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11/18: Villanova and Syracuse plummet; a full-blown preview of the stacked Maui Invitational


Sunday, November eighteen two thousand eighteen welcome back to the college basketball podcast got New Orleans here within I I will speak with him momentarily. But first let me tell you about seatgeek buy tickets online. It can be complicated. But it doesn't have to be complicated now with Sieg, and that's because seek searches multiple ticket sites for you that way, you know, you get the best price is best. Best value all ways, you just type in what you're looking for into the search bar? And then honestly to click later, you're buying tickets. It couldn't be easier. For instance, let's say you wanted to go to the Maui invitational. Yes. Tickets are available via Sieg. So all you have to do is open that seacat type Maui invitation to search bar, and you pop up now, these tickets aren't cheap because I hear and because the building is small, but you can't get them via Sieg. And that's because you can get basically anything via seeks the next time. You need tickets to anything basketball games. Football games, concerts. Broadway shows whatever just opened that seek app on your phone and get after it and don't forget to use the promo code. PB that's promo coach college BB to get twenty bucks off your first seatgeek purchase at seatgeek millions of tickets in one place. Like, I said Matt norlander is here with me. He's at home in Connecticut, probably freezing. I'm in Hawaii for the Maui invitational. Definitely not freezing had breakfast. Overlooking. The Pacific this morning on a patio. It was seventy five degrees. Aloha Norrland or Aloha from five time zones to your left to my lesson. Deed, two quick things here as we get rolling on this podcast. Let's do an extended Seekie thing one. I love how you tailored that to the Hawaii base listenership at the island college basketball podcast because if you live stateside, you're not you're not gonna be able to swing the Maui ticket purchase and getting over there in time for the games. So shouts to our Hawaiian base listeners. We actually want to hear from you on Twitter after he listen to this big time ups there and how about this parish Saturday. Syracuse place at Notre Dame football. I get a text message from a friend. Hey, norlander you by chance guy extra e tickets for me, you run into this as I do just because I write sports for a living. Does not mean I have access to tickets particularly outside of actual college basketball. What do I do send my friend to seek download the app promo code college. Bb granted the ticket was the tickets were expensive got in about twenty minutes to spare before kickoff. And so there we go so real life or put it into action. There we go Shasta seek chefs to you in Hawaii, and yeah, you have landed there. And I just before we get into the doings of the weekend here, and there's a lot to get to. And then obviously we're going to preview what's going to be very quite possibly the greatest Maui field. We've ever had and hopefully the tournament lives up to that Paris. I just want to get a little bit of of you set in the scene out there. And you know, where you're staying what it's like have you have you seen any of the team's coaches media members has it been since you landed. And I think you've been there almost twenty four hours as of. Recording. This not quite like I had badly overs. I had a two hour layover at LAX, which was you know, you don't want to our layover anywhere. But I got delta sky club access and Livia wild and Jason's today 'cause we're also in the delta sky club. So that was kind of cool. I had got breakfast with them not within. Did you did you say Hello to them or they simply near your person? They were simply near me they were with their children. I think I'm never I'm rarely I shouldn't say never I'm I'm rarely the type to bother a celebrity like in New York last season just randomly walking down fifty seventh. I bumped into Dave Chapelle, and I just hit him with the what's hit me with the what's up, and that's it. I bumped into relatively I had I bumped in the entire female portion of the office cast once in LA, and I didn't say a word even though like I was the biggest office fan. I'm real hesitant to bother people. And so I would never bother them. They were with their kids. They were like I know what it's like to be with two small children in an airport. It can be stressful noth- you don't need strangers bothering. So I did not offer them. But but I did notice them a big big Livia while fan. I think like who isn't a big Olivia Wilde fan. Yeah. No. I I'm I'm with you keep going I had a big layover not a big two hour layover LAX. And then I don't know what I was thinking book this perhaps there were no options other good options. I can't remember. But like I had a five hour layover in Honolulu. So I got the Honolulu and then like had five hours in the delta sky club. So I watched the Memphis yell game on my phone eight teriyaki chicken, and I didn't get to Maui until like nine o'clock local time didn't get to my hotel till around ten because like a forty minute drive from the airport. So it's two twenty nine local time right now in the afternoon. So I haven't been here quite twenty four hours, but I have been here long enough to to to walk around the bit. I wouldn't got breakfast on the beach this morning. I did see the coaches this afternoon. They actually had a press conference at my hotel where all eight coaches were there. And so it's beautiful. Just like everybody says like you besides it being. A million miles away and taking forever to get here from the continental United States, you just walk outside. You don't know why you don't live here. I mean, it's just it's seventy five degrees. If there's humidity. I don't feel it. You know, it certainly north Mississippi humil- humidity. And there's a nice breeze coming off the ocean. It's it's beautiful. There are worse. Places to spend a weekend in November as for tickets to Maui. I will say that whatever's worth I did have Iowa State fan tweet me earlier today who is here. He was like GP. You gotta help me with tickets like same thing. I don't have tickets, but the tickets are crazy expensive because this gym in Maui. It's like a high school, gym and and dukes here with ion. And so two to even get in the building. I didn't see any ticket for any game less than four hundred dollars. Or any game? And then for dukes game. The only ticket I saw there were available