#221 A man and his collection


This vandross jason j. lose the voice superman on justice league actions wade. Why you're listening to be cut. The al things could tell you. Find cats including superman and we discussed games cartoons. Tv shows and finding on facebook. Hello everyone welcome to krypton. Report is a special episode. That i got to interview some amazing superman collection. I actually put the interview on youtube. And i hope to have more video soon of the collection but a highly recommend checking out the krypton youtube page to actually see some of the stuff. That roy has collection t-shirt. she likes. He likes your shirt. I like yours to tyler. Thank you she likes hyun around. Welcome to the krypton report. Today's episode is a very special episode. Talking with someone who's superman stuff is far past my imagination. That's right a collection so amazing. That philip should just get my car and drive right now. i am welcoming a fellow superman fan ambassador friend and collector mr roy thomas. Welcome roy thank you. Hi tyler how are you happy saturday. Happy saturday gotta love recording on saturday morning. Yeah it's wonderful As you can see you can see some of my meager collection behind me. A lot of my stuff is this way. Yeah looks great dull This is what. I call the cave of solitude. Basement room here. That's terrific great man. I'm go everything well-situated the one of the best things my wife and i when we found this house was having the basement like this that way i can put all my collectibles in an area. And they're not in the way of you know people coming over to the house or whatever and it just makes it nice. I see you have your own special ryan. We moved here We lived in a huge house in when the boys moved out. They got all that we moved into little ranch and the only thing we wanted. My wife wanted deal ceilings upstairs. I wanted a basement. That was finished so i could bring my collection down. I didn't have nearly as much over the last twenty two years. I've really added to it. The thing is about having the entire basement. Is that the maui. Have to store all of our in the garage. We don't have any extra room on air. 'cause dance got it all but my basement is separated into two areas into a superman area of the vast majority of it and then i have a batman bar in a batman area off to the side that i'm pretty brought up. That's all that's exciting. Yeah it's it's funny I'm gonna send you later a mean. That is hilarious. It's a it's a picture someone made. It's like a house plan and master bedroom. Kitchen superman collection of my My wife every time we've looked at a house. She always tries to find that room for me. You know like yes. I don't know if you can tell like we. My wife plays piano and sings her pianos back. There might be people my bases or over there For the christmas we got the kids kids sized drums and guitar. This room serves as not only like the superman room but like our music room erin so we always try to find your basement birdie central. Yeah i love the basement this together. We're always down here I've always got somebody over whether it's a kid or somebody from the neighborhood or somebody from the comic store while my i mean there's always somebody over here and we just vitamin i set my art room warm at most of the time and talk and you know just talk about comics. The whole thing is this i. I came to believe that used to be partners in anna comic book store still there. But i got out and Comic bookstores for the most part are dingy and dark. And you know they. They thrive on the regular customers. And i think guys don't mind early. They may even want that way. Because when a bunch of grown men get together and they wanna know who's more powerful wonder woman or power girl and could superman beat. Captain marvel these kind of span boy conversations. They don't want other people listening in on it. When we're geeking out we just want to stay little comic bookstore in geek out on what we love and whatnot without you know because if anybody else were to hear somebody not into comments. I mean they think we were. I think that we were a bunch of bull schoolkids way we i've been into. I've been into superman mayan tire dot my entire life. I do as george reads and that Every my father was was kind of a ray. Keep look womanizer. This laugh what i earned about truth and justice the american way and how to be a man i learned from superman and today i just a reporter from the daily. There's nothing really funny anymore. About truth and justice. And the american way we see it on the wane now and it's more important than ever and as for me. I'm proud to be a fan boy. I'm proud to be a superman fan. I'm proud to love to draw comics. I If the true american art form yes it is an original american art form and I think it's got as much value. I don't believe in high and low art. It's got as much value. This john is any other genre has and As i say. I'm i'm familiar with a lot of fan boys all my friends at fan boys and Role happy that will that we are that. I'm sure it's the same with you. Thailand you know are like you're saying i taught a Middle school art class. Not long ago and you know the kids were creating things and they were talking about. Who's better i was like you know. The thing is our is subjective. And i i pulled up on the computer. Like here's a picture of batman drawn by bruce ten. You know i'm like you know. Then i'm like here's a picture of batman. Draw by lebron mayo. Same character both good in their own way but you know strikingly different in the So i agree with you with the high and low art. And the the thing is is that i. I set out to draw comics. I went tomorrow. Got a work permit and i went to marvel at sixteen And there I was an intern. I just stuffed stuff. You know rain holes and and beds copy but being around the bullpen. Even though it was only a short. While 'cause i ended up being drafted taught me a tremendous amount just watching and learning and into the service doesn't covers for dc. But then i went freelanced. I've never looked back. I've gone