REShow: The Watt Brothers. Hour 3 (05-20-20)


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production available on spotify apple. Podcasts podcast one dot com in anywhere else you podcasts. This kid is the rich. Eisen show looking bald man from the rich. Eisen show studio in Los Angeles not a photoshop picture of Tom Brady in Tampa Bay buccaneers helmet pook download and podcast at richeisenshow dot com. I really enjoy your hair in earlier the show. Espn College Game Day. Host Reese Davis Lion's head coach Matt Patricia Coming Host of the new game show. Fox's ultimate tag. The one brothers is now rich. Eisen Allah number three and final hour of the rich. Eisen show here live from Los Angeles California on a Wednesday right in the middle of the month of May a month in which we saw the return of live sports and Nascar and a little bit of golf on our friends right here on. Nbc Last weekend we've got Tiger and Phil and Peyton and Tom guys who as you know if you refer to just first names. It's it's rarified air rarefied air do that sort of thing. That's coming up this weekend And we're hoping June there's more sports returning and and I'm assuming by June the Ripple effect of the last dance will be gone by then. But you never know. More news stories could could crop including what's What somebody's just calling and wants to pass along us about the famed pizza. We'll get to that in the second of your phone calls. Phone lines are let Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo and I have been having a great conversation based on the way. Yesterday's show ended with me revealing. I've never seen the film point break. And have never seen roadhouse from beginning to end. You know Chris and people have been calling in talking about the the movie that they've never seen that they're embarrassed to say that they'd never seen. We had Matt Patricia. The lions on last hour even asked him he said that. He's a diehard fan of the star wars films when he was a kid used to have the popcorn in the front row. The movie theater by I've never front row guy in a movie theater never now. I can't do it again. I senator I know I only did one time. And that's because those were the only seats of exactly but he said he was a front row and popcorn. Everything and so You may maybe. That's why he's so good watching all twenty two because it's different from his usual perspective of being right up front. He likes to see all twenty two but he said that he's never seen any of the new star wars that he's waiting because he knows he needs to binge watch it straight through our nobody bothers him and clearly. He's he's got other film that he watches So it was fun chatting with him in the phone lines are all it will. We'll take your calls Here on the rich Eisen show Shortly on that subject and more. The Watt brothers are GonNa join us right in the middle of this hour Jj TJ and Derek Watt Co hosts of Fox's ultimate tag that airs tonight after the mass singers revealed. Big stuff in my household. Who Do you guys or your kids think is GonNa Win Obama? I mean honestly. It's beyond say they actually need to up the bounty more hundred too because they know it's never gonNA happen. They think they might think it's Michael Jordan. Who they think it's absolutely the most famous people and then with all due respect to the gentleman who called in last week because he was kind of to call these guys. It's Barry Zito. And they're like crickets arguable. Honestly they don't they don't remember. They weren't alive when Barry. Zito won a world series. One of them one of them was one just going say ark for them to know. Barry Zito so. I hope it's an Obama tonight that means I'm three hundred dollars out. Because is it a one hundred dollar bounty in my household fresh hundred dollar building my children. I would literally beating any Obama. Any Obama even the daughters. They think it's Lebron James anytime that it's a tall. Somebody's talked like Barry. Zito is tall masks singer. They Lebron so you ask who it is. That's I'd say no. I wasn't joking. They really think it's one of them has got to be Obama because it's their favorite show and the whole world's watching it and they are. I tell you a repeat of here wherever you are tonight at midnight eastern or will be nine o'clock Pacific here tonight when ultimate Taegu's on the air what you will hear if you're quiet will be the battle or we hope there isn't one on one side me and my wife me and sues on the other side. My three children insisting they have to stay up to watch ultimate tag. We're like no. You stayed up to watch the voice. Ten o'clock last watched the Massingir you can. Let's dvr ultimate Tek swimming. There is around. I know we'll talk. I talked I talked about it with. Jj TJ and Derek. The reason why I'm using the past tense building interviews coming up in fifteen minutes Thomas. I zoomed with them from one on my home stage. One Stage one reopened bombing. It's close zoomed with them on Monday. So there's lots to talk about with them and I do hit on the. I'll tell you. The very subjects hit him within the football subjects. They hate him with them. One with. Jj deandre Hopkins being traded Derek. What and Tj our teammates in Pittsburgh. I asked them about when they think that they're going to be back practicing in person. Even though they're not experts on the virus what are they being told and um I teach. He's ever got an envelope. I went in the envelope direction. Okay James Harrison with TJ. He's the along with bud. Duprey Prime Pass rusher. You could say the prime pass rusher for the Pittsburgh steelers absolutely. Okay think you can guess what his answer was but I still. I'm sure it's still funny to see is react on just the three of them. Just their interactions. It's priceless spectacular. It's great that'll be coming up so Again I know some of our wormhole four five four zero saying You know the answers over. Why do you keep talking about it? Well because people keep