two thousand dollars each. So it's tough to get in the building for this thing. But to your point, and then we'll move on about people asking you for tickets all the time because of your what your job is. I get I get once a week, and it'll just be like from. A cousin that I don't really talk to that often or one of my wife's friends is never really never my close friends because they know not to bother me with that. It's just people I've sort of no on the periphery or barely know at all. And it'll be like, hey, just just thought I'd ask you got need to you. So I realized the Lakers are coming to town. Lebron's going to be FedEx forum, you got tickets tickets. And I say, yes, I would always check seatgeek from code college BB promo college v they they won't ever ask for they will do. But they'll say, hey, do you know where I could get tickets because they want you to say, oh, man. Let me help you with that. And I always just say, yes seeks awesome. Get the app if you don't already have it millions of tickets in one place. That's right. Is me crazy stuff? Asking me for tickets. I'm not a ticket broker. I'm basketball columnist analyst. I'm not a ticket. I don't have tickets. So I'm glad you run into that too. Because I was frustrated I thought it was only me. On the note on Hawaii. I've got a friend act back in the day before CBS. I was in was sports editor of two local newspapers high school, sports and woman I worked with their she did the Newsbeat and all that stuff. She moved to Hawaii like four years ago and loves it. They're like loves it kinda like why did I do? I do the sooner I feel like a lot of Hawaii is populated with with people like that just kinda take the leap, and then they do it. And she's still out there. She's she's she's writing continua journalism career. She absolutely loves it. So to your point like, why don't I just live here? There are definitely people that do that. And in fact, my aunt. Obviously long before I knew her. She was one of those people she since moved back to the states, but she she did that near younger year. So I can I can see why that's the case. Although I've not been to Hawaii. My question for you was is this what your first second time there before and have you ever been to this particular island? I've never been Hawaii. Okay. So this is the first time. So there you go and doesn't it feel? Alright. So the other thing before we get to. Here's what's amazing to me is like you're in the middle. Like you are in the middle of all of the middle of the middle of the ocean. I don't know how many more places on earth are more remote than where you are at. And so it's absolutely Paradiso. It's got to feel pretty cool. And at the same time, you do have civilization around you. But my God like, you are it's amazing to me that we are talking to each other considering where you are on this planet right now. No, right. I I don't know exactly the geography, but I I was gonna say I think I'm closer to Japan than I am. The california. I don't actually know if that's true feels like it could be true. But either way like it takes a while to get out of your for me. It was four hours. Memphis LA, roughly four hours and then like roughly six hours LA to HANA Lulu. And then Honolulu Maui is like forty minutes. It's just you go up and you go down, but still you have to make that flight. There was no way on delta at least to get. There was no way on delta to get to Maui any more quickly than I did it and I had to go Memphis, LA, LA, honolu- Maui. But I got here. I watched you know, you always got things to do. I watched a Whitney Houston documentary that pretty good listen to an entire Aaron Hernandez podcast. That was interesting, and then I got some writing done. And now here you mentioned there are people who do that my driver last night from the airport to the? Resort. Are you here for the basketball thing? And I said, of course, and and I said something along the lines of did you grow up here? And she said, no, no, no, I'm from Slovakia. And I said, okay, perhaps I should have recognized that in your voice. I said, so what's your story? How did you end up here? And she said I came here eleven years ago vacation and never left. So it's like the same thing. There are I could never do this because I'm like, I still can't Memphis radio from Hawaii. And that's the question. But I I couldn't do it. But like clearly people could. And I understand why they do if you've got whatever if you've got what it takes from personality perspective to like, just a, you know, what this place like I like the way this place makes me feel it's beautiful. I'm gonna live here. And if it means that I'm gonna live here and. Leave everything in my past behind and then that's fine with me. I couldn't do that. But some people can't and she could and she seemed to happy. She's nice enough. So whatever I got a fact check for yelled on. So it is not closer to Japan than the US. Hawaii is to this is from Hawaii state facts, fifty states dot com. So twenty three ninety to California two thousand three hundred ninety miles to Kelly, and it's three thousand eight hundred fifty so that's a good fifteen hundred miles closer to United States. The Hawaii is versus Japan. But I love the fact that you thought it was otherwise. And then I'm just gonna go quick. I want you to guess trivia time here parish, and then we'll get into Villanova. And I'm loving the Hawaii theme start here. Closest date without year without going over prices. Right. Rules win. What year did Hawaii become a United States State to enter the United come on? Just try just take a guess take. I hate stuff like this. Because it's the type of thing that it just makes you sound dumb. No one's gonna think you're any dumber. Just take a guess. It's the type of thing people go my God. How do you not know that where where did you go to school? But the truth is I went to school somewhere. We never discussed when Hawaii became a state. That's the truth. I have I honestly have no idea. Just just venture guess. What year did Hawaii become a state? How about nineteen thirty five not bad nineteen fifty nine. It was the final state to enter the union that wasn't so terrible. That was a relatively safe guest. If you had said like eighteen sixty two then we would have had an issue. I was scared. I was scared. I was I was gonna say year that was even after Pearl Harbor. Exactly, exactly. Technically came when after Pearl Harbor. That's a good point. Okay. Anyway, so Villanova. They're out of your rankings there too into. Let's get