115 - Womanizer


Awaken Fauria. CBD arousal oil is a luxurious new way to enhance sensations of arousal and melt into deeper more accessible orgasms promoting natural lubrication and release of physical tension awaken creates the relaxation and enjoyment necessary for central experience release and restorative rest for fifteen percent off awakened or any other products offered by Fauria go to four wellness dot com and enter Promo code turn me on the thing is is like we can always talk. Uh Hello ooh baby. I love You hear my voice here of my voice sounds a little little Richard Burr. Y Z fix the microphone notes I think it's because I was losing my voice. A few days ago. slowly slowly started to come back and now. I'm sucking back OATMEAL LATTA and it's Kinda code lubricating your throat lubricating. It feels good. I feel like I got my my fucking radio voice back just in time because we got a bunch of fucking show's coming up. Live shows rose. They're happening if you don't know sick boy podcast. I'm just going to throw this out there for anyone who might not listen to sick boy yet then you've been waiting for it we're. We're going on on a little tour and we're going to be in. Vancouver doing a live show on next week. It's going to be a September twenty third. Get Your Shit together at the Rio Theater and you know who is just at the Rio theater babe like a weaker so wait. Wait wait wait. Let Me Guess Brennan Brown Brown no is it a comedian is a movie star as it an athlete plume sure she's done some film home. Okay Willow Smith our Rad. She's on her tour right now and I've been reading keeping keeping tabs on which is up to where she's at and actually I think her and her brother on tour right now together no. I don't think together I think separately but she she's been out a couple of his shows and and man that fucking kid is he's killing it. She's killing it too but he is like I'm watching these like fucking videos of him front of stadiums of people people and he's like do you have you listened to. I mean this stuff now. He's an incredible rapper right like an actual bad ass rapper and he's like going out onto the stage with this fucking sick grill and like you know you just like got. This unbelievable flow in the middle of wrapping just takes a pair clippers and starts buzzing. His fucking head dude is sounds like a I think he's always been a bit of our performance artist. He yeah he certainly is tapping into that that side of things but anyway willow love that Willis was at the Rio Theater and I'm very excited to you say that sick boy we're going to be on the same stage as as the beautiful willow Smith so that has nothing to do with our show but now you're killing it yeah feeling really good about it. We're GONNA do show there. The next night were flying Calgary. Were doing a show at sait which is a college that we love doing shows that it'll be third time there and then we're going to banff for a little a little private thing in oncology retreat and then and then we fly we're going to Toronto to do a live show for sick boy on the the Friday the twenty seventh and then the next day you fly into town and the day after that on the twenty ninth. TERMI ON PODCASTS show Toronto Ranta TIFF light box which is fucking jail. It's Kinda cool and it's for Jeff L. forty-two amazing so so if you want tickets to any of that Shit live report podcast dot com slash shows and fraternity on Hermione podcasts dot com slash show and then a week after that on Monday Day October seventh were an Ottawa Al Konkan Holy Fuck. That's a week later. That's one week later my God. That's great. That's a great schedule. I'm still to and Let's just hope that I don't get sick. Don't get sick and also is it related to Termi on if you are posting which cities you're gonNA be in for potential casual hookups is that what's was that the link there is some sort of have really mean. I was just wondering if we could we could make your sick boy tour announcement part of the Termi on show in that ladies Jerry Saunders is GonNa be in town. His Way Way way is that way is that are you saying I said that at the top of the show to announce that I'm going to be in these different cities in case. We talked about this return on the microphones. No we did not and don't even say this funny joke. Oh it's not no no. You can't say that he can't believe once. We got an email from somebody specifically. Let's get into this listen okay. I think we have so many other things. Okay let me I gotta write down my thoughts array donor thought but I got an email from someone that was like do you do you take the issue with I'm really gonNA butcher it but it was something to the effect of and I didn't answer because I was like what the fuck are you talking about. I get like that with pretty much any email that comes in. That's your basic first responses but the email is something to the degree of like. Do you think that you need to be careful about announcing your whereabouts. No no no no wasn't like that. It was more like Do you think that there's like something to like hooking up with someone on with the fact that there are clearly fans out there and and like something to do with like the power dynamics and like a you know abusing using that whatever I wanna say that power because it just sounds so fucking absurd because I still yeah I read that email and I went what like I mean it'd be one thing if I was like a celebrity and and was like choosing to sleep with people that were in I guess like my field of work yeah and like the I think the way the email was written it like it kind of like I felt like I was being like accused of something. That's right. I'm I could never matt like I. I would never have like ever imagined doing okay yeah because if I do go to a city and we you and I both know this and thinks over our listeners now this I do casually sleep with people when I'm out of town all whip tinder or bumble or whatever and yeah sometimes things happen. Sometimes things things don't but like I don't ever use the podcast to like as a hookup to score now. You know what that reminded me. I don't remember that email but I do. It does remind me of the whole conversation and yoga teacher training when they're like hey don't date. Don't fuck your students. He had exactly yeah yeah and I've I've always felt pretty strongly about that. in fact you know what if anything if I do use like you know any sort of like followership or like like fandom to my advantage. It's it linking up with people in cities. I've never been to to like explore the fucking city yeah yeah you do a lot of that. It's my favorite thing went to London. Meta lovely young woman who took me out to show me like all these really cool fucking bars and it's really cool neighborhood. We never had insects and we never. I never intended to have sex YEP same thing with like when I was in I got stuck in Detroit right then like for a layover and didn't think I was going to the I didn't WanNa be there. Somebody listens to our show is like hey. I'm a fucking tour Windsor Sweet. Come down and show you like everything you'd want in Detroit all right well if there's anyone who wants to drive us from Laurentian to Ottawa no just kidding but to be honest with you when when I do meet someone on tinder and bumble and stuff like that when I meet people and they and they say no I've I've never over and like it's clear that they've never heard six boyer. They've never heard turn me on. I'm always like sweet right sweet yeah. That's a plus us. Yeah I get it. I still like have never ever had one single person. Make any sort of advance or hit on me in any way but you don't come off as a slut like I do man. I feel like I give off that some of some of us try so hard to give up to just be like yeah. I'm slutty and not any just can't get get past that shiny veneer of good old country girl you try to give off the sled devised. Sometimes I do do you I don't. I don't think I've ever seen it well. I think that's not working. No nobody can read it. Oh it's because as you're not in a position where you you want your can be slutty no well. I I yeah matter if I I actually want to have sex with someone I should still. I still want to have their. CD slutty sometime listens by CAST APP right right him clean on this and that just just feeder full of the full the the the compliment. I did know not comments. Now that's not looking for. I did have someone reach out and ask me no no. I'm not looking for news flattery tension. I no it's cool. I got lots of attention but I did have someone. John asked me where I get my haircut because I happen to be sitting right at odd fellows in Halifax. Waiting jet cut my hair. Which is where you get your. This is where I get my. Here's where I also get my haircut. I love June. I know she's fucking great. I I have like I you I have. I'm