talking about there were exit interviews all over the place and as I did I did. I not tell you Christopher Brockman did I not tell you the conversation coming off. The last dance will be Lebron Centrica conversation because he's the current goat and is he and Jordan's class WHO's the one who took the bait earlier today. I mean one of your all time favorites. My Guy I said it during the commercial break in the middle of our to Christopher. Why is Paul Pierce trending? He says Lebron not even a top five player of listen to the whole quote but the headline even want to know who he thinks is in his top five. It's insignificant. How is Lebron James? That a top five player of all time he was on some ESPN count. Gosh all right with Jay Williams Taylor and Jalen rose. He's GONNA wind up beating Korean for most all time. Points scored unless covid nineteen ruins the rest of his career. I think he'll be the all time leading score. Yeah what about assists isn't even an easy standby isn't in the category. Isn't he. Close in other categories to? He's been playing for a long time. Oh my gosh shelvin teen so crazy and then horace grant one on a radio show. Espn one thousand eight th all time. He's going to be top five in pretty much everything. He's not top five okay. That seems he's been quarantined too long. He's going crazy. I mean that's probably talking with his basketball calling it Wilson which they do now call it again right in a couple of years. Okay moving here okay. So hard grant was on. Espn one thousand Chicago and Mandy Unload East pissed off. Because Jordan thinks he was the one who told Sam Smith everything for that Jordan rules book. And this is what Horace Grant had to say. Michael Says Yeah Horse was the league. He's the one that went to Sam Smith a game all that stuff for the Jordan rules. The floor is yours. How do you respond to that? I dated to everybody. That is a downright outright. Completely la live lied lot and as I stated if Mj grudge with me necessarily like let's talk about it or we can service. So here's another way. But yet and still he goes out and put this lie out. That was the source behind. I would never put anything personnel out there. What does that mean? Selling other way. Fisticuffs is that what that means. Take it outside the okay Jank. Then then he He I mean he went all in this. What is this is? This is the the sound bite. That's getting the most The most run when so called marriage is about one person basically and he had the last word on what's going to be out there on a documentary narrative of what happened in the last quote unquote. Dan Let's not a documentary because a whole bunch of things will cut out it out. That's why I call it a so called documentary so called documentary. I've seen people calling it. The last propaganda. Oh my gosh on twitter. Ganda by so-called Documentary was a great show on the CW. Wasn't it back in the day? Quired anes maybe Horace Grant I mean and if something comes out that wasn't covered in the last dance. Some personal stuff wasn't covered the last dance. Oh do you think new cycles over? Na Na has Scottie Pippen had his exit interview and on the ESPN shows. I have not seen him anywhere. 'cause because the one thing. I would want to ask Scottie Pippen. You really wouldn't Redo sitting on the bench with one point. Four seconds against the next to go knowing knowing now coach made the shot because if coast you'd Missed Ping could've gone full. Read our back. Sure Hey hands up. Should I should've beat up you. You call the wrong play. Fil a call. Thirty three knowing coup coach made the shot. Now you now have that twenty twenty hindsight. You still wouldn't change that. And also it's been a decoy in the corner and also Jerry. Reinsdorf says you would never have signed for one more year and running back. Never and he wouldn't even admit right. This is what I'd ask asked. Yeah Jerry Reinsdorf said you never would have signed for another one more year deal and and Jordan thinks that you would've needed some convincing. Would you have run it back one more time? Everybody wants to have these exit interviews. I know I do. And there's a question about the pizza back in the day guy goes on a local radio show in Salt Lake City and says I was the guy who made it delivered. I worked for Pizza Hut and then we had auto from Park City Utah. San was a gourmet chef. Back then I still have businesses. They're now not shot. That a pizza hut was opened in the middle of June and there was another establishment that we know made the pizza former senator. It wasn't per purposely poisoned but could have been that. We found ourselves in the middle of that story. Chris in Park City Utah. We got a lot of fans at Park City Utah. You got something else i Chris am I on. You aren't very first off very nice to talk with you. Guys a big fan of been watching. You said that you came on all think they'd have Dan. Patrick five seven one eighty strong. They're good so yeah. I I was a place called LAKOTA. Yes is the name of the restaurant. That's what I said yesterday right correct. Okay Yeah I don't. I worked at a we work together at a Sushi bar across the street. That doesn't exist anymore. Either GONNA be Kado. Basically all the places in this story and personality don't exist anymore. Pizza Gone Code. Has Gone Up okay. God Is Gone. And so what do you do? You got anything you just okay. Yeah sure. So here's the deal. I was there that night. I don't remember if I was working but I was there that night and our owner was a guy. I don't WanNa say his name. I hope that's cool He he He had this big plan because Lampley Jim Lampley was one of his partners that he thought he could get in the door if you delivered food and they called over late night and they made him a couple of pizzas and just as much you know. The food wasn't very good at this place so I'm not saying that it it. It made him sick but it made a lot of people sick and I didn't really like to eat there and I was one of