into it here. Yeah. There are two and two. They are out of the top twenty five and one you might remember that on the last podcast we discussed Michigan kicking the crap out of villa Nova Villanova and one of the things you said norlander is that you taught the results have more about Michigan than it did about Villanova. I respectfully disagreed and said I thought it was said more about Villanova did about Michigan than on Saturday firm and went to Villanova in one in OT. So shouts to the Furman. Paladins shells thirty five year old coach Bob Ricci off to a five hundred start the season with wins at Villanova. And at Loyola, Chicago. And like, I said now, the reigning national champs there too and two home losses to Michigan infirm and norlander. Are you ready to reconsider your position on Jay writes, Villanova Wildcats? I don't know maybe parish. But how about this providence isn't a terrible team in Michigan hell providence on Sunday to forty seven points. Another really. A really good defensive performance and Michigan ranks as the top defensive team in America right now. So I still think it was. I obviously Villanova's good issues rains that. But let's just tag this Michigan's five no heading into this week. We'll have a huge bump in the polls. No doubt about it. And defensively what they did against Villanova was not a fluke. So I still think it was more about us. Underestimating the wolverines and how much better that team is than we thought. But make no mistake about it. Villanova drop in this game. Was I watched I watched basically all the second half and then into overtime firm. It was going to be good within its own conference. But obviously to start like this was beyond anyone's expectations. No doubt about it. It was considered number two in the so conto my Wofford terriers, man, don't go on the road and play them. Okay. Unless you Carolina because then you'll win but listen Bob Ritchie's team played fantastic. They've been in the midst of parish. They might be in the midst of the greatest eight-day stretch of any team this season. I say that because they win at loyalist Chicago one final four team not only did they do it. But I wrote a wrote a little thing on dot com, and you can go check it out. You haven't already includes a gif Klay mounts. They're soft more forward. He basically Flusher Soma facial dunk in the closing seconds to beat loyalist Chicago. So that you almost never see that kind of ending in a game to begin with you not only win it. But you went on a dunk just about as time is about to expire. So they get that win. They beat Gardner Webb and overtime, whatever. They get out of there at home then against north Greenville, which we talked about on the previous podcast with Jordan lions hitting fifteen three pointers and one game that ties the incidentally, record they win by thirty. And then they go and beat Villanova in overtime at Villanova their five no granted to those games against individual imports. So it goes, and then a crazy stat firm and had not one and overtime game since two thousand eleven and the one before that that they most recently one overtime two thousand seven so they went seven to twenty eleven winning back-to-back overtimes. And then they do it to times in a five day span kind of not chefs to Bob Richie shafts to the Paladins have. The it nement since nineteen eighty they could have shot between them and Wofford. The so contrary fund for Villanova as I wrote it is an absolute time for emergency evaluation on what you have. And what you don't have here to lose it Michigan at home. Okay, understandable. But to get held the forty six points. No, really bizarre to let Firmin even push back at you late because Villanova had gone on like a seven nothing run near the end deregulation. It should've absolutely one did not and infirm much much better in overtime defensively. Villanova. Just it was start to me how how absent minded they were at times, and then the three point shooting suffered yet again, they shot thirty two percent against firm and after shooting I think twenty percent against Michigan. So the three point shooting parish is a serious serious issue. And even surprising Phil booth who had a nice three that he hit late. He also had a bad one that he took Paschal wasn't as good as he should have been. And then yes, just I'll close it with this. And it's a coda to what you said perish on the Friday pod, the freshman. Something's gotta get figured out in a hurry here. Giovane quarterly has not played more than eighteen minutes in a game at the season. He did not log one minute in this game. I don't know if that was purely a coach's decision from scouting standpoint. Or if there's just something that's unsaid that Warrenton him being benched for the entire game. We don't know. But even despite all that Sadique bay Brennan Slater, just not quite good enough and one more thing. This was really what the game Dillon. Painter. I mentioned that Villanova almost has no out transfers the next day. They loose off more Dylan painter, whose he's gone already. So. Yeah, it clearly seems that locker rooms got some stuff to work out. And you rightfully so in my opinion have Villanova booted from your top twenty five in one. Yeah. It is an I appreciate you mentioned exactly what I said on Friday, which is you know. To the extent people were high Villanova in the preseason. It was based on you bring back to starters. Yeah. You lose foreign BA players greenback to starters and enroll a top ten recruiting class with three tough fifty five guys. But the top fifty five guys they ain't doing nothing. I mean Vonk went like you said, he's averaging three point three points right now and didn't play against Furman. Twenty twenty-ninth in the class of two thousand eighteen the guy like ranked twenty seventh or twenty eighth right around. The Moses Brown at UCLA is averaging I don't remember what it was. But like twenty three fourteen and four blocks on quarterly doing nothing. So then there's coal slider. He was ranked forty fourth class two thousand eighteen he's he's averaging two point eight points and eleven point five minutes per game. And then there's Brandon Slater who was ranked fifty third class two thousand eighteen he's averaging zero point seven points, and he didn't get off the bench against Farman. You mentioned city bay. He was the lowest rated prospect in a group, I think sub one hundred guy, and he's the only one giving them any thing. And so when you lose four MBA guys. When you lose four MBA guys, and you get nothing