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I'm doing this podcast for you, so you know what you could do you could repay the favor by subscribing. I'm subscribing for me and get this number one. Okay. We're gonna talk pot with Al Harrington later on. We're going to talk marijuana with Al Harrington. If that doesn't do it. I don't know what will stands. What is this really? I really do. You know how tired I am? This is tired. I am I drove past my exit on the drive home today. I, I was in, like a zombie driving home, it just drove right past the exit because I'm fried did I want you to hear what I've done since Friday? Okay friday. I did the show. I was on the set of PTI. I was still an Emmys from Michael wilbon. I mean listen. They have enough. Right. So I just figured I'd put one in my suitcase, he'd never notice and so far, no one's called me. And right now, I'm staring at an EMMY and my office that Eddie. Yeah. That's exactly it it. That's what I'm talking about. And that's been a reality. I did that show. I did around the. Hort. Now I lost I think I had negative points. Donna, one Saddam who's gonna join us to talk Lakers. But I lost again. So I'm now Owen three on around the horn. Here's the bullshit of that. So the fans are owning at home. The stugotz army is coming shrunk. So I am losing getting trounced, I have a negative three points but standing take guess who was winning the fan voting at home for around the horn. Obviously, it's you. I didn't know you could vote at home for round the horn. When did that start? I don't know. But I'm gonna listen I'm three and according to the fan. So my personal record book I am undefeated on around the horn. That's what I'm talking about. And then I do the final four the women's final four NC, double a final four, the chip, Egypt's I did that. And that was on Friday night, and Saturday, my daughter played in the national tournaments, you made the national team you might want to congratulate Rachel. Congratulations, Rachel has you've been on the pot or does them I feel like you prioritize them a little bit on the podcast. We haven't had Rachel on have we now look, there's a reason for them anyway, lovey, rich, and then I had to do the final on Sunday, stands. And then you think okay? All right. That's a long weekend. But then Memorial Day you would think I'm off. Now, I had highly questionable, and I did that no radio show. But did highly questionable Monday? And I'm doing it all week. So I left about thirty two minutes to get this week's episode of stupidity out. Yeah, that's basically what you did you haven't prioritizes podcasts at all. You basically went from working four hours, a day to six hours, a day sprinkle in the JJ, walkup, married and O'Brien's was hired. I mean this is a big week. I haven't that I'd be listen, JJ watt. Congratulations. Finally someone. In that family is ring stupidity standing. I don't know if you've heard, but I am hearing rumors from the JJ watt camp and Lord dozy as a cat. And by the way, I'm surprised you didn't get engaged on national TV. I am hearing reports that the wedding day is going to be August eighth. Otherwise known as eight Nate. How about that? Did you hear how many carrots the ring was fight Ajay? What I didn't. It was two and a half carrots, which is two and a half. More sacks that he had from two thousand fifteen the two thousand seventeen. How about that stupidity? So standing, I am thinking that the wedding day. Now I'm surprised the engagement was done on national TV, but I had no doubt that the wedding ceremony is going to be nationally televised on ABC where JJ watt is going to get married and somehow give the priest CPR and save his life at the same time about that Stupar today. They're gonna go to the banquet. Right. Or is it a banquet? What do you call? All is it a wedding reception? You wanna reception? Yes. Who do you imagine the be in his like his best man? Like, could you imagine the bean as wedding party Jeju? I got a feeling it Brian Cushing is going to be in it because he's married to watts say sister, really. Yeah. I think I made that more confusing than it should have been essentially, Brian cushing's, married to a woman that woman has a sister that sister is now JJ watt fiance. I think I made a confusing against Dupatta. Thank you leave it to me to make things confusing. Okay. You suppose I did enough. That's okay. So you think cushy is going to be in there. Yeah. Definitely Kush who will someone jae-won? How how brothers the brothers? Yep. Chris, I think is one right TJ at this point. He's the more talented. What correct probably. I'd also say he's going to have some sort of US army veteran in there. Although what did make Memorial Day weekend about himself? So I'm not sure about that one anymore. We'll it makes everything about himself. I imagine he's going to have none of his friends in only only that's like, that's vets that he doesn't know at, he's not that Marion's military vets hill. Sprinklers wedding party, not with famous people, but with, like sister, gene, and some military veterans. Subodh it stands now you have to think. Right. There's no doubt. It's going to be televised. And whether it's televised or not JJ watt, is absolutely dancing with all the elderly ladies. That's wedding. Of course, the young kids to the little girl is there a ring bear has a. Yeah. The Super Bowl ring because he's never gonna win one of those. But I listen, here's the deal agai. I delegate he's gonna dance with the older women. And then when he's done when he gets all them all the grandma's, he's going to dance with all the top. You're right. How do you imagine that? It's all the top surrounding JJ watt. Right. Maybe one at a time they get in a line everyone gets thrown song. And how about this? I bet instead of a best man speech. Watts gonna give speech because he's the best man. Yeah. It's episode. Seventeen by the way, Israeli, yeah, we've done seventeen episodes of this shit about that. What happened the abbey? All right. Stands it. So I gotta tell you like doing the women's final four. It was the thrill of a lifetime for me at every tell Vitor and all week, there's only one person on that show he's ever called the final four and that person is me, who