underground comics. I've drawn everything you can possibly think of. Make a block in my life. Whether it's the history of the black movement on zayda party stores whether it's disney cared goes on a basement signs were built done everything to make a block and it's helped me in good stead. Were not my advanced age luckily I concluded much Handle pretty much anything. that's symphony. My cards everything gone again. Be gone or rather. Let me tell you tyler. I've gone everything to make the block of my life. You know everything that's came up to me came down basement. You said like. Mike had a basement. But i had eminem stuff on it and i had some coke stuff in a good friend of mine said decorating or you collecting and i said oh Decorate and i guess because we collect you need to collect and just that openly is. And that's when i went completely superman and batman i used to have star wars in hulk and i got rid of all that stuff put in the basement and decided i mean in the garage and now i I collect slowly superman and batman and it's He opened my eyes. There's a big difference between collecting and decorating. You know what's funny is i always. I always joke that like all. When i was born i came out with like the spit curl and everything some of my earliest pictures. Milan has like me and my superman pajamas. You know and she has a picture of me crying next to the washing machine. My superman pajamas. She was washing them and i was wanting to wear them. And i've always been that kind of like. I want to collect things display them. Move my kids when they come down here. they don't understand. Why can't i touch daddy's toys like no. We don't play with this toy and they just look wait. But that ain't you going to open that one. No when i have a five year old granddaughter and Since she's been a little baby. I've allowed me to play in this one little corner right year. And she's got a piled up because my my at least my general philosophy my general approach to collect. What was this. I knew That i was never going to be able to keep up with the guys that by the us. Hundred hundred dollar statues. Yeah i wasn't going to be able to be like those guys that sink thousands into the man cave just and they build you know places in ehrlich chambers into their wall lights to put their with their figures in and all that everything i've done is is all made. I've done it myself even like this. Let me see if i can see like this thing. Right they said big man out of wood right. There is homemade my philosophy. Was this the same guy who told me are Adding decorating Collecting told me that big pieces you always going to have. They're always going to be somebody's gonna sell 'em there's always they're always gonna be around but the little things the five to ten to twenty dollars things that people throw out those things because of their rarity and their scarcity will become worth more money as time goes on to story a gentleman i on ebay ordered a spent thirty five hundred dollars on a spider-man diverse spiderman popsicle sticks no popsicle but the sticks and the rapper in good humor he paid thirty five hundred bucks for so i started going not cheap. But i haven't been. I think the most i've ever spent probably one hundred dollars on something. Superman didn't bartered bartered for wonder woman picture. Yeah beat the the city of which i bartered for another picture that kind of stuff but despite spending money huge amounts no announcing z. Closet one second. Let me see. I wanna give you that. I did it a little short. Thank you oh no problem. One talks about when we talk about being affected by superman as little boys. I did this eleven. My mother was the one that trinity for me and she told me with the story. But i'll just tell quick. It's two pages but it's all about see it right. There is a little boy looking at in the air. He's learning how and socks and this was me. A thing about meet pretending to be superman as a little boy and i had this thing now for fifty nine years projected it for me and you can see. It's all about a kid pretending to be superman he's been he's been a great influence in my life as i'm sure anybody that's been into these been influence no like i'm not really happy now. Everything that they're doing to superman purist. It's a case of migrants damned. If you doing dan if you don't the character writers have to make the character fresh. They have to eat them. Relevant in current up-to-date and bam boys want that but then the second. There's some kind of change with its joe's uniform into his curl they they don't like it. What are you doing. How dare you and I guess i'm kind of those kind of i. Guess i i get it. I go back and forth. You know the the the the character the image that impacted you that stays with you But it's like you know at the end of the day. I don't own the character and so like i can only be angry about so much You know i. I just tried to embrace anything in everything and i mean if something you know does upset me. Of course. i'll say something but at the same time you know what are you gonna do about it. Yeah i can complain. Or i can just be okay. Just let it go. There's big problems bigger things in the world. all there is. I mean there is in fact we would talk. I'm mulling over. I had a fire down here in my art room in a wastepaper basket and Smoke damage was terrible. And i lost all my letters from my mom. My mom navy and stuff. I had my bookcase My personal letters and books and photographs. And all i lost all of my personal stop at once the fire we had the Insurance guys over here and they were kind of giving me goth over my collection. All you had an extra writer on this while of one hundred and forty thousand dollar ranch. My basements insured one hundred and fifty five thousand while simply because things i have done here. They sent might soon collection over to this guide ozone it charged insurance eighty thousand dollars while back then the when the adjuster came down this was seven years ago v. e. adjusted and he But the price of my suit met collection one hundred sixty seven thousand now. That was seven years ago. I've added a contoured since then one nine. I'm getting i'm seventy am wanting to get a house up north here northern michigan because my daughter said to me she goes well dead when you go or got the bitch. 