from your best prospects and the only guy in your recruiting class, contributing is a sub one hundred player you got problems. And so. Villanova's got problems right now and next up for them as the advocate, which starts on Thursday. They get contentious in the opening game. But then on Friday, they either get Oklahoma state or Memphis. And then if they make it to the title game, they get either Florida state or LSU on Sunday. So they gotta figure some things out because on paper right now. They're definitely not as good as far state and probably not as good as LSU and Charleston, which is also in this event three and over the road win over three and a win over Rhode Island. Memphis two and one with a win over Yale Oklahoma state's atop sixty five Kim teen. So this all those teams are in this event. So this could get tricky Villanova. If it's not careful it will tricky. And that's obviously it's going to be a one of the teams we really keep an eye on see how they respond how well they respond. Nuts to me is how custom we became to Villanova being so dominant. And I still I still think this team's gonna win the big east. Now, if they really have a cratering here parish over the next week, we can reassess re-evaluate, I I still like the personnel more than any team in the big east at this point. But they did not take their first or second loss on average across the past five seasons until the eighteenth game in their schedule, which is about mid-january here. We are not even thanksgiving and they've taken their second loss. So it also is just a shock to the senses. And that we are not used to seeing Villanova like this. It's a little bit a little bit like last year with Arizona when it dropped three in the Bahamas. And at that time, it was you'd remember better than I because they fell out of the polls altogether, and that was borderline precedence ending. They might have been top five Villanova not quite that. They're out of your polls. I think they'll be out. Mondays people. And if they do it would be a little bit of an echo what we saw was on last November and twenty seventeen. Another school. That was ranked pretty highly in the preseason. That's already got two losses. Syracuse. They lost two games at the garden last week. They lose to uconn first and then on Friday to an Oregon team that lost to Iowa. So now they're too into their also out of my top twenty five. I'm one you worried about Syracuse. I'll tell you the one thing I said about them in the preseason because I had them lower than most. And I actually thought I might have incorrectly had them lower than most. But I did have them lower than most. And one of the things I pointed out is. Yeah, they're bringing back. I think it was their top six guys or something like that. But it wasn't the top six guys from how far they going to turn it last year. Sweet sixteen. Yeah. Okay. So that's what circus would always say we got top six guys back from us. We'd sixteen team. And you got us in the twenties. And I'm like you got the top six guys back from team that was a borderline top forty team last year 'cause they finished forty first at compa they weren't one of the sixteen. Best teams in the country. They were one. The sixteen last teams to still be playing. And so I'm always aware of that that it's honestly same thing happened a little the Chicago loyalist Chicago was was a borderline top thirty team at the end of the season. They weren't really one of the four best teams. But people that voted for them in the preseason. Eight people were like, well, they're bringing some good pieces back from final fourteen. They gotta be good bringing some good piece. They're bringing three of the top six back from a borderline top thirteen. They could be good. But they might not. And I do think they're going to be good. But I don't think they're top twenty five and was Syracuse. We might find out that same thing maybe bringing back type six guys from top forty teen doesn't actually make you a fifteen quite possibly. That's it perish. Fran for shila was on the call for this game. And he laid out a fairly damning valuation of O'Shea Brett, which I agreed with the second. He said he said percent is playing for the NBA and the scouts in the building and not for Jim behind and Syracuse. He's seventeen of his twenty one three pointers. He has not looked this season. Like the player he was last season as a freshman. In fact, I think Recep at his best is better than Thais battle and more talented. Syracuse just isn't getting enough from their Jalen carries a freshman. He's been promising overall. Jalen Clarice played relatively well. It's been nice to see. But Syracuse was. It wasn't just Bobo who was who was fun to watch. An and by the way, he he is very much. Easing into that expectation enroll of Bobo being just a different kind of big man can handle the ball pass shoot. We'll have plenty opportunities this season to get to him. And I know that we will. But just a quick note on him and Oregon like Oregon needed that win more than Syracuse back twelve isn't as good as the organ, finish this Owen to and gone home. It would have just put the Pac twelve in that program in a little bit of a tough position. Skews camping a big wins. Bobo look nice but Syracuse overall perish defensively zone. Kind of let them down. I don't think this team is deep again as behind wants it to be so yes, it's too into Nova's the other notable too and two team coming out of this weekend. And if you're Syracuse in the fan base, obviously, you're you're let down in a major way because you were thinking that you'd probably be able to get out of their winning both you would've thought the chances of you losing both were particularly low. But if you take that first loss in the expected happens where ll be to Oregon now. Okay. You're suddenly going up against a fellow ranked team couldn't. Handle that there. So we'll see what happens last note on Syracuse is this they get to rebound and get well at home against Colgate. The annual the annual Kogi Syracuse game, I think they've played each other literally every single season of coaching tenure, which makes sense because the geography didn't they go to Ohio State pairs at the end of November. And then everything else is home games in nonleague play. So will the Georgetown win actually age? Well, will you beat buffalo at home? You probably will. But as fans, no they lost last season at home to a Saint Bonaventure team that maybe might not have even been quite as good as this year's buffalo team. So Syracuse