would have thought that that's crazy. But anyway, I was part of a final four broadcasts, dads. I walked into that broadcast room. Okay. As confident as I've ever been because I maintain there is no one more qualified to talk women's lacrosse right now, than me, I know, women's across better than the NFL NBA anything at this point in my life. You know what I mean? I guess I mean I I've heard some of the sound and you sounded way too serious at times and it sounded like good analysis. I used to call across games in college, I played lacrosse in high school, but that was men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, the rules are all different, but your coach. So I get it. But I do have sound from this weekend, if you'd like to hear it. You do. Oh, yeah. Here we go, by the way. Do you know how great of an advantage, it is to have a sports talk show host? Joining us to help us fill this time, you want me to do Kevin Durant. It's just unbelievable. Certainly a pleasure to call thrilled to be here. But that certainly one of the best games I've ever seen period in any sport, I promise you. She's going to the here. Here thirty three left in the penalty that follows gets Pristina walls for Boston College coach doesn't elects to pass to both major, but that's not good. That is horrific job placement five horrific sorry. The goalie. Good save in the heat at all. When you give I hate to criticize the kid in the big spot like that. But she would be the first one to tell you. I got a place that into corner or go to cloud coverage has helped a bit. It's helped you pick because you were sweating through your shirt when I walked in here, but you do it a lot better having great sex success doing you. The one wondering why the goalie Jan? There's always been a question. I've wanted to ask you go ahead who's better? At lacrosse, you will love ITAR. Even though we don't count, that witless senior year Clark rescue Kathy's that ball ninety nine one hundred times what you catch finishes at nearly one hundred hundred for the gator. The power. Perfect. I'll check that out better. So I mean Stanford you're give me your appraisal. I feel like I nailed. Stew body now inside your on stupidity to bring you. This week's news is brought to you by t t so the official watch of the NBA shop at US T. So shop dot com. So it was crazy of a week, as I've had it's been crazier out in LA. We'll bring Sodano wanted just a second here. But one of my friends, Bomani Jones, made this story all about it. Dude. And everybody's crew who just be lying in. He's just that k- just be lie. And he's the stugatz at a lake while. Pablo's reaction is funny, Sadat. Would you agree that rob Pelinka's of the Lakers? Well, it's funny, but Pablo's reaction actually sounds like something you would say on the radio show with your reaction would just normally just how. Wow. I bet there there's nothing else to add in that situation. Yeah. I would appeal back the curtain real quick before you had to that question that, wow is simply to keep things moving because I was listening to anything love darts at. Of course, we don't know the figure that out by now. Our audience is I listened. There are still people who don't get the show. Just I. Yeah. But those people you just can't worry about anymore. I mean, the hell with them can occur on this broadcast you could curse as much as you can one out of that. All right. Great. All right. We bleed the F word in above, right? Got a little gratuitous have to go through and listen every word of this thing. And then we yeah. We never get hard for you. Too easy for. So tell me about this game Pulinx. Here's the deal you accept if he if you had like a twin brother who had similar personality traits. But was way more polite and way better looking than you. That best way to describe it because the type of lying that he's done like even you okay haven't. Said that you had dinner with dead person. Okay. Like that even be on your scope feel like if I have or not right now, I know where the bodies are buried with you always says that you're frayed of me, because I physically have probably put a body in the ground for you. There is no one in sports media really in my life that fear more than you. I've told you too much. But here's the thing like this said about pulling like, look man. You do it. I do it. We've all done it, right. Like we've all doctors will tell you that time goes by that. You don't remember details very well about specific instances. So you start creating your own version of reality, basically, because you're getting old and you don't remember the details, but that's not what happened here. Like anyone can forget you details or you know, to use Roger Clements. Quote miss. Remember certain parts of it. But that's not this, this is a series of events, now that over time here that he's been the Lakers, general manager. He's just laid it on way too. Thick even eating you. I don't think would lay it on this. And boy, have you laid it on Fiqh. Yes, I have weights that you have specific examples of Lincoln being made. Oh man. But here's the thing again. Remember the tone, I struck earlier. It's way more polite and way, more good looking than you. Okay. So heads it up. I mean, listen, he's at age you. And he looks like, Rob Lowe. And so, you know, I'm no Rob Lowe, but people tell me look, George Clooney. I mean, George billionaire CID. I guess. Listen. The person who introduced me Abby sold Abby ability, good. She told Abby now this is going back fifteen sixteen years, George, but Abby s what do I look like at the time it was much better? Looking you would agree with that, right? You've, I remember you back in the day. Right it so she responded, he looks a little bit like George Clooney. I mean anybody think back that this rewire? No. Right. Yeah, exactly. That's what Pelinka would take because he's so polite. He'd be like stugatz. You looked like George Clooney been an award winning actor. If you were just a little taller, actually, you know what Tom Cruise is not that tall. So they could have just shot you differently like they do with Tom Cruise, like we'd create something like that, because he, he comes across very polite. So I'll give you an example. Right. The one we like