'cause i'm not gonna know what to do with it out dust it and stuff but i'm not gonna dutch anything. Come pick it up cool. Yeah yeah. I like to sell a piece muller as much as i can. There's a debate. I sell it all at one time to one person or sell it off peaceful or piecemeal that the thing that keeps me from really right now the big hurdle for me to sell it to a Just really we had the money. We'll take it. But they want me to catalog every tyler. Yeah that's thousands of pieces. Oh i believe. I mean just looking at behind you like. Yeah it's You can see a naturally. That's just a slob art. It goes all the way to the back and round and I've got ss on my floor over on this side. i've got an is just. It's insane and if i do not along take me and my wife the catalog it would take months. We yes to do all of this. Yeah exactly. I mean it comes down to like the one thing i've thought about collecting you know you're talking about people who get the high and keep up. Yeah yeah it's sometimes it's about you like what you like what you can. You can get trapped in the. I gotta have it all you know everything and especially i mean. Nowadays there's so much that's made in variance and little differences and they know that collectors go crazy over it. Okay look fun cope pop. That's that's out but bunko. The twelve eighty care couldn't find one. One of my very good friends is a manager of a myers grocery store department store and he hooks me up when things come in. I finally got one but already there. Celena they sold out and in lieu of statues. What i started doing was my own. Dd kind of statute. Who's one of a kind and i'll do doubles. I have one right here. That i did just my superman table. Oh that's awesome. And i've got a soup table that my sister-in-law old Dinette set that. I painted blue and red and let me see if i got all. I'll get you one more. Sure and meyer. The man's collection. Hear anyone who's listening Related to watch the youtube video just to see the the beauty of this man's astounding collection rarities. And just what it means to be a lifelong collector at a time before people collected right. Well my my good friend. Old friend lappam's every every year at the comic con here at the motor city comic con. I seem almost every year. And we certainly talk. And i will usually do him a piece of one of his covers or something like that. His famous cover muhammad ali. I'll fighting superman outrageous boy. I wasn't gonna pay two dollars for that s ridiculous dollars out. Some guys want to sell it to me. One hundred fifty nine mulling over. What i did was. I took the comic. I made a three d mah li fighting the light fighting superman and what he did was he signed it for me. Oh wow so now. i can't sell it. The signature alone was more than the peace. And then i did at albuquerque newman. Nice man and then. There's this one here that i adored we. He said i did. I say i do these in lieu of statutes buying them. I just draw my own. That's cool and they really caught on. And i'm so busy now. I'm busier now at seventy than i was. I've been at any time in my career My emails off. Look my phone rings at any one day i've got. I've always got ten twelve fourteen assignments always in the rear behind me at one hundred hours a week and i only. I don't do doubles now. I've done superman that. I've never done the same one like we were talking about. More were different. Artis josh superman and whatnot. I purposely try to get him the different situations different for different. The my money. Believe it or not with everything i do. The for the last ten years the number one in my opinion. I john joker harley quinn job jogger are league. When do you do joker. He sells more. Probably by five to one anything that i will use. Undoubtedly the most popular comic character today in comics batman. the joker. Everybody likes him. Everybody identifies with the not identifies what everybody thinks. He's cool so on a weekly basis. Draw to jokers a week where people simply because especially since suicide squad and youth ledger batman. Yeah take off. I love your room back. There looks eclectic very nice. Thank you thank you. I'll take some better pictures here in a little bit and send them to you. Send you some meyer room in my and my basement to basement wall is covered in artwork. I mean i've been down here twenty three years and I'll bet you. I've got two hundred pieces hanging down here that i just you know. So let's let's back up for a second here. Let's let's dive back into young roy. Yeah what was your first exposure to the superman character that you can remember first exposure to superman yup george reeves And his tv series Superman com accepted that. I got into superman comics just before curt swan to go over out full time. And i can't think of the gentleman's name. It's a mind bart again even think of his name now The guy that do it back in the forties and fifties. They say the guy was a real piece of work but it was curt swan. I loved his style. You such pretty pictures and like anything else. It was the imagery that pulled me in. I wanted to learn how to go. Look how he draws anatomy. Oh look look those billions are drawn and i could stand marble simply because back at the time. The color was substandard. I thought the the pay the bill of the paper sub-standard and jack kirby do everything and like an idiot. I didn't realize how great jacker was until i got on later on in life. What am i thinking. But it was by that time then You know even in the as a as a teenager. I went to the service. I always had a suit. Nancy stood on my shirt. Or you name it. He's always been a A motivating airfield my life. You really asked just glad that every time a new movie comes something. Thank you got. Let me live to see this new movie. I'm just wanna brothers today. Though i wanna brothers really they need to