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Why is this way better than dropshipping?


Christie says I'm new to this welcome his support you why these these white better that drug shipping. Well, it's way drop shipping in my opinion because you own the product, and if you are in the product, you can command the most margins if you'll selling someone else's product the knife taken the risk of buying the product negative type too much margin. So you're going to be running around for not much. I really like to say one of the kind of money that can change with to something else drop shipping, in my opinion is very specific. It's very hard to get this kind of margins would get off and on that would be my recommendation, but raising who don't know how we do up mmj it. He taught me mom that she called me. I teach paper on it for a while. So just bringing the product self you don't have to spend too much money a little bit and you'll be okay.

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