the employees. Oh I gosh so. If you're you're saying Chris it's par for the course that might not have been up to snuff that Jordan. Yeah I am saying that there. You Go Chris. Thanks for the time and we got one second one thing movie thing. Okay please so the deal with your movie I have to that. I'm not embarrassed that I haven't seen I have to that I'm proud. I've never seen all. You're going in direction. Okay what are you going? I got the most popular or excuse me the most both profitable movie of all time as titanic. I've never seen titanic now. How it is and the other thing is Avatar. Never made it all jeans coward. You don't change can James Cameron is so I get that maybe a thing but I love the terminator and all that stuff all right. Thanks very much Chris. Appreciate it appreciate it. So basically we've now had two people say there was an establishment city. If there was only yelp back in nineteen ninety-seven probably without avoid Jordan would have gone hungry for the night to rummaged the minibar chips and he would score. Jim and he would have scored. What forty five. Instead of thirty eight. Thirty seven minutes play. He would have played all forty eight and instead you to play it. Just all day was cost of four minutes played and a couple of points bucket here bucket there art. You're on hold. Stay on. Hold the WATT brothers. This is going to be a fun conversation with. Jj TJ and Derek. Back next on the rich Eisen show. Let's take the phone call of mark in Minnesota Marksman hanging on for some time. What'S UP Mark? You're on the rich Eisen show. Yes you're on Sir. What's on your on your mind. Your thoughts on NASCAR coming back. I'm excited We haven't heard anything yet right Chris. There's been nothing other anything Charlotte still going right. We're we're we're going to go actually Dave. Another race in Darlington. Don't think they've got a race on the twenty eighth. Okay Hello There. Hello. Yes but it's been raining all week. Okay we'll figure that out. Postponed been postponed. All the rain. Goddamn offering all right. So they'll move on a charlotte. I'm I'm rooting for him mark. I'm rooting forum. I can't wait to see more of it and I hope that. Thank you for the call man. I hope that everybody involved is healthy and that the NFL the NBA a an MLB can call them up and say you had a tunnel logistics men and women. You had a tunnel logistics and you handled it how. What was your testing process? What was your point of care testing? What was your protocol here? What was your protocol their. Walk US through. What you've found that you needed to do the first time that you didn't do the first time that you've got to do the second time and so on and so forth the xfinity race is going to raise. Thursday. Yes okay. Let's see keep going. Keep going as long as everybody can do it. And they're healthy good. Lord. They've got to be healthy please. That's my thoughts on Nascar again. I'm I'm not I'm more interested in in how it goes down. Then who wins to be very honest with you that makes sense? It does just the circumstances the time that we're in right now it's safe. It's all important for every sport going forward will do respect to Kevin. Harvick won the race to win of course but everything else is. Alright now I am going to text Don Buoy. Okay the name of the film that I have not seen yet and I'm wondering if he's going to respond because he wants to get some sort of visuals prepared for when I reveal it later on. I posted the video of of restart. It you just received it. He said I'm not mad at you. I'm just embarrassed for you so you'd be embarrassed. We got to think about this Brockman embarrassed. I know that I have movie holes. I'm embarrassed for come on Shawshank. Save it because I haven't asked you on our NBC. Show a couple. There Amaury responded to reese's post. Who DID DARYL MAURY A of race saying? He's ever seen Boesky. Daryl Maury just responded with Jeff do you own or rent your home you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT COM G. I. C. O. DOT COM. So guess. Who's out there? Watching you know we always talk about my wife. Chiming IN L. She's out there watching the rich Eisen. Show the very funny and talented Sarah Tiana. Hello Sarah the mother of your child. I thought she was on the now. I saw her tweet saying well at richeisenshow might have to leave at Chris Brockman after finding out that he's never seen Kubrick movies. Do you know a good lawyer. And then you spotted. I've seen full metal jacket and parts of Eyes Wide Shut. They all look Kinda dumb. T h what does that mean. I get that to be honest to be honest. I get that then. She wrote back Hey Chris you've got mail. Which is your favorite movie from my attorney fantastic. I Love Sarah knows how to ride align and by the way if she was to call it a defend herself let her tell you the story about the first time we watched the fugitive together. I on the phone lines are all lit right brick dislike. His movies are very you have to light that dude stop. I love stop. I let lease please. Just be quiet. Because you're just digging yourself a big hole and we've got the white brothers all set. This is a fun. Conversation with the brothers who've got a big premiere on Fox. Tonight is zoomed with them on Monday. Here's the contents of this fund conversation. Okay now let's welcome to the rich Eisen. Show the brothers. Watt J. TJ and Derek Walk. Who's new show will be on Fox this Wednesday night at nine eastern ultimate tag premiering on the Big Fox after the huge mass singer. Finale that my kids are going to be glued to so they are already going to be glued to the WOK. Brothers to see you guys how you doing great thing off. You've got it all right. First Question I. This is the most burning question I have. We have. Jj J. in your middle name is if I'm not mistaken. John why are you not? Dj Want wise that he asked so. This one's been a big topic. I've noticed on twitter quite often. I just go by Derek. I think I was