will be favored to win that game. But if you don't beat Ohio State on the road, and you drop by their home to Georgetown, home to buffalo or homed northeastern who I think will have a resume probably that is borderline get in as an at large. There are just three decent enough teams that can beat Syracuse GP at the dome if they lose. One of those and they don't get a higher state. They're going to have to make up so much ground in the ACC because as usual just behind this is the way that he schedules. It can be feast or famine and losing both those games in New York. I think is going to have a relatively significant long-term ramifications. I never have a real problem with how ACC coach's schedule because you're always going to get so many opportunities in your league like you can make you can make a resume from January through March. You cannot do anything or almost do nothing in November December and still make a resume in January February margin like like we've pointed out before Jim like Mike Jesse like hall of fame guys who've been places for a bazillion years. They're scheduling philosophy clearly has not hurt them in any tangible way. So whatever, I still think Syracuse be fine. But obviously not off to a great start. It was interesting game on Sunday afternoon, Indiana at Arkansas true road game, which we love on campus, which we love. But what an insane ending. This wasn't by insane. I mean stupid. So the games tied seventy two seventy two Indiana has the ball now Indiana had trailed for much of the the second half. But then like Romeo would make shot and somehow they end up in the lead. And then then they end up behind it was back and forth back and forth late, but final seconds. Maybe twenty seconds left. Indiana's got the ball. It's tied seventy seventy two seventy two. So it's one of those late game situations you're going to put the ball in your play makers hand in this case. It was rob a finish the freshman point guard, and you know, you're gonna wait to a certain point on the clock. And then you're going to try to make a play or create an opportunity for somebody else and the shadow go in and you'll win you'll get quick won't. You'll get a quick put back and you'll win or none of that stuff happens. You're going overtime. Instead for some reason finish just goes early. He just goes to early and then he can't get. The layup into Ron Davis misses a little pullback. I mean, it's right on the ram. I don't know how he miss, but he misses it that Arkansas's Mason Jones gets the rebound and Ron Davis thousand two point five seconds left like eighty feet from the basket like at the other free throw line. Like, you have just put your hands behind your back and not touch him. He's got a launch it from the other free throw line. It'll bounce somewhere inside the three point arc on the other end, and you just go to overtime instead Davis thousand so now Mason Jones is going to the free throw line. And he makes the first misses the second on purpose. Indiana only has a desperation shot at the buzzer. It's not even close game over Arkansas win seventy three seventy two but won't arena goes just a crazy dumb inning. And I guess, you know, in closing time if you've got to freshman out there playing prominent roles one your point guard shooting guard, I guess these types of things can happen. But I mean, I know that one's eating our job. Because I don't know that it turned a loss. I don't know that it turned a win into a loss. Because at that point the best case scenario, you're going to overtime on the road. Let's just see what happens, but it did prevent them from having an opportunity to win in overtime. Just whatever the nicest way to say dumb dumb decisions. Whatever that way is. That's the way I'm trying to say that's the kind of stuff where? There are. So there are so many coaches will tell you there's there's a lot of rewarding things, but there are so many little things just like causing lose their hair make her grace stress them out just like a player making a just a brain fart decision. Like that cost new game on the road, which would have been good for and by the way, like Indiana's got opportunity still away from home. But both of these teams they play this game because they are not in a November tournament format. They don't play in any of those. So they get a game in a home at home, and it was smarter both of them to schedule, this, frankly. So for Arkansas particularly valuable it was the third game of the season. They get to and one they had dropped member. They played that Friday night against Texas and for brag, I think it was. Anyway, they they lost a really close one that they should have had against Texas. They dropped it a not. So they get one here to balance it out Arkansas to me is one of the biggest mysteries in terms of what they will be this season. I just don't know. I I'm not convinced. They're gonna make the tournament. Not commits otherwise, I do know Daniel gaffer is an awesome player in a traditional center. They use him in really good ways. Very talented guy. He is almost certainly gone after the season. I think he'd be dumb not to leave barring an absolute unfor thinkable unpredictable unforeseen drop in production, and frankly, just losing his ability to play the monsters from Space Jam so Goodwin for Arkansas, Indiana, still is going to be okay. I think that's going to be a tournament team. But yeah, you know, what pair she have it. Like, you have a chance you got a good shot on the road. And then you lose it like this. It's going to eat it. It's gonna eat at the players, particularly, but the coaching staff, no doubt for the days to come Daniel gaffer, by the way was twelve fifteen from the field twenty seven points, twelve rebounds. And for anybody who watched the game. Like, you know, they could do nothing with him. Like every time. He went off the court. That's when Indiana would make a Rondi come back on the court. And then Arkansas would close it up. I mean, he was awesome. And a lot of people thought he should have gone last year because he might have been if not probably would have been a lottery pick last year. Yeah. I can't see him doing a junior year of college. That is a nice win for Arkansas. And it is also a win for Arkansas drops Indiana out of the top twenty five and one that'll be updated Monday morning and the team that replaced him. You mentioned it Texas because Texas is now four no with a win over Arkansas team that just beat Indiana. So and I think they're top thirty Kim palm. So it's not outlandish. It