end of the year for sure especially. If it's you know bunched up like we expect remember that crazy last night of the season where Houston's trying to win and then you know Sacramento does like throwing a game and like you know all this eatings change on the very last night of the year. I'm not sure repeat to that degree but there's going to be some jockeying. I don't think that it's going to be influencing. It's not going to be the main factor influencing these teams in terms of how other planning race schedules right like if there's one guy who I think we'll take the regular season more easily than anybody else I would guess it would be Lebron followed by depending on where his body is yeah. That makes sense to me. I would like like if someone out there were able to make a documentary about the final night of the two thousand nineteen N._B._A.. Regular season like a sit down interview with Anfernee Simon's you could get the nuggets involved involved. I do not have the energy for any of that but it was a crazy crazy two hours there in the western conference and honestly had a lot of ramifications when you think about the playoff matchups and the way conversations have changed over the last six months because of that but I do have one other note for You ben and one other question. Where do you think Andrea Guatemala will end up? I hope he's smart enough to join the clippers I mean this guy's got tech aspirations. I think the bomber should be involved heavily in the recruitment of Andre Iguodala however however that's legal under the trade situations but to me. It's an insane fit. It'd be so much fun to watch that team be able to put out lineups with basically like five wings or four wings in a perimeter guard or four wings in a big. I think they could use some of his confidence some of his championship experience <hes> on their bench. I think it would also more than anything in. I might have already told this to you in person but to me if I was bomber I would pay. Andrea would all like ten million dollars a year just to be like a C._E._o.. Of his one of his tech companies and just not to play for the Lakers because I think the like the worst possible scenario the clippers like I honestly like the thing that would <hes> kind of mess with their championship is more than anything else would be for Iguala to go to the Lakers and balance out that wing dynamic so yeah if you're a bomber either either pay Andrea Guatemala to retire or do whatever it takes on the trade market to get him and just to give yourself an embarrassment of riches on that on that on that perimeter defense dude a hundred percent and I think that's part of what makes us so interesting Pelinka was igwe dollars agent and we'll have recruiting power with Iguala and both of those teams should be fighting over him and it's going to be really interesting to see how that shakes out because because I do think it will have major implications more on the Lakers site the Lakers I do a why exactly so that's a good lanes are going to be thirstiest. Hell let me ask you if you're Igwe Dollo. Who would you rather face? He's less Kawhi Leonard in the playoffs or Lebron James in the playoffs because if you're getting signed by one of those teams that's your job right like your primary. Responsibility and life is to give lots of quality defensive minutes against one of those two guys like who who who's keeping you up at night more. If you're IGUALA look if I may I would if he goes to the Lakers he's going to be one of two Danny. Green will be there as well but he's going. That'd be one of three plus defenders on the roster with Danny Green Egg. If he goes to the clippers he's going to be on probably the best defensive team he'll ever been on with. All due respect to some of those worriers seems like the versatility the clippers are going working with a lot of fun to be part of so it'll be a test of how his relationship with Pelinka is and potentially what kind of like cryptocurrency benefits bomber can smuggle Edward Allah in the next six months or maybe someone else will trade picks for them and get him out of Memphis before we cross any of these bridges but like the clippers and the Lakers don't really have that option because of everything they gave up for Paul George and <hes> eighty yeah mean so. Maybe it's better to look at which rather than which player he wants to face less. Maybe it's which team is better equipped to manage his like persistent calf strains more right like if you're the Lakers it doesn't matter if he's got calf strain on both legs the you've got to have him on the court in the fourth quarter playoff games like that's just going to be a must whereas the clippers you could probably work around. I'm a little bit more easily. I think if I was him I would sign with the clippers. Honestly <hes> and I also think that in your little rift there you definitely disrespected respected draymond green and Kevin Durant's defensive versatility. I think that the peak war your was still better than the P.. Clippers defense with Andrea would all but you know what as soon as I say I I liked. You're just Mr Clipper these days. Come to the clippers. You're you're kind of like a booster for bomber yeah well. You know how he takes care of the media. It's well documented after the summer nineteen. I I feel like that's enough on the clips and let's keep it moving Ben. Is that cool with you but I a message from rake on. 