maybe four five and just one day came home. I just WanNa be just Derek. So they started calling me just Derek Derek to kind of really sink. Now it's going to be different and The main reasons I feel like I was a kid. I didn't really love Oli. Jay Tanner from full House. And I got d-w Arthur Me Just be just derek kind of started ever since a young age seem to have some commentary on this. I mean he explained that forever. It's Rhodesia handful house. He didn't want to be called. Dj Dj is a girl. So you went by Derek in. That's the story desired. Okay it was always up to the commercials. So that's already. We just find it for twenty years. Yeah so you had you had some your visionary Garrick. Is that what you're saying? Yes just trying to help out the family okay. Down the road. Okay and We're on the radio right now as well On our show on her simulcast so I need to describe what's going on right now T J. You look like you're in your kitchen. Looks like we see a very nice refrigerator and some cabinetry behind you Derek jeter Derek. What we call. What's behind you right? Now what do we call that? Are We call it? A beautiful decorative is executive do and some flowers floral arrangement inside of it not mind. But it's an awesome wife kind of likes to decorate and it's It's here so to explain to the radio viewers if took Bamut flower way. It would look like a hostage situation for with the Roma tre. Sorry Gray Wall yes. It's the wall is not fully decorated No I'm not in my high quality office and of course. Jj you've got the ultimate flex. Which is the Walter Payton Man of the Year award that you've got their looks like if some very nice photographs. What do we have in the in between the family photographs that you have on the Ma? I think jet could explain it really well with those. Three things are not J. lights in trophies for Defensive Player of the year in Let's me know about it. But T J. I mean you're you're you're circling around that right. You're you're beginning to zero in on something like that. Wouldn't you say I am but you know it close is just not damn good enough so I'm going to have to earn some some of my own bragging rights. Get One of those but now J. in can have that at thrown. He's got three of them so impressive. And then those are some photographs and family photographs. Your your family man. Jj for me. I've got my wife up picture me and my wife. Some kids Books that I haven't read the favorite book. Gosh it's called total access combined rich. Eisen. This is definitely my favorite book. It's in paperback think. Available everywhere books are sold. Jj everywhere books are sold and there it is and I happen to have a copy handy. Just go figure that right here my house. And this is a photograph of me. going out at Michigan Stadium Back in the day a few years ago and I bring that up not fully aware what. Everybody's record was against Michigan at the University of Wisconsin. I'm not fully aware that any member played in my career lay them. That's just Derek. What about ultra one having Lonzo on Jayjay when for me quarterback? Jj you're really to know because I again I'm a man of my word. Every time it was going to interview you on the rich Eisen show is gonNA have this Mug. That's normally stationed in studio. But I brought it home just for the occasion D Jays. It's my tears actually still at my dears on up. You've seen this mangas. It's got the final score this Yup. This past year is Debacle and it says. This Cup holds rich Eisen steers. Right there I respect thank you for bringing it home to the office and I appreciate you saying that an that was in case you are all three of you very upset with the password for the zoom that I put in there you wanted to. Tj WanNa bring that home. What for everybody at home with the past was for zoom. It was Michigan Ripe Guest English again. I WANNA puke. Nobody wants to break rich. Eisen initiate this. This was a one time opportunities. Since I'm going to have all three of you together I've got. Jj Watt. Derek Watt T. J. Watt all sheltered in place. How did this all come about with ultimate tag is for you to imagine given an opportunity that three of you old do a TV show together? You jumped at it but I just want to throw that out there. Yeah suffered to became to me a couple of years ago. And they said that they had an opportunity to host an executive show. I thought that came to my mind was perfect. Night working Backyard his kids. We have this while rare. You kinda rely on each other a little bit also grieving best. Each other at your show. Turn out amount of furniture. We got suspended took time together while which is very TJ like you said. I think the coolest part for us was that Jj even thought to include us into this show in when he brought the idea of hosting a game show or a competition. Show on Derek. And I I. I know I was nervous because I've never done anything to this. Magnitude down to be able to Commentate in inspect a truly once in a lifetime. Experience with the to my brothers on ultimate tag We watch that growing up. We did tag growing up in. It's something that everybody can relate to on. We all had our tough times in gang host me especially. I wasn't very good at reading off the teleprompter in if it wasn't for us to get me out of my own head. I don't know if I would have been able to finish show. What do you mean heavy? Have you ever tried reading off L. prompter with cameras in people all around in Egypt? He literally osas on Calorie. What are you? What are you talking about talking to the viewers folks? I mean Tj if they had defensive player of the year awards for you know reading teleprompter. I'd have millions behind. Sort of like your brother. You had some you. Were encroaching. Offsides neutral zone infractions. I mean is that basically what you had all the above I think every every rule was broken into book. And it's like I said it wasn't for Jadon Derek. I'm Jay argosy was smashing out of the park like down. Every single day