to make fun of here in LA is a couple years ago. Remember, they signed contagious, caldwell-pope, right? So contagious caldwell-pope is represented by clutch sports, which is the agency, LeBron James is represented by. So this is what I knew for sure. Lebron was coming, okay? The year before LeBron. Get you. They signed Davis caldwell-pope to a one year eighteen million dollar deal. That's not even the kicker yet. Okay. Wouldn't Pelinka starts talking about contagious, caldwell-pope and the signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. He starts quoting a bible scripture, okay? And I believe he said, it's the book of Genesis, which it even wasn't even the white book okay that he was referring to which is very much into with what you would do in that situation. Screw that part up. But I love the Old Testament. I mean you're in my wheelhouse right now with the dust George, I know exactly. So he said, he goes, it's like when contagious was on the market, and he wanted to be a Laker an paraphrasing some here. It's like Munna from heaven, and I was like can cave is called blow. Pope is mono- from heaven. Like, are you serious? He's like he's never made an all NBA team. There have been an all star. He's never even sniffed an all star games. He's from heaven like that point, I'm like could Todd? This is just more meat. You know what I mean? Like, and that's that's right there, where I said to me, he's got a little, Stu guts in them, the more you tell me about the link of the moral of I mean, again, if they were doing a remake of the movie twins, Schwarzenegger, and devito, UN Pelinka could do a version of that IB the ugly twin though. Right. You'd be the smarmy just like mean-spirited ugly. Twin and he'd be the good looking one because he looks like Rob Lowe great. God ropley. It's a perfect day to write. Pelinka. Oh my God. You Lincoln you all the way around this way, Pelinka, and you're that way. This way like that way. But Lincoln every the love of God this guy, so it's always something. And then the other day he said this thing, only I'm Asuka who covers the Lakers for. Yes, bien dot com. Asked rob Pelinka after they went from eleven to four in the lottery. What did he bring for good luck if anything to the lottery? So Pelinka instead of just answering the question, you know, like David Griffin had that little trinket, or whatever that he brought that had some sort of significant. So he goes into this long diatribe, and it's hard to like rip him for it. But it's like really is necessary. Like he says, I had asked my son who is eleven. What should I bring to the draft lottery for good luck son? He said dad just bring some optimism. He said the world needs more optimism. It's like come on, man. Not only you invoking your eleven year old son. But now you're just sitting here like you're, you're just hamming it up. Like, we don't need this. Okay. You could have just said your eleven year old son said, dad, you don't need anything. Because you're good to go. Don't even know like do we know eleven year old son actually said that should we vet that. Like that's kind of the place. We are with rob again. We all tell little white lies. But this guy tells them every day, he's you, I could tell you that his eleven year old son did not say anything close to that. Okay. Listen. I speaks like that guy. Was it none? That's why I'm telling you that there's no way his eleven year olds hunt said to absorb Pelinka at I'm proud of them. And I start to like a more and more with each passing story. He took liberties with his own words. This guy is my man. I mean he's literally like a cross between you and Confucius. Yes, I love. I listen, you might not be your Pelinka, but he's my Pelinka again. Lincoln you around. That's for sure. Wet, right. Past Confucius, because you don't know who that is. He has no idea who Confucius no chance that he say could use here. Listen, Georgia, Georgia is a sideline reporter for the NBA. Georgia's always his passion is always been the NBA, even before you were doing for the NBA became this big star ESPN, George also does the afternoon show for ESPN LA seven ten, so, which is the home in the Lakers, by the way, so Georgia done that on the front end honest after before the last fifteen minutes of me yet Mery that doesn't matter. Fifteen minutes is fun man. I will listen, we listen, the beauty the podcast is you could be as lazy as you want. I get it. I mean your this is your format like this is it like you are in the right platform. Now stands. How often have you discussed this, where it's like a lab for me, right? It's coming here. Tape shit. We see what sticks the part about sticking is me doing all the work, and editing, though. It takes forever club. Listen, welcome to the club buddy of sit here and telling you stories about, I told the story on the lebatardshow the last time I was there, I was sitting in for Dan, and I did the show which to God, and we did the seven Stu gods revelations, so basically seven things that God's told me over the years or done to me over the years that he would be mortified if I revealed. And one of them was I had told him because at one point I got a weekly show on ESPN two that I had pitched got on the air, and it lasted almost two years. It was a hybrid English Spanish oh, now, see, oh, come on Georgia on ESPN met. So I told God's I said, look, you know, I kinda got these guys ears like I wanted to turn to God's into coal. Bear. And I said, if we do a coal bear style show with you with your personality. And, you know, the, the character like this, this is your wheelhouse, and you could just be as much of you, as you wanna be right. Because and you can even Bella shit, some not that that's necessary in most cases but you're good. So he's like he's loving it one the full for like an hour. Okay. I'm sitting there in the parking lot at my gym at the LA fitness, and I'm on the phone with him. So I end the conversation by saying, all right got. So here's what to do. Let's start an Email chain, you and I going back and forth and ideas I put him on speaker. I'm going just send you a now that says ideas, and then I'm gonna write go and then God says, 'i buddy show, here's what I gotta do when I get home tonight, after