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So if you were Zay on would you choose to debut the Air Jordan thirty four and where the main line or have your <music> own sub brand like Russ's y knots Ben. What do you think I included this mainly because I wanted to talk about how depressing it is Zion signed with Jordan brand but I'll let you lead off? Take it whatever direction you prefer first of all different Paolo pointed out to me that like four years ago at Jordan brand summit in Los Angeles. I asked like a very direct and forthright question of Jordan Brand President Larry Miller of why he he lent Jaanus go to Nike rather than Jordan brand and I just want to say like history has really held up quite well for me on that one. Can you imagine how much bigger jaanus would be if he was the face of Jordan athletics right. Now I mean Chris. Paul is out of the way Carmelo's. Carmelo's Ben out of the way I think Westbrook Scott his lane but it hasn't really been like an encore lane to have an Jimmy Butler. You know he kind of like hit a ceiling there. I think that was a nice move for them. But it really wasn't like the complete game changer maybe they were hoping it would be having gone as the face of Jordan would have been unreal and I think Zion's not a bad backup strategy and it's a nice long play for Jordan but to me that was just a real missed opportunity now in terms of Zion. Well hold on call home. It's a missed opportunity for Jordan brand. You were right to cross examine poor Larry Miller. Who's like what Jaanus the nineteen year old Greek kid? What do you mean but I also Jaanus is so much cooler with Nike than being in with journalists so you just don't have good taste? That's your problem. Jordan brand sneakers are the best there was their best. There is the best there ever will be now. Look they've been in they know Jordan has not made a cool sneaker in like ten years honest honest to God they released new products every single year and each one is uglier than the last makes me very sad bought the this is what's happened to an iconic brand right but we need to do better if we're on teams I I bought the coolest shoes that were non. Jordan shoes have been released in five years. You might remember them. They had a charging pad. They had a U._S._B.. Cord Plug in they had lit up with different colors and you tried to clown those and say they were wacked. That's the best shoot that's not Jordan. That's out there. You're on the market. I just think that first of all Jordan needs to gives eye on his own sneaker okay. They need to replenish the stocks of signature athletes. They haven't had a lot of success on that front. I will admit mellow shoes. Were always whack Christmas shoes were okay. Hey but not something you're gonNA rush out to buy stylistic perspective and I wasn't really I'm not a why not kind of guy you know. I'm just why not it's not my lifestyle okay so Xilin is a great opportunity for Jordan brand to sort of rejuvenate themselves but I think they need to learn the lesson from jaanus and don't drag this thing out. We don't WanNa be like thirsting over the Jordan Zion one for the next three and a half years right like you knew he was going to be an incredibly marketable athlete fleet when he was like fifteen years old you should already have the Jordan Zion ones in the cut in the lab ready to drop opening night and they probably don't and that's frustrating but I'm glad they got it done and I'm hoping that maybe by the start of his second year he will have his own signature where he's not being forced to just wear retro 's or to take risks with a different type of shoe blowing out where he's got something you know he's probably GonNa need tanks Sorta like the Lebron signatures and honestly on my sure how marketable those are going the B. but I want Nike's mines on this project and your sleep your way too hard on short man to me. This is for a guy who just put up a photo of himself with some Jordan's from a childhood photo on Instagram like a week. Go and you know showing how proud you through to wear those sneakers. This is just blasphemous slander from you look man. All I'm saying is that I'm alarms. We've talked about this in the past that I was very high on Brandon Ingram in the draft and then had to adjust my my expectations for his N._B._A.. Career after he signed with Adidas instead of Nike and that sort of where I'm at Zion signing with Jordan brand instead of Nike I don't like it. I don't like the Pelicans didn't drive garland. I I didn't like baked. Zion was twenty pounds overweight in Vegas and I don't like that he's with Jordan brand. I am on high alert here for what's next but either way congrats on the seventy five million dollars. That's a big win happy for the Williamson Clan A and they're keeping moving Jordan question. You're the only person who was pro Foltz Anti Simmons Pro Ingram and now Anton this is like an unbelievable. This is an unbelievable event diagram. You've painted for yourself just nothing but mainly islands for you. Bro Foltz was not a lonely island it. That was a consensus number-one. Pick that literally every single person in the N._B._A.. Thought was going to be read. Your profile and we all got suckered damage all right it. Tom Asks keeping with the theme here for another minute. Tom Asks is the current version of Michael called Jordan as a basketball player still a better player than Michael. Jordan is as an owner. What do you think about that? We'll you're just in the mood to go after Mike so co-head fine. Let's hear I'll say this so I think he's a better player player and then a better sneaker salesman and then an owner if you're like if you're ranking his current abilities and look he's probably had better you know decades as sneaker pitch man to but I still think he's interface for a sneaker company then he is an owner owner and there's no question that basketball wise he would still perform at a higher level that he would as an owner because if Mike was in the N._B._A.. Right now he would not be the worst player in the N._B._A.. And he's in the discussion as the worst owner in the N._B._A.. Right yeah. Do you think Michael Jordan. I don't know exactly how old he is. I think he's fifty one or fifty two. He had his fiftieth birthday party at one of these all-star weekends in the past few years. Do you think he could get minutes. In the Lakers Lakers rotation right now could fifty two year old Michael Jordan play above contagious caldwell-pope. I mean look I've been making the argument that he should come back multiple times. I've said that fairly recently just F._y._i.. Just to make yourself feel though he's fifty six so you know I remember that Fifth Birthday Party too but that just a reminder of how old we've gotten here as we've been wasting away our lives talking on podcast twice a week for the last couple years. That's <hes> pretty sobering. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I think he could start for maybe the sons and maybe even the Hornets honestly like is it outside the realm impossibility he could give you spot minutes like what's the difference between fifty six year old Michael Jordan and Jared Dudley. What's what's really the functional difference between those two players? I look man. I don't even know who's on the Hornets. I'm googling it now. Next year is Hornets are going to be Terry Rosier Maliki Monk Nicholas Patou ooh miles bridges dewayne Bacon. I mean there's not a doubt in my mind Michael Jordan could give those guys a good twenty five minutes and being better player a more productive player than he has been as an owner so I think that kind of answers the question right there. It's like he's he'd be more useful to the Hornets as a player then he's been as an owner yeah. That's that's pretty damning. That's a little bit sad. I don't understand why you're slow down on his shoes. I'm still mad about that but I should spin it positive. He's also speaking of his birthday parties. He's an amazing party. Planner whoever's planning the Jordan brand parties. I've been able to get into two over the years and the first one had prince performing warming which was one of the coolest nights of my life and the second one had like an open cigar bar and like three hours of nineties rap and a birthday cake in the shape of a Jordan eleven and that was amazing party. The plan can't be that good if they're skimping on security so you get in I mean that's exactly that's crazy that was there was definitely a clerical error along the way on that. We're going to disagree about the Jordan sneakers. I think it's all you know forever because I still think they're better than Nike basketball. However I gotTa tell you so I was in a stopover in Las Vegas on my way back? <hes> you know from the the road trip to end all road trips. I went to Caesar's palace. That Nike store was a shrine to Jaanus. I mean I'm talking like thirty foot tall posters jaanus there was like fake Greek columns with his shoes. They had all the Greek lettering and design that are on the shorts that we had talked about. Previously it was just cakes all over the store and one of the sales. Those guys pulled me aside and he was like this. Yana stuff is flying off the shelves. He's like we can't keep it in stock. We've only got one model of the shoe. All the shorts are gone. They did have a number of the free t shirts so our opinion about the free t shirts you know the a giant freak shirts not really being capable of being worn in public by lots of people. I think that was confirmed by this. <hes> This in-person episode that I had I'm just telling you injury. It was a Jaanus INC board room meeting in in person. That was like what we've been. Envisioning has come to life so we gotta give Nike Credit. They are pushing Janas Heart. I think that was your point last week. They really gotten behind him with this publicity tour and I'm telling you it hit retail and it was wild to see me. It's Zalmai bucket lists for the rest of the summer. I need to make it to one of these. Jaanus pop-up shops with the fake Greek columns because it really is the Greek columns completed as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad you brought up the t shirts though because I don't want that'd be misconstrued on the last podcasts. The reason that shirt isn't cool to me isn't because I would worry about being seen as like a sexual deviant wearing the giants Freak Nike logo of that's that's not my issue. It's more like over the last five or six years Nike has started releasing clothing where we'll just be like a swoosh and like a giant word that says swagger or something and then it's just like the Dorky Shit imaginable all stuff that I would have purchased if I were a thirteen year old in a Nike town and I think that's my issue with the fracture. Is that like if I were thirteen years old I would probably have a freak shirt hurt in four different colors but I'm not that person anymore so I I feel like I've graduated beyond that I mean for me. It's it's really just a shame wearing a shirt. That's like being a self identified. I just put it in there with like the giant tongue ring stud or the pink strands in your hair. Whatever else like you know at some point is just you can't go that? You can't go that direction. You know okay okay. I can't go that direction. People can definitely go there to whatever everyone wants to go out there and do it. If you want to wear those shirts I personally will nudge you. I would just judge myself okay well. It's good to know that officer Gulliver is open minded on that front but with that Ben. Let's keep it moving. Colin says from one hero of yours to another collins says is Tim Dunkin's appointment as a spurs assistant coach a precursor to him eventually taking over the head job when Gregg Popovich retires. I hate the Spurs Colin ads but I really want this to happen because it would be so so cool. What do you think then it's brilliant in theory but I worry in practice Andrew you know communicating indicating with millennials? It's not like the all day all right. This is a different challenge and we learned from the experience of Brian Shaw where he was like trying to wrap the game plans to his players and they're all looking around like there's a real generational divide here yeah I I can see Tim Duncan being an incredible assistant coach right because it's more about one on one education in knowledge and like