take a page out of marbles outta marbles block when it comes to put not to look how perfect marble put out there movies in conjunction with each other so everything. Bits like ambien glove it. I mean that that the dived on that whole rabbit hole. But you know the best thing the big thing there was just. There was one person with a vision as an producer. Who was an overseer. And you're talking about yup. And he had the vision he had the idea that he kinda controlled everything. At warner brothers. The idea of like well. We'll be a creator owned studio thing. And and that's i mean i get the value in both but at the same time. Having that one person overarching elps make the cohesion of every. Yes i wanna brothers took a took the stand Couple of years ago where they wanna do stand alone movies on. Not so much. These these multi character driven movies. But they want movies to stand alone batman superman without batman being in it by versa. And even though they've had a couple of deals. I hope i is that the The the releasing of justice league i hope will kickstart the franchise again Because they're a band boys like this one guy told me he said i don't care good or bad. I don't care lousy special effects. i don't care. He said. I saw aquaman batman flash in a movie together. And that's all it's important to me but now word is is that The whole franchise may be kickstarted again. Because of the snyder cut some people say it's just as boring to make a flower movie and then have. Hbo cut it up into four different days. Imia rate doodle with two days we want but this four day thing i. I don't think the movie should be seen like that. I think there should be two hours. Intermission come back and finish watching the like. These characters are important to a lot of people and it's nice to see their continuing stories You know for me without just like you know. When i was little real little lois and clark was on tv. So i watched the tv series of lois. I'm ben when i got to be a teenager and i was in highschool. Is smallville came out. So then i'm watching teenage clark in high school while i'm in highschool yes and then now we have superman and lois and it's awesome because it's superman a dad and i'm a dad. Yeah my kids are younger. So i like these connections with the characters. I liked that. We're developing these characters more kind of reflection you exactly as far as you were in high school. Nama dad with kids and you know things like that. Yeah that's It was lois. And clark that ultimately became responsible for the death of superman you aware that they wanted to marry him off in comics and when they found out that the tv series was going to marry him off. They had to come up with something else. And i think it was dan jirgas say. Let's kill him off and now and that's what they that's what they did. Yeah i like that shirt man. Oh thank you. My my wife's best friend's husband got me the kingdom come. Who superman shirt. He got me the red son for christmas. Nah so to order these two man website and i liked that i tried to collect. My shirts is like getting the different versions. So it's not like combined the same thing over and over right. Yeah but wasn't say is when we conversation we've had a lot on the podcast and stuff is what i hate. It seems like the only superman stories of people that matter to death superman stories. It's like everybody wants to do the death. And even all star superman which is people's people think one of the best superman stories ever written is a different death of superman story. Yeah and we'll story beautiful story but again about the deficit mental and to me. I like more of like superman stories of like like the small stuff like I buy a lot of stuff in trades. Just because it's easier. And but i always like superman grounded volume one when jay michaels trubisky was writing it because it was like superman taking an interest in ordinary people and being with people in like the impact of the he can bring in small ways. And that's something that. I like seeing reflected in the character on the different shows and everything baby girl. They're both solomon's got try on what fits and what doesn't okay. You have your own pair of pants k. Malia be home soon will use a go. India in the superman comics years ago. Back in the sixties mid sixties. They started a little thing In the back backing cox used to get a full like fifteen page story and then you get some usually three stories in comic welcome and they always had a little little two or three page story in the back about the character and they started a little thing called superman or the secret. Life of superman gone by kurt salon and the one way came hold on the planet puts on a smoking jacket and he decides he's gonna try smoking tobacco see what these humans find in it and he smokes a pipe in a crushing the pipe and all of that but they did a lot of little allowed a little stuff like that about trying to show you behind the scenes you know. He doesn't wear glasses at home. But that was a long time ago and just to try to give us an idea of what would be like to be to be that way in real life and have to act like you know like your regular person but there's been so many deep deep psychological discussions on superman about how fast brain works as is he got a supercomputer as brain and if that was the back he wouldn't be interested in anything. We've got going on down here. Because his on and on and on remember the time when they got to the point where she could actually blow a star create other realities and things like that and they had to walk they had to Dial it back a little bit. And i wasn't really one when they start taking powers away list. I really wasn't a fan of that i really. I don't think they should put that gannon where we're going to take his powers away from making. I don't want or need more. Power superman would say and i'm thinking that would be. That's kind of a mistake. You know just that's a mistake don't loses out you. Don't have to concentrate on everything but embroiled out sons and moving planets that but at the