lacrosse, mitzvah, Abby, puts the kids to bed, you know, I'm you know, I'm gonna get in the right frame of mind, and then I'll respond to the mail, and I'm like, okay, no problem. So that night goes by wake up the next morning, nothing. Of course, you know, literally a month goes by, and what did you send me? So listen, I have the emails pulled up right here. You sent me the Email that you just odds about Wednesday may tenth at three fifteen the afternoon. It said, let's go dot dot dot. I didn't respond until June. Fifteenth? I response was okay, good ideas, looks like we have a show. Stanford. I understand exactly what you're going to literally wanted me to do all the work to create a show for him to good idea, though. So where are we on it? I listen, I still think you should be the coal bear VSBN. And by the way, there's a guy already doing some of this stuff like, the, the barstool guys, PMT comment or, and those guys like you missed the boat. Like you could have done all that done in a bigger platform now but I'm going to do it on a bigger platform. Letting those guys work out the kinks. If you don't have say. And then I'll tell you listen. We're gonna make this happen. We'll do it. That's report instead of Kobe report. I would watch that just tell me where to be, and what to do and how much getting paid, and then I'll eighty twenty okay? My late show on ESPN two. I made I think you should do it quickly. Since you're so close to it. And you're the flight, you're on the flagship radio station of the Laker doing afternoon drive like just from. Yeah. Like, give us your thoughts and everything that's transpired since, you know, magic step down as president of basketball operations. Look, the reality is this is that it's been the blind leading the blind Jeanie Buss doesn't know how to make decisions like she's like afraid to make decisions. She's she did the toughest thing which is, basically like off her brother, not literally, but just from figurative standpoint when he was running the organization, but then since then, like she entrusted magic and Pelinka who were you know, for the love of God. They never done the job before. I mean they were novices. So, of course, this thing was going to go sideways. And of course, other organizations when they're trying to make deals are going gonna try to take advantage of them because they know they're in a compromise position. So that becomes kind of the reality that they've been, it feels like every other day there's another story that just adds to dysfunction with that said, they're still the Lakers they still LeBron. They've got thirty. Nine million dollars cap space. They've got the fourth pick in the draft. And they've got some young guys that are pretty good. Now, some of them are dealing with issues like Brandon Ingram has got this blood clot thing, even though the doctor say it's not as bad as Chris Bosh, and it's not even in that same realm. Of course. Teams are going to be hesitant to deal for him even though he's very talented. You know, same thing with Lonzo. Not exactly. But obviously, he's had trouble staying on the floor to they've got pieces to make it work. You know, to trade for a assets, if they have the assets to trade for guys wanted to, and they've got cap space, so ultimately, they're going to back into somebody now. I don't think it's going to be Durant, or or even clay or Tyree. But could Jimmy Butler into being in LA, Jimmy Butler, who on social media the other day at Mark Walberg house here in LA, and he's saying that he's going to be Mark Wolpert's daughters basketball coach. Now here in LA. Of course, Jimmy Butler wants to be in LA. So he's going to pick one of the teams. Like that's not me. Reporting anything, that's just me using common sense. So why not the lake? When LeBron James is here, Jimmy Butler super tight with Dwayne Wade Wade, LeBron or super tight. Connect the dots guts, connecting the dots. It's my time of year and Walberg s- daughter could probably better the bed sevens. It's probably can't. So there are rumors out there that the rockets and they totally overreact. Everytime, who still the warriors with audits stripping the whole team Barton firing coaches. But so maybe threes, a guy that can land in LA. What either I don't even think they have enough salary to trae for him. That's the problem. His seventy dollars. Chris Paul is a hundred twenty five million dollars left on a three year deal. It's crazy. Yeah. If I recall correctly, it's like thirty seven or thirty eight million this year, and then the last year, the deals like forty five or forty six or something wild like that. So, yeah, like they don't delay. Don't have enough salary to trade for him is the problem. If you throw an everyone not name LeBron they still couldn't get within the requisite ten percent of Chris Paul. So they need a team even to make that happen. Which is why the Lakers have the pieces to trade for like an Anthony Davis or Bradley Beal because those guys are making in the twenty million range or the or low thirties. But yeah, they don't have enough to get thirty eight million or within you know, ten percent, which would be, I guess, they need to get with, like thirty three or thirty four million. Lebron played this like, hey, he's still going to be able to recruit, but the thing is become such a mess, and he gets older with each passing day that I think it becomes more difficult for him to be able to recruit big time for eight. So I think you're right. You're going to be stuck with some sort of combination of n. You know, Jimmy Butler, maybe Chris falls into somehow there's a deal that's worked out. It's not another thing like I could absolutely see the Lakers. Getting Jimmy Butler this off season. And then basically telling New Orleans if Anthony Davis doesn't wanna stay okay? You know what? Like let's just do a sign and trade right now. You know what I'm saying and Bill and that way at that point, Brandon Ingram has played for another year. And I know David Griffin likes, Brandon Ingram David Griffin used to come on my radio show all the time here in LA when he was working for NBA TV, and he specifically cited how people are under selling Brandon Ingram to me, like, I have the audio somewhere here