totally in love with her. I have this like I think we've a a lot of us have had this like sort of like fantasy of like making a big. You know like especially like enacting like well. Maybe I'll just like maybe it'll become really famous one day and be like really big and and toward the world and like have to hire my own barber to follow me around and I always thought like I'm just going to bring about a I I would have hairstylist one hundred percent but what that's my version of solar cells to film festival the the Atlantic International Film Festival is taking place in fact right now and I sat down with a couple of producers the other night and talked about their film called the rest of us which is a Canadian film home starring Heather Graham and she they were saying that when she came up to tiff for Toronto International Film Festival for the The further release the world premiere of the rest of us this film which is really good and we should definitely talk about it is that she can't she comes with a whole entourage rush of people and it's like woo need us. They're saying that that makes me. You gotta you gotta you gotta be killing it though to to be yeah that point in your life. We're still time. Oh Yeah I duNno sick boy. It turns runner yeah. No I'm not running out. It's fine so the rest of us was really cool film. It was obviously I don't know how to say this. It wasn't doesn't care don't mean it was obviously created by women but it's obviously created by someone who knows and understands female relationships so the here's the the story is about this woman daughter her teenage daughter who's just come back for for the summer from her first year university. They're driving in the car there. You can kind of see that they have like a bit of a of a like a gritty relationship that you know she's typical. Teenage daughter and Heather Graham is the the mom and sutter crossover grown up and she's incredible in this movie. The acting of this movie is so good good and and they get the phone this phone call. This is all in the first five minutes not a spoiler alert they get a call that the the father father has died the father of the of this family but he's actually the ex-father like he's he's. He had a mistress he left that family and started a different family so he he has died and the whole film is about you know these two women relationship but then also also the two women from the from the new family the mistress who became the wife and their daughter who who basically there are left completely completely down and out and they move in with Heather Graham and Graham's daughter and so you've got this like really complicated relationship type scenario all these four women have with each other but the way that it resolves it would all like I feel like any anyone who doesn't understand few more relationships would watch that and be like well that would never happen but for anybody who's been inside a complicated female relationship you go well. That's pretty much happened that way. Do you know if it was a WHO wrote it. If it was a land something it was everybody who worked on it was a first feature wow and it's really really except for the producers the director and the writer all of them. I features yeah so highly recommend checking that out because I think that's on subject with with our podcast and I don't think it will be available anytime soon like like in any sort of streaming capacity because it will do the festival run but we should. We should start a segment where we just every episode. We recommend one thing okay. Should I wait. I'll wait for next asked to recommend my my other thing that I was going to you. Okay okay as long as you can. Remember that I said I wrote it down. You wrote it down because you didn't do anything when I said that. Now you're typing so. Do you think you meant. I am going to write it down. I wrote down the name of a different movie that I wanted to tell you about. Okay okay. Oh I I see I see and so the typing mind Jeremy we you know we have some segments but like we're we're not like a segment heavy show but I love segments. I like segments can segments the great we should we should have more segments and I think that's what we should do from here on out. It's the RECCO segment Rocco's. We need a sexy name for it well. Maybe you know what let's leave that to our sexy audience to reach out because that's a big job folks. It is but people love to nail ships so so two things in past episodes we we mentioned There was a a quote that we were like who said it. Oh Yeah said leave a relationship hip if you leave a person fucking butcher but leave a person better than you found them that quote like when you leave relationship that person better than you found them with the campsite rule yeah yeah it was Dan savage. We knew someone smarter than US okay. Dan is obviously much much smarter than us. so that was one thing that we had a bunch two people cannot and let us know that that that was the thing and then another thing that people reached out a lot about was our episode with with Andrea Andrea from single girl problems we were talking about the womanizer so it's this it's this clip stem sex toy called the womanizer and I and we received a surprising amount of instagram direct messages from people who reached out and said I have that fucking toy and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire. We need follow up with Andrea and see if she's used it. I can't imagine she has now but she she she really didn't sell it. She seemed fine and like she would be down to try things like you. Can you just see her and her fellow like she does. Yes yeah a little bit yeah Gio but she also seemed like I don't need this fucking thing you know she I was like why don't you just give it to us. Yes yes we had a number. A couple wrote in was like first time ever squirted was from this this toy the womanizer fi can't you can over that horrible name so funny like y'all do. The woman came up with that name. I don't know you know what I'm I'm just. GonNa go right out on a ledge here and say that I like it. You liked the name womanizer like it for clearly taken by renowned it from that I mean and Brittany Spears of great song called womanizer and does she yeah I was like Oh your Minez Babe. I don't actually tracing it but like really seriously I actually that's the only word I know the title the Song Yeah but I can't. I can't play it now. Play cover of it I think we can. I think think technically we can play honestly. It's like who gives a shit. I mean it's not like enough people listening this fucking thing for us to get in trouble but what if we eh rule. I guess here okay. I've got two different videos here. Just stop fucking. All played hidden added in post all right here we go. Oh My god Jesus Quiz that does she get into dub. Step up to stop right. That's how you can play well. I think technically early a lot all right here. Let me just fast forward visit. Is it fast words to the chorus I wait. I think I know this any need but Dan. Dan Entertainer hit enter the town. It's it's under that right financial gain and I think it's something like that. Yes I was talking on that date. They don't and I was right about how the chorus goes lady. She made a comeback. I'm happy just in general. I'm happy you better come back. I like her What else well case. I'm saving that RECCO for next time well well. I have a question for you. Yeah yeah hit me with. It hit me baby one more time with that question peyot lookout. I'm here folks while you you. What do you do when you're starting to fool around. I don't know if you've ever been in this situation. I know you have when you you get in your head repeatedly about sex with someone so that you're like okay here we go again rampant up for another try and it gets awkward again for like the third or fourth time in a row awkward as unlike the sexes. Brighty makes a joke that doesn't land and just ruins the moment. I don't know man you know. I'm I'm going through but a weird place right now sexually and I. I don't know I don't know what you do. You like I'm asking because I W- I just wonder like if there's a way to quickly. Flip the switch to be like okay those joke but like let's let's wait. Wipe the slate clean. Let's rewind and try to go for it again I can I can you lay foreign command. No can you know but if I could. That's what I would do. I go no not funny. uh-huh oh God we're so vulnerable when we have sex and and like you open your mouth and you say something you say the wrong thing. It can really fuck shit up like I tried to take Andro bans advice and just say whatever the Fuck Oh. This is coming from you. Try to dirty talk. No it's not coming from Jerry Talk. No it's not but it relates to that and and her advice was like just open. Open your mouth and say anything. The