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Yeah. Row. But I'm Mike wilbon Tonia Florida man was caught with the full rack of ribs down his pants. Tony kornheiser. Wow. The best I've ever done is a half rack, a Florida, man. Are you going to get to the point where we don't believe any of these stories out of Florida? We're going to get to that point. I'm I'm close there is a website. I believe called Florida man Friday, which yes, yes. With divides all of these stories all of these stories are true. I mean, I don't believe any of all no you have to believe them. They're now fully all true. We just take the rack of ribs. Stick it down your pants try to walk out. I mean, not that's easy to see how and such a great term of rack of ribs rack is break. Welcome to PTI, boys and girls and today's episode under the table payments of fractured forearm and the jeopardy guy. But we begin today with the nuggets blazers game from last night, Portland. Won that game in Denver to even the series of one one and steal homecourt. Damian Lillard scored only fourteen points and shot just five for seventeen will bond. If Portland can win with Lillard being just another guy. What does that say about the Denver Nuggets? What's what did they can't win the whole series with him being just another guy? They got other guys to CJ McCollum is a player, and he came enormous last night and by the way in his canter who's playing with a partially separated shoulder. Yeah. Has had big numbers. I mean, big numbers relative. Guy with one arm. I mean, you know, he he's got his wearing a sleeve and a brace and Nanan guys over knocking them out run them over that's part of basketball. Be okay. If it was somebody you liked, but in cancer who the Knicks throughout they couldn't find any use for him and his kanter's gotta roll. They're good for Portland. Yeah. And I'm not rooting against Denver 'cause differs appealing to. But it doesn't say as much about Denver as it says about Portland, let me tell you. What says something about Denver? Okay. 'cause 'cause Lillard was nothing special Denver shot six of twenty nine from three thirty four of ninety eight from the field. You can't beat anybody in the NBA shooting like that. You can't beat the Knicks like that. I would never count Denver out because they won fifty four games this. They can go to Portland and split then go to Portland and win too. But you say that you know, Lillard can have more games like that Denver can have games like this. That's terrible. Can't you? They what did they get in? Second quarter at home like twelve point something like that. I mean, you can't win a very you. Look at that sort of thing you say, okay is Portland doing something. Defensively Portland scrambles, they got better defensively a lot better since the all-star break, but they're not they're not a stopper. And so Denver was off at home and look being off in one game in a series of home can cost you because my bed is Damian lose gonna bounce back and being Damian Lillard and particularly in two games at Portland. And I just say this Terry Stotts is the Portland coach said to be a huge PTI fan. So I'm with you. I'm with you. Don't you know, you don't even wanna talk about hit outposts like Denver and Portland is so offends you. Absolutely talk about New York. Okay. Well, someplace you think of as New York light, Daryl Brooklyn. Yeah. S N Y when a New York's fifty sports outlets is reporting that Kevin Durant. Kawhi Leonard into bias Harris. We'll all consider the nets as a free agent destination this summer. The nets have a playoff team and a ton of money to lure a big name free agent or to Tony. Let's get right to it. Do you see Brooklyn not Manhattan Brooklyn being a destination for any of the game changing free agents on deck? Mike anything is possible. But Brooklyn doesn't roll off your tongue as glamorous destination, the skyscrapers and Broadway shows or across the bridge. We've heard this before. And I remember when you took the flag up for procure off when he first bought the nets you say have you seen the private plane that guy fly? Is everybody's going to want to sign with them. And I don't know that they made any particular impact. So my sensitive is that while there probably for the top three free agents Kawai Leonard, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving probably four to six teams that any one of them could go to maybe Brooklyn's involved, but I wouldn't make anybody the favorite would you? That's a good and fair question. I don't know that I will make anybody that favorite right now either. But let me just go back to Brooklyn for second. Yeah. Because you, and I will I was in Brooklyn. You didn't actually go to the games because you couldn't let your feet cross the brio. You've told me you walk bridge. I'm proudly treasonous of you to go to Brooklyn, Manhattan guy, Long Island, guy island guy, baby. Let me sit in this. Tony, you mentioned skyscrapers and Broadway shows. Yeah. Twenty two year old brothers ain't necessarily looking at Broadway show pointing their LA, okay. What they do. Consider. I'm told is Brooklyn to be the cool place kind of place. They go to hang out Brooklyn is the scene of the restaurants and the clubs, and that's what they go. And so they apparently I've seen appealing 'cause I'm not a