of his life in air was all right. I mean just all right but I at the end from where we started where we ended. I was night and day Eric. Yeah he had a struggles you know. He had a very long drawn out. Answer there but Struggled struggled to. What the teleprompter You know just it was a lot of fun like I said it was a cool opportunity for TI. We grew is that we. We didn't know we had never done anything like that in our lives. So it was very cool. Opportunity for US Starla rocky and we ended up. I think coming out a much better at the end. I love an opportunity for another crack at its season. Two so which which one. Jj If you had to award most improved player to one of your brothers from the beginning of shooting to the end who would s fair. I tj having like Frivolous Roller folded. Wash them both growing really. Were legitimate. Good host okay. The end of the show but didn't WANNA of filming was the in Rehearsal Day in it. Was You know I've been talking to producers this whole time resentment executive shelby? I was telling him. Doorway has got this job. I say to practice we get infirm itself out through. Tj started in for about twenty minutes. We kinda went through these struggles in the whole time. The executive Bruce are looking at me like can you suddenly got all right? This isn't looking good and a credit back gate through discernibly much better better day. We did out. J just kept saying when the lights come on. That'd be good short. I hope I maybe maybe you. Tj You can be Most improved player Derek. You could be comeback player of hosting. We could split these awards and we could figure that whole thing out and so who are who are the people who are running around like these are just regular normal everyday people that you would just say who wants to run around and play tag on Fox with the the WOK brothers. Kind of being the judges. You're what it is so taggers are professional. Taggers are legitimately some of the best athletes in the world. There are core background for the most part One of them is is the fastest Parker athlete in the world. Right now I believe Just some truly phenomenal athletes in. You'll see I mean just by looking at them you can tell there. It's care of their bodies they they just trained super harden in there. They do some incredible things in the competitors are some everyday just everyday people that wanted to compete and some of them also have tremendous backgrounds former athletes themselves join up somewhere. Olympic athletes And just Kinda people that wanted to give it a shot and got kind of the. The wide range of athletes in has a cool to hear their stories and see them compete. It got it got intense for a grand prize at the end but it was mainly pride and they wanted to win and competing. Esso's taggers as well as the other editors rich. If you're asking if you can compete at some point in the future that we could well. Here's the deal. Jj You've seen my straight line speed every okay I'm I'm not sure I can work on my side. I can kinda work on you. More confident or less confident I think my lateral agility Can Be worked on and I think I could look. I've been running from people entire life so I just wondered. Did I hear the words professional taggers? Did I hear those words like? Is there such a thing where you can vary his job in world tires? What is that I you guys? Are Technically rough rushing asser? Your professional team of twelve The date nights roll. Your turtles have our team of Professional. Taggers nature abner now kind of monitor the bill us so every week on the show their wants to get by like some of our par courts across in some of them are former college at all our kick. Tom Prime protecting the ultimate arena RENA. So it's a lot of fun to watch the like personalities Bomar but I'm going to be locked in. My kids are fired up about the mass singer. Finale again. That's Wednesday night and and you guys talk about a great time slot for you to come out of the box. The mass singer areas it number one show on Elvis Looking forward to capitalism that you know that I mean by the way I appreciate using capitalizing that that's a big pressure. You GotTa hold time slots that's basically. This is what you know. This is what you guys have to do. I mean our first option was the slot phone richeisenshow. So she tutu. Said you could follow the one show on storrow exactly what to say to the host. And you're you're the savvy veteran of this brother's group that's for Damn sure Do I get like one legitimate football question to ask you can I? Can I do that sort of all right first things first? Jj The trading away of De'andre Hopkins. Did that shock you? Did you see it coming just like everybody? I mean definitely catches your eyes shocks little bit. No one thing people people ask me. What are your feelings on this? How do you feel I think a lot of people angry Bader whatever? It is the thing that I always tell people as hot two meters as best ends in the game. He's one of the best receivers game. Why am I gonNA miss watching hot MIC CIRCUS CATCHES FOR US? Meant huge absolute. But you also have to remember that there are two players coming to my team that ministry in to disrespect them by saying you know. I wish we wouldn't have done this. I have to regain these guys. Are Teammates not working as a player to verify? Mind used to walk any trades without a doubt one of the best players in the game. That's always Tuscaloosa guy like that. But at the same time as a rookie. Florida working with at the end of the day it's up to the GM coaching snake those types of decisions and in terms of working Derek Again everybody looks at players and coaches and everybody in sports is. If they're you know got the cure to covid nineteen a you been any indication a when you might physically be able to get into a spot anywhere for yes. Oh no real indications honestly right now. We're doing our virtual meetings every Monday. We have a team meeting on zoom and then we break off meetings