doesn't always work the VAGUS. This is just killing me but I'm not sure I mean you know it's like. I think it is a lot easier said than done but I feel like there. There have been those moments. You know like and we've had it before. We're GONNA like fucking fight and and then like one of us will start laughing yeah and sometimes it is contagious in catches on the other person's starts laughing and then sometimes sometimes it's like what the fuck are you lock right. Now is not a laughing matter. It is so leading but you you've been the one who laughs how impossible it is to turn back when that's happening your like come on laugh with me. This is this is our out yeah. We're here like we can get us. Yes you know I've been that person who stubborn who's going Mussa. I'm not fucking smiling and holding it back and I'm holding it back and then and then you know they'll be like a little bit of like physical like like jabbing like come on or you know what I'm saying if you could with or for or toot you have on-command that I don't I honestly and and you know who earn horse would would take issue with this but I still stand by it Mo.. If you're listening my old drama teacher who you're GONNA be doing a workshop soon and the turn I have always had a disagreement about low hanging fruit and I she's like you know do pooh-pooh humour her is she doesn't know she doesn't it's easy. Look I get it. It is cheap. It is easy but guess what you are fucking crazy. If you don't think parts are funny and I'm going to guarantee right now you know that you know the video talking about where the dog starts. Barton Long Fart and the owners like Com Mon Charlie and then he looks up and the cats in the corner and the catches vomit while you're laughing because there's a fart and there's part and Puke in that animals all of that's the lowest hanging fruit so in a moment of vulnerability where you're heated up and your anger in and and then all of a sudden. There's a lull back right now. You're fucked if you don't laugh at that so what I'm saying is that as as as silly and as easy as it is I think I that's I mean that's what I would. I would say they work on work on Nova. I think we've is much funnier than apart. I don't know how to do them on command my friend abby she does. She lives in Vancouver Ryan. I'll ask her how she does it okay. She usually spend it only happens when she's doing handstands. Oh yeah well then. It's not on command. I can can do them. Do it Doggie style that happened but but I've love what you just said and I feel like there's a good takeaway there which is says if you're the one in that situation who's not laughing. Take a minute and and recognize that you now you're. You're now in charge here now. In charge and you hold all the power of all you can both of you out of that crazy the moment that's it. That's it because you because if you're able to pull yourself back your anybody else who isn't in that conversation they stumble into it. You know it it to everyone else including yourself later that moment that is happening currently is really not worth it. You know I was a I I when I do drugs. I like to fuck can talk to anybody and I mean. I like to talk to people anyway but I like to really talk to people people especially if you will. I don't know any moment I get and I was at Hoshi Aga- and I was having a really lovely time and I also like not when I'm hanging out with a bunch of people and we're all gonna partaking in having some mega-blasts of Serotonin from whatever substance were enjoying wing. I'd like to get away from them. And kind of got a little solo adventure. I'll be back whenever back and I went on this little solo adventure and I remember coming around a corner and there was girl and this guy and they were both heated and she was angry at him and he was kind of like he could see he. I was just like taking it in like fucked up. He did something that he shouldn't have done and she was she was angry and she was like pointer finger and Wagner finger in his face in like you know tell autumn thing and and he was like not like about to cry but you see he was like disappointed himself and but a little bit like angry at her and it took every every ounce of my being not to just walk up and and put a hand both of their backs and go hey guys it's the hour and like runaway because in my mind I was I was seeing it. I was going it. This isn't worth it. Whatever this is? It's it's like you're you're literally in like this gigantic beautiful park full of young fun bobbly goofy people and there's like the best concerts of your life happening all around you and all these different stages are worth it yeah. I can say that say that ship chipper another day yeah but I didn't do that. Why do why do we fight fight. so much with our romantic partners compared to everybody else is it because we spent much time together probably get on each other's nerves in and we we disappointed each other because we have our expectations of each other are too high probably fucking. Brian Mattie like they on this. I don't think they fight very much. Well I mean London's presents different challenges a different challenges yet yeah but like they aren't spending every goddamn waking second together. I mean there's been a lot of fucking time together. I'm surprised how much time they spend together period based on the fact that they have so much space between them but I don't think they fight often and like you know. I've heard I've heard Brian Brown. I'm not trying to throw in the bus here buddy but like I've heard Bri like you know frustrated with something that came up and he's like trying to handle something on the phone well. I guess that's nothing compared to like. You know a fight that like back and I had one night up in bed for hours on end. Just like you know yelling match or something it. It is the worst feeling to be in the middle of an argument and not know the not know when it's going to end. It feels like it's GonNa be forever adver yet. It's the worst feeling in my well you I. I'm going to share something that I is is a little bit vulnerable and maybe I'll regret this but since you share that I'm in not got a a bit of a different situation in terms of the things are getting awkward in term in like in the scenarios of like winsome insist sexy time's about to happen but I you know work's got really busy. I've been away a lot. I you know I was like having some select physical pains like stomach stuff all these issues uh-huh and and things that were coming up excuses to not have sex and obviously it's like it's like noticeable between between Beckon I and but now it's gotten to a point where like when we do have because we haven't had it for so long. I'm like I I and this is a this is kind of like a common occurrence. That's always happened to him. I don't have sex regularly then. I cuts so fast. I'm just like I just like I'll be I'll be having sex for like three minutes Obama. Go Up okay. They're done and I get really self conscious about it so much so that I will like find excuses not to have sex which makes away so that I don't have to fucking go through does your exact feeling which I which I know I know I'm aware and I know how to like not make sex about climates like and not like let that be the beyond all of the experience but it. There's something so mentally like. I'm like super hard myself in general until like when when that happens I it's like extra. Get extra down on myself because Mike do what the fuck sell early know what to do because now I mean that now I'm in that like WCHS slump. We're got caught up in it but I pushed. I pushed myself away from it yeah because of well. I wonder if there's there's a so you've got obviously like I know I know you have these feelings and assuming Becca nosy heavy stones but for anybody the else who's has a similar situation. I feel like I'm going to relate it to this this till landmark education K okay here. We go anyone anyone who didn't know. We've done landmark up to this point and just heard that they're like. They're either one or two people. They're going yeah be too or are. They going fucking cult. Probably most of them are going but slam but anyway so. This is one of my takeaways. I I have a hard time with being vulnerable. I cry almost every time I feel vulnerable right. I cry when I'm angry. I cry pretty regularly. If I'm blue you and I would say I have like a good cry like you know pretty pretty regularly but we really really frustrates me when I'm angry or when I feel really passionate about something and I get up to speak about it. I love public speaking but sometimes I like just tears. Here's it's just emotion. You can't like control the the outflow of it's just it's pure emotion and I and I when I got into a relationship relationship with todd. I said listen. Here's the thing