you know fundamentally brother Type Stuff that head coaching job comes with a lot of different responsibilities balancing balancing minutes communicating with every single guy motivating people I think that Duncan as a culture center would be unparalleled but he's going to have to communicate with the media constantly what he says as a coach matters even though we like to joke about Popovich's ages <hes> you know press conferences like there's a lot to them and he is a master manipulator and button pusher in those kinds of settings <hes> it's difficult to see Dunkin wanting to do those things and actually doing them with any sort of Gusto and you also so have to be the face in sell the organization carry <hes> teams through tough times as a coach and that's not something that Duncan ever had to deal with as a player because he was so darn good and they never struggled. I mean they were great for twenty years straight so maybe he should challenge some of these preconceived notions that I have about what could be potential witnesses for. Maybe he should prove me wrong just like he proved guys like you wrong for twenty years and being one of the greatest champions the sport has ever seen <hes>. Are you calling me Tim Duncan skeptic. I don't think I ever would check that box. He's definitely argued about Dunkin versus Kobe before I guess my point is here. I I would be nervous if this would happen. I liked the idea of the assistant coach. I think it's awesome awesome and if they both right off in the sunset together if this Popovich's last season I think that's beautiful. I liked the press. Conference are the press release they put out where it was just very simple describing him as a wake forest graduate who happened to play nineteen years in the N._B._A.. And kind aww leaving it at that yeah well. It was very spurs -I it. It was a little cute as far as I was concerned. Honestly I mean they're very impressed with how low key they keep it with all these things but that aside I think this this is really cool. I'm super super excited to have him back in the mix and that is kind of off brand for me. I was not a Dunkin superfan growing up but and I think that the precise argument that we had was Tim Duncan Dunkin versus shack and that is an argument I will continue to this day at Shasta the most underappreciated superstar in the last forty years but dunk and he only got five rap albums and ten blockbuster movies so under under appreciated boy I just think as far as where he ranks historically were under selling him by about five or six spots most of the all-time lists I can tell you this amazing shack undersold himself we we can agree on that I mean he he definitely could've put in a little bit more work. It's just nice to see guys hit one hundred percent out of their their god-given abilities like Tim Duncan. Do you actually like this. Idea of Dunkin has a head coach though or do you share my my. I look at it like this. Dunkin's legacy is like as pure as it gets right now right and we've seen other players whether it's Magic Johnson trying to be a coach or an executive other guys who went out on top and went out and beautiful storybook book fashion with basically one hundred percent approval ratings like Michael Jordan for example as as you're just killing his sneakers and his ability as an owner. Do we want Dunkin subjected to those same possibilities or does he really have anything to gain from doing this. That's my question. Here's why I would love to see him. As a head coach I want to get to know Tim Duncan and so you talk about the media responsibilities as being a a major negative which I'm sure for him it would be and it would be something that would counterbalance any enthusiasm. He has for ever becoming a head coach but I would really enjoy getting to know Tim Duncan as he gets older and does have to meet with the media media and it's one of those things we're like. I'm not expecting him to be chatty Cathy in the scrums every day but just having a show up and talk to people before and after games I feel like we would see more of his personality. Come to the surface and I think I think he's probably a really interesting guy and someone that like we just don't know very well and you talk to spurs people and they all swear that he's really funny behind the scenes and is more expensive than he's ever been in public and I think seeing that side of him would be pretty interesting and exciting that said everything you laid out about why being the head coach would be more challenging the ego management and you know managing up to the front office and everything else like that may be more trouble than Tim Duncan cares to inherit and I think the idea of him staying after practice for an extra forty five minutes to work on post moves or to help out devante Murray or lying Walker Walker whenever that seems like a much more realistic role for him than being the head coach one day you know it would be the ultimate act of selflessness that we've seen from Tim Duncan in his entire career to be the guy who says look following in great. Jake Gregg Popovich is footsteps is like the ultimate nightmare scenario for coach. I'm GonNa go and do that for a year or two and I'm not going to be good at it intentionally so that we can set up a brighter future for whoever the next coaches after him. If you just kind of like jump on that land mine for the entire organization that actually could improve his reputation just another degree you know that's a great great read on it but speaking of pods coaching that's how I'm we're GONNA spin it when he goes thirty and fifty two in fact the back seat exactly which will be much better by the way that Michael Jordan coming back to the N._B._A.. With the wizards okay. It's a low bar as far as like legends reprising their role in the spotlight right so I think Tim Duncan whatever he decided to do with the Spurs is going to be able to clear that bar lot of M._J.. Shots on