in in coach. Tomlin touch base on that just kind of keeping. Us updated to the latest that he knows but honestly I don't think until pretty much the whole country Ghana gets on onboard. Where every all thirty two teams can go into their facilities or at least find eighth associates. Then go work out at Is trying to keep Competitive Advantage. Where everybody's on the same playing field so. I really got up in the air until things get under control right now just Kinda TJ said earlier Getting Ready staying ready so you don't have to get ready. Would you ready? So you don't have to get ready Just Kinda staying on top of your thing so whenever they say. Let's go we're ready to go. We just hear your prompted reading skills in real time. Did that just happen. I wasn't reading anything. I'm just another. I saw the reaction here. Brothers right there start laughing at you not getting the line right properly but you know it. Recovery could see again comeback player of the year. Garrick and TJ look It was a a a wild subject that came out of the blue with James Harrison. Last week your coach allegedly giving him an envelope ten years ago after he got fine for it on a player and James Harrison. Have you seen Tomlin do anything like that in your time there on in? I said I wasn't even anything associated with the the organization ten years ago but Now coach Tomlin Stand Guy It's always been very well to me and the whole team on one thing at transparency He treats everybody fairly and Each just a great players coach but I do not. I do not see him doing anything like that and have not and I don't think I don't know offers hand but I don't have any of that. I know that seems to be totally out of character for for for Mike Tomlin. Yes yeah he has. Total control of the whole team in is a great leader In always knows what to saying what to do in every situation But I do not see anything like this happening. Was Him all right that the legitimate NFL Questions portion of this interview. Before I let you guys go off to again. The the big premiere Wednesday on thoughts nine eastern time after the mass singer Finale tag earlier on Wednesday a JJ NBC announced that NBC S. An is going to start re airing Saturday. Night live hosting gigs by athletes. This is true. By the way yours is gonNA air next Tuesday on NBC S N. Brady and Peyton Manning's going to be that night as well Derek and TJ. How would you rate your brothers Saturday night? Live hosting GIG. What you think was best sketch that we're GONNA see next Tuesday night right here on. Nbc Tj what. Do you think well I mean it was kind of awkward to watch the premiere with my grandma and there was a lot of a lot of things that need to be censored in that whole program but I thought I mean the Olaf was funny. The parents talking to their kid was funny At the pizza delivery guy. I mean I'm just trying to think of more can't remember all of them but I think overall it was really cool opportunity for JJ to show. Everybody has funny side. We get to see it on a daily basis but for him to be able to do something different and the smash out of the park. I mean Lay said I had a tough time doing av but he got to. Do it. Live on a huge stage in I think he did. A absolutely amazing job was cool to see Small kid from walkie grow up with on the biggest stage TV. You're tearing up. Jj the hardest job. I'd tell me that some time right never for your call. We're just I feel like this like a group Hug. Derek were you there to when for the group Watson was area so what happened with grandma. What happened no so we watching with a big group of appearance like Grandma and I I don't think grandma knew what she was getting into. I don't think it was quite the show. She was expecting Though yeah some of the innuendos the yeah just some of the skits Cabrera Little Bit Raunchy. You might say a little bit a little bit in very yes she was she was not holding back. She was an Jj I am shocked. She was not Jews disappointed at a few of the skits. I think like I said Jay lost a few brownie points with grandma boy but it was worth every penny right with. It was worth every single moment for you. I imagine it was a blast. I mean it is a great time Saturday. Night live literally one of the most iconic shows on television so just a added that. Opportunity Workers Laura Michaels to the onset of the author of people are me. It was really something that I've had been before my life and that's not something that never came my the chance to do that with special. I really enjoyed every second. The productions unbelievable with those people who never cross church. Well just make sure that grandma. What's Grandma's name? I'm sorry I WANNA keep referring was make. Sure that between ten and eleven. Pm Eastern on Tuesday night but she's not watching good center an extra bouquet of flowers here in the next couple days. I didn't realize is that as small. Sorry for breaking it. The IT's pretty bad. Okay well look. Thanks for coming on really appreciate it guys. Thanks for typing in the word Michigan to get into this zoom room. It means a lot to me and good luck with ultimate tag premiering again on Fox nine eastern time with you guys. Tj Jj Derek. I hope it as successful as possible that we can get stuff on your wall and potentially a little bit more of a of an arrangement back there than than the willows. Or whatever you got going on there with all due respect the whoever is in charge of your house. I'm only witching the success that awesome. Thank you very much. I don't really think you mean awesome Derek. Hough and I appreciate you guys. First Rate First Class. Thanks for doing this. Guy's really appreciate your rich Wisconsin off. My Gosh that's Jj Watt T. J. Watt and Derek walked right here on the rich Eisen show. I'm very proud of using the password for the zoom as rolling device. Done well done. That's the only way you're GONNA win that. I just even. I wasn't there for the reaction just for them to say what's the