in the studio of him saying that where he said, you know, that kid at twenty one hasn't even grown into his own body yet, like he defended Kyran shut him out in one game like not to mention that the last six weeks of the season before he got hurt or whatever you had to medical issue he was actually twenty seven twenty eight point two game. His, his specific phrase, was he's like a baby deer who hasn't. Grown into his body yet. That's something you would say, I feel like a baby deer that I'm grown into actually just wrote it down. I'm gonna use it somewhere else. You should use it tomorrow. Tell Dan, that Guillermo is a baby deer who hasn't grown into his body. I use it tomorrow or I'll use it on my new Kobe type show. Okay. Yes. Stugatz report. So. All right. So interesting stuff. Imagine real quick George before we get to a couple of other stories here. It's interesting that magic is blaming everyone button Johnson. And Magic Johnson was the guy who's in charge of this mess, but it ain't Magic's fault, I think the irony was yesterday when he said, and I like Magic Johnson. Okay. Because I've actually had good interactions with him. Hilarious part about that was yesterday when he told Mike wilpon, and Stephen a Smith that the Lakers need to stay out of the news. Do you're putting them in the news right now. He wants. They're like the irony of that was just amazing. He gave on national TV on first day, it said that rob linka stabbed him in the back, and he wants about in the news. Like what does he he's great? But that's what he did. He was on again. Just the first day he said that yesterday, the second time he was on national television. Just I mean, that's you right there to everyone's got guts, everyone else. You know, I don't know why people don't get the show. You know, they should just, you know, not listen to the show. You're listening to the show. That's great. You just you lie with a big smile on your face, and everyone loves you. And you have a clever nickname likes to God's magic and you're good. Exactly up, by the way, you, you and magic or the same. Like, I, you know, Allison Turner could attest to that you are Stu gods. And everyone below is your beloved in when the cameras are on. Right. And then you know, in when you run in the show you were you were magic and people, I was yeah. I did the house that you're right. I fired her. I, I still it's the biggest regret career regret. I have believe this like you saying this. Now, listen. I ever I ever earned you not believing a single word that comes out of my mouth. I mean you're literally Pelinka and magic put together we've just figured that out. What would we call that? Did stay did you just mash him up to God? I think we nailed it. We need more this hang on, George. Give me more of Stu God, I like more magenta. Magenta your name should be star. Calling me jinx, please. All right, George. Let's talk about magenta in what he was like as a boss, was he ever your boss. When did you go way back time for a brief amount of time? I wanna say. I mean it wasn't even a year before a bigger company ended up buying the radio station that Stu gods. Look, he deserves all the credit in the world because he put together something that I don't think anyone thought could ever have worked. Okay because plenty of people tried before him. So on the front end I want to actually give him credit. I'll out of this part of that's fine for real deserves because there were a lot of people that tried to create a basically the station, the station in Miami. That was like the equivalent to WFAN, for example is the original station was five sixty two QA, and there was a bunch of upstarts that tried, and never they fell by the wayside, or just didn't couldn't make it work financially or whatever. And stugatz as credit put together a dream team and he overpaid for it, and he bankrupted the poor guy station. But nonetheless, he made such a powerful station lineup. And, and just you know partnerships with the different teams that he created all that too. The point where a big radio company wanted to buy it, and they did and we survived because of it. So despite Stu gods being magenta the Lakers who backed into who may we'll probably back into Jimmy Butler, or eventually, Anthony Davis or someone like that Stu guts in, Stu gods in fashion backed into a big company buying the radio station as he was bankrupting, the guy who actually originated the radios, Dan. Now, Georgia's right like George is also a programmer. He was a program director for wwl yet. So he nine months for that. But I did put together a lineup. Well, hang on hang on. Speaking that lineup Georgia, I'm proud of you. You said to put together a dream lineup were you part of that lineup was you called yourself, part of the dream line, if you or your we had Sodano said Rosenberg boob Joe Rosamund Lebowitz, art? I mean, that's we had people who tell us, that's that's as good as any national lineup that's out there at the time and he's not lying. There were. People that said that. And then yeah. And then we you know as guys left, then we still had the core. You know that he like Joe rose, eventually left because he couldn't deal with stugatz. And the guy who he bankrupted. And then we, it ended up being the core of me. Again he left because the dolphins laughed and he wanted to fall in the dolphins. Is that right? But he also got any almost like literally almost punch out the guy you bankrupted. Yeah. Like fifty times over so the problem with the bankruptcy not to get defensive here because everything Georgia, saying Jackson, if you remember George, I told our owner to go out and get a house for Super Bowl week. So we could broadcast from there and parties events and all that stuff because the real estate guy, I said, go out and just get like some shed in Fort Lauderdale, a place you know, care about, and we'll sell sponsorships and will tear it apart. And it doesn't matter if the house still is if it's still standing wants the week is over because it's such a dub. So I told them go out and get a dump static. I told them that like a Tuesday morning ones day morning, twenty four hours later, he said, I got your house, and I said, wow. That's awesome. That was quick. He said, I'm real