about me. Please don't ever ever criticise. This is me or assume that I'm using it in a manipulative way because I haven't figured out how to control it and I've had to undo a a lot of the work I've had to undo a lot of the conditioning that I brought from my childhood where anytime I was in trouble I would cry and my step mom would be like use your words like why are you crying and just made it worse and I would just cry and cry so I dealt with that a little bit landmark and and and his his thing was like well I like. I really want to stop crying really want to just be able to communicate and he's like well. What if it's not a bad thing that you're crying like what if you could remove all that other garbage that you put on top of it. Which is like Oh no? I'm doing this thing again and I'm not supposed to to do this and this thing and Blah Blah Blah so I'm wondering maybe one approach in that in your situation would be to be like I'm GonNa come and then you're not a thing in your head. It's not like house. Don't do it again. You know yeah if you could just set the ground and be like what was that old inside joke vote yelling down from the shower our anytime you jagged forget that was oh. God those early days the podcast yeah but maybe there's just just like setting it up being like listen. Here's the plan. I GONNA come faster than it ever. Let's set a record. Maybe something like that but I get. I also get like that weird slump. It's like when you have them into yoga and a while and you know it's GonNa make you feel so much better to fucking go and it's just like on just snowballs and I'm in the middle of like the snowball effect director now so that's a bit of a theme for what we've been talking about with the argument to is like when things are snowballing how going step outside of that and just go whoop. It's not just quitting. Oh Yeah. Maybe quick quick increasing. That's not quitting. I've it's Cuiv but I I like with. What is a quick kill you? I F let me see Cuevas Krief but like a quick. If I was so revolted altered the minute I found out what a queer was really in high school. I was like oh the girls who were talking about. Were so disgusted. His quiff allowed in scrabble aw that's the class QUIFF Q. I F F A prominent forelock especially one brushed upward from the forehead ahead a prominent when he locked twenty points quips six twenty one point prominent forelock especially when brush upward from the forehead forelock it. That's what what God squeaky. That's her nephew. That's what our nephew has his like astroboy hair right it yeah right like quiff yeah yeah cloth the Adena. Have you ever heard this word squeaky. What do you think the definition of squashes it is. It's the sound of scrubbing something soft squishy using the sentencing now squeaky. Oh man you reasons looks like Jerry's add a little bit too much fun tonight. He is pretty squeaky drunk. Yeah Yeah really yeah very drunk. Okay twenty five points and scrabble seven letter word scruffy. S Q as q u I F F Y for all of you you playing scrabble right at the minute we a lot of Yahtzee. Have you yeah yeah. It's terrible game. you know it's not a terrible game is is this the source game which we will recommend next week on our records segment which we are we should we live show. That would be really know what the Fuck Nello. Oh that would be fun. Why everyone in the audience would be playing. It'd be really fun for me and you yeah. I think they'd be like where's the fucking sex talk. What yeah I guess the what were goes with all these synonyms with the people come to the show just to watch us. Oh Oh my God fucks knoop the music's kicker here. We're GONNA throw it to the episode. We hope you enjoy this week's episode so we're GONNA throw it to one of those classic early conversations just a regular old. Keelan and her sexcapades so enjoy. I really had fun. Hope you enjoy it and we'll see on the other side mm-hmm. It's been so long I now I no longer have any idea about but that's that's always my favorite not having any clue and then just diving right into the deep end so the last time you had sex there we go unlimited month ago all right yeah scale one to ten ten being like oh so it was a nine point five. That's right yeah. was there any of that three some awkwardness. No I've you guys have talked about reasons being awkward before. I've never actually experienced an awkward three threesome. They've all been they've all been des- great yeah. That was GONNA be. My next question is is a threesome for you. Regularly nine out of ten or or is it. Sometimes I mean you get the best of both worlds so yeah right a Unicorn. Yes okay. I am yeah our right. It's call coming back to yeah. Tell US tells about your days as looking a new ish right yeah so I was in a ten year relationship very vanilla. That's a long time one time. It was my full twenties. we broke up and then I kind of I was with whis somebody refers time hooking up with somebody and he did something to me that I've never experienced which is he test my pain tolerance and through that I was I was like well. This is like way too fucking bar but consented great but a beast awoke inside of me to to fire what way like why he he he was playing with my nipples and he pulled and hug so hard that the next day I lost a whole layer of skin. Oh shut shut off in the shape of a nipple away wasn't like one piece it was like pieces ear and they're your nipple like de gloved like I have a whole new skin on it. You get a sunburn yeah yeah. It wasn't saying a hold on hold on hold on let let's rewind this back for a minute first first of all. Why don't you introduce yourself hi. Lo My name is Jeanette Jeannette so let's take it back to this this partner who decided detest your pain threshold. How did that come up in conversation like what was the first day I was a hookup. WHOA OH okay yeah. I met him through fetlock. There's not really much to say about him because he's just a one off kind of thing and it was the first kind of getting out there I didn't know that this pain tolerance thing was going to happen. It just happened I would he kept testing my limits and I would say okay enough and he would just be like okay. Sit it breath through the pain and then he'd go a little harder to okay enough. He set free through the bank in through the pain right so this is like a whole scene that it was just like playing out and you're like okay. Let's roll with it. See what happened with it. Yeah fuck rolled with it right to the point where your nipples fell off literally and insane and so so it that experience woke something within you totally but a woken the beast Brian Okay with this shit. I kinda like pain so you you did enjoy it like as much as it was painful and it went beyond really like what you were anticipating there. You came out on the other end. Yeah and in hindsight was like wow well. I really fucking Doug Dot. Did I mean it was too far right but consent. I consented great. Now I know I don't like I know my limits. You have your nipples. I don't want that aired. Wait did you at the realize after the Novo bill foul like it was like while he was feeling so my nipple became link spotty black and this is really it was like bruises. This is really embarrassing so I had a doctor's appointment two days later and so I was like I have to look at my nipples spots of black and my doctor would did you not really weren't putting two and two together icon it did but I was like maybe it's something what else this is not normal. You say he was like oh he he put his hand on my shoulder and was like was this this consented and I was like Oh wow so he knew right up and I was like yes I was yes. I kind of laughed about it but he was totally serious. It was consented uh-huh. Oh my Gosh I wanNA say Yeah Okay Doc so the the beast was awoken. You're already on fat life. So you're already you already. Have this interest in the kinks seen so I joined at life because I want got to find a woman. I've never been with a woman so one of my friends said. Why don't you join the fetlock. There's lots of women looking for other women so I decided to join fat life and my God everything else on there is like it is a world. I'm discovering. What does that mean because I have. I have never been on fat life and I know I'm sure other people haven't I know I al- years it's totaled debauchery free for all Dick Pic flying around all inter except except you judge guys on their decks instead of its personality I would say it's more like it's more like facebook in that. It's a platform where are you can like comment on people's pictures and you can write on people's pages and you can add friends and request friends and then you have options options of like you know making certain photos public versus making certain photos like locked to only your friends being able to