doesn't fly in the face of the computer. So Texas is now twenty six in the top twenty five and one Indiana will be out tomorrow morning. One of the podcast last week. I think it was Friday's. I just want to touch on this very briefly because I thought it was interesting we discussed the amount of three pointers being taken in noted that it was up and that it was also a sign of the times. It's just the wake basketball's played now. So went back and looked and I use Kim pom pom only goes back to the two thousand one two thousand two season. But it's the easiest place to get this kind of information. And here's what I found in two thousand two there were only twenty seven teams that used at least forty percent of their fill. Go tips on three pointers. So at least forty percent of the shots. You come from beyond the arc only. Twenty seven teams qualified for that in two thousand two by two thousand eight it was up to fifty one teams last season. It was one zero three and right now one hundred fifty one teams this season are using at least forty percent of their attempts from beyond the arc. And so it has drastically increased in the past decade. It's gone. Up. What would it be it's gone up by one hundred schools and in the past year, obviously, we're still early but last season only one hundred and three teams and I use quotation marks round the word only only one hundred and three teens used at least forty percent of their tents from on the right now through last night's games the numbers one fifty one. So this is just again sign of the times. It's the way basketball played and it should be. I hope fans understand when you see it a number of three pointers taken by your favorite team. And it seems excessive it might be. But it probably isn't relative to the way the sports being played right now if that makes sense. Yep. Perish. I thought you were going to say it's more than two hundred. So your numbers is actually lower than I expected, but it will continue to creep that way if the line stays at its current distance now percentage on on three point shots has gotten better over the. The past decade or so. I I wonder for about to hit about a plateau here with the current distance. Or if it can continue to creep up. I would like to see the college line be the FIBA international. I'm personally because I just think that the three point line for the for the talent of shooter, we have in modern, college basketball, and basically modern basketball prospects, fifteen sixteen seventeen years old that are getting ready to play the college game. I think having the international line is better. I just do. And I think it isn't inevitability now whether that happens two years for your six years from now, I do think they eventually pushed it out. What about you are you in favour of creeping out again? Because remember it was what seven eight years ago that they pushed it, and I think they will push it again do agree. Should they they bump it out another say foot or so? Absolutely. Because here's his. I believe this is true. Although keep in mind, I was wrong about where Hawaii is relative to Japan in California. So I could be making this up. But I believe there's been a study shown done that shows if you go back to the FIBA line, the percentages don't really change the same roughly the same number three's will be taken. And roughly the same number will be made that does not d-. It's not really a more difficult shot for a college player. It doesn't change the percentages in any noticeable way. But what it does do is create more space and with more space. It's a better game. And so that to me, that's the way you do it. You don't some people will argue move it back to get people to take fewer three pointers that will not happen. If you move back, it won't get people to take fewer three pointers, and it won't get people to make fewer either. But it will create more space and basketball is a better game. When it's played with space. I agree. I absolutely agree. And I think that the mindset of coaches, even hall of fame ones and the younger guys coming up to the ranks of the guys that will be head coaches say three five years perish. This will be this will happen. This will be pushed. It's just a matter of when the rules committee ops to do that and more space a any kind of basketball game that moves with pace and space. It's become a cliche, but it is damn fund when you're watching a basketball game. And the teams are able to move freely up and down the floor utilize passing lanes through passage chess or whatever pump fakes and just used the space to see the ball move. It's gorgeous. It's frankly, one of the one of the very best reasons why I love to watch basketball is when you can really move like that. So yes, let's let's creep the line out, hopefully sooner than later, but we'll wait and see. And yes, this will this will continue to be a thing. And frankly, I don't see why anyone wouldn't want it to be a thing. Adding having a three pointer as a threat makes college basketball and basketball, all the better, and we wait and see. Though, the Maui invitational. That we said it does start on Monday Brighton early here in Hawaii, by the way, I game tips at nine thirty local time that's two thirty eastern but nine thirty local time, it's Auburn Xavier. That'll be followed by Duke, San Diego State at five PM eastern, then it's era Zona Iowa State at nine pm eastern, Illinois at eleven thirty eastern. Most folks are expecting in wanting a Duke Gonzaga title game is that what you expect Orlando. Are we going to get number one Duke against number two Gonzaga on Wednesday here in Maui? Well when this field was announced the bracket specifically, not the field. But the bracket matchups over the summer. Are awesome editor Marcus Nelson said hey can just get right up on the brackets and give me some predictions for fund. And I was like, yes. Sure. And it's like at the time can do what not feeling the Duke hype? I'm gonna get spicy here. Have Auburn overdue? I can't I think Auburn against Duke can be really good. I truly believe that. But I can't I can't go there. I'm as boring as it is I want to see Duke versus Gonzaga. And I think that we will see Duke for Gonzaga. I'll also say this. We should make. Let's just let's make predictions for each of these things and have a little bit of fun here. As we preview the tournament. You're going gonna be at. I think duke's day by day by day best possible matchup is actually the best thing for Duke. Like, I don't think there's a better team that they could