estate guy. Of course, I got your house. He said, check the contracts there on your desk in your office. So I wanted to the office, and there was a contract for four days of the for Saatchi mansion. I'm not gonna say the exact amount, but I'm gonna tell you it was north of a million dollars. Yeah, yeah. He's not lying, by the way, he lamenting. And all these a bunch of famous, people showed up to the party manning showed up, very early to the party George, yes, I was the first one they're standing there dead. And I were doing a red carpet show and ally was there before we got there, though, guy. So he was just standing there looking clueless. Like that's because that's what he li- looks like. But if you remember, George nNcholas was also there and I begged him and he did it spoke to my wife for fifteen minutes. On the phone. Yeah. I also adrift with Tom Cruise Katie Holmes that, that was. Yeah. Because we ended up standing it causes so much that we rented the house out to the Redskins so they can have their party there. George. I'd be walking around that house like I was staying in the house and walked down the hallway to brush my teeth in the morning, and it was there was it was weird. Right. It was weird. It was weird, but it was a great story to tell now you know what I'm saying. Like, if you think about, and, you know, and I believe Stu gods was pretty drunk, most of the time, they're even potentially if I recall correctly drunk on the radio one of the days. Oh one hundred percent the entire time. I was happening is that the place where you, you asked ludicrous how much his diamond watch calls, though. Shaquille, O'Neal shacks party? That was that was a check sporty. You did a like remote late remote, like just kinda after your normal show for like kind of the red carpet. Right. And then ludicrous game to the red carpets standing, and he's like iced up. Okay with and Stu gods. Like, of course in very Stu gods in fashion. You know, just you know money in his eyeballs at all day long. He's like a ludicrous. There's a nice watch. How much does that cost? And like are you really asking him how much is watch? It's pretty indelicate of you, whatever I wasn't words came out that clearly, by the way. And, of course, is ludicrous that not tell them how much of the wash cost of course. Now, do you have any other embarrassing Danja known better George when I came back to the broadcast table. Double-fisted gin and tonics. It is what it is stories for, for days like we literally, I could come back and do like a weekly with you guys. And just like we do stories for the next two years. I well, let's do that, for those of you who don't know. And why would you know I have an hour and a half drive home? And I have spent many of those drive homes talking to Sodano for the entire time. Like next thing I know I'm in my driveway. My wife wave me in for dinner, and I'm still on the folk would sit on. Oh, we've had, like ninety minute to our epic conversations. I do think it'd be funny for you to come back like once a week and tell the story let's see what this what let's do it for the next three weeks. You tell story. But the bronze medalist of stugatz just crazy ideas or stories that I've add George go ahead. The bronze medal, the Bruns medal is because medalist it's just a wet the appetite. And what the paddle was when Stu gods. Called me. One day when Tariq oh and Gruden. We're doing Monday night football. I knew you were going to this, and she calls me, and he's like. Could you believe they're just, you know, this is right after the Kornheiser thing, and you know, it didn't work out or whatever. And he's like believe Tariq going Gruden rid of corn heights. I mean, what they really should do is put people like you and me in there, and I'm like, stugotz, neither of us have ever done a game broadcast of any sort in our entire life. Like, what makes you believe that we and he was arguing with me, like, say, come on are you crazy, like how much more four would it be? Nobody watches the game for the announcers. Meanwhile, everybody's tuning in, for grooten because they just think he's quirky. And dorky and is always saying the funny thing about someone you know spider why two banana and they just they love that nonsense. They're eating it up, yet Stu gods. Trying to tell me that nobody cares about who's in the booth. But of course, stugatz at that time that even before the stugotz army existed. Okay. They were infantry at that point. They weren't even an army and Dan. Popular than Jon Gruden. I, I still maintain that. To get outta here. See Stu body. 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So is the official watch of the NBA each one two t so's timepieces delivers quality performance and traditional luxury this graduation season. Get the NBA fan in your life AT, so watch the T so Kroto XL is a great watch for those looking for sporty krona graph, which was technology at number price shot now at US dot T, so shop dot com. If you have a son who was graduating coming up here the next month or so there's no better gift than the gift of tea. So get him a great watch. They're going to absolutely love it. Check them out at U S T. So shop dot com. Poverty al-harran with us here on stupidity. You could check about on Twitter at cheddar cheese. Seven sixteen year. NBA veteran drafted at a high school in nineteen ninety eight couple of years there with Knicks. So how does how does the sixteen year? NBA veteran who never tried marijuana while he was playing in the NBA, which I find listen of all your compliment, that's probably the most amazing accomplishment that you did not marijuana while you in the NBA. Only I can I try one side, Phoenix Arizona playing what they go the State Warriors. If you look at that team, you can look through the team through the plate, and I don't have to even tell you which cleared back and smoking, we, we would say, Chris and watching the game and, you know, we need the clippers to beat Denver. And then we need to be Phoenix next night, so that we can make the playoffs that we just made the playoffs before that we believe team. I think we were like forty two and forty and is makes here we want forty eight game. So we actually got better, but we missed