see them. It's it's like large and like extensive discussion boards on different you know like if you're into dd L. G. then you go to that page and there's like a ton of Shit on there. There's an people like will advertise like things that they're looking for or things that they're not looking for or things that they're interested in or what have you and so basically it's it's just like a facebook for kink sex sex and fetishes like that's that's kind of okay. Yeah got it but it's extensive it is everything under the umbrella ella of of Kink the dark web I mean I'm sure some people would think so. It's just glare but not technically through their through fat life. people use this. APP called kick and kick is a Messenger Messenger thing what's APP kind of I kind of got into a couple kink groups through there why is kick big on that. I think because you can put the pictures on and through time. They just delete think. I don't know it's a really buggy. APP and I kind of hate it but at the same time I'm totally addicted because I feel like I've formed friendships. I've met so many great people on there and I've learned a lot about kinks that itches through these people people so you you came to this after your tenure relationship yeah and and like did you dive in right away into it. It seems like you can get lost of kind of because I was like when that beast awoken in me I was like I wanNA keep exploring. What what do what do I like. What are my kinks. I don't have any water my kinks well. Let's try Anal never done anal never had any thing near my ass tried certain things I mean like but blogs plugs dugs. I have a whole area story. Let's hear it is GonNa make me. I'm already squeamish. No you're in okay so I bought this little bud plug. It's like three inches long about standpoint seven five inches wide I put it in one evening and I was okay. Cool started hurting after about forty minutes. You're just hanging hanging Yup. I live with my friend and she had no idea and I'm just like sitting there like WCHS wedding. Don't have something amass right now. No no no. Where was the sweat. Can't it was this. I wasn't actually sweating should horn sweat. Go see my doctor. Can you look at my astle astle. I'm sweating here. Is this concerned so I got really cocky and I was laying on my bed one evening. I thought okay I'm going to train myself solve keep using this but plug stretch out the but plus the but so I can take it take tango right so Zwinger my stomach. I put the deep plug in and have you as both had about plugging. You know what it feels. I haven't had about play him but I've had men plenty of things up there okay so you put it in an economy just sets for a second and takes a second so I'm sitting there about twenty twenty five minutes later I'm like why is it still setting so I reached down and the plugs gone. No he added is just digesting. I know Oh exactly the sensation. You're talking no instantly. I was like you know what don't panic already panicking. I know you are but I'm not it will not go to the bathroom like Kay. Just do your thing push it out. Push note some sitting there trying so no. I didn't think so I'm sitting there pushing and it's not coming. I've never had my fingers up there but oh boy yeah I had two. Maybe the three you dig it out kind of Oh. My God man honestly like this is this is this I some so I have a hard time time using BUP legs on somebody else because of this s like unless the base of that thing is the size of my fucking hand. I'm like I don't know Um. I don't want to put that in there and I definitely want to put that in there and start like push up on because if I see that thing go boop into the boy eight it I literally will scream and like run. I don't know I would think yeah so I just. I'm still laughing at the physical sensation of the federal contracting is like literally just like what's this and it just like slowly pulls. Take some more me being cocky like Oh. It's just setting it's fine. Oh notes et Cetera so what happened was. I had my foot up on the side of the TUB. I have my fingers all God man and and I'm pushing and pushing and then the panic starts setting in I have two options one wake my friend up and get her to go in or two. Yeah I mean that is a very deep relationship. If that's if that like okay and then to I coulda went to the emergency which I mean gene. I work all the worst things in your but that you could have other than a butt plug. Totally I mean we've talked to a doctor on sick boy and he was talking about people losing fucking couch legs in their ass so I mean you don't WanNa fuck with that. If you're like I call my mom honestly like I think I'd be like mom all right. Listen listen. Something's in my but lost but my mom has the answers. She's a nurse. Yeah Yeah Yeah I can just imagine maxine having said down the phone. So what did you do my oh. I tried to put the panic out of me. I had my foot on the side of the TUB fingers in there pushing pushing finally I could feel that the tip hip of it and it came out. I thought it pushed took it out. Never in my life was that one I have others but the base is larger like you said longer so no problem with those but what did so. Does this toy still exist in your collection somewhere frame it as a member it would it around on the necklace totally. There's the people used to wear like the nineties. Eighties remember like they're. They're like little souders on a plastic or whatever with a Diva Cup okay where it got stuck. Nobody likes to eat things feel like I had to get used to putting my holy end and my vagina when I used the cup because sometimes yeah it goes quite well. You got to put at least all tips of your fingers in there to get it in. It's really uncomfortable in there or putting it in putting your hand in yeah. They get it out right. Yeah especially in public bathrooms where it's just think well now. I have a handful of blood yeah. I don't use it anymore because because love yeah. I don't use mine anymore either a night. I miss it because I do think it's probably best for the environment but I was really after I had BV for Year. I was like I he can't trust. I just anything I don't put anything in there anymore that for my period yeah just just sit on a diaper sitting on pads letting it flow totally free flow onto Iraq sitting on rolled up towel wait. What was that did you do that. What was the where's the story of that the blood on on the rock there last summer. I did that a lot of my period. Along can just be one with nature exactly feels like the right thing to do. what else did you kind of like decide to test out or explorer or dive into so. I met somebody mm-hmm early on when I was single and he was like on claiming you I was like no. I'm single the first time in ten years. You're not claiming me I am my own person. I'm independent kink thing or was he just like literally lovie Meyer Yeah. He was like no claim you. You're my girlfriend. I was like here ridiculous us but whatever he wanted to call him daddy so I was. I didn't know what a daddy was uh-huh really what their role was but I've learned quite a bit of what a daddy is and their role he likes he he was fully like dd l. g. he would call me his little girl right at Kami his princess and if you know me yeah I'm not. I'm not a princess right sure I've discovered. I'm very switch. I have domin me so I don't know what he's working princess so did you just couldn't really get into it like the thing but he explored kinks with me which I really liked that so we would get together and weeped leapt on wax play we've done while spanking flogging stuff that. I've never done in my life that I was like yeah. Let's do this. I've graduated -aduated from that little plug to a pager right to now a vibrator so what's Petr It's basically yeah like a starter for the ASS okay. It's Kinda starts off like two inches. Round goes smaller. women mostly only wear it for whatever their pegging men. Oh wait a minute. Oh I see they put it in about yeah. Yeah okay got it so I bought one. I don't have a belt but I bought one on because I was like well. This is a good start into the ASS. People love it so I'm like something has to be good about this like did you like have you gotten to the point where you're like. I love ask play with it yeah okay. I have if I don't do it for a while. It doesn't it hurts a lot but I got to the point where almost made me squirt. Well just straightly absolutely wow interesting. What is happening crazy yeah. That's fun. Germany on we'll be right back after this this word from our sponsors are you like. Are you like are you down for like ask play early on a first date. Yes Sir Yeah Yeah. I'm pretty open yeah right. I KINDA WANNA. Try Everything I mean obviously have my limits but I'm very offers. I like yeah. Whatever yeah sure yeah. I was find a really interesting