New Yorker, they appear to view Brooklyn differently than you was going to say Smith and old guy. That's older. See, let's Rodway. Let's not just old guys. But that's fine. Let's just take kyri Irving. Leonard and Kevin Durant. If you are making book aware, they're going to be your crazy. These are unknowable people. That's why Linda spent seven years in San in San Antonio. And Gregg Popovich didn't know what makes them tick, Kylie Irving was on a championship team. And was unhappy left having won a ring. That's unusual. Kevin Durant appears to be miserable. All the time. And everybody says his golden Knicks Knicks I wouldn't bet on that. I right now, I wouldn't bet on any of that with. That's not point. That's my only put Brooklyn Noah Lord to you. What where do you miles away forty miles until you grew up? No from Brooklyn anti about fifteen to eighteen on the on the Parkway's. Yeah. Our friend David Aldridge wrote me athletic, not so much about who should become the wizards general manager. But what that person must do all these says that whoever takes that job. Must trade Bradley Beal the team's leading score and best active player rebuild with draft. Picks will Bundy agree with David. Yeah. Tony, I I do and just, you know, being on the road where people still know that I sometimes occasionally live in Washington and make their they saying, Bradley Beal, they gotta get rid of. This is totally this is just a it's just stated like, it's fact like it's going to happen. And and I know players who want to if they haven't already called Bradley Beal to say, hey, why don't you come out here? We'd like to have you here. If you can get yourself traded 'cause Bradley Beal is wanted. He is desired. Yeah. He's looked at as a great teammate in an attractive player and a Gallup it'd be an all started his career enhance if he's around better players on a better team. That's the perception and the wizard how the wizards give better otherwise time. So I'm gonna leave Michael Jordan to the side because he's a special case. But you don't build a team around shooting guard. He becomes complementary to somebody else suggests right? Yep. Okay. Michael Jordan, again, he. He's the exception. If you look at the wizards roster, they got nothing, but Bradley Beal John wall may never play again. And if he does play again, you may never see the explosion that you saw the first five years that he was in a league they've already begun to dismantle by getting rid of Otto porter, and they just got a couple of guys from they just got guys if they go to camp with this team next year, they're gonna win twenty five games. That's all they're going to win. Dave what they ought to do David suggests that maybe you go to the Lakers. I think lake is a good trade. I think Bradley Beal would do very well in Los Angeles. Maybe you get some picks. Maybe get Lonzo ball and Kouzmin. Maybe you do that. But the Y where the wizards are now they have no traction in town at all the John wall contract. And the John wall injury suck the life out of the team, Mike there's enough Tony. This is a familiar position when we talked about this with Gilbert arenas. Forget the guns issue about this tarred too. His loaded guns into the lot. But show stopper, isn't it? The Lakers aren't the only ones who were interested. There's a lot of people would like eastern average twenty team in the league player. You know is good player. We now have testimony in the FBI case looking at college basketball cheating that airs on a head coach, Sean Miller paid money out of his own pocket to the tune of ten grand a month to Dion dre, Eytan former Arizona, associate head coach Emanuel Richardson is heard saying on tape that Miller was paying eight who stated Arizona one year and is now in the NBA right there in Phoenix. So he does Arizona need to part ways with Shawn Miller after yesterday's testimony. Okay. So if there is real evidence real evidence that Shawn Miller paid him at all he has to go. He has to go that day. Right. I'm not certain that real evidence is on a wiretap circumstance in which it is possible that this assistant coach talking to whomever is talking to is sort of trying to get over. With that person. Maybe make a deal down the road. I'm and I'm just I'm not certain of that. But if it is real evidence. Absolutely. He goes me if I'm running Aaron Jona, this is enough from me at this point. If I'm running Kansas a school at every year some guy comes up for eligibility. You don't know what's going on. I'm wondering if I can't get rid of my coach too. But I'm not sure that everybody feels that way because it's smoke right now. And it is not fighter shoots only with a lot of smoke yet. Let me say this. I agree pretty much what you said about if I was running zone now. I don't believe for one second that Shawn Miller was paying ten thousand dollars a month to DR J eight. I don't believe that Shawn Miller is not a billionaire. He's a coach who makes a lot of money. Okay. But to have a lot of money at the end of that coaching career when he's in retirement, which you know, maybe last a couple of decades he's going to need his own money. Right. I don't believe there's every few years Tony going back decades. You know, more about this than I do having covered college basketball. You did every few years. Somebody's