passer guy. That moment. I just the fact that I could create that okay when we come back. We empty the phone banks. A LOT OF PEOPLE WANNA share the movie that they have not seen in their lives. That would be embarrassing for them to admit and I have one big one. This is how we roll into our final segment on this Wednesday. I mean I don't Wanna I don't Wanna I don't even want to reveal too much right here. Let's just take the first one at the top. Our friend in Vegas Dan in Vegas there Dan. I'm here brother. Okay if you tell me the godfather and you live in Vegas I will be so upset. No It's not not the godfather could And let me say that Appreciate what you guys do. Thank you guys do a great job? I appreciate you saying that. Hopefully you are healthy. Happy wherever you are in a very much. What's on your mind? But he got it Sling Blade Sling Blade. Okay I gotTA BE HONEST I. That's not that's not I could. That's all that's okay. It's okay it's okay that you haven't seen not like an all time. Classic I mean is it Academy Award winner one of our friends on the show here and a lot of friends tell me about it and you know and I never saw it never saw I it off which see you know listed never watched it but I thought after I and I'm GonNa admit I finally did see at of course okay but it was a very good. I thought it was a very good movie. Billy Bob Thornton. I mean that's where he burst on the scene man. I mean that's the guy. Thanks for the call Dan. Thanks for saying what you said. That's not I mean that's not didn't Dillybob tell us? He wrote that movie on a Yellow Legal Pad. He did tell us that did right. He wrote me yeah. He writes all of his one of. You've seen the movie. I think his best one false move. I haven't seen it. I've not seen that either. He's an amazing. But a by the way talk you WanNa talk about Great Cohen Brothers Stat. In Film School we talked about great. Coen brothers movies mentioned Fargo. I mentioned the television version of Fargo Bob Thornton in the first guy television season of Fargo dude is out of this world anyway I think he won an Emmy Malveaux Mouth. He was out of this world he won the globe for Fargo and did he win the Emmy for to I think he I think he will both. Yes no nominated nominee. Okay there is. There's the exchange I mean. Come on. Let's bring this the NBC. Audience get roasted enough at home. We've got to bring that to work to talking to you talk I. I had to state my case. They'll to the only want to go home and he's the does whatever he wants whenever he wants pretty much pretty much with all of his offs. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT COM G. I C. O. DOT COM okay. We come to a stirring conclusion on this Wednesdays Program with most of your phone calls that still still to go here. The Athletic Director of the Ohio State University Gene Smith said I guess during that interview with Our friends at the watts that Gene Smith said that there is a plan to possibly play games in the horseshoe this year in front of twenty to thirty thousand fans. How which you know the horseshoes. What is it ninety thousand plus hundred thousand? Yeah but you have one hundred almost your well. We got over one hundred hundred. Yeah so they would have to basically say and man there to have to be some serious security guard action to make sure that you are staying as a part. That's it. Yeah mass cry like you could put like whatever you want to tape. What's happening here on the beaches here? In southern California finally opened up and saying no sunbathing and people are showing up in robes with no masks and wanted to yep so you could sit here and say come on in the horseshoe everybody few Bruschi again. Then all of a sudden you're you're closer than six feet apart. Ohio Stadium One hundred. Four thousand nine forty four capacity horseshoe and knocking on wood. I hope all of this stuff is possible as we're sitting here in the middle of May it's it seems a bit far fetched eight four four zero four rich number dial again based on the fact that I admit I've never seen the film point break and Never seen roadhouse from beginning to end And asking you to help reveal the film that you've never seen before that is embarrassing for you to admit we've got a whole bunch of people calling in a lot of people on hold. Let's take your calls Brockman. You have had so many films that you haven't seen your lost 'cause when it comes to this even ask for one you've got like eighty of them you're coming off from the sixties and Seventies. Kubrick movies that your your life partner and mother of your child has taken to twitter to call you out on saying that. If you've never seen any kubrick movies that you're thinking about leaving she's thinking about leaving you tweeting about half an hour ago. Do you know a good lawyer. You try to respond and she goes. Hey Chris you've got mail. Which is your one of. Your favorite movies is been been establishing dot dot dot from my attorney. While I love Sarah. She's really bad to talk about this because she's only seen every movie once she's also said that there is a photograph of the computer. How two thousand and one a space odyssey in your nursery. She has these two prints of villains and heroes from all movies and twenty to twenty five on each and so yeah the how guy is on by the way was he a villain in that movie. The computer Big had a spoiler life had a mind of its own and then yes turned somewhat evil and that was the computer. Okay and it's it's it's freaky. The Way Kubrick would shoot the film and the voice was Eerie. And just seeing the unblinking eye of how the computer leads me to think. There may be some deep seated issues leading to therapy for cage in in the future that that he is looking at this photograph of any interesting choice interesting an interesting choice for nursery normally. I'd go back. You know little wild things right now. The elephant would be a good choice. How the computer thing? It's part of our great. No sure all