like there's some people that are like on a first date. I don't fuck I or like UNFOR- state. I would would never go down on someone WANNA. I whatever and I'm like why why not looking for a relationship so I think there's sure but yeah but even that even and even even that I feel like silly. It's like oh well. If you're looking for a relationship you don't WanNa you don't WanNa like do anything crazy yeah. You know. It's like why why you WANNA limit yourself if feels right it feels good. It's like yeah sure I've been more people who are in the ASS. Play them who aren't yeah yeah. That's really despising does it. Does this friend this at daddy person do you still play can play sessions with them as of a couple months ago no no no. I just ended it yeah. Just you felt like you had he wasn't treating me the way that a data supposed to treat their in quotations. Shin's daughter so. I was just like what am I doing. You want me to give you me but you're not giving me anything so this. This is just not working. This dynamic is not working. You Ain't no daddy hurt. I didn't say that to him. Well Ma I said do you send it to everyone. On this podcast. I Listen Daddy. What's like are your are you. Do you said you're pretty open like do you. Are you pretty open with sharing this type of stuff with like your friends and stuff. Do you talk about your sex life to your your pals. I talk about it a little too much. Oh Yeah you're one of those people yeah but I gave my audience because it does make people uncomfortable. I can't just be like hey yo. Oh had A had a pug stuck in my ass last weekend. What you do go over pretty well with a lot of people I mean pick and choose your audience. Yes yeah do they. Do you find your friends kind of like you know are. Are you like a lot of the people you said. You had a pretty vanilla relationship before getting the fat life and like getting into exploring your kingside so do you find like your friends ends typically have like a little bit of a vanilla life and they're kind of like hearing these fucking stories coming out of you and going cheeses. I hear a lot of living vicariously the view a lot no I think I've my friends are very supportive of me and all they do is worry because they don't know this side of me because I mean I didn't even know this. Side of me is well. What do you think they're worried about me getting hurt or write me getting in a a situation that I can't get out of which I'M PRETTY SMART. I know that not to get into that. I shouldn't yeah yeah yeah how do you how do you follow those sorts of or get those kinds of intuitions or feelings when you're meeting someone If it's a couple I like to meet them beforehand without any expectations because I need to have some sorta chemistry before hooking up with anybody I will not go to bed with somebody unless I feel some sort of connection because that just makes it awkward for me personally and that's just not who I am. I don't judge anybody. Though would you say that overall we're. We're just we're reviewing a bunch of stats. That recently came out. I buy like a sexual health study and one of the things that really blew my mind was that women who masturbate eight more than once a week are more likely to find masturbation or more likely to report that masturbation is pleasurable for them as opposed to women who masturbate less than but once week which wreck I guess now I'm saying I love that sort of make sense but do you feel like Do you feel like overall. I guess I don't really know are going to that question but do you masturbate. Is that part of your sexual. Oh Yeah regime yeah yeah. I'd crave new feeling so my toy collection is very large. I'm constantly at the buying new toys and I guess one of the stats to on that was that women who who who used toys report even more satisfying in Mass Bachchan than women new absolutely I mean you're exploring different feelings in your exploring yourself and really. You don't know what you you like unless you try it. Do you would use those toys with your partner those well absolutely ah Yup. I encourage people to use them on me like I'm bored with myself. Come on on you like open up the drawer yeah absolutely yeah. Have you ever had any partners like Have you museum toys with other people no not yet I've had people be a little awkward about the toys but it's like maybe you're not right for me to go around with goes awkward of Toys. I don't think you're GONNA be right for me in the bedroom. That's an interesting thing They're like it's come up. A lot in talking with people vote toys like this insecurity that that people have when it comes to toys like as if the toys replace a yeah our yeah like I don't. I don't can't wrap my head around that no like to me. It's like a it's. It's an it's an added enhancement. It's like this like. It's a fucking toy. It's a toy also I'm voyeur as well. I love watching so if somebody was to use something I would love to watch Maybe you have a bit of that as well and you feel the same way as I do. You like to watch that happen early hundred yeah. I love to watch which my partner masturbate. I do too why I don't know why it's so hot I think as you're watching them giving themselves pleasure and it's I mean pleasure is great so it's like Oh. You know you're happy so I don't know there's something in my brain. That's just like I I it looks. It looks really like primal to me. I big like almost Lake. I can't can't interfere with the the impulse to do it like back kind of like compulsive nece that I like. I will watch that I watch. That's actually one of my fantasies. Oh really is to be tied down and to watch a guy masturbate and have him come on me. There's this scene in girl. Do you remember that remember remember the massive hit HBO Not a member but there's versus second season then there's a scene where the guy played by Adam. I think his name is Adam in the show as well he's laying in bed and Lena Dunham is like in the bedroom and they're sort have broken up and it's the morning and he he's like he starts masturbating at her and she's like what are you doing and then and then Louis CK strategy that she starts calling him now. He's like masturbating well. I don't know she wasn't it was caught by surprise. I don't know what little Louis to me but then she's discuss discuss starts like column like a bunch dirty words and and then she she goes over to the dresser and she takes his money off the dresser and the whole time he's just like nor don't do that but still Dole jerking off and she just takes his money and walks out like I I've macerata to that scene interesting. WHOA interesting Adam drivers pretty pretty like master Nassar Pretoria Masturbate or a as I masturbated him? Would you yeah I don't find him weirdly. I don't find him that good looking but I think character very sexy. No it's not it's not that it's sex appeal. Every character character he's ever played is is has that there's something sexy about it. and he's not the isn't that. I don't think he's that good looking but it's like it's a vibe about him even when he even when he's like fuck did you've only plays like Kylo Ren or whatever from Star Wars. It's just there's something I duNNo. Marisa factor is something about him. Yeah you get a new movie with him coming out soon and it looks heartbreaking. It's called a AH a marriage story and with him and Scarlett Johansson. I watched the trailer for a super long trailer and usually those trailers. I'm like fuck. It's just GonNa tell the whole movie but it was the it was really cleverly well done. The trailer was Adam driver talking about his wife and all the things that all the reasons why he loves her and so it's like this very beautiful like sort of all these vignettes of Scarlett Johansson character and as he saying like you know she's she's a great dancer and she's she's like the life of the Party and she's taught me so much yet and you're seeing all these like little shots scarlet and then and then you you know it's kind of like clearly. The marriage starts like seth and like there's a sort of seen or you know it's like at it a bit dark like you can tell that their marriage is on the Fritz and it's Mike okay the the trailer should probably end by this point because it's like already a minute and thirty in but then it goes to her and she starts saying all the things that she loves about him saying and again takes similar sort of like downhill sort of trend into the darkness of the relationship anyway. It's one of those movies where it's like. It's just real you know a marriage that like clearly has its ups and look look downs that anyone who's been married for any period of time knows comes with the territory. It'll be interesting to see anyway. That was a fucking rant about a movie. I love relationship movies like take this waltz. I can't watch them. I