paying somebody hundreds of thousands of this ally. I don't know. Yeah. That's that's what I'm saying. I would need real evidence. Now where you and I are going to part company on this is that I lay this stuff in the feet of Adam silver and the one and done rule. These kids are they'd spend seven to eight months on a college campus. They don't wanna be there. They wanna make money. They want to be in the pros. She got the Asobie overs problem out of silver's laps, Adam silver, get rid Zara, college basketball, and that's not a college basketball circumstance seeing them to go to college basketball here. He says you get one one and done in. It's an NBA rule. Mike. It's not an NCAA rule. It's not only Tony it doesn't matter. Who's rule? It is the NBA doesn't have to sit back and wait to say, oh, pay our masters. We're gonna get in violation signs bed rule and kids have their hands out 'cause they know in six months, they're going to get money. They had their hands out before. We just the decade. Get rid of the rule. There's a big fight Saturday night in Las Vegas between canal. Oh Alvarez and someone named Daniel Jacobs Jacobs managers bent out of shape because the judges in this fight or the same three judges who will warded canal. Oh, the decision over triple g in September Jacob's manager says, and I quote, I expect them to do the right thing. But if we get rob Saturday night, the pulse. If I press conference pounded on the table. I will not go down lightly. If there's a bad decision on quote will bind us Jacobs camp have reason to be concerned. Yeah. The same reason that people have to be concerned over de'andre eight in Arizona. These stories these twin stories money under the table to college basketball players judges under suspicion in boxing. Oh my God. Yeah. Who could imagine that Tony? I remember you were there with me in Seoul in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when the judging was so bad on a ROY. Jones flight. Yep. Then we both left the country was at that say we had to leave the country. Anyway, we lived in sooner or later, but we left earlier. Remember, the part Tony about the judges being handed gold bars. Yeah. By the trainer from the other. I mean, look I love these stories of boxing because they're part of what makes gives the boxing. It's fabric. It's character. I love it. I pay. No attention. I suspect all the judges and everybody involved. Okay. So I have two solutions. The first solution is easy. Make Scott foster the judge because this is the second big story all week about all the reps are out to get us around and said again more reasonable solution. Is this you tell your fighter not Cannella down then knock him out. Okay. And that is all of this. Don't worry about a decision knocking down knock him out because he has a right as the champion to the benefit of doubt as Viagra. Okay. But he doesn't have a right to own the judges. Which is I'm not saying. He owns judges. But he's the meal in Vegas. Let's take a break coming up tonight tonight. The Joel Embiid breaks through against the raptors. And does the jeopardy guy have a future career running eight major league baseball team? I guess he's a cubs fan. Mike, right. Yeah. I I would take feel over him for the next ten fifteen. Twenty thirty years interruption is presented by poor Neto sticky. La a shot worth taking part of happy hour. And that took part in the interruption presented by or Neto's part of happy hour. All righty, Dan. I got my hat. I got my soul my earrings in my clear voice. And I sense the first goal hate canyon. Mike, this is Rachel the intern. Do you see Joel Embiid having a breakthrough game tonight? So here Embiid statistics, Mike for the first two games in Milwaukee. He shooting seven at twenty five from the floor. Would stinks is averaging fourteen points would stinks and he's averaging seven rebounds, which stinks because he's averaging in the regular season twenty seven and a half points and fourteen rebounds. Which is why people think he's the breakout star. I see them having a big game. Mike, I think it goes home. He has a big game. And I see him in the post game press conference laughing as he ridicule somebody. It's only I think he's going to have a begin. Is that a breakthrough game? It's a bounce back game. 'cause you you mentioned he's a nothing in this series so far. Yeah. I think several Philly guys are going to have big game win. And Joel Embiid is going to be one of them should be one of them. Although, you know, he's going a lot of that time against Marcus saw kazaa. Gusau know chopped liver. It was not going to be easy to have a bounceback game. But I think that's Tony and Mike. It's Kyle from Cleveland. I want to know if the Indians are going to be okay without Corey kluber. They're going to be okay. But are they going to be very good? I'm not sure he hasn't been much this year kluber is two and three in his ERA is five eighty which is terrible. But he's a number one pitcher on their staff and over the last five years he has more wins in the American League than any pitcher only match. Sure all the baseball has more than that time zero to eighty five. He took a got a broken bone from a bat and ball and his right forearm. He's out indefinitely. I, you know, I think they've got to look at Dallas kaikal now, Mike