same time you don't have to shop it at the same time. Don't making them what he you know. And i would also like to see superman and more of his comics up. Of course it will never happen. But every now i'm gonna cross. Oh but i really would like to see superman Take on team up battle other characters. You see a lotta fan boy pictures. I did this one man in the hall. Okay i would love to see superman. Fight the hall. Did you ever see the if not. I'll send you a link. There was a guy online who did like an animated superman fighting the hulk video. Okay very good very good really well done. Yeah yeah. I missed like the old. When they had the dc versus marvel book that came out in the ninety s. That will never happen again. We tyler for years and could still be so the court. Target market or accountable. Scher were young boys between the ages of twelve and seventeen ones. That that's why the women had been brusson little twelve inch waist long legs all the fighting all the adventure Because they add. They were aimed at boyce with the price of comics. Today for five bucks then. You get the graphic novels. Twenty twenty five blocks. They'd pretty much closed off the the Genre do young boys as far as nowadays still by comics. But for kidney and a lot. When i was growing up dig a dollar and get did comic books for a block your lamp daddy. Why you can't spend a dollar anywhere if you walk into complex stores under five dollar bill by one comic. You're going home without anything. I'm very much against it simply because these it happened when the artists writers pretty much took on free agency to a now. You know you get a mike. O'brien brian michael bender. Make it by million dollars year designs signs a ten year contract. Look jim lee saying exclusive contracts would millions generally is Know i watch them often. On the internet i would. I would highly recommend that. I go to jimmy's website and he's always drawn somebody different. And oh that's a very cool band when we get on stadium there. No yeah thank you i also have. You might appreciate this. it's my wife. It says geneva. My soul mate in crotone ian here on my arm awesome. I sign my name. Goop tonia net is awesome. I got that done two years ago for our anniversary it was anniversary i got it done. I went went overseas. i. I stopped in alameda. California tattoo parlor. People bodies. And i didn't know what to get got i wasn't at all. My uncle was in the navy at a black panther. I get a black pants on my arm. It cost me seven dollars. I get the thing. Done i go. We leave we onto bar. And i am sitting there leaving the next day. Woman sat down the two stools away from me. She looks over and she goes. I really love you on her daughter and she goes. I'm sorry is it. A squirrel us know lady. You know the worst add to you could possibly you could pass. We imagined when. I see people tattoos i respected. I admired but the pain. How do you set their handle. That pain 'cause even the little one. I have after layup two minutes they got. Raise your wages hacking in your eye and stop. I can't I got on right there. Oh that's very cool. My that would be very My mother-in-law bought me a gift card for the tattoo shop after i graduated. College was right before i married. My wife is actually right around. The time smallville was ending. I and got it done any regrets about getting a dan. Hi it's as long as you don't put a nine year necker on your hand. You're fine. I mean i would like to come down a little bit but it's not it's fine. Yeah yeah so i can't. I can't do it because i'm on. I'm an old man. I'm love dinners and medications. there's no way i could. I bleed out if they got a tattoo. Now in besides tattoos for the yang basically The older you get your skin loses its elasticity of black doron fade and things like this before a guy my age. I mean it but just be wasted money for me to go get a tattoo home. I'm supposed to go out today. Now if you hit the art store and There are I had a friend of mine walk in a couple of days ago. He had a Superman flying and as soon as he walked in. I knew it was mine and i said We're in the hell. Did you get that. I got an antique shop in. Bill was in the front window. He said i do the damn thing. Probably thirty years ago was an antique shop. I got a. I bought it. It was it was in the front window and the guy walked in the guy yet signed. And everything's you're not signed by. I don't even know i got there. I do have an awful lot. I walked into a restaurant out at mount. clemens A suburb right across the coney island across from the house. I walk in coney island. They've got a big man picture. I do twenty plus years ago. I don't even know how it got there you walk you go in all the neighborhood stores around here. They've all got stand ups. They've all got pictures. They've all got where the angelman or stores and stuff and sell them wore me. I've got my stuff hanging in so many local businesses around here roy. You decorate our business and we'll sell the cella boy right off the wall. And that's what i've been doing for the last ten years two years and it's turned into cash com goodness but you have four hundred pieces hanging in coney island an insurance building at probably another hundred air smoke shop sparty store name it go ahead diana. Oh that's that's impressive. Let's let's just goes. I'm trying to make a block. I don't advertise. It's all word by mouth word of mouth. Because i've never. I'm certainly not ambitious. And i'm not driven and i really don't have any kind of a plan. Just do what. I like to do it. Hopefully it'll get john. And i've been lucky in that because i make i make it pretty decent living from celebrate lance arc's the thing about glances though As i told my students. I teach art twice a week down here and as i tell my students Being freelance you've gotta hit every picture out of the bar. You got hit every ball at you. Can't have a strike or a ball or a you know a double donald. They're paying you. They want a home run. And that's where the pressure comes from itself. Vote because you wanna do the very very best you