know they're very it's so hard for me I can't I can't I just it like it's a an yeah. It hurts so deep that like when I I I I put myself in the character shoes and it's so real that I can't watch this anymore like it. I feel it too much broken. I have never cried to a movie. That's maybe two or three. I cry thinking about movies. Music makes me cry but not movies really weird interesting. I don't think it's a broken thing. I think it's broken. Maybe just watch movies in a different. Maybe like are you really paying attention to the fucking movie you making out with a lot plug and you're just thinking about the sweat coming down your face. What's happening up there focus on the movie well. I Yeah I cried thinking about movies. Sometimes new are very sensitive cancer fucking no Macapa Colon cancers are very sensitive. Are they yeah. I hear I hear cab. Corns are just like they think they're everything. Sauce us. Yeah that's right. I am sensitive Sally. Though what's your sign Sagittarius Oh yes free spirit totally my stepmother and my little sister and my father are all Sagittarius. He's you're surrounded. I'm surrounded. Don't get them. They're very the you know they're. They're a Lou this aloofness sometimes too but I don't quite I don't quite get very it's strong from Queen. Don't stop me now like I'm going to write that down. Check that out. That's really funny. Do you have like a a sexual We've asked us before to tell the people like. Do you have a sexual bucket list yeah. I mean you said you have the fantasy of being tied down in some guide. Jerkin awful is do you have anything else like anything else that you're hoping to experience yeah more more flogging whips chains. I want to be tied down. Rope play at love to do rope play every trip to a couple people on fat life just trying to learn. I mean what how long you in town for 'cause. You're from additon from Belfast here for the weekend. Okay you next time your health. ACSI should look up you should reach out to t- yeah AH on instagram she's great. She's awesome Would you ever do like a like a boot cocky yeah why not half half but that's not what I of that doesn't appeal to me richer but either does male male female threesome that doesn't appeals me as much as a female at the male interesting yeah I think it's because unless the two males are bisexual or whatever and they they're gonNA play with each other so you want everyone in teamwork. That's what's fun about it. It makes the dream work. I get that I totally get that yeah. I explained that to people and I do understand the male male female part. I mean people want to be wanted. You're the center of attention that's cool. It's is not for me yet. I did not do it. I would feel the same way like if I was in a if I was in a threesome with two females and they were not like set to doing gauge with each other I'd be like I don't think I like this yeah yeah. No I won't both best of both worlds I would enjoy. I'm threesome. If I got to dominate both of the animals that'd be fairly funds. You know I'm should look on telling you. I don't know if I have more the words and then I'd have I what I'd actually have is one of them clean. My house naked amount mow the lawn. You know there's just a few things I need to hang around. Yeah I know I know. It was not a dave going into my fantasy. Are you dumb. I you think I I go dome insider. Okay Yeah. I think I'm probably a bit of a switches well yeah. It depends like on my on my mood. I guess like I feel pretty much like I'm an entrepreneur and I'm a freelancer so I feel like very masculine in my in my like energy in the daytime like go go get it. You know very action oriented that oftentimes at the end of one of those days I'm like can I just want want to be taken care of yeah absolutely but it does take me like a bit of a turnaround time to switch from that like action oriented to like relax relaxation time but then there are other times especially if I'm like if I'm really frustrated with my partner then I can get into sex if I'm allowed to take a little bit of that out in the in the moment in the act. I don't think that's the data unusual. I know I've been there. You've been it on the receiving. No no no well. I've been there but I also have been in the same boat of like I'm frustrated right now and if you if you WanNa if you WanNa do this then okay but I'm GonNa work out some demons. I find that that you know whatever you're in so I've had partners also be like like I don't. I don't want to have sex if you're upset and angry with me like I don't WanNa feel that I'd like if you're you're just doing this because you're frustrated with me. I'm not interested in like what you don't understand is that the energy will shift. We'll start. It'll start this way and you want to have sex and and maybe I don't but I'm GONNA I'll buck and do it if I can just be really mad at you for the first few minutes and then it will shift and it will just shift right. Why are you laughing. Nothing I just laughing because D- I know the face they may. She's it just makes me rather than I do. I have a piece that goes. If you WANNA be a winding fucking baby about this then fine lay down and leave uh-huh. I remember that face came at one time. We were having a threesome and you're making the face at the girl we were having to threes and I was like remember Jesus. Whatever yeah oh no it's happening. You're an artist. Maybe you could do a sketch. I've never ever I seen. It looks like it's been a friendly face. Much not a face you want to run into it and a dark literally run in the opposite direction good to see I have that poor girl was was face. I was down there but was up so she couldn't see it as she would've been running out of that room the conscious no embrace that beast okay okay. I feel like I should name her. Give her a yeah. Do you think you know you're. You're enjoying the single life do you. Do you think that now that this the side have you has been unearthed. do you think that like your next partner that ends up being like a significance and long-term relationship would have to like embody a sense of that with you like would have to embrace that and be part of that. It's something that I've thought about because I'm on tinder and I meet really great people but he usually guys WanNa put a ring ring on my finger because I'm sorry but I am a catch. I know I am and so I mean I get it but like now I'm so far from arraign. That's not what I want. do you think are you like. Do you think you'll what are your thoughts on. Monogamy verses non monogamy. Do you tend to be more of a monogamous person. let's explain those terms. I always get them. Make like monogamy. Monogamy is like like one partner and like I'm only true to what non monogamy nominating me would be like multiple every or open relationships think think now. I've never been in a situation where I've been with somebody that that we can explore that but I'm really open to exploring exploring that side right think about being in a relationship. I think that I would be non monogamy do you do you ever experience. Feelings of jealousy not really no It's all about trust and honesty but if you break the trust and honesty which is what the daddy did. It's Kinda over in bed era. That's is it's a super important piece puzzle piece to any relationship. I fought not that. I have a hard time with honesty but I do there. There are conflicting feelings that I have about sharing and with your partner like there are some I've had some partners who really WanNa know all kinds of things details about like even my day or you know who I've been talking to you or what that the very that that it almost makes me feel interrogated and then I feel like I don't WanNa share share or something. I don't WanNa be now that I don't WanNa. Be honest but it's like. Is there anything that's just for me like just for my own. You know yeah me yeah you brought this up once like I was having some issues in relationship and and you worded it in a way that I've never really liked thought about it before until you said how you know privacy is important. Even within your own relationships like to have your own sense of privacy. It is important. I think Astro Parral probably talked about that. Yes she says something like Everyone should cultivate a secret garden. which I think is a really beautiful way of yeah? It's pretty funny what the fuck is up with her man. let's speak six languages. She's a poet of languages yes but I I agree like I do think that that having your own private life even within your unlike intimate relationships is kind of important questions like do you fantasize about other people and who are they. Why are you asking that. Are you asking that just to just to fight fight. You're looking for a fight okay cool. Here's the fucking answer because you know what the answer