this. I didn't intended to be this negative but it is what it is. It says a lot about the Hornets that you hate the M._j.. Wizards error and yet you just advocated for him being like their second-best player like fifteen minutes ago even though he's fifty sixty or so obviously to men game with M._J.. dwayne Bacon but moving onto another Gregg Popovich coaching role Michael Says Another Day another another team U._S._A.. Snub this time. It's Dame Lillard. What happened to the pride to represent your national team so Ben? I'm going to toss this to you. Since you let off our podcast asked earlier in the week with a call to listeners everywhere to take more pride in America and experienced the bounty it has to offer what do you think about the way everybody's handling team U._S._A.. Responsibilities this summer her well. It doesn't say a lot about papa visibility as a recruiter. I mean that makes me a little bit nervous. <hes> I would have expected more from him to be able to Kinda. Keep this band together or at least have like you know a core group of guys. I think it's a bad look for U._S._A.. Basketball that they're all it just kind of going out in droves. I think it's unfortunate as somebody who likes this tournament even when it was called the world championships or whatever like I enjoy watching those games and meets a lot of players I mean there's not that much talent left and I think that U._S._A.. Basketball possible actually in real jeopardy of not winning the tournament so I don't know if you want a more level playing field. If you're one of these guys who thinks that super teams are bad <hes> for sports like Andrew then you're going to be really excited tune into watch Kemba Walker and Chris Middleton do battle with the best that whoever Spain has to offer. I'm pretty sure though a year ago we warned the Australians that this would happen to a certain degree didn't we. I get all these Russia excited emails of O.. R. Lebron Steph Curry GonNa come to Australia Australia. Didn't we tell them hey just pump the brakes like it's probably not going to be those guys. I didn't think it was GONNA get this bad but I think unfortunately Michael like you have to hold yourself responsible for that eight hundred dollar purchase okay. You're going for a once in lifetime event. Whoever comes with the jerseys <hes> you know with U._S._A.? Across their chests you should be I at this point. I think excited to see <hes> and it was more of a buyer beware type situation and I also think you should be looking at this as potentially essentially a real win for your nationalistic pride like don't you WanNa see the boomers take it to U._S._A.. Basketball like what that's now a possibility and wouldn't that be the best possible investment of eight hundred dollars to see Australia knockout the United States. I think so yeah well Michael was one of several Australians who had tickets to that game and condolences to all of them because Michael. I didn't read that part of his email but he dropped eight hundred dollars. Another another ozzy dropped not close to a thousand dollars on tickets. That's a tough blow tough pill swallow on that one. I almost positive that we warned him about it so look. We know I remember it. Specifically we got questions about. And we were like we'll see where I'm not sure if I would bet on everybody's showing up I will say they used to do this. The what is the FIBA championships here yeah. This is the World Cup. They rebranded it trying to make it bigger than the soccer World Cup. We're still working on that goal Andrew. We haven't reached that one yet well. They used to do it two years before the Olympics and now it's only a year before the Olympics and I actually do understand why some guys is who want to play for Team U._S._A.. At the Olympics don't want to sacrifice their summer two years in a row and so it puts kind of an added burden on guys it was a wakeup call for me when I saw the latest version of a team U._S._A.. Roster and Thaddeus young is I believe going to be on T._v.. Assay or he's at least in training camp right now which is a bit of a Red Flag. I feel like team U._S._A.. has to have a higher bar. That'd be real like I was planning to go for a week out to Vegas to go to the training camp and then they're coming back to L._A.. For another week and usually that is just like you know going viral like you know how thirsty I get for the re tweets and stuff I mean that is usually just like prime hunting season and there's a million stories tons and tons of really good guys in the gym and non thinking like is there a new Marcus smart angle that we have investigated. I don't know but I don't think fever really shot themselves. In the foot. You made a great point on calendar. It does screw things up. It does make it more difficult for free agents too because it's like you're sort of planning and now like there's two summers back the back. So which one do you pick I also the qualifications is just so insane. We're like Jeff. Van Gundy had like these D- Leaguers or Gee Leaguers <hes> trying to even qualify the United States I mean we almost didn't make it at one point. Yes a mess and I don't know why they tried to change the sing to break it. I'm not sure if their goal is to sort of eliminate the United States. This is death grip on this tournament. I mean maybe that was factoring into their thinking but that seems very shortsighted like if I'm the feeble organizers I would be trying to cater to U._S._A.. Basketball to make sure they would send the best players because that's how every everyone gets excited right. I mean remember those teams. In like a young Kevin durant would go out to the world championships and just ball out those are so so much fun to watch they were on. I'm not sure we're going to be getting that this year. Unfortunately and you know sorry Australians. I think you should be rooting not for American greatness or for the opportunity to see the best