can do for that client. No yeah well. i'm houston pieces. I'll send them to you when they're done. Do you want you want those pieces to be able to hang up or do you want him. Stand up would. Because i told my wife i told her about it and we have some art pieces upstairs. That like i'll take some pictures and send them to you like some friends have done and stuff like that so she wants to hang it up when i was telling her about it so yeah i wonder so. Limit by train of thought here Who is your favorite superman. Walbrook something into the role and agree with that. And like the way what i tell people when they say when they ask me who my favorite is i say i picked the one that had the most emotional residence with me reads. That'd be christopher reeves for me. Probably georgia's i like christopher reeves up a trail because he was happy-go-lucky way about it And that that's what i enjoy. What i what. I what i don't like like in superman returns with brandon ralph. I don't like When superman gets his butt kicked and then you know like would i thought it was just almost an unforgivable. Upper gimbal seen is when You know lex. Luther kevin spacey's british ship him with this sharpies a grip and they've got him around these other guys and he's young. Oh oh come on man come on. it's mean beating. Him is one thing but then to have him. Yeah lane screaming as they're dragging me combine you guys. You know don't do that don't do that. I wanna concentrate on me. The super but i also like it when the concentrate on the man bart. Yeah that's what. I like about henry gable. He's he's a real man. A manly man playing playing that role. But he's even even henry qabil cable second movie made. I just read some. He was off of it and then a couple of weeks ago. He's back on and then yesterday and the day before they're saying no he's off again. They wanna go with the black guy for superman which. I don't agree with not that i have anything against black people. But that's the that's the other thing is little controversy is the changing of of the race of some these characters And it didn't bother me at all about when when superhero came out a jimmy olsen was. Dc's answered archie. Andrews dislike check on star. Trek was their answer to To davy jones of the monkees. I never thought about it. S that's awesome so when I completely lost my about jimmy olsen jimmy olsen in the comics famously redhead and greco famously. Because he was answered archie andrews and then it seems like just by virtue of the fact that we're still that we're we were another important genre. They feel they have the license to to to change the character's or the situation of the characters into something totally totally different. So when lok when when supergirl is talking about you know having a crush in jimmy olsen. And i'm thinking oh jimmy you know and then. Some tall black guy walks in jimmy olsen. It has nothing to do with racist. It has everything to do with comic purity us you know if if if how many white characters we see. How many black characters do we see. Change to white. And what would the reaction be if that happened. You can imagine so it's important and it isn't warm damp black label believable pertinent vert characters. Then it seems to me it would be better if they would come up with new characters rather than changing the white. Erica into black. I think that would be more insulting than anything else Like i saw one time and he said you know. I'm tired of people trying to dawdles. Give us our own history month. He said not how embarrassing we don't need our own history black history history that black separate history system. it's not a case of course the prevailing political winds in this country. Today you say anything even slightly controversial they cancel you out. It's not about race. It is about just being true to the characters if you if you and rightly so if you think flat people need and deserve rightly so their own characters give known characters. Don't change the race. Somebody else to make him black. I think you wanted down after that way and you insult the audience that you're doing it for in my humble opinion. See i i. My thing was with the supergirl thing. It's like i liked the actor. But then as jimmy james they made him to cool like they may james suave and like my jimmy. Olsen's a little bit more geeky like always quarter. I always thought jimmy olsen evenly when he grew up more like a peter. Parker you know how tight character and they made him just to like cool and man's walked. They changed the character in every way. But my my compli purity. And like i get it and my things always been hair. Color has always made me upset. Like you know 'cause in comics you only working with so many colors. You're drawing so when you make a character redhead or black or brown haired It's for a purpose so like you know amy. Adams is lois lane. I hated it. She has red. And i'm like that bothers me because in my mind. Red hair is lana but yet since the superbowl tv series every live action. Lawn is now not bad. Yeah i mean it's yes. That's exactly what i'm talking about. Why would you. Why would you change. Do you feel it's important. I mean like even any adams said one time she goes. Well i ask that will offer lowest name. Oh okay shy now. Leave it read. That shows me right there. That zack snyder really isn't yet to spark. It's it's dulce things right there. Those those little things air color because they had a very limited color palette. So you changed your. Here's an identifiable feature so it's llamas. She's got red hair even though does he can't see the 'cause you've got red air and it goes back to you have different. People drawing it so subtle differences could make it look difference but the hair color is something that helps because if you look at jim lee drawing the face of bruce wayne and jimmy just joined this superman there's a lot of similarity in there you know. And that's another thing. Is you know with the characters like the little changes. And sometimes it's hard to tell like with hair color for example Melissa who super grow