face to help them. And actually give them a good push than San Diego State, which is improve the Sierra which has an MBA pick potentially a first round pick and Jalen mcdaniels on his team. And it's a good defensive team. I think duke's going to win, but actually think that you can sign up and you'll get a pretty interesting tilt there at least for twenty minutes. And then if Auburn beats Xavier Duke versus Auburn Auburn got size, really good rebound team rebounding team. Couple MBA guys on that on that roster. Good guard play good athleticism. I think that's a fantastic matchup and then zag. Parish Duke is look so good Gonzaga is. Built to be able to beat Duke. They absolutely can. I be curious. I I'd venture if do can get to the final and they both win their games. Let's just say by covering the spread. But not like doing it. Ridiculously Duke beating the spread by like twenty points, or whatever I'd venture that that would be Duke five and a half, maybe four and a half. That'd be my guess I'd be shocked if it was above six I'd be quite shocked, actually. And maybe it'd be as low as two and a half there can beat Duke overall. But I'll say I'll say they will meet I think Auburn is going to beat Xavier. The biggest tossup of the first day is ONA Iowa State. I'll say I wha state in that one parish. I I like what I was state has personnel wise. But I'm I'm intrigued to see what Arezzo can do, and what makes Maui there are so many things that make Malley so much fun. But this is so big to team resumes. You you can't afford to be in that seven eight game on the last day having lost one two. And then you lose a third time you can pick up seriously huge wins. And even if you play tight against team and lose who knows it can benefit you term. So I think this is going to be a great thing for you to be at. Personally. I I'm no doubt envious of the factory get to cover this because this has the potential to be the best. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Maui history, if the star show up like they should and the games are as good as they should. And we Duke final against zag on Wednesday. That's my Maui spiel now, you're there floors yours man giveaway while I wanna start on what I think will be the most competitive game on Monday. It's not the most high profile because it's the game between two ranked teams. But Aaron Iowa State, I think will be the most competitive now, I stayed three know they're twenty six that Kim palm. They've got a seventeen point win over Missouri and Mariel shea who is the for gene transfer is been really good. So far this season. He's averaging a team I twenty points and five rebounds, the issue with state is they don't have their players. Linda Wigan is out. Until he said early December. He's got a foot issue. And then they don't have large that don't have tally. They don't have Solomon young. Now, they beat Missouri by seventeen without all them dudes. But they still do not have all them do. And I think that closes the gap a little bit between them and AirAsia. But I will like you still go with state in that game Zona, we'll be back very soon, but they're in a rebuilt because. I think they lost. What was it their top five starters? Yeah. They lost all their starters. And then the two thousand eighteen recruiting class still was good. But it was a sub twenty class for program. That's been getting top threes top fours top fives. And that takes a toll when you lose five starters. And you can't replenish the way you're used to doing it takes toll. Now got a monster class coming in two thousand nineteen which shows you that whole FBI stuff like getting hurt you for too long evidence being that US's got top two class. Maybe the number one class in two thousand nineteen Arizona's right there with them auburn's in the top ten right now, whatever, but it did it did affect this era Zona team. And so I'll take state there. And then on that same side of the bracket. I don't see why Gonzaga should have any problem with Illinois. Georgetown can go there and win, and I know annoy was without trim Frazier. But still if. Georgetown can go to annoy win. I don't know. Why can't handle them on a neutral? So I'll go Concetta Iowa State advancing out of the bottom part of the bracket. Obviously, I'm taking Auburn over Xavier. Auburn's already got a twenty two point win over Washington that was a top twenty five team at the time, regardless of whether it's actually a top twenty five team. I'll take Auburn and then Duke sandiego states should should be interesting. Because like you said the state's got at least one pro prospect dukes got I don't know four or five three in the top five. So they should be able to overwhelm them. But still that's the game. I mean at this point Duke in Zion is like the story in college basketball. So I don't know what the best games going to be tomorrow. I don't know what the story is. I know that I'm writing about Duke coming off of that game. No matter what happened. So I'll go Duke to advance their and Auburn to advance over Xavier's. Now, we got semi final set for Tuesday, Auburn, Duke and errors in Iowa State, Gonzaga. I think you're you're not. Like, I understand why you came close to picking Auburn and actually wrote in the preview that's post right now CBS sports dot com. Like Duke looks on beatable right now, they've got a thirty four point win over Kentucky on a neutral. They're winning their games by an average of thirty one point three points. They're ranked number one everywhere. People top twenty five and one Kim, Tom. I've said it before I 'cause I don't know if you've been getting this going on radio shows and stuff, but people are like, so do you think duke's going undefeated? No, I don't think feed it, I think Duke is incredibly talented, and I think duke's about to become the first team ever to put three players in the top five of the same draft. And I think Duke should be the favorite to win the national championship. But I don't think deuce going undefeated. I do not think they are as overwhelming as they looked against Kentucky and the champions classic. And so it's not crazy to Auburn can beat them. I don't think Auburn will. I'm gonna pick Duke. Get past them. But if Auburn played in the championship game on Wednesday and Duke is is in a third place game. That will not be the craziest thing it probably won't be the craziest thing that happens in college basketball this week. I'll just put it that way. So I'll take Duke, but Auburn is a formidable opponent. I'm really looking good looking forward