is. You do it too right. I'm if you're asking that it's because you do it right. Who doesn't right do that. Yeah of course of course I do so is this. Is this what you're asking because you want to fight. I don't think I don't think you should assume it's because they want to invite. No I know but but if you're asking that and I tell you the truth how are you gonNA are. How are you going to react. How are you going to feel. I don't know if being like you're looking for a fight. Here's all people I don't. I would never say that or do that but that's what in my head that's where my head goes. I go wait. WHOA why. Why are we on? Why are we talking about this. Is there like because I do feel oftentimes in relationships. We we do this fucking thing that I can't. I can't wrap my head around. I do it and I've I see people that do it but like we we just for whatever fucking reason we get in the mood where we're like yeah. I WANNA fight. I WanNa like I wanna I wanNA stoke afire higher because the whatever the sensation that like subconsciously the the the endorphins or the the the adrenaline adrenaline the the like internal reaction of whatever whatever you get from going down that path is like I guess rewarding enough to like continue to do it because if you if you really to have the ability to step back and go whoa actually this is not valuable why would I why would I be doing this then. You wouldn't do it but there's like. There's some reason why we just choose you know. I think that has to do with like fighter flight as well. I think things are going so good and you're like. Is this a little too good a better fuck it up like even without even realizing yeah yeah you can. I will admit my ex-boyfriend. I've looked through his phone and I told a friend about it. I read some stuff on there. That was hurtful and my friend was like why are you doing that. You're looking for a fight. Do you have any issues with your relationship. I was like no and they're like well. What are you doing. Yes so true. You never looked at it again yet. Don't do it right. Like what am I doing. What are you into. What are you expecting to come from that right. You know it's just trust honesty. He's never given me a reason to look through his phone. To why did I don't know I think the that's such a hot topic. I like because I I know the urge. I know I still feel the urge sometimes to be like not very often but if you if you intercept that urging you don't act act on it they feel like it we that urge like weakens its grip on but the the the thing that like really got me out of because I did that in other relationships as well as like being like okay sure people will say trust and honesty but whatever not trustworthy and what if you know what if they're not being honest and it's like well then when when that comes to light and it will you'll be able to say that you trusted you gave your all believing you're in an an honest and open and trusting relationship and that's on them but if you go through that shit then that's like well then you have to decide what to do about it and you're also in you know you've also been doing some shit that doesn't that does all within the category of trust and exactly you know so now now now. You're both fucking wrong person. Don't yeah you and your partner Javert fucking. Do you really WanNa know. Just ask and like you said like if it is if there is some like shady shit going on it will come to light. Will it will come to light and then that's when you you know that's when you can but yeah definitely ask person the dignity of like give them the opportunity to step eappen beyond very early in our relationship that that happened and for the rest I didn't I didn't look at it and it was like what I mean. Yeah sure like you said urges but yeah. I never did 'cause why he is no. It's going to poison your self and you know you've into your friends and about things. I'm sure that I've said things about him. That weren't very nice but when taken in context yeah and reading reading words is like esta brawl talks about being trim. It's actually quite traumatic when you have those like things visually like you've seen the details of it and like policing other people's language never works because you you don't understand the context with one with how even relate to vocabulary and like you. You know we all communicate so differently so that's all I have seen with them but visit passionate passionate about about nine not snooping We were coming up to time but what's your like. What's the future look like for you. In terms of you know smiling because I see a Lotta new kinks exploring a lot of fun. I mean why not I feel like you know as much as your friends are living vicariously through you. I hope so of our fans. Our listeners do as well because I also whenever we have these kinds of conversations I get like. Oh Oh yeah yeah yeah. That's I love that you what Hank anything like that in my life spice up so many out there yeah yeah so many like Steph not undefeated okay but I don't I don't judge that's now uh-huh but no personally actually hate pete. Oh Okay so you're not about to suck toes just by your face. Thanks feed as a hard limit. Thanks I mean you can suck my foot. It's going to do probably nothing to me but who knows. I don't know maybe different beast I dude. The the feet are very sensitive. I wouldn't be surprised if someone put a tone. You're telling their mouth ruler story before where you took pictures of your feet yeah. There's a guy requested requested. There was a gentleman who's really into feet and hands and nails specifically like toenails and figure out okay and he used to host the children's show called Art Zucca look at me now and there was a lot of hand shots and so he like D- ame on facebook years ago it was like hey I like your hands. I like your hand. Nail your hand meals and that's exactly what he said. Yeah Fuck Verbatim and so I I just like buried. It was like look only yet. What do I do with this years ago and then I told a friend of mine. Aj and she was like dude. Go make some money man like follow up with that and be like yeah. What do you want like. I'll send you video of my feet. Do like what are you sounds like. Oh Yeah you're right so we had this back and forth and I made him a video but he bailed last-second but I made the video anyway. I didn't send it to him. He just because I was like money. I absolutely but the video was pretty. I mean it's not for me. No haven't da UH. I think I deleted it. I think I deleted I. I'll I'll do a deep dive but I'm I'm pretty sure it's gone but he's pretty funny. We should put it up. It's so gross it is. It's not a similar one because somebody had requested it but I never sent it because I was like. What am I doing this not me. I'm yeah hey. It's it's easy work. You know yeah so I actually a friend of mine. I'm I'm into bring us up on the PODCASTS friend of mine sh she is like kind of a sort of very well followed person John Social Media and someone had requested to purchase for footwear but for like like an astronomical price like a couple thousand dollars for a pair of shoes that she sweats him. Hell Yeah Yeah I know isn't that great. I have lots of extra sweaty shoes if feeder sweating right now so if you're out there and you want these sues call me yeah well. Thanks for coming into town and I'm glad I I know this took a while to kind and workout but I'm glad I did yeah and and keep us posted on your escapades yeah and thank you all so immature tune in and we hope you enjoyed it and we'll be back next week as always but before then so you have seven days go to Apple Apple podcasts hit the subscribe button leave a rating and review five stars you know might as well just make five stars and and while all your at that also since your computer or your phone go to patriots dot com slash Termi on that would be super helpful because we have some trips coming up this fall all coming to see you and if you if you want to come be a guest on the show when we are living in Ottawa or any other city in our in our reach announced auto are we're doing a show October seventh at Algonquin tickets up. I believe they're up L. Right. I didn't realize Zimmer APP. They might be and then also tickets are up for the J. F. L. Forty-two. We're doing just giving Toronto on October or service. Komo twenty ninth and those tickets are definitely up and a stack lineup. I would suggest getting just getting a fucking pass and go and see all the amazing. PODCAST comedians not really important to laugh. It's very important for your overall health lobbying filtering you go get your tickets support patriotic and reach out if you I want to buy at no no tear gas achy held her nine. Oh Two five zero all right well. That's it for this week until all next week

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