players in the world. You should be rooting for you know an upset for the ages that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Yeah you go back. I know exactly what you're talking about. It was the world world championships in Turkey. I believe and the crowd at every one of those games look like it was insane and it was like Steph K. D. Russ Andre Iguodala. Allah there is that was quite a little squad ah they had there and there were no thad young in the mix that year. I think the my one question is why hasn't Nike forced more guys to go because this would seem to be like a phenomenal nominal marketing opportunity are in China playing basketball for two weeks. I'm surprised they haven't done that. That's also why I think that team U._S._A.. Next year will have plenty of talent once we get to the Olympics because this the opportunity to market yourself in Japan is going to be super valuable to these guys. Can I run my proposal for Team U._S._A.. Reform by Rick Lewis Okay what I want them to do. Going forward is to give each N._B._A.. Player one tour of Olympic duty and a tour of Olympic duty means you have to participate in every U._S._A.. Basketball event over the summer for that four year our cycle leading up to your Olympic appearance and they build the team with a bunch of young guys from around the N._B._A.. Who are going to be really excited to be there? I tweeted about this this week but I just want to. I think the value of the Olympic program there. There's a lot of developmental value to that experience and it would be who've U._S._A.. Basketball and the N._B._A.. Frankly to like get some of those young guys involved just sort of like Polish them superstars and get them that experience earlier in their career and then beyond that you can then sprinkle in some veterans who are snubbed early on to help anchor the Olympic teams to make sure or that we don't lose but like how much fun would it be if we had a team of miles Turner Devon Booker de Aron Fox and Kemba Walker next year yeah so what is their excuse for not wanting to participate like are any of those guys out for next year. I don't know if they've been asked like I have to imagine if de Aron Fox had been asked he would be with team U._S._A.. And headed to Japan next month. I get where you're going with this. I mean my favorite moments from U._S._A.. Basketball were when and Lebron's crew all decided that playing was cool and that they were going to be in no matter what and that everyone else had to fight like crazy to get those other spots and guys like John Wall. We're taking the U._S._A.. Basketball snubs like so personally <hes> because it was like Oh you're gonNA take Kyrie over me now. I'm going to go out there and spend an entire season trying to prove you that you were wrong and send out tweets tennis top one hundred rating still being mad about being snubbed up so to me like I would be less us interested in doing the like hey we need like certain you know cycle of attendance and then after that you're out and I'd be more interested in just bending over backwards and catering to the very best players and getting them involved no matter what because I thing the power of Lebron playing I think inspired a lot of other guys to WanNa play right and so if you have those top guys involved and maybe there's nothing you can say to Leonard to get him involved and I think that that's a frustrating aspect of him being by defaced with Popovich at this right but even if it wasn't pop like what is your case to Kawai like hey man like congratulations on a great finals run. We're we know you're all about winning and load management. Come blow your summer with us like three quarters of the way across the world like that's a tough sell but I just hope that the next generation of American <hes> superstars follow Lebron's leave because I think he got a lot out of it. I think you're right about that. I think he got lasting friendships deeper friendships incredible marketing opportunities auditees visibility and gold medals and you know what like a gold medal. That's pretty darn cool and I. I don't understand why you know. Some of these guys are pulling out if they haven't won one previously with U._S._A.. Basketball whatever else that I feel like that should be a motivator. You know I understand Christina. Not the Olympic understand. It's not as cool but like I bet if you pulled the guys who won gold medals previous world championships or previous World Cups those guys would have no regrets about their decisions to play yeah and it's hard hard because Lebron has now done it like three or four times and so asking him to continue to participate as a tougher ask but hopefully the younger guys will get into it and when I talk about going like super young those teams would just be really fun to watch and watching them grow together would be kind of more interesting than some of what we've seen the past few cycles where the U._S. teams still have the most talent but everybody's kind of like going half speed and it just if if feels like a Lotta warriors game for the last few years and they would be more fun to see sort of not underdog U._S.. The playing field would be more Donovan Mitchell Jason Tatum taking steps in their games and you WANNA see that against like the best veteran guys across the world and saying oh now we're going to get excited because these guys are about to make a big leap in their career. Yeah I get where you're coming from that we we definitely saw with Westbrook and and other younger guys curry. Even I remember him taking a step forward <hes> job in one of those tournaments as well. There's a lot of benefit to that. I just want as much as possible. I'm sorry I appreciate greatness Andrew as always I want the U._S._A.. And you know what I have to go out there and just run everybody off the court by fifty points. I know it might get embarrassing or or whatever but I think that the Dream Team show that you can inspire an entire world to play the sport by playing it at a level that they can only dream at that point in time yeah well you're right and you mentioned mentioned Lebron at the very beginning of his career playing U._S._A.. Basketball that's where he forged his relationship with Jason Kidd and look at how that has paid off Jason Kidd is now in Los Angeles and ready to lead a mutiny with next year's Lakers. There's so you never know where Olympic basketball can lead young players of the world and if you're listening out wait a minute you're saying frank. Vogel didn't coach U._S._A.. Basketball Anyway. I don't think so I don't think so all right. Let's keep it moving. I have one more point on the wizards. I WANNA make Vince says hey guys. I really enjoy the show now. The Andrew has fully embraced the idea of trading Bradley beal. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this potential trade the Celtics skit Bradley beal and then he continues on the Pacers Trading Miles Turner to DC. It's a three team trade. I JUST WANNA say I've looked inward. After our podcast earlier this week I am not okay with trading Bradley to the God damn well. I specifically try to throw that idea out to shatter you and you held up perfectly and now forty eight hours later. You've done a one eighty. Yes I have because I've I've accepted the idea that the wizards are going to have to give away Bradley beal. They'll probably get fleas. Just because that's the way the world works even after the clippers and Lakers throughout fifteen picks in exchange for two players like it is what it is I've made peace with all of it and honestly I just ready for the wizards transition to a new era and I think that will be healthier for everyone. I also want good things to happen to Bradley beal. I am not okay with Bradley. The bill being traded for a Bullshit Grizzlies pick and Jason Tatum no wouldn't give tatum they would give Jalen Brown who the wizards then have to pay like one hundred thirty million dollars to it would just be depressing all along and I I hope that the wizards at least preserve that shred of dignity to not like solidify the next generation of the team. That was their rival three years ago very very interesting. This was the response I hope for. I think you might have been in a little bit of honeymoon period about after the initial excitement about the wizards new front office so I can't help but pivoting that direction have you reconsidered your optimism on their hires now that you've had a couple of days to think about it if you're doing one eighties here and just spinning around like Michelle Kwan. I need to know where you stand on their front office. My optimism was superficial at best. I think anyone listening closer the the true understands that it was half hearted and borderline sarcastic so I will say I have heard from other people familiar with Sashi Brown tenure in Cleveland who are less impressed with with him than some of the people I talked to initially so I don't know I don't even know what that guy is going to be doing. The wizards hired three people to be their G._M.. And that is not does doesn't scream coherence as I said earlier this week one one of those people you heard from on Sashi Brown was tanner and he wrote in the browns going one and twenty-seven under Sashi Brown is by the numbers equivalent to the Phoenix Suns having a six game. <hes> six wins over to N._B._A.. Season so hello over under on six wins next year for Washington. What do you think I'm going to go over Ben because they're going to be showcasing Bradley beal for the first five months of the season and then they will auction off to the highest later by the way your trust deadliest thing no? I don't trust deadliest. I don't trust anyone involves the wizards. This is what I'm talking about. I don't understand I come on here and I teach you up for that question. Twice and I dug in multiple times. It just took forty eight eight hours for the truth to come out. I knew what the whole time. Why are you lying? Yes anshu well listen. We recorded that on a Monday morning. I had a lot of writing to do. I only had two hours to process the news and I was just like I I was prepared to really grapple with things but the bottom line is the wizards have done absolutely nothing to earn the benefit out over the last ten years. It is what it is. Maybe they will stumble into success anyways. That's SORTA happened with John Wall Bradley beal so I'm cautiously optimistic just because I have no other alternative I I am back. You know when I asked you that question on the last episode I felt like I was channing frye asking Kyrie Irving. Tell me what you think think about the moon landing expecting him to say Oh. That's a great day in American history instead of hey guess what the earth is flat and we never walked on the moon. That's what I got from you. I got the complete sideways answer of Oh. You know what I actually am cautiously optimistic. This is going to work out great. I'm I'm sitting there ripping my head okay. I'm going to have to just ask question again and finally comes out. It only took three more days for the truth. There finally come out. Okay I see how it is there. We go. We should record all our podcasts at midnight. That's the way the ultimate take away from all this but then let's do a couple more questions here symposium. He talked for ninety minutes. Let's keep it go. Marcus says let's let's assume that the N._B._A.. Is still around two centuries from now and you to have been magically transported to the future to serve as Co Commissioners. Numerous franchises are running out of Jersey numbers and have approached you about what to do. How do you respond cap? The number of Years Jersey can be retired at say fifty or one hundred. Do you create a one time. Delete all of retired numbers across the league to renew the supply of Jersey options or Z.. Expand into triple digits on jerseys thereby kicking the can down