to that matchup assuming that that matchup materializes, and then Gonzaga Iowa State. I'll just take zag there a short handed to Killian tilles out to believe after Christmas is is the projection, but they still got enough pieces. I think to get past in Iowa State team that would be also shorthanded and even more shorthanded. And if it's not I was states Arizona, then I just think Zack it's got a better roster. They're better teams in Arizona. So either way I get to a place where how about this? I think it's more likely Gonzaga's in the championship game that I do dukes and the championship game. Just because I think duke's more risk. Yes. Auburn, then then Gonzaga. Is at risk against anybody. But still Duke Gonzaga in the championship game. And then I'll go I don't know eighty one see what I put in the preview eighty one seventy seven Duke. I think it'll be a competitive game and the blue devils will win that would give them their six Maui invitational. Title six they've got five right now. Do you know dukes never lost in Maui. I do know that because it's just one of the last time they played in it. There was a whole. I remember watching whenever what year whatever your that was them just making a big deal about the fact that they've owned this tournament and have the best winning percentage of any program. That's played in it more than once. Yeah. I mean in the winning percentage is like one hundred thousand but yes thousand you know, what I mean, I know Jimmy you mean that Hawaii closer to Japan United start the podcast by being hesitant to answer you geography question because I don't want to sound stupid. And then I end it by making myself sound Eddie audit, and I didn't even have to. I could just. Say they had the best way percentage ever. And just leave it at that. It's okay, you go enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I'm going to basically picture you walking around the set of. Oh, man. What's that? Awesome movie with. With. Kristen bell. And the guy from how I met your mother. Why am I blanking on this being Mark marquess savings that is a fantastic fantastic movie? Maybe the best rom com ever. I'm not even a huge rom com guy. Great great movies. I'm just gonna picture you basically being like the Jona hill of that. Except he actually works at a at a restaurant, and you don't. But that's the picture you meandering around Hawaii. And don't you don't know what I'm actually about the do. Well. What? It's it's three twelve here now, and I was going back and forth with one of our editors rainy Brickley early today because he is involved with CBS sports HQ, and I'm doing a bunch of CBS sports HQ stuff tomorrow. They've sent they've hired a cameraman out here. Like, I'm doing stand up from the beach and all sorts of stuff. And so Ray these said, I didn't I didn't I didn't know that they were sending a cameraman. I had heard that they might then I never heard anything about it. And then I just sort of forgot about it. And I decided to reach out and they were like, yes, we're sitting a cameraman for sure I was like, okay. And then I thought I didn't really bring appropriate stuff to be on camera using we were jackets and coats, jackets, collared shirts, maybe even a tie. You don't really want to dress like that in Hawaii. So I didn't even bring close like that. So Ray Andy told me if you wanna go expense, some Hawaiian shirts, go expensive Hawaiian shirts some shopping for Hawaiian. Oh my gosh. Pleased tweet photos of what you end up getting and make one of please make one of them just. Just absurdly ridiculous. Like, just go go all the way. Okay. That's all I need to see an Email. If you wanna go expense ally shirt, you can go expensive is. I'm like, I do podcast that I'm going Hawaiian shirt shop. So I don't do you sound to like unsophisticated if you just walk down to the concierge you say, so look I'm trying to find some Hawaiian shirts. Is there a different name for me? I think they just they just call them shirts their shirts, then I'm looking for some shirts. Then you elp me. Surely, they know what you're talking about and say why insurance right? Absolutely. Well, that's that's gonna be awesome. And then we will will podcast again when this day, right? This is honestly, here's what I would say Thursday as opposed to wins day because the time difference puts it where I mean, honestly, I could late Wednesday. We're gonna have to late Wednesday Thursday is thanksgiving. I forget everybody else's living their normal. Yeah. So so how about okay so late Wednesday. Because here's the thing championship game is noon. Noon local time that's right because unless I'm mistaken, but don't they? It's the championship. So they play other games after that. Right. Yes. Yes. Third place game is at six thirty local time. My game the championship game the one I care about is actually the second game on Wednesday. You get you get. The fifth-place six place game at nine thirty AM local. And then the championship game played at noon. Local. So for people back in the states the championship game. I think we're used to the Maui Tim show game being later. Yeah. It used to be. But they've changed that I guess I guess they have because I don't know why. But yeah, five it tips at five eastern this change parish. Because last year, I did PK eighty and I had like six thirty flight out to Portland, and I could not stay up to watch. Mike Bray take his shirt off and celebrate with in the locker room because they rallied to beat which state and the game ended so late that I didn't I didn't want to go on basically for our asleep. So this is a new change. And and probably went for the better. But regardless I absolutely love that Wednesday of thanksgiving week but particularly for Maui championship game. The other stuff that's really one of my favorite regular season days of the troops. Though. The game tips at five eastern it'll be over by seven eastern obviously have worked to do after that. But we will. Podcast late Wednesday night. That'll be the plan. So if you're up late Wednesday night with this it'll be there. And if not when you wake up for thanksgiving, it'll be there just to Devon down Chester, South Carolina. The legend Shasta lar- now. Please go subscribe to the college basketball podcast via apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast rated favourably five stars with nice comments. That's all over ask from please. Do it for me. And like I said we'll be back late Wednesday night till the.

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