natural brunette she dies at blonde to be girl in. India is her name linda. Danvers in the supergirl. I've only watched it once. What's your name and serve. Were named heart these used car danvers. Odom yeah because she was normally blinded war. Brown wagon. The in mcdermott folks. She dies it so it's just To me haircut kind of important just for like identifying markers and well. yeah and it's one of those things like i could argue over it or quebec. Okay but at the same time. I'm like man. You want that the purity to the character so others another example i was gonna say i can't remember now but i've had brain farts all morning long. This is one of those things like. There's there's things. I don't mind being change like i actually really like jason momoa as aqua man. Let me do and what they're doing with that character. You know. I like the idea. That or You know if you look at it in the movie or looks more. Like your blonde haired blue eyed aquaman. But i like. They gave aquaman the diversity and things like that so like to. There's things i don't and then there's things that work and don't work but it's all what it is it's it's not again. It's not a question raised. It's what works and doesn't work. And i can even understand them wanting to change up. Get fresh get new. Everything under everything's under the earth has been done already. I all of that. I agree blot again. If it's that important then Spend a little time. And and let's be a little more original Others i think that. Hbo warner whatever has a potential great spot and doing a series just based on the milestone universe. Yes i was watching a documentary on milestone comics. And i was sitting in. I was thinking they have these great. Like icon and static shock. And i'm like static shock or static however you know they He's become more prominent. But i'm like just listen to this documentary. That's a whole world that you could invest it in a series and do all these characters together in a universe. Why not do that. Why not the comic book was a very important comic book company creation for a lot of people and why not invest in a whole rich universe with those characters so but i mean it's one of those things like all right evy. Fan boys got there as long as they as long as they Maintain the truth of the story of the character The the the hard lesson learned by hollywood was that You must as outlandish as it seems. You're dealing in fantasy with comic books. You have to make the movie at least where you take it seriously. The character in the story. These are real people with the movie situations real. It's when you fall in. That trap like batman tv series. Will you make it campy or you may get Unrealistic that's where you start having your problems because Bad boys get mad at that. Stop dr say yes I was gonna say smallville lois lane. They introduced her as a blonde but then by season eight. If you watch they start dying her hair brunette and then a little bit and then my season tan. She has that raven black hair. Yeah because it was like she was becoming fully lois. They wanted that right. Look got what. I was gonna say well for me the my money i think Erica durant's smallville with covered the best losses. I mean she was so beautiful and she's i thought she at perfectly. She's my favorite and i do. What's another interesting thing is if i were to just pitch you. The character idea of superman and batman for for some film superman sounds like. That's what you want on the big screen that you're spectacle. Batman is your pre police procedural tv series. But when you look at the history of the characters batman has you know done better on film In the movies and superman has done better tv series we've had what george reeves The super bowl tv series smell. Lois and clark girl now superman and lois. Yeah you know. Compared to the batman which only had batman sixty six in gotham tv series. So it's just interesting because because of that you get these characters these actors get to play these characters in spend more time with these characters like erica durant. She played lois longer than anybody. Technically yeah so. I would do ninjas. She was so beautiful and So fine and wasn't it. I think it was super man's lawyer in small bill. What her name is. She played lana lane and one of the movies. I believe superman three. I'm enjoying this I think what we'll do is we'll wrap this up and we'll get back together and do more later on because i've been enjoying just the conversation because shurmur one thing that i always appreciate like i did a conversation with fellow. Superman podcast He's from england. And i've done crossover podcasts with fans from australia and it's getting the different perspectives. You are older than i am so your experience. The catcher differs from mine. And it's always fun to talk to see what resonates what hasn't and just your experience with the character because like you know for you. Collecting a lot of things weren't available to collect. Now i can walk to the store and they have stuff. Oh we're in the platinum age. I'm linden comics movies and merchandising. So i'm here lending. It's so easy for me to get a hold of you know superman items compared to what you know the struggles of finding thing in did did This is we live. If for collectors batboys other than the the the rising expensive everything for us to live in this age. It's it's the worst time the best of times now. We can go to the movies or rent these these fantastic big budget superhero movies. We've got the comics we've got online. We've got the graphic novels and we have the collectibles and So i it's it's the best of all times for for a die hard fan like we are in really everything we talk about. Whether it's whether it's changing the rays of a character the color of all of that is just. It's it's just peripheral stuff. Yeah i mean the news but main characters still exists. They're still they're still viable. Still beiber and You know at one time. Back in the sixties that the monthly issue of superman so lor comics than all comics combined on a monthly basis. Think