the playoffs because obviously the quickly there what they do and they lost, and you know about this out that opportunity to get into the playoffs so you all frustrated. You know, just like can't believe you don't get a chance to Bill minimum what we have here. And, you know, the guys started smoking you may say how you gonna smoke today. I don't wanna hear it you gonna try. So I try to, you know. Come into peer pressure. And I'll never forget that night. I was so paranoid that made me feel like you know, smoking wasn't for me. So I got tic- to and kill I was in Denver in box me surgery. And that's when I realize, you know, that, you know, the opioids that they gave me the prescription drugs, getting agree with me, and I wanted to try something different. You know what I'm saying to our pain? I'm looking at the seven oh, eight warriors roster. I'm guessing you were at Ruth Chris table before it was Harrington is Matt Barnes. It was barren Davis. And it was Stephen Jackson. My close close real close. Am I leaving anyone out because I know those three whatever the? For ten no. Right. So Chris Webber as well. So you try it once you're paranoid understandable. But now you have become a marijuana mogul. How did that happen? Take us through that. Well, not a mogul yet. I'm a mogul in the making but out you're getting their man ally. Read the story about you, man. You're getting pretty damn close, my friend. We work in probably when I was playing. I got the two thousand ten thousand nine when I started getting better program, so obviously, you know, they are initially in our country and game pretty much the first to really regulate. So, you know, they had all these different rules regulations. So it was always talking about a little bills and stuff that they were passing along the way and they were talking about all the benefits of cannabis and the moment happening that ended I, I hear when my grandmother came to see we play where she got a while and you'll see down in North Carolina and you know, playing in bubble. No bathing in Vegas. All these stuff like that. It'd be can't fear much. So she got the you know, Tammy his pillbox up on counter. She started taking all these pills. Is. Like my white take something vitamin you. Vitamins, you know dealing with that they're going to require coma. So I say we'll grandma you just meeting by the day about how cannabis note cheers coma. So she's like, what are you talking about selling about when I was read, and she was going back to what is candidates? And I was like he's marijuana. We say said. Boy, am I slogan over. He is. Help, you know, help my is all gonna do it, make me hungry. She's laughing, I always make sure always make a point to say, like, you know, my grandmother, soc shame crumbs, and she's not going to have it will go into hell. Sure, we don't have a set you that sounds street now sees. And you know, she said. No. So it makes. About it again. And 'cause he was in, you know, she was a lot of things. Just looked at me alum, and so much painted a outside. And I'm fine with grammar that medication is not working is give it a shot. So we had a try downstairs. I went to the Napa Zada game. So we'll go from that. Remember how paranoid I was I gonna make sure there like climbing up the walls and right go downstairs, and the doors close. I'm not gonna do put my head to the door and back to the door looking down and out feeling kind around and, you know, I meant to get him in and she was crying his she said, I'm healed, she said, I haven't been able to read the words bike on over three years. So she was downstairs reading bible. You know what I'm seeing athletes? She try can't be the first time. And, you know, for me, you know, spoke volumes just like you know, especially for her, you know, she's seventy nine years old, just about eighty and you know someone. Oh, you know, they're so setting their ways, when those isn't it beating her. And she was born at no cannabis is a gateway drug and one way, chips Krizan and all that other stuff before to be open to China and getting hurt out relief, you know, spoke volumes to me, inspired me educate myself more until I got a point where I was like I wanna help people, you know what I'm saying. I at about educate people. Yeah. It's not a basketball. You know what I'm saying? Something just as passionate about as I was. When I you know, put on my workout gear to go to the gym. You know what I'm saying? I love what I saw you went down there. She's reading the bible now, what happened with the munchies like a bag of chips that are hand what happened there on. She didn't next for months, you know, believe is not she's very like snow each snacks, and all that. You know what I mean by eating and stuff like that? So definitely probably went to vegetables of whatever. But yeah. Maybe to give it license. She does like that. By the way a perfect. I mean just perfect for grandma. You know, when you originally asked her that is the perfect word for grandma to spit back at you refir-. Get outta here. You know, it's like. Gorge. He wasn't. Just out of curiosity. What happened with you going back to route Christopher's second with ios seven eight warriors after you got over your paranoia? Will you just throw it down? Stakes crazy. No believing that we all did around. Right. Okay. So I went back to the room I are firing feel like the police was coming up on smell weed into rooms. I didn't know what was going. I've. You know scare myself fleet. God. So from that moment from the moment you realize, hey, this stuff can help a lot of people. This stuff is a lot healthier for you than, than the pills that, that I've taken. My grandma's been taking for years, walk us through how you go from that moment in the bedroom with grandma who is of motion reading the bible for the first time to starting a marijuana company. You told obviously, you know, variety that game today was intense from wrack my brain, which is going crazy like that. I just only I know people that just smoked to smoke and get high or whatever, you know, not even realizing it just benefits of ever. But at the scene from hurry. It was like, wow. So I called the one person that I remember that always had cannabis with them every time I thought, and