what of they gotta look at deal somewhere. We also know that there's a kind of ace in Toronto who could be available Strom yesterday. How so so Stroman so Tony? Sad to me for the Indians. You there's still chasing that that that that World Series. They didn't get in sixteen. And now they're losing their as you you just it's tough without your ace right now and any team then had seem, hey. Hey. Thanks for taking my call. You see the jeopardy guy getting the job in baseball. The guy's name is James holds our is one twenty days in a row. It's got one point five million dollars in winning. He's a professional gambler who was sort of analyzed how to win the board turns out. He's a cubs fan, and it turns out his whole life. He wanted to be a GM. Nobody's going to give them a GM job. But Mike if he wanted an entry level job in statistical analysis, I think twenty five to thirty teams will give it to them by seven o'clock tonight. So I mean, yeah, I mean, this seems to be the way to get into an a major league baseball front office. Maybe not just baseball. But okay, if this kid's well, he likes baseball this other get somebody. I've talked to presidents of baseball clubs who have said they have guys on their staff who do essentially this. Yeah. And they have never entered a baseball clubhouse never been in one and their employable so savvy, I think, you're right. I know I think he's got a real chance if that's what he wants. He's certainly got enough money to. Take a low entry level job. We're nearly oughta premonitions, but now feature I see us discussing who should be the derby favorite. Now that Omaha beach has been scratched you'll hear though that I'm sure I will I can an an update on the minor league career of Tim Tibor. But you will watch the derby on Saturday won't you to watch. It really Tony. I'm in Houston. I met a game. I got a game to cook at six thirty. I don't know what time it starts. Well, that's the Verbiest around six six thirty year. But I gotta be in locker room. What they'll be watching the Toby? No. They don't watch everybody white season. Broadway. The interruption is presented by poor Neto to kill a shock worked taking part of happy hour. I'll be talking people up to sixty six birthday Jamaal Wilkes. He was called silk because he was such a smooth player who's onto national championship teams and UCLA playing next to the Walton four NBA championship teams one Golden State playing alongside Rick Barry three with the Lakers playing with Magic Johnson Abdul-Jabbar all those players cast a big shadow was strange to me is it after averaging eighteen a game in the NBA Wilson's now. Nearly forgotten. That's right because he didn't shoot three. They didn't do that back. Then this guy was a great player. How about the judgment to always be alongside those hall of famers tone, happy anniversary, Damian Lillard on this day five years ago with less than a second remaining in the blazes trailing by two little drain to catch and shoot three pointer to close out. The rockets clueless millennials declared Lillard shot over playoff p last week. When the game was tied one of the greatest shots in NBA history. Even as good as this. So glad we could see Dame being Dame because there's nothing like a day nothing in this world. There's nothing to says that both those shots can't be on the greatest playoff shots. 'cause they are you hating. You hating on a small market guy. That's really Benin Dame. I told you that happy trails Omaha beach. The derby favourite has been scratched with an entrapped EPA Gladys. This is a throat injury that is not considered career threatening. In fact, early reports indicate the horse could be ready in three weeks, which would make him a valuable for the last of the triple crown races. The Belmont Stakes in his absence. The new favorite is Bob Baffert game winner, and that's the horse my friend Eddie picks. How about you? You don't want to do a little reporting and finds out of Dame Lillard owns part of game winner. Is there such a thing? Can you do that? Do you think she really we'll say let's go to the big finish Noah Syndergaard picks a four hit shutout hit a solo Homer to lead the Mets to a one. Win over the reds. You gotta be impressed with that. Of course, Tony. That's the definition of two way playwright there. The hurricanes are up three nil on your islanders defend your team. I can't. I'd like to I'd like to see the islanders win. But three oh. Look good. Steve wife, the NFL network before guy that you've more Sean Lynch would return to the raiders team wants you see that happening. I got two words. So what it comes marshawn Lynch his Tim Tibo hitting one forty three and AAA through twenty one your thoughts it's early. But that that's not good enough. He was a wonderful wonderful football player. This may not be good enough to get to the majors last long. Bruins blue jackets and sharks avalanche. Leave got us. I'm gonna go with the Bruins and the Avs Tony titled series at two each picked them before. Did. Tonight. They're winning oughta time we'll climb better. The next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser. I'm Mike robot. Same time tomorrow knuckleheads. He'd get the PTI podcast on the ESPN app or apple podcast, Alex peaks, won the PGA.

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