of that superman when he was gone by good swan in the mid sixties was the number one selling magazine in the world. The other thing is too when you you watch. These new shows like america's got talent. Well we have you know thirty million viewers tonight. I got news for you. Man when superman george reeves came on who was sixty plus million kids watching him every time that two game on and i've often thought if people would have lived mean we've raised that i've often thought he didn't realize how much he was loved by those who watched him and if he would've lived as we grew up we would have made him a superstar he would have been. Yeah george reeves. You would had resurgence because these kids who loved so much as a kid is superman. They would not have forgotten georgia's. My coach deal breaks over george reeves. Just just i mean the way. Adam west is kind of had a resurgent and latter part of his hat. I i've been at comic comecon with adam west and burt ward whose ridiculously away and And last when i. When i the first time i signed was charging thirty bucks in or an autograph as usual along he was charging or one hundred dollars for the line would be wrapped around the building. Twice to get his autograph. You would leave these comic cons with tens of thousands of dollars in cash from his signature. Yeah it would have been the same with george reeves doors gated. He would have been but he yar forty four forty five years old even cancelled. You think you're going to have to go into wrestling. And i i believe. I'm the one of those deputy killed absol. I don't think he was voted. I think he'd so. I think he was depressed. And i think that People realize that his hair was snow. White you've been dying. If a superman he was in with snow white when he died still trying to play superman. It's it's definitely heartbreaking and you know. I have some of the seasons of adventures of superman. And it's it's a good show to watch and good take on the care turn getting. Somebody had to be the worst. That's why you know when you talk about heath ledger. he's lead. you would've been heath ledger. Vietnam had jack nicholson bombs off of and do something different. The first guy to do it really always should get the lion's share the credit if it's never been done before i mean look at jack heath ledger jack. Nicholson's joker was the standard by which everybody else now teeth ledger. But but ledger had something to bounce off of was nicholson didn't and the same with george reeves. They've all all those that come after have shoulders to stand on the curse. Guy doesn't wellbeing. Kirk allen's was like the forgotten superman just because you know it was the movie serials and they didn't and then if you watch like we did a comparison. The first movie serial like the first episode and then the first episodes of the adventures humane tv series. The storylines very similar. The blue similar are very similar. And it's just you know it's like kirk did it. And then they made it better for george they had they had in the fact that he was flying they would. They would animate him line. And the same. With the first batman. I watched And the guy who played batman and a serial plate up thug in movies and b. movies as dia career in the uniform. Looks like somebody just took part of paper rolls twisted the in a yup. I have that. I had that to collect and have the representation and look at what became before because you can get so caught up in the now and not respect like it's so interesting when i meet people who are you know. They claim to be big super superman fans or big batman fans but they have no knowledge or a respect for anything other than the now and i can respect them. Okay you like what you like. But the same time like it's great explore where the come the characters come from what they've what they've done like the different variations. What the different actors brought to the role like. I love georges clark You know and. I think that's something that's important. Well there's a big question. George reeves come George reeves played. Clark kent as like. He did basically he was. I'm with pair of glasses. I'm you what didn't play the little milk. Toasts gently like christopher reason. I think that I always noticed. It doesn't bother me. But i noticed it that he was never. It was always the same guy no matter who why he was. The in some comes down to like. I my my good friend brian. He's been reading. Superman comics decided he was going to read. He started with action comics. One and he's been reading it straight. Yes and he said you know the big thing is chris is. Superman is so economists clark so iconic but at the time the comics didn't reflect what he did it's something different from the comics and made it put his own spin on it through you know the director in the writing and everything and You know we We forget that so to wrap this up. What is your one your favorite piece in your collection. Probably my cake it's It's only one of relieve of twenty nine. That they made it came with his. I don't know if i can show you here. Let me see if i can just give you a quick of it here right there. He said yep was one of twenty nine. It comes with the belts with the little apartment inside the belt and all that and At the time. I believe i got it and this was all years ago it was it was is around seven or eight hundred bucks van and the the guy that had it he had ordered it and he wasn't superman fan. He just thought it'd be different and he We swapped it up even for a painting of wonder woman that was his heir loved one to one lives it in the painting rather pay me. He gave me the. We also did the same thing on battle bottled city a cantor. He gave me one of those four picture but big hundreds of dollars worth of picture. Yeah so listen. It's been a lot of blonde. I'm glad we finally got this together. anytime you want me on the word i'll be glad to We'll sit here will Should the crap as far as what we love goes are all my best unit family. Thank you thank you so much for inviting you. 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