right. Let's go to Roffe in Israel calling it all the way from the land of milk and honey. What's up but I I've got two things one my movie and then to the more important thing about Matt Patricia Interview Okay Now first of all the movie Maybe it's a generation gap but I've never seen citizen Kane ever. That's only in the American Film Institute. Greatest film of all time. So I would say that's a blind spot. What's your what's your. What's Your Patricia comment? Because I'd like to get everybody else's did not a that that Stafford wanting to sell his apartment is nothing About two months ago I got an email from my dad who came from. It came from a family friend. She she taking a picture with the Stafford now. I don't want to give her name on air because she's a private person. She doesn't know anything about football. Which Important Giamet Stafford at a function? And she was talking to him and like when I say. She doesn't know football when he told her that he was a professional football athlete. Her answer was probably something along the lines. Great Ion okay. How she stoppard in that interview and this was not intervening naturally function and this was two months ago said. Yeah. I don't think I'm going to be in Detroit next season. That was two months ago that I heard from my dad from from a close family friend. Do I trust Rafi. Thank you thank Stafford says that to somebody? I see what you're saying. Rafi I appreciate the call so we got people calling it from Park City talking about something from thirty years ago and now. Rafi saying somebody look he might not be in Detroit next year. Meaning maybe he's not in the Detroit area living he could do you know he could basically be like. Kershaw right right where. Kershaw goes to the state of Texas when he's not here in southern California right no big deal so he got park city pizza and we got Detroit through Israel real estate stores are. Let's try and whipped through a lot of these here manny El Paso Texas. What's the one film? You're embarrassed to admit that you've never seen before gentleman you're GonNa have to put me in In the Godfather the nursing category. But the one that a lot of people just got get I've never seen scarface scarface. Now you're talking about the Pacino. Brian Depalma scarface nursing. Fucking boy. Now I would like to take a get that the more you never seen your thoughts right now because needles Neil. I'm just GONNA go Greece for some odd reason. You never know. I've seen Greece as a matter of fact. Suzy showed it to our oldest son. Because before covid nineteen ahead and shut everything down like a a like a fifties degreasers party so she wanted to get him in the mood for. So I've seen we've seen as far as Mr Brockman You've got to separate the movie game. But he's here same people that he hasn't cried As being a father is that something has to look forward to Sir when you watch the Lion King with your son. You will cry when you realize you're Mustafa and do anything for your simple. You will cry. Go thank you. That's a man heads up move. Fossa and by the way get ready in every Disney movie that you're GONNA S- REC- again. One of the parents dies matter with throwing up. Disney that I watch them growing up all right. Let's go quickly. Noble in Texas. What are you have? What's up? Noble I have never seen star wars any of them. How old are you twelve? Oh you got time. You've never seen a single star wars now okay. I think he got to do that. Okay we gotta get absolutely noble in start with the old ones made with you starts with the ones when I was eight. Nine thousand nine hundred mid seventies okay. Okay thanks for the call noble. How durable is that? I mean of course if he was forty two noble. What have we done Let's go quickly Chris in Illinois. What's up Chris in Illinois? I rich how you doing today. It's going on with you. Hey I just want to say I have never seen the movie wizard of Oz. My family thinks some nut but for reason I had no desire to sit down. Ever watch it. Oh man are you sixty principle. You can't say thank this point a rich one more comics. I know you're the end of your show talking right now I called you back on July twenty nine two thousand fifteen about deflate gate and I made a comment to you about how I liked your shows the first time I've seen it and you're wondering about my enthusiasm when I said that and I said well forgive me. I am home after having heart attack and when I was watching it on. Tv You were laughing so hard you fell out of your chair behind the data and I tell you when I have a bad health day I-. Dvr I watch that to lift up my spirits and I want to say. Thank you very much for that Chris. Thank you very much now. Click your heels together and say there's no place like home. Thank you well done fantastic. Okay here we go. Here's here's my reveal. GotTa hold on gotTA so upset. Because I'm supposed to have seen this film star as somebody who does what I do for a living. I'm supposed to have seen this film the film I have never seen before and people bring it up all the time here and I've skated by. I have never seen the Sandlot I have never seen the SANDLOT. How convenient there's only thirty seconds left in the show. Yeah we gotTA RUN FIZZLE BARDY. A for you're rich. Oh my Gosh jet I gotTA catch up. What are we? Thanks for taking the show. We're up against it. Thanks the restatements Matt Patricia. In the WATT brothers. We'll see rob and more tomorrow. Sick announcing the micro about their virtual music festival exclusively on live by live featuring four solid weekends of live and taped performances for more than forty five arts now running every weekend through June seven see exclusive performances from Williams Turquoise White Denim dispatched twiddle and many more purchase a VIP pass for all weekends or individuals. Show tickets to the live from out there. Virtual festival join us at live. Eggs live DOT COM backslash L. F ot.

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