I was my co-founder and I called him, and I told him the story and he was just like laughing. Right. No way. My I'm telling you, bro, like, so and fly out the Colorado what we did was we did some investigating the research him because I was out Harrington, I was able to pretty much give into anyone's business. Okay. While welcome being open arms, hoping that I would potentially invest in different things like that. So, you know, we thought educate myself, looking at grow opera, two different things like that you'd probably like a year later, we made our first investment. We were caregivers. So when we first started all about Asian that we moved for HIV cancer. So we grew like heavy into constraints or whatever because most of those people deal with a lot of pain, and, you know, we grew from there on twenty four teen they kinda killed the care. Give him out a win Colorado pretty much. You know, you had to become a licensed, business and twenty sixteen. We went to Oregon, we found a farm there forty acre farm, where we actually cultivate off that farm, we have a fifty thousand square foot building of the great that vertically integrated. So we have cultivated, manufacturing and retail retail is opening up the end of this month, you know, California where in the process right now by two grows on applying for licenses in Illinois, Maryland, can York. So, you know, we're trying to grow the national Graham, we're trying to bring this medicine people. And, you know, one of the things that we also have been thinking in me, you know, they're trying to be a company. Opportunity for black and Brown end of the day, when you think about the war and drugs and all the people that went to jail for candidates related offenses nine inviolate senses work, right? People around people, you know what I'm saying? Right now we represented only within the industry from ownership level. So I think that anybody has heart as a real brain it, they should have basically like there's something wrong with that. And, you know, that's something that, you know, really speaking out, soon, that something in our company is really, really making a big investment into. So he started out a growl at its at, like, hey, I'm not just going to grow the stuff. I'm gonna create my own stores and sell it myself. Why, why split percentages on my own product, but I just got solid myself. Right. That's, that's what you did exactly early in the game. You know what I mean is not an insurer market yet goes, there's opportunity for us to kind of do all of that. So, you know, I feel like it's my team has the bad with to continue to expand take bigger roles in every part of the supply chain. Why not do it? You know, retailers the new thing that we're doing so, you know, now we're building out kind of McDonald's kind of bottle. You know what I'm saying, so that when we do help, the minorities, get licenses that we can kinda give them a blueprint of success. You know what I'm saying? Because I hate doing one thing to get off it but then you have to also be successful. And, you know, that's where we we're helping create David Stern finally came around in an interview over two thousand seventeen stern told you on now at a point where personally, I think marijuana should be removed from the ban list, you persuaded me. He's also there's a picture of you and him on the website. It begs the question of you David Stern getting high. We have not I have not. Okay. All right. Give al-harran tan found themselves with the strangest person that Al Harrington found them getting highway these blank. Strange person, just like, like I can't believe I'm like, I can't believe I'm smoking my own product with this person. To question. You don't wanna give nave that. I guess I love the smoke with Obama. I don't know. Please tell me you have smoked with Barack Obama pleased elevated. So check them out. It's viola. Brands dot com as doing really good work. I've had a number of people come up to me, if I had a number I've actually had marijuana companies come up to me because my name on the radio Stu guts, and they wanna start a strain called stoop pods. Good idea, bad idea. What do you think? Bad idea. Why is that a bad idea? I don't get it like the name of it. Okay. That's all right. I have a million ideas, I want to run past you and I got a million names like NBA players if they created a marijuana strain, what their strain would be. And I just wanna have some fun to play that game with yet, like Nicola Tokyo. That what you know, that's pretty good Nicola tugging Cokie. They. All right. So I wanna play this game with you. But quickly on the way out. 'cause you generous with your time, Ken split the junior, how do you feel about that? Ken Griffey Ken split the. You're right. All right. Alison the stories amazing. It really it's an amazing story. And you could check out on Twitter again, it's at cheddar cheese. Seven on Twitter out, even gracious with your time, even great. This is great. I have enjoyed it anything else, you want to get out there about your business about the marijuana industry feel free to do it. You know. You know ones if competed support us, you know, took it out on Instagram at by Hewlett dot lifestyle by Yola dot lifestyle. And then me personally out here in three out here so you always check out. Well, we got cooking up new states, new product, you know, just kind of keep up with, you know, movements and great. Listen, I'm bad. It's been and what you're doing in your post MBA career for me is even better than what you did in your career. So I'd like to have you back every now and then just to play a game with you. And I wanna learn more about this industries. I get no problem brothers do it. Eight episodes. Thanks for joining us. I enjoyed a conversation about marijuana with the former Nick pacer NBA store, Al Harrington that thanks to Georgia, Donna for joining us as well, making fun of me which it out. I was always fun. Check about ESPN LA, seven ten home of the LA, Lakers rate. Subscribe review. Unsubscribe rerate review. Do it for me. Do it for George Saddad do for the watt family. Okay. Don't do it for our Brian if you do for Brian go to hell. So you next week.

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