the road nearly a millennium by opening up nine hundred new options for players in the future now Ben. You told me you had an idea and wanted wanted. This question included. So what do you have here okay. I'M GOING WITH OPTION D. It was not one of the once he presented. This is what I think we should do yet. You we should just adopt the license plate approach and mix in some letters and some some numbers right because that way you expand greatly the number of possible combinations in options and you avoid the problem of running out of numbers so do you think it would actually be cooler for certain guys to be able to have like like their initials as their Jersey number and also factoring in this idea that there's GonNa be better ways to communicate like foul calls to the scoreboard as opposed to just like using your your fingers at this point because obviously it would be difficult to like do sign language each to assign fouls and all that but like if you were Paul George. Would you rather be P._G.. Thirteen or would you rather your Jersey. Just say P._G.. You know what I mean and like Andrei Kirilenko. He was famous for A._K._47. What what if he was just AKA like would he have preferred that or you could try to mix and match letters and numbers? If you really prefer what do you think I don't know. This is stressing me out because I I feel like it could get pretty annoying where we already have enough random bullshit to track members of the basketball media and fans of the N._B._A.. I don't know if we need to open up a whole new world of self expression that would be like kind of fun Zany but then quickly become annoying. That's what I would worry about with your rear proposed okay but like what if you're Danny Green your number could be three d. right and you could just send that message to everyone. You know what I'm is three and De Wing. I'm that guy. This is me. I'm three d you could just wear it proudly on your chest and you're back and you could inspire all the young kids out there who maybe aren't the world's best ball handlers but still want to have an N._B._A.. Career what do you think I mean. There's there's some potential here. It's possible man you know. We'll have to cross that bridge in seventy five years. You know what I'm very upset about. An sincerely is Anthony Davis wearing three instead of twenty three. I have no idea how Nike I feel like Lebron has to have the juice with Nike at this point is career to be able to tell them no. This is what's going to happen but apparently he did in apparently Nike put the Kabosh on all of that just seems like it's very convenient. Excuse it seems like Lebron like promised about Oh man. I'm so sorry it didn't work out. I guess I'm going to have to be number. Two hundred well under my proposal. Anthony Davis could be the letters e and then three so it would look like two who through and you could have a twenty three and a z. three yeah maybe he can do that anyways. Honestly we don't necessarily have to ratify your proposal for the whole league but we could just give Anthony Davis a sad bootleg twenty-three after he waived his trade trade kicker but either way. Can I have one more one more question here from Consti- he says you guys mentioning Fred van leads brand in the last podcast reminded me that I have not seen Andrew in an overpriced sweater of Said brand as he had promised before the finals in case the Raptors win at all. Did I miss that it may I may have missed it on Andrews. Instagram is to Graham you do not miss it. Constantly honesty look did not miss it okay. We're still waiting for Andrew to show off his Amazing Basketball Jersey collection that he's been telling us about for years never seen one of them on instagram. We're still waiting for him to buy the air. Yana sneakers haven't seen that still waiting for the Fred vanfleet sweater. We haven't seen that Andrew. Please explain yourself. Are you ever going to do any of these things you tell us about. I got I gotta find a good place to debut. My Fred Vanfleet track. Jackie is assisting living room. I did not expect yes okay. No it has like bed on yourself down the sleeve. It's pretty awesome. My friend correctly said I I am a coward if I don't spend an additional eighty five dollars on the matching track so those may be in the offing as well I could have a full Fred van. Wli Bet on yourself tracksuit ready. I just need to find the right time and place like maybe our next podcast in. I can tell you the right time Warner's every time we tabled podcast. This is going to be the new truth. Sir Okay you're going to put on your Fred Van Vliet sweater and you're not gonNA come with any of this generic praise or any of this fake low for Washington Wizards. You're going to get right to the core of the issue and say I don't trust Ted. I'm betting on myself. Thanks to my Fred van of lead sweater and it's going to be brilliant. Let's get it'll be an hour long of Andrew Sharpe reports. Every single episode in the sweatshirt is GonNa pull the truth without of you. I can't wait for this next episode. You better be wearing that thing every single time all right well on that note ban next week we go to one episode per week through the rest of the off-season is in which is probably a welcome change considering how much we've been rambling but either way we'll keep it going and until then I will talk to you okay great answer everybody email us in open for male at Jimbo dot com open floor mail at Jima Dot Com and I got like a hundred emails recommending books to Andrew so I want to get a similar number of emails recommending this new fed on yourself lifestyle. Okay everybody coach Andrew so we get the truth. <hes> thanks Ed v shop his favorite website. We're on apple podcasts search for open floor. That's two words finer page scroll down it will say rate in review tap five stars. It's just that easy and you were over eighteen hundred.

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